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COMMUNIST INSURGENCIES!        DO 2324         5/87--Why the Poor Become Communists!

       1. I HAVE SAID FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS THAT THE REASON FOR THE RISE OF THE REDS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD IS THE FAILURE OF THE CHRISTIANS & THE CHURCHES TO FEED THE POOR! The rich churchy Christians have selfishly failed to help the poverty-stricken starving peoples of the World & have robbed them blind & dead, until now those rich robbers of the poor are getting their just desserts & are being robbed of their riches & they are being distributed to the poor by Reds!
       2. I HAVE SAID MANY TIMES THAT IF THE CHRISTIANS WON'T DO IT, IF GOD'S PEOPLE WON'T DO IT, IF HE HAS TO, HE'LL TAKE THE DEVIL'S PEOPLE TO DO IT!--And that's Communism, including the coming Antichrist Government, which this World deserves! As the old lady said, "God sent it even if the Devil did bring it," so at least the poor will get fed!
       3. "MY GOD, DAD, ARE YOU REALLY BECOMING A COMMUNIST?"--No, I hate Communism because it's anti-Christ, it's the Devil's own system, but if the Christians own pretended-to-be God's system robs the poor & fails to help them, God will send any system that will save the poor. He loves the poor!
       4. THIS WORLD WILL NEVER GET RID OF THE POOR, JESUS SAID SO! He said, "The poor ye have always with you!"--Mat.26:11. We'll probably still have a few left in the Millennium, only things are certainly going to be a lot better then. I read the paper in the morning & I say, "Well, what's the latest bad news?" And I have said, there is only one thing that will ever save this World, & that's the Millennium! Things are in such a mess, nobody can save'm but God!
       5. AND WHILE THIS PARTICULAR DISPENSATION IS STILL IN PROCESS TOWARD THE END, apparently the only people He can find around who are concerned about the poor are the Reds, the Communists, & of course only for their own benefit, because it's easy to stir up the poor & hand a man that's starving a gun & tell him to fight for his rights to live!
       6. MOST OF THE COMMUNIST REBELS AROUND THE WORLD ARE NOT REALLY FIGHTING FOR COMMUNISM, they're not carrying a gun & shooting soldiers & police & civilians & whatnot & trying to destroy their governments because they know so much about Marx & they're converts to Communism. They're carrying guns & shooting because the Communists are giving them a job & feeding them!--Whereas otherwise they'd be living under a tree with nothing. At least there as a rebel they've got some shanty to live in & something to eat & somebody is paying them to shoot!
       7. THAT IS THE CASE OF MOST OF THE REBELS & INSURGENCIES IN ALL PARTS OF THIS WORLD TODAY! The Latin Americans, those so-called Contras & whatnot, it's not that they care that much about any kind of political ideology--bullshit! It's because the American public is letting its government pay them & give them a gun to shoot & kill & eat! It's just a job as far as they're concerned. I would say that 99% of the insurgents around the World are probably only shooting & killing because it's a job that pays & they get their room & board & clothing out of it, uniforms & whatnot.
       8. I DOUBT IF THERE'S MORE THAN ABOUT ONE PERCENT OF THE WORLD'S COMMUNIST OR INSURGENT POPULATION--THAT IS, THE LEADERS--WHO REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING & WHY THEY'RE DOING IT & what for, to try to establish the Antichrist Government! The rest of them are just lackeys, flunkies, poor ignorant peasants, peons off the rice paddies, whose rice paddies have dried up & they have nothing more to eat, who can't get jobs in the cities because things are bad everywhere to a certain extent, so they go out in the mountains or jungles & there's a job waiting for them there, every one of them that's willing to go out there!
       9. THEY'VE GOT FULL EMPLOYMENT OUT THERE AMONGST THE CONTRAS, AMONGST ALL THE REBEL FORCES IN ALL THE WORLD! There's full employment, no unemployment. Everybody gets paid--food, clothing & shelter--paid by all kinds of people, even the U.S. government! You look at the pictures of those poor pitiful-looking insurgents, no matter where they are, whether in Central America or Southeast Asia or wherever, & they look pretty dumb & pretty ignorant & pretty aboriginal, almost the lowest class of people, with probably little or no education. About all they've learned how to do is shoot a gun, & that's probably about all they can do!
       10. THEY'VE QUIT FARMING, some of the young people never did want to farm anyhow, they came off the farm & would rather be out there shooting than farming, or rather be shooting than digging. Digging on the farms of some of those Third World countries is hard hard work! But most of the time the shooters have very little to do but sit around & be fed & clothed & sheltered until there's a sudden call for some shooting. It's an easier job!
       11. IT'S A LOT EASIER TO SHOOT A GUN & KILL PEOPLE THAN IT IS TO RAISE LIVE CROPS & FEED PEOPLE! It's a lot easier to steal stuff & rob it from others, than it is to create it for yourself! That's why people resort to robbery, theft & killing, because it's easier to destroy than it is to create!--And when people pay them to destroy, that makes it even easier!

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