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PRAYER FOR ROY WALLIS!        DO 2334        6/87

       (The following are letters from Roy Wallis, Dean of Psychology, Queens University, Ireland, a long-time friend, with Dad's underlining, comments & replies:)        DO 2334        7 February 1987

Dear Mo,
       It has been such a long time since I really heard from the Family, only the most formal of communications for four or five years. So much must have happened in all that time that it is hard for me even to imagine how everything is going for you all now. On the floor by me now, & in my filing cabinet, are the fruits of several years of research on the Family. I was greatly privileged to receive so much from you all over the years, & these materials enabled me to gain an unequalled insight into the Family among outsiders.
       I realise that you have been disappointed that I have not yet received the Lord. I fear I am too much a creature of the head to be able to take that step, but who knows what the future may bring. As you will know, Dad, God may still use me as His instrument even though I have not yet received Him. I believe that I have a part to play in the Family's history as its earthly recorder & interpreter to those who scoff & condemn.
       My book still awaits completion. How can it be completed without recording what has transpired over the past few years? Would you not wish that history to be conveyed by a sympathetic & sensitive observer? I believe that I can still perform a useful service if you will let me. After these many years apart could we not try once again to recover our former closeness? I would be glad to finish my book & offer the world a complete & honest account of the Family & its changes. Bring me back into contact, Dad, so that my work can be completed.
       Write soon & bring me back in.

       Yours ever,

(Dad to Office:)
       Please send him the latest pubbed Stats.--These should bring him up to date!--Ha!--And how about a buncha Posters or a Poster Book--& some Tapes?--Maybe even the new testimonial "Rave" Booklet? ("Miracles of Love")--Maybe they'll do'm some good!--He's a tough nut, but still on the line!--"Give to him that asketh thee."--Ha!--How can I refuse? Just say they were sent at my personal request.--Tx!--Love, D.
14 May 1987

Dear World Service Family,
       Thank you for your April letter & the enclosures. I have read these with great interest & much enjoyed the cassettes. I was particularly pleased to receive the Worldwide Stats! It is amazing how you continue to thrive against all adversity. This information will be a great help to me. But in order to tell the full story, I need to know more about what has been happening these past three years or so. For example, I need to understand the reasons for the increase in home size & what this has meant. I need to know what Mo has been saying & doing; to learn about his view of the Endtime now that 1986 has passed, apparently without the emergence of a new world leader in the role of the Antichrist. I need to know how he understands the AIDS problem & how that has affected life in the Family, FFing & sharing. My work would be obviously incomplete to any outside reader if I were not able to discuss these issues.
       Would it not be possible to make available Mo's letters & other internal material again? It must be obvious how seriously I take Mo's words, & my respect for them. The Family is such an important phenomenon that it deserves the best history & description it can get. People who are not attached to the Family in some way will pay little attention to your own writings, except for those with whom you form a relationship. My work can reach many of these people, & show them what the Family is really about. But they will only take my work seriously if I can answer all those questions above, & many more, that only access to Mo's letters & other internal materials will enable me to answer. I am in a better position than almost any other outsider to do the Family justice, because no one whose writing in this field is respected has had such a long & close acquaintance with the Family. I have been in contact with the Family since 1974, hardly anyone has stayed by you so long, even among your own TRFers! (Dad: I'm sorry, but you're wrong about that!--See our Age Stats!) If I once again had access to TRF materials, I could complete the best book ever about the Family, & give your work & way of life, your struggles over the years to live as you believe that God intends, publicity in circles that you may find it very hard to reach except for occasional converts. Would that not be the best tithe to God that I could conceivably give?
       I am sorry to bother Mo again, but one of the most prodigal of sons is still looking to return to the bosom of his Family. Will you slaughter the fatted calf & welcome him home, or will you send him off again into the wilderness with rules & reasons? What do you say, Mo? No one outside the Family who will be listened to by the rest of the world will treat your work & words more seriously than me. Let me back into the privilege of reading those words, hearing completely about your work, & even visiting your Homes. It's a gamble, of course, but you were never afraid of taking a risk if you thought it was God's Will.
       Let me hear from you soon...with a welcome, Dad. I'll be waiting.

       Yours ever,

(Dad's Reply handwritten at bottom of Roy's letter:)

       Dear Roy,
       I'm glad you received the materials, & will try to find some more you'd be interested in.--Yes, the Family has grown more & more, steadily & solidly, in spite of our lying enemies. But this work is of God, so "no man can stand against it"! If you'll study the Stats, I think you'll find most of the answers. The doubling of Home sizes is due to stronger Homes on the mission fields, as you can see that two-thirds of us are now in the South, nearly half in the East & only 21% left in North America & Europe!--So our ministry has been very fruitful in the 3rd World. We have also been publishing more every year, winning more & growing more, including large Families with many teens now. In fact, our "Teens for Christ" now have grandchildren! I've been writing more than ever, & we're expecting the A.C. soon. As you know, the World Economy is already crashing, the Dollar has collapsed as I said it would--54% in only a year!--Thank God we dumped our Dollars over a year ago!--And God has blessed us more than ever financially!--The more we give to Missions, the more He gives us to give'm!--You'd find it very profitable to give!--Ha! We have no more minimum Tithes as long as it's 10%--Ha!--We'll try to send you a list of our Books you might be interested in--maybe you'd at least like to buy'm?--Ha!--We hope you'll be a bit kinder in the future than you have been in some of your writings of the past.--Thanks!--D.

       PRAYER FOR ROY WALLIS!        DO 2334        6/87

       1. "IF THIS THING BE OF MAN IT WILL COME TO NOUGHT, BUT IF IT BE OF GOD NO MAN CAN STAND AGAINST IT!"--Acts 5:38.--And it is of the Lord, even Roy Wallis has to admit that! He's amazed how we've survived. (Maria: Yes, but he still doesn't give God the credit for it, he thinks it's all your doing.) How do you know that? (Maria: Because he virtually has said that in his articles. He said the Family has made so much progress because you're a manipulative genius & an expert in financial & personnel management. He didn't give the Lord any credit at all!)
       2. I DON'T CARE, HONEY. FOR SOME REASON I LOVE HIM, MY HEART GOES OUT TO HIM! I almost weep for him, I really do! (Maria: I'm glad you have love for him, maybe that'll bring him through.) I really do. If the Lord is going to answer my prayers, He is going to save him. If my prayers can liberate Tchaikovsky & all those sailors, then why can't they liberate Roy Wallis? (Maria: Well, if you're praying for him & have got a burden for him, then I can have faith for him too!) I've always prayed for him & I've always had a burden for him. I was terribly disappointed when the girls in Tenerife didn't win him to the Lord. (Maria: Well, they tried & he outright rejected it. He said he doesn't want to be saved. It's not that they didn't try to win him.)
       3. HE'S A DOUBTING THOMAS, HONEY, HE HAS TO HAVE PROOF, & I AM THE PROOF! I am the living proof, & the Family is the living proof! He's resisting it, but maybe on his deathbed he'll yield. There's always hope. (Maria: Yes, but after how much damage?) Where there's life there's hope! I wouldn't say that everything he's done has damaged us by any means. He's written a lot of good stuff about us. I didn't like some of it, but most of it was pretty good, from the worldly standpoint & the psychologist's standpoint & all that.
       4. HONEY, I CAN'T HELP IT, I LOVE HIM! I've prayed for him & I don't want to talk about it or I'll cry! (Maria: Well, I'm glad you love him, that's encouraging. That makes me feel better!) My heart really goes out to him & I really want to help him, & I've tried! (Maria: You certainly have been patient with him!)
       5. HONEY, HE'S FASCINATED BY ME! He doesn't know what makes me tick & he's trying to find out. He's like the snake fascinated by the Snake Charmer! I believe maybe some day Nigel will be saved. He had the witness. (See "The Snake Charmer", ML #557.) He had the witness & he had the sample, & so has Roy Wallis. Roy's trying to understand it with his mind, but Honey, the Lord is very very compassionate.
       6. ROY WALLIS IS A SEEKER, A GENUINE SEEKER, BUT HE'S A DOUBTER. He's a sceptic, he's agnostic, but he is a seeker. He just wants to see it, he wants to see you prove it to him. (Maria: He can't even see it when it's right there in front of his face!) Honey, with some people it takes time. It takes time! (Maria: Yes, but how much time do you have to give people?) Forever, Honey, forever! He's probably one of those that will have to be on the surface of the Earth & his wounds healed with the Leaves of the Tree of Life.--Rev.22:2.
       7. HONEY, DO YOU BELIEVE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY? (Maria: Well, I believe that even bad publicity can be used by the Lord!) All right, so even if he gives us bad publicity, at least it's publicity! It's publishing the Glad Tidings! Whether he believes it or not, at least he's got to publish it. He's got to say what we believe!
       8. HE KNOWS THAT I WOULDN'T HAVE EVEN WRITTEN THAT LITTLE NOTE TO HIM ON THE END OF HIS LETTER IF I DIDN'T LOVE HIM! He can't help but feel my love! He can't help but feel the Lord's Love through me, my patience & my forgiveness. He can't help but know it, he wants to know it, he wants to feel it, & I love him. I can't help it, the Lord has given me a love...
       9. (TONGUES:) "YOUR FATHER'S HEART LONGS FOR THIS WAYWARD SON, this prodigal, who himself deems himself a prodigal far from the Father's house. But some day he will come again & know that his Father loves him & that he is loved of the Father. He will come. He will come because I love him!"
       10. SO I KNOW THAT JESUS LOVES HIM! So don't you discourage me! I believe! I believe God will give him to me because I want him & I love him & he needs us! He's a seeker!--He's just a sceptic, agnostic, he needs proof. He needs proof. He's amazed already at our survival! Really, he's still hungry. He wants to know, he wants to believe. He's like the man who said, "Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!"--Mark 9:24. He wants to believe, he's trying to believe. Jesus help him!
       11. HONEY, IF I HADN'T HAD FAITH FOR THE HIPPIES I NEVER EVER COULD HAVE DONE IT! They were to me the most horrible, awful, obnoxious, disgusting, ridiculous creatures I'd ever seen! But the Lord gave me a love for them & a compassion for them, faith for them that they could be saved! Even Dave Wilkerson didn't have the faith that hippies could be saved, but I did, because the Lord told me! The Lord told me that they were as hungry sheep having no shepherd, & the Lord proved it, the Lord did it in spite of Dave Wilkerson's unbelief & hard attitude.
       12. I LOVE ROY WALLIS & YOU KNOW IT, LORD, & I REALLY AM BURDENED FOR HIM! I yearn for his soul, Lord, in Jesus' name! Please, give him to me, in the Name of Jesus! Give me the soul of Roy Wallis, Lord! Rebuke his doubts & fears! Rebuke his unbelief & scepticism & logical reasoning & psychology & all of it, Lord! Put him in such a position, Lord, that he will be desperate, & open his heart & bypass his mind, Lord, to know that it's a miracle, it's something that's miraculous, it's You, Jesus! Open his heart, Lord! Destroy his reason & his psychology & his scepticism, Lord, his agnosticism, in Jesus' name!
       13. YOU COULD DO IT, LORD! YOU COULD DO IT, IN JESUS' NAME! We know You're going to do it, Lord, because I love him!--And I want him, Lord! I want him for You, Jesus, I want him to know You & love You, in Jesus' name! I want him, Lord! I love him, Lord! I want You to save him, Lord! In the Name of Jesus, please help!
       14. I'M NEVER GIVING UP ON HIM, LORD! I tried to, Lord, but You never let me, because he is going to come! He is going to come like the Prodigal, Lord, when all of his other resources have failed him. When everything else has failed him, Lord, & he is in the swinepen trying to eat husks, You're going to remind him, Lord, that the Father loves him & he can return to the Father's house for love & food & faith, in Jesus' name!
       15. I LOVE HIM, LORD! I WANT THE SOUL OF ROY WALLIS, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Lord God, I ask Thee for Jesus' sake, my sake, in Jesus' name, to give me the soul of Roy Wallis, the psychologist, Lord!--That he may believe with his heart & not worry about his mind, Lord. In the Name of Jesus, give me his soul! Give me the soul of Roy Wallis, in the Name of Jesus! Give me the soul of Roy Wallis! In the Name of Jesus, Lord, I claim it right now! Give me the soul of Roy Wallis! In the Name of Jesus, You promised, Lord, that "with God nothing shall be impossible!" & "All things are possible to him that believeth!"--Luke 1:37, Mark 9:23.
       16. HE CANNOT ESCAPE, LORD, BECAUSE I LOVE HIM! YOU LOVE HIM! You gave me this love for him, Lord. Give me the soul of Roy Wallis, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! He cannot escape, Lord! He cannot escape Thy Love, Thy power, Thy Spirit, my love! I ask You, Lord, right now for the soul of Roy Wallis, the psychologist!
       17. BYPASS HIS INTELLECT! BYPASS HIS REASONING, LORD! Bypass his education. Come down to his heart, Lord! Do something that will cause him to get desperate, Lord, some disease or accident or family trouble or financial trouble or whatever, Lord, to cause him to get desperate, to need help, ask for help, pray for help that I may have his soul, in the Name of Jesus!
       18. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED, LORD! YOU WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! You cannot fail, Lord! I claim the soul of Roy Wallis, in the name of Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       19. REMEMBER THE STORY ABOUT THAT FAMOUS INFIDEL WHO WAS LISTENING TO THAT FAMOUS WOMAN PROPHETESS PREACH? She'd been praying for him & asking God for his soul. He was sitting in his carriage listening to her preach, & she sensed he was there & she lifted up her fist & she said, "I have here the soul of this man!", & she called him by name. She said, "Who is bidding for his soul? I hear bids for his soul! The Devil is bidding & offering wealth, position, fame & all of these things. Do I hear another bidder?--Yes!--Jesus Christ is bidding for his soul, offering him love, peace, happiness, Salvation & Heaven! To whom will go thy soul?" And she gave his name. He leaped out of his carriage & ran up before her & threw himself down on his knees & he said, "My soul goes to Jesus Christ! He is the highest Bidder!" My God! That's such a beautiful story! It always impressed me as a boy. Here's a man whose soul is being offered.--The Devil is bidding & Jesus is bidding.
       20. JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! IN THE NAME OF JESUS I CLAIM THE SOUL OF ROY WALLIS FOR THY GLORY, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! Nothing is impossible with You, Lord! "All things are possible to him that believeth!" In the Name of Jesus I claim this precious soul who has been fascinated with us, Lord, for many years. He's absolutely hypnotised by the Snake Charmer! He's hypnotised, Lord, he's charmed, he can't get away!--And You're going to win him, Lord!
       21. I LOVE HIM, LORD! I REALLY LOVE HIM, & IN A WAY HE LOVES ME! He doesn't know why, but he is charmed. He's charmed, Lord, & You're going to win him, Lord, in Jesus' name, because I love him, Lord! Even if he hates us or betrays us or whatever he does, Lord, I still love him, even like You loved & saved Judas, Lord.--In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord!
       22. GOD LOVES HIM! I LOVE HIM! I CANNOT FORSAKE HIM. I have to help him. I have to help him. I have to give him things to help him believe.--In Jesus' name. Thank You Lord!
       23. AMEN. SUCH IS THE LOVE OF GOD, TECHI, THAT KNOWS NO LIMITS! His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting & He can save anyone who will finally yield to Him! Praise the Lord? We're talking about Roy Wallis, Sweetheart. He's a very outstanding psychologist. He's a Doctor of Psychology at a famous University in Ireland. He's fascinated with us! He's been fascinated with us for 13 years, since 1974, & he's written books about us. (Techi: Good books?) Well, good & bad.
       24. HE CAME CLEAR DOWN TO TENERIFE TO SEE US! He's fascinated. He's like a serpent with a snake charmer. Did you ever read that Letter, "The Snake Charmer"? (ML#557) I love him & the Lord loves him, & the Lord is going to win him! He's written books about us. (Techi: Does he not like you?) Oh, he loves me, he really loves me, he really does.--And he's fascinated by me!
       25. WELL, HE DOESN'T REALLY UNDERSTAND & HE DOESN'T ACCEPT THE SPIRITUAL, so the books he writes are psychological, very brainy & all this kind of stuff. (Maria: He doesn't give God any kind of credit for anything, he thinks it's all man. He thinks Grandpa did the whole thing.) See, he believes in me, but he doesn't believe in God. See? (Techi: But it doesn't really work that way?) No, but God is going to win him!
       26. HE BELIEVES IN ME, & GOD'S WORD SAYS, "IF THEY RECEIVE YOU, THEY RECEIVE ME."--Mat.10:40. I love him! I really love him & I want him for the Lord because he really needs the Lord & he is searching. I believe the Lord is going to give me Roy Wallis because I love him, & it must be because the Lord loves him because he really needs the Lord!--In Jesus' name, Lord!
       27. (TECHI: DOES MOMMY LOVE HIM?) (Maria: Yes, I love him if Grandpa loves him. But I just had to hear that Grandpa really had the faith for him.) Well, I think maybe she loves him now. (Maria: If Grandpa has the faith for him, then I have the faith for him. If Grandpa really loves & prays for him then I have the faith for him too.) (Techi: Did he not want to get saved?) (Maria: He said he didn't want to get saved & he didn't believe in God.) He's a sceptic. He's agnostic. He's like doubting Thomas. He's got to see it, got to have proof, so I am going to give it to him! I'm going to give it to him! Thank You Jesus!
       28. I PRAYED FOR HIM & I KNOW THE LORD IS GOING TO ANSWER! (To Techi:) Will you pray for him too? He's not just one professor, but he's head of a whole department of professors who teach psychology! If he gets saved, his testimony would be terrific! He might get lots of professors saved, & lots of students too! Wouldn't that be wonderful? If he got saved it would be a powerful testimony amongst all those smart people!
       29. HE MIGHT START WRITING ARTICLES ABOUT HOW HE GOT SAVED & CHANGED & HEALED & HIS LIFE WAS MADE DIFFERENT BY THE LORD, in those big hoity-toity intellectual circles of big brains & big minds & psychologists & professors & deans of universities! That would be a terrific testimony! I want him! I want his soul for Jesus! So will you pray for Roy Wallis? I'd like to hear you pray for him.
       30. (TECHI: TYL! PYJ! WE REALLY PRAY FOR ROY WALLIS THAT YOU WOULD HELP HIM TO FIND YOU, LORD, & be able to get saved so it can be a testimony, Lord, for all the other professors & students.)--The whole University! The whole country!--All Ireland! (Techi: And please help him to be able to read the Letters & get saved by them, Lord, & help him to tithe, Lord, so that he can get even more Letters.)--And be blessed! Amen!--In Jesus' name. And most of all be what? (Techi: Saved!)--Get saved & be a witness & save many others, in Jesus' name, Lord! I have asked for the soul of Roy Wallis, Lord, & I believe You're going to give him to me, in Jesus' name, amen!
       31. HALLELUJAH! TYL! I SEE HIM REALLY HAPPY, GRINNING & MEETING ME & GREETING ME IN HEAVEN, thanking me & loving me & throwing his arms around me & kissing me, so thankful that we prayed for him & got him saved!

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