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CARDINAL PIG REVELATION!        DO 2308        4/87--More on the Philippine Persecution.

       1. (AFTER HEARING ABOUT THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST US IN THE PHILIPPINES, Dad asked the Lord what we should do & received the surprising picture of the Family there holding a press conference to publicly refute the lies & blast their churchy critics:)
       2. I'M TELLING YOU, WE'RE AT WAR WITH THE CHURCH & THEY'RE DETERMINED TO GET US! If they've never known it before, they'll know this is a declaration of war on the Catholic church! Jesus gave His last public blast against His religious persecutors just before they crucified Him, & that settled it! I wouldn't be surprised if we get some martyrs out of this!
       3. WHEN I READ THE PRESS STATEMENT THEY GAVE, I HAD A SUDDEN FLASH OF MARTIN LUTHER TACKING HIS "95 THESES" TO THE DOOR OF THE CHURCH, HIS CHALLENGE TO THE CHURCH! And I had the funniest picture of Cardinal Sin (the head of the Catholic Church in the Philippines & one of the signers of an official complaint against the Philippine Family)--I don't know whether I dreamed this or what--but that he was at their press conference & he looked like those pictures of the bishops of Mexico in that exhibit we toured in Mexico City, I think it had been Juarez' home or the bishop's palace or something. (Juarez is a Mexican national hero who led a successful popular revolution there in the 1860's.)
       4. AND THE MOST SHOCKING, STRIKING THING ABOUT THE WHOLE PALACE WAS THIS HUGE LONG MURAL that covered an entire wall, which depicted the whole idea of the revolution that Juarez led against the church & the authorities in Mexico. It pictured the bishops with their big mitres on & looking like pigs & monsters with fangs, like vampires! I was absolutely shocked when we first saw it, how viciously it was obviously against the church! I must have been having a dream or something & I saw Cardinal Sin like that, just like one of those pictures, & it was almost like a voice said, "The Pig!" He's no doubt devil-possessed!
       5. THAT PRESS CONFERENCE THEY'RE GOING TO HOLD THERE IS THE STRONGEST WE'VE COME OUT PUBLICLY IN ANY OFFICIAL STATEMENT TO THE PRESS. We haven't made official statements to the press for years. I think it's the first Press Conference we ever had!
       6. I WAS REALLY AMAZED THEY HAD THE NERVE TO HAVE THAT MURAL WHEN THE CATHOLICS ARE STILL SO STRONG IN MEXICO, & that they had that mural depicting the bishops as being such beasts! It showed them trampling on the poor & slaughtering people & all kinds of things. And I got a picture of Cardinal Sin just like that. That's what he is, obviously the way the Lord looks at him: The Pig!
       7. (MARIA: IT'S LIKE EACH THING THAT COMES ALONG IS ANOTHER NAIL IN THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT'S COFFIN!--Like what they did to Marcos, how Cory Aquino has handled things, how they've handled the Communists, now how they're treating our Family there. The Lord's given them so much time & so many chances to do the right thing, but they keep flubbin' up every one!)
       8. I HAVEN'T ANY ILLUSIONS WHATSOEVER ABOUT THE FAMILY BEING ABLE TO STAY ON THERE. That press conference is just the last blast, that's all, to give the public a chance to hear the truth & to know what's really happening. Because it's going to infuriate the church even more, & they will be determined to get'm out now, just like Jesus' last blast at the Scribes & Pharisees, since thereafter they determined to kill Him! I got that too in prayer. In the 23rd Chapter of Matthew, Jesus spends the whole chapter blasting the Scribes & Pharisees & calling them, "Ye Scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites! Ye cleanse the outside of the platter, but inside is like whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones!"--One whole chapter just blasting them completely! And then the next thing you read about is His arrest & crucifixion. Well, you read about Palm Sunday first.
       9. SO I HAVE NO ILLUSIONS ABOUT WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO. If anything, this is going to rile them up more than ever! They're going to be furious & determined to get rid of us! (Maria: Well, when the Lord's judgements come against that country, I guess everybody will know why!)
       10. I WAS GOING OVER THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES THAT HAVE PERSECUTED & OUSTED US. Since then Indonesia's oil business has collapsed, Malaysia's tin business has collapsed, that was its main industry. Hong Kong is being taken over by China. And China has had a big blowup in leadership. (Maria: And student unrest, demonstrations.) And a big attack on Deng's liberal economic & financial policies etc. China & its leadership is almost in chaos right now. There's a big controversy between the liberals & conservatives & the leading liberal got chucked out of the government because of encouraging the students & liberalism, as opposed to orthodox Communism. They've been having nothing but trouble there ever since!
       11. AND LOOK AT THE MESS THE U.S. IS IN! THEY VIRTUALLY DROVE US OUT! And look at all the trouble Europe is in, they persecuted us, especially England & France. When we came to France the Franc was worth 4-1/2 to the Dollar. When we left it had lost 50% of its value & was down to 10 to the Dollar! That's over 50%! They get it from God, but of course they never recognise that. But there might be a few that do.
       12. I'M SURE THAT THE DEVIL'S INSTRUMENTS OF PERSECUTION & THE OFFICERS & POLITICIANS WHO WERE USED BY SATAN TO DO IT HAVE BEEN GETTING THEIRS! Korea was persecuting us some time ago & half of their cabinet got blown up in a bomb while visiting Burma. So our persecutors eventually get theirs! But meanwhile the Lord apparently uses the persecution to get us out of countries where He doesn't want us any longer who don't deserve us any longer.
       13. I WOULDN'T BE TOO SURPRISED IF THEY TRY TO ARREST SOME OF THE FOLKS AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE OR AFTER THE PRESS CONFERENCE, but that kind of martyrdom would be such a shock & sign to the press of the cruelty & mercilessness of the church & the government. That would really raise a row, especially amongst a lot of those new liberals & human rights defenders & blah blah! It might even get some sympathy from the Communists! If they'd attempt to attack us at that press conference, I'll tell you, they'll seal their own fate! I hope they take their toothbrushes!
       14. GOD BLESS THEM & KEEP THEM! Lord help them at least to get the Word & the Message out first before they have a chance to stop it. Once the word is out & once that statement is out, they've delivered their souls in that country & I will feel like they're free to leave.--Amen. GB'M!

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