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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!--No.12       6/88       DO 2431

       1. Could the scourge of AIDS be one step of the ACs to eventually control & stop international travel, by scaring countries into enforced health examinations & passports & traveler scrutiny?--Josiah & Marianne, Europe
       Answer: It's already doing it!

       2. There is a commercial on TV where 4 people walk up some steps. At the top & on each side there are these statues they kneel down in front of. In front of them is this huge (seven-story) robot computer that spews out paper with some kind of info on it.--Joe, NA
       Answer: --It's coming!

       3. If when we die we go straight to be with Jesus, why do our bodies have to be resurrected when He returns? Aren't we already with Him?--Simon Lion, NA
       Answer: --Our spiritual bodies are, but we're gonna get new bodies back from the grave!

       4. The UPC (Universal Product Code) is coming out on some products in Brazil now. A question: What is the mark that an animal leaves?--A claw mark! Could the UPC be the strange claw mark of some "beast" that John saw in his revelation? What better description in the vocabulary of his time than to say that it was the "mark of the beast"!--Shadrach Soldout, Latin America
       Answer: --Amen!--Looks like it!

       5. One small question concerning the waterbelt being outside the solar system as Dad explains in NHC #39. I always thought one of the main reasons Man's life was shortened after the Flood was because we started to get exposed to the sun's rays after the waterbelt in the firmament between the Earth & the sun was gone. Or is it only the cosmic rays from space (outer space) that determine Man's lifespan?--Peter, SEA
       Answer: The sun was inside it.

       6. In the clean-up period in the beginning of the Millennium, when we need a little extra power for a big job, would it be possible to use steam engines?--Jezreel, SEA
       Answer: --Ha!--Maybe, but we'll have more power than that!

       7. Is the waterbelt spherical or radial?--Jezreel, SEA
       Answer: I'd say spherical.

       8. Why, when we have supernatural vision & powers in the Millennium, don't we stop the people from making weapons & re-building the cities?--Jezreel, SEA
       Answer: --Yes, for awhile, but evidently we let'm in the End to fill their cup of evil & all be wiped out in the Battle of Gog & Magog.

       9. If the White Throne Judgement is held during the cooling off of the Earth, where will it be held?--Jonathan & Dawn, SEA
       Answer: --Certainly not on Earth!

       10. We only wanted to ask about the Letter "What If"--if this won't change a little bit the vision in the Poster (Letter) "Endtime News"?--Esteban & Manantial, LA
       Answer: "What If?" is obviously by the title only a theory.--We'll see which fits when it happens!

       11. I got really inspired at reading the chapters already published of the Endtime. GB Dad & Hart for this wonderful work! In Daniel 7 it talks about Russia being the 11th horn, which makes a lot of sense & was like turning on the light on this particular part of the interpretation of the Endtime Bible prophecy. When I was reading, it occurred to me about verse 8, "before whom were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots," that these three horns could probably be the East European countries already conquered by Russia! We might somehow get the three most important powers there to fit the prophecy. What do you think? Is it applicable or not? It looks like the other seven powers in Europe could easily fit the verse in Revelation 17:13 "These have one mind, & shall give their power & strength unto the beast." Anyway, thank you very much for the Endtime Bible. We are continually praying for these publications.--Carlos, LA
       Answer: --Thanks, but to dominate Europe it'd have to be Russia's most powerful enemies, not present client States.

       12. Dear Dad, Re: Psalm 90: This Psalm seems to fit with your "What If?" revelations the Lord gave you. The year 1989 being the key year, or 1990.--Especially Ps.90:10, which says: "the days of our years are threescore & ten (70 years), & if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour & sorrow; for it is soon cut off & we fly away" (rapture). Vs.23,13 telling us to "number our days." It also sounds like the Marriage Supper in vs.16 & 17 & the Wrath of God in other verses in the same Psalm. My question was about the fourscore years it mentions in vs.10, "& if by reason of strength they be fourscore years yet is their strength labour & sorrow, for it is soon cut off, & we fly away." (Rapture). It sounds like God has mercy on us here & says there would be labour & sorrow if it was for 80 years so "it is soon cut off & we fly away." This would make the 70-year time period the time the Lord chooses & the time the Lord has also given you. (70-year period: 1919--Feb. 1990 at the latest--"What If 2"). But if you take actually beginning around the start of 1968, the 21 years would end in 1989 or '90. I hope this is an inspiring confirmation for you. Please add more! We love you & need your Letters!--Seth Free, SEA
       Answer: --PTL! GBY!--But "What If," though my days be 70, He gives me strength to be 80!--We could get a lot more done!--Amen?--He gave Hezekiah 15 more! (See 2Kings 20:1-7.)

       13. I had a question about whether or not Dad wants us to go witnessing in places where AIDS is now widely spread, such as meeting places of drug-addicts & homos? Should we still take the risk to go witnessing & bar singing in these kind of places & should we go & meet people whom we know have this sickness? I'm sure other Family members might be asking themselves these questions too & it might be a help to have this clarified. I don't want to give the wrong kind of counsel which could lead to a sheep getting neglected or whatever, but at the same time I would like to know what to do in a situation like that.--John Hills, Europe
       Answer: "Cast not your pearls before swine, neither give that which is holy unto dogs, lest they trample them underfoot & turn again & rend you!"--Mat.7:6. I have very little faith for most Sodomites! They're an abomination to God!--One reason He's gonna wipe'm out!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family