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GET GOING--OR GET OUT!--Or It's a Waste of Souls!       12/87       DO 2397

       1. Whatever you do, if possible, get a decision! You may never see them again & you may have lost your last chance, & they're lost! They'll never be as receptive as on that first pull of the Spirit. If they resist the Spirit that time, then it's going to be much harder to reach them next time. They're going to have to tell their Hosts (Kings) that they can't do it that slow way. They'll have to say, "We're sorry, but if you're not going to allow us to witness here, we've got to go someplace else!"
       2. Just because the Hosts there happen to be furnishing the properties, that's nothing compared to what we're furnishing, including money & priceless personnel! The labour & the personnel are absolutely priceless! They could never get anybody else as good as we are! The paltry little pittance that they're giving financially & the use of their property is nothing compared to what we're furnishing! So they're not to be the bosses! They haven't got a right to be the bosses even if they were furnishing it all! They ought to get that out of their heads!--We're the heads of our teams!--They're only the Hosts.
       3. Some of those people who are kowtowing to the Hosts need to be told that! They need to know that we're the ones who are really financing that work!--Not only furnishing all the personnel & the tactics & everything else, but we are furnishing the funds! Our people need to know that, especially the people who've been working with the Hosts for a long time! Some of those people have been working for them for years, & they just got in the habit of doing whatever they tell them to do!--Now they're working for us!
       4. They need to consult with the Hosts & try to get their agreement, but they're no longer in control, they're no longer to be the boss! Our people are not to just consult only with the Hosts & not with their leaders! You just simply have to take command of the situation, that's all! You cannot let the Hosts just ride roughshod right on over you & tell you what to do! You can take their counsel & advice in some cases, because they know the people & the local situation, & you can consult with them, but you can't just let them run things! Amen, Lord, give our Family there love, patience & wisdom, but firmness, Lord, to remember that You're the Boss!
       5. What's the matter with giving those people Posters? Why not? It's a perfect thing to give those dear old folks! Give'm Posters! It will encourage them to see a glimpse of Heaven! How much more encouraging to lead them to the Lord & tell them they'll soon be There! You get'm all teary-eyed & remorseful & convicted & thrilled, & then leave'm flat without telling them how to be saved!--How to get to Heaven!
       6. If you don't offer'm Jesus, you're violating our own principles that we've had for years! What's the big difference in that situation? Everything still applies just the same, there's no difference! Just because you're using the Hosts' property & you're in their country doesn't make a bit of difference! We're still out to preach the Gospel, preach Christ & get people saved, otherwise forget it, you can go someplace else where you can!
       7. We can't have little babes that are hardly even babes, like those Hosts, telling us how to preach the Gospel & how to get people saved! I can't see that they've had an awful lot of fruit! Where's all of their fruit with their methods of holding off & waiting & taking it easy & all that stuff? Where are their converts? They're so afraid of protecting their reputation so as to be respectable! --Jesus made Himself of no reputation!--Phil.2:7.
       8. You've got to kick over the traces & stop letting them hobble you & hamper you & hinder you! You're going to have to reason with them, at least, & tell them, "Listen, we're here to preach the Gospel, we're here to get folks saved, & if we can't do that we might as well leave, period!"--And you've got to stick to your guns about it! "We're here to give people Jesus! If you're not going to let us give'm Jesus, then we quit! We'll go someplace where we can, & put our money into something that pays off, not just entertains!"
       9. Maybe I need to write their Hosts a letter, unless the leadership there can handle it. I think they're the first front & they're the ones who can try to put it across first, & if that doesn't do it, I'm the last resort! Because if I have to crack down, then there's apt to be an explosion! Our leaders are sweet & diplomatic & I think they can put it across, they've just gotta be firm, that's all!
       10. If we can't preach the Gospel, if we can't preach Jesus, if we can't give the people Jesus & get'm saved, we might as well forget it! I mean, those buildings & places are no good to us if we can't use'm as tools to win souls! Our own kids are pretty well taught already, the whole thing is to use it as witnesses, to be a good influence & a testimony & preach Christ & get folks saved, otherwise we're wasting our time & money! The Hosts have just got to be told that, that's all! Just say, "Dad says!"
       11. Our Hosts haven't had nearly as much experience at this business as we have, they don't know as much about it as we do, & putting themselves up as an authority to tell us how to do it is almost a laugh! We know how to be careful, we know how to be tactful, but there's no way to preach the Gospel without preaching Christ! There's no way to help folks without giving them Jesus, & there's no way to get them saved without getting them to make a decision!
       12. Those poor old folks with one foot in the grave, of all the people you should be able to preach the Gospel to, it's them! Especially those old ladies in the hospital & everything, they don't have any influence to worry about anyway! We need to influence them & make sure they're on their way to Heaven! That's the least we can do for them! How do those Hosts know they'll ever have another chance? In most old folks' homes they die like flies, one by one!
       13. If we fail even one of them, we've made a big mistake! If we let one lost soul slip through our fingers because we didn't insist they make a decision, then we're to blame! The Lord says that very definitely! He says, "If you don't warn the wicked of their wicked way, & they die in their iniquity, their blood will I require at thy hand!"--Eze.3:17-19. He'll blame us for their loss! If they don't know how to get saved, if they don't know Jesus, it's not their fault, it's ours! We're just going to have to stop this soft-pedaling Christ!
       14. It's like asking a prize fighter to pull his punches & throw the fight! It's cheating! It's cheating those people out of the Truth & out of Salvation! It's crooked! It's disobeying the rules! We're in there to fight & win, not to try to throw the fight & lose by pulling our punches!
       15. For God's sake, we don't have to tell them exactly who we are, but certainly we can tell them we're Christians! They've heard of Christians. They've even heard of Christ, but they don't really know much about Him. (Maria: This counsel applies all over the World.) That's for sure! Let's forget this business of pulling our punches just because they're Catholics or Muslims or Buddhists or Shintoists or Confucianists or Hindus or Pagans or whatever they are!
       16. You don't find the Apostles in the New Testament, the Book of Acts, pulling their punches & waiting to preach the Gospel! There's only one time that happened, & Paul got in trouble for it, when he went to work for Aquila & Priscilla making tents! He went down & argued with the Jews every Sabbath, about the Messiah, but he never preached that Jesus was He! He was beating around the bush. But finally when the other brethren came down he was convicted & ashamed that he wasn't preaching Jesus, so he came out full force then & started telling those Jews he'd been arguing with & beating around the bush with for weeks every Sabbath, he started laying down the facts: Jesus is the Messiah!--Acts 18:1-5. (Maria: What was he arguing with them about all that time?) Oh, he was arguing Scriptures about the Messiah, how He was to come, etc., to get ready to begin to commence to start some day to tell'm about Jesus! The Jews can always find something to argue about!
       17. He was trying to lead up to it gently, see, discussing Who's the Messiah & how would He come, prophecies & reading the Scriptures, trying to prepare the ground to prove his case for when he'd finally come out with the final trump card that Jesus is the Messiah! And of course when he did, immediately it started causing trouble, that's for sure! But he got a lot of them won! He wouldn't have had one won if he hadn't come out with the facts, with the Truth, & declared that Jesus was the Messiah! He wouldn't have gotten one of them! As it was, he got many of them. It's all in the 18th Chapter of Acts.
       18. I think Paul was just sort of tired of getting beat up & persecuted, & decided to take a little vacation & rest & take a System job for awhile. And it's true, it gave him a rest, he didn't get run out of town or beat up or killed or anything, he just kept quiet. Until finally when the other brethren came down he was ashamed of himself that he hadn't been preaching Jesus, so he began to come out with it & it caused a great stir, of course. (Maria: Those System jobs really do tend to make you pull your punches.)--Yes, & compromise with the System. It's a bad habit to get into, let me tell you, & it's a hard habit to break! Lord help us!
       19. If they're not going to use those places as tools to get at people & witness & be a testimony & preach Christ, give'm Jesus & get'm saved, then it's a waste of time, effort, money, personnel, everything!--And worst of all a waste of souls who are not getting saved who could be saved & should be saved!--That's the worst of it! It's a waste of souls! It's a waste of everything! The whole effort's in vain if we don't get them saved, if we can't give them Jesus, preach Christ, get them to make a decision, get them saved & on their way to Heaven!
       20. What's this problem they have about literature? My God, we've developed all kinds of literature for 20 years! Give'm Posters! So what if somebody gets the connection & says, "Oh, are you those people that sell these Posters on the streets?" "Yes, some of us, so what? Yes, why not? We're always preaching the Gospel, we're always trying to get people saved! We're always giving out Gospel literature!" (Maria: They've already made the connection in some of the places anyway, so if they did it in some places, why not do it in the other places?)
       21. Our dear Hosts are still trying to be respectable! Jesus made Himself of no reputation! If they're trying to protect their reputation, they might as well forget it! You can't be a Christian & continue to be respectable!--That's what happened to the churches! They wanted the respect of the System, to continue to be respectable & have the respect of the Systemites! Being a real Christian is very disreputable to the System. You just can't do it, that's all!
       22. You can only go so far to try to conform with their traditions & with their little customs. You try to be polite & not be too forceful or cram things down people's throats, but you can certainly present your product & invite them to buy it! You can certainly preach Jesus & invite them to take Him! We're not forcing it on them & we're not cramming Him down their throats. We're just asking them to receive Him if they want Him. They don't have to take Him if they don't want Him. We're just presenting Him, that's all, telling them what He can do for them, make them happy now & happy Hereafter, forever!--Save'm from all their troubles & problems, at least the worst of them--Hell!
       23. If we can't preach Jesus, let's just forget it! If those Hosts are going to ask us to continue to procrastinate & postpone it & put it off & delay it, forget it! What if that city was suddenly destroyed in a disaster or major calamity of some kind? What good would all that delay do then?
       24. I mean to tell you, we just can't go on pulling our punches & be expected to go around & entertain people & not give them Jesus! If those Hosts don't want us to preach the Gospel, if they don't want us to offer Jesus, if they don't want us to ask for a decision if they want to receive Him, if they don't want us to get'm saved, what the Hell are we doing there? Forget it! Our people should pull out & go someplace where they can get some results! (Maria: Yes, to just sing songs of happiness, what good is that? That makes them feel worse if they see there is happiness but we don't tell them how to get it!)
       25. It's a waste of time, it's a waste of energy, waste of strength, waste of personnel, waste of money, waste of everything!--And it's a waste of souls, that's the worst of it! They're wasting souls every hour they're there without preaching the Gospel! It's fine, they're there taking care of a bunch of kids, & that's a big job in itself, just taking care of teaching & training our own kids. But what are we teaching & training them for? What's the main thing we're going to teach & train them? What's the main example we're to show our own kids?--How to preach the Gospel! How to get folks to receive Jesus! How to get people saved! That's the main thing we need to teach them! All that other stuff, so what?
       26. Now if our Hosts don't want us to preach the Gospel, to preach Jesus, to give people Christ & offer them Salvation & get them saved, then we shouldn't be there! I think they want us to do that, but they just think they've got to walk very softly & very delicately & be careful how they do it, blah blah! Well, that's not the way to do it! There's only one way to preach Jesus & that's to preach Jesus, period! I don't know any other way to preach Christ & Him crucified without preaching Jesus & telling people we're Christians, we believe in Christ, He's the Saviour, & if you receive Him you'll be saved & go to Heaven instead of Hell! I don't know any way to softpedal the Gospel or sugarcoat it some way!--Especially if you put so much sugar on it that you hide it & they can't even find it!
       27. We're wasting time, we're wasting money, we're wasting personnel, we're wasting strength, energy, properties, & worst of all, we're wasting souls! Are we going to do it or not? That's a decision those Hosts are going to have to make, if they want us to use their properties & their facilities to do it or not! If not, let's get out of them & get somewhere where we can be fruitful! [DELETED]
       28. If Mama had fiddled around & said, "No, I don't want to fuck, I might get pregnant, I might offend somebody or blah blah blah," we never would have had Techi! [DELETED] Thank God she did or we wouldn't have had [EDITED: "her"]! "No, I don't want that penie, it might get some semen in me! Oh my, it might offend me! It might offend my ovaries, it might offend my eggs! We've got to do it very carefully, not in one of those violent fucks, you've got to do it softly, carefully, so you don't offend me!"
       29. Our Hosts want us to soft-pedal the Gospel, pull our punches so we won't offend anybody! Let me tell you, if you start really preaching the Gospel, the first one you're going to offend is the Devil, & then you're going to offend his people, you can just expect it! As long as the church people stay in their churches & don't bother him & his property, he'll leave'm alone. But the minute they start getting out of their churches & schools & going out & winning souls, well, that's too much for the Devil & his people, because you're bound to offend somebody, you can't help that!
       30. "They that live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution!"--2Tim.3:12. I think they're just trying to put the persecution off as long as possible, because they know it's going to be Hell to pay when things let loose! But that's what we're called to do! If we can't preach the Gospel & get people saved, just forget it! If we're not supposed to ask them to receive Jesus & get a decision to get'm saved, we're wasting our time & everything!--And most of all souls!
       31. (Maria: What about that other man of influence they wrote us about, whose help they need?--They could have made him very angry!) Well, Honey, if the Lord wants to give us something, He can get it some other way. If not through that one man, it could be through somebody else. (Maria: So they should still witness to him?) Yes! They can do it all in love, they can do it all gently, they can do it all tactfully & wisely, but they've got to do it! I mean, you don't have to force it on people, just ask them if they want Him. Just explain Jesus, that's all! "Wouldn't you like to have Him? Would you like to have His help? Would you like to go to Heaven?" (Maria: Yes, like you're offering them a wonderful wonderful gift!)--Amen!--We are!--The best!
       32. Good night! Why should we be ashamed of Jesus! The Lord Himself said, "He that is ashamed of Me & My Name in this wicked & adulterous generation, I'll be ashamed of them before the Heavenly Father & all the Holy Angels!"--Mark 8:38. You can't be ashamed of Jesus! How are you going to preach Jesus if you're ashamed of Him & His Name & of being a Christian? But that's what it amounts to!
       33. Those Hosts are ashamed to preach Jesus, ashamed to confess they're Christians, ashamed to come all out with it & ask people to receive Him, to make a decision, to get saved! They're not always ashamed, but it seems like especially with people they're trying to get something out of like that man of influence, they're ashamed to "come on too strong," as they call it.
       34. You've gotta be strong to preach the Gospel! You've gotta have strong faith to preach Jesus & offer Jesus & Salvation to people! You've gotta have strong faith to ask them to make a decision! "Be strong!" The Bible talks about that a lot of times. Don't tell us not to come on too strong!--We can't be "too strong"! (Maria: "Be strong in the Lord & in the power of His might, put on the whole armour of God!"--Eph.6:10-11.)--Fight! Amen!
       35. Paul didn't say, "I have had a good time, I have not offended anybody & I've kept my reputation & I've remained respectable." That's not how he said he won! He said, "I have fought a good fight! I kept the faith! I finished the course"--finished the job God sent him to do--"now I'm going to get a crown in Heaven!"--2Tim.4:7,8. There's only so far you can try to go easy.--The rest is a tough fight!
       36. Every single soul you meet you are responsible for! If you don't warn them & offer them Jesus, you have failed, & God is going to hold you responsible for that soul if you never see them again & you don't get to ask them to receive Jesus! Once you've presented Christ to them, offered them Jesus, offered them Salvation, that's all you can do, you can't make'm, the rest is up to them. If they don't want Him, well, at least you've done your part, God will blame them then. If they've had their chance & they rejected it, it's their fault.
       37. But if you don't even offer Him & you don't even ask them to receive Him & make a decision, if they don't even know Who He is or what He's for or what you're talking about, if you don't make it clear that you're talking about Jesus & He's the Saviour & you need to be saved or you're going to Hell, God is going to hold you responsible! Make it clear cut: "You're either going to Heaven or you're going to Hell, so which do you want?--There's no other way! Jesus said, 'I am the Way, the Truth & the Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Me!' You're never going to get to Heaven any other way, not by all your good works & your Mohammeds & your Buddhas & your Confucians & your Shivas or your little stone idols or whatever, they'll never get you to Heaven! It's ridiculous! You need Jesus!"
       38. We're wasting everything!--Time, money, effort, personnel, strength, & worst of all wasting souls, & we've just got to quit it! Let's make every blow count, every punch count, & not pull'm! Let's not go anywhere without preaching Christ! Let's not talk to anybody without preaching Jesus, otherwise there's no point! "Preach Christ & Him crucified!"--1Cor.1:23. Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me!"--Jn.12:32. Preach the Gospel! If we don't, if we miss a single one, we're responsible for them & what happens to them! If we do preach them the Gospel & we offer them Jesus & they don't want Him, then that's their funeral, not ours!
       39. God's not going to fiddle around with the Family there much longer if they don't start preaching the Gospel & getting folks saved! That's what they're there for! They're there to preach the Gospel & teach their kids to preach the Gospel & teach them how to witness & get folks saved! There's only one excuse any of us have got for being on this Earth!--To get folks saved for Heaven! What's our excuse for living if we're not going to get folks saved, if we're not going to preach the Gospel, if we're not going to preach Jesus, offer'm Christ & Salvation & Heaven? What's the use of being here? We're wasting everything if we're not giving'm Jesus!
       40. So come on, Family, let's get busy & do it & forget all those restrictions & inhibitions & fears & doubts & "go easies" & "don't come on too strongs" & all that shit! Let's get busy & go to work!--That's what we're here for! I'm tired of hearing about all this fiddling around! Okay, folks, get going!
       41. We may have to kind of hide out of sight & off the streets to keep from inviting too many problems, but we can certainly go a lot of other places & preach the Gospel! And for goodness sake, with people who've invited us on their properties at their invitation & to places they want us to go--clubs, hospitals, old folks' homes, schools, etc.--we certainly have a right to do what we came for, & that is give'm Jesus, tell'm what will make'm happy, tell'm what will save'm & send'm to Heaven, a beautiful Place! "Heaven is a Place for people who are happy," etc., but how are they going to find that out unless you tell'm how to get There? It's nice to sing about Heaven & "you'll be happy if you go to Heaven," but they're wondering, "How do I get There?"--And you don't even tell them because someone's afraid to preach Jesus, ashamed of Christ!
       42. God forgive us & help us get busy & do the job we're here for, otherwise we might as well go Home to Heaven!--And that's just where the Lord's going to take us if we don't do it! He almost took me Home recently! I'll tell you, it makes you realise you'd better get busy & do your job or you could go any time! Life is very tentative. We have no permanent tenure on life. We have no guaranteed lease on life. We're here to do a job, & if we don't get busy & do it, the Lord will take us someplace else!
       43. Now do they want the books or don't they? That's what they've got to make up their minds about! Our Hosts there have got to make a decision whether they want it or not, & that'll decide whether they want us or not! Love me, love my children! (Maria: Love us, love our Jesus!) Amen! Well, we believe they love Jesus, but they don't seem to understand that if you have Jesus you've got to preach Him & you've got to share Him with others! They sort of understand that too, but they're still fiddling around with how to do it & stay respectable & not lose their reputation & not reveal that they're Christians & that sort of thing.
       44. (Maria: If they don't want us to preach Jesus in their places, there are a lot of other places we could go!) We've got oodles of places to go to! Our kids have been there for years & preached Christ to thousands, & no doubt had thousands of Salvations, thank the Lord! I'm sure they gave them Jesus & they preached Christ & Salvation & Heaven whether the people received it or not!--That's their funeral, not ours! But I'll tell you, if we don't do it, it's our funeral! God will hold us to blame for it!--"Woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel!"--1Cor.9:16.
       45. So let's get busy & get the job done & stop fiddling around waiting for the "right time" & the "right place" & the "right people" & the "right way to present it", blah blah! The Bible says, "Be instant in season & out of season!"--2Tim.4:2. Whatever you do, do it!--Amen? God bless you! Fight team, fight! That's what we're here for! Now let's get busy & start doing the job & not fiddle around any more!
       46. We are here in this World to save souls, & we are here to teach our children to save souls, & if we don't get busy doing it, they'll never learn! If we keep telling them how to make people happy & how to entertain them without getting them saved, that's not going to teach what we want our kids to know! We're teaching them the worst kind of thing--compromise! We're teaching them to backwater, to back up & not go forward, & that's a terrible example to set for our own children, to take them out to entertain & not to preach the Gospel!
       47. What's the use of taking'm out to brag about how well our kids can sing, how well they perform, how well they entertain, how well they cheer people up for a few minutes, what good does that do? (Maria: "How well-behaved they are!") How well-thought-of we are! "Beware when all men think well of you!"--Luk.6:26. There's something wrong with you when all men think well of you! You're not doing the job when all men think well of you, because if you do it right, you're bound to make the Devil & his people mad & offend them!
       48. So are we going to do it or not? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) Well, then let's get busy & do it, let the chips fall where they may! Do it sweetly, lovingly, kindly, patiently, tactfully, politely, but do it! PTL! There's one thing we can't do, & that is to be so polite that we fail to preach the Gospel for fear we'll offend somebody, to be so polite & so traditional, so customary that we're afraid to preach the Gospel lest we offend them!
       49. Well, if the Gospel offends them, let me tell you, they need to be offended, & we might as well do it now, the quicker the better! So let's go, let's get busy, let's preach the Gospel, let's offer Jesus, let's get decisions, let's get'm saved!--Or let's get outta there, one or the other! Let's get going or get out! That's a good title for this! (David comes in.) Amen, David? (David: Amen!) Hallelujah!
       50. If our people there aren't going to preach the Gospel, we might as well get out of there, than to have people telling them, "Be careful, don't come on too strong, take it easy, you might offend somebody!" Baloney! That's what we're here to do, to offend the Devil's people & the Devil, & to make him mad because we're preaching the Gospel & we're stealing souls from his kingdom! Let's get going or get out! PTL! Okay, come on, let's go! (See Gal.1:10.)
       51. I could go on forever, I've been preaching it for 20 years already! I got sick of that churchy pulling punches & keeping your reputation & being respectable for about 49 years in the churches & it didn't pay off, it didn't get many souls saved! So I finally got fed up with it, & for the last 20 years I've been preaching either get going or get out, & I'm not going to stop it now just because of a few faint hearts! (Maria: That's your Grandpa, he's a fighter! A revolutionary!)
       52. Are we Christian soldiers or not? (David: We're trying to be!) Well, you don't try to be, you either are or you aren't! We're not a Christian Triers Union, we're not a Christian Endeavor Society! We are! Are you in the army or not? (David: Yes!) Then you're a soldier! You're not trying to be a soldier, you are a soldier! (David: I mean I'm trying to be a good soldier.) That's right, you're trying to fight the battle, you're trying to win souls! So get goin' or get out!
       53. Those damn Iranians are making everybody mad! What the Hell are the Navies so afraid to sock it to them for, anyway? They're setting everybody's ships on fire & nobody's retaliating or doing anything about it, they just let'm do it!
       54. Boy oh boy, if you're afraid to offend the Enemy you're never going to win a war! They oughta sock it to'm & give'm Hell! They're destroying ships & men & oil & everything, & everybody's afraid to do anything about it! The U.S. has even got a whole Navy there, & all they're doing is sitting around watching their own ships & watching the Iranians destroy these other ships & their crews, instead of socking it to'm! You don't win a war that way!
       55. It's a war! The Iranians at least are smart enough to know they're fighting a war & they're fighting it, they're doing something about it!--Whereas the rest of them are sitting there on their butts just sailing by! (Maria: It's sort of like God's children & the Devil's children, the normal run of the mill, the bad people usually fight a lot harder than the good people for their cause.) Yes! They know what they're fighting for, they know they're trying to stop us! Just like the Iranians are doing, they know what they're fighting for, they know they're trying to stop all the ships, but the other side doesn't seem to know what they're fighting for! They don't seem to know they're fighting, period!
       56. What about us? What about our teams, our Family & our children? Do you know what you're fighting for? Do you know you're supposed to be fighting?--Then why don't you get busy at it? Get going or get out!
       57. (Maria: If they'd get out & obey & really do the job, I'm sure the Lord would bless them more! But the Lord just doesn't bless it when they don't go far enough, when they don't really come right out with the Truth, the "whole counsel of God!"--Acts 20:27. They sometimes tend to compromise the Message & just give out a little bit.
       58. (For example, in one country a girl in the Family has been living with [EDITED: "an important man"], & has 2 or 3 children by him, & he's helped the Family time after time to be able to stay there. Well, it turns out that he didn't even know we were the Family, she's covered it up this whole time! She just says, "My friends need help, please help my friends."
       59. (Finally he found out & he said, "Why didn't you tell me all these years? I could have been fed & really known the Truth & known what was going on, & here you just got me saved & you didn't go any further & you didn't tell me about the Family!" For years he's been protecting the Family & helping them stay there but he didn't even know we were the Family! Think of what she robbed him of!) God help us!
       60. The only time Paul really covered it up & tried to hide it, the Lord didn't bless it, he really paid for it, let me tell you! It'll be worse in the long run if we don't give'm Jesus, if we don't preach the Gospel! My goodness, it's bad enough when we have to sometimes hide that we're Family, but for God's sake, we don't have to hide Jesus! (Maria: That girl didn't even have to hide the fact that we were Family! He said, "If you'd only told me it would have been the best thing in my life!" He's so turned on to the pubs & all the lit now, he thinks it's just great! He got saved & she's actually been living in his house & having his kids, but not telling him about the Family or who we were, even after he got saved!)
       61. Well, eventually such extreme "drop-in" [DELETED] measures will have to come, believe it or not, but at least we don't have to hide Jesus, for God's sake! (Maria: It just shows the extent our kids will compromise even when they can tell them who we are! She's been living with him & had his kids & he loves her.
       62. (Carlos brought out how the Pope preaches against the ills of society & the immoralities, so he gets people all convicted, but he doesn't give them anything, he doesn't give them Jesus, he doesn't give them any way to be happy.) Well, at least he preaches Jesus more frankly than some of our people have been preaching Him, so that's no excuse! Everybody knows he represents Jesus. (Maria: That's true, but he doesn't tell them how to get Him, how to really have Him.) That's because he doesn't know himself! (Maria: It's like we say, "You can be happy", but we don't tell them how to have Jesus! Sometimes we even sing about Jesus in our songs, but if you don't tell'm how to have Him or how to get Him, that's almost as bad, because people have already heard Jesus exists!)
       63. They keep trying to rescue these ships & crews & cargos & whatnot while the Iranians keep hitting'm & sinking'm & killing'm, & yet they don't fight back! They don't try to kill Iranians & sink their ships! I mean, you can't win a war without fighting the Enemy! At least the Iranians know what they're fighting for & are not afraid to fight, but it seems like everybody else is afraid to fight, afraid to kill Iranians! Why are they so afraid of them? (Maria: It's like just putting a bandaid on.) Yes, trying to put a bandaid on to cure cancer! They need to cut it out, dig it out, kill it! Kill the cause!
       64. They know that Iranian base has all the speedboats that keep attacking all those ships, they know that's the cause! Why don't they hit it? Wipe it out! At least in the old days they weren't afraid to fight a war, they knew who the enemy was & they hit him, & somebody won! They'll never win this kind of war if they're afraid to fight the enemy!--And neither will we!
       65. If you're afraid to attack the Devil, if you're afraid to hit him, if you're afraid to fight, you're never going to win! He'll just think he can get away with anything! You've got to get on with this war or get out, one or the other!
       66. (Maria: Maybe they're afraid of the Russians?) The Russians have supposedly agreed with the condemnation & the statements & the resolutions to stop the war & all that, but I think they're afraid the Russians will come to the aid of the Iranians. (Maria: Do you think that's what's stopping them?) I think they're afraid it will result in a fullscale war, & if the Russians are brought to a decision, they may side with the Iranians! (Maria: At least they can try & see, I don't think the Russians would do that till they gave them some advance notice, because the Russians don't want a fullscale war either!)
       67. You can't fight the Devil without fighting! You can't win a war without waging it! You can't win a war without fighting your enemies! You can't win a war without making enemies! You can't fight without making enemies! You can't preach the Gospel & win souls & get folks saved without making enemies! And you can't do it & try to save your reputation & respectability! You've got to do it or not do it! You've got to get on with it or get out! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Let's do it, amen?
       68. I think we could add to that the story about the watches: What did you join the army for? Remember the guy that was fixing watches? While the army was waiting to move forward into the battle he started repairing watches, & then when the order came to go, he said, "I can't go, I've got all these watches to fix!" And they said, "Well, man, what did you join the army for?--To fix watches or to fight the enemy?"
       69. --How about you?--Are we here to entertain, or to save souls?--Let's get on with it or get out!

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