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GOD'S GOTTA STOP IT SOON!--The Devil's Workshop!       5/88       DO 2419

       1. Some of our people should testify to those self-righteous sousing drunk Japanese that, "Before I found the Lord, I used to be a drunk like you!"--That ought to put a pin in their balloon & really shame those Japanese who are so self-righteous about not having taken drugs! They're just as bad if not worse with liquor! They get sousing drunk almost every night & every holiday, & for whole weekends! That's the favourite national recreation in Japan for Japanese men, getting sousing drunk, and now it's filtering down to the teenagers and high school kids, because they can buy whiskey out of dispensing machines! So the young teenagers & junior high kids are getting into it now & becoming drunks. The whole nation is becoming a bunch of drunks!
       2. Maybe the Lord's letting it happen so they won't become any stronger or smarter. They're the ones who are developing & improving & inventing all these latest scientific demonic inventions. It's bad enough for Man to be fiddling with machinery & the demonic machines he's invented, but now he's fiddling with life itself, bio-engineering, life engineering. Like everything else the Devil invents, it's death engineering!--To create monster germs and monster animals, & just watch & see, it will soon be monster men!

       3. I read what one scientist said recently, he said it's horrific to think of it, & at present it's forbidden by U.S. medical & health laws, but somebody, one of these scientists, is not going to be able to resist the temptation to tinker with human bodies and human genetics!
       4. Naturally, in nature, God's creation, God has made it so that species cannot cross, and even if they are crossed they cannot reproduce the same thing. For example, you can crossbreed a horse & a donkey & get a mule, but mules cannot reproduce, that's the end of it right there. In other words, you make one strange beast & that's it, a mule. Mules cannot reproduce. But they say that through this genetic engineering--I don't know whether they're lying or not, you never can tell whether scientists are lying--but they claim they have bred a crossbreed of sheep & goat called the geep that does reproduce the same kind of creature--geeps!
       5. I thought it was rather significant that the Devil would have them create that first, because you know how God differentiates between sheep & goats--sheep being a type of His people & goats a type of the Devil's. (See Mat.25:31-34,41.) Now Man is crossbreeding the two by genetic engineering, & they can reproduce. See, it cannot happen naturally in God's creation, but by fiddling around & tampering with God's creation, Man is now doing something that God Himself made impossible for His natural creation to do, and that's for species to cross.
       6. What they're saying is that some scientist is going to tinker with the DNA, bio-engineering of genes, & they're going to be tempted to cross, for example, a man with an orangutan or a gorilla, & produce some kind of higher-intelligence monster or lower-intelligence human. Now that they've learned it, somebody's going to try it!
       7. That's another reason why I'm convinced the Lord's going to come soon! He's gotta stop all of this before they create absolute horrors!--Or they're going to create germs that they can't control, monster germs that create monster epidemics! Who knows but what AIDS was created by Man and his genetic engineering with all this fooling around they do with chemical & biological warfare. They've encouraged & produced & engineered germs for what they call "biological warfare" so they can unleash a pestilence or an epidemic or a plague on an enemy!
       8. God let Man get away with a lot in his mechanical & electronic engineering, & let him create all kinds of mechanical monsters like automobiles etc., as long as they have been somewhat helpful to Man & even God's Own people. But now that they're tinkering with life itself, they're going to produce something they can't control, something that can reproduce itself, monsters that can reproduce themselves, horror germs that can reproduce themselves, & God's going to stop it! He's gotta stop it, & that means in this generation!
       9. --Or the scientists themselves warn that just as these young teenage computer "hackers" have invented and developed new kinds of computers & software that enable them to break into the secret files of the biggest companies, banks, governments, military, etc., so these same brilliant, no doubt demon-possessed teenagers are soon going to be able to crack the technology of bio-engineering, fooling around with new kinds of germs and drugs & creatures & monsters, that'll be next!--Especially as more and more teenagers get demon-possessed!
       10. It's demons that are teaching them all this! As the demons get more & more control of teenagers, & they get more & more out of control of their parents & society, they're already creating Hell on Earth--Hell music, Hell crime, Hell vice, Hell perversion, Hell art, Hellish everything! I mean, life is almost Hell on Earth now, or becoming Hell on Earth compared to the almost Heaven on Earth that it was when I was a kid!

       11. Life was still fairly natural & in the order of God's creation when I was a kid. Most people still lived on farms & raised their own food by natural means, & most farm power was animal power, & animal transportation. Only the steam engine had begun to change things, & the first machine-powered automobile was a steam automobile called the Stanley Steamer, until they invented internal combustion engines run by Hellfire!
       12. So normal Man's life has only changed so drastically just within my generation. "Many shall run to & fro & knowledge shall be increased!"--Dan.12:4. The greatest change in Man's life has literally become transportation. The greatest change that most people can feel in their personal lives is in transportation, because nearly everybody uses the modern forms of transportation. Steam is no longer the major form of fuel power, nearly everything is now run by coal & oil, internal combustion engines & even nuclear power, which is another Hell-power which could create Hell on Earth!--And will one of these days, of course. I'm beginning to think more & more it will probably be after we're gone, when the Lord's taken us Up, then maybe He'll let the U.S.A. be blasted, the Whore to be turned into Hellfire on Earth!
       13. Just think how much life has changed, society has changed, & Man's everyday life has changed since I was a boy! The vast majority of people lived on farms when I was a boy, natural farm-life, quiet, peaceful. Some farms in those days were just beginning to use machinery, McCormick & John Deere farm equipment. First of all reapers, then combines--a huge machine that went along reaping the field in the front end & dumping out bags of already threshed grain at the rear!
       14. What do they call that process, winnowing? The old-fashioned method was to throw it up, and they still do that in some of the Third World countries. (Maria: Threshing?) Threshing!--Getting rid of the chaff & saving the grain. They tromp on it in the primitive countries to break the grain loose from the chaff, then they scoop it up on one of those big round things like a tray & they throw it up in the air when it's windy, & the chaff blows away & the grain falls back down just like they used to do in Bible times.
       15. Well, the earliest farm machine, of course, that I can remember is the tractor, which was a great help in plowing. It had more power than a horse or even a team of horses, & could pull a plow, in fact pull a whole bunch of plows, disk plows & that sort of thing, & could do things faster & more economically & produce more in shorter time with an immense increase in power. The tractor was the first farm machine that the farmers began having when I was a kid, those who could afford to buy one. It was mostly the rich farmers who bought them, the poor farmers still had nothing but horses & mules. Just think, I can remember when they first really began using farm machinery!
       16. And then of course there was the reaper, which was pulled by a tractor, & it cut down the grain, but people then still had to gather it up. But then along came a reaper that gathered it up & bundled the grain together with the stalks & all, but it still had to be threshed, the chaff separated from the grain, or the grain from the chaff. So then came along the threshing machine.
       17. I can remember those words, magic words when I was a kid, a threshing machine, wow!--Not only a great big reaper that had a big thing that looked like a paddle wheel going around cutting down the grain, but a thresher! Then came the combine, an even more complicated machine which cut down the grain on the front end, threshed it in between on the way through the machine & dumped sacks of threshed, pure grain out of the rear end of the machine as it went by!--Cut down the grain in front & dumped out sacks of grain at the rear end.
       18. Of course, hardly anybody could afford to own one themselves, so what they did was a bunch of farmers would go together & rent, lease or buy one, & then take turns using it, go from farm to farm. Or the people that made them would send out men who knew how to operate them & they would just pay for one or two or three days of harvesting. It cost a lot of money, but it was still much faster & cheaper in the long run than hiring a whole crew of two or three dozen hands to get out there & reap the grain by hand & thresh it by hand & bag it by hand & everything else. But look at all the nice employment that was produced then!

       19. That's the trouble with all this modern machinery, it's thrown millions out of work! It has saved work, yes, ha, ha, made it easier for Man to be unemployed! Although modern technology & the invention of new machines has taken up some of that slack & unemployment, it has not produced enough new jobs to employ everybody as it did when I was a boy. When I was a kid there was virtually no unemployment because there was so much work to be done on the farms & everywhere, you could always get a job as a farmhand doing something. These big cities were just beginning with factories & machinery & that sort of thing, that threw a lot of people out of work. Although they employed a lot of people, they threw a lot of people out of work with the jobs that these machines now did, which men used to do by hand.
       20. So in some ways the Third World "developing" countries as they're now called--they used to just call them plain backward or uncivilised or savage or... (Maria: Underdeveloped?) No, they hadn't developed that word yet. They used less complimentary terms, just like they used to say "native," now they say "national." Then they began calling them "underdeveloped" because they didn't like those other words like "backward" & "uncivilised." Then the natives got smart, so they're now nationals, & they didn't want to be called underdeveloped either, so they had to change that, so now they're developing countries.
       21. They can almost be thankful they don't have enough money & enough machinery! I'll tell you, the Third World can be thankful that they're so busy sowing & reaping crops by hand that they don't have mobs of developing armies of the unemployed--which some are getting--who could be creating World havoc & riots & war like the more "civilised" countries now have! Man has had a hard time trying to think up things for the unemployed to do, & what they have done largely to solve the unemployment situation is put them on welfare. They found it's cheaper & easier just to feed & house them for free without working than to try to find enough employment for them, because the machines & electronic marvels have taken over the work that used to be done by hand.
       22. The farms soon didn't need so much help, so many "hands" as they called them, workers. They used to do it all by hand, so these former farm workers then went to the urban areas to find jobs in the factories, which created these monsters called cities, which Toynbee called "the festering sores on the body politic," which are creating their own problems & are not being solved.--Millions of poor living in hovels & squalor & sewage right next to the ever-richer, luxury-loving wealthy who have stolen even a decent living from the poor to where they don't even have work anymore!
       23. They only have crime & vice & everything else to fall back on now!--Like all those poor farmers flooding into the cities to try to find work & make money, coming in from their little farms where they used to at least live healthfully & raise their own food & have their own little huts. Now they come to these huge megalomaniac cities & live in shacks with no sewage system & filth & vile water & polluted air & no work & only crime, ugh!
       24. This is what machinery has done to Man! Machinery has built the cities, "the festering sores on the body politic", cancerous sores on society! Machinery has built those cities, machinery has built the huge agribusiness farms that are run by machines & not manual labour any more, & has wiped out the small farmer & wiped out farm labour so they've all had to go to the cities to try to find work, working for the machines. Machines were supposed to come & be Man's servant, Man's slave, to work for Man, but now Man has had to go to the cities to work for the machines & the machines have become his masters!
       25. I remember reading articles when I was just young in school, even as low as grade school I started reading the newspapers, & there were articles then about, "Are machines our slaves, or will they become our masters?"--And that's exactly what happened. You don't hear that said very much now, do you? They always give it a nice rosy glow, a positive optimistic approach that "we're developing better machines all the time to become our slaves & our servants," when all of the time machines are becoming their masters, until they'll have machines that control the men, & they already do! But they'll even have governments controlled by machines. The final World Government of the Antichrist will be controlled by an electronic Idol, manufactured intelligence!--Rev.13.
       26. The so-called "development" & "improvement" in Man's quality of life has wrecked his life & wrecked society & ruined Man & turned him from a spiritual soul with a heart that worships God, to an electronic automaton machine-like robot, hating God & defiling himself & nature, God's creation, & bringing about his ruin & the ruin of God's creation as fast as he can! And if God doesn't stop it pretty soon, it would either blow itself up or degenerate itself to brute beasts created to be destroyed (2Pet.2:12), so God's gotta stop it soon!
       27. And the latest horror, of course, is this genetic engineering, playing around with the biological controls that God has built into Man & beast & every living thing, to where Man would soon be able to pervert God's biological creation, make perverted germs & perverted animals & perverted men! So God's gotta stop it soon! Have we ever had a talk by that title? "God's Gotta Stop It Soon!" That's a good title for this!
       28. So all of Man's so-called improvements, inventions, creations, mechanical, electronic, transportation, communication, medicine, everything--supposed improvements on his life & quality of life--are getting to be monsters that are destroying him & devouring him, perverting him & speeding up his destruction! And now at last they're beginning to tamper with life itself, to pervert life! They haven't been able to pervert the form of God's living creatures through machines & inventions & Man's way of life, but now men inspired by the Devil's demons are beginning to work on new forms of life--not actually create new forms of life but pervert them, crossbreed them, deform them & destroy them. (See Isa.47:10b.)
       29. So since I was a lad, the Devil's demon-inspired geniuses have turned a heavenly Earth into an earthly Hell where Man's problems, in spite of all his highly-touted greatness & genius, having become as gods they think, are now about to not only change Man's way of life, but his life itself, & forms of life, tampering with God's Creation itself!--Not just mechanical & electronic machinery that has greatly changed his way of life, but now the Devil's own demons through demon-inspired men are starting to tamper with life itself & life forms themselves, & God's gotta stop it, or Man himself will create a race of monsters! His children are already becoming monsters full of Hell & Hellish music & Hellish art, so-called, & a life like Hell on Earth with drugs & liquor & perversion!

       30. The Devil himself has been behind these so-called laboursaving inventions! Laboursaving means idleness-creating, & as my Grandmother used to say, "Idleness is the Devil's workshop!" So the Devil has done everything he can do to try to create machinery & electronics to save labour, to save Man from having to work so hard & work so much, when work was a part of the therapy to cure Man of sin, or at least to keep him from getting too sinful by having too much idle time to spend on wickedness.
       31. So the Devil has done his best to create laboursaving machinery & equipment to give Man more idleness to make him more wicked to spend more time on more sin! Until Man, with all of his inventions & his marvellous, ingenious equipment of various kinds that he has invented & created, is literally destroying himself through creating idleness & creating more unemployment! And millions of unemployed are revolting, rebelling against this wicked generation of rich who have created these horrible things that have put Man out of work & enforced his idleness to make him more wicked & more sinful & have more time to sin! Man is dying of "improvements"!
       32. Idleness is the Devil's workshop! And the fact of the matter is, the Devil's workshops have created this idleness now to create more idleness, until God is going to have to stop it or it's all going to destroy Man! It's already destroying him & has brought him to the brink of total destruction through atomic warfare!
       33. But atomic warfare is not the greatest evil in the World & is not the greatest danger in the World. It's the idleness that Man's machinery has created which has become the greatest danger, because the first thing that God did to Man after he sinned & fell in the Garden of Eden was to put him to work & make him so busy he didn't have too much time for wickedness & sin & idleness! He was put to work tilling the soil by the sweat of his brow, working so hard he didn't have much time to fool around & play around with wickedness & idleness & iniquity & sin! God tried to keep Man so busy he'd not have enough time to sin very much.--Gen.3:17-24.
       34. But the Devil soon figured out ways to give Man more idleness to sin more wickedly. The first way he did it was through the wicked rich becoming powerful through their armies & navies to enslave the poor & enslave the millions of workers to become their slaves & work for them so they'd have more idleness, the rich would have more idle time to sin & be more wicked. Idleness, & therefore increased wickedness, was more of a luxury of the luxury-loving rich then. But now the Devil has created so many machines & so much electronic equipment & all kinds of ways of saving labour, labour-saving devices so-called, that Man has even boasted that the day will come when machines will do all the work & Man would have nothing to do but have leisure time & playtime, a good time, & of course God knows, mostly bad time!
       35. So the machines have become Man's masters, have put him out of work, made him slaves of the rich, & worse yet, they've unemployed millions of the masses, & have pretty much destroyed God's sin-saving therapy--hard work--by creating labour-saving devices to give Man too much freetime for sin, sinning, iniquity & wickedness, too much idleness!--And that's becoming the World's greatest problem.--Not just the idle rich as it used to be, but the idle poor, who are going to reward the idle rich one of these days with their revenge on them for making them the idle poor!

       36. The Devil, through his demon-possessed geniuses, has turned once-Godly Mankind into devils, until the World today is more full of devils & devilish men & wicked people than Godly people! When I was a kid most people were good people, hard-working people who lived & worked on their farms & believed that doing right & good was the right thing to do even if they didn't really even know the Lord or weren't even Christians. Most people in those days when I was a kid were good people, Christian people, at least in the Christian countries, & went to church & professed to be Christians & tried to be good people & were ashamed of wickedness. Now are they ashamed? Ha! As Jeremiah said, "Were they ashamed? Nay, they could not even blush!"--Jer.8:12.
       37. Today they're proud of their wickedness, they flaunt their wickedness! The Sodomites parade down the streets by the thousands bragging about their wickedness, flaunting their wickedness in the face of the World, showing off their wickedness, their evil, & demanding more liberty & freedom for their sins! Whew! Wow! I mean, it's a wicked World today, filthy wicked, to where Sodomites can brazenly, boldly, brashly strut down the streets by the thousands publicly in demonstrations to parade & brag about their wicked filth & filthy wickedness & sickening sin! Ugh! It's becoming more & more popular so that it has to be included in movies now, love stories between men, blah blah, sickening!
       38. God wiped out whole nations for Sodomy in the past & He'll do it again, too! That's one thing He held against some of the kings of Israel, that they didn't destroy all the Sodomites! They were to slaughter them, destroy them, kill them! That's the only cure of that kind of wickedness & sin. It seemed that God didn't have too much faith for their repentance or their regeneration or their changing, He just said "Kill'm!" And He held it against some of the kings of Israel that they didn't slaughter all the Sodomites!--1Kg.14:21-24; 15:12; 22:46; 2Kg.23:7; Lev.20:13. [EDITED: "HomeARC note: Maria writes: "Look how we differentiated between the sin and the sinner in that Hope Magazine story about the teen witnessers who encountered and witnessed to two homosexuals. (See Hope Mag #33, pg.16-21.) The whole point of that story was to try to show our kids that even though Sodomy is a sin, the homosexual himself is a human being who can be delivered, and whom Jesus loves and wants to rescue. I'm well aware of the fact that Dad has expressed very strong feelings against the sin of Sodomy. But I have seen him sit with people who were afflicted by Sodomite spirits and lovingly witness to them, listening to their heartcry, sharing encouragement from the Word, and showing understanding of their problem" ("'God Is No Respecter of Persons!'--Acts 10:34, " ML #2909; 1/94)."]
       39. Now the Sodomites strut down the streets & politicians polish their politics to please the Sodomites & seek their votes because they've become an influential political power to govern & rule the people & get their so-called "gay rights." And instead of the governments & the people slaughtering the Sodomites, the Sodomites are slaughtering their people through their filthy diseases like AIDS & their filthy wickedness & sin!--To where now they're even attacking children with their Sodomy, molesting little boys, kidnapping them, buying & selling them on the open market in some poor countries to be played with like toys, perverted & sickeningly abused, almost openly! Although it's supposedly illegal & unlawful in most countries, in the poor countries they do it, sell the poor kids to the rich foreigners for molestation, sexual slavery!--Sexual slavery worse than the old White slavery of girls!
       40. Whoredom & harlotry is old hat, it's considered almost respectable today compared to Sodomy! Even Sodomy is becoming respectable now. Politicians, governors & leaders engage in it, to where the leadership of the World, businessmen, politicians, are exposed as being Sodomites, so that it's being made legal now & lawful in many of the so-called "developed" countries. Ha! They have developed, all right, they developed every kind of filth & wickedness & perversion ever known to Man, & some that weren't known before! They've developed, all right, into monsters!--Filthy, wicked, sinful, iniquitous monsters, "brute beasts created to be destroyed!"--2Pet.2:12. And God's going to destroy them pretty soon. He's gotta stop it soon or the whole thing would just absolutely explode, blow up or degenerate into horrors!
       41. If He & His Spirit had not kept control & kept it from getting completely out of hand, the whole World would have been gone long ago! But "He who letteth (prevents, restrains) will let until He be taken out of the way."--2Thes.2:7. He's letting them go ahead doing what they're doing right now, but He is controlling it & keeping them from going too far. But now that they're beginning to go too far & Man is really getting out of hand, He's going to have to stop them, & the last & the worst will be the Antichrist System.--And since he doesn't acknowledge or consider the desire of women, it sounds like he could be a Sodomite!
       42. Wouldn't that be the ultimate in Man's wickedness to have a World ruler who is a Sodomite, & probably encourages sodomy & rule of himself & his Image to try to bring worldwide wickedness into recognised righteousness!--So you'd be considered peculiar if you were good, odd if you were righteous, strange if you're a Godly Christian, out of line, out of order in the World Order of Orgies!--Eccentric, off the center of wickedness, fiendishness, devilishness! Whereas we're actually the ones who are not eccentric, we are the ones who are on the right Center!--Christ is the Center, the right Center! They're the ones who are eccentric, out of order, strange, wicked, vile, filthy, iniquitous, unrighteous, completely perverted men & women!
       43. And all these machines & scientific inventions & so-called creations of Man have helped to speed it all up by giving Man more leisure time, more pleasure time, laboursaving devices to give him more idle time in the Devil's workshop! What the Devil has created in his workshop is idleness to give Man more time for wickedness to destroy him! And think of it, most of it has happened just in my generation!
       44. When I was a lad most people were good & lived on farms & worked hard & kept out of mischief, had almost no idle time! Five o'clock in the morning you got up, milked the cows, turned'm out to pasture & went to work on all the other things you had to do, plowing & seeding. I mean, a farmer's time--especially one who does most of his work by hand, as they did in those days, or with animal power--was completely taken up, totally taken up with almost no idle time, taken up by work, hard work, so he had no time nor strength for idleness or wickedness, & most people were good & hardworking!
       45. Even the non-Christian countries, even the so-called Third World, even the billions of the heathen, the pagans, the non-Christians, nearly all were farmers who worked hard on their farms. They kept out of mischief by having no idleness & no idle time for wickedness, & they had some kind of faith in which they worshipped some deity, had some fear of some god & believed that that god had power & was a creator as well as a destroyer, & they were pretty much kept out of trouble & out of mischief by their traditions & mores & rules of faith etc., like many of the Orientals.--By their systems of morals & codes of ethics, by Confucianism & various forms of works religions & self-righteousness. But at least it pretty much kept them out of trouble with no idleness, lots of hard work & strict systems of discipline & control & rigid governments!
       46. But the so-called civilised developed nations with the most development & machinery & electronics & inventions & laboursaving, idleness-creating equipment have become the wickedest nations on Earth!--The ones who developed the atom bomb & used it, & have destroyed millions! They have corrupted the Earth, poisoned paradise & are leading it to Hell, & have polluted the ecology & have, worst of all, polluted the minds & hearts of Man & youth with all of their wickedness & Hell music! I don't even call it music, that's a misnomer, it's just Hell noise, Hellish noise, Hellish art & all the rest!
       47. The wickedest nations are the most powerful, richest, proudest, most developed nations on Earth, & they're leading the rest of the World to Hell through their creations of idleness & their scientific creations of perversions that have changed Man's life from the almost Heaven on Earth it was when I was a boy, to the almost Hell on Earth it is today! The pity of it is, Man today doesn't even realise how Hellish it is because most of them are not old enough to remember those Heavenly days of old!

       48. "The good old days" is not a foolish old-fashioned expression, it's too true! They were the good old days, the best old days! The old days were the good days, today's days are the bad days, bad times, when evil men & wickedness has waxed worse & worse till God's gotta stop it or Man would totally destroy himself!--2Tim.3:13; Mat.24:22. The Devil would get Man to totally bring about his own destruction, which is what the Devil's been trying to do ever since God created Man & created the World, His creation! The Devil has been trying to destroy God's creation, Man himself, to defeat God's plan.
       49. But God will not be defeated! He is going to stop the Devil & stop Man before he completely destroys himself & the Earth! God's going to stop him soon, thank the Lord!--And He's going to create a Reign of Righteousness that will cover the Earth & save Mankind & the Earth from total destruction, & it's coming soon!--Psa.22:27,28; 72:6-8; Hab.2:14. It's gotta come soon! It can't go on! So Jesus has gotta come soon & He knows it, you know it & I know it. We've just gotta tell others about Him so they'll know it too!--In Jesus' name, amen! PTL!

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