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MAMA ON THE NEW AIDS RULES!9/87--It's Come to That!--"We're Just Gonna Have to Trust the Lord!" Maria 89 DO 2346

1. JUST AS WE CAN'T LEGISLATE RIGHTEOUSNESS, SO WE CAN'T LEGISLATE GOD'S BLESSING & PROTECTION! If we just depend on the arm of the flesh to avoid contracting AIDS, the Lord might allow us to get it just to show us that no matter how hard we try in ourselves & in our own strength, we can't do anything! True, we have to take all the precautions, but we also really have to trust the Lord, & not think that all of our precautions are a completely fail-safe means of prevention.
2. IT'S SORT OF LIKE WHEN PEOPLE GO TO THE DOCTOR & still try to trust the Lord at the same time: It's a little difficult to do sometimes! So although it's important to institute these new preventative policies & take the tests etc., in spite of it all, we've still got to desperately pray & trust the Lord!--Because no matter how much we do, the Lord might just let us suffer if we put all our trust in all our rules, regulations & restrictions, & don't trust Him!
3. WE'VE GOT TO TRUST THE LORD, THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! All these other precautions, rules & regulations are very important, but we can't put our total faith in them. "It's better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in Man!"--Psa.118:8. Besides, there's no way that we're going to be able to make enough rules to cover everything, & even if we make the rules, sad to say, not everyone is going to keep them all as they should. So we certainly have to trust the Lord on it!
4. AND EVEN IF SOMEONE HAS IT, WE MAY HAVE TO ISOLATE THEM, BUT STILL, WE CAN'T JUST SAY IT'S INCURABLE. Like with herpes: A lot of our folks have been completely healed from herpes. But the doctors say, "Oh, it's completely incurable!" Yet some people have never gotten it again after years, the Lord has definitely healed them.
5. SO WE CAN'T RULE OUT THE FACT THAT PEOPLE IN THE FAMILY, PEOPLE WHO LOVE THE LORD & ARE SINCERE CHRISTIANS, CAN BE HEALED OF AIDS. But this doesn't negate the precautions which we have to take. It just means that they shouldn't feel condemned, that that's the end of them & they can't be healed of it.
6. SO WE SHOULD DEFINITELY PRAY FOR HEALING. We can't just give up & say, "Well, this is the one thing the Lord can't heal, so forget it, let's not even pray!" The Lord can heal AIDS just as easily as He can heal anything else! If He wants to heal something, He's not bound or limited. We don't want to leave the Lord out of all this & just give all these rules and laws and get everybody all worried & nervous without even mentioning the Lord & His supernatural miraculous power!

7. ANOTHER THING SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO WONDER: "OH MY!--WITH NO MORE SEX WITH OUTSIDERS WHOM WE'VE JUST MET, we won't be able to win any more top people or kings or important friends like these others whom we were able to FF!" But that's not necessarily so!--We can!--Look at all the top Military men they won in the Philippines! This is what we've tried to bring out with the DF Revolution & the Camp Story in the FSMs, that you can do it without sex!
8. MY GOODNESS!--THE ENTIRE CHRISTIAN WORLD HAS WON MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WITHOUT SEX FOR CENTURIES! Of course the church has not done the job the way it should have, but it has won a lot of people, & almost all of it has been without sex! True, it's a very effective bait, but let's try to do it without it & see what the Lord can help us accomplish! I think a lot of our people are going to be very, very surprised by all the people they can win without sex!
9. NOW THAT DAD HAS BANNED SEX WITH NEWLY-MET OUTSIDERS, our folks are going to discover real quick how effective the DFing Word Revolution can be! It may be a shock to some for awhile, & their finances may plummet a bit, especially those who have been depending on ESing & FFing wealthy tourists, so it may be difficult at first for a lot of people. But before long, the Family will be a lot stronger for it, & we'll probably have a lot higher caliber of people whom we're ministering to & investing our precious time & effort in!
10. THOSE WHO THINK THEY CAN'T DO IT MAY GRUMBLE & GROAN & MAYBE EVEN LEAVE THE FAMILY, BUT THE OTHERS WILL BE STRONGER & MORE DEPENDENT ON THE LORD!--And less dependent on the arm of the flesh! The Family has had the DF-Revolution FSMs for quite a few months now, so they've had the preparation, they've seen the sample, read my Letters all about it & have seen the compilation from Dad about it, so they should certainly be somewhat prepared for this changeover.
11. DFING IS REALLY LIKE DEPENDING ON THE SPIRIT INSTEAD OF DEPENDING ON THE FLESH. Flesh, that's what FFing has become to a lot of our people!--And it's not just the arm of flesh, it's the whole body! True, it certainly has been effective & has helped us win a lot of precious souls, but let's face it, the entire Christian World has won converts for a couple of thousand years without using the flesh like we do! So to say we can't win people just because we can't use sex is absurd!--We can!--And we have!
12. OF COURSE, THE WRENCH FOR A LOT OF OUR FOLKS ISN'T GOING TO BE SO MUCH, "OH, HOW ARE WE GOING TO WIN SOULS?", it's going to be a financial problem. And it may be difficult at first, but the Lord isn't going to fail them or let them down. Some may have to tighten the belt a bit & move into a less luxurious house & do this or that, but the Lord's going to bless their faith & obedience.--He's got to!
13. FOR MANY, THIS REVOLUTION WILL HELP THEM TO ONCE AGAIN PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE LORD INSTEAD OF THEMSELVES.--Putting their faith in what the Word & what the Lord can do instead of what the flesh can do. Sure, it may be a test, but what if it was the Crash instead of this? Who knows, maybe the Lord is allowing this to prepare them for just living by faith, really living by faith. Of course, a lot of them consider that their FFing the rich tourists & ESing is living by faith, but maybe this is to prepare our people for when it's going to get really rough. After all, the Crash is almost here!
14. WHEN THE CRASH REALLY HITS, PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO BE TRAVELLING ALL OVER & STAYING IN FANCY HOTELS & PAYING BIG MONEY FOR GIRLS ANYWAY. So we might as well get prepared, & this is actually an easy way to do it. Our people who are receptive & yielded to this are going to have a big head start. They're going to be already trusting the Lord, not just the flesh.
15. SO MAYBE ALL OF THIS IS THE LORD'S WAY OF GETTING THE ENTIRE FAMILY TO DEPEND MORE ON THE LORD & LESS ON THE FLESH.--Not just for the sake of not getting AIDS, but to teach us to really launch out & see that we don't have to depend on the flesh. Of course, any ministry can become dependent on the flesh if we do it depending on it & not the Lord, whatever we do--singing, busking, going door-to-door, anything! But FFing is one thing that a lot of our people have gotten pretty dependent on! It's probably the thing that they get the most reliant on to bring in the most support. So maybe the Lord's just trying to wean us off of some of these things that we've put too much trust & dependence on.
16. IF THE FLESH IS OUT OF THE QUESTION, THEN WHAT DO YOU HAVE LEFT TO GIVE THEM?--THE WORD! You have to give them something, so what do you give them? You won't be able to just lie in bed, making love with them, so you'll hopefully witness to them all the more!
17. MOST OF OUR OTHER MINISTRIES ARE WAYS TO DIRECTLY WITNESS, we go to them & we give them the Message right off the bat. But FFing is an indirect way of giving them the Message, through the bait, & then the hook. It's more indirect. So maybe the Lord wants us to start being more direct & to stop wasting time, to give them the straight Word! There's always a time for everything, & right now is evidently the time to be more direct. Time is so short, we need to hurry up & just give them the Word & get down to business!--Amen?
18. ONLY THE LORD KNOWS ALL THE EXACT REASONS WHY HE'S FORCING US INTO THIS SITUATION. We certainly know that it's His Will & that He has reasons for it, & that they must be good ones. We can speculate on what they might be, but we don't always know the full picture, & we don't have to.--All we have to do is obey!

19. WHEN YOU RECEIVE THIS GN, YOU FFERS REVIEW ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, ALL OF YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS, regardless of if you've known them a month, a year or ten years. You need to determine who is in the "well-known" category, which outsiders are those with whom you can still make love (with a condom!), & those with whom you should not! If you've gotten really close to them & they to you, you should certainly know something about them, what kind of person they are, what are their sexual habits etc. So our girls need to counsel with their Shepherds & prayerfully decide which of their friends & fish are "well-known" & worthy enough to be allowed the privilege of being one of the few outsiders with whom we'll take the risk of still having intimate contact.
20. SOME OF THESE GUYS WHO FLY INTO TOWN EVERY NOW & THEN, WHO ARE WITH A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE, PROSTITUTES & WHATNOT, I WOULD NOT SAY THAT THEY WERE VERY "WELL-KNOWN" FRIENDS! No matter how many times you've been with them, if you don't know their whereabouts or history or what they're up to or who they've been with, watch out! If they travel a lot, & are obviously pretty loose & free, & are probably with women--& in some cases, men--all over the place, I wouldn't say that they were a "well-known" or "close" friend!
21. WHEREAS, WHEN YOU'VE GOT SOME NICE FELLOW WHO LIVES IN A HOUSE A FEW MILES AWAY, & YOU KNOW HIS WHOLE HISTORY & WHAT HE'S DOING & where he goes, you've maybe even met his wife & children, or at least you know a lot about him, & you keep tabs on him pretty well, that's another story. With counsel, with prayer & with discernment, you might decide to continue ministering to him sexually if he really needs it & is sincere. --Especially if you know his whole story. But even then, some of our people can be pretty naive & easily deceived. But if you've faithfully given these people the Word, and you've really convicted them, they're bound to be pretty sincere with you, if you handle them right. After they've genuinely gotten saved & filled & are really feeding from the Word, they should begin to open up their hearts, & you should expect them to.

22. THE NEW CONDOM-RULE WAS A HARD SAYING FOR SOME OF THE FOLKS & CLOSE FRIENDS when they were first informed about it, but they're really getting the victory now, TTL! They're yielding to the Lord, the girls are standing up for it & the Lord is blessing them for it! So that's a real big victory. If they're willing to trust the Lord & love the Lord, He'll make them happy in spite of it!
23. THE SHEPHERDESS OF ONE OF OUR TEST-TUBE HOMES SAID, "IT NOW LOOKS LIKE THIS LATEST AIDS ISSUE & THE TRIALS THE FISH ARE EXPERIENCING HAS HELPED THEM ALL TO OPEN UP TO THE WORD, & they're now more excited about the Word than they ever were before! So the Lord is definitely using all of this to bring them all closer to Him, TTL!"
24. SO JESUS, HELP OUR FOLKS & OUR FRIENDS TO BE ABLE TO TAKE THESE CHANGES, LORD, TO REALLY HAVE FAITH. That's what it's going to take. We know if they do, if they really trust You, You're going to work everything out for our good & for Your glory.--Just like some of our folks at that test-tube Home have already found out, they just obeyed You & had faith in what You said, & You worked it all out, even better than they could have hoped for, Lord! TYJ!

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