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THE DREAM OF THE THREE SERPENTS!        6/87        DO 2329

       1. IN THIS DREAM, WE WERE OUT IN THE COUNTRY SOMEWHERE LIVING IN SOME SORT OF NATIVE HOUSE. It was definitely on the foreign field in some tropical foreign land. The scenery around was typical but it was cleared farmland, & not far from the house was this big swamp, beside which was a large field that had apparently been growing some kind of grain or perhaps rice or something. We were walking down a path that led from the farmhouse along the edge of this field, or across this field, & the swamp with all the weeds & swamp grass was on our left.
       2. WE HAD JUST PASSED THE BEGINNING OF THE CORNER OF THE SWAMP ON OUR LEFT WHEN I LOOKED AROUND & HERE CAME THIS BIG SNAKE, I would say it was at least as big around as my arm with his head slightly reared, & it was coming rapidly towards us! I quickly looked around for some kind of a weapon, a club or something to hit it with, & the only thing that seemed handy was a walking stick that I was carrying, sort of like a long staff. But it didn't seem to be at all big or thick enough to attack this big serpent that was at least 10 or 15 feet long!
       3. IT LOOKED LIKE A LARGE BOA CONSTRICTOR. As I recall, it was sort of a mottled black & green & brown, maybe some grey, but anyhow, it was a mottled colour, not any particularly distinct pattern from what I could see of it. It was coming rapidly towards us, slithering along the ground & sort of rippling in its movement as it came, sort of undulating, & it seemed to be coming directly towards us as if it was going to attack us!
       4. BUT WHILE I WAS STILL TRYING TO FIND SOMETHING BIGGER & HEAVIER THAT I KNEW WOULD BE MORE EFFECTIVE TO HIT HIM WITH, instead of attacking us, it just zoomed right on by us & never paid the slightest bit of attention to us! It went right on down across the cultivated field into a portion of the swamp beyond, like it wasn't even interested in us but was going on some urgent mission or errand & was in quite a hurry to get there! It never seemed to even give us a look.
       5. YOU CAN IMAGINE MY RELIEF WHEN THAT BIG SERPENT AS BIG AROUND AS MY ARM & 10 OR 15 FEET LONG ZOOMED RIGHT ON BY US! So we started walking on down the path in the same direction that the serpent had gone & I thought, "My oh my, if we're going to have creatures like that around here, I'd better be looking for a bigger staff or some bigger weapon!"
       6. SO AS I WAS LOOKING AROUND I SAW THIS FAIRLY LARGE POLE & I thought, "Well, that would be a good thing! If we have any more of these big serpents come by I could sure clobber them with that!" But just as I was about to go pick up this pole, from exactly the same point behind us at the edge of the swamp--& this point was, by the way, between us & the house, otherwise we probably would have run to the house--came another serpent! This one was much larger than the last one, at least as big around as my leg, & I have pretty big husky legs, & about 20 feet long at least! He was bearing down on us even more rapidly than the one before, coming straight at us down the same path that we had been walking!
       7. SO WE BEGAN TO RUN OFF THE PATH & OUT OF THE WAY OF THIS SERPENT & ON ACROSS THE FIELD, thinking we would maybe curve around & bypass him, take a detour around him & hope that maybe he wouldn't notice us. But I had the feeling that maybe he was just following the other serpent on his way in the same direction! Sure enough, he zoomed on past us even faster than the other one & never even gave us a second look, never even paid any attention to us whatsoever! But we were glad we'd gotten off of the path because he went right straight down the same path we had been walking on & disappeared into the swamp in exactly the same direction as the first serpent!
       8. WE DECIDED IT WAS ABOUT TIME TO GET OUT OF THIS FIELD & GO BACK TO THE HOUSE because I couldn't seem to find the right kind of weapon or a big enough stick or pole to clobber such a big serpent, whose head was bigger than my two fists, & the big one's head was about the size of a football! But I was thanking God that neither one of them seemed to be after us & were zooming down this path into the lower part of the swamp. They had come out of the upper part of the swamp & were cutting across the field on this path & heading back into the lower part of the swamp.
       9. BY THIS TIME WE WERE OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD WELL OFF OF THE PATH & HAD TURNED BACK TOWARDS THE HOUSE, & out of the very same corner of the swamp that the others had come from came this gigantic serpent bigger than any serpent I have ever seen in my whole life or in pictures or movies or anything! I remember distinctly how big he was, that he was just absolutely frightening, terrorising, terrifying! He was enormous! Let's see, what could I compare it to? Well, his head was about a foot-&-a-half wide, about a foot thick & about two feet long, & his body was also at least a foot-&-a-half wide & a foot thick, only this one was about 30 feet long & enormous & looked horrible! He was a monster! I mean, he really looked bad & evil!
       10. HE WAS COMING DOWN THAT PATH WITH HIS MOUTH PARTLY OPEN & HIS FANGS SHOWING, & it seemed like he was so enormous that he almost made the earth tremble underneath him! And I'll tell you, we were trembling! When we saw that one coming we really took off! We lit out for the house! But strangely enough, & to our amazement, although he seemed to be coming straight at us when he came out of the swamp, he, like the first two, zoomed right on by us without paying any attention to us whatsoever, except perhaps a side glance on his way, like he was in too big a hurry to stop for anything like us, & zoomed right on after the other two into that lower part of the swamp across the field!
       11. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A MONSTER, SUCH A SNAKE! Some of those pictures you've seen of dragons, especially the Chinese type of dragons, look more like this guy. And he was just enormous! He was going along that path undulating like snakes do, you know, sort of slithering, winding back & forth as they move. It's really a mystery how snakes move at all since they have no legs or feet. But he was just winding back & forth rapidly down that path & he was so big & huge & heavy we could almost feel the earth shake!
       12. BY THIS TIME WE HAD GOTTEN AS FAR OFF ON THE FIELD AS WE COULD, but he didn't pay a bit of attention to us, he just zoomed right on down the path into the swamp below. And we really took off for the house then! We thought, "My God! Maybe we haven't seen the biggest one yet!"
       13. SO WE RUSHED TO THE HOUSE & SLAMMED THE DOORS & SHUT THE NATIVE SHUTTERS & ALL & HID THERE ALMOST TERRIFIED, or frightened at least, & certainly scared that there might be more of these monsters coming out of the swamp! I remember looking at the door & thinking, "That flimsy door certainly wouldn't hold one of those monsters back! All he'd have to do is dart out his head & sock it & that door would go to pieces, so this house isn't very much protection!"
       14. I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT WHEN SUDDENLY I WOKE UP! Maybe it was the fright! So often in nightmares, you wake up at the scariest part, & I was just thinking what it would look like if he would come & dart out his head as snakes do to strike, they dart their head out very quickly, & if he would do that to that door, the door would go flying, so that little native farmhouse was no protection for us! I was thinking, "We'd better start looking for some stronger place of refuge, some better place to hide!"
       15. SO THEN I WOKE UP BUT IT WAS STILL VIVID, & IT'S STILL VIVID IN MY MIND NOW! I haven't the slightest idea what it means, except going by usual Biblical symbols, serpents are of course a type of Satanic forces, the Devil & his demons. But the strange thing about it was that not one of them seemed to be interested in us or attacking us! Usually the Devil & his crowd would have been after us, but apparently they were after bigger game, or they were running from something themselves that they were afraid of.
       16. I HAD THE FEELING THAT THEY WERE ALL GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION TO THE SAME PLACE FOR THE SAME REASON, that they were all on some kind of a mission or some kind of a journey to the same place to do something important which they considered more important than us. It was as though they were all going to attack whatever they were going to attack & that they didn't consider us very important or as important as what they were after.
       17. IN SOME WAYS IT ALMOST SEEMED THAT THE ONE WAS AFTER THE OTHER!--Like the middle-sized snake was after the first snake & like the big huge dragon snake was after both of the first two!--Or they were going to the same place to attack some other enemy or something, a mutual enemy. So I was just glad that they weren't after us & that we were able to get back to the house. But I was thinking, "Well, if they ever did decide to attack us, this house certainly wouldn't be any protection. We'd better find something stronger to be safe from them."
       18. SO I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT THE DREAM MEANS, ALTHOUGH IT WAS JUST LIKE ONE OF THOSE MESSAGE DREAMS. It was very strong & is still very vivid & it seems to me that it definitely must have some kind of significance. So maybe you've got the answer! Maybe the Lord will still give the interpretation to us.
       19. IT WAS OBVIOUS THAT THESE WERE THE FORCES OF THE ENEMY, SATANIC FORCES, BUT THEY WERE NOT AFTER US, they were after something that they seemed to think was more important to get to than us. Well, in some ways it reminds me that although some of our enemies have been after us, that perhaps now the Lord has given them bigger enemies & more to worry about than us, as He so often does. When our enemies were about to attack us, or were attacking us, He's distracted them with something else or somebody else or greater problems, things which were a greater threat.--Some political problems or natural disasters or threats from outside enemies or whatever. So these evil forces which it seems should have been after us, were being attracted by something they thought was more important, & therefore distracted from us & led away from us so they didn't attack us!
       20. NOW IF YOU CAN FIGURE ANY SITUATION THAT FITS, I'D BE GLAD TO HAVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS! But I had this sort of gut feeling after I woke up, "Well, thank You Lord, at least You've given our enemies something to be more worried about than us & You've distracted them & led them away from us to somewhere else. So at least they can leave us alone until we find a safer place for a refuge."
       21. SO WHATEVER THAT FITS I GUESS WE'LL HAVE SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! I was just very thankful because I definitely had a feeling that the Lord had led them away from us, distracted them from us & given them something more threatening to worry about so that they weren't pausing to pay any attention to us or attack us.--And that similar things have happened in which our enemies, while bent on attacking us, have actually been distracted away by something more serious & much worse than us, that they considered a greater danger & a greater threat than we are.
       22. IT'S SOMEWHAT SIMILAR TO WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN SOME PLACES WE HAVE BEEN BEFORE, where when the enemies were going to attack us, or began to attack us, the Lord distracted them with something far more serious & a greater threat to them--or what they thought was a greater threat--& led them away from us so that they ceased their attack on us & were distracted by some other event or enemies etc.
       23. IT WAS AT LEAST COMFORTING TO KNOW THAT THEY WEREN'T AFTER US & THAT WE HAD A CHANCE TO ESCAPE WHILE THEY WERE DRAWN IN ANOTHER DIRECTION. So may that always be true in all of our enemies' attacks, that God distracts them & draws them away from us or decoys them away so that we have a chance to escape. This has happened many times when enemies began attacks on us, or were aiming at us or planning to attack us, that God has given them something worse to worry about so that they've been distracted & drawn away from us as their main target.
       24. SO PRAISE THE LORD! IF THE ENEMIES LOOK LIKE THEY'RE AIMING AT YOU & ARE AFTER YOU & are going to gobble you up & are rushing towards you, just pray real hard & the Lord can give them something else to worry about so that they'll be turned aside & go some other direction! In this case, we turned aside & went another direction to get out of their way & they just kept on going, passed us altogether without even paying attention to us! So may you also be so protected & so delivered & perhaps find a place of better refuge than where you have been, if you need it. Praise the Lord! GBY all!
       25. JUST WHO THIS DREAM IS FOR, I DON'T KNOW.--MAYBE IN SOME WAYS IT'S FOR ALL OF US. But whatever you do, really pray when you see the Enemy headed your way! I'll tell you, we started praying, but I also started looking for something to sock him with! It's a good idea to have something to fight with, & of course a stick or a rod is symbolic of the Word, the Sword of the Spirit! We were really seeking the Lord & praying desperately as we tried to get out of the way of these serpents.--And we did! We struck off the beaten path & across the field & we got out of the way, & they kept on going right down the path we had been walking on, zooming down fast, apparently after something better than we.
       26. SO, PRAISE THE LORD! ALWAYS SEEK THE LORD & ASK THE LORD FOR HIS WILL, WHAT TO DO & WHICH WAY TO GO! I couldn't find a heavy enough weapon, & apparently this was not the time to stand up & fight, it was the time to flee & escape, because apparently we didn't have any weapon that was big enough.
       27. THE WORD OF GOD IS QUICK & POWERFUL & SHARPER THAN ANY TWO-EDGED SWORD & IT'S A BIG WEAPON, but in some cases, you might say just the plain naked Word can't exactly save you or spare you from the Enemy! Although you can quote it & you can fling it in his face, sometimes discretion is the better part of valour, & he who fights & runs away lives to fight another day! It's better to get off the main track & out of his way & let him go on & fight somebody else instead of just deliberately standing in his way & trying to fight him back!
       28. IT'S SIMILAR TO WHAT SOME OF OUR FOLKS DID IN THE PHILIPPINES: When they saw it was going to be a head-on collision with the System & an all-out battle & warfare with the law, they simply decided to step aside & let the law zoom on by while they found greener pastures & safer quarters, so that, thank the Lord, they escaped!
       29. SO IT'S SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN THINK & PRAY ABOUT & DEFINITELY SEEK THE LORD'S WILL IN YOUR CASE, WHATEVER IT MAY BE. If you can't find a big enough weapon to clobber & totally defeat your enemies with, then it's better to circumvent them & step aside & let them zoom on by after others while you get out of their way & try to find a safer haven.
       30. SO, PRAISE THE LORD! ONE OF THESE DAYS, THANK THE LORD, WE'RE GOING TO ZOOM OUT OF THEIR WAY ENTIRELY & FIND A SAFE HAVEN IN HEAVEN! It won't be long now! God bless & keep you all until Jesus comes! Amen! And then He's going to keep you forever! Thank the Lord! I love you! Lord bless & keep us all!--Out of the way of the Enemy!
       31. P.S. YOU KNOW, THE THING THAT COMES TO ME ABOUT WHAT THOSE SERPENTS WERE DOING, they were so busy setting up the Antichrist Kingdom they couldn't be bothered with us! It was sort of like all of a sudden we weren't important. They couldn't be delayed by fooling around with us. (Maybe the TV Evangelists & Fundamentalists?)

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