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THE REVIVAL OF GOG & MAGOG!        DFO 2293        10/86--Sin Leads to the Same Bitter End!

       1. WELL, MAYBE THAT'S A SAD PICTURE TO SOME PEOPLE, IT MIGHT EVEN BE A SHOCK TO SOME OF OUR OWN! But the Millennium will not always be rosy. It will be, of course, a much better day than this! With so many curses & evils removed, it will be much easier for people to live & be good etc. But in the Millennium, the most ideal age in which God & the Saints rule, still "though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness"! (Isa. 26:10)
       2. IT'S THE ULTIMATE TRIP, THE ULTIMATE ILLUSTRATION, IT'S THE ULTIMATE DEMONSTRATION OF THE WICKEDNESS OF EVIL, of the poisonousness of evil, of the horror of sin! Even the Millennium, starting with a Heavenly Golden Age, will itself get worse & worse & end up bad, just like the previous dispensation did!
       3. THE MILLENNIUM WILL BE THE GOLDEN AGE, THE WONDERFUL AGE, THE BEST EVER, A THOUSAND YEARS!--And yet they will not obey, even yet will some rebel! The wicked will grow in their wickedness & their nations & their cities until God has to destroy them all again! It clearly says that there are cities that fall in that final grand Great Earthquake, such as there never was before.--Cities of nations when the rain of fire & the hailstones descend & all that at the very end after the Millennium! There are cities that will fall & Babylon is again judged. So there you are! (Rev.16:18-21)
       4. (MARIA: LIKE ROME IS REVIVED IN THIS DISPENSATION BY THE ANTICHRIST, BABYLON IS REVIVED BY GOG & MAGOG.) Yes, the Antichrist is going to be like the Roman Caesars who were very Antichrist & had terrible persecutions against the early Christians. The Antichrist revives the Roman Empire again in a sense, or a kingdom very similar to it, or even worse.
       5. SO ONCE AGAIN GOG & MAGOG ARE GOING TO REVIVE THE KINGDOM OF BABYLON AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM! Satan comes back & Earth is awaiting his return, just like they're waiting now for the Antichrist to lead them, so that when he comes they'll be there & ready for his leadership to lead them to attempted victory against the Saints!
       6. SO, WHAT HAPPENS? WELL, ANOTHER FLOOD!--THE FIRE FLOOD! God saves His family of Millennial Saints & destroys all the Devil's forces by fire! (Maria: Hallelujah!)
       7. AND THEN HIS WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT IS IN A SENSE THE LAST HARVEST, THE HARVEST OF THE DEAD!--All of those who apparently died without their chance, or even had their chance in Hell or Purgatory or Hades or "Spirits in Prison" down below or whatever. (1Pe.3:19) So they make their choice, as they're already written in the Book of Life at the Second Resurrection, & God pulls them out of the bunch, & sends the rest to Hell! The Final Harvest is the Great White Throne Judgement!
       8. AND OF COURSE THE ONLY PLACE FOR THE JUDGEMENT SAINTS IS ON THE SURFACE OF THE NEW EARTH OUTSIDE THE HEAVENLY CITY. I would say that that's the problem of the final & weakest of all Saints, those who are going to be saved at the Great White Throne Judgement. They will need a lot of help & a lot of teaching & training etc., because they've been saved at the last minute, like "brands snatched from the burning"! (Amos 4:11)
       9. SO THAT'S THE WAY IT IS! It may not sound too appetising to those who are going to be expecting only Heaven-on-Earth for the Millennium, but even the Millennium is going to get bad & turn sour & get worse, & wickedness shall wax worse & worse, numerous cities will be rebuilt & Babylon restored! Think of it! Because it says in Revelation 16:19 that Babylon again is going to be destroyed, & the cities of the nations fall! Again there are going to be rebel nations & the cities are going to fall & Babylon will again be destroyed at the end of the Millennium! This time for the last time!--Thank the Lord!
       10. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! MAYBE WE CAN CALL THIS "THE REVIVAL OF BABYLON", because they're going to gradually revive Babylon again & rebuild the cities. So here's another Chapter about the Millennium! I don't know why the Lord is showing us so much about the end of the Millennium, but I think the reason is that we had things pretty well mixed up about what was going to happen before the Millennium, & we didn't segregate it from what's going to happen at the end of the Millennium.
       11. WE THOUGHT SOME OF THOSE EVENTS WHICH HAPPENED DURING THE WRATH OF GOD HAPPENED BEFORE THE MILLENNIUM. We didn't differentiate particularly between the Sixth & Seventh Wrath. (Maria: That was quite a revelation the Lord showed you!) The Sixth Wrath ends with Armageddon & begins the Millennium, really. But the Seventh Wrath doesn't come until the end of the Millennium. And it is similar in a way, like the long gap between the 69th & the 70th week of Daniel. It's not until the end of this dispensation that the Kingdom of Satan is really revived under the Antichrist & he takes over & all. This is exactly what happens in a way at the end of the Millennium. It's the same similar kind of deal, the same similar kind of a revival of Gog & Magog. (Ezk.38 & 39)
       12. YOU SEE, IT'S LITERALLY THE REVIVAL OF GOG & MAGOG! The forces who participated in the Battle of Armageddon were also called Gog & Magog! The evil forces of the rebels that surround the Camp of the Saints at the end of the Millennium are called by the same name, Gog & Magog!--And their City-System is again called Babylon! Babylon is symbolic & significant of the City-System of both today & at the end of the Millennium!
       13. SO THERE YOU ARE! Sorry to have to tell you the bad news, but the end of the Millennium is going to be much worse than the beginning! But thank God it will all end in final total victory!--A complete & forever victory! No more of this sin foolishness! God will have gone the limit in illustrating, showing & demonstrating to all Creation & all creatures everywhere, wherever they may be--on the Earth or in the Heavens or under the Earth or wherever--that crime doesn't pay, sin doesn't pay! It doesn't pay to defy God & disobey & be rebels.
       14. SO THAT THEN, PRAISE GOD, THERE'LL BE NO MORE REBELS!--No Rebels in Heaven, no Rebels on the New Earth. Everybody is going to be saved or get saved, TTL! Then what we're going to have to do next is something for the future, the Lord will show us. We don't have to know now, I guess. We're already almost going too far ahead. I never intended to deal with the end of the Millennium, we're just beginning, we're just getting started in the Millennium, & now here the Lord has been showing us all about the end of it, how it's going to end!
       15. BUT THAT'S IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT AFFECTS THE WAY WE THINK & the way we denoue these developments, & to prepare our hearts & minds for them & the tremendous task we have in the Millennium--that we need to save as many as we can & get it done as fast as we can because the end is going to be worse than the beginning!
       16. THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS ARE GOING TO BE BACK IN ALMOST THE SAME BOAT AS WE WERE BEFORE, except we will have more power to help them & more protection, so in many ways it will be easier. But still in the long run they will be plagued with the forces of some evil men all through the Millennium.--The Rebels!
       17. SO THAT MAY NOT BE A VERY PRETTY PICTURE FOR SOME PEOPLE. Some thought it was going to be just Heaven-on-Earth & nothing but Heaven from then on. No, the Millennium is God's last Day on the Old Earth, His last generation, His last Day of Grace, His last demonstration of His beautiful love & mercy, amongst the horrible background of the blackness & wickedness of Man. It shows for the last time how, if evil Man is left to his own devices, he'll go rotten just like he always has, & only the saved will be saved!--And only God can save us!--Amen?

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