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THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE DEPENDS ON US!        6/87--The Majesty of Choice!        DO 2327

       1. THE MAIN WARFARE IS ACTUALLY GOING ON HERE AMONGST THE HUMANS, & THE OTHER SPIRITS ARE MERELY HELPING US! The Angels of God & the departed spirits are helping us, & the demons of the Devil are trying to defeat us! So the major battle of the forces of Heaven & Hell is for or against the humans, it's not that it's all that much just between them & in the Spirit World. Helping or hurting us is their main project, & in the process of it, of course, they fight each other. (Maria: But for us or against us.)--Yes!
       2. THE WARFARE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD IS VERY IMPORTANT, BUT IT ALL HINGES ON US & HAS TO DO WITH US! The warfare that my Mother envisioned going on in the heavenlies is the warfare between spirits in the Spirit World for & against us! (Maria: So it all depends on what we do. We're the ones that are deciding things, but we can't carry them out without their help?)
       3. THE MAIN BATTLES ARE FOR & AGAINST US! The main spirit battles, of course, are going on in the Spirit World, but they hinge almost entirely on us & our decisions here. The battles depend largely on our decisions as to which way they go, because the hands of the powers of Heaven are tied according to our decisions! If we make the right decisions & operate by faith, then the forces of good are loosed & empowered to help us & to overcome the forces of evil! But if Man makes the wrong decision & goes the wrong direction, then, in a sense their hands are tied, & the hands of the devils & demons & of Satan are liberated to bring about devastation amongst humanity, just like is happening right now!
       4. THE WHOLE WARFARE DEPENDS ON US & WHICH DIRECTION WE GO & how much we let them help us or get their help! When Daniel prayed, the Angel of God that was sent to help him was liberated & got the victory over the Devil & was able to come & help Daniel. It was because of Daniel's prayers that he got the victory, & then Michael was able to come & help him & got the victory over the Prince of Persia.--Dan.10:12-13. And it was because Jacob fought a good fight & persevered that he got the victory, won the blessing & was empowered of the Spirit of God to win!--Gen.32:24-28.
       5. SO THE BATTLES OF HEAVEN ARE ACTUALLY ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON US & WHICH WAY WE GO! The spirits are not totally independent of us, & just merely fighting amongst themselves in Heaven. There would be no point or purpose in this, because the whole idea is that Man is the one who has been given the majesty of choice & decision, & the way Man goes, so goes the battle! If Man makes the right choice & goes the right way, then the forces of Heaven are empowered to overcome the forces of evil. If Man makes the wrong decision & goes the wrong way, then according to the laws, or you might say the rules of the game, then the forces of evil are allowed to win, as they're obviously doing now, as the World is on its way to Hell!
       6. SO THE BATTLE IS DEFINITELY NOT ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON THE FORCES OF HEAVEN & HELL! The decisions of the battle are up to us, & what we do & don't do determines how the battle of Heaven goes. In other words, we determine the course of the battles of Heaven, dependent upon our decisions & the choices we make & which way we go!
       7. IF WE DO THE RIGHT THINGS & MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES & GO THE RIGHT DIRECTION, THEN WE HAVE THE POWER TO CALL IN THE FORCES OF HEAVEN TO ASSIST US & to overcome & overpower the forces of evil. But if we make the wrong choices & go the wrong directions & do the wrong things, then the Enemy has the power to overcome us & defeat us in spite of all Heaven would like to do!
       8. "WHATEVER IS BOUND ON EARTH IS BOUND IN HEAVEN; WHATEVER IS LOOSED ON EARTH IS LOOSED IN HEAVEN!"--Mat.16:19. It doesn't say it the other direction at all. What Heaven does is dependent on us! That's the whole idea of the whole game!
       9. WE ARE THE ONES WHO UNLEASH THE FORCES OF HEAVEN AGAINST THE ENEMY ACCORDING TO OUR DECISIONS, our choices & how we do right or wrong.--Or we unleash the forces of evil according to our choices. They are just our spiritual helpers or hinderers, bound or loosed by what we do. (Maria: I guess that's why they're called "ministering spirits", because they're there to help & serve us, we aren't serving them!)--Yes! What they do is entirely dependent upon what we do.--How we work, how we pray, the decisions we make.
       10. WE'RE ALMOST LIKE THE COMMANDERS OF THE FORCES OF HEAVEN, OR THE FORCES OF HELL! You can work for Heaven or you can work for Hell, & those forces are dependent upon us & our command. (Maria: By "those forces", you mean either good or bad?)--Yes, exactly.
       11. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF THE WHOLE THING--IT'S DEPENDENT UPON US & OUR CHOICES! Adam & Eve in the Garden were being influenced by the forces of good, or God, & the forces of evil, but the outcome of the battle depended upon their choice. It so happened that in that case they made the wrong choice & the Enemy won that battle, but he could not have won the battle if they had not made the wrong choice!
       12. GOD IS BOUND BY HIS OWN WORD THAT IF THEY DID GOOD EVERYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE! But if they did wrong & made the wrong choice, then God has to yield the victory to the Enemy, believe it or not. Because what we do here, what is bound on Earth, is bound in Heaven; what is loosed on Earth is loosed in Heaven! We control the tide of the battle & that's the whole point to the whole demonstration of good & evil that God is doing!
       13. WE CAN UNLEASH THE FORCES OF HEAVEN AGAINST THE ENEMY BY MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS, the right choices, going the right way & doing the right things so that the Enemy cannot possibly win! That looses the forces of Heaven to fight him & win the victory! Or we can do things that are wrong, make wrong decisions & go in the wrong direction & then the powers of Heaven are bound by our own evil doings & the powers of Hell are unleashed! We turn the tide of victory or defeat entirely by our choices, believe it or not! That's what God has done: He has put the fate of the World into the hands of Man--up to a point. Of course, very soon God is going to take over before Man has gone too far!
       14. IT'S TRUE, THE FORCES OF GOOD & EVIL ARE ENGAGED IN A GIGANTIC HEAVENLY STRUGGLE, BUT THE TIDE OF THAT BATTLE IS UP TO US & our decisions & the way we go, the way Man goes.--And right now Man is going the wrong direction, therefore the powers of Heaven will not help him if he goes against God! Then the powers of Hell are unleashed to take over, which they're doing right now!
       15. TO SAY THAT THE WHOLE TIDE OF BATTLE IS DEPENDENT ON THE HEAVENLY FORCES WOULD NULLIFY OUR ROLE ENTIRELY! There would be no point even in our existence if the tide of battle was entirely dependent on the Heavenly forces. The tide of battle is entirely dependent on Man, that's what Man was put here for. It is dependent on Man & his choices for or against God, & right now his predominant choices are against God as the tide of the whole spirit of Man of the whole World is going anti-God & anti-Christ!--Therefore the powers of Hell are unleashed against Man to destroy Man, because that's what he deserves! God is like the Umpire!
       16. GOD IS IN CONTROL, BUT HE HAS SET DOWN CERTAIN RULES OF THE GAME, OF THE BATTLE, JUST LIKE A FOOTBALL GAME! You've got to abide by the rules & if you break the rules, then you unleash the powers of Hell to win. If you keep the rules, then you empower the powers of Heaven to win! It's all dependent upon Man & his choice--up to a point, of course. Pretty soon God is just going to completely take over! Right now, God is allowing the Devil to take over, because Man has gone the wrong direction.
       17. (MARIA: THE SPIRITS ARE FIGHTING FOR OR AGAINST US, BUT WE'RE ALSO FIGHTING, "wrestling not against flesh & blood but against principalities & powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this World."--Eph.6:12.)--Right, & if we are doing the right thing, going the right direction & making the right choices, we have spiritual weapons which can overcome the Enemy completely! He cannot defeat us! He cannot win the victory over us if we are going God's way, because then God's spirits are unleashed against him & he cannot win! But according to the rules of the game, if we go the wrong way it's just the other way around.
       18. (MARIA: SO WHEN THEY'RE FIGHTING FOR US, THAT MEANS THAT IN THE SPIRIT WORLD WE HAVE UNLEASHED THEM, like siccing the good spirits on the bad spirits! So when it says "we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities & powers", what we're doing is telling the good spirits to fight the bad spirits! Is that what it means?) What does it say? "Our weapons are not carnal" but what?--"Powerful to the pulling down of strongholds!"--2Cor.10:4,5.
       19. IT'S ALL DEPENDENT UPON US & THE DECISIONS WE MAKE & WHAT WE DO! We govern & literally control the tide of the battle by our decisions. If we make the right ones, the good spirits win, & they're winning. If we make the wrong ones, then the evil spirits are allowed to win. It's just that simple!
       20. MAYBE THIS LITTLE ILLUSTRATION WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND: IT IS NOT THE SPIRITUAL POWERS OF GOOD & EVIL, ANGELS & DEVILS, WHO ARE FIGHTING ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE DOWN IN THE ARENA while we sit up in the grandstands & the bleachers rooting for our favourite spirits. It is we who are down in the arena fighting evil men & evil forces, & it is the Angels of God on the one hand, on the right hand, & the demons of the Devil on the other hand, who are rooting for or against us! The tide of the game, or the battle, is decided on the field of battle, not in the grandstands!
       21. THE HEAVENLY FORCES, THE ANGELS OF GOD, ARE ROOTING FOR US, & OUR DECISIONS SWITCH ON THEIR POWER AGAINST THE ENEMY! What we do & say etc. governs how much power they're allowed to use against the Enemy.--Or our decisions bind their hands, in a sense, so that they can't help us.
       22. IT'S LIKE THAT ILLUSTRATION WHERE THE LORD SAID THAT IF WE RUN OUTSIDE OF THE TOWER OF GOD'S PROTECTION, WE RUN OUT ON THE DEVIL'S TERRITORY, & then we are scorched by his afflictions & judgements etc.--Pro.18:10 If we run outside the magic circle of God's protection by disobeying & running away from the Lord etc., the Devil is then allowed to afflict us outside because we're outside of the forcefield of God's protection. We've run out of God's Will & disobeyed Him & gone out & done other things, therefore the Devil is allowed to conquer us there. But if we stay inside of the magic circle, the forcefield of God's protection, then the Devil is not allowed to touch us, not allowed to come in, only when we get on his territory.
       23. SO IT IS NOT THE FORCES OF HEAVEN OR THE FORCES OF HELL WHO ARE DECIDING THIS BATTLE, they are merely fighting either for or against us, but it is what we do & how we do it & the choices we make & the right or wrong we do which unleashes either force. If we do right, the right forces are unleashed to overcome the Enemy. If we do wrong, then the Devil is allowed to have power over us & unleash the forces of Hell against us & win that particular battle.
       24. IT IS NOT DECIDED IN HEAVEN! The whole point of the whole game is that it is in a sense a game of choice, a game of will, the majesty of decision, & it all depends on us! The Heavenly battle depends on us!--And our choices & our decisions to do right or wrong. One or the other is empowered to win depending on how we unleash them. We're the ones really controlling the tide of battle by our decisions & by our choices, just like Adam & Eve in the Garden. That's a very simple little illustration to show exactly what's happening.
       25. IF ADAM & EVE HAD MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE, IT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED, GOD WOULD HAVE PROTECTED THEM! The Devil wasn't up there fighting with God in Heaven & having a fist fight with the Lord! The Devil was fighting for the control of Man's mind & body & spirit here on Earth! God was speaking, trying to influence them, & the Devil was speaking & trying to influence them. Whether they won or lost depended on their choice, & they lost. They made the wrong choice.
       26. SO TO SAY IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE BATTLE IN HEAVEN IS WRONG, ABSOLUTELY WRONG! They are powerful forces, tremendously powerful forces, but whether they win or lose & how goes the battle depends on us & our choice! That's what it's all about! That's what the whole Creation is all about! God made Man a free moral agent to make choices & decisions, right or wrong, good or bad, so the whole tide of the spiritual battle in Heaven is dependent on us.
       27. THE BATTLE IS FOR THE CONTROL OF OUR MINDS & HEARTS & SPIRITS, BODIES AS WELL, WHICH WILL FOLLOW, & just like they did in the Garden of Eden, it was through the words that they spoke that they tried to influence Adam & Eve. It's a battle, a wrestling match for spiritual control, & it's largely done through words & communication, influences. You can call it "words", but they don't always speak in words, they also give pictures & thoughts. The Lord gives warnings & good thoughts, & the Enemy gives temptations. So there's a battle of the mind, a battle of the spirit, a battle of the heart, which winds up in the battle of the body!
       28. BUT THE TIDE OF THE BATTLE IS DEPENDENT ON US & OUR CHOICE, whether we follow God's suggestions & His orders, or whether we do what the Devil tells us to do, like Adam & Eve in the Garden. The victories or losses are entirely dependent upon our decisions.
       29. THERE'S NOT SOME KIND OF AN INDEPENDENT BATTLE GOING ON IN HEAVEN THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US! We are the ones deciding the course of the battle! We are the ones controlling the tide of battle according to our decisions & what we think, what we do, what we say, whom we obey.
       30. IT'S COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON US UP TO A POINT, but now when the vast majority of Mankind is going the wrong way & listening to the Devil instead of God & doing evil & making all the wrong choices, God is going to have to step in & intervene & stop it all, stop the game in the End.
       31. IN A SENSE, GOD IS LIKE THE UMPIRE, & IF TOO MUCH EVIL IS GOING ON & THE BAD TEAM IS PLAYING DIRTY & COMMITTING FOULS, HE'S GOT TO STEP IN & STOP THE GAME & CRY "FOUL!" & "PENALTIES!" You've played games, you ought to know. There are certain rules you've got to abide by, & if you break the rules, then you're penalised. So because so many people are breaking the rules now & the tide of the battle is going straight to Hell, God is eventually going to have to step in & cry "Foul! Penalty! That's it! The game is over! We win!--And they go to Hell!"
       32. SO THERE'S A TREMENDOUS BATTLE GOING ON IN HEAVEN, YES, BUT THE BATTLE IS OVER US! God & His Angels are trying to conquer us, the Devil & his demons are trying to conquer us, & the whole thing is dependent on us & our decisions & the way we go. It's not like some totally independent warfare going on in Heaven that has nothing to do with us, it has everything to do with us! The whole thing is about us & for or against us & over us, it's all dependent on us! That's what the whole Creation is about. That's why God created Man, to make choices & decisions, for or against Him!
       33. WE ARE THE ONES WHO CONTROL THE TIDE OF BATTLE! We are the ones who decide whether God or the Devil is going to win! God has left the choice up to us up to a certain point where He finally steps in & cries, "Foul! Penalty! Stop the game!" And because the other side is doing wrong, they forfeit the game & we win, because we made the right choices, we listened to the right voices, we obeyed the right commands, we did the right things.
       34. AND THE BATTLE IS NOT FOR OR AGAINST OUR SALVATION, THAT IS ALREADY SETTLED! That's completely settled by the Lord, we're saved. The battle is for the souls of men & their actions & their deeds & their words & attentions & all that sort of thing, & which way goes the World.
       35. SO FAR, AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, AS FAR AS THE WORLD IS CONCERNED, IT LOOKS PRETTY MUCH LIKE THE CHURCH HAS LOST & THE WORLD HAS WON! But that's the way the Lord knew it would be, because He said, "Strait is the gate & narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, & few there be that find it. But broad is the way & wide is the gate that leadeth unto destruction, & many there be that go in thereat!"--Mat.7:13,14. So the Lord knows that the vast majority of Mankind are wrong & going the wrong way & He's giving an illustration to all the forces of Heaven & Hell what happens if Man is given his choice!
       36. THE WHOLE WAR IS DEPENDENT ON US & OUR CHOICES! That's the way God has set down the rules of the game. If we listen to His signals & we play according to His rules, then our side wins & we win individually & collectively & the other side loses, because their ability to fight & to win or lose is entirely dependent on us & which way we go, which way Man goes. And as far as I can see right now, it looks like the Devil is winning the World. But of course, as we know, the Lord & we will win in the long run. God will win with His minority over the Devil's majority!
       37. I DON'T SEE HOW I CAN SAY ANY MORE, IT'S JUST FACTS, THAT'S ALL! The whole thing is over us! The whole battle is over us to see who can win the most, like playing chess or checkers, to see who is going to get the most pieces.
       38. RIGHT NOW THE FORCES OF HELL SEEM TO BE WINNING THE MOST PIECES, THAT'S FOR SURE, BUT GOD KNEW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! He knew only a minority were going to make the right choices.--Which just shows that "a child left to his own devices bringeth his mother to shame."--Pro.29:15. God is demonstrating to the Universe that children left here to play around & left to their own devices--Man left to his own choices--most of them are going to do the wrong thing!
       39. IN OTHER WORDS, IT PROVES THAT MAN CANNOT REALLY BE TRUSTED WITH CHOICE! Man has to be ruled by a rod of iron, by force! Only a few glorious heroes are able to be trusted with choice & will choose to follow the Lord & not the Enemy. Praise the Lord!
       40. THE WAR IS NOT DECIDED BY JUST ONE BATTLE EITHER, THERE ARE A LOT OF BATTLES!--Some we lose & some we win, & we just hope we win most of'm & don't lose too many! We don't win'm all, but thank God, we win most of'm!--Amen?--Are you winning or losing?

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