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SINLESS SEX!        GP 2299

       "OH, UNCLE!--IT'S SO THOUGHTFUL & GENEROUS OF YOU TO LET US SPEND OUR HONEYMOON HERE!" Lily exclaims as she & her bridegroom, Chris, drive with her wealthy uncle onto his sprawling country estate.
       "It's just gorgeous, Sir!" Chris adds as he marvels at the beautiful scenery around them.
       "Well," the elderly gentleman replies with a twinkle in his eye, "to let you spend a week or two out here at my hideaway is the least I can do for my favourite niece & her husband!--Consider it my wedding present to both of you!" After giving them a brief tour of his lovely country home, he bids them farewell, saying, "I must be getting back to town now, so I'll leave you two lovebirds alone.--Just give me a call if you need anything."
       + + + + + + +

       EARLY THE NEXT MORNING, LILY IS SITTING OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. She hardly notices what a beautiful day it is, for despite the cheerful song of the birds, her heart is heavy & her mind is confused. As a tear rolls down her cheek she laments to herself, "Why did it have to happen like that!? We could have had such a beautiful time together, but now our honeymoon is ruined!"
       SHE'D FELT SO NERVOUS THE NIGHT BEFORE when she first walked into the bedroom dressed in the sheer black nightie she had bought for the occasion! Chris was all aglow & exclaimed that she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever known & that he knew they were going to be the happiest couple in the World!
       BUT NOW SHE FEELS LIKE THEY MUST BE THE SADDEST COUPLE IN THE WORLD! Everything had begun to go wrong at bedtime when Chris suggested they get in bed. As they undressed, she felt so self-conscious & uncomfortable, that--to Chris' surprise--she turned off the light! By the time they were in bed together, she was so worried her stomach was in knots.
       "Why did I react that way?" she asks herself. "As soon as he began caressing me, I just froze with fright! I wanted to respond & return his kisses & touches, but I couldn't!
       "And then when he tried to actually make love to me...I've always thought that it was sinful & dirty!--So I just didn't know what to expect! I felt relieved when he finally quit trying & said it was all right, we could try again later when I wasn't so tense. But now I just feel awful, like such a failure!--I wonder if he even loves me anymore?"
       HER MIND WANDERS BACK TO WHEN SHE & CHRIS FIRST MET EACH OTHER JUST NINE MONTHS EARLIER. He had been working in her country for almost a year, & was introduced to her by a close friend. Although both she & Chris are from different cultural, racial & religious backgrounds, they were immediately attracted to each other & soon fell deeply in love!
       CHRIS SOON FOUND OUT THAT LILY, DUE TO HER STRICT BACKGROUND & THE TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS & MORES IN WHICH SHE HAD BEEN REARED, WAS VERY SHY & RESERVED. Despite some attempts on his part to persuade her to make love with him, she insisted that they get married first.--And because he loved her & was planning to marry her anyway, he was willing to wait until after their wedding.--A day he had very much looked forward to!
       BUT NOW, THE DAY AFTER THEIR WEDDING NIGHT, LILY FEELS SO SAD! Still engrossed in her thoughts about the night before, she is suddenly startled by Chris' cheery greeting, "Good morning, Sweetheart! It's such a beautiful day, I thought it would be nice to walk down to the little lake that your uncle told us about. We could take a dip there, & then enjoy this picnic that I've prepared!"
       Relieved to see that he is acting as if nothing bad had happened, Lily replies, "That's a great idea, Honey!"
       AFTER CHANGING INTO THEIR BATHING SUITS, they are soon walking together hand in hand along the beautiful flower-bordered pathway that leads to the lake. As they stroll along, enjoying the sights, scents & sounds of the lush green woods, Lily begins to feel more at ease.
       "You know, Honey," Chris says as they near the lake, "one of the most important things in any relationship is honesty & good communication. I know you probably don't want to talk about last night, but I think it's important that we do. Sweetheart, I want you to know that I love you, & I'll do my best to understand whatever is wrong." Reassuringly squeezing her hand, he says, "You were so frightened, Honey. Please tell me what it was.--Was it me?--Did I do something wrong?"

       AFTER SEVERAL MOMENTS OF SILENCE, SHE RELUCTANTLY REPLIES, "It wasn't anything you did, Chris!--It was me!--It's all my fault! Oh, Chris, I was so afraid that something like that would happen!--And it did!" she sobs.
       As he tries to comfort her, telling her everything is going to be all right, she explains, "It's just that, as you know, I've never gone to bed with a man before! And I was always taught that it's wrong, that it's dirty to let a man touch me the way that you were touching me! Even though we're married now, I can't help but feel the same way! My parents & teachers always gave me the impression that sex is something secretive & shameful!--Even evil!
       "When I was a teenager, my older brother's friend & I got pretty involved with each other. I'll never forget the night my mother caught us kissing & cuddling together on the living room couch!--She became absolutely hysterical! After screaming at us & ordering him to leave, she gave me a lecture I'll never forget!--It made me feel so dirty & cheap! She warned me that if I got physically involved with a boy, my reputation would be ruined & I would become a disgrace to our entire family!
       "She said that to have sex with your husband in order to have children was necessary. But to enjoy sex, to take pleasure in the touch & taste & feel of a man's body, this was something that a respectable woman would never do! Later on, she even arranged for one of the local religious teachers to meet with me, who also lectured me & reminded me of our religion's emphasis on moral purity & the denial of physical pleasures. Needless to say, I grew up convinced that sex was not only sinful & shameful in the eyes of my parents, but also in the sight of God! So I decided that I would always preserve my honour & not give in to such temptations!
       "But then I met you, Chris, & we fell in love, & I suddenly felt different than I ever had before! Because I love you, I want to show you my love & do whatever I can to make you happy!--And I...I want you to make me happy too! I want us to be able to enjoy each other! But last night these thoughts & fears from my past rose up within me!--Although I wanted to love you & give myself to you, these fears & feelings of guilt just gripped me!--And I became so torn between what I had been taught in the past & the way that I feel for you now! I'm so sorry, Chris!" she exclaims, again bursting into tears. "I'm so confused!"
       "Honey, I understand completely," he lovingly & sympathetically assures her. "I'm so glad you told me what was wrong! You know, Sweetheart, even though I come from a very different background than yours, I also was taught by my parents & religion teachers that sex was something shameful!--So I too was plagued by similar fears & guilt complexes about sex.
       "But then, a few years ago while on a business trip, I met & had a brief love affair with a girl who was freer, happier & more loving than anyone I'd ever met before! She loved me & shared with me her strong faith in the God of the Bible!--A God Who, contrary to what so many religions teach, is a loving Creator who made this World for us to live in & enjoy, for our pleasure!--Including His wonderful gift of sex!
       "The things this girl taught me about God & sex were new to me, because practically from the time I was born, I was taught to feel guilty about sex & ashamed of my own God-given sexual parts! As a child I remember being told over & over, 'No, no! Naughty! That's dirty! Hide it! Don't ever do that!' Even in the church that I went to, where they were supposed to know & believe in God, they did not seem to realise that Adam & Eve enjoyed sex before they ever fell into sin! Their fall was a result of their disobedience, & had nothing to do with sex!
       "Nor did the church teach me that Adam & Eve were created with sexual organs with which to enjoy sex in the very Beginning! After He created that beautiful, nude, perfectly-formed first couple, the Bible says, 'And God saw everything that He had made, & behold, it was very good!' (Gen.1:31)
       "If there's something unclean or wrong with sex or our bodies, Lily," Chris asks her, "then why did God make them?--And if He didn't intend for us to enjoy sex, then why did He put all those nerves in our sexual organs that make us feel so good?"

       LILY, WHO IS UNABLE TO ANSWER CHRIS' FRANK & OPEN QUESTION, LOOKS AT HIM IN WIDE-EYED AMAZEMENT as he continues, "So how can sex possibly be wrong when God made it? He's the One Who made our bodies & He made our sexual organs!--And He made them for us to enjoy! The Bible says, 'God has given us richly all things to enjoy!' (1Tim.6:17) So the shameful attitude & guilty feelings that we grew up with were wrong!--Sex is not evil but a wonderful gift from God to be freely & fully enjoyed in the right relationships!
       "Honey, do you know what God's first commandment to Adam & Eve was?" Chris asks her.
       "Not to eat the 'apple'?" she timidly replies.
       "No," he answers with a smile, "His first commandment to Adam & Eve was to have sex!: 'Be fruitful & multiply & replenish the Earth!' (Gen.1:28)--Which means they had to have sex!--God told them to have sex, & He intended for them to enjoy it! His loving Plan for man was for them to make love, enjoy the pleasures He created, have babies & fill the Earth with beautiful children!
       "But then the Devil came along & persuaded them to disobey God by partaking of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge!--And it was then, after they listened to the Devil & sinned, that they suddenly were aware that they were naked & became ashamed of their beautiful nude bodies! (See Genesis 3) Before their disobedience, the Bible says, 'They were both naked, the man & his wife, & they were not ashamed!' (Gen.2:25)
       "God's first commandment to them was to have sex, to be fruitful & multiply, so one of the Devil's first commandments to them was not to have sex!--He made them feel that their nudity was wrong & that their bodies & sex were evil! He got them to coverup, because without nudity they could have no sex, & without sex they could have no children!--Thus he hoped to frustrate & defeat God's Plan to populate the Earth!--So Satan hates sex!
       "So contrary to what our religions taught us, sex is not the Devil's idea!--Sex is God's Own creation, His idea, His Gift to us, & the Devil is its arch enemy! He would no doubt stop it entirely if he could, but God made man's sexual desires & urges so strong, that man virtually has to have it, & therefore the Devil could not stop it!
       "The Devil hates sex, but since he can't wipe it out, he tries to control it & get the credit for it! So he has craftily deceived the World into thinking that he loves it, & that in order to enjoy it, people have got to break the laws of God & the Bible & be the Devil's sinners! He has totally perverted the whole World's attitude towards sex, persuading them that it's evil, that it's wrong, & that they have got to be following him in order to enjoy it!
       "And the sad thing is, if people allow the Devil to persuade them that enjoying sex is a sin, & they believe his anti-sex lies, then for them it is a sin!--For the Bible says that, 'Whatsoever is not of faith is sin!' (Rom.14:23) So a lot has to do with your spiritual & mental attitude. But if you believe God's Word, & know that sex is His creation, His gift designed for your enjoyment, then you no longer need to feel condemned about it!--As Jesus said, 'The Truth shall make you free!'" (Jn.8:32)
       "But Honey," Lily questions, "I can't believe that all sex is good!--What about all of those sex magazines & movies that glorify perversions, violence, etc?"
       "Like I was saying," Chris replies, "sex is God's Creation & the Devil hates it! But because he wants the credit & the worship for it, he takes God's marvellous & beautiful gift of sex & tries to pervert it into something ugly, horrible & wicked! So he often pretends to promote it, when what he's really doing is absolutely degrading it, demeaning it, besmirching it, trying to drag God's wonderful creation down to the gutter! God meant for it to be beautiful--& it is beautiful! It's the Devil who tries to pervert & make it ugly & crude & almost sickening, like those porno movies where sex organs are the principal characters!
       "Artistic nudity & loving, clean, romantic sex are beautiful,the way that God meant for it to be! But any kind of violent or hurtful or perverted sex is sickening! The Bible says, "God is Love!" (1Jn.4:8) So if it's unloving, it's ungodly & of the Devil!
       "Our bodies are beautiful creations of God, & every part of them is perfectly normal, natural, good & God-made for perfectly good purposes & uses, if used at the right times with the right people! Our sexual parts are just as good as the rest of our bodies, & sexual activities, feelings & pleasures are as natural & normal as eating, drinking, exercising or enjoying any other God-created physical functions & pleasures!
       "God is not against pleasure! He even created us & the entire Universe for His Own enjoyment! The Bible says, 'O Lord, Thou hast created all things, & for Thy pleasure they are & were created!' (Rev. 4:11) And just as God Himself enjoys pleasure, He made us 'in His image' (Gen.1:26)--like Himself in many ways--& therefore He wants & expects us to en-joy the many wonderful pleasures of life that He has made for us!" (See Ecc.5:18-20)

       AS SHE INTENTLY LISTENS TO WHAT CHRIS IS TELLING HER, LILY FEELS THAT IT'S REALLY TRUE, & she believes that the God of the Bible, her Creator, really is a God of Love Who wants for her to enjoy the pleasures, feelings & sensations that He Himself created! She suddenly sees how foolish it is to let the superstitious & traditional fears of her past plague & bind her with inhibitions & guilt complexes!
       LOOKING DEEPLY INTO CHRIS' WARM & TENDER EYES, Lily's fears seem to lose their grip on her! She begins to realise that her feelings & desire to enjoy love with Chris are as natural & beautiful & normal & God-created as the birds & the bees, the flowers & the butterflies, & the rest of the gorgeous God-made Creation around her!
       "I love you, Chris!" she sighs, as she kisses him. "Thank you for being so understanding, & for giving me such a helpful answer! It seems so right now!--Why should I let the wrong attitudes from my past hold me back?--I think...I think I'm ready! Let's make love now!--Right here!"
       AFTER ANOTHER WARM & TENDER KISS, SHE & CHRIS SPREAD OUT THE PICNIC BLANKET, & there among the flowers, they are soon joined in total union of heart, mind & body, & truly become one! And now, instead of feeling fear & guilt, Lily pictures in her mind's eye her Creator, the God of Love, smiling on them as they enjoy His loving gift of sinless sex!
       + + + + + + +

       YOU TOO CAN FREELY ENJOY SUCH GOD-GIVEN PLEASURES!--And the way to really enjoy them is to have God's Love in your heart to give you real Love for others! Because you'll never really fully enjoy sex without real Love! You'll never know what total sexual enjoyment is until you fall in love & really love someone, for then sex takes on new meaning & is a whole new beautiful exciting experience of total sexual freedom!
       GOD CREATED SEX TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, THRILLING PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE ON EARTH, but before we can fully enjoy it, we must first experience Him & His great Love! Otherwise, all the sex in the World will never fully satisfy us, we'll always feel like something is missing!
       THE ONLY WAY TO GET BACK TO THE ORIGINAL GUILTLESS FREEDOM, liberty & openness of the Garden of Eden, is to get back to fellowship with God!--To know that He made it all & He wants us to enjoy every sexual pleasure that is clean, right, good & not harmful, that He wants us to live in the pleasures & the Love which He Himself created between man & woman!
       DO YOU KNOW THE LORD OF LOVE? Have you found the Creator & the satisfaction in your heart that the Lover of your soul alone can bring? If not, you can know His Love right now, by asking His Son, Jesus, into your heart!
       YOU CAN RECEIVE JESUS RIGHT NOW BY SIMPLY PRAYING THIS LITTLE PRAYER: "Dear Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God & that You died for me & rose from the dead to live forever! I ask You to please forgive me for all the wrong I've done & to come into my heart & give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life!--And please, Lord, fill me with Your Love & peace, & free me from all of the fear & confusion in my life that is not of You!--And give me Your perfect fearless Love!--In Jesus' name I pray. Amen."
       GOD BLESS YOU WITH HIS TRUTH & LOVE! Please write us today at the address below & ask about how to obtain more beautiful colour Posters on a variety of fascinating subjects! We love you! Love today!

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