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IT'S TIME FOR THE SUPERMAN!--To Solve the Crash of '87!       24/10/87       DO 2380

       1. I can remember when I was young that the general national budget of the U.S.A. was only in the millions! Now they're running a budget that is costing as much per day as it used to cost per year, & spending far more than they're making! I can remember in the old days when I was young, that the government wouldn't have thought of going in debt or spending like they do today! They kept within their income as any good householder should do--not borrowing or spending more than they're making most of the time.
       2. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first one that went into lavish overspending & an exaggerated budget to try to pull the country out of the Depression, & he nearly ran the country bankrupt by spending far more than the country was making! Some lonely voices crying in the wilderness were warning that they were spending more than they or their children or even their grandchildren would ever be able to repay, & that's exactly what has now happened! They spent & they spent & they spent & said, "Well, we'll pay later! Let our children & our grandchildren worry about it!" Now their great grandchildren are going to worry about it!
       3. It's a very simple principle: You just cannot keep living on borrowed money, it has to come to an end sometime! The borrowers are going to stop loaning. They'll lose confidence in your ability to repay. Just think, the U.S. has become the greatest debtor nation on Earth! It has the largest national debt, I think it's about 3 trillion Dollars in debt!--And the horrible part about it is, they're going deeper & deeper in debt each year! They're running a 200 billion Dollar deficit each year now, adding to this 3 trillion Dollar total debt! They're sinking deeper & deeper in debt every year! And of course as deep as they are in debt now & as horrible as their indebtedness is, including their constant deficit every year, going deeper & deeper in debt, that debt will never be repaid, it's impossible! They can never catch up!
       4. So something has to break, something's gotta snap, something's gotta give!--And it looks to me like it's starting to give with the Stock Market Crash! People lose confidence, & that's it! If you recall the motion picture, "Roll Over," when all the big rich Arabs began to pull their money out of the American banks, it made the banks collapse, & this is a good time for them to think about it! As they see that it looks pretty impossible that the U.S. is ever going to be able to pay them back, they'll start pulling their money out to try to save what they can. After a Stock Market Crash, the banks are the next thing to go!
       5. Everybody's now thinking about not spending so much money. They're finally waking up to the fact that they can't afford to keep on borrowing forever--at least the individual people, the common people begin to see the handwriting on the wall.--And it's all over the walls of Wall Street, of the Stock Market, that it's not going to last forever! They've danced to the tune, now they're going to have to pay the fiddler! As they become more cautious & conservative & even scared, they're going to pull more & more money out of the banks. This is just what happened in the Depression, the same pattern exactly: First the Stock Market Crash, then the banks began to close as people got scared & began withdrawing all their money.
       6. Good night!--The Stock Market is nothing but the World's biggest gambling house! That's all it is! It's an absolute gambling house! People know it, but gamblers on a winning streak always hope it'll never stop, & then when it does, they play a few more games hoping they'll break their new losing streak! But when they see they're on a continued losing streak & they're not going to win any more, they pull out. And brother, when the people start pulling their money out of the banks because they're afraid the banks won't make it, that's it!--Especially huge investors like some of the Arabs who have invested billions of petrodollars in American banks!
       7. That's what happened in "Roll Over": The guy begged the Arab investor not to take his money out of the bank! He said, "You're going to make our World come crashing down!" And the Arab replied, "Yes, your World, but not my World!" Well, we'll see about that! Since the price of oil plummeted from $50 to almost $10 a barrel before going up a little, even the Arabs are beginning to look a little bit poor & worried about their money! So it'll affect everything & everybody!
       8. There's only one way to solve it, & that's for some strongman to take over who can dictate policy & enforce it & change the whole economic system completely! He'll probably say, "We'll just cancel all debts now. We'll cancel your debts, but you'll have to serve me instead!"--Just what happened in the Bible when Joseph was managing what you might call the Egyptian stock market.
       9. There was a great depression, a great famine, the Lord had withheld the rain to punish the wicked Egyptians. So to help the Jews, Joseph bought up everything. The people sold their grain first, then they sold their stock--not stocks & bonds like they're selling now, but livestock--& finally they sold themselves into slavery just to get something to eat! (See Genesis 47:13-24!) And that's the way it'll go again!--And there's probably another [DELETED] Joseph who's managing this latest deal right now!
       10. They won't have anything left to pay with! That's what happened in the last Depression, when people couldn't pay their debts, their creditors foreclosed on their collateral, whatever they had put up for collateral for their loans--their cars, their homes, their furniture, their businesses, their factories, everything! The big money boys just foreclosed on all of their properties & possessions! In other words, they "got'm for a song," so to speak. So the big money boys got richer & richer while the rest of the people got poorer & poorer!
       11. I'm sure the big money boys, most of the AC moneychangers, engineered that last Depression, because it made them richer & more powerful than ever, & the rest of the people poorer! And they had to get the World into the Second World War so that the [DELETED] [EDITED: "ACs could"] take over the World & hold power, not just money! They had to get their [EDITED: "ACs"] in everywhere, into government, the U.S. State Department, everywhere, so they could run these governments that they now owned because they had foreclosed on'm! So now they're apparently ready to do it again!
       12. Nobody knows what caused it, what caused the Stock Market to crash! One guy gave away the secret: He said the big boys with huge blocks of stock got out six months ago! They got out ahead of time. They saw it was coming, they knew it would come, in fact they probably engineered it! So now these stocks go crashing & get down to where they're worth almost nothing like they did last time. People in the news are lamenting, "I'm wiped out, I'm broke!"
       13. Where did they lose it? To whom did they lose it? When you lose something, somebody else must be finding it! You don't just lose things unless somebody else is gaining! So I'm sure they're engineering this thing so they can do like they did in the last Depression, so they can gobble it all up! But this time, instead of just foreclosing on furniture, cars, houses, companies, factories, industries & businesses, they're going to foreclose on whole governments who are now going to be their slaves & have to do whatever they tell them to do!--That's how they've taken over! This will help them take over the governments financially & take over the World!
       14. It's just the ideal time & spot for the Superman!--And then he'll dictate his policies & establish a new financial system which will no doubt completely abolish the present Capitalist system for a whole new Credit System, probably an electronic system on which the whole thing will be based, so they don't have to use money of any kind, or even checks! It's getting to be almost an impossible volume of paper for the banks to even handle checks now, paper money is getting to be such a big job! So they can handle it electronically then, with your Mark of the Beast or your credit card or your micro-chip in your forehead or whatever it is! (See ML #1666!) That's what it will be based on.
       15. You'll be given so much credit according to what work you do, how many hours work, etc. You'll be given credit through the electronic credit system where they don't even have to use any kind of money or checks or anything else. They can either read it off the palm of your hand or off your head! Whenever you want to buy something, they'll check in your number at the credit register & it'll check with the Credit System to see how many credits you've got available. "No man will be able to buy or sell" or trade at all, except through the Mark of the Beast!--Rev.13:16-18.--His Trade-Mark! That's a good name for it!--A trademark! You can't trade without the Mark!
       16. Of course, in a sense I'm over-simplifying it, but that's the general idea, how easy it would be for him to take over! The World is in a huge Depression, a panic, a crash, & everything's gone haywire, everybody's lost everything & whole governments have gone bankrupt! To whom?--To the ones who loaned them the money! And they're going to find out it was the Rothschilds & the Kuhns & the Loebs & the Schiffs & the Wanamakers & all the other big AC investors, the ones who are holding the bag!--Only the bag they get left holding is full of money!--Your money, government money!
       17. The governments are then going to all have to acquiesce to him to do his will, whatever he says!--"Follow me! Worship me! I'm holding the bag, I've gotcha by the throat!"--And they're not going to be able to do anything about it! Because he will control everything, probably control the bombs & war & all the rest!--Rev.13:4.
       18. It's going, & it's going fast! I couldn't see how we could last out this year without the Crash! It's been on the border of the Crash for years now! That guy wrote that book The Crash of '79, & if it hadn't been for all these falsehoods & false lies & false support systems & everything else that keep the people hypnotised & fooled for so long, it wouldn't have lasted this long by any means!
       19. But because of these supposed guarantees, guaranteed deposits & governmental guarantees & blah blah, they've managed to forestall it. But when there's no more government, who will guarantee it? The government is beholden to the ones from whom they borrowed the money, & now they can't pay it back! "The borrower is servant to the lender!"--Pro.22:7. So it's time to pay the fiddler!
       20. It would be the easiest thing in the World for them to just take over & dictate World monetary policy, which will no doubt be electronic, by your electro-chip Mark of the Beast! You don't have to be a Prophet, you can just read it in the Bible! So I've just been waiting to see when it would happen! I couldn't see how it could continue the way things have been going. Everybody's been saying it lately! Most of the economists have been saying, "It's gotta fall! What goes up must come down, it's going to have to fall some time!"
       21. But these greedy guys, these gamblers on a winning streak, they've kept buying, & the Stock Market kept going up! 20 years ago it was only running in the six or seven hundreds, now it's been up to 27 hundred points, over 2,000 points above what it was 20 years ago! It just can't go on like that!
       22. It's been supported by all kinds of false supports, governmental promises & guarantees & just the faith of the gamblers! As long as he thinks he's still going to win, he's going to play another game. As long as the Stock Market goes up a few more points, he's going to stay in there & buy more so he won't lose out on these gains! But then all of a sudden, boom!--The bottom fell out last Monday!
       23. But the bottom's going to fall out more than that as these people begin to lose faith that the U.S. government is going to be able to survive economically! If you think the Dollar's gone down now, it's nothing compared to how it's going to go down! When that balloon popped, there wasn't anything left of it!--Remember? The Green Paper Pig has gotta go! (ML #243). Then where will the U.S. be? In fact, where will the World be? They'll be indebted to the big money boys, the ACs who control the World today, who are then going to put up their Superman to solve all the problems! And he will be absolutely Devil-possessed, & will know exactly what to do to fool'm all, hypnotise them all & get'm all to follow him! He'll have a stranglehold on'm financially so they'll have to accept it!
       24. I believe this is it, it's starting! Oh, it'll go up & down. You know the way gold goes up, it goes up two steps, down one, up two, down one. And the economy I think now is going to go down two, up one, down two, up one, sort of like that, the way the Stock Market is doing right now. They're all excited that, "Oh, the Stock Market has stopped going down, it's gone up a hundred points!" Big deal! It fell 700 points in six days! This is it!
       25. They danced the dance, now they've gotta pay the fiddler! They didn't take God into their accounting, they didn't have God in their reckoning, so they're going to have to pay off! They lived like the Devil & planned like the Devil & worshipped the Devil, worshipped his system, & now it's going to crumble! The present system is going to crumble, & the Antichrist's System will replace it!--And we may be surprised how fast it's going to happen!
       26. In the last Depression, the Stock Market Crash came toward the end of '29, Roosevelt was elected in '32, & just almost as soon as he got in he closed all the banks, to stop the banks from closing & going completely bankrupt. He closed them all, & then a few weeks later he only allowed those banks to open which were solvent & were in good shape, which wasn't a lot of banks. A lot of them stayed closed & didn't recover. So the people lost their money because they were foolish to leave their money in the banks after the Crash, they still didn't believe it was going to go that far. It took about 3 years from the end of '29 to '32 when FDR got elected.
       27. So it'll probably zigzag back & forth for awhile--they call it "ricochet" back & forth--but if this is it, it'll keep going down, & each time it'll go down further than it went up!--Just like the Dollar did when it plummeted & took a nose dive. It has temporarily levelled off, it bottomed out at about 140 Yen. But wait & see what happens now!
       28. This Stock Crash is going to affect everything, just like it did in '29! People lost faith in the government, in business, not only in the Stock Market but in just about everything, & it just kept on rolling downhill! It took about 2 years to hit bottom. But I think today, because everything moves so much faster, electronically & by computer & by air & everything else, it could go down real fast!
       29. Well, I knew it either had to happen this year or next year! I didn't see how things could keep on going. A lot of economic prognosticators also have been predicting the same thing, that it's too high & it's gotta go! People have been living too high on the hog! Americans, individuals, have been living beyond their income, borrowing, going deep in debt with time payments for their house, their car, their furniture, everything. How are they going to pay? If they lose their job, then what are they going to do? Even with a good job & high pay like they had in the good old days, they could barely meet all their payments! When wages go down & they can't meet their payments, everything gets wiped out!
       30. There were men who'd been rich men, living in hobo jungles! Like the old Depression song I sang for you once upon a time:
       "Once I built a railroad, made it run,
       Made it race against time!
       Once I built a railroad, now it's done!--
       Brother, can you spare a dime?

       Once I built a tower to the sun,
       Brick & mortar & lime!
       Once I built a tower, now it's done!--
       Brother, can you spare a dime?"

       31. Are you investing your all in God's Kingdom where you can't lose?--That yields 10,000% interest & Eternal dividends!--Immortal priceless souls saved Forever!--You'll be glad you did!--Amen? GBAKY & yours forever!--And He does & will! TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family