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PRAYER FOR THE PHILIPPINES!       DO 2351       9/87

       (After reading about the recent coup attempt in the Philippines, Dad prayed:)

       1. THE LORD SEEKS INTERCESSORS TO PRAY FOR THE RULERS OF THIS EARTH, THAT GOODNESS & RIGHT WILL TRIUMPH OVER EVIL! We must pray! We have to pray! I don't think His people pray enough for the rulers. I have a great burden for them.--In Jesus' name!
       2. MY GOD! HELP THE PHILIPPINES, LORD! You told us to pray for the rulers & kings, Lord! My God, have mercy on that wicked country that has had so much Light, Lord! They've sinned against Thee, Lord, by being so selfish & so cruel to the poor. As far as I know they deserve it. But, Lord Jesus, have mercy on Thy poor, in Jesus' name!
       3. SOMEHOW, LORD, GIVE SOMEONE STRENGTH, GIVE SOMEONE WISDOM, GIVE SOMEONE FIRMNESS, GIVE SOMEONE COURAGE! Help the coup leader Honasan. Lord God, he's trying to do right, & he is right, Lord. You know he's right to fight that insidious Communist-loving government. My God! Have mercy! Rebuke that government!--That Communist-loving government! My God! Rebuke it, in Jesus' name!
       4. GIVE STRENGTH TO THE OPPOSITION, LORD! Raise up champions, Lord! Give the coup leader Honasan wisdom, Lord. Give him skill, give him power, as a symbol, Lord, against the Communists & that Communistic government! My God! Help him, Lord! Deliver him, Jesus!
       5. STRENGTHEN THE OPPOSITION! STRENGTHEN THE MILITARY, LORD! Lord God, help them to get it together so they can overthrow that sickening Commie-loving regime! God help them, Lord, in Jesus' name! Give somebody guts, Lord! Thank You Lord for Honasan. He's not perfect, but he's trying! Lord Jesus, help him! Protect him! Keep him!
       6. STIR UP THE MILITARY! Help them to have the guts to take over, Lord, against that sickening, weak, Commie-loving regime, in Jesus' name! Give somebody the guts, Lord! If Honasan is it, Lord, You help him! Rebuke that compromising, weak, willy-nilly Chief of Staff of the Military[DELETED]!--Or give him the guts to oppose that regime, Lord! He helped to put it into power & then he opposed Enrile, Lord! He sided with that compromising, weak, Commie-loving regime. Now, Lord, You could help him to turn the tide. You could help him rise up & have the guts to side with Honasan & they could take over.
       7. REBUKE THOSE COMMUNIST LOVERS! And help Ramos to take a firm hold, Lord! Rebuke the Communists, in Jesus' name, Lord! Lord, help the military head to have the guts to take hold of the leadership. He should side with Honasan, Lord! Jesus, help, Lord! Help him to side with those who sympathise with Thee, Lord, & Thy anti-Communist forces! Lord God, help him somehow to have the guts to turn the tide against that God-damned anti-Christ regime, in Jesus' name! You can do it, Lord! Have Thy way! Thy Will be done!
       8. WE'VE TOLD'M, LORD, OUR VOICE HAS BEEN HEARD! YOUR VOICE HAS BEEN HEARD! Thank You Jesus! They got the Word, Lord! Thank You Lord! Our Family gave them the Word, Lord, & now they're trying to do it! My God, help Ramos to get a little backbone & stiffen up in his opposition to that bunch of sickening, jelly-belly Commie-lovers! Ick! Yuk! It's so sickening, Lord, to think they can lie in bed with the Devil! My God, rebuke that President! Rebuke her, Lord, & her compromising, sickening playing with the Devil!--Just like her husband, Ninoy Aquino! He started it, Lord, he started all the trouble[DELETED]! Now stop her, Lord, in Jesus' name!
       9. GIVE THAT CHIEF OF STAFF (RAMOS) THE GUTS & THE WISDOM & THE STRENGTH TO OPPOSE HER, LORD, & GIVE THE MILITARY THE GUTS TO BACK HIM! And help Honasan, Lord! Help him to hold out! Protect him, Jesus! Help him! Rebuke his enemies, in the Name of Jesus! Lord, somehow help the enemies of Communism there. Help Thy children to pray, Lord, for the victory over Thy enemies & that God-damned Commie-loving government, in Jesus' name!
       10. HAVE MERCY, LORD, ON THY CHILDREN! SAVE THEM, LORD! Raise them up champions, Lord, with courage & faith & conviction, willing to die for the right, in Jesus' name! Do it, Lord! They are Thy children, Lord! Get the victory, in the name of Jesus! Give Thy children strength, Lord, Thy warriors, Lord! Give them strength to fight the battles of the Enemy, battles against the subtle enemy & all those sickening, fiendish, devilish, lying foes, in Jesus' name!--All those fronts, all anti-Christ, devilish Communists, foes of the Truth, Lord!
       11. JESUS, HELP, LORD! HELP THY CHILDREN, LORD! HELP THY MILITARY, LORD, TO GET THE VICTORY, IN JESUS' NAME!--To somehow get rid of that wrong Communistic government, that horrible, anti-Christ government with all that pretense of religion, in Jesus' name! It's such a farce, Lord! They're so anti-Christ! It's such a deception! The people are so deceived by that woman President, Lord, who represents the Whore who rides the Beast!
       12. IN JESUS' NAME, LORD, HELP SOMEBODY TO STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH! Thank You for Honasan, Lord, & his courage & conviction! Help the head of the military to make a decision, Lord! Now is the crucial time, Lord. He could take a position, Lord, to lead the Army to victory over this wickedness!--In Jesus' name! You could do it, Lord, You could give him some backbone! Give him some guts, some conviction, to fight against that evil regime, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       13. "THE EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAILETH MUCH!" "BUT NO ONE STIRRETH HIMSELF TO CALL UPON ME!"--Jam.5:16, Isa.64:7. I've stirred myself to call on You, now You do it, in Jesus' name! Break the power of Satan over the minds & hearts of youth, the power of that Satanic church!--So-called church! Break its power! Help Thy Truth to overcome, Lord, the evil, Satanic, diabolical power of that Cardinal Sin (the Pig) & his awful, awful anti-Christ regime, in Jesus' name! Break the power of Satan, Lord! Deliver Thy children, Lord, with Thy Truth, in Jesus' name!
       14. PLEASE, LORD, GET THE VICTORY OVER THE EVIL IN THAT NATION! Help the good men, the righteous men, the men of faith to rise up & rebuke the Enemy, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord!
       15. THE LORD IS GOING TO ANSWER PRAYER. HE'S ALREADY ANSWERED! Honasan may have lost the physical battle but he won the spiritual battle! Thank You Lord! It shook up that government to its very foundations! Thank You Lord! It exposed it, revealed how evil it was! It made them change. TYL!
       16. KEEP IT UP, LORD! KEEP IT UP! SHAKE'M UP, LORD! SHAKE'M UP! MAKE'M CHANGE!--IN JESUS' NAME! Amen! The Lord is going to do something, Honey! He's already answered prayer! He's really shaking'm! Thank You Jesus! He got that evil man Arroyo out of power. Thank You Jesus! Rebuke him, in the Name of Jesus!--And his diabolical influence, the voice of Satan himself! My God! Get that President out from under his influence, Lord, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen, thank You Lord!
       17. GIVE THY WARRIORS STRENGTH TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT, TO STICK UP FOR IT, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME AGAINST ALL THE EVIL! Turn back the tide, Lord! Turn back the flood tide of evil that would engulf them, Lord! Turn it back, Lord! Raise up warriors!
       18. AMEN, LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! GIVE US PEACE IN THE WORLD, LORD! Bless Gorbachev, Lord! He's trying to make peace. Help him, Lord! Give him wisdom & skill & conviction to lead the World to a little more peace, if possible. Give him strength, Lord! Protect him! Keep him, Lord, so he can engineer this peace. Help Reagan to yield, to know it's right. Thank You for how You have, Lord! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You for peace. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!
       19. IN JESUS' NAME, BLESS OUR FAMILY, LORD, & MAKE THEM A BLESSING! Keep them, Lord! Help them to be a good influence. Guide Thy children with right, the Truth, in Jesus' name! Thank You Jesus! Praise You, Lord! Amen! We have to go to sleep now. It's enough. We've prayed.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family