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NOT A CHINAMAN'S CHANCE!       DO 2311       4/87
--More on the Philippine Persecution.

       1. THE DEVIL KNOWS THAT OUR FAMILY IS A GREATER THREAT TO HIS PHILIPPINE KINGDOM THAN ANYBODY ELSE THERE!--Both its [DELETED] religion, & the fiendish, devilish anti-Christ Communists! Despite our literature & warnings which were voiced abroad throughout that country which reached millions of people, after our Family warned them that Cory Aquino was a pro-Communist & the government's pro-Communist, they voted three-to-one for her & her government & her constitution, & you might say, Cardinal Pig, who put her in power.
       2. SO YOU MIGHT JUST AS WELL SAY THAT THE PHILIPPINES IS ALREADY THREE-FOURTHS COMMUNIST OR COMMUNISTIC, & if you'd add all the poor starving people to that number, all the poor people who couldn't even afford to go to the polls & vote, it probably would have been a higher percentage than that.
       3. THAT COUNTRY IS THEREFORE AT LEAST THREE-FOURTHS PRO-COMMUNIST--if not actual Communists, pro-Communists--& has a pro-Communist government run by a pro-Communist Catholic prelate. It's almost a miracle that the anti-Communists have been able to survive as long as they have!
       4. SO THE PHILIPPINES HAS ALREADY HAD IT & THE FILIPINOS HAVE ALREADY EXPRESSED THEIR WILL & THEIR PREFERENCE. And as I say, probably if all the poor people could have gotten to the polls, it would have been a higher proportion than that. The former government & even the new government has really never done anything for them, & the church really has never done anything for them either, for that matter. So it wouldn't be because the poor are in sympathy with the church or the government, they couldn't care less, couldn't give a damn! They just figure that nobody else has helped them, but the Communists claim they're going to help them, so why not go Communist? Those pitifully poor, those starving, those underpaid & jobless would go Communist in a moment, & will go when the real uprising comes.
       5. AND OF COURSE THERE WON'T REALLY HAVE TO BE MUCH OF AN UPRISING BECAUSE BOTH THE CHURCH & THE GOVERNMENT ARE ALREADY COMMUNISTIC. That's a technicality whether you call them Communists or not, whether they're actual card-carrying official Communist members of the Communist Party. They are for the Communists. They're not against them, so Jesus said, "If you're not for Me, you're against Me!"--Mat.12:30. So they're certainly not for the forces of Christ--us--they're against us!
       6. I BELIEVE THAT GOD IS ALLOWING THEM TO ATTACK US & PERSECUTE US & TRY TO HURT US & DEFINITELY RUN US OUT OF THAT COUNTRY, which they're doing. That is in a sense God's final test to fill their cup of iniquity full so that His judgements can begin to fall! And I have told you this once before, the Philippines has had it! They've had their chance.
       7. NOT ONLY HAVE WE BEEN THERE FOR 12 YEARS, BUT ALSO MANY PROTESTANT MISSIONARIES HAVE BEEN THERE FOR MANY YEARS. From what we've heard, the Protestant Evangelical religious portion of the population there is very strong & very anti-Catholic & anti-Communist, but they still must be a very small minority compared to the very large majority of pro-Communist Catholics, & now the pro-Communist government in power. And obviously the vast majority of the people prefer it that way.
       8. SO THOSE PEOPLE HAVE HEARD THE TRUTH! They have heard it from the Protestants, the Evangelicals, & now finally they've heard it from us! They've heard the whole truth, such strong truth from us that even the Protestants are ganging up against us there & are going to be judged for it! They're going to suffer for it, because they're attacking the one people who could have, with our message, liberated those people from the bondage of the Law & of the church & of Sin & the Communists! They're attacking the one group of prophets who have warned them of what is happening & who have told them the truth, but they have brushed it aside. They've not only brushed it aside, but they're now allowing, & some conniving, others just indifferently permitting the Family to be driven out of the country!
       9. I CAN SEE NO OTHER POSSIBILITY WHATSOEVER!--With that country now predominantly pro-Communist, the people predominantly pro-Communist, the people therefore predominantly anti-Christ, the church predominantly pro-Communist, including its chief leader, the Chief Priest, the Pig! And now the government that he has put in power is pro-Communist, no matter what they do to deceive & try to hide it.
       10. SO AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, I SAY AGAIN, THAT COUNTRY HAS HAD ITS CHANCE! It has had it & God is now prepared to judge it & let His judgements fall! And their final crowning crime is to attack us, the most dedicated, the most spiritual & the most dangerous enemies of Communism, because we expose them & we expose the government & we exposed Aquino, & now we're exposing Cardinal Sin. And they simply will not stand for it! We do not have a Chinaman's chance! In fact, the Chinamen have a lot more chances there than we do!
       11. THERE YOU HAVE A PREDOMINANTLY PRO-COMMUNIST CHURCH, PLUS PROBABLY A WHOLE LOT OF [EDITED: "ACS"], PLUS A WHOLE LOT OF CROOKED RICH, plus a whole lot of poor who couldn't care less whether the government is Communist or otherwise as long as it would save them. And three-fourths of their voters who are actually able to vote, in spite of all the warnings, voted for a pro-Communist government who are controlled by a pro-Communist church! So what chance do we have there? Even if we'd go to court & try to fight it, their mind's already made up! They're already bitter anti-Christ enemies! Why should they allow us to exist or remain? If they didn't do it one way, they'd do it another! If they couldn't do it legally, they'd probably start exterminating us one by one!
       12. SO I DON'T BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE A GHOST OF A CHANCE TO TRY TO SURVIVE IN THAT COUNTRY. I don't think there's any possibility. That government has made up its mind, because Cardinal Pig has made up his mind, & he's even gotten the Evangelicals to join him in the attack, & they've all made up their minds against the Family & there's no point in trying to confuse them with the facts!
       13. THE FAMILY DID THEIR JOB AT THAT PRESS CONFERENCE! We attacked them because they attacked us, & we told the truth & we exposed them, & the papers gave us a fair deal, a fair shake! So the people now know who our enemies are. They now know by name that Cardinal Sin led the attack! They know it! But they're allowing it. There are even many people who sympathise with us, who would perhaps like to help us, even like the Military. But if any of those guys come out in the open & sympathise & try to defend us, what's going to happen to them? She signs their paychecks! And Cardinal Sin advises her what to do! The whole country is totally under her dictatorship, advised by Cardinal Pig himself!
       14. THERE MAY BE THOSE OF SOME HOMES WHO PERHAPS DO PRIVATE FFing who might have fish loyal enough to them to want to keep them there that they're willing to support them privately & protect them & keep them from being known that they are Children of God. But what about the vast majority of our people who are utterly dependent on a more or less public ministry? I don't think there's any hope of them continuing!
       15. AND NOT ONLY BECAUSE OUR ENEMIES WON'T LET US, BUT BECAUSE I BELIEVE OUR BEST FRIEND, GOD, WANTS TO GET RID OF US SO HE CAN JUDGE THAT COUNTRY! They have now filled their cup of iniquity & have created their own crowning crime by attacking us, their only possible saviours, just like they did Jesus, their Messiah. In a sense, we're their Messiahs. We brought the only message that could save them! But they have spurned it, they have turned away from it--the vast majority has--they rejected it, by actual count of votes at least 75% of them, & they're glorying in their supposedly revolutionary free government, which is the worst bondage they ever got themselves into & will soon show its ugly teeth. If they will treat our Family like this, they'll treat all their enemies like this. Right now they're wearing sheep's clothing to hide their true wolfish natures.
       16. SO AS I SAID BEFORE, I BELIEVE THAT COUNTRY IS NOT JUST GOING COMMUNIST, IT HAS ALREADY GONE IN HEART. It is already pro-Communist, the church is pro-Communist, the government is pro-Communist, & according to the last vote the people are pro-Communist, knowing how Communistic that government is.
       17. SO THERE'S A NATION WHICH PERHAPS COULD HAVE STOOD UP & FOUGHT THE COMMUNISTS & THE ANTICHRIST, BUT HE SNEAKED IN through the church & through the liberals & the so-called democrats, & has stolen their hearts by guile & disguise & deceit & lies!--Which has completely emasculated their ability to fight the anti-Christ forces, because he has persuaded them to join the anti-Christ forces of the church & of the government & the Communist rebels.
       18. SO I WOULDN'T GIVE THE PHILIPPINES A CHINAMAN'S CHANCE! That was a favourite expression when I was a kid, because the Chinese had no chance in the U.S.A. at that time. They were the lowest of the low!--The lowest paid, poverty-stricken, they had fled China just to flee its wars & warlords & hoped they'd find something to eat. But they were looked down on & vilified & persecuted & even outlawed in many states--finally outlawed by the American government, which refused to allow them in any more & deported many. So that's about how much chance we have, & I would say the Chinese of that day had more chance than we have in that country right now.
       19. SO I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANY POINT IN DRAGGING IT OUT, any point in going before them & letting them crucify us publicly on either talk show or Immigration hearing or otherwise. The smartest thing they can do is what Jesus said to do, flee, & the quicker they get out the better! [EDITED: "Mat.10:23."] The sooner they get out the less they'll be able to find them, & if they can't find any Children of God to persecute, then they can't vilify them & crucify them, because they can't find them!
       20. SOME OF THOSE OFFICERS OF THE MILITARY WHO LOVE US & ARE SOLD ON US & WHO STICK UP FOR US, they think they've got friends of such influence that they can perhaps turn the tide at the hearing. They don't really realise what they're bucking! Those guys are all appointees of Cory Aquino, backed by Cardinal Pig & all of our bitter enemies. If we would go to a hearing & be exonerated, which is impossible of course because their minds are made up, but even if our friends said, "Well, the charges are no good, we can't prove them, so there's no excuse for kicking them out of the country."--What do you think would happen to them if they did that? (Maria: They'd get kicked out!) Yes! They'd get kicked out of their jobs & they'd appoint somebody else who'd do it.
       21. SO IT DIDN'T MATTER VERY MUCH, REALLY, WHETHER PILATE AGREED OR NOT TO JESUS' CRUCIFIXION, they would have killed Him anyway somehow. And since Pilate tried to defend Him, they would have gotten rid of Pilate in the long run, which they did, only five years later. At least he missed the awful holocaust which hit Jerusalem later on, so that was probably the mercy of God.
       22. A FEW FFers WHO HAVE RICH & POWERFUL FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT KNOWN & WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO PROTECT THEM, THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE, & if they want to support them & keep them there, well fine! But those who have to go out on the streets busking with their children, why should they risk exposing themselves & their children to God only knows what kind of violence or incarceration--arrest, imprisonment & long drawn-out hearings & blah blah & finally get kicked out anyhow with a black mark on their passport! Why not leave now while they can leave quietly & peacefully & get out before they have to suffer actual physical violence or imprisonment. Why not?
       23. SO I THINK THE SMARTEST THING THEY CAN DO IS GET OUT OF THERE AS FAST AS THEY CAN, ALL OF THOSE WHO CAN & ARE ABLE TO & CAN FIND SOMEPLACE TO GO! That is the greatest need right now in the present emergency, to try to find places for those people to go, & if necessary, to help them financially to go. Some probably have enough they can foot their own bills & fares, etc., God willing. But if not, I certainly think we should help them since the Lord has supplied us with the funds to do it, & that's certainly as good a cause as any I can think of, to help His missionaries to escape & flee & survive!
       24. ARE WE AGREED ON THAT POINT, THAT THERE'S NO USE IN THEM TRYING TO GO BEFORE BOARDS OR FIGHT IT OR GET LAWYERS OR APPEAL OUR CAUSE OR ANYTHING ELSE? It's a lost cause, just forget it! They're bucking the immovable object as well as the irresistible force! So the quicker they get out of there the better! As far as I'm concerned that's the only solution to that problem & are we agreed on that? (Maria: Yes, Sir.) TYL! Help them to get out, Lord!--IJN, A!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family