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THE UNHOLY WAR AGAINST THE HOLY!       7/87       DO 2328

       1. IMAGINE, THEY'RE CALLING THIS WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS A "HOLY WAR," starting out with the TV Evangelists, & then this "Fundamentalists Anonymous," & now they're trying to turn the Jews against the Evangelicals on this Jerry Falwell interview! The Jews have accepted the Evangelicals as their greatest supporter of Israel--now they're trying to turn them against the Evangelicals by the way they attacked Falwell!
       2. THEY VERY APTLY ARE CALLING THIS, "THE HOLY WAR!" & THAT REMINDS ME OF A VERSE OF SCRIPTURE: "THE WAR AGAINST THE HOLY!" It says in Daniel that "he shall make war on the holy & the mighty people"--holy war! Isn't that a real twist by the Devil to call it a "holy war," when it's against the holy. It's a holy war all right, more unholy!--The Devil's war on the Christians!
       3. I HAVE NEVER SEEN CHRISTIANS ATTACKED SO MUCH AS THEY HAVE BEEN LATELY! It's almost like Satan-let-loose-on-Earth the way things are going! It's an all-out attack in every direction! He's furious because he knows his time is short!--Rev.12:12. This TV evangelist thing started it & it probably is all planned! (See GN 266.) They've probably planned the whole strategy & tactics & everything ahead of time to be carried out just the way they're doing it right now!--To start off with the TV evangelists, those who were probably the most vulnerable, & now they're working around to all the Evangelicals & trying to divide them. Of course, once they have pretty well put down the Evangelicals--Fundamentalists, in other words, the people who believe in being born again & real Salvation, the people who are supposed to really know the Lord--if they can wipe them out or destroy their power, then they'll go to work on the Modernists to get rid of all the churches if they can!
       4. IT SAYS, "THE POWER OF THE MIGHTY & THE HOLY PEOPLE."--Dan.12:7. Right now they've got power, but they're really destroying the power of the TV Evangelists, & working around to destroying the power & the favour of the Evangelicals. They're also destroying their political power now. They're trying to divide them politically & turn the vast majority of the people against the Evangelicals.
       5. THEY TRIED TO NAIL FALWELL IN THAT INTERVIEW TO SAY THINGS TO OFFEND THE JEWS. Those two guys interviewing him reminded me of two Scribes & Pharisees trying to catch Jesus with questions, but Falwell comes out good & strong! They finally had to confess that the Evangelicals were the strongest friends of the Jews in the U.S., besides the Jews themselves.
       6. ALSO, THEY BROUGHT OUT THAT THERE'S BEEN A FALLING OUT BETWEEN THE EVANGELICALS & THE REPUBLICANS, because some of the Republicans don't like this alliance between the Evangelicals & the Republican Party which helped put Reagan in the presidency & the Republicans in power two elections ago. Some of the Republicans are chafing at the bit, & particularly it was mouthed in a speech by Bush at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Bush was invited to speak, knowing that they were predominantly Evangelicals, etc., & he said something like, "We Republicans don't like you people trying to make us conform to your particular code of ethics & way of thinking," etc. Can you imagine? He really slammed them!--Bush!--When the Evangelicals helped put him in power, got him elected!
       7. THEY QUOTED THIS TO FALWELL & SAID, "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF WHAT BUSH SAID AGAINST THE EVANGELICALS?" And Falwell answered very well, I thought he was pretty diplomatic, he didn't accuse George Bush, but he said, "I'm afraid Bush's speechwriter apparently doesn't realise the importance of the Evangelical vote & the importance of the Republicans to have greater wisdom in not offending one of the major groups of their supporters!"--And boom, did you get the rating today?--Bush dropped to the bottom! That ought to teach him a lesson--maybe! Well, they afterwards commented that it was very clever of Falwell to say it this way. He was very diplomatic about it, he really was smart how he handled the questions.
       8. THEY SAID, "I UNDERSTAND NOW THAT YOU FOLKS ARE SAYING THAT YOU'LL VOTE FOR EITHER BUSH OR DOLE OR KEMP, the three leading contenders, but you're not so stuck on Bush any more." He kind of parried that shot & said, "Well, if some Republican leaders don't appreciate our support, we of course will vote for whoever we think is the best man."
       9. THEY'RE REALLY CHALLENGING THE EVANGELICALS NOW, & NOW ALSO IN THE POLITICAL ARENA! It's an all-out attack by the Enemy on Evangelicals, attacking them both religiously, financially & politically, really socking it to them, & obviously fomented by [DELETED] the ACs.
       10. SO THEY ASKED HIM, "WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE POPE RECEIVING THIS EX-NAZI WALDHEIM & TALKING TO HIM?" He said, "Well, I think what many of us need to learn is that there is such a thing as forgiveness," meaning of course the Jews, "& even if true, we cannot always hold a man's past against him." He said, "I think the Pope was very wise in receiving him." They said, "Even though it made this tremendous furor amongst the Jews & made the Jews so angry at the Pope?" He said, "I think the Pope did the right thing."
       11. FALWELL'S GOT A LOT OF GUTS, HE'S GOT CONVICTION TO STAND UP FOR WHAT HE THINKS IS RIGHT! Look how he made that trip to South Africa, remember?--And he stuck by his stand for South Africa! He stuck up for South Africa in a day when nearly everybody's against South Africa! That's probably what has helped Reagan, at least, to try to be moderate, middle of the road. Although Congress has voted a lot of sanctions against South Africa, Reagan has stood against it. They voted in the sanctions over his veto, in spite of it. But the sanctions have not hurt South Africa all that much--South Africa's been learning to be independent for a long time. It's got its own gold & silver & diamonds & riches & the Lord has made them rich, also its own armaments, oil & everything. They're really well-equipped to be independent, thank the Lord.
       12. THAT FALWELL INTERVIEW GIVES A VERY INTERESTING NEW SIDELIGHT ON THE HOLY WAR--the Antichrist's holy war against the Christians! It's very very significant. It shows they're attacking on all fronts. And if the Jews weren't already turned against the Evangelicals, they're trying to turn them against the Evangelicals in this interview!
       13. THEY'RE FIGHTING ON SEVERAL DIFFERENT FRONTS: First of all, against the TV Evangelists, because they are the most highly influential--their programs go all over the World & especially reach everybody because they go into the home; & now against Evangelicals in general with this "Fundamentalists Anonymous," this guy that's carrying on a campaign from a church basement in New York City! It's an obviously highly-organised & probably well-paid organisation backed, of course, by the Devil & the ACs & the AC & the Communists & the unbelieving churches!--Or they couldn't have grown that fast to have over 200,000 members & 200 workers in only one year, & in all 50 States, Canada & other places! That had to be highly-financed & organised, not a mere little nobody just organising his own thing. It's obviously a cooperative venture of the AC forces!--And the Antichrist churches!
       14. YOU CAN IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF CHURCHES ARE FIGHTING THE EVANGELICALS--THE BIG MODERNISTIC, COMMUNISTIC CHURCHES! For example, the National Council of Churches & the World Council of Churches are as pro-Communist as you can get! They even raise funds to arm rebels in Africa & places like that, think of it, & they are total unbelievers! The church is just a front for their Communist activity, this has been known for a long time. So here you've got both the big Modernistic denominations, & the Catholic Church, working with the Communists! If this isn't AC prep, I don't know what is!
       15. SO IT'S A CONCERTED CAMPAIGN ON A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT FRONTS! They're using the big churches, the Catholics & the big Modernistic denominations, to attack the real Christians, the smaller Evangelical groups. They're attacking first on communications, television & radio, etc., the TV evangelists that are so influential because they reach everybody, then they're attacking the Evangelicals directly by trying to debunk them & smear them with this smear campaign, & third now, they're attacking the political power of the Evangelicals, because they're the ones that really put Reagan in office. What helped the Republicans win the last two elections was the Moral Majority led by Falwell & all the Evangelicals.
       16. THEY'RE ATTACKING THE EVANGELICALS WITH THE VERY SAME ACCUSATIONS THAT THEY USED TO USE AGAINST US: Brainwashing, zombies, dictatorial control, all the stuff they tried out on us & apparently found out it worked, at least with the System, & persuaded them to turn against us! Now they're using the same tactics & saying the same things about the Evangelicals in order to turn the vast majority of the people against them. They practiced on us, & the Christians let them do it, in fact, helped them do it! Now it's their turn! They refined their methods in attacking us & learned their strategies & tactics & how to defeat us & drive us out of country after country, & now they're going to do it to the Fundamentalists.--First the TV preachers, & now the Fundamentalists as a whole.
       17. NOW THEY'RE ALSO TRYING TO BRING DIVISION BETWEEN THE JEWS & THE EVANGELICALS, because the Evangelicals have been notoriously the staunchest supporters of Israel amongst Christians. They're trying to bring division between them so the Jews can get the Evangelicals off their backs & they don't have to worry about pleasing them. Then also they're attacking their political power led by guys like Falwell, Reagan & quite a few others.
       18. SO ITS A GENERAL CONCERTED CAMPAIGN ON A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT FRONTS ALL OF A SUDDEN! "Operation Anti-Christ" began the whole thing with its attack on Jim Bakker & the TV evangelists. I'd say there are several major fronts then: Evangelical communications, the TV evangelists, Evangelical spiritual power, & Evangelical political power, trying to attack them all! It's a concerted organised campaign just as clear as anything, & I don't doubt it's being directed personally by the Antichrist himself from behind the scenes!
       19. THAT SCRIPTURE CAME TO ME IMMEDIATELY, THAT "HE SHALL DESTROY THE POWER OF THE MIGHTY & THE HOLY PEOPLE!" Get me a Bible, I want to look up exactly how it says that--I'm not sure I'm quoting it exactly right. Let's see, "When he shall accomplish to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished" (Dan.12:7b)--& that's exactly what the holy war is all about right now! It doesn't say he's going to destroy the holy people, there's a definite distinction there, but he's going to destroy their power!
       20. RIGHT NOW THEY'RE RUNNING THE WORLD MORE OR LESS, THE CHURCHES ARE POWERFUL! Look how powerful the Pope is & the Catholics & how powerful the major denominations of the Protestants & Christians are in general. The ACs are attacking their power! The churches are influential in politics, they run governments, they run nations, Christians have power today. They run many countries, or hold many in check, you might say, such as the predominantly Christian Western nations.--I mean they're supposed to be Christian, professedly Christian. The Western nations are, you might say, at least nominally Christian, they are supposed to be Christian, so they are, in other words, you might say "the holy people." They're not very holy, but anyway, that's the idea!
       21. IN OTHER WORDS, THE DEVIL IS IN AN ALL-OUT CONCERTED, ORGANISED ATTACK ON MANY FRONTS RIGHT NOW AGAINST ALL THE HOLY PEOPLE, AGAINST THEIR POWER, SEE?--Their communications power, the TV evangelists, their political power, the Moral Majority & all that sort of thing, their spiritual power, by attacking the very fundamental beliefs of the Fundamentalists! Of course, they've been doing this for years in education, with evolution & by the courts getting the Bible & prayer & God out of the schools & all that sort of thing, especially in the U.S., attacking the power of the holy people!
       22. "AND WHEN HE SHALL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TO SCATTER THE POWER OF THE HOLY PEOPLE." It doesn't necessarily say completely destroy it even, but scatter it, in other words, weaken it & scatter it, so that they no longer have much power or influence in the World, in politics & governments, etc., then he'll be able to take over.
       23. I KNOW I GOT THAT VERSE STRAIGHT FROM THE LORD, IT JUST CAME TO ME AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING! They said, "Holy War!" And I said, "The holy war, huh! That's a war against the holy! It reminds me of a verse in Daniel where he makes war!" It also says something along that line in Revelation, but this is the Scripture, I'm sure, Daniel 12:7, because it sounds more like what I got.
       24. (FAM: DANIEL 8:24 IS A GOOD VERSE TOO.) YES, THERE IT IS AGAIN!--"DESTROY THE MIGHTY & THE HOLY PEOPLE." However, the word "power" was definitely in there, & we know he can't destroy all the holy people, so I think that's probably the implication of this. There are so many different kinds of meanings & implications in the original languages, so this probably means the same thing. The translators probably just figured if he destroyed their power, he'd destroy them, so that's the way they translated here. But the best translation & the one that I got in the spirit when we were discussing it was, "He shall destroy the power of the mighty & the holy people"--& I was so shocked, here was another attack! I mean, it cannot be coincidental that this organised attack is all beginning right at this time.--A holy war against the holy, that's what it amounts to!
       25. "AND WHEN HE SHALL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TO SCATTER THE POWER OF THE HOLY PEOPLE, ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE FINISHED!"--Dan.12:7. There it is, right there! And Daniel 8:24 is a good one too. "They shall destroy the mighty & the holy people." Hallelujah for these Scriptures & thank God we know them!
       26. WELL, OF COURSE, ANOTHER GOOD ONE ALONG THAT LINE IS DANIEL 7:25: "SHALL WEAR OUT THE SAINTS." And Daniel 7:21: "The same horn made war with the Saints, & prevailed against them."--In other words, conquered their power, destroyed their power. It doesn't mean he's going to be successful in destroying all the Saints, but the present political, social &, you might say, material power that the church has today. It has a lot of wealth & power in politics & in social life & laws, etc., right?--Tremendous influence, all Christians combined! In fact, if you want to include all the holy people, you might even include the Muslims! They have a certain amount of purity in the worship of God & strict laws & religion, so in a sense they're a purer people than the rest, certainly more than the heathen!
       27. I'LL TELL YOU, THIS IS SOME SUBJECT! Daniel 7:21: "The same horn made war with the Saints & prevailed against them." 25th verse: "And shall wear out the Saints," & that is the end, when he wears out the Saints & he destroys their power.
       28. SEE, HE'S BEEN ATTACKING ON EVERY OTHER FRONT LONG BEFORE THIS--education, with Evolution & unbelief & scepticism & atheism. That's been happening mostly just within the last 100 years, the Darwinian Era, in which he has attacked, first of all, some of the fundamental concepts of God, & attacked with general unbelief in God. It started off with attacking the World & turning them against God & the church, etc., but his final onslaught is now directly against the holy people!
       29. LET'S SEE NOW, WHAT ELSE CAN WE FIND IN DANIEL? Daniel 11, Verse 32, it goes into the persecution of the Christians & how the Lord will help them, to purify them, & how the Antichrist exalts himself, honours a strange god, all his final wars. It doesn't say much more about that until Daniel 12, that 7th verse: "And when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished."--And that's the verse that came to me!
       30. RIGHT NOW THEY'RE ATTACKING HEAD-ON, the first time they've ever come out publicly like this & dared to attack Christians & the major churches & denominations! You notice they're leaving the major denominations & the Catholics till last because of their tremendous power, but they're attacking the most vulnerable first. They found out they could turn the people against the TV evangelists the easiest because of those TV evangelists' own sins & living in luxury & sumptuousness & million-Dollar salaries & palatial homes & all that sort of thing.
       31. THEY'RE ATTACKING THE MOST VULNERABLE, WHICH ARE THE TV EVANGELISTS, & NOW THE EVANGELICALS, because the vast majority of Christians are not Evangelicals, they're these formal Modernistic unbelieving denominations, & the Catholic Church. See, they're starting down at the bottom at the weakest & working their way up. And now they're attacking the political power of the Evangelicals, which has been very strong during the past years of this particular administration, the Republicans.
       32. WELL, THAT'S ABOUT ALL WE CAN GET ALONG THAT LINE OUT OF DANIEL. I'm trying to find things along the very line of that particular Scripture the Lord gave me. They're calling it "The Holy War," can you beat that? It's an unholy war against the holy, is what it really is!
       33. WELL, LET'S LOOK AT REVELATION 13:7. SAME IDEA: "And it was given unto him to make war with the Saints & to overcome them." That means to overcome, you might say, their temporal power, their earthly power, their political power, their financial power, their organisational power, their communications power--TV, radio & all that sort of thing. And then after verse 7, that leads right on in to the rule of the Antichrist & the Beast & the Mark of the Beast & all the rest!
       34. THAT'S THE WAY IT CAME TO ME, THAT HE WAS TO DESTROY THE POWER OF THE MIGHTY & THE HOLY PEOPLE. Right now the holy people are pretty mighty, they've got a lot of power right now--the churches, Christians, even Evangelical Christians--& that's exactly what they're attacking on all fronts, Evangelicals, the real Christians first, they'll get around to the others afterward. Once they've destroyed the power of the Evangelical Christians, the real Christians, & their temporal power & financial power & organisational power & political power, then they'll get around to the rest. Well, in fact, the Modernistic & Catholic churches will just cooperate with him, they'll give their power to the Beast!--They're already doing it! In a sense, he's really already conquered them!
       35. WELL, THAT'S IT! THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END! I would say that's another confirmation that we're already in the Tribulation, or if nothing else, certainly well into the reign of the Antichrist! He obviously is already running the World through his anti-Christs, [DELETED] & all of his minions, including the Modernistic churches & the Catholic Church & all the rest! He's running the World right now politically, & financially he took charge of it with the [EDITED: "ACs"] long ago. He's running the World right now from behind the scenes, there's no doubt about that!
       36. IN A SENSE, HE'S BEGINNING TO REVEAL HIMSELF, OR AT LEAST HIS TACTICS, & I don't doubt that when he's really got firm control & has defeated the Evangelicals, "the power of the mighty & the holy people," that will probably be when he reveals himself & comes out in full force! Let's face it, he's already got the Catholics--in many countries they've been cooperating with the Communists for years, sad to say.--Not at the top, not the Pope, & not the handful of conservative Catholics, but the liberal Catholics, which is the vast majority of Catholics worldwide, particularly in the developed countries.
       37. AND HE'S HAD THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES FOR YEARS! They've been pro-Communist & Modernist--that means unbelieving, they don't really believe the Bible any more. In a sense, the World Council of Churches has just become a Communist front! Several of the conservative denominations pulled out as a result because they saw that it was no use, it was a hopeless case. The vast majority of those big denominations had become so liberal that they were actually pro-Communist! So he's already got the big denominations, the Modernistic denominations, & it looks like he's pretty well got the Catholic Church because so many of their priests are cooperating with the Communists.
       38. SO YOU MIGHT SAY THAT THIS IS ALMOST LIKE THE FINAL ATTACK, AGAINST THE EVANGELICALS! He already captured education through Darwin & Evolution, etc., & he captured religious power by turning the U.S. literally against religion, by officially ruling the Bible & prayer & God & Creationism out of the educational system! It was in the last century that Evolution began to gain victories, so through the atheistic beliefs of all these famous atheists & sceptics & cynics & whatnot for the past couple hundred years, mostly just within the last hundred years, he really captured the educational system.
       39. YOU MIGHT SAY HE CAPTURED THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM FIRST AS APPARENTLY IT WAS THE MOST VULNERABLE, through its sceptics, atheists, scientists, etc., & then he captured the churches, the formal Modernist--which is the same as atheist--churches. And recently he's been capturing the Catholic Church through Communist priests & liberal Catholics. He's worked his way up.
       40. HE REALLY BEGAN WITH EDUCATION AS A MAJOR ATTACK, HE CAPTURED EDUCATION, THEN HE BEGAN TO CAPTURE EVEN THE CHURCHES, the Modernistic churches, & recently he's been capturing the Catholic Church. He's virtually got those all in the bag! He's definitely got education in the bag & he's had the Modernistic churches in the bag ever since I was a kid & reading about guys like Harry Emerson Fosdick, who had Riverside Baptist Church on Riverside Boulevard in New York City, in which he has in the foyer of his church there statues of men like Darwin & famous atheists, etc. Imagine! That's no church! They're not Christians! They're a bunch of atheists! But you see, he comes in, the wolf in sheep's clothing, & captures those people, & they're so ignorant, they don't know the Lord anyhow, so they fall for it!
       41. HE CAPTURED EDUCATION FIRST, THE SCHOOLS, & ONE OF THE WAYS HE DID THAT WAS BY THE DIVORCING OF CHURCH & STATE & making the schools a state project or an arm of the state, & then forcing compulsory education throughout Europe & North America. They had to go to school, therefore they had to listen to these false doctrines & anti-God evolutionary stuff, etc. So he's been working on education ever since the days of Horace Mann, who was an atheistic Jew! All the heroes of education today are a bunch of big atheists, unbelievers & sceptics! They have worshipped anything anti-God for years, so that the educational system is totally anti-God, especially in the United States, & of course in places like Russia, Europe & everywhere--except where they've got religious schools. But the religious schools are very weak, particularly those that really believe in the Lord.
       42. I FOUND THAT THEY WERE EVEN TEACHING EVOLUTION IN THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS! When I discussed it with a priest during our fight in Miami, he said, "Well, yes, we teach evolution, but we teach deistic evolution, that God created the Earth & the World by the process of evolution." Can you imagine that?
       43. HIS ATTACK WAS FIRST TO CAPTURE EDUCATION, THAT APPARENTLY WAS THE EASIEST THING TO DO, & that turned the secular unchurched World completely against God, so that the vast majority of the World became unbelievers in God. Today the vast majority of the World do not believe in God!--Some of the religions do, & even a few of the non-Christian religions believe in some kind of God, but the vast majority of the World--the educated World, the scientific World, the political World--have separated church from state, so that the vast majority of the worldlings of the unchurched World are atheists, & he captured them largely through education!
       44. THEN HE WENT TO WORK ON THE CHURCHES & HE GOT THE FORMAL MODERNISTIC MOST MAJOR POWERFUL PROTESTANT DENOMINATIONS FIRST, so that they became really unbelieving in the Bible. Now he's virtually captured most of the Catholics by turning them into liberals who don't really believe the Bible any more, etc., & are even cooperating with the Communists!
       45. SO AS I SEE IT, THIS THEN IS HIS FINAL ONSLAUGHT! He's got the rest of the World in the palm of his hand! He's got education, & as a result, the vast majority of the Worldly people; he's got the big Modernistic denominations, & now the Catholics, & now the final onslaught is against the real people of God, the "holy people" of God, the ones who really have power with the Lord! He's destroying their secular, temporal, political & financial organisational power.
       46. SO THIS IS THE FINAL ONSLAUGHT, & THAT'S WHERE THAT VERSE COMES IN THAT THE LORD GAVE ME WHEN I WAS HEARING THEM CALLING THAT A HOLY WAR! I thought, "My God, it's a holy war, all right, it's a war on the holy!" And when I said that, that verse came to me immediately! The way the Lord put it, he's "making war on the mighty & the holy people." Well, that's virtually the same thing it says here in Daniel. "And when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people"--& of course the Evangelicals are the most holy, really, they're the saved! Even though they may hate us & they may not believe like us & all that, at least they definitely believe in Salvation, being born again & being saved, & in God & Christ & the Bible, etc. They are the "holy people," the saved people.
       47. "WHEN HE SHALL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TO SCATTER THE POWER OF THE HOLY PEOPLE"--here it does not say he completely destroyed them, but scattered their power, weakened them to where they have no power any more--"all these things shall be finished." In other words, he will take over completely then. He will have no opposition strong enough to oppose him, get it? He has converted most of the World to atheism, even the Modernistic churches to unbelief, the Catholics to liberalism & pro-Communism, & now he's attacking "the power of the mighty & the holy people."
       48. SO THIS IS IT! IT'S A HOLY WAR, ALL RIGHT, AGAINST THE HOLY! He's making war on the mighty & the holy people & he's destroying their temporal power, their political power, their financial power. They said the giving to the TV evangelists has fallen off 50%! See how clever the ACs are? By smearing them they knew they could destroy people's confidence in them & destroy their power-base, their financial power-base, because they can't buy all that time & afford all those programs if the money doesn't come in! So by smearing them with the people, to destroy the people's confidence in the TV evangelists, the giving has fallen off about 50% & they're all having a real struggle now.
       49. THANK GOD OUR WORK OF EVANGELISM HAS NOT BEEN DEPENDENT UPON CHURCH BUILDINGS OR TV OR RADIO SHOWS! In order to destroy us, or at least our power, you might say our power-base, they would literally have to destroy the postal system, because we're a mail order house, you might say! We're in a sense a mail-order religion! Our whole Family & religious system is virtually dependent upon the postal system, the mail, & that would be the most difficult for them to destroy, because they'd have to destroy their own postal systems to shut us out!
       50. THEY ALREADY CENSOR THE MAIL IN SOME COMMUNIST COUNTRIES. They open it & censor materials or just completely confiscate them. We've had some of that happen in China, & some of it happen in Russia, & in a few East Bloc countries. Any suspicious mail that they think might contain materials, they open them & confiscate them. So in those Communist countries already there is a certain amount of that, but we're still getting stuff through!
       51. I FIGURE IF IT COMES TO THAT, WHERE ALL POSTAL MATERIALS ARE CENSORED OR OPENED OR FILTERED, our final resort will be back to the days of the Early Church & Early Christians with couriers personally carrying materials in.--At the risk of life, limb & freedom! [DELETED]
       52. PEOPLE ARE ALREADY DOING IT, WHICH SHOWS IT CAN BE DONE!--At great risk, of course, by brave & faithful souls, but it shows that even under the Antichrist System eventually, if there is any freedom of movement at all, we'll be able to carry materials from one country to another.--And particularly it will be much easier just to circulate materials within a country without crossing borders.
       53. WOW! PTL! HALLELUJAH! TYL! THANK THE LORD, WE'RE GOING TO CARRY ON TILL THE END! He may destroy their power, but he can't destroy all of us, thank the Lord!--In Jesus' name, amen.
+ + +

       54. (MARIA: IT SEEMS LIKE AS FAST AS THINGS ARE GOING, IT CERTAINLY COULD NOW BE THE TRIBULATION, because in two more years even, you can certainly see how...)--He could have complete control! If this war carries on successfully against the Evangelicals, which is the last stage, "to destroy & scatter the power of the mighty & the holy people," he could be ready to take over by the end of the year, or next year! I'd say almost next year at the latest.
       55. AND THEY'RE ALL TALKING ABOUT THE CRASH NOW! They were all hush-hush on it before because they didn't want to scare people, but now all the commentators & economists & politicians & World leaders are warning that we're heading for a Crash! They talk about it as everything from a Recession to a Crash to a Depression, but they're all warning that if something doesn't happen, if they don't do thus, thus, thus & so, it's going to happen! One article I've got in the WND says, "But of course they won't do these things, so it will happen!"
       56. THEY'RE BROADCASTING IT, THEY'RE PUBLICISING IT NOW, & WARNING THE PEOPLE, BUT THEY'RE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT, NOTHING TO STOP IT! They're talking about doing something about it, but it's the judgements of God, so you know there's not going to be anything they can do to stop it! The World is headed for God's judgements, the judgements that it deserves for forsaking the Lord! One country after another forsook God, put God out, & now they're going to reap what they've sowed & suffer the consequences!
       57. AND OF COURSE, THAT WOULD BE THE IDEAL OPPORTUNITY FOR HIM TO TAKE OVER, to offer to solve all these problems--both the Economic Crash of the World & the war problem & the general political problem, by uniting the World into one World government where they're not fighting each other any more. Of course, some segments & sectors will continue to fight him, thank God, but he will control & he'll have the supreme power.
       58. IT'S SO CLOSE, IT COULD COME ABOUT SO QUICKLY & SO EASILY, I'M JUST EXPECTING IT EVERY DAY! I'm expecting to pick up the paper & read that it's begun to happen! It's already begun to happen, it's been happening, but I mean the final stages. And this holy war against the Evangelicals is one of the final stages! PTL!
       59. THEY'VE ALREADY GOT THE BIG ONES & THEY'VE LEFT THESE SO-CALLED SMALLER WEAKER ONES TILL LAST because they're really the most powerful spiritually, so they're finally attacking them. They're also the hardest to find, they're not the big outfits that are so prominent. They're in a sense sort of mopping up now.
       60. I BELIEVE THAT'S A REAL REVELATION! PTL! TYL! So we're nearing the End! "When he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished." This is his last attack!--Next comes the Crash & his AC Revelation, the Image, the Mark & the End! TTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family