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JAPAN'S LAST CHANCE! --Dad's Birthday Message!       18/2/88       DO 2420
--The Year of the Dragon!
--The Beginning of the Very End!

       1. More has been invented & discovered within the past hundred years than within all of the previous six thousand! Just think, in the century before this, some of the greatest discoveries & inventions of the Modern World were made, such as the steam engine, therefore railroads & steamships.--The first major change in Man's transportation in his entire history! Animal transportation & sailboats were the common means of transportation in all the centuries before that, think of it! Up to that time there was no alternative kind of transportation except boats, wind-driven sailboats or rowed boats or whatever, & animal transportation. There was no other means of transportation.
       2. Just think, all of those changes have taken place just within the past 200 years! First steam engines & steam boats & railroads & various kinds of industrial machinery, the famous Industrial Revolution caused by these machines which could have greater energy & could perform even stronger & heavier tasks than Man could, all within the past 200 years!--All of these great inventions that have helped to speed up the so-called "development" of Man. We speak of the "underdeveloped" nations who don't have so many machines, & the "developed" nations who have had machines & industry for around the last 200 years.
       3. It seems that these discoveries & inventions have merely speeded up what World History, Systemites' history, calls "Man's development." But actually it has not only speeded up Man's industrial & scientific & mechanical & electronic development, etc., but it has also speeded up Man's corruption! The Tree of Knowledge contained the knowledge of good and evil, & I must say that it seems that the Devil has controlled most of this kind of knowledge & has helped to develop most of it!
       4. It's as though the Enemy, through all these inventions & so-called revolutions, has speeded up Man's decline! His development has been along the Devilution line, not Evolution, & it's like a snowball going downhill! When I was a kid I'd get at the top of a hill & I could get a good-sized ball of snow rolling, & as it went down it would pick up snow & get bigger & bigger & bigger, hurtling down to the bottom! That's where they get the expression, "It snowballed!" That means it gets bigger & faster! So Man's inventions have gotten Man bigger in some ways, but also faster, & certainly going downhill!
       5. Even in my lifetime, I can remember the introduction of most of these inventions, particularly in the field of communication & recording. I'll never forget when Irwin Moon came to my high school in Monterey, California in 1939 & demonstrated the first type of recording that had been invented since the days of record players & disks or records. The first Ediphone was the little round kind of a cylinder, then came the platters after that. But in 1939 he had one of the earliest inventions of any other type of recording, called a wire recorder, & he demonstrated it there at the high school along with his standing on the big coil & letting a million volts of electricity shoot through him!--All to be able to get himself booked in high schools to preach the Gospel to young people!
       6. Imagine, those were in the days when they still allowed evangelists & preachers to go to high schools & schools to preach! Now it's all forbidden, due almost entirely to the work of the [EDITED: "ACs"], to keep religion out of the schools, in order to keep God & the Bible & Christ & Salvation away from young people. Within your day religion has been virtually forced out of the public schools in the U.S.A.!
       7. So Man has certainly progressed very rapidly along these lines, physically, mechanically, technically, but at the same time he has regressed spiritually in virtually the same proportion & ratio. Man thinks he's made great progress because he's made all of these inventions, but all of these inventions have done more to corrupt Man & to cause him to get underdeveloped spiritually, decline into decadence faster than in any period of history! Man has declined more rapidly spiritually than ever before, until the younger generation is almost demonic with its horror music & all of that!

       8. The World is rearing a race of devils right now who are going to readily accept the Antichrist!--Like I have recently said about the younger generation of Japan! (See ML #2413.) The younger generation are no longer "little [EDITED: "J_ps"]," as they used to be called as recently as World War 2 because they were all little, very small & short!
       9. According to what our people there have told us, in what amounts to just one generation, 40 years since World War 2, they have actually reared what is almost a race of giants! Their High School & college kids are apparently giants! You can no longer talk about the "little [EDITED: "J_ps"]"--that was their mothers & fathers, & mostly their grandmothers & grandfathers! But this new generation who have been well-fed & well-cared-for by their parents, much better fed & not starved & deprived & malnourished like they were before when they were so poverty-stricken, are big people, big women, big men, giants!--And brilliant! Japan has one of the most difficult educational systems in the World!
       10. The Japanese are almost becoming a super race!--Big in body & big in mind, clever, brilliant, some of the best inventors in the World today who are developing some of the most complicated technical equipment. They're far superior & far ahead of the U.S.A. in robotics, cybernetics, electronics, computer chips, you name it! They're far superior & have out-run the U.S.A. now in all of these latest, most modern technological developments, etc. They are far ahead of the U.S. That's why they're out-selling the U.S.!
       11. You'll see it in the {\ul \i WND} one of these days, a poll was taken amongst Americans asking: "Who do you think builds the best cars, the most reliable?" The vast majority of Americans voted the Japanese! "The most dependable electronic equipment?"--Japanese! That's why the Americans are buying Japanese equipment, because it's better, & it was cheaper. Now due to the devaluation of the Dollar it's getting more expensive, which is creating another problem. But that's another subject.
       12. The Japanese are becoming a superior race--physically, mentally & economically, as you have read in some of the Letters you may have gotten by this time. It has become the richest nation on the face of the Earth & the most powerful, actually. It's just an old hangover to think that the U.S.A. is rich or powerful any more, because if the Japanese start flexing their monetary muscles & a few things like that, they could just turn things completely around! But they're not exercising all the power that they have. But they are going around the World buying up the World & buying up other countries & their industries & their banks & their businesses & their property, real estate. It's amazing how they are really taking over the World!
       13. We thought, of course, it was going to be the U.S.A. or Europe or Russia, but Japan is the one that's kind of sneaking up on the World without their realising it. [DELETED]

       JAPANESE [EDITED: "ACs"]!
       14. It would have been difficult to believe that Japan had so much money & so much economic power without the [EDITED: "ACs"] having something to do with it! Where the money is, there the [EDITED: "ACs"] are! It would have been hard to believe there was so much money in Japan without there being some [EDITED: "ACs"] there. As old Uncle Charlie said, "If there was any money in it, you'd be in it too!" Well, apparently there was money in it there, & they're behind it, they're in it!
       15. So it's no different in Japan, Beloved, they're there, & they've got the money & they're running things! If I'd see pictures of some of those big families like the Mitsubishis & all the owners of famous giant corporations that are almost as big or bigger than the government, what do you bet that they're [EDITED: "ACs"]!
       16. Now imagine, the [EDITED: "ACs"] getting control of a country like Japan & getting that much economic power, not having to develop military power any more! They let the U.S.A. & NATO shoulder that kind of burden & horrible expense of billions & billions of Dollars every year, let them do that to protect them in Japan while they do nothing but make money--not spend it, but make it! They don't spend it, they invest it!--Buying up businesses & property & virtually governments, because those who finally have the economic power are the ones who will run the World, & are running the World!
       17. But what a clever little trick to sneak into Japan where the rest of the World doesn't even seem to know what's going on! They don't even seem to have come to the realisation that the Japanese are richer & economically more powerful now than any other nation on Earth! They're the biggest creditor nation on Earth, whereas the U.S. is the greatest debtor nation on Earth! The U.S. owes more money to more nations than any other country in the World! More countries owe more money to Japan than any other nation on Earth!
       18. I wonder why the [EDITED: "ACs"] of America & Europe let that happen? I thought they were supposed to be running the World! I told you several times, & it's even on record, that there are an awful lot of [EDITED: "ACs"] running Russia [DELETED] many of the top leaders [DELETED] & their wives. [DELETED] This is what I've often suspected, that Communism was not only developed by the [EDITED: "ACs"] & led in its early development all by [EDITED: "ACs"], but it's still run by [EDITED: "ACs"]!

       19. My oh my, look what [EDITED: "the ACs"] did! [EDITED: "They"] just quietly bought up everything & made the money & got the money! [EDITED: "They"] let the Gentiles fight the wars & kill each other & spend the money while [EDITED: "they have"] been earning it & making it & keeping it & saving it & taking over the World!
       20. Of course, that's obvious in the plan of the Enemy of Christendom, the Enemy of true Christianity & true Christians, that the Devil would use the most anti-Christ people he could possibly find.--And he found them in the [EDITED: "ACs"], who are officially anti-Christ & teach their children from the beginning to hate the name of Christ, to curse the name of Christ, to use it as a curse word, to spit at the name of Christ! He found in them a people to his liking who really hate Jesus & who really hate Christians, & who were willing to sell their souls to the Devil to make money & power!
       21. The Devil offered Jesus the World if He'd just fall down & worship him (Lk.4:5-7), & they have been willing to fall down & worship him now for centuries!--Not just two thousand years, they were doing it even before the time of Jesus. Reading the Old Testament is almost one of the saddest stories you'd want to read, because there were very few good kings, & even the good kings were very seldom good.

       [EDITED: "THE JEWS"]
       22. The Jews were a great disappointment to the Lord, but nevertheless, in a way, they accomplished His purpose & mission. At least the few who were good were good enough that they managed to carry on & develop the Scriptures & keep up the message of the one true God. The good ones were faithful custodians of the Word, faithful witnesses of the Message, but very few. Most of them seemed to be very bad, including their kings, etc. There were very few Prophets compared to the many many kings, very few men of God.
       23. But because of the Lord's laws, dietary laws & health laws & so on, they did develop a very strong, powerful, mentally brilliant race! In fact, by all evidences now, we can see that they developed the strongest & the richest & the most brilliant people on Earth!--Partly due to their good background & the good laws of health, etc., which helped them to develop & keep healthy. They say that the Orthodox Jews who stick strictly to the dietary laws of Moses have virtually no cancer & hardly any of these other diseases that are always attacking the Goys, the Gentiles. That's just one example.
       24. Their Rabbis are just about the most brilliant men you're going to find, the most brilliant religious leaders of almost any kind. They are doctors & lawyers with strings of degrees. They are their particular congregation's judge, etc., & they are married to good healthy women who produce a lot of children, Rabbis are notorious for large families! Whereas the stupid Catholic Church has practically committed genocide by its ridiculous "doctrine of devils" as the Scripture calls it, forbidding the priests to marry, etc., which has resulted in rampant homosexuality, rampant Sodomy in the Catholic Church, corrupting it, until it's declining rapidly & becoming decadent, corrupt & a mess!--1Ti.4:1-3.
       25. So the Jews have excelled in every way. [DELETED]
       26. They [DELETED] said, "Let His blood be upon us & our children!" (Mat.27:25), & yes, they have suffered a lot. [DELETED] As the Devil told Jesus, he said the World was his to give it to whomever he will! So [EDITED: "some of them"] chose to worship him & they chose to obey him & honour him & give their hearts & lives to his occupation & main religion of Materialism, so that he has given them the World!
       27. The Lord said they would be scattered into every nation on the face of the Earth, & they have been!--Deut.28:64. And they didn't just lie around doing nothing in those nations. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Some of the"] Jews [DELETED] are smarter & more clever & less hindered by any kind of Christian rules or conscience, so they can be completely unprincipled as far as others are concerned. According to their law they supposedly had to treat each other with respect. But in actual practice [EDITED: "those who are anti-Christ have"] treated the Gentiles with contempt, lying, cheating[DELETED]!
       29. The rapid development of all kinds of inventions & forms of transportation, communication & all of that sort of thing over the last 200 years, has been accompanied by the rapid development of the [EDITED: "ACs"] & their World power. I wonder if that could be significant?--Of course it is!
       30. While the Devil has been preparing his people to take over the World, he has had to prepare the means & the tools & the weapons with which they could take it over. Thank God for a few of us good Jews who sit here tonight who are trying to save the World, & we're going to do it one of these days! We're doing the best we can right now but we don't seem to be making too much progress considering how devilish & fiendish the World has become! The vast majority are anti-Christ, & the anti-Christ people have taken over, they've already got it.

       31. The Antichrist is undoubtedly already alive, & his government no doubt is already in operation! He has just been waiting & working to get things engineered & organised & developed to the point that he feels the World is ripe & ready, & of course for this purpose he is bringing on the Crash so that the World will crash economically & be willing to let him pick up the pieces.
       32. He's also developed the World militarily to have such horrible weapons that they're even afraid to have a war, which makes it a lot easier to conquer the World economically & politically & stave off a war which would otherwise destroy the Earth. So since the Enemy is running those things & controlling those things, he's preparing the World for his complete takeover. We have known that for years, the Bible Prophets have known that for thousands of years & predicted it, & you've studied it & you know it, & we know what's going to happen. The Lord has not necessarily revealed the exact dates or times yet, although He's given us some pretty strong hints about approximately when & how soon, & it sounds & looks like it's very soon!
       33. Most of the honest economic predictors, prognosticators, & as they call them in business, "business forecasters," are predicting it! All the big businesses hire these business forecasters who are supposed to be able to be the economic or the money prophets to tell them what business is going to be like & what the conditions are going to be, etc. One of them was a little ahead of his time when he wrote The Crash of '79.--It's really amazing that the World has managed to hold out this long! Now they're saying it's the Crash of '89. Maybe that's just to throw off the people & deceive them into thinking it's going to be next year, when it's going to be this year!
       34. You say, "Oh Dad, you're one of those Prophets of doom & gloom, you're always predicting the worst! For the last 20 years you've been predicting boom, burst, blow & all the rest. You predicted the fall of the Dollar for nearly 20 years before it fell!" Well, it fell! God's wheels of justice & judgement grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine, & as the fellow said, God doesn't pay all of His accounts in the Fall! In other words, He doesn't always do things exactly when we expect it or as soon as we think He should, but it comes! Sooner or later it comes, it has to come.
       35. And now even the World's economic prognosticators or economic forecasters-- almost all of them--say & agree that it's gotta come, the Crash is bound to come, or the great Recession or Depression, they agree that it's got to come, it's inevitable, it has to happen. It's only a matter of when! Some of them predict it will come as early as this year, '88, more say '89--I don't know whether that's to comfort the people or what--& almost all of them say it will hit by 1990 or the early '90s, they agree it can't go any longer than that!
       36. Well, I think I have even said I didn't see how it could go any longer than 1987! We said 1986 sounded like a good year for the Antichrist, remember? The comet was coming & all that sort of thing. But the Lord is merciful & the Lord is patient & we hadn't gotten quite as much done as we've done since then. He gave us another year, & then another year, & last year was our greatest, in which we produced the most & reached the most, etc., so that we've had better years every year instead of worse, as we thought was going to come. I preached about our greatest year & that it was possibly our last year ten years ago!--Ha!
       37. So the Lord has held it off for a long time to help us get more & more & more done, but it has to come to an end sooner or later! It's almost over! Even only a year ago the forecasters were not predicting it this soon. But I'll tell you, the thing that really shocked them & brought them to their senses & helped them realise it could happen very fast was the Crash of October!--This October! Not the Crash of October '29, but the Crash of October '87, to show how flimsy & how fragile the World economy is & how easily it can go down, & is going down, & the Dollar's been going down!
       38. The last few days it's recovered a tiny bit so they're all brightened up, "Oh my, oh my, maybe the World hasn't come to an end after all! Maybe the Dollar hasn't come to an end after all!"
       39. They say the Dollar has lost about 58% of its value in just the past 3 or 4 years.--When thank God He showed us it was time to get out of Dollars & go into other currencies. And by so doing we literally saved over half our income & reserves, etc. In other words, by the Lord tipping us off in time, in a sense we made money, & best of all we saved money & saved our income & saved our reserves, etc., in order to try to survive this day & perhaps this year.
       40. Because from the looks of the economic situation, I would be very surprised if the Crash does not continue. It's already started, been going on, in fact, for years. I wrote a Letter called "The Crash is Here" several years ago. (No.854) Well, it was! It's getting worse all the time, & it would have completely tumbled long ago if people would wake up to the fact of where they're really at! But the general public says, "Go away, I don't want to know the truth! Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up! We're all right, the Dollar's okay, our U.S.A. will make it!", blah blah blah!
       41. They just refuse to believe that things are as bad as they actually are! The economy is built on faith, the value of the currency is built on faith, the value of stocks is built on faith. You see what happened when suddenly their faith faltered! The value of businesses is built on faith, & when the faith fails, the business fails & the money fails & the stocks fail & the entire economy fails! And I think things are going to happen this year that are going to be a serious blow to the World's faith!
       42. They're already beginning to doubt! In fact, some economists are convinced they cannot go on this way. The honest economists are saying, "Well, it's just got to come to an end, it can't go on!"--Once people wake up to the fact that the money just isn't there, the business isn't there, the stocks really aren't worth that much, the money isn't worth that much. It's all built on flimsy so-called faith, wishful thinking really, false faith. But it wouldn't take the Lord much to jerk that rug out from under them to where they just fall flat on their faces!
       43. A lot of economists can't see how the World economy can keep going without a full-fledged Crash this year! More of them believe it's going to happen next year. It's already happened, I've said that lots of times, but they've had so many brakes put on the economy--safety measures & guarantees & government laws to try to keep it from crashing, having learned a lot through the last Depression--that they've done everything they can to keep it from crashing, & to be stricter about controls, etc. But it's only slowed it down, that's all!
       44. God knows how to make things go the way He thinks they ought to go.--And if He's going to let the Devil take over to teach the World a lesson, let them have their god that they want, He'll have to let them have the kind of government they think will save them & guarantee peace, a One-World government--of which the United Nations, in a sense, was the beginning.
       45. If they don't want Him, He's letting them have the kind of god they want, the one they think they want, because that's the only thing that will teach them that that's the wrong god! They've lost their faith in the true God. [DELETED] The vast majority are either anti-Christ or just totally materialistic & secular & just don't care about religion, & that means the same thing. Those indifferent to religion are just as much anti-Christ as those who hate Him, because they will fall for the Man, the Superman, after the [EDITED: "ACs"] introduce him & engineer the idea of a One-World government.
       46. Frankly, I really believe that it could very easily happen this year. You say, "Dad, you've said that for years!" Well, yes! I've believed each year it could come that year! But I believe it more this year! And every sign indicates it's more likely to happen this year than it ever has before!--Which also means that the Antichrist is more apt to arise or be revealed or introduced to the World this year by the anti-Christ forces if they think it's ripe & ready!
       47. I have always said that I think the Crash will have to occur first to prepare the World to want him & be willing to do anything to get him to save themselves, & I still think that that's probably going to be the way it happens. That's the way we've always thought & believed. I might be wrong, maybe he could appear first before the Crash happens so they'll know him & believe he could be the man to stop it. But it seems more logical to me that the Crash comes & then he steps forward & offers to save'm.

       48. Jesus help us, Lord, in Jesus' name! Every year you've heard me say this: This may be our last year! I guess you remember that at New Year's time we had a little celebration, verses, testimonies, etc., & mine was to be the last. I don't know whether you even remember it or not or even realise it or not, but I never gave mine. It got late, like it is now, & I said I'd put it off till later, & that particular later never came. At that time I had different plans entirely & I would've probably enlarged on those & it wouldn't have come to pass. So the Lord postponed my declaration of plans for the year, because He knew what I was going to be doing, & it wasn't what I thought I was going to be doing at that particular New Year's Eve.
       49. I remember what one preacher said to me after I preached for two hours to his congregation. He was a jolly fellow, good-natured with a sense of humour. I'd been preaching about the Antichrist, & he said, "Dave, I know now that you must be the Antichrist because you fulfil the Scripture, you 'wear out the Saints!'"--Dan.7:25. I said, "I can prove to you that I'm not!--Because I desire women!"--Dan.11:37. Somebody suggested maybe the Antichrist is going to be a Sodomite, a homo. I wouldn't be surprised. What an abomination to the Lord for the World to be worshipping a Sodomite! So anyhow, that excludes me, praise the Lord, even if I do wear out the saints, I'm sorry.
       50. But this is February 18th, my birthday! I've been telling the kids, "Well, I hope I can at least make it to this birthday, 69, that's at least close to 70!" From now on I can say I'm almost 70, think of that! I'm almost 70, wow! But I'm making it, thank the Lord! And here we are, you're here & I'm here & I'm 69, almost 70. It's February 18th, which we've also said is the Family Birthday.
       51. I was sitting on the throne this morning reading the paper, & it was talking about February 18th & telling what an important date in history it is. Today begins the Chinese New Year, this particular Chinese New Year. It doesn't always begin on February 18th, they go by the lunar calendar & different figuring of the months. But this particular year, this particular Chinese New Year, its beginning is today, February 18th. But it is also even more significant, in that this is the most important Chinese New Year in 12 years! As you know, for the Chinese, each year has different significance, they have the Year of the Rat, the Year of the Snake, the Year of the Rabbit & all that kind of stuff. But none of them is as important as this particular New Year, because this is...do you know what? (Fam: The Year of the Dragon!)
       52. Today is the first day, the New Year's Day of the Year of the Dragon! I was shocked when I was sitting there on the toilet reading that! I thought, "Boy oh boy, how like the Devil to begin this particular year on my birthday, celebrating my birthday with the New Year's Day of the Dragon, running me competition!" But who do you think is going to win, anyhow?--The Lord! And I just thought it was amazing, rather significant, that it should be my birthday that the Devil has chosen to initiate his greatest Year of the Dragon! Another Year of the Dragon cannot come for 12 years, & you know where we'll be by that time! This is the last Year of the Dragon as far as we're concerned, & it began today on my birthday, my birthday present from the Devil! Do you want me to read you a little bit about it in closing? (Reads:)
       53. "Chinese revelers get ready to welcome the Year of the Dragon. Tens of millions of peasant families slaughtered their fattest pigs Monday to welcome returning relatives & to feast the arrival this week of the Year of the Dragon, the most auspicious sign in the Chinese Zodiac." Of all the 12 years, this is the year of the Dragon! "According to China's 5,000-year-old calendar, the Year of the Dragon begins on February 18th this year & heralds 12 months of action, daring, tumult," etc. "The sky over China will explode in fireworks. Revelers seem unfazed by hundreds of deaths & injuries sparked each year by the burst of fireworks.
       54. "The Year of the Dragon is the only mythical & the most magnificent of all the 12 signs in China's animal zodiac." Mythical, in other words, having something to do with what you might call the spiritual. I'm just reading you excerpts, I won't take time to read it all. "Fortune tellers are predicting flaring tempers, acts of revolt, disaster coming in waves, a year for surprises." It sounds like one Hell of a year! "It is the most important Chinese festival & very traditional," etc. "In the island nation of Singapore, officials are forecasting a baby boom this year, as mothers seek to ensure that their babies are endowed with the power & luck that superstition accords to their so-called 'dragon seeds', born to wear the horns of destiny!"
       55. What more devilish, fiendish, damnable, Satanic religion could any people have than that? They literally worship the Devil!--Rev.12:9. I said that when I saw that dragon over that cemetery there in Singapore. That's one thing that made me so mad at that place. Thank God He used us to deliver people, praise God! (See No.1264, "Whole Chinese Cemetery Set Free!") There was this huge dragon up over the entrance of the cemetery. The Dragon rules the Chinese, the Dragon rules China, & they worship him already.
       56. That part of the World already worships the Devil, literally worships the Devil & demons & demon gods! My God, did you see that WND picture of one of the demon guards of the temple in Bangkok? The most horrible looking monster! If you want to know what demons look like, that sure shows you! Horrible, horrible!
       57. They worship the Devil! They worship demons! Most of the East is already sold out to Satan! It's not going to be any problem for them to worship the Devil, they already worship him! It's not going to be any problem for them to fall down & worship the Antichrist, he's already got it made in that part of the World! He rules that part of the World! The fact that the Family can accomplish or have accomplished anything in that part of the World is only a miracle of God, & will take God Himself to preserve us & keep us & help us to accomplish anything for Him yet in that part of the World at all, this year! But we're doing it, thank the Lord! We've already had a lot of victories in spite of the Devil & all of their demon worship!

       58. The Family seems to think that Japan is not quite as bad as China, & they haven't run us out of Japan yet, although they did out of China. China's already officially anti-God, anti-Christ, atheistic, Communistic. Apparently God thinks there's still a little hope for Japan & He's got our Family there finding out whether it's worth the effort or not. And I really believe it depends on us, it depends on us & their reaction to us, what the fate of Japan is going to be!
       59. And after having heard & read the news, I wouldn't be a bit surprised that the fate of the World is going to depend on Japan, that which way Japan goes the World is going to go! As far as I can see right now, the Japanese are geared & programmed for being one of the most ideal Antichrist nations in the World!--Brilliant, powerful, rich[DELETED]!
       60. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Japan is going to be the leading nation to help turn the World over to the Antichrist! We know he's supposed to come, according to Bible Prophecy, from another place, another area & all that, but Japan now has the power, the wealth, the brilliance, the know-how, & is already leading the World in all of these ways & all of these things, & it's going to take Japan! If anybody, anything, any nation, I don't think the Antichrist is going to be able to get into power without Japan. I believe it's going to take the help of Japan to put him on the map to take over the World!
       61. So what the Family now does in Japan can help to determine the fate of the World! It's not going to change the path of history & prophecy, don't misunderstand me, but it just might help delay things a little bit longer! Even if it delayed the Crash one more year, that would be very monumental & very significant.
       62. I really believe that the Lord could & may use our Family to at least help delay the End if we do a good job in Japan! At least He's waiting to give Japan its chance. And I believe we are the catalyst which is going to determine the fate of Japan, how they react to us, how we portray the Lord to them, & the Love that we show & the answer that we give them! We have got to keep pushing & trying, in a way, to stop or veer Japan off of the course that it's taking, the materialistic wealth-worshipping, power-worshipping avenue that Japan's already on, with no religion to stop it, no kind of religion that's got what it takes except us!
       63. I believe God is giving Japan its last chance through us! I believe the School there & that Pyramid on their property are going to be famous! I believe Japan is going to hear about it! I believe it's going to be on tours & sightseeing & tourists are going to visit it! The Family is going to make that place known & give the Japanese a chance to come & see a sample of real genuine Christianity, real Christian faith! Well, I'd rather put it this way: To see Jesus in us! I really believe it!

       64. I believe that Pyramid could be famous! After all, we already have multitudes of salesmen in Japan, multitudes of publicists whose business is advertising. To go & preach the Gospel in all the World is the same as saying going & advertising the Gospel in all the World!--And to advertise that place is advertising a witness to the Gospel & our main exclusive Message which the Lord has given to us exclusively about the Heavenly City!
       65. It's been in the Bible for years, but nobody's done anything about it. Nobody's portrayed it, nobody's preached it, nobody's shown it, nobody's made posters of it, nothing! But God willing, we're going to portray an actual model of the Heavenly City there!--At least a simulation, as they call it. And I believe people are going to come to look & see & marvel & have a visual illustrated message about Heaven!
       66. Do you know what that Pyramid there is doing?--It's pointing the way to Heaven! And it's glowing with the Light of the Lord! It stands there as a symbol of the Heavenly City, which really is the most important Message that we have! We're preaching Heaven when we preach Jesus, & that's our Destiny, that's our Goal!
       67. What more could we do to try to illustrate the Gospel? What's the Gospel for? What is the Good News about? What is it? It's about Jesus, of course, but what is Jesus for? To do what?--To save us! For what?--For Heaven! So the goal & the ultimate aim of our Message is Heaven! That's our Message, "For God so loved the World He gave His Only begotten Son."--Just so we'll know His Son? So that "whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life!"--In a City shaped like that Pyramid! Of course, the dimensions of the one at their School are not exactly accurate, but anyhow, it's similar.
       68. That's the goal of it all! Heaven is the reason for Jesus! Heaven is the goal of the Gospel! Heaven is why Jesus came & died for us! So Heaven is an extremely important Message, & to portray Heaven & show Heaven & let them come there & feel Heaven & see the real Heaven in our people. Not just that Pyramid, but that whole thing is a Heavenly City right now, it's Heaven on Earth, all the houses they occupy on those grounds. They're already a Heavenly City! They have more population than the rest of that community, actually. There are more of our Family there than them! It's a Heavenly City! That's what it's all about!
       69. And that's what our Message is all about: How to get to Heaven!--And to portray & preach about the Heavenly City! Preaching Heaven is preaching Salvation, & preaching Salvation is preaching Jesus! Right?--'Cause they're never going to get to Heaven without Him! He says, "I am the Way, the Truth & the Life, no man cometh unto the Father in Heaven but by Me!"--Jn.14:6. So we're portraying Heaven, Heaven in our people, our hearts, our faces, our lives, our living & even in an illustration model!
       70. The favourite poster of their kings there is the one about Heaven! They didn't even know that the Heavenly City was shaped like that when they had the burden to build that pyramid. They claim the Lord gave it to them & all that. Well, the Lord gave it to them, but it sure didn't do much good till the Family came along! It went into disuse & to corruption & decay, till we have come along to try to save it! It's such a parallel to the way we save lives!
       71. And it will not only be a symbolic illustration of the Heavenly City, but something really useful, a place where people can go & view the marvels of God's Creation, sit there & wonder, see the Lord & His handiwork. He says, "The invisible God is made manifest by the works of His hands!"--Rom.1:20. They can sit up there & look at His Creation & know, He says, the visible God, because they can see Him in His Creation! The Japanese, in a way, worship His Creation--rocks & trees & even mail boxes! Well, mail boxes aren't His Creation, but anyhow!

       72. This could be the last year that we are still this free to operate anywhere. The latest development is that we're being forced out of India. India was our largest field, we had more people there than any other country. And now they're clamping down on them & they're not renewing visas & they're making this their last visa, whoever's there, & when this comes to an end, no more, out they go & they can't go back! So it's almost over!
       73. We are having to send a lot of people back home because there's no place else for them to go, believe it or not, but to their home countries where they have a right as a citizen to stay, even though they may not want us. At least a whole generation is passed, & even if they have to go home they've got a new generation there to evangelise. As some have pointed out, each new generation has to be evangelised again, for the first time.
       74. Each generation has to evangelise itself, & there's a new generation waiting back at home that has not been evangelised, at least not by us. Whether we can do them much good or not, I don't know, they say they're the most Systemite of all! No more hippies, no more radicals, no more rebels! All the former rebels & radicals & hippies have joined the System & become as much Systemite as the rest of them. So we may certainly be going back into the land of wolves, serpents, vipers, scribes, pharisees & known enemies!
       75. Well, I'm trying to impress on our Family in Japan how important their job is there, & how important it is that they do all they can to make it go over, because there's no doubt in my mind that it's Japan's last chance. And if our people don't do it, it's not going to be done, & if we don't reach them, they're not going to be reached! If we don't change them & turn that nation the right direction, they're going to go the wrong direction, & it will be the end of Japan!
       76. God has put tools in our hands unequalled ever before to reach people today!--Tools in our hands to facilitate printing & publishing & getting the Word to the people! We have the best weapons He's ever provided for any generation, to get out the Gospel, & we're doing it! Praise God! So thank God for it! The Devil is monopolising them, of course, & he is absolutely in control of the media, communications, all of this industrialisation, electronics & all the rest, but thank the Lord, the Lord has allowed it in order to put these tools in our hands to use them for God's glory to accomplish His purpose & get His Message out & to do our best to reach this last generation! So let's do it!
       77. That's my Birthday Message for you, that this is the end, it may be our last year! It is the Year of the Dragon, & it may be more so than we realise. It may be the year of the revelation of the Antichrist! It may be the beginning of the very End for sure, so let's do our best while we have a chance! Let's sock it to'm while we have a chance & let'm know that this is their last chance! Praise God! Amen! TYJ! TYL! (Sings:)
       "Abide with me, fast falls the eventide
       The darkness deepens, Lord with me abide.
       Change & decay in all around I see.
       Oh Thou Who changest not, abide with me!"

       78. Hallelujah! TYJ! Lord, You haven't changed! Lord, You change not! TYL! You're the same God Who changed others & changes the World, Lord! Do it for our Family, Lord, in every country they're in. Help them to change their part of the World! Give them the strength, Lord, give them the spirit, give them the wisdom, give them the power to finish the jobs that You've given them to do!
       79. Help them just to be obedient & follow Thee, do what You show them to do as long as they can until they've physically stopped them, which some day they will try to do to us. Help them, Lord! You're getting in Your licks first--help them to finish what You want them to do before they have to go on to the next job, whatever it is, in Jesus' name!--Amen?--MAY HE MAKE THE WORLD'S WORST YEAR OUR BEST YEAR!--AMEN?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family