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GOD'S PETS!        DO 2344        9/87
(Dad, Mama & Peter get together for a business meeting:)

       1. SO, WHAT PROBLEMS DO WE HAVE? DO WE HAVE ANY?--We don't seem to have any financially, thank the Lord! We're getting our pubs out, they're coming through all right. Our work is not too difficult, thank the Lord! He hasn't given us more than we've been able to bear yet. If we'd known how much we were going to do in the beginning, we might have given up ahead of time, thinking we could never do all that! But the Lord just kept piling it on us bit by bit, straw by straw, & so far we haven't come to the last straw! We're not at this moment having any particular big persecution problems either, thank the Lord! He always gives us little rest periods between battles!

       2. I THINK ONE OF OUR GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS IS THAT WE'RE DOING WELL WITH OUR TEENAGERS! Most of the churches lose their teenagers. You see very few teenagers in most churches except those that are dragged in by their parents by the hair of the head! How much did you go to church after you got to be your own boss? (Peter: After I was 14 or 15, I never went to church. I'd leave the house & pretend to, but I'd just go to a restaurant instead!)--Ha!
       3. I THINK THAT'S TRUE OF MOST TEENAGERS: THEY'RE THE HARDEST GROUP TO REACH BY CHURCHES! They've gotten disillusioned & sceptical, & of course with schools today teaching Evolution & being so anti-God, I presume it's even worse now! Look at the kind of products they're turning out today! But teenagers have always been the most difficult group to reach, & I think we've done very well with our teenagers. In some cases, I think we've had a harder time keeping the parents than the children! (Maria: Actually, some of them may be problem cases, but we've had very few teens that have actually backslidden.)
       4. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT THOSE KIDS WHO'VE BACKSLIDDEN: Just like a lot of our adult backsliders, they'll rue the day, & some day it's very likely they'll come back again.--Especially the teens. When they see how bad the World is & how rough it is, they're going to look back & know that they had Heaven on Earth in our Homes! "The way of the transgressor is hard!" (Pro.13:15), I know from personal experience! I'll tell you, once I got out of God's Will, I surely knew it, & I surely regretted it, & that was several times.
       5. THANK THE LORD, I DON'T THINK I'VE GOTTEN OUT OF GOD'S WILL SINCE WE'VE BEGUN THE FAMILY! That's one thing the Family's done for me! For one thing, Mama won't let me! PTL! I've had my ups & downs & my faults & weaknesses, but I've survived, thank the Lord!--And I think each time you win the victory & survive, you get even stronger & better, thank the Lord!

       6. I WENT THROUGH A LOT OF TRIALS & PROBLEMS & FEARS! I think I've been through enough to drive anybody to drink, especially with worrying about it in the night & not being able to go to sleep & all. That's no excuse, but at least I think the Lord has now given me the victory over that! (Maria: You're doing so good, Honey, it's wonderful! TYL!) PTL!
       7. I JUST DECIDED IT WASN'T WORTH IT, SO I QUIT! I still drink a little at night, but not like I used to. I've set pretty much a limit & that's it! The Lord wanted me to fight the battle, that's what He said, & win the victory myself.--Of course, with all His help & the Family's prayers & everything else. But I had to make the decision, I had to make the choice, in order to strengthen me. If He'd done some kind of a miracle & just taken it away, I don't think it would have done me any good. He wanted me to fight & do it, & thereby be strengthened!
       8. I'VE HEARD OF PEOPLE WHO SMOKED CIGARETTES & GOD JUST TOOK AWAY THE APPETITE or made them sick every time they pulled out a cigarette & that sort of thing, but He didn't do that for me! I think I was sort of hoping for that kind of a miracle, but He wanted me to gain strength of character & strength of determination to get the victory! PTL!

       9. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING A BUSINESS MEETING OF SORTS, BUT WE'RE HAVING A MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY! We're sitting here trying to think of any problems we might have, but we're having a hard time thinking of any, the Lord's been so good to us! It shows we must be doing something right & what the Lord wants us to do!
       10. I REMEMBER WHEN WORKING WITH MY FOLKS OR WITH ANY OTHER GOSPEL PREACHERS OR MINISTERS OF ANY KIND, MONEY WAS THEIR BIGGEST PROBLEM! They were always trying to think of ways to beg & raise money & always having money problems, they never seemed to have enough money!
       11. BUT THE LORD HAS REALLY BLESSED US FINANCIALLY, enabling us to get out many pubs & have TTCs & other meetings in several countries! So money is not one of our problems, TTL!--It has been sometimes in the past, we've had a few trials, but not much. I think the worst one was the RNR when things kind of flip-flopped, but that was necessary too. It taught us how to handle things & organise things so we wouldn't have that problem any more--especially no longer having to depend on the Chain, who were gobbling up most of it! So all of these things have worked together for good, even the problems! TTL! We got rid of the Chain & rid of a lot of dead weight, & picked up some good heavy weights! PTL!

       12. SO, PTL! YOU CAN'T THINK OF ANY QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS? Do you think we're on the right track as far as coming up with guidelines to deal with the AIDS danger?
       13. SOME OF OUR HOMES I THINK HAVE BEEN DEPENDING TOO HEAVILY ON NOT REALLY FFING, BUT "PLAY FOR PAY", & I think that's going to cure them of that, because we're virtually banning all outside sex with unknown persons!
       14. BUT OF COURSE, AS MY MOTHER USED TO SAY, YOU CAN NEVER LEGISLATE RIGHTEOUSNESS, you can never make enough laws to make people righteous & good & obey etc. Those that want to be naughty will be naughty & disobey; but those that want to be good will do their best to try to keep the rules!
       15. I'LL TELL YOU, THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T KEEP THE RULES WILL PAY!--Just like the Sodomites are paying now. I've just seen on a news video where the AIDS virus can almost metamorphosize or mutate with other genes & change so rapidly that even if they should find a vaccine or any kind of a cure for one type of AIDS, the AIDS itself is changing from year to year!
       16. SEE, THE LORD IS NOT GOING TO LET THEM FIND A CURE! Those who deserve it are going to get their punishment whether they like it or not!--Although they're now spending billions to try to find a cure, governments as well as private pharmaceuticals etc. They know that they could make a killing if they'd ever find something, but they just can't find it! There's no way!
       17. I DON'T THINK THE LORD IS GOING TO ALLOW THEM TO FIND IT! I think this is the beginning of the final judgements, final curses, the final plagues! I think anybody who doesn't obey these rules we're setting down is going to suffer for it! The sad part about it is they always bring down others with them, cause others to suffer with them, because they may contract it too.
       18. I WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY SCARED TO DEATH TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SOMEBODY NEW WHO WE DIDN'T KNOW THEIR WHOLE HISTORY, their sex history & who they were & where they came from & what's been their sex experience!
       19. THE SCIENTISTS THEMSELVES SAY THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT, AS SOME PEOPLE SEEM TO BE COMPLETELY IMPERVIOUS TO AIDS!--Even though they have an AIDS mate. There are some who just don't catch it, & I'm sure that must be the Lord! Maybe some man got AIDS, but hasn't given it to his wife because maybe she's a Christian. So I'm expecting the Lord to protect us as much as possible, but I think we should take all the precautions we possibly can! If we obey & do our best to protect ourselves, if we will do what we can do, I'm sure the Lord will do His best to do what we can't do. So that's the way I feel about it.
       20. IF SOMEONE SHOULD GIVE THEIR LIFE FOR IT OR HAVE TO DIE FOR IT, WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! "Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends!"--John 15:13. Even if the Lord should allow anyone to get it & die of it, they'll just get There before we do! It's no sacrifice really, except that it's perhaps a sad way to die. But I don't think the Lord would let any of us die of that unless we have really transgressed His rules & maybe have done something to deserve it.

       21. PRAISE THE LORD FOR GOOD HEALTH! I have a few little afflictions, this & that, but I think for my age I'm in pretty good health! I'm almost 70 & I'm still feeling good & active, active sexually as well, & doing pretty good for my age! I don't have any really serious ailments of any kind now. The Lord has miraculously healed me through the Family's prayers. PTL! I have a little pain in my thumb sometimes, just a little pain in the joint that makes it a little hard for me to write, but it's not unbearable.
       22. AND THE LORD HEALED ME COMPLETELY OF THE PROBLEM WITH MY KNEE! It hasn't bothered me, in spite of having the same bad weather that used to cause it. I used to wake up in the morning after it being inactive all night and it was so stiff and painful, I couldn't even bend it! I had to hop around like a cripple for the first hour or so before it finally got loosened up. And I had a similar pain in my foot, a little touch of rheumatism or arthritis or whatever they call it, inflammation of the joints, & it's always where I've had an old injury. They say that that's what those things usually attack, an old injury, some weak spot. But they don't hurt me much most of the time!
       23. MY AUNT ELLEN HAD REAL BAD ARTHRITIS IN SAN FRANCISCO, where it is so damp with all that fog & everything, so every winter she went down to Tucson, & she never had a bit of it there! She was completely free of it, due to the dryness & the warmth & all.--Otherwise, she could hardly even stand to live through a San Francisco winter!
       24. BUT WHAT LITTLE THINGS I HAVE ARE TINY LITTLE THINGS COMPARED TO WHAT I COULD HAVE! Remember that bad cough I used to have that just hung on & hung on, after I had that bad sickness? I told Mama I thought maybe I'd caught TB! The Devil really tries to discourage you about some of these things, & scare you & make you think it's something really serious! Maybe it was! But I don't have that any more, thank the Lord! I still have little things, but they're just little tiny things that don't bother me.
       25. I HARDLY EVER HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY THROAT ANY MORE EITHER!--Only if I do something stupid like drink water & then do something that makes it slosh out & get in my windpipe, then I cough to get the water out. I still have to watch out about my eating, but I'm eating & enjoying it now! I eat almost everything! They just have to grind the meat for me, that's about all, & of course, I don't try to eat raw carrots or anything crazy like that. I can even eat nuts! I often eat several mouthfuls of nuts at night when it's late & I'm a little bit hungry & I don't want to bother anybody to fix me something to eat. The nuts are right there & they go down great! Of course, I'm careful to chew them up thoroughly & make sure I don't try to swallow any big whole nuts or any big pieces.
       26. I THINK THE LORD HAS HELPED ME TO OVERCOME THE FEAR THAT SOMETIMES USED TO BRING IT ON, just even the fear that it was going to get stuck. "I feared a fear & it would come upon me" (Job 3:25), because just the fear would cause a tightening in my throat. They say sometimes fear will cause acute indigestion. I think now a lot of those times when I was a kid & people used to complain of acute indigestion like something was stuck in their gullet, maybe it was, due to that stricture.
       27. THE FOLKS COOK ME ALL KINDS OF GOOD THINGS NOW & I EAT THEM WITH A RELISH! I'm having less problem right now than ever, right, Mama? (Mama: Yes Sir, it's wonderful!) I'm getting better all the time! I hardly ever gag any more, it's the rarest thing, & usually it's when I get a little careless & forget to chew my food well enough, & suddenly it will just kind of balk. But I don't think I've even had it happen once a month, have I, Mama?--Maybe once every 2 or 3 months it will catch, & usually then it's because I'm careless or ate something I shouldn't have.
       28. THE LORD'S BEEN GOOD TO ME!--AND HE'S CERTAINLY ANSWERED THE FAMILY'S PRAYERS FOR ME! I'm actually feeling better now & getting along better and having less problems & less afflictions than ever! As Cooney said, "Every day in every way I'm getting better & better!" That was his philosophy. He taught you to stand in front of the mirror every morning while you're shaving & say to yourself, "Every day in every way I'm getting better & better!" And he used to say, "And pretty soon you will!" It's this mental philosophy thing, metaphysics & blah blah, but it's true, thank the Lord, of me! --Not because I stand in front of the mirror & tell myself that, but because the Lord has done it!

       29. MAYBE THIS IS JUST A LITTLE TIME TO PRAISE THE LORD & BE THANKFUL FOR ALL OF OUR BLESSINGS! PTL! Here we sit in a top level business meeting & we can't even think of any problem serious enough to discuss! We've got good leadership now. Since we got rid of the Chain, we've developed a lot of good leadership who have really done the people good in running these Teen Camps & Leadership Training Meetings! I think they've done us a World of good! We're keeping our teens better than I ever saw any other church keep them! They're really sold-out for the Lord & for the Family, & really witnessing!
       30. I THINK WE'VE GOT EVERYTHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR & NOTHING TO COMPLAIN OR MURMUR ABOUT! I think the Lord has really blessed us!--Financially, spiritually, leadershipwise, people & personnel-wise, in just every way! We have very little persecution--what little we've had sometimes we've brought on ourselves by lack of wisdom on some people's part. But our people are getting a little wiser & learning to be as "wise as serpents & harmless as doves" (Mat.10:16), & I think we're maturing & learning a lot!
       31. ROY WALLIS CAME OUT WITH SOME PRETTY GOOD POINTS IN ONE OF HIS ARTICLES, "WHERE HAVE ALL THE CHILDREN GONE?" He talked about how we've grown up! He said, "The children? --They've grown up! They've become wiser & more mature & more sensible & practical & businesslike!" He was complimenting us for maturing. In a way he's right when he said the public will never believe us, but when a sceptic like him, somebody they know is an unbeliever, an outsider & even a sceptic says it, then they'll believe it!
       32. ANYHOW, WE SIT HERE & WE HAVE A HARD TIME TRYING TO THINK OF ANY PROBLEMS, EXCEPT THE USUAL WORKLOAD, WHICH IS JUST OUR JOB & WE ENJOY IT! I enjoy mine & you enjoy yours! We haven't reached any insurmountable problems or bottlenecks, the Lord's been really good to us!
       33. LIKE MY FATHER USED TO SAY ABOUT MY MOTHER: "OH, YOU'RE THE LORD'S PET! You get away with anything & the Lord lets you!" And she used to say back to him, "Well, that's because I love Him & I give my whole life & time & strength to Him, & He seems to feel like I'm worth petting & being good to!" So in a way, we're the Lord's pets! We have delighted ourselves in Him, so He's given us the desires of our hearts!--And our people too! God's been good to them from every direction, including from us!
       34. HAVE WE GOTTEN OUT THE REST OF THOSE GIFTS YET? I felt like the Family deserved to have a little extra! I feel like treating others like I'd like to be treated! They work hard & they sacrifice & I think we should help our own people as much as we can! They needed the extra funds, & it has been proven already that there are times when they need it & they need it quick & can't wait for us to send it to them. They need to have it on hand for any other emergencies they have personally or whatever comes up!
       35. OUR FAMILY HERE HAVE HAD THEIR LITTLE AFFLICTIONS OFF & ON, BUT NOTHING HAS BEEN EXTREMELY SERIOUS. One of our girls was about the sickest of anybody, & she says she thinks it taught her a lesson to be more cleanly & not to be careless about washing her hands & to make sure her food was clean & all that sort of thing.
       36. SO WE'VE GOT LOTS TO BE THANKFUL FOR & JUST ABOUT NOTHING TO BE TOO CONCERNED ABOUT AS FAR AS I CAN SEE! So PTL! I don't want to be like the old woman who when they asked her how she was, she said, "Well, I feel good, but whenever I feel good I feel bad because I know it won't be long before I feel bad again!" (Maria: Yes, that's the tendency we have of looking ahead to see what's going to come next!) That's why the Lord said, "Don't worry about tomorrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof!"--Mat.6:34. Most of us see that we can survive today & don't see it as being too evil or having too many insurmountable problems.--Not even your eyes, Honey, the Lord's keeping you! (Maria: The Lord's helped me, I can still do my work!)

       37. I'M TRYING MY BEST TO GET THIS WHOLE PROPHECY SERIES DONE! I never in this World imagined it would take so long to get those out! I gave them two or three years ago, in 1985. They've been slow getting out, but I knock one or two out every week!
       38. THINGS ARE STILL WORKING OUT PRETTY MUCH THE WAY THE SCRIPTURE SAID THEY WOULD! --Although in some places the Lord's made it a little clearer to us & we're not as dogmatic about some things as we used to be. Our interpretation wasn't always exact, but sometimes interpretations are like theories & are subject to conditions, & we don't necessarily always get the interpretation exactly right. We just don't know the details & the Lord doesn't necessarily want to show them yet for some reason. So we guess at it, & sometimes our guesses are wrong, but things are coming out pretty much the way we saw them in the first place! After all, the Word doesn't change any, & the things that are very specific are happening just like the Lord said!--Only I think they're happening faster than we dreamed!--Because if the Lord didn't come soon, it would be too late, Man would destroy himself, & that, of course, is what the Devil's working hard on trying to do!
       39. PEOPLE ARE JUST EXPECTING THE CRASH NOW! When we started writing about it & warning the people about it--virtually for the last 20 years--that it just couldn't go on this way forever, there were lots of scoffers who just didn't believe it would ever happen again. Now they're just expecting it to happen, it's only a matter of time. The nearest prediction I've heard is 1989, by some guy who said, "It's gotta happen, it's bound to happen. I'm expecting it as early as 1989 & certainly no later than '90!" Frankly, I'm expecting it sooner! Of course, I've always been expecting it sooner & it hasn't happened yet! But I don't see how it can go on much longer with the financial situation the way it is, the Third World countries so much in debt & unable to pay.
       40. THEY'RE NOW DOING WHAT I'VE BEEN BUGGING FOR ALL THE TIME, & telling them to do & advertising & plugging for, & that is these indebted nations should form a cartel, an organisation, & force the banks to give them better terms with the threat that they'll just completely repudiate their debts if they don't! That's the only way they can do it! They say if the Third World would get together & threaten the banks, the banks would have to do it, or go broke, which could bring on the Crash immediately!
       41. IF THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES WOULD GET TOGETHER & REFUSE TO PAY, THAT WOULD BRING ON THE CRASH! And it wouldn't hurt the Third World countries all that much, it would be a blessing to them, they wouldn't have to pay out all that money! That's been their cross & their burden, all that indebtedness. Some countries are paying out nearly half of their income, think of it!
       42. PERU'S GARCIA LED THE WAY, GOD BLESS HIM, & JUST SAID, "NOT MORE THAN 10%!" Right away a lot of the banks cut him off & he can't get the loans like Peru's former government used to, but now they're thriving by comparison! He's now hitting the Jews & the "internationals" as he calls them, where it really hurts them, he's taking over their banks!--Because they're the ones who were really being crooked & getting money out of the country & important foreign currency etc. He led the way & he's preaching it! He's encouraging other Latin American Third World countries to do it too & just say, "This far & no further, that's all we're going to pay!--10% of our income, that's enough!--Not half of it, but 10% of it is all you deserve!"
       43. THE STATISTICS SHOW THAT THE NORTH & THE RICH COUNTRIES & THE BANKS HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN BACK MUCH MORE THAN THEY LOANED THOSE POOR COUNTRIES, & the cash flow is more to the North than it is to the South because of the terms & the interest! Interest is horrible! The loans are so big, a lot of the countries were barely even able to pay the interest, much less pay back any of the loans!--And the longer they went on & kept the capital, the longer they had to pay interest. And now most of them have paid back in interest more than the original loans, think of that!
       44. SO MY ADVICE WOULD BE REPUDIATE, JUST QUIT! The quicker they don't get any more loans & can't borrow any more money, the better it's going to be for them, & they'll learn to live within their income! That's what I would advocate. That would be the best thing in the World for them if they never got another loan! Because they keep stacking up more debts & more debts, & then they'll never be able to pay!--And now the World knows it!
       45. I WAS JUST READING IN "ASIAWEEK" WHERE CITIBANK IS THE BIGGEST BANK IN THE WORLD & SUPPOSEDLY HAS THE LARGEST ASSETS of any bank in the World, something like $700 billion or something crazy. That's one good thing about "Asiaweek", you get the real low-down, the honest truth about the West, whereas you're not always going to get it in "Newsweek" or "Time". They don't want to tell the awful truth, because they could suffer for it! But "Asiaweek" doesn't mind telling the facts!
       46. SO THIS COLUMNIST AS GOOD AS SAID IT'S A LAUGH, Citibank's claim to be the biggest bank in the World with the largest assets of any bank on Earth! He said the banks know, & most of the economists & people-in-the-know know--but they don't tell the public--that most of those big so-called "assets" are nothing but liabilities, because about two-thirds of them are debts supposed to be payable from Third World countries which will never be paid! He was saying, if the truth were known, Citibank doesn't have any assets, it has nothing but liabilities!--And is already bankrupt!
       47. ONE OR TWO YEARS AGO, ANYBODY THAT PIPED UP & SAID THERE WAS A CHANCE OF A DEPRESSION WAS A VOICE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS, but now the whole wilderness of economists & bankers & government officials & all the rest are saying it! The rare voice that says, "No, it won't happen", is now the voice crying in the wilderness, because nearly all of them are saying, "Well, it's bound to happen, it's gotta happen! What goes up, must come down as it always has!" Some of these economists who have been smart enough to figure out the cycles & all the rest have said, "We are overdue for a Crash, & all conditions which caused the Crash of '29 are now existent!"--Only they say this one is going to be twice as bad, because the bubble is twice as big!

       48. SO DON'T GET TOO COMPLACENT, FOLKS, OR TOO RELAXED ABOUT ECONOMICS & ECONOMY! We got real tight & tried to see how much we could save, & I think it was effective. We found out we could save a lot & spend a lot less & live on a lot less, if we didn't do anything else but show ourselves what we could do, how we could get by on a little. Instead of that, the Lord led us to go ahead & spend more than ever, & so He's showered us with more than ever! But we'd better do it while we've got it, because that is bound to come to an end, just like the World! So we'd better do all we can & get everything we can into real assets, such as materials, the lit, & things the Family can use so they will have it when the time comes we can't pub it any more, at least not that much.
       49. I EXPECT THE LORD TO HELP US TO KEEP ON PUBBING THE PERIODICALS, AT LEAST SOME OF THE MOST ESSENTIAL, IF NOTHING ELSE BUT THE GN! We used to just publish single Letters, sometimes maybe a handful of them, now we publish Books, Posters & Magazines! It's just almost absolutely unbelievable how much we've published! If we were ever able to get ahold of the stats, I don't think we'd find that any little outfit as small as we are ever published so much, ever!
       50. I KNOW THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE NEVER DID, & they've got a whole publishing house, a big four-story place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where they have huge printing presses going full time! They printed a lot of devotional & inspirational books etc., but they only got out one periodical, "The Alliance Weekly", a little 8 to 12-page weekly news magazine of foreign missionary field news & a few sermons by the leaders, blah blah, & that was all. That was about the only periodical they produced, besides a few devotional books etc. And they spent a lot of their time producing trinkets for Sunday Schools--buttons, pins, rings & prizes--quite a bit of Sunday School material. That was another periodical they got out, the Sunday School leaflets for each Sunday.--But nearly as much as we do!
       51. SO I'M JUST THANKING & PRAISING THE LORD FOR ALL HIS GOODNESS & ALL HIS BLESSINGS!--JUST LIKE THE GREAT REAPING BEFORE THE WINTER! "The harvest is truly plenteous, but the labourers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth labourers into His harvest!"--Mat.9: 37. Because the Summer, I keep feeling, is almost over, & we're probably going to be in for a hard Winter! But I think the Lord has taught us how to survive, & He's going to help us to survive! He'll keep leading the Family & encouraging them & inspiring them & instructing them! The Lord commanded us to feed the sheep, & if He wants us to feed the sheep & we want to feed them, He's certainly going to make it possible, it's His job to make it possible! I don't think it's ever going to get so bad that we can't feed the sheep! If it ever gets that bad, He'll take us Home! PTL! Amen?
       52. YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PUBLISH ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE & all your books & everything else, but most will have been published already. We're getting it done now! While we're having the fat years we're storing up the grain, so that when the lean years come we will have it, thank the Lord!
       53. SO PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH FOR DOING A TREMENDOUS JOB ON ALL THESE THINGS, THINGS I NEVER EVEN WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF! I never saw so many new ideas! I don't even know what's in half of the new books, but I trust you guys so I know they must be good, & everybody's raving about them, so PTL!

       54. I THINK THIS THING IN THE GULF IS BUILDING UP TO SOMETHING THAT'S GOING TO BE PRETTY BIG! That may be where it starts! It may not be World War 3 or the Atomic War, but it could be something that'll help put a pin in the balloon! Frankly, I think the Iranians need to be taught a lesson! They're a bunch of insane crazies! There's nothing more radical & fanatical than a religious fanatic, & they are religious fanatics, worse than Mohammed himself, & they really need to be taught a lesson!--And I think most of the Western nations have decided it's about time!
       55. THEY'RE GETTING ALL THOSE WESTERN NAVIES IN THERE--the U.S., Britain, France, now Italy, Belgium & Holland; Russia was already there--& they're all pretty well fed-up with Iran! All of them have something against Iran, all kinds of terrorism & bombings, the famous hostages that they held there for a year & a half etc. I think everybody's getting pretty well fed-up with Iran! They were fed up with poor little Godahfi who hadn't even done them any harm, it's ridiculous! Now it's about time they tromped on that little bug Khomeini & try to put a stop to him before he takes over the World with his fanaticism!
       56. BUT, OF COURSE, IF IT'S TIME FOR THE LORD TO LET HIM HAVE FULL SWAY & THE GUY IN THE BLUE TURBAN BECOMES THE ANTICHRIST OR WHATEVER, THEN IT WILL BE THE OTHER WAY! So this could be the end of the World, at least the end of the World as we now know it, & one way or the other, it's gotta be good! The Lord can't fail whether Khomeini wins or loses! It's going to either be the end of Khomeini, or the end of the World! (Prays:)
       57. TYJ! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US SAFELY, & WE KNOW YOU'LL KEEP US SAFELY & AT PEACE AS LONG AS IT'S THY WILL & as long as we continue to be productive & fruitful & pour out, Lord! Be with all our dear folks, keep hem, Lord, & our children & the whole Family worldwide! Continue to bless them & make them a blessing that they may be fruitful until You come, in Jesus' name! Thank You for how You have, Lord, amen! PTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family