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PRAYER FOR GANDHI!       DO 2350       9/87

       1. I HAVE A TERRIBLE BURDEN TO PRAY FOR GANDHI! He is going through a crisis, a real crisis! It's like India is getting out of control. He's doing the best he can, but the situation is just beyond his control!
       2. LORD JESUS, HELP HIM, LORD! GIVE HIM WISDOM & STRENGTH! Help him to seek Your help, Lord! Help his wife to help to guide him. Strengthen him, Lord! He didn't want to be a ruler, just a pilot, but You put him there, Lord, now You help him! Help him, Lord, to keep that great nation under control!
       4. GIVE GANDHI STRENGTH, LORD! Give him supernatural wisdom & divine power, Lord, as he seeks Thy strength, in Jesus' name! Help him, Lord, to keep that great nation under control. Have mercy, Lord!
       5. OH, JESUS, GIVE THE POOR THY RAIN! Give them water, Lord! Have mercy, Jesus, on those drought-stricken areas. Jesus, have mercy! Lord, we know they deserve this drought, but help them to repent and seek Thy face, Thy mercy, for Thy rain, Lord, in Jesus' name!
       6. HELP GANDHI! HELP HIM, LORD, TO KEEP THINGS UNDER CONTROL. And Sri Lanka too. Help the Indians to keep things under control there, Lord, in Jesus' name! Jesus, have mercy! Please help, in Jesus' name!
       7. HELP HIS WIFE, LORD, TO SHOW HIM THE WAY IN YOU, JESUS! Lord, You've got to do it! This is bigger than any man can handle. He didn't want it, Lord, but You forced it on him! Now You've got to help him, in Jesus' name! Bless her, Lord, for leading him & guiding him to You, Jesus! Help his mother, Lord, to show him the way. She's with You, Lord. Jesus, help her to guide him & give him wisdom & to give him firmness, Lord!
       8. GIVE HIM STRENGTH! GIVE HIM YOUR POWER & AUTHORITY, LORD, TO PUT DOWN THE REBELLION, IN JESUS' NAME! Help him, Lord, as the leader of one of Your greatest nations! Help him to guide it aright, Lord, to be fearless in his strength & to crush the rebellion, Lord! Rebellion, Lord, which is wickedness, witchcraft & idolatry[DELETED]!--In Jesus' name! Amen, Lord! TYL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family