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MORE ON MAMA'S EYES!--Read Less & Talk More! --Mama Letters!        DO 2333 8/87

       1. I WAS PRAYING ABOUT YOUR EYES THIS MORNING & YOU KNOW WHAT CAME TO ME?: THAT THE LORD WANTS YOU TO TALK MORE! Maybe if you'll obey the Lord He'll heal your eyes. Get your tape recorder & just talk into it. Don't have any talks with anybody on the intercom or in person without having it recorded, just like you do with me.
       2. THE PROPHECY SAID YOU'VE BEEN LEANING ON THE ARM OF FLESH. (See "Prayer & Answer for Mama's Eyes", #2332) I think maybe that means you've been leaning on your eyes too much & reading everybody else's material, letters, reports etc. & making that most of your work instead of leaning on the inspiration of the Lord in pouring out to the Family in recorded talks. You do give a lot of counsel to Peter & Sara & others, & it's inspired, but you're failing to record it.--And I think the Lord is angry about it! I have told you many times before that you write very well, you talk very well, but you have neglected to record it. That's where your sin has been!
       3. IT'S JUST PRIDE, PLAIN PRIDE! The Lord never gave me much until I finally gave up & just rattled off whatever came, & that was it. (Maria: I know it's pride, but I also genuinely feel bad that I can't make myself clear & I have to do so much editing on what I say to make it understandable.)
       4. YOU'VE BEEN LEANING ON YOUR EYES & YOU'VE BEEN LEANING ON THEM TOO MUCH & making that the excuse that you haven't got time for talking because you have so much to read. Now the Lord wants you to start putting out!
       5. I GOT THAT JUST AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING THIS MORNING WHEN I WAS PRAYING ABOUT YOUR EYES. I mean, it just came so clear. It's just like I said, "Lord, Lord, why would You afflict her eyes so much when she needs to read so much?" It was almost like the Lord said, "I don't want her to read so much, I want her to talk more!" (Maria: Yes, I guess I'm really confident in reading & passing counsel on to Peter, but certainly not in making myself clear to everyone else.)
       6. I'VE HEARD YOU RATTLE ON TALKING BY THE HOUR! You spend a lot of your time talking. You go out & talk for hours to Peter & other people around, personal conferences, & you don't record them. So they're not getting recorded, they're not getting published, they're not getting read by the people & therefore they're really losing out. You're withholding from the people! "He that withholdeth, it tendeth to poverty."--Pro.11:24.--And in this case it is tending to poverty of eyesight!
       7. HE'S PROMISED BECAUSE YOU'VE BEEN HUMBLED BY THIS WEAKENED CONDITION THAT HE'LL SAVE YOU & MANY MANY OTHERS WITH YOU. Do you know how that will happen?--By the things that are going to come out of your dictation & your recordings! (Maria: Yes, I wondered what that meant, I couldn't figure it out before.)
       8. QUIT THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF! THINK ABOUT THE LORD! You've got to have the faith that He's giving it! That's what I've had to have all these years. You just have to trust the Lord that He is giving it, & give it & pass it on, or you're withholding from the people! (Maria: I have the faith that He is giving it, but it's my poor presentation that messes up what He gives.) Forget about your damned presentation! Trust the Lord! It's better to even get it said poorly than not at all!

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