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--Romans 1:19,20 & 28, 2Thes.2:10-12.--Creation Proves There's a Loving Creator!

1. (Techi: Please help us to have a good Bible study time, Lord, and please help us to understand it and to get a lot out of it! Bless Grandpa for teaching it to us and please give him wisdom!)
2. Well, I wasn't expecting to get into all this studying. I was just going to read a little Psalm to you each morning! Can you recite the first two verses of Psalm 19? (Children: "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge.")--Very good!
3. The heavens declare God's glory, because they show how He made them, so they glorify Him, because they're His Creation. And they show His knowledge, the way He organised everything to show all kinds of things, and we studied all the different kinds of things that the heavens show. Can you remember any of the things the heavens show? (Techi: The stars, Moon and Sun.) And what do these give us? (David: They give us light and heat.) What else? (Techi: Rain.) Yes, if it wasn't for the Sun we wouldn't have any rain because it pulls the water up and then drops it. (David: The Moon pulls the tide in and out.)

4. And what else do we get from the Moon, besides Heaven being up there? (David: We get light at night.) What else does the Moon do for us? (David: It has phases.)--Right. But what good does that do for us? What good does it do to know the phases of the Moon? (David: To know about it.) Well, to know about it, but what good is it to us?
5. See, there's a difference between having knowledge and wisdom! You can have knowledge of all that and not know how to use it! Wisdom is how to use your knowledge! How do we use this knowledge of the phases of the Moon? Now think hard! What does it tell us in these different phases? (David: It tells us the days of the month.) It tells us where we are in the month and it shows how many years are passing. The Moon tells us the time! Because once the Moon has gone around the Earth once, what's that? (David: That's a month!) How about after it's gone around 12 times, or 365 days, then how long is that? (Children: A year!) It gives us the times and the seasons.
6. So the heavens that the Lord created are just full of knowledge! Once you know those things you've got to know how to use them. You may know the phases of the Moon, but if you don't know what that means, you won't know that you can tell time by the Moon! Think of that! It doesn't have much to do with our calendar nowadays, because our calendar has 30 or 31 days, and the Moon's calendar, the Lunar calendar, as they call it, has only 28 days.
7. Why do we call it "lunar"? What does "lunar" mean? It has something to do with the Moon. Because what was the Latin word for Moon?--Luna! That's why in the old days they used to believe that people who went out and looked at the Moon too long would go crazy, and they called them looney, or a lunatic! Loony means crazy and they'd call them that from looking at the Moon.
8. But we know that looking at the Moon isn't going to drive us crazy because we love the Lord! So the Moon is a blessing to us! But is it possible for the Moon to hurt people or drive them crazy if they're wicked or bad? Prove it to me from a Scripture! I'll give you a clue. I'll give you the first part of the verse: "The Sun shall not smite thee by day." (Techi: "Nor the Moon by night!"--Psa.121:6) So the Moon can smite! (Techi: Because Heaven is inside?) I think that's one reason. But God has just made it to help to defeat our enemies and drive'm crazy, I believe it! So the Moon can smite you!--Not us, but them. Right? Probably because Heaven's inside, because that's God's Headquarters! PTL! We're learning a lot about astronomy and the Moon and everything while we're studying this Psalm!

9. (Verse 3:) "There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard." Do they talk?--The Sun, the Moon and the stars? What does the 2nd verse say? (David: "Day unto day uttereth speech.") There you are! Now what is talking? What is speech? What are you doing by talking? (David: Telling something.) You're telling me something. In other words, you're communicating with me. So, don't the Sun and the Moon and the stars tell us something? We just got through discussing what they tell us. The Sun tells us whether it's night or day and the Moon tells us what time of the month it is. The Moon even tells us what time of the night it is, by where it is in the sky. And the stars even tell the ship captains where they are at sea. So they're all talking! They're all telling something! So they do have speech and language, don't they? It may not be our kind of speech and language, but anything that tells something is speaking, it's speech, it's telling something, it's communicating!
10. And it says here, "There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard." Is there any place in the whole Universe God's created or in all space where you can't see the Sun or the Moon or some of the stars? They're everywhere! You can't go anywhere without seeing the stars, right? You certainly can't go anywhere on Earth without seeing the Sun or the Moon or the stars. (Techi: But what about an eclipse?) Well, just one thing is eclipsed, either the Sun or the Moon, but the stars aren't eclipsed. They're still shining. Even when the Sun's eclipsed, the Moon's shining. And when the Moon's eclipsed, the Sun is shining!
11. Did you know that even the Earth shines? Did you know that if you were on the Moon, what would you be able to see in the sky? (David: You'd see the Sun.) And what else? (Techi: The Earth!) And would the Earth look bigger or smaller or the same size as the Moon, if you were on the Moon? When the men were on the Moon, did they see the Earth? When they're up in satellites, can they see the Earth? It looks huge, like a huge great big ball! It looks much bigger than the Sun. It isn't actually bigger, but in the sky it looks bigger. Why?

12. What's the difference between the size of the Earth and the Moon? Let me ask you this, how many miles thick is the Earth?--That means diameter, from one edge through the center across to the other. If you were to measure right straight through the whole Earth, how many miles thick is it? You surely must have read those Letters about the Moon! (See ML #2110 & 2111 in the "Heaven's Children" book) If you were able to measure right through the middle of it, from this edge to this edge, how many miles thick is the Earth? Can you tell us, Son? (Fam: I believe it's about 8,000.) How many miles thick did we discover the Moon was? (David: About 2,000.)--A little over 2,000. We found out the Moon was just big enough to encompass Heaven!
13. So if the Earth is 8,000 and the Moon is, let's say, 2,000--just to make it simple in round numbers--how much wider is the Earth than the Moon? How many times wider is 8 than 2? The Earth is 6,000 miles wider, but how many times wider is it than the Moon? You're learning your times tables, how about that? If the Earth is 8,000 miles wide and the Moon is 2,000 miles wide, how many times as wide as the Moon is the Earth? (David: Four times.)--Exactly! How many times does 2 go into 8? (David: We don't know division.) Here, look, it's simple, it's the same as multiplication. 2 times what is 8? You know your two's tables. (Techi: 4!)--Right! 2 times 4 is 8. So 4 times 2 is 8. So 4 times the Moon is the Earth! The Earth is 4 times as wide as the Moon.
14. So which would look bigger? If you were on the Earth looking at the Moon, or if you're on the Moon looking at the Earth, which would look bigger in the sky? (Techi: On the Moon looking at the Earth!) On the Moon the Earth would look gigantic!--4 times as wide as the Moon! Think how big the Earth looks from up there in the sky! They took pictures of the Earth from the Moon and it was tremendous, gigantic! It looked like a gigantic Moon hanging in their sky, four times as big as the Moon looks to us. Think of that! That's really something!--Being up on the Moon and looking back at the Earth, it looks four times as big. Think how all the folks up there in Heaven look at the Earth! What a Moon! (David: The Earth is their Moon!)--Exactly! The Earth is Heaven's Moon, and a big Moon it is, four times as wide as the Moon itself, pretty gigantic! Now, how did we get onto that, anyhow?

15. We were talking about these heavenly bodies, and I'm not talking about pretty girls, but these heavenly bodies in the sky! These bodies in the heavens, you call them heavenly bodies. The Moon is a heavenly body, the Sun is a heavenly body, the stars are heavenly bodies, and there are other planets in the sky which to us at night look like stars because of the Sun shining on them. When you see the planet Mars at night, it looks like a star. When you see the planet Venus at night, it looks like a star in the sky.
16. Right after the sunset, what's the brightest star that shines in the evening sky? (Techi: Venus!)--Very good! But actually it's not a star, it's a planet reflecting the light of the Sun. And if you were on Venus, the Earth would look like a star, a very big bright star in the sky, even brighter than Venus! (David: And from Pluto the Sun looks like a very big star.) From Pluto the Sun looks a little smaller than it looks to us, but it's pretty big, like a very big bright star. One of these days we'll go find out, okay? We'll take a little trip out there to each of the planets and see what the Sun and the Earth and the Moon look like!
17. Did you know these other planets also have moons? (David: Jupiter has 17.) How many moons does Mars have? Anybody remember? (David: Two, I think. And what's that planet with the ring around it?) (Techi: Saturn!) (David: Saturn has 10 moons!) (Editor: Although scientists now say Saturn may have as many as 22!) Well, I don't remember how many moons they all have, & they discover more all the time anyway. Once upon a time I wanted to be an astronomer, but I think when I found out how hard it was to memorise all those things and learn all those things, I decided it was too tough a job for me, I'd better do something simpler! So I didn't learn as much about astronomy as I should, but I actually learned more than most people know.
18. Most of the people here in the World don't even know about the Moon! They not only don't know Heaven's in it, which very few people do know, but they don't even know what the phases mean and they don't know what the Moon is for! Isn't that sad, when you can't understand the speech and language of God's Creation? His whole Creation is talking! His whole Creation is speaking and telling us something!

19. What does the Apostle Paul say that God's handiwork, His Creation, tells us in Romans 1? Let's read it! That's on the subject, so that's a good thing to read now, starting at Verse 19: "Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the Creation of the World"--the invisible things of God, in other words, that there is a God, even though He's invisible, even though we can't see Him right now, the fact of His existence even though we can't see Him--"the invisible things of Him from the Creation of the World are clearly seen." Some people think that means a matter of time, that means you should have been able to see that ever since the Creation of the World! But there was nobody here when the World was created to see it, except God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit! So it doesn't mean that. What does it mean?
20. It says, "From the Creation of the World these things are clearly seen." In other words, by the Creation of the World, by looking at the physical Creation, you can see that there must be a Creator! "From the Creation of the World these things are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made"--at least by us things who are willing to acknowledge God, right? "Even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse."
21. So if everybody has an open mind and is really willing to receive it, His whole Creation is talking and telling us what? (David: Telling us there's a Creator!)--Exactly!--Telling us there is a God! When you look out at the beautiful Creation all around us, you know there's a God! It's the greatest proof of His existence!
22. How do we know that there is some scientist who knows how to make tape recorders?--Because here's the tape recorder! So that proves that somebody knows how to make one! That proves that there's a manufacturer who can make tape recorders. This tape recorder is the scientist's creation, we look at it and we know there had to be somebody behind it who knew how to make tape recorders. We know it had a creator because we can see it! So we look at God's Creation and we know it had to have a Creator, because we can see it!

23. So His whole Creation is talking! What does it tell us? (Techi: That there's a Creator!)--Very good, you got that point! That's good! So it's all talking!--Not only the skies, the Sun, Moon and stars, but the whole World is practically yelling, "There's a loving God Who loves you and Who created you and created all the World for you to enjoy and He wants you to love Him!" So "there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard." In other words, their voice is heard everywhere, in every language, even our language.
24. So we only covered one more verse! What was the verse we covered? (David: "There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.") In other words, if there's no speech or language there, there's nobody there, nobody home! Wherever there is speech and language, wherever there are people, they should be able to hear the speech and the language of God's Creation, to tell them that there is a God Who loves them and wants them to love Him! Okay, God bless you! That's the point! What's that verse again? (David: "There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.") There isn't anybody anywhere where their voice is not heard. Who's the "their" here, whose voice? (David: The Sun, Moon, stars and planets!)--And all God's Creations.
25. There's nobody anywhere where their voice isn't heard, so their voice is heard everywhere, so everybody is without excuse! That's what it says in Romans, they're without excuse, because if they'd just open their eyes and their ears they could hear and see the speech and the language of God's Creation and know that there's a God Who loves them. Right? And He wants them to love Him. Okay, how about you closing in prayer, David?

26. (David: TYJ! TYL! Thank You Jesus for this good day that we have today, Jesus, and that we had a fun Bible class, and thank You that we learned so much from it even though we only covered a few verses. Thank You, Lord, that Your Creation is so beautiful and wonderful and always almost yelling Your Creation, so that we know that You are the Creator, Jesus! Thank You for it, Jesus, that You made everything so perfectly. We pray that You'll please bless this day today and keep everybody safe who's working and help Grandpa to have a good day too, Jesus, and help there to be no accidents around here. Please bless the day and all that we do and help us to acknowledge You in everything that we do, in Jesus' name, amen!)--Amen! As we pray together the prayer You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer)
27. What does the Lord mean by asking us to pray, "Give us this day our daily bread?" (David: Bread is our spiritual food, the Word.)--And our physical food. So do you need bread? (David: Yes!) Do you need food? (David: Yes!) So the word "bread" there symbolises all of our needs, whether it's food or money or health or all the physical material needs that we need, that word "bread" symbolises all of them.

28. See how much you can dig out of the Bible?--Precious jewels out of the treasury of the Bible! Even the Lord's Prayer! I could talk for hours just on the Lord's Prayer, and I did once too! (See ML #1903, "The Kingdom Prayer!") See, even that one little word "bread" has so much meaning! It symbolises all your needs! We had a short lesson on the first 2 verses of Psalm 19, now we've had a long lesson on just the 3rd verse!
29. It's like a rich man, he has a rich treasure here, like a treasure box, and he opens his rich treasure box like this and he pulls out this beautiful gem and he holds it up to the light and looks at it, and he pulls out another beautiful gem and holds it up to the light, and he pulls out this gorgeous gold coin, holds it up and reads what it says, how much it's worth. And he pulls out jewel after jewel! He looks at it real close like this to examine it, "Oh my, such a beautiful gem, such a jewel!" Each one is worth a lot, each one is beautiful! And that's just what we've been doing, pulling gems and jewels and treasures out of our treasure box and examining them closely.
30. This Bible is our treasure box, and Jesus says that we pull out of it treasures both new and old! (Mat.13:52) And He says it is given unto kings to search out these treasures! (Pro.25:2) If you're smart enough to be able to dig treasures out of a treasure box, you're a king! If you even have a treasure box, you're a king, you're rich as a king! Do you have one of these treasure boxes? (David: Yes!) Then you're a king! Do you have one? (Techi: Yes!) Then you're a queen! Have you got one, Son? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) He's got a rich treasure, so he's richer than Croesus!
31. There was a famous king of the past, Croesus, who was supposed to be the richest king that ever lived, a king of Greece or somewhere, the richest man who ever lived. He was very very rich, but you're richer than Croesus, because you've got treasures which will never pass away, that will last forever, the Word of God in your heart, the Word of God in Heaven!
32. Do you think the Word of God is going to be important in Heaven? It's already important in Heaven, right? In fact, the Word of God runs the whole Universe and controls everything! And if you know the Word of God, you are rich in knowledge and rich in wisdom and rich in the spirit and powerful!--More powerful really even than a king! So it's wonderful to have one of these treasure boxes, to be able to pull out treasures and say, "Wow, how beautiful! My, that's such a beautiful treasure, such a lovely stone!--Rubies, diamonds, sapphires of Truth!" So we're rich to have these treasures!
33. And this morning we just pulled out one beautiful stone from the Bible: "There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard!" That's a rich treasure, that's a beautiful stone! That's a beautiful jewel of the Word! Because that means that where God's Creation doesn't say something and tell people about God and His Love, there ain't nobody! Whatever their language or whatever their speech, they can understand God's Creation, they can see it!--That is, if they want to.

34. Of course, those people who don't want to see it and don't want to listen, don't want to hear, who are they? (David: Unbelievers!) And they cook up lies called what? (David: Evolution!)--Right! They cook up lies called Evolution, that God didn't create it, it all made itself. Isn't that a lie? Isn't that ridiculous? Would you believe me if I'd tell you that this tape recorder made itself? You'd say, "Dad, you're crazy if you'd believe that, that's silly! Anyone knows by looking at that that somebody made it!" Well, that's how stupid and idiotic and silly and ridiculous and dumb and horrible these people are who look at God's Creation and say it all made itself!
35. That's the whole idea of Evolution, it all made itself! "God didn't make it, there is no God, so therefore God couldn't make it, so therefore it must have made itself!" Why did they do that? (David: Because they don't want to believe in God.)--Exactly, that's what it says there in Romans! Do you want me to read that to you? Oh my goodness, we're getting into another lesson, but I had to tell you about how precious this is!
36. If you just read this little bit from Romans it shows you why they do that, why they believe in Evolution! They choose to believe in Evolution! They can see by looking at Creation that there's a God, but they don't want to acknowledge God. Because if they acknowledge God, then they have to say "Uncle" to Him! They say, "Well, if I acknowledge God, then I've got to believe in Him and I've got to obey Him, because He's the Boss!"
37. (Romans 1:28:) "Even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind." Reprobate means an evil mind, a bad mind. Even when they have the Truth they don't believe it, so they're reprobates! "To do things which are not convenient." They think it's convenient not to believe in God and to believe in Evolution, but it's very inconvenient! They'll find out one of these days when they land in Hell how inconvenient it was!
38. Why do they want to believe in Evolution? (David: Because they don't want to believe in God!)--Right! Why is it they don't want to believe that God created the heavens and the Earth?--Because they would have to submit to God! They would have to believe in God and then they would have to obey God! And they don't want to obey Him, they don't want to believe in Him, they don't want to submit to Him. So what does it say they did? "They did not like to retain God in their knowledge!" Can you quote that? (Children: "They did not like to retain God in their knowledge.") And that's what verse?--Romans 1:28! That's a good one to remember!
39. This speech and language is heard everywhere there's anybody, and the only reason they don't hear it is because they don't want to hear it! They don't want to hear what it has to tell'm, that there's a God and He loves them and wants them to love Him! Just think, they don't even want God's Love, they're so proud! Why wouldn't people want God's Love? They're so proud, they don't even want to admit that God made them! Think of that! They don't want God to be their boss, they want to be their own boss. That's why they believe in Evolution! They don't really believe it!--Although some of them might.
40. Who does God say believes in his heart that there's no God? (David: The fool!) (Psa.14:1) Only the fool would believe in his heart, really believe in his heart, there's no God. Most of these people know in their hearts there's a God. But like the head of the great Atheist's Association said when I met him in Miami after he was converted, "All the time I was preaching atheism, that there's no God, I knew in my heart there was a God but I hated Him!" He was the head of the AAAAs!--The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism! By the way, they changed their name, do you know what they call themselves now? They changed just the last word.--The American Association for the Advancement of Science!
41. See, they don't want to even talk about anything that relates to God! Atheism means against God, literally against God. "A" in this case in Greek means against, "theism" means the belief in God. Atheism means against the belief in God. Well, they didn't even want that related to their association any more. Of course, so few believe in God any more anyhow, so they now have an American Association for the Advancement of not Atheism, but Science, their new god!
42. All these evolutionists worship science, falsely so-called! What does Paul call science falsely so-called? He said what kind of so-and-so babblings? "Vain and profane babblings of science falsely so-called." How does the verse begin? (Techi: "But shun profane and vain babblings for they will increase unto more ungodliness. And their word will eat as doth a canker."--2Tim.2:16-17)--That's right! Their words eat like a cancer! That word "canker" that you get in the Bible, the word today is cancer, the same thing. It'll eat like a cancer. Every time the Bible says canker, it means cancer. (Techi: What is cancer?) Cancer is a big sore that just gradually eats people up, like a devil!
43. Well, finally these bad people who don't want to believe in God even believe their own lies, or the Devil's lies! What does He say in another verse over in 2nd Thessalonians 2 about strong delusion? It's about the days of the Antichrist, and they have been here ever since the Devil appeared in the Garden of Eden too! He says, "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness"--just like the Devil always does, right? Did he deceive Adam and Eve in the Garden with the deceivableness of unrighteousness?--Yes, he did! "In them that perish." Did Adam and Eve perish?--Yes, they did! They died, like God said. Because of what? "They received not the love of the truth."
44. Why does God punish people and even kill some people and let the Devil punish them? The Devil is God's executioner, His little choreboy who is punishing people for the wrong that they do, even sometimes testing people like He did Job. He let the Devil do it. Right? Because of what? (Techi: They receive not the love of the truth.) That's 2nd Thessalonians 2:10. That's a good thing to remember!

45. All this is about Creation, we're studying about Creation, the Sun, Moon and stars, how they are all faithful witnesses! The stars and the Moon are out there almost every night faithfully witnessing. The Sun's up there right now faithfully witnessing that God loves us! Because without the Sun we wouldn't have anything! The Earth would just go flying off through space and turn cold, freeze! Plants couldn't grow, people wouldn't have anything to eat and the Earth would turn into a block of ice and we'd all freeze to death!--Because we need the warmth, and we need the pull of the Sun to keep us in orbit, to keep us on the right track! We need all these things the Sun gives. It pulls up moisture and then drops down the rain, but that's another whole lesson just about the Sun! We've studied about the Moon, we haven't even begun to study about the stars yet, all these things we're already getting out of just three verses in Psalm 19! Think of that! We've been digging out treasures new and old!

46. Oh, but I forgot to give you this next verse, the 11th verse: "Because they received not the love of the Truth that they might be saved," what does God do? (David: Sends them strong delusion.) He sends them strong delusion, lies, that they should believe a lie, that they all might be damned! If they don't love God's Truth, then God will even send the Devil along with lies like Evolution. If you reject the Truth, there's only one thing left to believe, and what is that?--Lies! If you don't receive the Truth, then you must be receiving lies!
47. When Adam and Eve refused God's Truth, after He warned them not to eat of the Tree of Life, when they rejected the Truth, they believed the Devil's lies!--That they might be damned--punished, in other words. Because they rejected the Truth, He let them believe a lie. Because that's what they wanted to believe! They wanted to believe a lie! Did Adam and Eve want to believe what the Devil told them?--Yes! They wanted to believe that more than what God told them! Because the Devil told them something nice and juicy and it looked good and delicious and was supposed to make you wise so you could become like a god, like the Angels etc.! So they preferred to believe that instead of what God said. He said, "Don't eat that, it's the knowledge of good and evil. The day you eat that, you're going to start dying!"
48. This all has to do with what we studied this morning. God's Creation is God's Truth, right? It is constantly telling the Truth! Everything you see out there in Creation is telling the truth, the truth of God's existence, the truth of His Love!--And the truth that you should love Him and be thankful for Him and obey Him! And if you don't look at that and receive that truth and believe what that Creation is telling you, then the Lord will let the Devil give you what? (Children: Strong delusion!)--His lies! And can you think of one of the biggest ones he's told? (Children: Evolution!) I like the way the British pronounce it, Evil-ution! That's a good way to pronounce it! The British and Australians always say it like that. Then the Lord will let you believe the Devil's Evilution. Because you loved not the truth, He'll let you believe a lie that you might be damned, that means judged or punished, and even go to Hell if you don't want to believe in God!
49. They can tell and listen and hear and see what God's trying to tell them through His Creation out there! They know what it's saying, "There's a God!" But they don't want to believe that! They refuse it! They refuse the love of the Truth. So what is there left? For the Devil to bring them what? (Children: Strong delusion!)--That they might believe a lie, that they might be damned! And what is the Devil's biggest strong delusion that he teaches today?--Evilution! I like to say it that way because it's so evil!

50. So it's very important for us to believe what Psalm 19:1, 2 & 3 says! It's very important! Now, let me hear you quote it again. I know you know those first few verses because I know you know the whole Psalm! By the time we get through with this Psalm, you're not only going to be able to quote it and know it by heart, by memory, you're going to know what every word means! It's a big heavy Psalm! We could just go zip-zip-zip through it and read it and you wouldn't even know half of what it's talking about! I don't believe in just reading the Bible like that. It's better than nothing, but what if you just rattle it off and you don't even know what it means? You don't even know what it's saying? That's like looking out there at God's Creation and not being able to understand its speech and language, and not understanding what it's telling you. All that would be for nothing if you couldn't understand what it's saying! But it's saying God loves you, and He made it for you to make you happy, and He wants you to thank Him for it and love Him!
51. So I want you to know what this Psalm is saying, every word and everything it means, so that every time you quote it, it's going to really mean something to you! You'll know what it's saying! So there's no speech or language where its voice is not heard! PTL? My goodness, that was another whole half-hour lesson on that! All right, quote the first 3 verses! What Psalm is it? (Children: Psalm 19!) (Children quote the first 3 verses.)
52. All right, you had your Sunday morning devotions and Bible study with Grandpa! Have you learned something since you started studying this? (Children: Yes!) We've had 2 or 3 whole lessons now on the first 3 verses, one the other morning and two this morning.--One before prayer and the other one after prayer! Grandpa's always giving you another lesson after we pray lots of times. Well anyway, PTL! So, here we are! GBY!
53. Thank you dear secretaries and typists who transcribe all these things, we love you! How many love the secretaries and the typists who transcribe all the Lord's Words, can you say "Amen"? (Fam: Amen!) There you are! GBY, Sweetheart, ILY! XXXXXXX! There's the 7 kisses of David from the Lord! ILY! Bye-bye!

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