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EVEN THE AIDS SCARE IS FOR OUR GOOD!        8/87--Romans 8:28!        DO 2345

       1. THE AIDS SCARE IS GOOD IN A WAY, IT'S GOING TO MAKE THE MEN MUCH MORE LOYAL & FAITHFUL, NOT JUST SLEEPING AROUND, as has been the custom in the past.--Particularly the travelling salesmen & travelling businessmen who always expect to have their sex needs supplied.
       2. IN THE ORIENT THEY EVEN CONSIDER IT A PART OF THE ENTERTAINMENT FOR THEIR HOSTS TO SUPPLY THEM WITH GIRLS. But right now the smart ones are going to be real wary about it. (Maria: At least the sales of condoms are going to go up, ha!) That's for sure! Our girls who go out with some of their faithful friends & long-time Fish should never be without condoms now, ever. I think our girls & men should be extremely careful from now on--prayerful & use condoms!
       3. I THINK A LOT OF THE FISH ARE GOING TO WANT TO BE MORE LOYAL TO OUR GIRLS NOW, & not be running around with all sorts of other women. When they've got to travel, you can't blame a man for wanting to take along a girl with him, especially if it's one that he knows is safe & is a good girl, who loves him & is teaching him the Bible & all that sort of thing.
       4. THEY'RE GOING TO THINK A LOT MORE SERIOUSLY ABOUT THAT NOW. They've been pretty free about sex before, but now they're going to really be scared to be too promiscuous. They're really going to be much less promiscuous & more careful & choosy about the girls they choose. They're going to want to stick with one woman, & will probably want to take our girls with them on their business trips.
       5. SO ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE THE LORD, & I think that perhaps AIDS is a blessing in disguise, to make people stop playing around so much & to make them get serious!--And it's a curse on Sodomites & the drug addicts & the people who drink blood by blood transfusions, which is absolutely forbidden in the Bible!--Lev.7:26,27. The Lord knew how many diseases you could catch from it, besides, I don't think He even liked the idea.
       6. (MARIA: BUT, FOR EXAMPLE, WHAT IF ONE OF OUR FAMILY MEMBERS WAS IN A SERIOUS ACCIDENT, & they rush them to the hospital & say they're going to die if they don't get blood transfusions. What are we supposed to do?--Say no?)
       7. WELL, WHICH IS BETTER?--TO DIE FROM AN ACCIDENT & GO HOME TO HEAVEN IN A HURRY, OR TO DIE A SLOW DEATH FROM AIDS & one disease after another, one horrible affliction after another, die a slow death over a period of years? (Maria: But can you actually refuse a blood transfusion at a hospital, for your child or relative, & just let them die?)
       8. IN THE STATES IT'S AGAINST THE LAW, YOU'VE GOT TO DO WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERS YOU TO DO. Even the patient can't refuse. (Maria: I would imagine in most civilised countries that would be the law.) Particularly parents cannot refuse for their children or relatives refuse for another relative. The Jehovah's Witnesses have fought that through the courts again & again. And though they've won nearly all of their witnessing cases about distribution of literature & selling books on the streets & house-to-house, they've lost their blood transfusion cases. They're apt to even take your children away from you & call you irresponsible, unfit parents if you won't let them have what they consider fit adequate treatment--such as a blood transfusion.
       9. BUT IN THE EAST, THEY MAY BE A LOT MORE LENIENT, THANK THE LORD, & THEY PROBABLY LET YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT. If you want to die, they let you die. The Easterners are more stoical about that. But in the West they seem to think it's a mortal sin if you don't take the doctor's treatments & medicines & transfusions & all that, & it's a law, & you have to. And if you don't call the doctor & the patient dies, then they hold you legally responsible & can even send you to jail for it!
       10. THEY SEEM TO GIVE YOU A LOT MORE CHOICE IN THE EAST, they're a lot more lenient about hospital visitation, having the husband or friend there for the birth & things like that. But in much of the West, the doctor is an absolute dictator, & if they say you can't go in, you don't get in except under some miraculous unusual circumstances! But even in the States now it seems to be getting a little more liberal on that score with all this natural birth wave. Through the Hippy generation they went in more for natural birth & they seem to be allowing them to have natural birth a lot more now & allowing husbands to accompany their wives etc.
       11. SO ANYHOW, THAT'S WHAT I THINK ABOUT AIDS. IT'S AN ILL WIND THAT BLOWS NOBODY ANY GOOD.--In other words, even AIDS is not a bad wind that doesn't blow somebody some good, as it has resulted in people tightening up their sex life & living a little bit more morally & sanely & less dangerously & far more carefully!--Particularly regarding their sex partners, greatly restricting their circle of partners & sticking more monogamously to just one or two or maybe three sex partners, like we do.
       12. OUR GIRLS WILL ACCOMPLISH A LOT MORE WITH SOME OF THEIR FISH TOO BY RESTRICTING SOME OF THEIR FORMER ACTIVITIES & not just going out nightly on some kind of escort dates with strangers. They can now narrow down & concentrate on making real disciples, really feeding their most potential fish the Word!--Just like the military base invaders have done.
       13. IN FACT, IN THE MILITARY MINISTRY IN THE PHILIPPINES, THERE WAS HARDLY ANY SEX AT ALL!--IT WAS ALMOST ALL WORD! So "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord!"--Rom.8:28. I think this AIDS threat will really shake up a lot of our careless FFers & get them to concentrate more on what they're supposed to be concentrating on, the Word instead of sex!
       14. THEY'LL NOW CUT WAY DOWN ON THE NUMBER OF THEIR CONTACTS, & concentrate & specialise more on a few regulars whom they can really feed & make disciples of! The Lord said, "Go ye therefore & teach all nations! --And make real disciples out of your converts!"--Mat.28:19,20. Not just little quickie, easy believisms, one little prayer & you never see'm again! But really concentrate on & faithfully feed the few who will make real disciples!
       15. THAT'S WHAT THE MILITARY WORK IN THE PHILIPPINES TAUGHT THE FAMILY. And now with this AIDS scare, I think it's going to actually do us good & get more real disciples & cut down on profligacy & promiscuity, & help them to concentrate on fewer fish but to have more real Word-feeding & more real disciples & less promiscuity! They don't even have to necessarily have any less sex, but have it more with the same men whom they concentrate on. I think those few men will probably appreciate it more too, if they know that you're concentrating more on them & not just going out every night with a different man.
       16. I THINK THIS IS GOING TO CURE A LOT OF THE PROMISCUITY & PROFLIGACY & WILD CIRCULATION OF SOME OF OUR FFERS that had gotten to where they were concentrating more on money than they were on catching fish & making solid converts & disciples! So I think the AIDS scare is going to do us good. (Maria: It'll also make people really count the cost, & have sex for the right reasons.) Amen, praise the Lord!--GBAKY!

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