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THE FFING/DFING REVOLUTION! DO 2313--An Unbeatable Combination!--The Book Is the Hook!         Compiled 3/87

       INTRO: There is no question that FFing has undoubtedly been one of the most fruitful personal witnessing methods we have ever used! "By their fruits ye shall know them", & the countless souls saved & lives changed through the marvellous FFing ministry are ample proof of its extreme effectiveness. Our faithful & brave FFers have been able to reach thousands of important souls whom they would never have been able to reach otherwise, & they have won to the Lord some of the saddest & most spiritually destitute & needy people on Earth, the rich & the powerful!
       In a small "test-tube" pioneer situation, we have recently discovered how the FFing ministry can be greatly enhanced & made even more effective by placing more emphasis on the Word & really feeding those to whom we're witnessing! A mere handful of our women (in Marianne's Home) have been able to reach, influence & win for the Lord not only a few key men in a certain Third World nation's military organisation, but have reached literally the entire Armed Forces of that country!--Yet only one officer has actually gone to bed with one of our girls!
       Although only one man has been bedded, literally tens of thousands have been led to the Lord & into His eternal Heavenly Kingdom!--And what started out as individual weekly Bible studies with small groups of the first few dozen officers who originally received the Lord, soon developed into a phenomenally fruitful "Feed My sheep" ministry in which literally hundreds of officers faithfully & regularly receive their "Daily Food" booklets which they eagerly devour, drawing faith & strength from the Bible studies, spiritual lessons, devotional material etc. that they find therein!
       Many of these officers have become so turned on by the Word of God & the girls' faithfulness in feeding it to them, that they beg our teams to come & perform musical shows for large gatherings of their men, to pray with their staffs & lead them to Jesus, to give them personal Bible studies, write speeches for them etc. etc.! Many have personally stood up against opposition, persecution & vicious lies against the Family from our jealous religious enemies, defending us much the same way the blind man of old defended Jesus & told His self-righteous accusers, "Whether He is a sinner or no, I know not.--But one thing I do know, once I was blind & now I see!"--John 9:25.
       The phenomenal results of the DF (Daily Food) Ministry prove what one Home can do if they will faithfully preach the Gospel, lift up Jesus, & then follow up their new converts by feeding them the "sincere milk of the Word of God"!--1Peter 2:2.
       "But," some may wonder, "isn't this somewhat contrary to the Letters where Dad has told us how important it is to give them a sample first, to use sex as a bait to win such important men into the Kingdom?" No, the DF Revolution, if anything, is merely the results of putting into practice what Dad has said all along! And we must also add that FFing is still as powerful & fruitful a witnessing method as it ever was.--In fact, the girls' natural feminine beauty, gentle touches, looks of love, sympathetic motherly understanding etc. no doubt had a great deal to do with the men's initial attraction to them & their message.
       However, by playing a little "hard to get", the girls found to their amazement, that they were able to easily win these men directly to the Lord, & connect them to His Word without getting so personally involved with each one of them, taking them to bed etc.--Which enabled them to spread themselves out much further & have a much broader scope of influence, without worrying about hurting their "fish", who, as most FFers well know, often become jealous, possessive etc. after having gotten intimately involved with our girls.
       So here are some quotes selected from a variety of MO Letters, to show & encourage you that this approach is actually nothing new, but has been right there in the Letters all the time. It's just that some of our folks seem to have gone to the extreme on FFing, & have perhaps become too dependent on it as a source of income rather than a means to reach & win souls for the Lord. At the end of this compilation, the paragraph numbers are listed showing where the original quotes can be found in the Letters, in case you would like to further "search the Scriptures to see if these things be so"!--Acts 17:11.
       GBY! WLY & are so thankful for you & the wonderful job you're doing for Jesus!--Happy FFing/DFing!

       1. THE WAR IS ALL THE SAME & THE OBJECTIVES OF THE WAR ARE THE SAME, BUT THE BATTLE IS VERY FLUID! Various battles & battle tactics & strategies vary from situation to situation & area to area, so we frequently have to be changing this & changing that & advising change etc. on these minor decisions.--Whereas the overall war is steadily moving in the same direction toward the same goal: "Preach the Gospel in all the World to every creature" before the Lord comes, & by any means we can, however we can, to whomever we can & as fast as we can to as many as we can!
       2. TRY TO ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND THE LAST MESSAGE THAT JESUS GAVE TO HIS DISCIPLES: "LOVEST THOU ME?" They said, "Well of course, Lord, You know we love You!" He said, "Then feed My sheep!"--John 21:15-17. This is the greatest job we have to do, the greatest work in the World--to feed His sheep, to witness the Words of God, to preach the Gospel, to tell people about God's Love, to show them the Love of Jesus!
       3. THE NUMBER ONE JOB WE HAVE TO DO IS TO PREACH THE WORD, & number two, to try to win those to whom we preach it! In a way, winning souls is really God's job, but you have to be the channel & the instrument. And if you neglect those two & put them in a lower place than any of your other activities, then God won't bless it!

       4. MOST OF THE TIRED LONELY MEN THAT WE MINISTER TO HAVE SEEN PLENTY OF BODIES, & THEY CAN GO OUT & BUY ALL THEY WANT! But they're looking for something else, something more, & they can see it in your face, they can sense it in your spirit, your attitude. When you go out with the Lord's Love, the attitude of mind, the tone of your voice and the feeling you convey is all just as important as the words you speak.--They can sense whether you're sincere or not.
       5. WHEN YOU GO OUT & MEET & MINISTER TO PEOPLE, THEY HAVE TO SEE YOU, BUT THEY'VE ALSO GOT TO SEE JESUS COMING THROUGH YOU! If it stops dead with you, they'll just go on & figure it was a waste of time--no different from what lots of others are preaching. It's "not by (thy) might nor by (thy) power, but by My Spirit!, saith the Lord." Jesus said, "The Words that I speak unto thee, they are Spirit & they are Life!"--And this is what we're trying to get across to others.--Zech.4:6; John 6:63.
       6. OUR FOLKS HAVE GOT TO LEARN HOW TO REALLY DRAW PEOPLE TO CHRIST! My Mother used to say, & I can hear her say it yet, "Jesus said, `And I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me!'"--John 12:32. So for God's sake, don't be afraid to talk about the Lord, to talk about His Love, to give out the Word & the Truth, because that's the only thing that'll bear fruit! The rest can attract them, interest them & can be inspiring, uplifting & encouraging, but the only thing that's going to really bear fruit is the Word!
       7. OF COURSE, THE FIRST & MOST IMPORTANT THING TO SHOW THEM IS THAT YOU LOVE THEM. You show them this by showing concern about them & interest in them, & one way to do that is by asking them questions about themselves & their lives. And you will find, as Dale Carnegie says, there's nothing most people like to talk about more than themselves!
       8. YOU HAVE TO SHOW A LITTLE CONSIDERATION, a little interest & concern about the person & their problems. Sometimes I wonder if our folks really have compassion for people? If you really have the compassion of the Holy Spirit, you've got the love of God & the love of Christ in your heart, & you're going to be like Jesus!
       9. THAT'S WHY YOU NEED TO PRAY FOR A TENDER HEART. It's wonderful to have a tender heart where you can cry for them, because then they know you mean it, & it'll often really touch their heart too. They know it's the real thing, that you're sincere. They can sense just by your voice, just like a little baby can sense love in a voice even without knowing the words & understanding them, they can feel & sense it.
       10. SO GET DOWN ON YOUR PRAYER BONES & ASK THE LORD TO HELP YOU HAVE THE PROPER MOTIVES, the proper motivation, proper objective and the proper goal in mind! We need missionaries that know how to go in with real love & conviction & inspiration & can really preach the Gospel, & weep & pray & cry & really sock it to'm with conviction!
       11. YOU NEED TO BE LOVING & AFFECTIONATE, show lots of love & affection, kindness & sweetness. But let's face it, real love is more in the spirit than in the flesh. Of course, it sometimes takes the flesh to back it up & prove it, but this isn't always necessary, especially under circumstances where they simply shouldn't expect that much, or when you're trying to reach a large number of people.

       BED'M OR LED'M?
       12. FOR SOME REASON OR OTHER, A LOT OF OUR FOLKS SEEM TO THINK THAT THE TERMS ARE SYNONOMOUS, THAT FF MEANS FUCK, but it ain't necessarily so! You can sexually attract someone & witness to them in a, you might say, sexual way because you're the opposite sex & sexual attraction was the tool or the method, without necessarily going all the way!
       13. BUT SOMETIMES SOME PEOPLE REALLY GET THEIR EYES OFF THE GOAL & ON THE METHOD. They get their eyes off the end & on the means. Flirty Fishing is actually just a means to an end, and you're not even supposed to go to bed with 'em unless you absolutely have to to keep 'em on the line or get 'em well hooked.
       14. THAT'S THE LAST RESORT, IF YOU EVER HAVE TO GET 'EM IN BED! But some people seem to think that's the main idea, to get'em in bed. But the main idea is not to try to get 'em in bed, but to try to get 'em into the Lord! And if you get 'em to the Lord without going to bed with them, all the better!
       15. THE WHOLE IDEA IS NOT THAT YOU'RE JUST TRYING TO GET THEM INTO BED--YOU'RE TRYING TO GET THEM INTO THE KINGDOM! That's the very absolute ultimate last resort to ever have to go to bed with them! It's only in the cases where you're working on a real hard nut to crack, usually somebody you've been working on for a long time before that is necessary. You shouldn't do it unless you have to.--But if you have to, God bless you!
       16. FLIRTY FISHING IS JUST LIKE ANY KIND OF FISHING, & one of the cardinal rules is that you don't give any more bait than you have to! The best thing to do is not to if you can help it. Any fisherman in his right mind tries not to give the fish the bait unless necessary.
       17. SO THOSE WHO THINK THAT THE MAIN IDEA IS TO GET THEM INTO BED ARE MISTAKEN! Almost any girl could do that, so it's ridiculous! That cheapens you & makes them think that's all you're there for.
       18. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT REACHING ETERNAL SOULS WITH GOD'S LOVE! That's what they need the most, let's face it. They can get any amount of girls in bed. That's not what you're supposed to be! We're not running some kind of a dating service!
       19. YOUR WHOLE IDEA IS TO SHOW THEM THE BEAUTY & THE LOVE OF THE LORD. But if you cheapen yourself & make yourself like a common whore, that's not the idea! The idea is not to throw yourself at them & see how fast you can get them into bed. You're to talk to them about the Lord & His Love & really show them what kind of love you're talking about, not only sexual love.
       20. BESIDES, ONCE THEY'VE BEEN TO BED WITH YOU, often that's it, they've explored a new territory & they have satisfied their curiosity, & then they want to go on to something else, someone else. So it's usually not too good to go that far unless you just absolutely have to.
       21. ANOTHER PROBLEM THAT ARISES FROM GIVING THEM THE BAIT RIGHT AWAY IS THAT YOU GIRLS SOMETIMES FIND IT'S A LITTLE DIFFICULT TO GET UNSWALLOWED. Some of these guys get all hung up on the girls instead of the Lord. And then when it comes to your having to go, the guy gets flustered & frustrated & sometimes real angry or jealous 'cause he feels you've deserted him.
       22. SO YOU'VE GOT TO ALWAYS BEAR IN MIND THE MAIN GOAL: TO WITNESS & WIN SOULS! If the method becomes a drag, if it holds you back from getting the job done, well then it's not good. Flirty Fishing is merely a means to the end of really witnessing & winning souls.
       23. SO YOU SURE BETTER BE CAREFUL that you keep your eyes on the goal & on the track, or you're apt to get so lost in your Flirty Fishing that you forget what you're fishing for & forget what the fishin's all about! You need to know what you're fishin' for & only use the bait as a last resort to get them on the Hook of the Word!--Amen?
       24. ARE YOU CATCHIN' 'EM, OR JUST FEEDIN' THE FISH? Are you following God's line or just playin' around? Are you reaching the goal & winnin' a soul or just playin' games & gatherin' names!
       25. I HOPE YOU'RE STAYIN' ON GOD'S LINE & NOT GETTIN' LOST!--Stickin' to the line & counting the cost! Or are you feedin' the fish to get what you wish insteada makin' a catch onto which you can latch!?

       26. IT'S WONDERFUL THAT SO MANY OF YOU HAVE DONE SO WELL BY LEARNING HOW TO SHOW THEM THE SAMPLE, but you must also make sure you've learned how to preach to them to give them the Sermon!--Because if you don't really feed them, they're going to starve to death spiritually & fall away like some of them have, because they didn't get into the Word!
       27. THE WORD IS THE SEED WHICH BRINGS FORTH LASTING, REMAINING FRUIT! There's power in the Word of God! If you'll just use the Word, if you'll be sure you get their attention & make sure that they're listening, you'll get God's good results!
       28. I AM SO SOLD ON THE WORD, & AM CONVINCED THAT THE WORD IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DO THE JOB!--I really believe the Word will do the work! "His Word will not return unto Him void, it shall accomplish the purpose whereunto it's sent!"--Isa.55:11.
       29. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN FFING--IN ANY KIND OF WITNESSING, FOR THAT MATTER--IS TO PIN THEIR FAITH IN THE WORD, because you can be here today & gone tomorrow--then what are they going to believe, then who are they going to believe? They must always have the Word in their hand & know what they have faith in, you understand?
       30. THE WORD! THE WORD! THE WORD! You must get them into the Word! "Faith cometh by hearing the Word!"--Rom.10:17. That's the most important thing!
       31. THEY MUST HAVE FAITH, NOT JUST IN YOU or what you said or what you did or your look of love or that you went to bed with them & you've given them samples & all this, but they must have faith in the Word. --That's the main thing, faith in the Word!
       32. IF YOU HAVE NOT PLACED THEIR FAITH IN THE WORD, YOU HAVE FAILED! If their faith is only in me or you, it's not enough. That may start them on the right way, like bait. It gets the fish heading the right direction, it sees something it likes, sees something it wants: "You have something I don't have. I see you're happy, you're al-ways happy, you seem to have peace of mind, & I don't have these things.--How come?"
       33. SOMETIMES THEY HAVE TO SEE A SAMPLE FIRST, THEY HAVE TO FEEL SOMETHING, YES. But then you have to tell them why: "It's Jesus!" You have to tell them how they can receive Jesus, & the only way they will know is by the Word & what the Bible says!
       34. IF YOU DON'T GET THEM TO PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE WORD, YOU HAVE FAILED!--I can fail, Maria can fail, you can fail, the whole World can fail, but God's Word will never fail! "Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven! Heaven & Earth shall pass away, but God's Word will never pass away!"--Psalm 119:89; Mat.24:35.

       35. OUR STRONGEST WITNESSES ARE THOSE WHO ARE STRONG IN THE WORD!--Our strongest witnesses amongst our girls are those that are strong in the Word, & the weakest witnesses amongst our girls are those that are not strong in the Word. Now the DF's make it easy for anyone to "feed the sheep" & give 'm exciting Bible studies!
       36. WHEN YOU PREACH THE WORD, YOU KNOW YOU'RE RIGHT! I LOVE THE WORD! When you preach Jesus you know you're right. You don't have to worry about whether they're accepting it or not. You're sorry if they don't, but they either will or they won't.
       37. IT'S WONDERFUL TO SPEAK WITH SUCH POWER & ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! Your words are so powerful when you are speaking & quoting the Word! It's "quick & powerful, & sharper than any two-edged sword...to the dividing asunder of bone & marrow!"--Heb.4:12. PTL! Hallelujah! But in order to quote it & use it effectively, you're going to have to know some Bible, amen?--And you better know your Bibles, & you're supposed to know your Bibles!--At least the basics of the Memory Book!
       38. IT'S IMPORTANT TO AT LEAST BE ABLE TO FIND THE VERSES that you want to show people when you're witnessing. In fact, that's actually the most effective way of witnessing, not just to quote it to them, not just to read it to them, but to turn it around & say, "Here", & hand it to them & let them read it themselves! It's very effective because they'll remember 80% of what they see, & only 40% of what they hear! Show'm the DFs & read it with'm when you can!--But even if they just read it on their own, the Word still works wonders!
       39. EVEN WITH PEOPLE WHO PRETEND NOT TO BELIEVE IT, THE WORD IS POWERFUL JUST THE SAME & VERY CONVICTING!--"Sharper than any two-edged sword"! It's full of the power of the Spirit & very convincing. I've used the Bible on a lot of people who didn't believe in God or the Bible at all, but it sank in & it drove home!--So wield that "Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God."--Ephesians 6:17.--And hook'm on the Book!--And they'll be thankful forever!

       40. WE ASK THEE IN JESUS' NAME TO GIVE ALL OUR PRECIOUS FOLKS WISDOM, LORD, IN ALL THAT THEY DO! May they be led of Thy Love & inspired, Lord, by Thy Power so that they'll be exactly what You want them to be & they'll do exactly what You want them to do, & reach exactly those whom You want them to reach, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory!
       41. HELP THEM KNOW THAT DIFFICULT BORDERLINE BETWEEN THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT & THE ENERGY OF THE FLESH, & between that which is permissible & that which is inadvisable. Help them to stay in the Spirit, Lord, to use the flesh, to use the bait if necessary, but to not for a moment forget Thy Spirit & Thy Word! Help them to be led of Thy Spirit, used of Thy Spirit, & to keep the bait on the Hook, Lord, & on Thy line & not let it run wild. Do give them great wisdom.
       42. THANK YOU, LORD, YOU'VE GIVEN US SUCH A WONDERFUL MINISTRY, LORD, such a wonderful charge, Lord, such a marvellous, wonderful work, Lord, to simply tell others of Thy Love & to love them & show them Thy Love & to feed Them Thy Truth!--Such a wonderful, wonderful job!
       43. HELP US IN JESUS' NAME TO REACH THEM, LORD, with Thy precious Love & the Good News of happiness & Love that lasts forever! Break our hearts, Lord, ache our hearts, Lord, melt us, break us & make us compassionate!--And help us be faithful to feed Thy sheep.--In Jesus' name, amen. Amen?

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