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WE'VE GOT IT ALL!--Dad's New Year's Eve Talk to the Family!       31/12/87       DO 2399

       1. (Staff quietly reads the Year End Stats for half-an-hour.) Now that you've got that done, you can all go home! That's what you're here for tonight, to look backward & see what we accomplished this past year. Now you know. God bless our dear Stats man! Can you imagine anybody assembling all of this? I don't know how he ever did it! I don't think he left out anything, as far as I can see! About the only thing he didn't have on here was how many girls I made love to this year! (Maria: You can tell us your personal stats.) Then they wouldn't be personal! This is supposed to be a serious meeting! Dear Peter, our businessman & statistics supervisor, is waiting over here to give us a serious rendition of what we've accomplished. (Peter: I was just going to show this picture, the stats for the finances.) Goodie! (Shows pie graph)
       2. Wow, look at that! Nearly one-third of our total income is spent on publications, two-thirds on missionary support, & only 4.13% on administration. Slightly over 4% of our total income is spent on administration. See that little tiny thing? Only 4%!
       3. The Christian & Missionary Alliance, a very small denomination but very missionary-minded, God bless them, the one I used to be in, used to boast of the fact that their administrative costs were no more than 10%. Ours are hardly more than 4%! When you don't have to support a bunch of big buildings & mortgages & all that sort of thing, you can get by pretty cheap! PTL!
       4. Of course, that was something to brag about, because most of the larger denominations, such as one of the World's largest Protestant denominations, the Methodists, for example, spend over 50% on administrative costs! That means the costs of their pastors, their fulltime workers, their buildings, etc. It usually ran over 50%.
       5. When I was down in the Mojave Valley, California, I ran into one radio manager--in fact, he was the owner of this little radio station--& he was having a lot of trouble with the System because he was exposing some of the major charity rackets, such as the National Cancer Society & all of those. He found out that of all the funds that some of them were gathering for supposed research, only around 10% was going to the actual cause or to the people who actually needed it, & 90% to themselves! In other words, it was just a racket, they were begging for money, pulling money & making money!
       6. He got famous because he flatly refused to run their free ads on his radio station, begging for funds. The Cancer Society is the only one I remember him mentioning, but there were quite a few others, & he knew all the stats. They have to report to the Federal Government exact stats on what goes for this & that & what goes for administration--in other words, all the expense of running the outfit--& he was telling how nearly all of them spend more on themselves & the expenses of running their operations than they actually give to their cause or charity or whatever it was!
       7. So the Methodists aren't too bad after all, if they only eat up about half of it themselves while they're giving the other half away. And the Alliance was pretty good, they only consumed 10% of what they took in for administrative expenses & were giving 90% to the Mission Field, etc. We just use 4%!
       8. I'm sorry you don't have these specific stats yourself, but we don't share exact figures on our finances. I found out many years ago that some people will think it's not enough, other people will think it's too much, so as far as we're concerned, we don't tell you anything you don't have to know!
       9. But this 4% includes those who work in our Administrative Units, including all their children. It's going to be even higher this year with some of our new programs & projects which are not yet self-supporting, which we have to almost fully support. But their total cost is only 4% of our total income, & I've never ever heard of any organisation that got by so cheaply! PTL!

       10. One reason is because we're willing to dispense with big buildings. I've seen many huge buildings involved in denominational operations. The Methodists have a 20-story building in downtown Chicago which is nearly all offices, just operational offices for their denomination, & that's just one of their buildings. That's not counting all the churches! We've dispensed with the need for buildings, our personnel live, eat, sleep & work in their Homes.
       11. I was up in our Home's office here the other day & I said, "Girls, remember, although this office is very small, it's very important!" You secretaries who work on the Words are the most important secretaries in the World. You who work in our Family are the most important office workers in the World.
       12. We have no huge office buildings to support, much less buy them or build them as many denominations do. We have no huge publication centers many stories high, as I've seen some. I was at Oral Robert's headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, & he had a huge four-story office building there, about the size of several city lots, & mostly filled with these huge mainframe computers running full time, the old-fashioned kind with a tape this wide & the big reels like this, to keep track of his millions of supporters. Of course, he also has a big tall hospital there, which is very nice. But when you have a country that is rich, which has many public & private hospitals, why build another hospital? Why waste God's money that could be spent preaching the Gospel, supporting missionaries, paying for Gospel literature, on another hospital, another big huge extravagant headquarters, another huge church building & many more church buildings! He also has a huge University!
       13. We have made it a policy of totally eliminating any kind of building in our work that we couldn't actually live in! We started out with campers, so we thought we were getting pretty extravagant to spread out into rented Homes & Colonies & that sort of thing, but our offices are our bedrooms!--The denomination that has their offices in their bedrooms! We're not ashamed of it, we're thankful for it! That's how we manage to get by. We don't have to show off some fancy big building of some kind, we don't have to show off beautiful facades & extensive vast properties!
       14. I remember I was once looking at Campus Crusade's huge hotel that they operated at Arrowhead Springs. I was living in a camper & I looked at that & said, "Lord, what we could do with that building!" Well, look what we've done without it!--Who needs buildings? We're thankful we have a place to live, & we devote everything else to the Lord's Work & to the Gospel, to His missionaries & publications. Even our administrative staff & personnel live on very little, all volunteers. Oh, you didn't know you volunteered? Well, the door unlocks from the inside, nobody has to stay, you're welcome to leave if you feel like you deserve more!
       15. You may not seem to be getting much in the way of earthly, monetary or fiscal rewards here & now, but great is your reward in Heaven! PTL! And all the money we're saving by not having fancy offices & big buildings & extravagant churches & all of that means that almost all of our money is going into publishing the Gospel, preaching the Gospel, supporting missionaries & their literature, tapes & Posters & all of that sort of thing.
       16. The money these churches spend is just absolutely almost astronomical, on useless, seldom-used buildings that are maybe used for a service or two each week, & sit there idle doing nothing for anybody all the rest of the time!--Or even their huge office buildings with fancy personnel & equipment & something to show off how big & rich they are, all of which we don't really need! All we need is you! We have specialised in living stones, in personnel!--1Pet.2:5. We have the manpower! And the woman power, thank the Lord!
       17. What's a building without life, without people? It's like a dead body with no life, no people, nothing living, nothing moving, no action, no witnessing, no soul-winning! All of this building business has virtually killed the church & its ministry & sent most of the World to Hell! That's why I've often said that church buildings are the curse of the Church! They have stopped the spread of the Gospel from the very first one that was ever used clear back in 200-&-something A.D.! And between that & arguing over doctrines, divisions & splits & whatnot, the churches virtually stopped evangelising the World, stopped witnessing, stopped soul-saving, & have sent most of the World to Hell ever since!--Because it was their job to get'm saved, & if they didn't get'm saved or if they didn't even witness to them & tell them how to get saved, they're responsible for sending them to Hell!

       18. We're a very small outfit compared to the major denominations. The largest of all the Protestant denominations, the Baptists, number around 20-30 million. Of course, that's a very small figure compared to the Catholics. When they figure up how many Catholics there are, they just take the entire population of Spain, the entire population of Italy, the entire population of Latin America & they say, "Well, they're Catholic countries, they're all Catholics, so we've got 600 million Catholics!" The fact of the matter is, in most of those Catholic countries there aren't even 10% of the people who really go to church or are practicing Catholics.
       19. So to me, the most amazing thing about these stats is how much so few have done!--How much so few have accomplished at so little cost!--Because you have been willing to sacrifice & just be thankful for your food & clothing & shelter & the tools of your trade, & that's all we need. We have gotten the job done, TTL!
       20. It's been a long time since I've been in the churches, so a lot of my stats are kind of old. If I had some stats today on the membership of some of these huge groups & denominations, like the Methodists & the Baptists & the Catholics, etc., & you take the size of their membership, & then the amount of their income, & then the number of souls that get saved every year, if any, I think it would be shocking! I think that's going to be one of the shocking revelations of Heaven, when we find out how little the churches have really accomplished that really amounted to anything, that really put souls in Heaven, that really witnessed to people so that even if they didn't get to Heaven, at least they were held responsible!
       21. I wouldn't be surprised if we're going to find out that considering how few of us there are & how little we had to do it with, how much we accomplished in comparison! I wouldn't be surprised that we have accomplished more per capita & per Dollar than any other Christian group on Earth! As I say, I don't have their stats, it's been a long time since I've been around churches, thank God. Well, thank God for what little good they do. But in some ways they do more damage just by not doing what they're supposed to do, & not teaching their people what they're supposed to teach them, & worst of all, not giving them Salvation!


       22. Thank God I have insisted on keeping accurate stats from our first year so we would know what we're accomplishing! Jethro groaned & growled & complained about it at first: "Oh, it takes so much trouble & time & I don't have enough secretaries already & I have to read all these reports! Dad, what good is it?" I said, "You're going to find out one of these days & you're going to be surprised how much we're accomplishing!"
       23. The first thing that shocked him was how many people were coming just to visit us at TSC! There were actually thousands of people coming to visit us at TSC & hundreds of them were getting saved! We weren't even going out, we weren't even distributing literature, nothing, they were coming to us! We had to have a big parking lot where there was always a big row of cars, all kinds of Systemites coming out to see the zoo, all these strange creatures, freaks, the Jesus Freaks!
       24. Jethro soon found out that it was amazing what we were accomplishing just there at that time, really doing nothing much but trying to survive & live with our 300-&-some members there in one Colony in the heart of Texas! Of course, we eventually did do a lot of witnessing, we started going out frequently, had teams going to nearby cities & all of that, but even just the people who came to us, it was amazing!
       25. So I have insisted ever since then on keeping stats, accurate statistics on exactly what we were doing, how much, who, what it cost, what we were accomplishing, all the various stats. Of course, our early stats were quite simple & very limited compared to what we keep now. Now we've got a fulltime professional bookkeeper who keeps the stats--well, I mean he keeps the final stats. Actually we've got hundreds of people around the World keeping stats! In fact, we've got thousands of people keeping stats, because every single person is supposed to keep his own personal stats of what he accomplishes, how much witnessing or soul-winning he does, how much literature he distributes, etc.

       26. None of us really have any money or have much, just what we need or have to have for our personal needs. We have really learned how to be economical & efficient & sacrificial. Well, I don't know about sacrificial. I don't know of anything you need that you don't have. You not only have your needs, you even have things you want, all of us! And thank the Lord, He's really very generous in supplying us with our heart's desires as long as we delight ourselves in Him.
       27. So, what do you need that you don't have? I think most of you even get enough love, which is more than a lot of these workers in churchy denominations can get, because they don't believe much in love, especially not our kind of love! In fact, that's one of the main things we're criticised for, they think we have too much love! They call it "free love." Well, why should you pay for it when you can get it free? PTL! Hallelujah! Amen? And we've got such wonderful sweet people that are willing to share & be good to us, thank the Lord! I like Free Love! Why pay for it when you can get it free! So they criticise us for Free Love, how about that! They think we should pay more for it. Well, God's Love is free, thank the Lord, so He's given us a lot of Love free of charge!
       28. Of course, like the old Coloured preacher said, it costs money to pipe it to you! So that's what you're reading the stats about tonight. It costs something to get it to those people, but I dare say that it costs us less per capita, per Dollar, per soul witnessed to, per soul won, than any other Christian group on Earth! Of course, we're very small compared to the others, but we have phenomenal results compared to others, compared to how few we are & how little money we really have. It may sound & look like a lot to some people, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what these big major organisations spend!
       29. They spend millions on one church building, millions on one office building, millions on big salaries for high-salaried workers who live in palatial homes & drive fancy cars! We don't need all that stuff! Mama & I live in one bedroom & that's also our office! In fact, my bedroom-office is so convenient I can reach my desk from my bed! I can pull out drawers & get papers & things I want right there & never have to get out of bed, PTL!
       30. It's a very comfortable office! Not too many business executives have such a comfortable work place. I don't have one of those contour couches or a big mahogany desk to show off, but I think in some ways I'm even more comfortable, especially working right alongside Mama here, God bless her! We can spend both our days & nights in bed, that's more than most preachers get to do!--And with a lovely woman at that!--Plus other beautiful women all around that I can hug & kiss every time I meet them, thank the Lord!

       31. We've got much more than they've got, I don't envy them at all! We may not have buildings & fancy offices & palatial homes & expensive cars & all the rest, but I think we've probably got more love & even pleasure than most of them have, & best of all we have got the satisfaction of knowing we are accomplishing God's Will, we are accomplishing a lot, witnessing the Gospel to millions, & literally winning millions of souls for the Lord, for Heaven, thank the Lord! PTL!
       32. So I think that's a lot! I think we have a lot to be thankful for in what we've accomplished this past year! You've read the stats, I don't know that we need to go over them any more than that. There they are, why have to waste time reading them out loud? You'd just sit here & go to sleep! Nothing bores some people more than stats. To me, they're fascinating, because every digit, every figure shows what the Lord has accomplished through us, through so few people on so little money with no buildings to speak of, certainly none of our own.
       33. We don't own any property in the whole World, nothing!--Not one piece of property that I know of that the Family owns anywhere in the World. If they had any, they usually give it up, sell it & give it to the Lord's Work. There may be a few Family members who still have some property they shouldn't have, I don't know. They can say that they've given it to the Lord, but if it's still in their name, I wouldn't exactly say it's been given to the Lord.

       34. I'll never forget that rich woman in West Palm Beach who took us into her palatial home one night after our meeting. We were hungry, we'd worked hard, it had been a long time since dinner, & she sat us down at her ornate dining room table in this gorgeous room & gave us each a tiny little sliver of cake & a glass of milk! When we just let the Lord do it, we went out & had hamburgers, which was better than that! But we thought, "Oh my, this rich woman is going to invite us home for a snack!"
       35. Anyway, she looked around & she was a little self-conscious of the opulence in which she was living, the luxury & the extravagance. She said, "Oh, but it's all the Lord's! I've given it all to the Lord!" I think a year or two after that I would have said what I felt like saying then. It came to me, "Well sister, if it's the Lord's, why isn't He using it?"
       36. I've heard too many people say that, rich people who entertain & say: "Oh, it all belongs to the Lord, I've given it all to the Lord!" But their name is still on the title & they still act like the boss & they insist on telling you how to use it--how & when & where & with whom & all the rest! "It's all the Lord's!"--But they control it!
       37. I thank the Lord that all that we have is not only His, but He's using it, & it's getting results, as you can see by these stats, PTL! I really believe that considering our small numbers, only a few thousand of us in the World, fulltime disciples, fulltime Family members, we are accomplishing more per capita & per Dollar than any other group on Earth! I believe it! Because I don't know of any other group which is operating as economically as we do. I don't know of any other group, no matter how small the denomination, that doesn't have churches, buildings, headquarters, offices & a lot of excess administrative personnel.
       38. Even some of these small groups like Campus Crusade & some of those people who started out organising college students into witnessing on campus--which is a very good thing--spread out into big buildings. I think Mama was involved in that once upon a time, that's great. But they got into buildings, offices, hotels. Rich people come along & offer you these things, they want to give you buildings. We've been offered buildings. We just tell them, "We don't need it, sell it, we need the money!"
       39. We can use the money, not for buildings, but for literature, not for offices, but for missionaries! So people know that & they've gotten in the habit of forgetting about offering us properties which we can seldom use, but giving the funds to the Lord. It's like in the Book of Acts.--They went & sold all their goods & gave it to the Lord, parted it to all men.--Acts 4:34-37. We part it not only to all men, but women too, & especially to the mission field & to missionaries & witnesses & soul winners, literature that helps them as tools to win souls. PTL!
       40. So I just don't know what more to say than that! I may not have the stats to prove it by comparison with their stats, but from what I can see & hear & all the money that they spend on buildings & churches & offices & big salaries & fancy homes & cars & all the rest, I know we've got to be operating more economically than they are! I know we're getting more per Dollar than they are!

       41. And we believe in having our people serve the Lord fulltime, or they're not a member! Well, they can be a live-out member & be an outside friend if they're not able to forsake all & serve the Lord fulltime, but we still don't really consider them as truly full-fledged disciples, 110%ers. Our people quit everything & they just go to work for the Lord fulltime, spend their full time serving the Lord!--Witnessing, litnessing, tapenessing, winning souls! You in WS may not think you're doing that right now, but you are, through them! You're making their ministry possible! They couldn't be out there without us.
       42. If we didn't organise things & produce literature & tools for the job, & if we didn't produce the personnel to do the job, they would have a hard time out there.--Especially if they were not well-organised & supervised so that we know pretty much where everybody is & who they are & what they're doing & what they ought to be doing, so that we're very highly organised. Although we're a small group, few in number, few in finances, that doesn't mean we're not well organised. Just because we have no buildings or offices or showpieces, we're extremely highly organised, & that's one of the things our enemies have criticised us for & accused us of.
       43. They said we were like the Nazis or Hitler's SS troops because we were so highly organised & strictly disciplined, etc.! Thank God! We're trying to win the World, but not like Hitler did. We are winning the World! We're not doing it by killing them, but by trying to bring them alive! "Bring'm back alive!", that's our slogan! PTL! Really alive in the Spirit, saved, & if possible, forsaking all to serve the Lord!
       44. So I really believe we're accomplishing more for our numbers, per capita, per Dollar!--That we're witnessing more & saving more than any other Christian group on Earth! If they want to challenge that, let me see their stats! Let'm trot out their samples! Let me see how much money they spend, how many members they supposedly have that come to church on Sunday morning & go home & live for the Devil the rest of the week, or for their family the rest of the week or for whatever the rest of the week, & don't really spend their full time serving the Lord!
       45. I don't know anybody here that isn't spending at least 24-hours-a-day serving the Lord, because in Units like ours, you're apt to be on call any time of the day or night! I called one of our poor boys very early this morning for my morning coffee because I was awake & I was hungry, so poor guy, he was the goat! I should say he was the faithful sheep that got up early & got it for me!
       46. So you here even sleep on the job! Everybody here goes to sleep on the job! Because you're on the job all the time, 24-hours-a-day! Even the time you spend sleeping is a part of your job, to get refreshed & revitalised for the next stretch! And you're apt to be on call any hour of the day or night, a 24-hour-a-day job! PTL! You're always available, thank the Lord!
       47. Some of our precious beautiful women are even available while in bed, thank the Lord! They even work overtime, God bless them! Well, that's part of their job. It's part of our job too, boys, to make them happy, don't forget that! Not "bam bam, thank you ma'am!"--The cowboy method, like they're jumping on a horse & off again! We believe in real love, affection & cuddles, PTL! In fact, I hear from statistics & "Dear Abby" & some of these love consultants & whatnot, that most women would rather have a little love & affection & cuddles than sex! I don't know about our women, though, I don't think they'd be satisfied with just that. (Maria: I think it means if they had to make a choice, if they had to pick one or the other.) Well, our women get both, thank the Lord, & so do we!--PTL!
       48. That's one of the fringe benefits we have in our outfit! I'd like to challenge any church group in the World on who gets the most sex, who enjoys the most sex, them or us! I'll bet you we would win with flying colours, amen? Praise God! Because we have no inhibitions about it, we have no reservations about it, we have no guilt complexes about it. It's God-made & God-created & meant to be enjoyed, PTL! So we're having a lot of fun on the way! There aren't any other Christian groups I know of that are having as much fun as we're having! And at the same time we're having so much work! PTL! On the job 24-hours-a-day! PTL! Amen?
       49. Anybody here sorry? Do you still think this is a good outfit? Would you still rather belong to this one than some of those others where you could have a nice fancy house & fancy car & fancy furniture & live alone & have privacy, a fancy salary & all that sort of thing?--Yet get so little done with it. We don't have much materially, but we have enough. We have enough to get the job done, thank the Lord!
       50. I'm sure that we are getting more done per capita, per Dollar, more people witnessed to, more literature produced & more souls saved than any other group on God's Earth! If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be here! I'd go join the other group that's doing better! Amen? If we didn't know we were doing the best of any group on Earth, we wouldn't be a member of it!
       51. God bless all you faithful WS workers, whatever you do!--Transcribing or typing or cooking or cleaning or shopping or fixing things or caring for the kids or whatever, it's all a vital part of our production process! It's all a part of the process of producing all of these pubs & MO Letter babies!--And best of all, the real spiritual babies that are won for the Lord, of whom we now have millions! We're going to see those millions in Heaven one of these days!

       52. One of these days I'm going to stand there on the ground floor of Heaven & look up at those walls covered with Mansions, & at least about seven miles each way is going to be covered with Mansions full of our babies, just our babies, just our children, just the ones we've led to the Lord! Praise God!
       53. We may not have any property here, but I'm telling you, when we get There, we're going to have quite a few spreads, as the Texans say! "This is my spread!"--And they have thousands of acres, the biggest cattle ranches in the World. Well, we're going to have quite a spread!--1500 miles long & 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high! I'd say that's quite a spread! I don't know how many cattle we're going to have, how many horses. Cowboys are always bragging about how many horses & how much cattle they have & how much stock they have, etc. I'll bet we'll have more than anybody ever had before! PTL!
       54. I not only believe it, I know it! I've been There, I've seen it, thank the Lord! And now you have too! Now the whole World has! We've tried to give them pictures of it all over the World, PTL! You ought to feel so satisfied, so happy, so fulfilled, so accomplished, that you are one of those who have done this big job! Amen?

       55. These are long sessions sometimes, but I'm going to try to let you go early tonight. Well, actually we only started an hour ago, think of that! Unless you've got something more to say, Peter! All the rest is right here in the stats sheets, so why waste everybody's time in getting up & reading it orally. I gave you half-an-hour to read it, & of course you couldn't read it all in half-an-hour, but skimmed over & hit the high spots & that was enough. That's so absolutely astounding & marvellous to even read what little you had time to read, that it's just amazing, absolutely amazing!
       56. Every year I say, "Well, I guess this is going to be our best year, our greatest year, we'll surely never be able to have another year like this one!"--Yet every year it's more! Every year the stats get bigger & heavier, every year! Now that's amazing!
       57. I honestly am convinced with all my heart that there's no outfit on Earth that is accomplishing as much as we are, considering our numbers & our finances, per capita, per Dollar. Maybe you can work that into some kind of a title for this: "We're the Most" or "We're the Best" or "We Do the Most," per capita, per Dollar of any outfit on Earth, thank the Lord! It's just that plain & simple!--Because we just don't waste any money on anything we don't have to have to get the job done! PTL!
       58. We may have a few little frills to keep ourselves well-informed like a TV & video or something, to have a little recreation & a little time to relax. The only time I ever watch videos is when I'm too tired to do anything else. That's about the only thing that can keep me awake sometimes, & occasionally I fall asleep on that. So we have a few little things like that which the Lord gives us, a few little frills to entertain us or keep us awake. At least some videos help to keep us informed of what's going on in the World, so I guess even that's one of our necessities.
       59. But anyway, the Lord's been awful good to us, far more than we could possibly deserve, because we have delighted ourselves in Him. So He's not only given us all of our needs, but the desires of our hearts, our wishes, our wants & things far more priceless than money, all the love & the affection & the pleasure the Lord gives us, much of which cannot even be bought. You couldn't possibly buy the kind of Love that we have, real Love!

       60. When I look at the pictures of my girls, which I have hanging on my walls, my pinups, & then I look at these System calendars that some dear folks have given me, there is no comparison! Sure, these System calendar girls are beautiful, they've got the same bodies, the same standard equipment.--Like my Mother once told me when I was a young teenager looking at every girl. When you're young, every girl you look at you think, "I wonder if I could live with her? I wonder if I could stand to be married to her?" My Mother said, "Son, don't worry about the girls you wonder if you could live with, worry about the one you can't live without!" She said, "Besides that, don't worry about the equipment, they all are pretty well-equipped with standard equipment."
       61. Thank God our girls all have good standard equipment, even that tiny little one over there, GBH!--Doesn't she? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) TYL! Ha! She still even blushes, bless her heart! The complexion of virtue, GBH! Well, the Lord talked about some people that could not even blush!--Jer.6:15; 8:12. You're shy & I don't think you like me calling attention to you, but you know me, the shyer you are, the more tempting you are! I'm always trying to help you get rid of that shyness. So when I get you to let it all hang out, then you've got nothing to hide any more, so why be shy? PTL!
       62. Anyhow, we have everything, as far as I'm concerned! We have a lot that can't be bought! I look at those calendars, & though the bodies are the same, standard equipment, when you look at that face, something is missing! I mean, their faces just turn me off! It takes more than a naked body to turn me on! Maybe some of the rest of you can get turned on by just looking at the body, but the thing that really turns me on more than anything is when I look into those eyes! XXXXXXX! They're like magic, our girls' eyes!
       63. Those other girls, they're dead! You look in their eyes & there's no light, no spirit, no life, no love, they're absolutely dead! And some of them look sour & fed-up & bored like they're thinking, "I wish you wouldn't take this picture, & why the Hell don't you get out of here & pay me my money & go" to the photographer. That's the way they look! Hardly any of them ever look like they're enjoying it, having their picture taken like that. But our girls, you ought to see some of the pictures I have! They look like they're ready to leap on you! Their eyes just say, "Come hither!"
       64. One of those little snapshots of one of our girls that I've got stuck inside my bookcase turns me on more than looking at all 12 pictures on those calendars! It's nice to paper the wall with, to have something up there anyway. But I have to keep from looking at their heads or their eyes or their facial expressions, because that just almost invariably turns me off. They just haven't got it!
       65. We have got the most wonderful, beautiful, sexiest, lovingest girls in the whole World! They're full of fire & spirit & they have what really counts, the real sex, & that's the Sex of the Spirit, praise God!--The kind of loving Spirit of the Lord that really turns you on!--That Look of Love that really lights your fire! Praise God! Their hands are good too, everything else works fine, but there's just something about those looks & those eyes & those sweet faces & that wonderful spirit that's shining through that you just know they love you. And it's that kind of real love that turns you on!
       66. Well, I didn't expect to be talking about this, but this is one of the fringe benefits, I'd say major benefits of our Family, is that we really have got it & we really can enjoy it!--Everything that God has given us, PTL! We've got it all! They have got nothing on us. The Devil tries to pretend, "Follow me & I'll give you all of this pleasure & sex & money, blah blah!" He's got nothing on us at all, it doesn't even appeal to us, it almost sickens us!

       67. We've got the best! We've got it all! Look at that beautiful woman over there! Every time I grab her, she almost melts! We've got willing women, thank the Lord!--None of those stiff, icy, reserved church women who manifest their religiosity & sanctimoniousness by their icy attitude toward sex, or trying to cover it up anyhow.
       68. I'll tell you, we've got everything that God ever gave to Man & Woman, & we can enjoy it to the full! PTL! We've not only accomplished the most of any group our size that I've ever known, but I think we have more fun! I think we enjoy it more! Praise God? I really think we're happier! I know we are! If we're accomplishing more than anybody else on Earth per capita per Dollar, we're bound to be having more fun & enjoying it more, because we know we're saving more souls, PTL! We have the joy of the Lord in every way--spiritually, physically & work-wise. PTL? We've got the most!
       69. As I've said before, I really believe we're the best! I'm sure we must be, because I don't know anybody else like us. Apparently the rest of the World doesn't know anybody else like us either, or they wouldn't write these great big headline articles about us! Don't you kid yourself, they love all that information, they love those articles, they love this outfit that's so sexy, "The Sex Cult!" It's about the only sexy cult I know of, thank God! They love to write about us, they just wish they were one of us! They wish they belonged to a church like this!
       70. They had a cartoon in a Tenerife paper where this big German in these typical tourist shorts was looking down at this poor little Spanish peon, & the caption under it was, "They have many branches!" The German was looking for us, asking, "Where are they?" And the guy answered, "They have many branches!" Ha! Well, that was certainly true. They just wish they could join one of our branches! They say the Tenerife newspapers got a flood of correspondence & people were asking where we were, where they could join. But of course the only address we could give them was somewhere in Switzerland, because we were a little bit clandestine & secretive. But they were getting a lot of letters wanting to know, "Where are these people? We'd like to join!"--Maybe not for the right reasons!
       71. We've got more of everything, we've got it all, thank the Lord!--In every way, in every thing, even the things they think they want, we've got the real thing! We've got it all!--Including having accomplished the most of all, to have won the most souls & saved the most for Heaven! PTL!
       72. Are you glad? I think these Stats ought to really thrill you! Just a half-an-hour is not enough time to really absorb it & read it, so you need to read it again & thrill to what your Family has accomplished throughout the Earth, thank the Lord! It'll help you to pray for all these dear people who are working so hard to use the tools you're giving them to work with. PTL! So let's do it right now!
       73. Mama, I think it's a good time for you to pray & thank the Lord, amen? I'd like to give you all a chance to pray, but I was determined to let you go earlier tonight. In fact, I was going to make it all your show tonight, you were going to be the ones that did the talking & the reading, but I thought, well, it's all here, why read it again? But I had to get that off my chest! I am just thrilled at how the Lord uses us, & I really believe with all my heart, I've said before, we're the best, I believe we've done the best! TYJ! Amen? And I think these stats prove it!
       74. Tonight we've sort of looked backward & I would say that we have a right to boast tonight as one who putteth off his armour rather than one who putteth it on. The Bible says, "Let not him boast that putteth his armour on"--in other words, he's just getting ready to go to the battle--"as he that putteth his armour off!"--He's already fought & won the war!--1Kg.20:11. Well, we haven't won the war yet, but we have won another year, praise God?--A lot of battles!
       75. We've sort of been looking backwards tonight & thanking the Lord & glorying, boasting in what the Lord has already done this past year. Tonight was sort of a backward look on what we've accomplished to make us very thankful & thrilled with what we have done. I'm hoping perhaps to meet with you again tomorrow if the Lord wills & if tomorrow comes.--"Boast not thyself for tomorrow, you know not what a day shall bring forth, but say, If the Lord will!"--Prov.27:1; Jam.4:14,15. Well, I expect it to come, Lord willing, & I'm hoping to maybe have a New Year's Day celebration with you sometime tomorrow, get together & perhaps hear a little bit about what the Lord is going to do in the future.--Our plans for the coming year, the Lord's plans for the coming year!--What we hope to do this coming year! PTL!--A look ahead!
       76. We may have a few things from the Lord that you haven't heard before regarding not only our Work, but the World & what I believe is coming, what the Lord has showed us. I got something the other night that was very strong. Of course, a lot of things you already know about the future, it's even in the Bible. But there are some details which the Lord fills in once in awhile, which you might be interested in. Do you think so? Would you like to get together tomorrow for a little discussion of our plans for the future? (Family: Amen!) All right, PTL!
       77. Well, that's about the shortest New Year's Eve Meeting we ever had, & you did a half-hour of it yourself just by being silent & reading the stats! PTL! All right, Mama, we can thank the Lord for what we've accomplished, amen?--These wonderful stats! TYJ! PTL! Amen, You did it, Lord! You did it, Jesus! You just used us as tools, that's all. You did it all, Lord! TYJ!

       78. (Maria: TYJ! Thank You Lord for all Your wonderful works unto the children of men! Thank You for how Your line has gone out through all the Earth, Lord! We thank You for willing workers who have sacrificed & have given their lives & been yielded vessels to You, that You use them so! You need vessels, Lord!) The greatest riches on Earth, TYL!
       79. (Maria: Thank You for our precious Family that has sacrificed on the field & behind the scenes, Lord, together & equally to share in the rewards.--1Sam.30:24. We thank You so much for all that You've done through them, all the wonderful souls that You've brought into the Kingdom of Heaven this past year, & the lives that have been changed & the happiness & joy You've given to so many through Your Love! We thank You Lord for these that have done so much & given so much to make it possible. It's all You, Lord, & we know it, but we know that You've helped our precious Family to sacrifice & work hard, Lord, like Dad brought out, 24-hours-a-day on the job, & going out to all the World, Lord, to the precious people that You love & that You created & that You want to hear Your message & share in Your Love!
       80. (So we thank You for all these wonderful pubs, Lord, the wonderful Word that You've given through Your Prophet, that You've enabled us to publish in all the World! Thank You for those who have gone out to give it & those who have stayed behind desks to produce it & print it & translate it & all who have helped in this wonderful Work, & those who have maintained & supported those who have been doing the actual work on the Words. Thank You for all of them! Bless them, Lord, & we know You will, & we know there will be even greater rewards in Heaven for those who have been so faithful!
       81. (So bless'm all & give them another wonderful year, Lord, even better than before! We know that You've given us better years every year, Lord, & in some way or another we know it's going to be better. We are looking forward to it & know You're going to bring us closer to the End & You're going to help us to accomplish more of the work that You want us to do. So keep us & help us to look forward with faith to the New Year & to the wonderful things You're going to do!) Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       82. Maybe you'd like to join us in a little prayer "we children" pray every night! The Lord's Prayer is obviously a morning prayer, really. Why else would you be praying, "Give us this day our daily bread" if you've already had it! So I trust you're praying that prayer every morning. We don't have much liturgy, we don't have many ceremonies, but that is a prayer the Lord taught us to pray & I think it's a good one to pray, it covers everything, for a morning prayer. After your morning devotions in which I've recommended that you just read a Psalm or something short & perhaps have a little thought or a little word & your announcements, whatever, that's a good time to pray the Lord's Prayer. We used to pray it even at night, but it always sounds kind of funny to me, "Give us this day our daily bread," when the day's already gone & the bread's already eaten! We should be thanking Him instead!
       83. So the kids & I kind of cooked up another prayer. I said, "We ought to have something that covers everything!"--Like the Lord's Prayer covers everything in the morning for the day, & our mealtime prayer is a very good prayer, a little prayer my father wrote, & it really covers everything. I thought, well, that's such a good prayer, isn't there some way we can pray that prayer at night when we're going to bed? We're not praying for the day, we're not praying for our daily bread, we're not praying for the meal, we're praying about going to bed!
       84. So here's the prayer we came up with. It's kind of two versions of the mealtime prayer, plus a famous little bedtime prayer that's worldwide with a few variations. Some of you have heard it before, I don't know whether you know it or not. But if you don't know it, we'll pray it for you anyway, & this is how it goes. Would you like to hear it? It's very brief, but it really covers everything! Thank the Lord! Amen, PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       Thank You Jesus for this day
       And for our home so fair.
       You helped us, Lord, to do some good
       And kept us in Thy care!
       And blessed our loved ones everywhere!

       Thank You Jesus for our beds
       And for Thy Angels 'round our heads.
       Help us have good sleep tonight
       And wake us with the morning bright!

       For now I lay me down to sleep,
       I know Thee, Lord, my soul will keep!
       If I should die before I wake,
       I know Thee, Lord, my soul will take
       --To Heaven!--In Jesus' name, amen!

       85. Amen, PTL! Do bless & keep & help us all to have a good night's sleep, Lord! Thank You for all the good news & wonderful reports from our Family around the World! Everywhere, Lord, Thy Family is busy for Thee & for others, saving souls for Thy Kingdom, TYJ! Bless & keep them all, Lord, & make them a blessing, in Jesus' name. Amen! TYL!
       86. Well, it's nice & bright & early, you can get to bed early tonight. I can't promise you a sleep-in morning tomorrow because usually I feel best in the morning, & if I'm going to have a little fellowship with you & talk to you a little bit about the future, I'll probably have to do it in the morning before noon. That's our schedule, I work in the morning & then we have our get out & then we work some more & then rest. I'll try not to make it too long, I just want to give you a little inspiration to look forward to the future! Praise God!

       87. The Devil really likes to attack us & try to get us down, but the Lord always gives us an even greater victory! Through what we suffer, we always come out in greater victory than ever before, thank the Lord, & the Lord always wins the battle! I tell our folks in all of the battles they're having with situations & personnel & problems & all the rest, "Don't worry about it!--If the Lord wants it done, it will come through! If not, that's His responsibility! That's up to Him. We just have to do our part, & what we can't do, He has to do, if He wants to!"
       88. So don't worry about whether something gets done or not, if He wants it done, it'll get done!--If you do your part! Just do your part & leave the rest up to Him & that's it, you don't have to worry about it! You have done what you could! If the Lord can say that about you, that's about the best He could say about anybody! "Well done, thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!"--Mat.25:21. Are you happy? Are you glad? (Family: Amen!) TYJ!
       89. I don't think there's hardly anything else they could put on my gravestone that I would like better than, "He hath done what he could!"--Mk.14:8. Although I'm not sure that would be true, maybe I could have done more! But anyhow, do what you can, & leave the rest to the Lord. You can't do what you can't! Just do what you can & trust the Lord to do the rest! PTL!
       90. (To Techi:) What other little girl would sit here patiently all this time while her grandfather goes on & on & on & on! Maybe that's where I got that, from the famous poem on Columbus:
       "Behind him lay the grey Azores
       Behind the gates of Hercules.
       Before him not a ghost of shores,
       Before him only shoreless seas.

       The good mate said,
       'Now we must pray
       For lo, the very stars are gone!
       Brave Admiral, what shall I say?'
       He said, 'Sail on & on & on & on!'"

That's what your Grandpa does, he goes on & on & on & on! Maybe that's where I got it! If I can't do anything else I can go on & on & on! Go go go before I go on! ILY all! Good night, thanks for all your help! Thank you all for making it possible! You're the ones that made this possible, don't forget that! PTL! GBY! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family