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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


       (After reading reports on the initial bad publicity & beginning smear campaign against the Family in the Philippines:)
       1. AMEN, HAVE THY WAY, LORD, YOU KNOW WHAT'S BEST, THY WILL BE DONE! You know why You're letting this happen, Lord, and we just look to Thee for the answers to give Thy children! We know that this is a time when we are compelled to seek Thy face and look for guidance and wisdom, and that's why You let some of these things happen, Lord, to draw us closer to Thee and seek Thee and sharpen our swords and do battle, that Thou mightest be glorified in all of these things.
       2. THERE ARE TIMES WHEN THY PEOPLE WOULD RATHER NOT BE SO PUBLICISED, LORD, but there are times when You bring them out publicly to be a testimony and to be a witness before all in spite of what they would prefer. And it is usually Your enemies who bring them out, as a witness for all. So Thy will be done!
       3. YOU DID PROMISE ALL THINGS ARE FOR OUR GOOD, LORD, SO WE THANK YOU! We know whatever it is, good will come, You will bring good out of it in some way. You always have, Lord, You've never failed us! We grow stronger day by day & we do more every day & we're getting out more pubs, winning more souls, having more fruit & doing more good around the World, Lord, the tremendous effects & thousands of souls won! TYJ! PTL! So we know You're with us, You've blessed us financially & we've lacked nothing that we've needed, Lord. Now we need Thy help & wisdom in how to handle this situation that has arisen in the Philippines, what to do & what not to do, Lord. Lead & guide, in Jesus' name. PTL! We believe You have, Lord.
       4. HAVE YOU FOLKS ANYTHING FURTHER TO SAY ON THE SITUATION? (Maria: I just want to hear what you have to say!) Well, I just want to hear what the Lord has to say, but I also want to hear what you have to say! Because the Lord not only leads me, He's training you folks to be leaders. I won't always be here. I don't know, I might! I might fool you! Well, I'm interested in hearing your reactions to these reports on the situation.
       5. (PETER: I CERTAINLY AGREE THAT REGISTRATION OF THE FAMILY IS OUT OF THE QUESTION[DELETED]!) Dear Jethro tried that once in Texas & it did nothing but cause us trouble. [DELETED] So instead of getting the benefits that he hoped to derive from it, I could have told him he never would get any recognition, they'd never recognise us, so all it did was get us in trouble. PTL! What else?
       6. (PETER: WELL, THE POINT THEY MADE ABOUT GETTING INVOLVED WITH THE IMMIGRATIONS OFFICIALS & MAKING THEMSELVES KNOWN IS PRETTY DANGEROUS TOO. It's in some ways like asking the policeman if we can litness on the corner!) That's exactly what I told Mama! Then he's forced to say no, whereas he'd rather just ignore you. Of course lawyers are always thinking about the law & always trying to abide by the law, but how far would we have gotten if we'd always stuck to the letter of the law? We'd be dead back in the U.S. somewhere! It's impossible to stick to the letter of Man's laws, he can't even do it himself; they're usually contrary to God's laws. [EDITED: "See also Romans 13:1-7."]
       7. AS FAR AS SOLUTIONS ARE CONCERNED, THE LORD HIMSELF GAVE THE SOLUTION: "WHEN THEY PERSECUTE YOU IN ONE CITY, FLEE YE TO ANOTHER!"--Mat.10:23.--How far & what city? He just said another city, He didn't even necessarily say another country. We don't know whether it's gone that far there yet or how far they should let it go before they resort to that drastic tactic.
       8. IT WILL MOSTLY AFFECT THOSE WHO ARE HAVING TO BE ON THE STREETS DAILY & AT THE [EDITED: "INSTITUTIONS"], ETC. They're the ones first affected, & just exactly how it will affect them & how far it will go is yet to be seen. They've made a few feeble attempts to persecute our Family there in the past, but it always quieted down. So it may all blow over as it has before a few times, & God may put a stop to it if He's not ready for the Family to vacate. He could easily stop it if He wanted to. He could [DELETED] do all kinds of things to them to give them so much trouble they'd quit causing the Family trouble! He's done that to a lot of people a lot of times. Whole countries have started raging against us & all of a sudden they had more other trouble than they could handle & they forgot all about us! However, I think this is a little more serious threat than they've had before.

       9. THE LORD GOT BY FOR A GOOD MANY YEARS UNTIL FINALLY HE JUST WAS MAKING INROADS THAT WERE TOO GREAT IN THEIR SYSTEM & they determined that they had to put a stop to it, just like our enemies are doing there, they're appealing to all the various agencies to look into it & investigate, "Why don't you do something," blah blah!
       10. OF COURSE OUR OWN MATERIALS ARE AS STRONG A WITNESS AGAINST US AS THE CHURCH NEEDS! Actually, the World & the sinners would probably enjoy them. It sounds like just the kind of religion they'd like to have if they had any. But of course it proves to the church people that we are not of God & we are sinners, like the Scribes & Pharisees said about Jesus, because it's diametrically opposed to all of their dogmas & their narrow-minded mores, especially our sex, etc., illustrated by our vivid pictures! Of course, those pictures were never intended for the general public & the church people either, they were privately given to private Family members, apparently some of whom must have defected & turned the material over to the Enemy, obviously.
       11. ONE OF THE MOST DAMNING THINGS IS THAT BOOK WHICH THEY'RE CIRCULATING THERE, SUPPOSEDLY WRITTEN BY MY DAUGHTER! I can swear on a stack of Bibles before God, & I was convinced of it after I read it, I don't think she wrote one single word of that book! It was entirely written by him, the Evil Magician, & he was demonically inspired! It uses expressions, language & words that she never even heard of! It's too well-organised, too well-written. It was probably written by Satan himself!
       12. I THINK THE BEST ANSWER THAT THEY CAN GIVE TO SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE IS, "WELL, THAT WAS NOT WRITTEN BY HIS DAUGHTER, IT WAS WRITTEN BY HER DIABOLICAL INSANE HUSBAND WHO HATED US, who got her on drugs because he could control Deborah that way, inspired by the Devil!" And I'm convinced from all witnesses that he got control by drugs, that he's got her on drugs, & from the dreams we had, the evil seeds that he gave her, etc. (See ML #290.) Just like with Rachel, it was drugs that got her, they got her hooked on drugs. It's horrible that those people who had never even tried stuff like that before should yield to these Satanic influences & want to dabble & experiment & see what it's like. Well, they found out, they got hooked! Deborah is now apparently almost as crazy as he is, & he is known to be a mental case. The way he behaved there in South America was insane, violent, throwing his children across the room, up against the wall, almost killing people! He's a madman!
       13. THE BEST THING THEY CAN DO FOR PEOPLE WHO SEE THAT BOOK IS GIVE THEM THE "DIRTY DEB" TRACT! She was apparently absolutely driven insane by that guy. All the time he was the guy that was responsible. For awhile we thought, "Well, if she doesn't want her first husband, then maybe he could take care of her." He acted like he was trying to take care of her, when all the time he was trying to wean her away from us. [DELETED] [EDITED: "S"]he says that she nearly committed suicide in that hotel room in London when she was missing for four days. [DELETED]
       14. WHO ELSE WOULD THE DEVIL WANT TO STRIKE MORE TO GET IN WITH THE WEAKEST SPOT IN OUR WHOLE ORGANISATION, this girl who wasn't even sure she was saved or believed in God or Christ, she says! Well, I'm beginning to believe it, that apparently she never was saved. How could she have done all the things she's done & let the Devil take control & let her name be used as the author of that filthy book if she's really saved?
       15. BUT HE WROTE THAT BOOK, THAT I KNOW! I read every word of it. I didn't even want you guys to read that shit, but I knew I was strong enough to take it, I knew what was right & what was wrong, & I counted 300-&-some outright lies in the book, total untruths, as well as a lot of twisted truths, the difference between libel & slander. Libel is outright lies that can be proven are untrue. Slander is scandal, telling stories on you that might be true, but twisted & distorted so that you're smeared & there's character assassination with these stories they get out.--Which might even be true, but which nevertheless smear you. In U.S. courts they can sue on either count, whether it's lies or it's just secret private matters which you never intended to get out, but they find out & use to smear you.
       16. BUT OF COURSE THAT'S ANOTHER THING I AGREE WITH THEIR LOCAL LAWYERS ON: FORGET ABOUT GOING TO COURT! That's the last thing in the World you should do! You might threaten to & try to scare them, but never go to court! There's nothing they'd like better than to get you in court & bring out all the dirty laundry & make that a theatre for an exposé!

       17. (MARIA: THEY'VE DONE THAT WITH MOON & SOME OF THE OTHERS.) Yes, look at poor Moon, he went to jail for a couple of years. I've got to admire him, he's got more guts than I have to stay in the U.S.! But that's where he made his big mistake, he tried to fight it openly & tried to work openly, & of all the worst places to do it, he tried to do it in the U.S.A. & make that his headquarters! And you can see where it got him. He's probably learned his lesson now!
       18. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT THE LORD DID APPEAR TO HIM & TELL HIM TO PREPARE THE KINGDOM FOR THE MILLENNIUM! He's doing that to us too & probably quite a few other people. But Moon may have gotten the idea in his head that he was the only one. That can happen! A lot of people think, "How can he be Napoleon when I'm Napoleon?" Avak had the same idea, that God had especially chosen him to prepare the World for the Millennium.
       19. BUT YOU SEE, HE'S CHOSEN US ALL FOR THAT JOB, NOT JUST ONE, NOT EVEN JUST US! We've probably told'm more about it & pictured it more & publicised it more & He's given us more truth about it, I really believe, than anybody else I've ever heard of, & I believe we're right because it's Biblical & Scriptural & it's straight out of the Word & from direct revelation. But we don't claim to be the only ones that are going to be inhabitants of the Millennial period & the only ones running it. I think God's going to use everybody He can, including the World who have the skills & whatnot, under our direction!
       20. SO POOR MOON! ANYHOW, HE WENT AHEAD ON THE STRENGTH OF WHAT HE THOUGHT & HE CERTAINLY HAS SWEPT THE WORLD WITH HIS DOCTRINES & HIS PEOPLE! They tell all those lies about us, so how can you tell what's true? His enemies say he claims to be Jesus, but he claimed the Lord appeared to him, so how could he then claim to be Jesus? They lie like that about us too & say we don't believe the Bible, we don't believe in God, we don't promote Jesus, just outright lies!

       21. OF COURSE, THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE THE LORD SAYS ARE GOING TO KILL YOU THINKING THEY DO GOD SERVICE, BUT THAT DOESN'T NECESSARILY MEAN THEY'RE SAVED.--Jn.16:2. A lot of people think they're working for God. Look at all the millions of Catholics who worship Mary & think they're serving God, but it's pure idolatry! I sometimes talk about sincere Catholics & I believe there are millions of sincere Catholics, but they're sincerely wrong! "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death."--Pro.14:12. It's idolatry, it's Maryolatry! They do not believe in Salvation by grace or that it's a free gift of God, they've got to work for it, be holy & do their rosaries & worship Mary!--So they're lost!
       22. THE MOST SINCERE OF ALL OF THEM CLOISTER THEMSELVES UP IN PRISON CELLS & DO NOTHING BUT MEDITATE & PRAY & DO THE WORLD NO GOOD WHATSOEVER--just the opposite of what Jesus told His Church to do, to go out into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature! What a trick of the Devil, to get'm sewed up in actual prison cells, these contemplative orders, etc., & think that they're serving God by just being on their knees & praying all day & all that stuff, totally useless to humanity! Instead of getting out & showing the Love of Jesus & getting folks saved, they bottle themselves up in a prison & bottle up the Gospel! Boy, that was a clever trick of the Devil to make them think they're serving God when all of that is totally ungodly.
       23. HAVING RESISTED THE TRUTH, THE LORD ALLOWS THEM TO HAVE STRONG DELUSION!--If they ever had the Truth, & surely some of them must have had it at some time, especially Catholics & all. There must have been some time when they have heard the Gospel on television or radio or something, but apparently they just resisted it if they go on in their error. So the Lord allows them to have strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might be judged accordingly.--2Thess.2:10-12
       24. SO THERE ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE LIKE THAT IN THE WORLD, INCLUDING PROBABLY MOST OF THE PEOPLE IN THE PHILIPPINES! There are lots of Christians there, mostly Catholics, but also lots of Evangelicals, Fundamentalists & true Gospel Christians. But look at that woman who's been leading the campaign against them, she's one of the leaders of the true Gospel-believing Christians, even straight on most of her Bible Prophecy & all of that!--But so were the Scribes & the Pharisees.
       25. THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES WERE THE MOST DILIGENT, THE MOST ZEALOUS, THE MOST RIGHTEOUS, THE MOST VERSED IN THE WORD! The Scribes were trained for years to copy the Bible without a single mistake. The Pharisees were the ones who absolutely adhered to the jot & the tittle, the tiniest little marks in Hebrew writing. They didn't want to vary one little thing, it had to be exactly accurate & they were exact & absolutely righteous to a tee! They claimed to keep every law of Moses to the point that when they picked their mint for their tea, they even put 10% of it aside for the church, etc.
       26. SO SHE'S OBVIOUSLY THAT TYPE, & YOU CAN SEE HOW WRONG THEY CAN BE! They hated the Truth when they heard it, they hated it with a vengeance!--And they hated the Truth-tellers & were determined to kill'm & they finally did!--In fact, they killed every one of them except John the Beloved Revelator, whom the Lord spared to give Revelation!
       27. SO AS CAN BE EXPECTED, THE MOST SELF-RIGHTEOUS, THE MOST RELIGIOUS, THE MOST DOGMATIC OF ALL ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OUR WORST ENEMIES, because we literally challenge their old traditions & their mores, especially their sexual mores! Like the lawyer in "Easy Rider" told the hippies, "They can't let you live, they've got to kill you, because you expose them! You even expose them to themselves & show them that they're not free, when they claim to be free, but you show them that they're not free, that they're bound!" In other words, you show them they're wrong. And they can't stand, even themselves, to hear or especially to know that they're wrong. So they have to put up a strong self-defense to drown out what you're saying & doing so they can still be convinced themselves.
       28. POOR STEPHEN, WHEN HE GOT TO THE SORE POINT & not only told them all the rest of their evils & how they killed Jesus & everything, but when he said, "You proclaim the Law but you don't even keep it," that was the one thing they couldn't stand to hear! They stuck their fingers in their ears! They couldn't stand to hear it! They ran on him, & they got like mad dogs, they bit him! They gnashed on him with their teeth & stoned him to death!--Acts 7.
       29. THEY CANNOT STAND THE TRUTH, THEY HATE THE TRUTH, BECAUSE IT EXPOSES THEIR LIES! That's exactly what we do. We've exposed the lies of the churches, the false doctrines, the false mores, the false traditions! We just strip'm naked before the World & they can't stand it! They've got to kill what we're saying, first of all, if they can, & if they can't do that, they want to kill us!
       30. HERE'S A SUPPOSED CHRISTIAN, A LEADER OF THE EVANGELICALS, BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS, leading the drive against the people who are probably doing more for that country & winning more real Salvations & souls & influencing the Military to save the country than probably anybody else has ever done! The traditional churches are all dead. Even a few lively Pentecostal ones, from all I found out about Pentecostals & all their churches, were in the same old traditional rut. They were just a little more lively, that's all. Instead of letting the Spirit use them for what they're supposed to do, to get out there & preach the Gospel, they just shut themselves up in their four walls & templeism just to enjoy the Lord to themselves & seldom ever got out & preached the Gospel any place else.
       31. SO THERE ARE VERY FEW CHRISTIANS & CHURCHES WHO REALLY BELIEVE IN GOING OUT INTO ALL THE WORLD TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE! I'll have to hand the Christian Missionary Alliance credit for that, they emphasised missions more than anything else. They were a missionary society before they became a church. They were nothing but an association of various people from various denominations who really wanted to sponsor missionaries & get them out to the field. A.B. Simpson said, "God forbid that we should ever become just another denomination!"--And that's exactly what they became. And I think it's because they followed the old church rut & the old church route. They didn't really break away from traditional churchianity. They went in for buildings, meetings, priesthood, seminaries & the same old church example, the same old church rut.
       32. I DON'T REALLY KNOW OF ANY VERY WELL-KNOWN GROUP OF CHRISTIANS BUT US WHO HAVE TOTALLY BROKEN WITH CHURCH TRADITION & CHURCHIANITY, especially their templeism, their worship of buildings & their absolute mania for having buildings & meetings most of all, the biggest part of their religion. The only thing different between the Christian Missionary Alliance now & the others is they give more to missions than the others, they support more missionaries.
       33. THE LAST TIME I HEARD ABOUT THEM THEY ONLY HAD A TOTAL OF ABOUT 2,000 MISSIONARIES. They had about 50,000 church members, mostly in the U.S., & about 2000 missionaries in the field, which is a lot of missionaries compared to most, for a small group. But look at us, we're all missionaries!--12,000 of us! And just in such a few short years! In fact, the Christian Missionary Alliance sent out more missionaries by faith in the first ten years of their history--200 faith missionaries in the first ten years--than they have in any subsequent 10 years in their 150-year history! In other words, they never did it again! They got more churchy & more churchy & had more requirements for missionaries--they had to have more education, more money, more support, more this, more that--& they got back into the same old rut along with the rest of the churches so that they were tolerated finally, & finally accepted & registered & duly recognised as a denomination.
       34. WHEN THE CHURCHES QUIT FIGHTING YOU, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!--Because they're the ones that are mostly wrong & doing mostly the wrong things & not doing what they're supposed to do! So if they get mad at you, there must be something good about you! You must be doing something right, because they're so wrong! Because the Devil will always fight anybody that's really accomplishing anything.

       35. SO OUR FAMILY HAS REALLY BEEN ACCOMPLISHING THINGS THERE IN THE PHILIPPINES, & now on top of it they're holding that Youth Seminar right in the middle of it all! No wonder the Devil's mad, trying to defeat the whole thing & trying to get them distracted & diverted having to worry about a smear campaign while all that other's going on, trying to hinder the work. He can't stop it, but he does try to hinder it. Why does the Lord let him try to hinder it? Why does He let us have battles?--It makes us stronger! We learn lessons through battles! We get stronger, we get wiser, & as you so well know, with every battle we've gone through we've come out stronger & ahead & wiser & have grown & have done more & learned more lessons, what to do & not to do, & this is apparently another one!
       36. THE MAIN THING TO DO IS TO FIND OUT WHAT GOD WANTS THEM TO DO, WHAT HE KNOWS IS BEST FOR THEM TO DO & WHY! Our enemies have tried a few little feeble attempts to smear the Family there before, but God had a great work for them to do and didn't want them stopped until it was done! So that is actually the big question, as to whether it's done or not! We may not always think it's done, we always figure there's more to do. We'll probably have lots of unfinished business & unfinished work that we were right in the middle of when the Lord comes, that we thought ought to be done, but He didn't think was necessary to be done. It was more important to rescue us & take us out than to see us slaughtered!
       37. SO THAT'S THE QUESTION WE HAVE TO SETTLE IN OUR OWN MINDS & HEARTS, AS TO WHETHER GOD IS ABOUT THROUGH WITH THE PHILIPPINES or it's coming close to its end, which it looks like to me! I don't see how that government can go on much longer living in their idealistic dreamworld, thinking that they're going to pull the country out of the mess it's in & get rid of the Communists by joining them!

       38. LENIN, MARX, STALIN, ALL OF THEM TAUGHT THAT THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A CHANGE IS WITH A BARREL OF A GUN!--That that's the only true revolution you can ever have, a violent revolution. And I've said things in my Letters before to indicate that I'm pretty much convinced that they're right! (See No.272.) Because you'll never get the rich to share voluntarily.
       39. I HAVE SAID TIME & AGAIN THROUGH MY WRITINGS, VERY FEW OF THE RICH WILL EVER GIVE UP THEIR RICHES! Oh, there are a few rare examples of real Christians or magnanimous rich or rich about to die who want to make a few peace offerings to the poor, & therefore to God & the church by giving some of their lands, & they usually give them to the church, & the church gets richer & the poor get poorer! But I've said time & again the rich will never give up their riches unless forced to at the point of a gun!
       40. EVEN WITH THEIR REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT & CORY AQUINO & ALL HER IDEALISM, SHE HASN'T GIVEN UP HER ESTATE YET! She hasn't given one little acre of it to anybody yet!--20 miles square! And do you know why her family is still there, & do you know why they became virtually Communists & cooperated with the Communists? Just like a lot of other rich people, especially out in the boonies, they paid the Communists & even supported them & gave them guns so that they would leave them alone.
       41. SO THE RICH ARE SELLING THEIR SOULS TO THE COMMUNISTS TO TRY TO SAVE THEMSELVES! They think by doing that, that maybe the Communists will spare them. Because the Commies spared Aquino & her estate for years because they loved the Commies & helped the Commies & armed the Commies, cooperated with the Commies, looked on them as friends. I would say they as good as became Communists. Therefore, they still look on them like that & they just can hardly believe that the Communists could desert them! "How can you do this to us when we're so good to you?"
       42. IT REMINDS ME OF THE STORY OF THE LITTLE BOY THAT ATE TOO MUCH CAKE, PIE & CANDY & GOT A HELL OF A BELLYACHE! I remember Lamont always used to have a little soliloquy he used to give, a little recitation: "Oh stomach, how can you do this to me when I've been so good to you!" Well, the Commies are one Hell of a bellyache, & no matter how good they've been to them, they're getting worse!
       43. BUT WITH AS MANY POOR PEOPLE AS THERE ARE THERE, & KNOWING THE RICH WILL NEVER SHARE VOLUNTARILY, HOW DO YOU THINK GOD IS GOING TO DO IT? How has He done it in other countries throughout the World? The way Communism takes care of the poor, is they make everybody poor! They just push everybody down to the bottom where everybody's poor. But then the rich all share with the poor & at least they have something to eat & some kind of a job. By stripping the rich & stripping the middle class & the petty bourgeoisie & all the rest of those that have anything, there seems to be enough to go around that everybody has a job & has something to eat, if nothing else. And of course at the same time they hate religion & Christianity & God & Christ & they try everything they can to destroy faith!

       44. I CAN UNDERSTAND HOW SOME OF THOSE POOR PEOPLE LOOK ON THE SITUATION. Here Cory Aquino is in power & has almost everything she wants, including her Constitution, & things still don't get better & the poor still don't get fed, & the unemployed still don't get jobs & they can see that month after month goes by & they're nothing better, they're even worse off, she's still allowing the rich to oppress them! Just because she's their new leader doesn't change the hearts of the rich!
       45. THERE'S ONLY ONE THING CORY HASN'T GOTTEN YET, & THAT IS SHE REALLY HASN'T MADE PEACE WITH THE COMMUNISTS. I think the Communists were convinced by their little try at so-called reconciliation & peace talks, they simply saw the rich were not going to change, they're still going to have to be forced to do it.--That her government was no more willing to force the rich to divide the land for gain than Marcos was!
       46. SO WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN? HOW LONG ARE THEY GOING TO PUT UP WITH CORY?--Her revolutionary government is now chartered & her election is confirmed. They're already finding out that things are no different, they're just as bad off, if not worse. Those idealistic transformers & idealists are living with their heads in the clouds in a dreamworld of idealism, of what kind of heaven they're going to make here on Earth. "Just give us time, give us a little more money, a few more loans, some more investments, & you'll see that we can make Heaven on Earth in the Philippines!"--Never! Not as long as the rich are rich & have the same selfish greedy hearts & don't care if the poor are poor or even poorer!
       47. MAYBE SOMETIMES THEY'RE A LITTLE AFRAID THE POOR MIGHT RISE UP AGAINST THEM & really finally overthrow them, but that's the only reason they're concerned about the poor at all!--Not because they're really concerned or really sorry for them. They're only sorry for themselves & they just want to solve the problem of the poor so that the poor won't threaten them!
       48. SO WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN? THEY'VE GOT A FEW THOUSAND RICH WHO OWN ALL THE PROPERTY, ALL THE MONEY & ALL THE GOVERNMENT, & MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS OF POOR STARVING HUNGRY SUFFERING LANDLESS POOR! It's just about enough to make a Communist out of almost anybody!--Anybody that really has a heart for the poor or has ever been poor & knows the sacrificial life & suffering of the poor, the hardships! She's never known anything like that, & none of those people who are her government, all of them rich people, land owners, bank owners, millionaires, have ever actually known the hardship of being poor.
       49. WITH THE FEW THOUSAND VERY RICH OWNING THE WHOLE COUNTRY & THE GOVERNMENT, THE LAND & EVERYTHING, WHAT ARE THOSE MILLIONS OF POOR GOING TO HAVE TO FINALLY DO TO GET ANY JUSTICE? What have they done all through history?--The slave revolts, the peasant revolts, the poor revolts, the Communist revolts! The only way the rich will ever give up or give in or give out is at the point of a gun! And Aquino's government has proved itself to be no different & no better than past governments!
       50. NOTHING HAS CHANGED, EXCEPT THERE ARE A NEW SET OF RICH RUNNING THE COUNTRY, WHO ARE OUT TO GRAB ALL THE RICHES THAT THEIR OTHER RICH OPPONENTS HAD BEFORE! They're far more interested in running around the World grabbing the riches of Marcos & the riches of his cronies & his relatives & his friends!--And not for the poor, but for themselves & their government. (See WND 168, page 7.) And you know where most of those riches are going to go! They're not going to go to the poor peons in the rice paddies, it's going to be absorbed by the government & high salaries & the rich for all kinds of excuses. They're just going to be a new set of rich who are grabbing it from the former rich. It hasn't helped the poor a bit, & it won't, never has! History can attest to that. No rich, as a general class of society of any country, has ever voluntarily given up their riches nor even shared part of them with the poor, except at the point of a gun!
       51. SO MARX WAS RIGHT ABOUT THAT, LENIN WAS RIGHT ABOUT THAT, STALIN WAS RIGHT ABOUT THAT, THE COMMUNISTS TODAY ARE RIGHT ABOUT IT! The rich are not about to begin to share free of charge even a portion of their riches or their lands with the poor! Not a thing has changed, not a thing! It's just a new set of rich people, no more sharing.
       52. NOW SOME ARE GOING TO SAY I'M TALKING LIKE A COMMUNIST! Well, that's one thing the Communists are right about. Sad to say, the wrong people are preaching the right message. But it's the Devil's own cleverness, he knows that that is right & that is just & that's what the people will go for! The people know it's right & just--I mean the common people, the poor people there that are suffering & sacrificing & some starving, dying. They know it's right. They know the rich ought to give up some of their riches & share with them to help them.
       53. I'M JUST TRYING TO SHOW YOU THAT NOTHING HAS CHANGED, NOTHING IS ANY BETTER! If anything, things there are getting worse, because the Communists have now given up thinking they can work with the government & that the government will make anything change or make any changes peacefully. They've gone back to the hills convinced that they've got to fight! And if we'll judge by history & every other country where they have taken over, they're right, that's the only way they're going to get it, at the point of a gun! And by the time they get that far, they're so furious & fed up, they're ready to kill & slaughter & mow'm down & take everything! And that's probably the righteous judgement of God!
       54. THE RICH HAVE GONE ON IN THE PHILIPPINES FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS & STILL HAVE NEVER REALLY SHARED WITH THE POOR & never really given them their just due. They've paid them starvation wages while they got richer! They're wrecking their country, & now they've wrecked it economically, they've run it 27 billion Dollars in debt & they're asking for more. How can it get any better? I just don't see it! I think that country in its poverty & its poor & its starving & its suffering is past the point of no return & it probably passed it long ago, & God is just being a little bit patient & just waiting a little longer until the cup of iniquity of the rich is full!
       55. AQUINO WAS THEIR LAST CHANCE, FRANKLY! Here they got rid of the so-called "dictator" & his cronies & grabbed all his riches & his companies & his lands. They got it all! They were blaming it all on him before. But now they've got it all, so now they're without excuse! They've got not only their own, but all the rest of the rich's riches! What should they do with it? What are they doing with it?--Are they sharing?--No!
       56. HOW LONG IS THE LORD GOING TO PUT UP WITH IT? If He can't get the Christians to do it, if He can't get the righteous to do it, if He can't get the government to do it, He'll take the Devil to do it! He'll send in the Communists to take it away from them & share with the poor. And that's exactly what the Antichrist government is going to do & what the anti-Christ Communists are already doing!
       57. WHY ARE SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE, CHURCH PEOPLE, CHRISTIANS, SINCERE, GENUINE, HONEST PRIESTS & NUNS SYMPATHISING WITH THE COMMUNISTS & WORKING WITH THEM, EVEN TAKING UP GUNS & SHOOTING WITH THEM? Because they're convinced that the poor are right & they're convinced that the Communists are right, that that's the only way they'll ever get their just share, & I am too! The Aquino government is going to be no better, if anything, worse, than Marcos.
       58. CORY & HER GOVERNMENT BOAST THAT THEY ARE THE COUNTRY'S LAST CHANCE--I AGREE --AND THEY'VE MUFFED IT! They're not any better than the last one, & they're not going to share any more than the last one, & they're not going to yield or give any more than the last one! This was the last chance. Here the people voted for them because they thought that maybe they could make a change & they would help, but they're already finding out that they're no better!
       59. ONE WAY OR THE OTHER GOD HAS GOT TO SAVE THOSE POOR, & those poor little malnourished suffering dying children who are not getting enough to eat & getting malformed because of not enough nourishment, not even food! It's being widely publicised now in the international press & you see their pitiful little bodies! So that nation is without excuse!

       60. WHAT DO YOU THINK GOD'S GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Do you think He's going to let it go on much longer? Do you think His ear is not open to the cries of the poor? According to His Word, He says it is!--That He will vindicate their cause & He will fight for them, even if He has to use the Communists to do it!--Because they seem to be the only organisation powerful enough & well-organised enough & backed enough & with a convincing message enough. And we know that that is the message that is selling Communism around the World in country after country after country. The Antichrist World Government is growing every day!
       61. AND IF I EVER HEARD OF A COUNTRY RIPE & READY FOR THE HARVEST OF COMMUNISM, IT'S THE PHILIPPINES! They have all the ideal conditions for a complete revolt of the poor! What do you think would happen if the Communists could put guns in the hands of all the poor? They know all they need is guns, they need the weapons, because they know the rich will never give up, they have to force them, & by that time they'll get rid of the rich. And then they've got the power to force them to give up their riches. Of course the rich would rather die than give up their riches, so that's the way they go. "Give us our cities & you can have our sons! Let us keep our cities & we'll put our sons in the military to die for us, if we can keep our riches & our cities!"
       62. MARX, LENIN & STALIN PREACHED THAT THE REVOLUTION WOULD HAVE TO COME THROUGH INDUSTRIALISATION so that the poor could get enough jobs in the cities to organise & get guns, & the poor of the cities then could be roused to rise up & overthrow the rich. But it didn't really work that way. The intelligentsia, the liberals, the radicals & the educated youths from the universities produced most of the Communists that are running the parties.
       63. BUT LATER STALIN REALISED THAT THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE TO CONVERT THE PEASANTRY & GET THEM TO BACK IT OR THE CITIES WOULD STARVE TO DEATH, & that's what they almost did. They had a terrible famine in which millions died in Russia after the Communist Revolution. You don't often hear that. They had a famine & they were starving under the Czars, so supposedly the Communist Revolution was to give them land & bread. They didn't give them either one! They starved even worse after the Revolution. Things were thrown into chaos! The farmers wouldn't cooperate, they rejected it & kept their food & the cities & the armies starved! Finally they had to send the Red Army out to the farms & kill all the kulaks, the rich farmers, & collectivise them & put their slaves on the farms to raise food for the cities.
       64. MAO RAN HIS REVOLUTION ENTIRELY THE OPPOSITE WAY. He believed that Lenin was wrong in trying to industrialise in order to get workers for the revolution, he believed they should agriculturalise, go out in the boonies & raise up the peasantry & train them for the revolution. And the Communism of the Philippines was engineered mostly by Maoists, therefore they followed Mao's plan of going to the country first to revolutionise the boonies, the countryside, & gain more & more ground & land there amongst the peasants until they surround the cities & isolate them, & then the peasantry can march in & take them over! Well, that's just about what they've done there, & they're getting closer to their goal all the time!
       65. WHAT DO YOU THINK GOD IS GOING TO DO? DO YOU THINK HE'S GOING TO LET THINGS GO ON THAT WAY? I think in His infinite mercy & wisdom & charity He's allowed it to go this far just to show those people & the World & those who are willing to open their eyes & see that it is not going to happen the way the new rich & new government thinks it's going to happen.--That in spite of a last chance, a new revolutionary, pro-people government, supposedly pro-poor government, they're finding out that it's no better than any other government ever before, in fact in some ways worse, offering them false hopes, false goals, false promises & things going from bad to worse!
       66. LIKE THAT OLD SONG DAVID Z. WROTE: "OH LORD, HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON?" Well, if He's a just & merciful God, I don't think He's going to allow it to go on much longer, I don't think those people can stand it! I don't think it would be right to allow it to go on much longer--more & more people getting poorer & poorer & starving & babies malformed from undernourishment! The ones who die are the blessed ones, thank God, instead of having to live & suffer!
       67. I DON'T THINK I EVER HEARD OF A COUNTRY ANY RIPER FOR COMMUNISM! All it needs is the guns! And in the Russian Revolution, do you know how they finally got the guns? (Peter: They persuaded the military to join them.)--Exactly! And the way she's mistreated the Military, I think a lot of those guys would just as soon go & join the Communists, if it weren't for the fact that our Family there has persuaded them & helped them to stay loyal because Communism is anti-Christ & anti-God, etc. I think about the only thing that's holding most of them right now is religion!
       68. THEY'RE SEEING MORE & MORE ALL THE TIME THAT CORY'S RELIGION IS ALL TALK & NO ACT! They're not really helping the poor, they haven't really raised their salaries that much, they haven't really helped the plight of the Military that much, the lowly soldier. They have a hard enough time even getting something to eat, that's why they go out & rob the farmers, because the government doesn't pay them enough & doesn't feed them enough! Some of those outfits were not even being clothed by the government, they had to buy their own uniforms on a pittance allowance! The Military's getting fed up with her!--Not only the ones who hate Communism & want to save the country from Communism, but also all the poor guys who just want to save themselves, & if they can't find any other way to do it, they'll join the Communists, just like the Red Army did.
       69. OUR PEOPLE THERE ARE REACHING OFFICERS, THEY'RE REACHING THE TOP, THE RICH, BUT THEY'RE NOT REACHING THOSE LITTLE GUYS AT THE BOTTOM VERY MUCH, & they're not all that Christian necessarily, they're not all that persuaded to be religious or that the Communists are that bad. So if the Communists offer them a better deal, they'll take it & bring their guns with them! The Communists will probably receive them with open arms if they desert the government & bring their equipment, glad to have'm!
       70. IF SHE DOESN'T DO SOMETHING PRETTY QUICK TO CHEER UP THE MILITARY & SATISFY THEM, THEY'RE GOING TO START DESERTING IN HORDES, & that will be the beginning of the end! That's the way it's been in many other countries. When they finally made sufficient inroads into the military that they persuaded them it was time to revolt & have a change, that did it!--If they couldn't get enough guns themselves.
       71. GOD'S GOTTA DO SOMETHING FOR THE POOR! Apparently those rich have lived with the sight of the poor so long they're hardened to it & it doesn't even phase them! They can pass by & see all those starving poor & think, "That's the way it's always been, & the poor are always with you! They're still here & they're surviving, so why worry about them?" Well, they won't have much time to worry about them when the poor finally rise up & take over! I don't see how the Lord could allow it any other way.
       72. HE GAVE ALL THOSE RELIGIOUS, SUPPOSED-TO-BE-CHRISTIANS, THEIR LAST CHANCE IN CORY'S GOVERNMENT, who pretend to be so religious & such Christians & such Catholics & such wonderful people. I believe this is their last chance & they are rejecting it! The rich Christians are being given their last chance to share with the poor, & they are flatly refusing to do so! If they don't share & do something for the poor, as far as God's concerned, they're not even Christians, they're not His Church, they're not His people, or they would love & share & do something for the pitiful poor!
       73. THEY COULD DO IT TOMORROW! THEY COULD DO IT TODAY! They could do it overnight if they'd fork it over & give it & donate it & care! But they don't give a damn about the poor! They couldn't care less, let'm go to Hell as far as they're concerned! But the ones who are going to go to Hell are not only them, but the rich who are neglecting them, oppressing them, exploiting them, enslaving them & killing them!
       74. I TALK LIKE A COMMUNIST, DON'T I? WELL, THAT'S ONE TRUTH THE COMMUNISTS HAVE! Of course, sad to say, it's the Devil that's preaching the message, because he knows that's the message that's going to go over & that they'll believe & follow, & that's the one that will win, the one of sharing & caring.--Not loving, but hating the enemy, hating the rich, hating enough to kill & take it away from them, because they weren't willing to give it.
       75. I THINK AQUINO'S WHOLE THING IS A HUGE HYPOCRITICAL SELF-RIGHTEOUS FACADE, a phoney display of religion, just like the Scribes & Pharisees of Jesus' day, to try to convince the people how religious she is. Well, she'll only convince the poor how religious she is when she starts giving herself of her own property & taking care of her own workers & giving them their own land!
       76. SO THE PHILIPPINES IS HEADED FOR COMMUNISM & DESTRUCTION AS FAR AS ITS PRESENT SYSTEM IS CONCERNED! It's coming sooner or later, & the way things look right now it sounds & looks like sooner! The question is, what does God want our people there to do?

       77. THE FAMILY'S BEEN WORKING ON THE PHILIPPINES NOW FOR ABOUT 10 OR 11 YEARS, & from all we've heard, they're a very childlike people, very open & receptive & responsive, it's easy to get'm to receive the Lord. After all, they're already Catholics & believe in the Bible & God & Jesus, so they naturally raise their hands or say yes or pray the Sinner's Prayer, it's wonderful!
       78. BUT THEY ARE SO CHURCHY & SO INGRAINED WITH THEIR CHURCH TRADITIONS, HOW MANY OF THEM HAVE ACTUALLY JOINED THE FAMILY & BECOME TRULY CONVERTED & TRULY DISCIPLES? They've had one of the most pitiful showings of almost any country in Asia, considering what looks like should have been a windfall! The ones they do have are still just babes. You can't expect them to grow up that fast when they didn't teach them to grow & they didn't grow'm & train'm.
       79. IT'S NOW WELL-KNOWN THAT OUR PEOPLE WHO WENT THERE TO BEGIN WITH SET SOME OF THE WORST EXAMPLES & WERE SOME OF OUR WEAKEST FAMILY MEMBERS, & the Philippines was in a mess, a real mess!--And it's been pretty hard to try to pull them out of it! If we hadn't sent in reinforcements that were really fighters & reliable, the work there would have gone to pot, & was going to pot or had gone to pot already!
       80. I'LL SAY THIS, THEY AT LEAST SATURATED THE COUNTRY WITH OUR MESSAGE, and now especially since the Posters & the tapes! And if they never got the Message before, our enemies are now determined to spread it & saturate the country with our Message! Sometimes the Lord lets it happen that way: If our coverage is not sufficient, then He lets our enemies publicise us. He's done that lots of times! But usually that's in the last stages, don't forget!
       81. WHAT IS ALWAYS THE PLAN, ALWAYS THE PROCESS THAT WE ALWAYS GO THROUGH & THE LORD HIMSELF OUTLINED, & WE'VE GONE THROUGH IT TIME & TIME AGAIN? (See ML #125.) First we pioneer, we preach the Gospel, we are popular! We are publicised first by our friends & we reap a tremendous harvest, we really reach the country, we saturate it! And then our enemies begin to publicise us.--Why?
       82. THAT'S THE BIG QUESTION: WHY DOES GOD ALLOW OUR ENEMIES TO THEN START PUBLICISING US & VILIFYING US & TURNING THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE AGAINST US? (Maria: To make people make a decision for or against us.) Because they are now given an alternative, we're not necessarily the angels they thought we were! Now they've got to decide for or against us, there's no in-between!
       83. THAT'S THE WAY IT GOT IN JESUS' LAST DAYS. He became extremely controversial, so that you either had to be radically for Him, one of His disciples and one of His followers, or you had to be one of His bitter enemies, there was no in-between! God brings as many as possible to the point of decision, to see how the country's going to go. Are they going to stand by you & support you? Are there going to be enough of them to stick up for you & defeat the enemies?--Hardly ever! In the last stages the vast majority are always wrong, & it's only "few there be that find it" & go God's way down the strait & narrow way through the narrow gate!--Mat.7:14.
       84. WHAT STAGE ARE THEY IN NOW? Have they saturated the country with our Gospel? I think probably one of the last stages is that they're now saturating the Military, but they're only getting the top echelon, they're not really reaching down into the grassroots much. They're converting the officers, & that's good, but when the crunch comes, the officers of the Russian army were not able to stop the soldiers, because they really didn't do much for them either.
       85. WHY DON'T THOSE RICH OFFICERS DO SOMETHING FOR THEIR POOR SOLDIERS? (Peter: They're just like the rest of the rich!)-- They're just as guilty! But God's giving them a chance. He's giving them our Message of Salvation & our people are telling them, "You should do something about the poor, you should share with them, for God's sake, at least with your own soldiers!"--And they are beginning to preach it & all, but they're blaming the government. I believe they could do a lot more if they had the burden, but it doesn't look to me like they are doing it.
       86. OK! THE FAMILY HAS SATURATED THE COUNTRY WITH OUR GOSPEL & OUR MESSAGE FOR OVER TEN YEARS, until almost everybody there has heard about us or seen our pictures or even heard our music, have our tapes, have heard our radio broadcasts & seen our TV shows. Who there hasn't heard our message, even if they didn't know it was us?
       87. HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THE LORD IS GOING TO PUT UP WITH ALL THIS? How long do you think He's going to put up with them? He's given them their last chance now to be good to their poor, & they're not doing it. How long is He going to put up with the Family continuing to harp on this & go to the same people & give them the same message & keep on saturating that country?

       88. THE QUESTION IS: HAS THE PHILIPPINES HAD IT? That would make a good title! It has a lot of meanings! Have they really had it? Have they really had the Message? Have they had their chance & is God therefore ready to separate the sheep from the goats & judge the country, even a lot of the sheep?
       89. AND WHAT ARE ALMOST ALWAYS, INVARIABLY, THE FINAL SIGNS? (Peter: They start to persecute us.)--Exactly! They start to raise a campaign of bad publicity against us & start persecuting us. They tried some feeble attempts before, but this to me smacks of a real drive! They've got some powerful people behind it, influential people, really important & high in the government.
       90. OUR FAMILY THERE MAY BE SAYING, "WHY LORD? WHY ME? WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO US?" He always does!--When we're finished, when we've done all we can & He wants to judge them! What did He always do with His people when He was ready to judge the nation where they lived & ready to really let His judgements begin to fall? What did He tell His people to do? (Peter: To go!) I'm just showing you, we're closer to the end in that country than ever!
       91. THIS TO ME IS THE END, THAT GOVERNMENT IS THE END! It will be the last non-Communist government of the Philippines, because God is giving them their last chance & they're muffing it, they're not doing it, even pretending to be so religious, & the rich Christians are still not doing it! This is their last chance! God's even giving our Family there their last chance to give them a final outreach with the Military, etc.
       92. AS MUCH AS [EDITED: "OUR IMPORTANT FRIENDS LOVE"] US THERE, if our Family is scandalised publicly, even our friends can't afford to go to bat for us, or they could wreck their reputation & their career, & they certainly would if they'd try to befriend us! So they shouldn't expect any help from that source.
       93. I HAVE A FEELING THAT THE LORD FEELS THAT WE HAVE DONE ABOUT ALL WE CAN DO & ALL THAT COUNTRY DESERVES, & He's now getting ready to judge them! And He would just as soon save His people & get them out of there before the country falls to the Communists or to full-scale war or whatever it is, & that's probably what's coming next. Unless the government goes ahead & surrenders to the Communists, they have no other recourse but full-scale war!
       94. IF GOD HAS NO OTHER WAY TO SHOW US--& THIS IS REALLY USUALLY HIS LAST RESORT--HE SHOWS US BY BAD PUBLICITY & THEN A RISE, AS A RESULT, IN PERSECUTION & making it tough for us, banning us on the streets, investigations, searches & seizures & interrogations. We've been through all that before. We know what they do in the last stages, & when it begins to get that rough & that tough our people can't carry on. They can no longer even make a living because they don't dare appear on the streets with our literature. They threaten them, & finally if they can find them, they deport them.

       96. FRED HAD TO GET REGISTERED & RECOGNISED, & even though a lot of the churches didn't like him, he managed to have enough influence in government & was a close friend of the Governor of California. He'd helped him get elected & all that sort of thing. So although the Catholics & some other churches fought him, he managed to push through with good lawyers--it cost him about a million Dollars--to get incorporated & recognised as a church & religious organisation free of taxation. Although the last case he had, he was still fighting it the last I heard, because the head of the IRS in California was a militant Catholic who hated his guts & was trying to get rid of him.
       97. BUT HE MANAGED IN THE EARLY STAGES, AT LEAST, TO BE ORGANISED & GET ENOUGH RECOMMENDATION, such as from the Governor of California & bigshots, to give letters of reference, a whole file to countries where he had missionaries, to recognise them as a bona fide religious organisation with such-&-such a charter, "Here's our charter from the State of California, here's our recognition from the Federal Government as a non-profit educational institution for foreign students." We used to get the forms in Miami & send them out to the guys in foreign countries who wanted to come from the Caribbean.
       98. HE GOT RECOGNITION FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT & THE STATE GOVERNMENT, & by all this, with his references & letters of commendation from all these government officials & government agencies, he was able to get these foreign countries to recognise his outfit, providing they were duly registered & investigated & laid out all the names of all their missionaries & where they were at & what they're doing & what's their income, & had to assure the country that they were being "wholly"--that's the word they used--"wholly & fully supported by the missionary organisation" & not by anybody in the country to which they're assigned. In other words, they couldn't go out on the streets & beg, even in the country. They got away with it somehow, but they weren't supposed to take an offering from the people. They were supposed to be fully supported by the missionary organisation.
       99. ON TOP OF THAT, HE HAD TO SEND THE GUARANTEE THAT IF ANYTHING WENT WRONG & the missionary organisation could no longer support them, they would pay their fare back. And some of the countries demanded that he deposit the fare with the government, so that they could send them home in case they had to deport them for lack of support.
       100. NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO IF YOU WANT TO BE A RECOGNISED MISSIONARY ORGANISATION--completely reveal your finances, your personnel & what backing you have! What kind of recommendation could we get from the Federal Government or from the State of California? What kind of dossiers could we produce to show we are a legitimate, recognised, orthodox missionary organisation not out to destroy the government or the people, blah blah! (Peter: All we could give them is our enemies' documentation!)--Yes, that's the kind of documentation they'd get! So what chance have we got?


       102. SO WHAT IS MOST APT TO HAPPEN TO OUR WORK IN THE PHILIPPINES IF OUR ENEMIES SUCCEED IN THIS CAMPAIGN?--Which in this case it looks very likely, because it looks to me like God is through with that country, which means He's through with our Family being there & He'd like to get them out & spare them if He can! So if that's the case, the question is, how long should they wait? What shall we tell the people to do?--Wait until it really gets tough & they really start raiding & seizing? In poor countries like that, beloved, the agents & investigators will not only seize books & papers, they'll seize equipment, just like recent stories we've heard about what they seized in China, etc., they seized their equipment & kept it, as well as their books & papers! They said it was unlawful & illegal, therefore they impounded it as illegal equipment & it becomes the property of the government.--In fact, probably the property of the officer in charge!
       103. I'M JUST ASKING YOU: WHAT DO YOU THINK, IN ALL FAIRNESS TO OUR PEOPLE, WE SHOULD RECOMMEND FOR THEM TO DO? Is it too early, or should we at least warn them that that's the way it's going & they should begin to somehow prepare to move, cut down their operation & stay more [EDITED: "low-key"]? (Maria: [DELETED] I'd tell them to give it all they've got as long as they can! If we don't have much longer, let's get out the Message at least to the ones that are fairly receptive!) Even if they won the hearts of the Immigration officials, they couldn't refuse the government's request to deport them. They'd say, "We're sorry to do this but it's our job, our necks, it's our orders, it's the law, we've gotta do it!"
       104. I'M JUST TRYING TO TELL YOU, I DON'T THINK OUR PEOPLE HAVE TOO MUCH TIME LEFT THERE & we need to pray & ask the Lord just how far has it gone & is it going? As far as I can tell, they have all the signs of it & all the conditions are pretty well fulfilled, that it's time for the bad publicity to be widespread, & therefore it always results in persecution. Do we want them to wait there for the persecution, until Homes are raided & personnel are temporarily imprisoned while under investigation & property seized? That's how long some in other countries waited, & what good did that do?
       105. (MARIA: IN ONE CASE, IN [EDITED: "ONE COUNTRY"], THEY HAD 25 DAYS OF NOTHING BUT HORRIBLE PUBLICITY DAY AFTER DAY. They went [EDITED: "low-key"] completely, they didn't leave the country, their fish helped to support them, & that was months ago. They couldn't go out on the streets at all, but their friends & fish helped them, supported them, & now they're going stronger than ever back on the streets again & doing more than ever to reach the people, which may be a very exceptional case.) Yes, but Peru's not at war & the Communists haven't taken over the country yet.
       106. SO YOU THINK THEN THEY SHOULD STAY & RIDE OUT THE STORM? (Maria: I was just offering that example, I don't know if that could happen there or not. In Spain when the rebuttals were so effective & we got them out by the millions, it turned a lot of people in our favour. I'm just thinking about how it happened in other countries.)
       107. ANYHOW, I THOUGHT I SHOULD DELIVER MY SOUL TO YOU & WARN YOU THAT I THINK THIS MAY BE IT FOR THE PHILIPPINES, because of all these various situations all adding up to that. I think a lot of it has to do with: Do they want to sit it out, wait it out, tough it out, rough it out & go through a lot of trouble & search & seizures & raids & imprisonments, because that's what Immigrations usually does if they feel that you have violated their laws in any way & you're not there on legitimate papers. Even having a tourist visa won't save you from being put in the Immigration Detention Center if they feel that your visa is illegal, because you're not abiding by the tourist regulations. [DELETED] So they put you in the Detention Center.
       108. SO HOW LONG DO WE WANT THEM TO WAIT? How much do you want to let them go through? They can wait out this wave of bad publicity & see how far it goes, how much of a dent it makes, & wait until it looks like Immigrations is really going to get stirred up & start action & start raiding the Homes & interrogating the people & taking them down to check out their papers & all that sort of thing. How long should they wait?
       109. (MARIA: WELL, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER THEY HAVE TO LEAVE, whether they [EDITED: "go"] before it happens (& then they don't know for sure if it would have happened), or they wait until they make them go. They don't usually deport you in the sense that they send you back to your home country, do they?) They do in some cases, if you don't voluntarily leave. They normally give you so many days to leave the country. They don't want to actually have to deport you unless you don't have the funds or the ticket to get out. They want to cause themselves as little trouble & expense as possible. So they just give you a notice. Even China did that I think, they just gave them notice. Hong Kong did that, most of them do that. They just say you've got to be out within so many days or so many hours. I think the worst we ever had was something like 48 hours. I remember reading about it.
       110. OKAY, THEY CAN WAIT TILL THEN, PROVIDING THAT'S YOUR MUTUAL DECISION, WAIT UNTIL THEY'RE ORDERED OUT. (Maria: Maybe the Lord will give our enemies something else to keep them occupied!)--Yes, hopefully. But you see, if the Lord wants the Family out of there, then He's not going to destroy the means & the weapons & the tools by which He's trying to get them out! He'll wait until after they're gone, then He'll clobber'm, just like He did the conquerors of Israel. He waited until after they had accomplished their purpose & driven the Jews out, then He clobbered their enemies afterward. But He didn't clobber them until their enemies accomplished God's purpose of punishing them & destroying them & getting them out! Then afterward He did. Because that's one of God's tools & ways He has of trying to save His people, or at least get them out & sometimes to punish them.
       111. PTL! TYJ! AMEN, LORD, THESE SEEM TO FEEL THAT WE SHOULD ADVISE OUR FOLKS THERE TO WAIT IT OUT, & it looks like there's not much else they can do, Lord. But we need to tell Thy people & warn them of what is happening & to be prepared for the worst if it should come, because it looks like it is coming, & therefore not to get too settled or tied down or unprepared to leave. And we need to warn them that we feel that that's the way things are going, that we don't have too much time left in that country. So give us wisdom how to do it, Lord, & what to do.
       112. SO BLESS & KEEP US AS YOU ALWAYS HAVE & HELP PREPARE OUR PEOPLE WHILE THEY'RE WAITING UNTIL THEY CAN DO NO MORE, & then, Lord, open up the doors other places & show them some places they can go. Have Thy way, Lord, in Jesus' name. PTL! Amen! TYL!
       113. I DID MY PART, THE REST IS UP TO YOU & THEM! (Maria: That was wonderful!) I don't know about wonderful, it was pretty long & drawn out, but I had to give you the picture! Because all of these different factors are parts of the jigsaw puzzle that show how far along they are & what we ought to do about it! PTL? Amen! TYL! Hallelujah! GBY!
* * *

       114. (TWO WEEKS LATER:) IT SEEMS LIKE IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT GOVERNMENT'S IN POWER, IT JUST SEEMS LIKE THEY ALL STINK! The very government that takes over accuses the last government of all the problems & the troubles & they're just as guilty! They do the same things & sometimes even worse! I'm not just talking about the Philippines, I'm talking about all countries! I've never seen one government that was much better than the last one, hardly ever. Just one after the other! Sometimes they're worse, sometimes they're a little better.
       115. BUT HOW CAN ANY OF THEM BE GOOD WHEN THEY'RE ALL UNRIGHTEOUS SINNERS WHO BELONG TO THE MAJORITY WHO ARE ALWAYS WRONG! Because how can a government be good when it's composed of bad people! The Aquino government brags so much about their righteousness & their holiness & their religiousness, it makes them the worst hypocrites of all! Because they claim to be good when it's impossible, they can't be good!--Not unless they know Jesus like you & I do, & I doubt if very many of them do, from what I've heard! That's the worst sin of all, self-righteousness!--To brag about how righteous you are & how good you are & how religious you are! There's nothing more sickening than self-righteous fools, & that's what that Philippine government is, I'm sorry to say!
       116. I'M TELLING YOU, THE PHILIPPINES IS ALMOST IN THE SAME POSITION AS THE U.S.A. USED TO BE! A nation that has had as much light as that country has had is in danger if they don't receive that light & act upon it & obey those warnings that they have had, warning after warning! I was just reading an article by a missionary who lived in Laos for years after the Communists took over, till he was finally forced to flee, & he's comparing Laos & the Philippines & describing how they took over there exactly the way they're taking over in the Philippines, exactly the same series of events! He said that the people were not prepared for it. They didn't plan ahead because they didn't expect it to happen. Well, our Family is planning ahead because we expect it to happen, because the Philippines has had it!
       117. FRANKLY, FROM ALL I HEAR, WITH AT LEAST OUR ANTI-COMMUNIST MESSAGE, OUR WARNINGS ABOUT THE EVILS & THE DANGERS OF COMMUNISM, I WOULD SAY THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE HAVE NOT BELIEVED IT, or they wouldn't have voted for their pro-Communist government! It's pro-Communist, let's face it! They hate the Military, the ones who our Family has found to be actually the most religious & the best men of all! But the government can never say a good word about the Military. They just automatically hate the Military & automatically speak against it. They're in such a habit of hating the Military because they considered it oppressed them under Marcos, that they're just automatically against it. And because they were against it, therefore the Communists were their friends.
       118. THE GOVERNMENT COUNTS THE COMMUNISTS AS THEIR FRIENDS & ALLIES, THEREFORE IT'S DIFFICULT FOR THEM NOW TO THINK OF THEM AS THEIR ENEMIES! They don't want to fight them! They don't want to kill them! They never regret or sorrow over all the Military men that get killed. But let them go & kill a few Communists, & "Oh, they're killing our fellow Filipinos!" Here the Military are their neighbours in the cities, & they don't talk about them as being their fellow Filipinos!
       119. SO THE PHILIPPINES HAS HAD IT, & THEREFORE I CAN'T SEE HOW GOD CAN LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! They are without excuse. They've had the message & they rejected it. From all reports, a lot of people received it, a lot of people wrote in & commended it & a lot of people raved about our literature--mostly the Military. We're beginning to think the Military, the most vilified, the most cursed, the most maligned, the most lied about group in that whole country, are the most religious people there, the most righteous! They have been more receptive & responsive & willing to receive our message of almost anybody there! And the so-called "Christians" are the ones who are persecuting, attacking, vilifying & lying about our Family in the newspapers! And the ones they even hate the most, the Military, are the ones that God is having mercy on & saving every day & following the message & reading God's Word & becoming better Christians day by day!
       120. IF YOU ASK ME, IF GOD SAVES ANYBODY IN THE PHILIPPINES, IT'S GOING TO BE THE MILITARY! It's certainly not going to be the Communists, we know that, unless they receive the Word! I wish God would save all the Communists! I feel sorry for those poor unhappy idiots. They're not happy! You ought to read my little poem, "Ask Any Communist!" (See ML #256.)
       121. THEY'RE NOT HAPPY! They always accuse the church & the Christians, "Oh, you guys are promising pie in the sky!" They're the ones promising pie in the sky! They're promising pie on Earth, but the people never get it! One of the natives of Laos told this missionary after the country had been taken over by the Communists, "We are like children whose mother promised them cake & then took it away from them just when they were about to eat it!" In other words, the Communists promised them everything, & then when they took power, they took away what they had & gave them nothing.
       122. BUT I WISH ALL THE COMMUNISTS WOULD GET SAVED, DON'T YOU? I really feel sorry for them, it's pitiful! I think some are there because it's the only job they could get! A lot of those guys go to work for the Communists because at least it's a living! They get some place to sleep & something to eat.--Which the government sure didn't give them, the city didn't give them, the rich didn't give them. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them are there just because it's a job & something to eat. Maybe they hate to have to get out and kill people for a job. The Military don't like it either, to have to get out and kill people, endangering their own lives, etc., but it's a job. And I don't doubt a lot of those men are in the Military just because it is a job. At least they get free room-&-board & something to wear!
       123. BUT IF ANYBODY IS GOING TO BE BLESSED BY THE LORD, IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE IT'S GOING TO BE A LOT OF THE MILITARY, because they're the ones that are the most maligned & persecuted & lied about, & yet our Family found them to be the best people that they have met, who received us better than anyone, received the Lord better than anyone, & are following Him & reading His Word now daily, which they didn't do before--believing it, following it! But with all those enemies attacking us, as well as the Military, how can they stick up for us? If anybody sticks up for us, if he's anybody at all, it's enough to cost him his job!
       124. SO CAN YOU BLAME EVEN OUR FRIENDS FOR BEING AFRAID TO STICK UP FOR US PUBLICLY? They sympathise with our people privately all the time & tell them they don't believe all those lies, they're angry at the people that tell them about us, but what can they do about it? Their checks are signed by the government!
       125. THANK GOD OUR FAMILY THERE HASN'T HAD IT VERY BAD, REALLY, WITH ALL THAT BAD PUBLICITY & EVERYTHING. When I was a little kid & somebody yelled at you & railed at you, we used to have a little saying, "Sticks & stones can break my bones, but words can never harm me!" Well, that isn't exactly true, but at least they haven't started with the sticks & stones yet! Words can harm you in a way by subverting the people & deceiving the people & turning them against you, & once the words have done their dirty work, then the sticks & stones begin. So we have been through this before, but thank God He's saved us out of it every time. And it always happens according to the same pattern.
       126. AND YOU KNOW WHAT ALWAYS COMES NEXT. Our critics there are working on Immigrations, they're working on the police & everybody else trying to get them to attack us, all with the same old story, just like it was with Jesus. The government couldn't care less & didn't want to be bothered & didn't consider that they were doing anything wrong or that was against the government or breaking any laws, & that's what they've said time & again. They've had investigation after investigation of us there! But they've said every time, "We find nothing wrong with these people, we find no just cause whereby we can condemn these people." But what happened? The Jews just kept hammering away & hammering away till finally the government was just sick & tired of it & decided to just get rid of the problem. And that's what they've done every place we've been before.
       127. WE FINALLY GOT OUT THE MESSAGE, THE PEOPLE HAD THEIR CHANCE, & WE REAPED WHAT HARVEST WE COULD! We'd done our job, we'd delivered our souls, even in the newspapers, we've washed our hands of their blood, now the opposition begins to arise & the criticism & the lies & attacks on our Family even in the press. And the attacks began in Christian magazines, church magazines! They've written torrents of tirades against us, all this junk they've gotten from Deborah's book & everything else that you can imagine. Of course, they didn't need all that stuff, all they had to do was dig out some of my writings & some of our pictures & that's enough to condemn us as far as church people are concerned!
       128. ALL JESUS HAD TO DO WAS CLAIM TO BE THE SON OF GOD & THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES TO WANT TO KILL HIM! All we had to do was talk about sex & that was enough to start driving us out of the Philippines! So they don't even have to listen to our backsliders, they can just read some of my writings & see some of our illustrations, & that's enough to condemn us as far as they're concerned. The Scribes & the Pharisees as good as told Jesus that His Own Words condemned Him, His Own deeds condemned Him, breaking the Sabbath & all of those silly little traditions.
       129. SO THE PHILIPPINES HAS HAD IT! I don't think we're going to be able to expect anything much better. It's going to follow the same pattern there that has occurred many other places. I think I've lost count of how many different countries the Family has already [EDITED: "moved"] from, country after country after country, & always the same pattern!

       130. WHEN THE LORD KNOWS YOU'VE JUST ABOUT HARVESTED ENOUGH & SATURATED THE COUNTRY & DONE YOUR JOB, then He raises the voice of opposition against you to try to persuade you to go on to help some other country out, some other field, & if you won't listen to that, then He makes them start the sticks & the stones & working on the government to boot you out! Until finally that happens & then you have to go. The Lord has His way of getting things done. If you don't listen, if you don't heed & if you don't obey, then He gives you a kind of a kick in the pants to persuade you to move along!
       131. BUT WE KNOW WE'RE NEVER PERMANENT ANYWHERE, THAT WE'RE ALWAYS PILGRIMS AND STRANGERS!--Heb.11:13. So don't let your roots grow down, we always move! You say, "Oh Dad, you're trying to scare us, you're trying to shake us up, make us work harder!" Well, maybe so, but I'm just trying to remind you that "This World is not my home, I'm just a-passing through." We seek for a City whose Builder & Maker is God!--Heb.11:10. (Weeps!) Hallelujah! For if we desired this country, this present World above that, He would have given it to us, He says so!--Heb.11:5. If they'd have rather had that country of Israel than Heaven, His real people, He would have given it to them, He would have let them keep it. But of course they disobeyed Him so they lost even that.
       132. BUT THE TRUE PROPHETS, THE TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD SEEK A CITY--not this country, not this World, but a City whose Builder & Maker is God! We have a Kingdom, we are citizens of that Kingdom! We have a Country, but it's Up There! PTL! Isn't it gorgeous? Well, even if I'm a little crazy, & as some of my critics try to prove it couldn't be there, some of our old backsliders & whatnot, ex-members, when I go out & look at that Moon it still gives me a happy feeling to think that it could be there in spite of what they say. I've just got to take what the Lord gives me & believe it! I'm kind of like the old lady when they told her there was no Heaven.--The dear old Christian lady always praising the Lord about everything & happy, she said, "Well even if there ain't no Heaven I had a great time getting this far!" Well, we know there's a Heaven & we know it's Up There, & we're still having a great time even getting this far! PTL!
       133. SO DON'T EVER EXPECT ANY COUNTRY OR ANY PEOPLE TO RECEIVE YOU FOREVER, BECAUSE THIS WORLD IS NOT YOUR HOME! None of these countries are ours, we're strangers & pilgrims passing through. Not even our nationals who were born in these countries, citizens of the country, it's no longer their country! They now belong to another Country, they're now citizens of another Country, citizens of the Kingdom of God! And one of these days we're going to get There! PTL! You're already in the Kingdom, you are His Kingdom, but one of these days you're going to see the Capital City & that Land that's now aways away, but praise the Lord, one of these days we're going to get There.
       134. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! JUST REMEMBER THAT THAT'S THE WAY THINGS ARE & DON'T EXPECT THIS WORLD TO RECEIVE YOU FOREVER. When your job is done, then the Lord will move you on someplace else that maybe needs you more, or where maybe you'll be safer, at least for a little while. Or maybe He'll let you stay where you are as long as you keep your mouth shut & your eyes open & are very careful about security & very prayerful. But if not, praise the Lord, you'll carry on someplace else, amen? Don't worry about it! The Lord always takes care of us & He always keeps us going, & He always keeps us busy & we always get the job done--but we might have to finish it someplace else. So always be prepared for that. Always remember not to get your roots down too deep!
       135. HAVE YOU GOT YOUR FLEEBAGS PACKED? I always keep mine ready, & I do a lot of paper work every day, but I only just seem to be able to maintain the flow, I never seem to be able to get ahead! But little by little I'm whittling away at the mountain & I'm still trying to get rid of a lot of stuff that I can't take with me when I go.
       136. BUT I KEEP MY FLEEBAG PACKED! I live out of my fleebag! When my washing comes back I say, "Put it there on my fleebag!" That's where I keep everything. I don't keep a stitch of clothes in a drawer or anything like that, & I just keep my System clothes hanging in the closet, that's all. I literally live out of my fleebag--do you? Are you living out of your fleebag?
       137. I WANT YOU TO BE SURE THAT YOU'RE TRUSTING THE LORD & NOT WORRYING, BUT AS THE GENERAL SAID, "KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!" Well, our powder is very wet, because it's the Water of the Word! So maybe I should tell you to keep your water wet! But keep your fleebag packed & always be ready! PTL!
       138. SO THANK THE LORD FOR OUR BLESSINGS, thank the Lord for another day, another year of accomplishment, of reaching millions with the Love of the Lord, that's best of all! We have so much to be thankful for. No matter what happens, we've had a wonderful time getting this far! PTL!
       139. SHALL WE PRAY? HOLD SOMEBODY'S HAND. MAKE A LITTLE CIRCLE NEAR YOU OR JUST HOLD HANDS SOMEWHERE, MAKE A CHAIN! I see pictures now of people doing this, even some churches, & they never did this before we started doing it, never ever! Where were you ever in a church before where they held hands & prayed, etc.? Now there are lots of them doing it. They, of course, wouldn't admit or give us credit for having started it any more than they'd give us credit for starting the Jesus Revolution, but we did! The Lord did! PTL!
       140. AMEN! PYL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! WE PRAY YOU'LL GIVE US ANOTHER YEAR OF ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR THEE, REACHING MORE MILLIONS WITH THY MESSAGE OF LOVE! Rebuke our enemies, Lord, & shut their mouths & shut up their vile laws!--Unless You're allowing them, Lord, in order to prepare the Family & warn them, even inform them that they've done enough in that one place & it's time to move on! Thy will be done, Lord, You know what's best, have Thy way! If they've done enough & that country doesn't deserve any more, then Lord, You keep bugging them until they make them move on. Then they'll know for sure that they're supposed to go.
       141. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OUR SECURITY WHERE WE ARE, LORD! Help everyone here to pray desperately that they will not individually be guilty of any breach of security in any way, to be careful what they say when they're out, to be careful what they do when they're in & not take a chance on letting someone accuse us for our freedom. Thank You, Lord, for how You have cared for us & protected us & fed us & kept us & helped us to do such a great work! Thank You Jesus for the past year--we ask You now to give us another good year if possible, in Jesus' name!--Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family