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PSALMS FOR KIDS--PSALM 34!       7/86       DO 2372
--Bible Study with Grandpa!

       1. (Techi: TYJ! PYJ! Please help us to have a good Bible Study today, Lord! Help us to be attentive & good listeners & please anoint Grandpa to teach us the right things & help us find a real good Psalm, in Jesus' name!) PTL! TYJ! Amen!
       2. All right, Psalm 34! PTL! Lord, bless Your Word as we read it, & make it a blessing! First verse: "I will bless the Lord at all times." What does it mean to "bless the Lord"? I thought He blesses us? What kind of blessing does the Lord enjoy? Well, the next phrase explains it:
       3. "His praise shall continually be in my mouth!" In other words, how do you bless the Lord? (David: By praising Him!)--Exactly, to praise the Lord is to bless the Lord. He blesses us with a lot of things, but when we bless Him it's by praising Him! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! We're blessing the Lord, because He likes that! He's blessed by that when we praise Him!
       4. Next verse: "My soul shall make her boast in the Lord." We found out what our soul was, remember? (David: A combination of body & spirit.) That means you, right? All of you, body & spirit, makes your soul. "My soul shall make her boast in the Lord"--sometimes that word "boast" is used to mean brag about yourself or boast about what you do & stuff like that. But if we're going to brag or boast about Somebody, Who are we going to brag & boast about? (David: The Lord!)--Amen!
       5. "The humble shall hear thereof & be glad!" When we're boasting about the Lord we're really praising the Lord, aren't we? And who's going to hear us? (David: The humble!) In other words, this bragging & boasting about the Lord is really praising the Lord, & in fact it's witnessing! Every time you praise the Lord you're witnessing. So when we're out witnessing we're praising the Lord, we're boasting of the Lord, & who hears us?--The humble!--The poor people who need it, right? (David: But the proud think they don't need it.) Yes, the proud resist. But the humble will hear, & what will they be? (Techi: Be glad!)
       6. "O magnify the Lord with me, & let us exalt His Name together!"--Let's all praise the Lord together! When you magnify Him, do you take a magnifying glass & look through it at the Lord? (Techi: No, it's like you make Him great!)--Exactly! What does a magnifying glass do? (Children: It makes it bigger!) So when we're out witnessing & we're praising the Lord, we're making God bigger for people! Most people think very little about the Lord, but we think big about the Lord, so we magnify the Lord. And we "exalt His Name together," we praise the Lord together!
       7. "I sought the Lord & He heard me, & delivered me from all my fears." When we seek the Lord's help, does He hear us? (David: Yes!)--Of course! And He "delivers me from all my fears." What bothers us the most?--Bad things that actually happen, or things that we're afraid are going to happen? (Techi: Things we're afraid of.)--Fear! Mark Twain said, "I'm an old man & I've had many troubles--most of which never happened!" In other words, worry, worry about things!
       8. That's why the Lord said, "Forget the things that are behind!"--Phil.3:13. Don't worry about them, there's nothing you can do about that, it's all over! And don't worry about the future! Right? "Fret not thyself for tomorrow, for sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."--Mat.6:34. Just today is the only thing you have to deal with & be concerned about.
       9. But most people are worried about what happened before & they worry about that all their lives, something they did long ago. They don't have the Lord's cleansing & forgiveness & Salvation, so they keep worrying about what they did in the past. And more than anything else, they worry about what's going to happen in the future! So most of their worries are about things that they really can do nothing about!--Right? What they ought to be doing is just being concerned about today & getting done today what they need to do!
       10. Is that a bandaid, did you hurt your elbow? (Techi: No, it's paint!) Okay, then we don't have to worry about that then! It's kind of like fears--they look like something bad but they turn out to be nothing serious at all!
       11. "They looked unto Him & were lightened!" What does the Lord give us? (Children: He gives us light!) What are the three things Jesus said He was? (Techi: The Light of the World!)--Right, you got one of them. (David: The Way, the Truth & the Life!) He's the Way where? (David: The Way to Heaven!) (Techi: "And their faces were not ashamed.") You guys know this Psalm by heart. (Techi: By a song!) That's great! You can sing your song when we get done. All right, He is the Light, so we look unto Him & we're lightened! We're all shined up! PTL? And if we do that, we also shine! "And their faces were not ashamed!" They look at us & say, "You have a certain light on your face! You look happy!" Our faces are not ashamed. We're not only not ashamed, we're happy!
       12. "This poor man cried, & the Lord heard him, & saved him out of all his troubles!" David was not actually a poor man, he was quite rich, he was a king! In what way was he a poor man? What did he need? If you're poor you need a lot of things. (David: He needed the Lord's help.) (Techi: He had lots of sins.) Yes, he was rich in sins but poor in righteousness, so he needed a lot of help from the Lord. That's like all of us. We'd be terrible sinners if it weren't for the Lord to help us to be good!
       13. I've always applied this verse to myself, "this poor man," I'm always needing help for some reason! "This poor man cried"--does that mean you actually cry tears necessarily? What kind of "cried" is this? (Techi: Like cry out.)--That's right! He prayed, right? "This poor man cried," he cried out in prayer for the Lord's help, & the Lord did what? Was He deaf & did He go the other direction? (David: No!) The Lord heard him, & having heard him, what did He do? (David: "Saved him out of all his troubles.")--Most of which were probably fears & worries that never happened, because the Lord saved him from all of them! TTL!
       14. "The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, & delivereth them!" How does the Lord save us & help us & protect us from troubles? (Techi: Guardian Angels.)--His Angels, how about that! And how do they do it?--They go camping! (David: They protect us & they give us checks in the Spirit!) (Techi: Also, they guard around the house, like that's their place where they are.) Yes, because after all, if they're going to be around us, they probably have to be outside the house to keep the devils & demons from coming in! There are no rooms out there, so they've got to camp out! (Techi: They have their positions.) That's exactly right.
       15. They camp around those that do what? (David: That fear Him!) That means fear the Lord, it doesn't mean fear the Angel! But what does it mean by "fear the Lord"? I thought we were supposed to be happy about the Lord, not be afraid of Him. What kind of fear does this mean? (Techi: It means you're afraid not to obey the Lord.) It's a healthy fear, it's a respect of the Lord!--The same way you fear me in a way. You love me, but you fear me, don't you? You're afraid to do anything you shouldn't do for fear I might scold you or be displeased. (Techi: You don't just take it lightly, it's like, "I'd better be good or the Lord will be displeased with me.")--That's right. So although we love the Lord, we also fear Him, fear His judgements or His chastisements or His punishments if we don't love Him like we should.
       16. So, "The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him & delivereth them!" So He delivers us from what? Does he deliver us on somebody's doorstep or in their mailbox like a package? (David: He saves us.) That's right, He saves us! To deliver us means not only just in one sense to deliver a package, but it means to take us out of trouble. Like if Satan's got somebody bound or in chains with bad habits or something, the Lord cuts the chains & takes away the bondage & delivers us. In a sense that means frees us.--Not freeze, like cold, but f-r-e-e-s. He frees us, sets us free, to liberty, that's to be delivered!
       17. "O taste & see that the Lord is good!" How can you taste the Lord? When you taste something, what do you do? "Here, have a sample!" What's another word you could use? (David: Try it!) Yes, that's the simple way to explain this word "taste" here. Try the Lord! Try Him, & you'll see that He's good! Every time we go witnessing & talk to people about Jesus, we're literally exalting the Lord, telling them how good He is & all that. But they have to do what to find out that He's good? We can tell them that He's good, but they've got to try Him themselves! And once they taste Him & they find out He's really good, then they'll take the Lord completely!
       18. "Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him!" (David: You'll be blessed if you trust in the Lord.) Amen, that's for sure! "O fear the Lord, ye His Saints," again this word "fear." It's to be in awe & respect of the Lord. "For there is no want to them that fear Him." It's to recognise that God is God, that He's the Boss! Everybody here in the Family fears me, they're afraid to do anything I wouldn't like, because I might bawl them out & scold them. So in that sense they fear me. But at the same time, why do they fear me?--Because they love me & respect me & they don't want to displease me, because they know I'm the boss here.
       19. So it says, "Fear the Lord, ye His Saints: for there is no want to them that fear Him." You mean you'll never want anything? In the sense of the old meaning of the word "want," it means you'll never what? (David: Lack anything.) You'll never lack anything that you really need!
       20. "The young lions do lack & suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing." Even young lions can maybe not have enough to eat sometimes & suffer hunger, but He does supply for them too. "But they that seek the Lord"--if the lions will seek the Lord, they'll "not want any good thing!" (Techi: Like Bingo & James!) Yes, Bingo and James, our old dogs at the farm! They used to bark & bark sometimes. So one night I heard'm bark & bark & bark, they were just going to bark all night! And I said, "Something's wrong with the dogs, boys, go see what's the matter!" And the dogs whimpered & cried. Dogs cry! We heard the dog next door today doing some whimpering & crying. I don't know whether he was hungry or somebody was hurting him or what!
       21. So I said, "I don't think the farmer's been around to feed'm!" The farmer was gone for a couple of days and the dogs were chained up and they weren't being fed. So I told the Family to take them over some food. So here were the young lions--they were our young lions--dogs! Bingo and James, was that their names? (Techi: Yes!) How did you remember? (Techi: In "Life with Grandpa" it shows Bingo and James barking and the Lord's up there and He says something like, "They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing." They were barking and saying, "We're hungry, please help us, Jesus!")--That's right! (See "The Hungry Dog Story!", LWG Vol.1, page 93.) Don't you ever forget anything you read? You remember everything! She's got a photographic memory! She's like a tape recorder!
       22. "They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing!" They may not have some things, because some things are not good. (To Techi:) Honey, stand up & lift the couch cover back up. See what all your wiggling has done? She's always moving & wiggling! I'm glad you're so full of life & energy, Honey! Pull it way up so when you sit down it won't come way down again, because we don't want to get the couches all dirty!
       23. You may not get some things because they're bad for you, even though you might want some things. It says of the children of Israel that they lusted after certain things that weren't good for them. "He gave them the desires of their heart, but He sent leanness to their souls."--Psa.106:15. In other words, it wasn't good for them, but He let them have it because they insisted on it. I don't think you children have ever insisted on anything that wasn't good for you. You're such good children, I can't think of anything you'd ever insist on! But I've known some people that insisted on things that weren't good for them!
       24. "Come, ye children, hearken unto Me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord." What does "hearken" mean? (David: Listen!)--Right! "Come, listen to me!" That's what I'm doing right now. I'm saying to you, "Come, ye children, hearken unto me, & I will teach you"--what? (Children: "The fear of the Lord!")--How to respect & reverence & obey the Lord!
       25. "What man is he that desireth life & loveth many days, that he may see good?" Who likes all those things? Who desires life & would like to live a long time? Well, in those days they liked to live a long time, nowadays we're looking forward to the Coming of the Lord, the sooner the better, because the World's getting so bad! In those old days the World was like Heaven on Earth & they wanted to enjoy it as long as possible! It's a little bit different right now at the end of things.
       26. "Loveth many days that he may see good"--because things were so good in those days, & he wanted to live a long time so he'd see a lot more good! But now the longer we live, the more evil we see! So this is not a day in which you want to live a long time, because you don't see much good. But anyhow, in those days & the days when nearly everything was good, people wanted to live in that Heaven on Earth a long time. So he says, "Who wants to do that? Who wants to live a long time & see a lot of good?" It hasn't answered his question yet, has it?
       27. Here's the recipe for living a long time & seeing a lot of good: "Keep thy tongue from evil, & thy lips from speaking guile!" Don't say anything naughty & don't speak any evil. What is "guile"? (Children: Evil.) It's a form of evil. It includes falsehoods & lies, anything that's not good. Here's some more of the same recipe of how to live long & see a lot of good. It's kind of hard to do nowadays, but it still can hold true of us because we're going to live in the Millennium, a thousand years, & see lots of good!
       28. So here's the rest of the recipe, of how to live a long time & see lots of good: "Depart from evil, & do good!" In other words, don't do evil but do good! "Seek peace, & pursue it."--Seek peace & run after it! In nearly all their Hollywood movies about detectives & crime & whatnot, one of the most exciting parts of the whole movie is that they're always having chases. There are all kinds of chases: Bicycle chases, car chases, dune buggy chases, foot chases, even golf cart chases!
       29. (Techi: What's a golf cart?) A golf cart is a little cart that the men who play golf ride around in. They're little tiny cars, like little play cars almost. (Techi: How do they look?) You've seen them before, they're just a little cart about twice as big as this table & two or three people could sit in them, & if not, somebody could stand on the back.
       30. Anyway, they like chases! But when they're chasing, they're almost always chasing somebody bad. They're chasing the criminals, they're chasing the evil people etc. But he says here to "seek peace & pursue it," chase after peace if you want to capture peace & have peace in your heart! So how do we have peace in our hearts? Who gives us peace? (David: The Lord.)--The Lord, of course! So if we take Him into our hearts, we seek the Lord, we chase after the Lord.
       31. Of course, if you really seek the Lord & chase after Him, He makes Himself very easy to be found! There's a verse about that. "Seek ye the Lord while He may be found." (David: "Call ye upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, & the unrighteous man his thoughts: & let him return unto the Lord, & He will have mercy upon him; & to our God, for He will abundantly pardon."--Isa.55:6,7.) Boy, these kids really know the Scriptures! So if you chase the Lord & want to capture the Lord & you want the Lord in your heart, He makes it very easy to be found! But in their worldly movies they're always seeking the criminals & chasing around to have violence & fights & everything.
       32. "The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, & His ears are open unto their cry!" Does the Lord see what you're doing all the time? (David: Yes!) We used to have some old song in church, "There's an Eye watching you, watching you!" It was supposed to make you afraid of being naughty. Well, that's true! But most of the time the Lord's eyes are watching us to take care of us & protect us & give us what we need!
       33. And His ears are what? (Children: "Open unto their cry!") He's not deaf to our cries. He hears us! The Lord doesn't have any hearing problems. A lot of our folks have hearing problems because they listened to such loud music when they were young, & bad music, because they didn't have good parents to teach them not to listen to that kind of music. Even if their parents tried to get them to stop, they went & listened to it someplace else. I know Mama wasn't like that! She was a good girl who listened to good music & did good things!
       34. "The face of the Lord is against them that do evil." How do you suppose He looks at them that do evil? (Grandpa makes a fierce face!) Wouldn't my face be against you when I scold you for not doing what you're supposed to do? "And to cut off the remembrance of them from the Earth!" Those must be pretty bad people for the Lord to completely cut off their remembrance from the Earth!
       35. "The righteous cry, & the Lord heareth, & delivereth them out of all their troubles!" My oh my! That's another promise that if you cry unto the Lord & ask Him to help, He'll hear you & deliver you out of your troubles!
       36. "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart." What does "nigh" mean? (Children: Close!)--Or near. In fact, He's right beside you, in fact He's even in you! He's especially near those that are of a broken heart. When you're sad & you feel bad or sorry, always remember what? (Children: The Lord is nigh!) The Lord is sorry for you & He's close-by & He wants to comfort you. Sometimes you can feel bad & sad & cry because of something you did which you didn't mean to or you didn't want to & you feel like you hurt somebody & you're feeling bad, & the Lord feels bad too. But He sympathises with you & comforts you.
       37. "And saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." What's a contrite spirit? That's another big word we don't use very often. See, you can even memorise a Chapter & still not know what it means. If you don't know what a word means, you don't really understand the verse, do you? "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart," we got that, but He "saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." Anybody want to try it? (David: Soft & humble?)--Yes, humble! Somebody who is kneeling down asking the Lord to forgive. (Maria: Sorry too, or sorrowful, is that what it also means?)--Yes. A broken heart, a contrite spirit. (Tape alarm beeps!) Well, that's supposed to be our school bell, meaning time for class to be up, but we've just got a few more little verses, shall we finish this Psalm? (Children: Yes!)
       38. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous!" How come? I thought just the evil suffered all those afflictions! (Techi: To make you stronger!)--Yes, & He lets you suffer a lot of things to do what? (Techi: So you can comfort others.)--To comfort others with the same comfort you're comforted with.--2Cor.1:4. (Techi: To bring you close to the Lord.)--And what else? Why else does He let us suffer many afflictions? You missed almost the most simple, obvious one! If you're naughty, which you hardly ever are... once in awhile I've had to scold David a few times because I work a lot with him. If I worked as much with you as I do with him, you might have gotten a few scoldings too. But I work a lot with him & I sometimes speak to him quick & sharp & tell him he's got to do something real quick & sometimes it makes him feel bad. But what am I trying to do? (David: Help me.) How? (Techi: By correcting him & showing him how to do things.)--Most of the time correcting him & showing him how to do things, & what do you call that? When you show somebody how to do something, you're doing what? (David: Instructing.) And what's the simple word for showing & instructing, what's the simplest word of all? What is Grandpa? (Techi: A teacher!) Teaching! Right?
       39. So most of the things He lets us suffer are to teach us lessons! So, "many are the afflictions of the righteous." But since they're just to teach us lessons, "the Lord delivereth him out of them all!" We may have a lot of afflictions, but as soon as we learn our lesson through those afflictions, He delivers us!
       40. "He keepeth all His bones, not one of them is broken." You say, "But Grandpa, how come you broke your arm? How come you got your nose broken?" (Techi: One thing that I always remember it for is when Jesus died on the cross.)--Right, that was a prophecy about Jesus! That was the main thing. And in the New Testament, He reminds us that that was fulfilled in the Lord. (Jn.19:36)
       41. However, it's talking about the righteous here, that they have a lot of afflictions, but then it says "He keepeth all His bones, not one of them is broken." Well, if He does let us get a broken bone, it's to teach us a lesson! I have gotten about 3 broken bones in my past. I broke my arm, somebody else broke it for me, really. It taught me not to play with that boy any more, & I let him know! In fact, he was so scared when he did that he ran home really quick because he knew he'd done something bad! And when he wanted to come back & play on our play equipment, we told him no! It teaches you things. If you play with bad boys you get in trouble. You learn not to play with bad boys.
       42. (Techi: What did he do to you?) He kicked at me because I was on the rings! He'd had his turn on the rings & wanted another one, but I was having my turn on the rings, so I said no. So he kicked this log right out from under me! I was standing up on this log so I could reach the rings, because they were kind of high. (Techi: Which rings?)--Playground equipment where they've got rings that you swing on & a bar you swing on. We had a set of playground equipment in our back yard which my Daddy had gotten for us, which was sweet of him, wasn't it? We had a swing & a trapeze bar that you swung on & did tricks on, & it had two rings. You've seen those playgrounds where they have two rings, or chains that you swing on. That was a lot of fun! I was standing up there & I hadn't quite reached the rings. I would have been all right if I'd reached the rings, but I couldn't quite reach them.
       43. This log was about a foot in diameter & it was about two feet long & it was standing on end, on the ground. It was one of our fire logs. We had a fireplace & we used it sometimes on cold winter days. Even in Florida it gets cold sometimes. Since I had difficulty reaching the rings because they put them so high, I rolled this log out there & set it on end so I could step up on it & reach the rings. And I'd just stepped on it & I hadn't even started to reach for the rings because I must have had one hand down beside me like this. And he was teasing me & fussing at me, a big teenage boy, & I was only 12. He was about 16 or 17, a real big mean guy who caused lots of trouble at school & everything. He was always persecuting me, he was like the Devil in person!
       44. So because I insisted on staying there & I wanted to play on the rings then, he kicked the log out from under me & my feet went that way & maybe I put my arm down to try to catch myself or something, but my arm went underneath me like that & the end of the log hit right there, with my weight on my arm between me & the log, & the edge of the log hit right there & broke my arm!
       45. But I learned a lesson from that, & when my nose got broken I learned never to do silly things like boxing any more! I don't know what breaking my little finger on the steps of Rome did--maybe it taught Mama a lesson that I don't always complain about my hurts! She has to be attentive to make sure she knows when I'm hurt or sick because I'll never talk about it. Mama's the only one that advertises my illnesses, I never advertise them! She's always advertising them & asking the whole Family to pray & everything. (Mama: But we're trying to teach the kids & the whole Family that they should ask for prayer when they have some problem & help people, so we can share each other's burdens.) Well, I guess I'm a little like my Daddy that way, he just felt he should just tell the Lord & the Lord knew & that was enough. (Maria: We've got to teach Grandpa something, don't we?)--Yes, Mama's teaching me to ask for prayer!
       46. So anyway, I learned a lot of lessons from those broken bones! So it must have been Jesus the Lord was talking about, that He'd keep Him from getting broken bones. Of course, I'm not as righteous as Jesus, I was pretty unrighteous so I got several bones broken! (Maria: Maybe it means that they won't stay broken permanently.) Well, one of them stayed pretty broken permanently--my wrist! (Maria: You can still use it, Grandpa!) Yes, thank the Lord! But that taught me a lesson too, I developed a very strong right hand.
       47. "Evil shall slay the wicked: & they that hate the righteous shall be desolate." "Evil shall slay the wicked"--the wicked are evil, right? So what's going to slay them? (Children: Evil!) They get what they sow! "And they that hate the righteous shall be desolate"--what's "desolate"? (David: Like when you're out in the desert, it's desolate.)--Without any help, without things you need. Desolate, in a sense, is to have nothing & nobody. (Techi: Like the desert only has real thorny cactus.)--Out alone & without help, the desolate, & most of all, the worst thing of all is they're without the Lord. Without the Lord you're real desolate!
       48. "The Lord redeemeth the soul of His servants." What does "redeemeth" mean? (David: Saveth!) And the soul is what? (David: Both spirit & body!) He saves both your spirit & your body. He strengthens & helps you in both spirit & body. He redeemeth, He helps, He saves the soul of His what? (Techi: Servants.) So to get in line for this prophecy you've got to be what? (Children: Servants!) He doesn't do that for everybody, He just does that for His servants! Who are His servants? (David: Us.)--We are! But a servant is one who does what? (David: Serves!) And we serve whom? (Techi: Jesus!) We serve the Lord! So therefore, that's our promise, that's what we get when we're serving the Lord. He helps us, saves us & redeems us!
       49. "None of them that trust in Him shall be desolate!" When you trust in the Lord you're not going to be desolate, forsaken or without the things you need. You're not going to be without help & without the Lord if you trust the Lord.
       50. So that's a really encouraging Psalm! There are a lot of promises in it! PTL! All right, David, you close in prayer. We'll just hold hands in spirit. (David: Thank You Jesus for this good time that we had studying Psalm 34 with Grandpa. Thank You Lord that we got so many good lessons out of it, Jesus, & things that we didn't know before. Thank You for how these little Bible Studies can be such a blessing to us, Lord, & for all of the other Family too! Please bless us now as we go on to this day, Lord, & please keep us safe in all that we do, & help us to follow You, Jesus, so that we won't be desolate, in Jesus' name!)--Amen! As we pray together the prayer You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Do bless & keep us & help us to be a blessing today, in Jesus' name, amen! PTL!
       51. So you do learn a few things from Grandpa's Bible Studies! Can you remember anything you learned today? Well, when the Lord reminds you of it or situations remind you of it, you'll remember! Can you remember just one thing from this lesson? Can you remember a new word you learned today? (Techi: Contrite!) (David: It meant humble.) Contrite was the main new word you learned today. What other new word did you learn? (David: Desolate.) You sort of understood what desolate meant, but we made it a little clearer. Any other new words? (Techi: Redeemer.)--Our Saviour, our Redeemer! Oh, you were going to sing me the Psalm! (Children sing Psalm 34, Verses 1-17.) You're almost to the end, you can't give up now! "The Lord is nigh ..." (Children sing it to the end!)--Wonderful! The whole Psalm! Wow, that's terrific!
       52. How come you can remember Psalms better if you sing them? (Techi: Because we have that tune & then we learn the Psalm & then we put it to that tune!) The tune sort of helps you remember what's coming next in the words. You know in history, in the old days, especially amongst the Arabs, they used to sing all the poetry of their stories! Their stories were always in poetry & in song so that they could remember them more easily.
       53. One other thing, why is it you remember the first part of the Psalm & the song better than the last part? (David: You have to remember the first part of the Psalm or you can't sing the Psalm at all!) (Techi: And then it's kind of long & you have to remember, "Let's see, which verse comes after which?" & then you sing it.) But there's a very special reason why you always remember the first part better than the last part. When you're quoting it, which part do you quote the most as you're learning it? First you learn one verse, then you learn the next verse. (Techi: Oh, that's why!)
       54. You go over & over it & you always go over the first verses the most & you keep adding another one. You repeat the first part the most often because you always start with the first part & keep going on to more & more. The last part you don't repeat as much, because once you've gotten to it & you manage to make it through that part at least once, then you sort of give up. But you've said the first part so many times you can't forget it! The same with a song. You remember the first part best & the last part's not quite so easy to remember because you didn't repeat it enough. You need to repeat it more! As you learn it, you keep repeating the first verses that lead up to the last part, but you never seem to repeat the last part as much as you do the first part! So the law of memory is what? (David: Repetition!)--Repeat, repeat, repeat!
       55. Well, that was short and sweet! Now you've got the whole rest of the day to have fun and do whatever things you like to do! This is your day off, your rest day, your play day!--Have fun!--ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family