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THE AC CAMPAIGN TO PUT IN DUKAKIS!--An Analysis of Current American Politics!       DO 2434       5/88

       1. The [EDITED: "ACs"] & the [EDITED: "AC"] media are definitely backing the Dukakis presidential campaign right now! Of course, when you're talking about the media, you're talking about the [EDITED: "AC"] media because it's virtually all controlled by the [EDITED: "ACs"]. The [EDITED: "ACs"] have always been notoriously Democrats, because the Democrats are notoriously Liberals, so-called. The Republicans have always been known as Conservatives, rich & conservative & religious. Democrats have usually been known as representing the poor, the minorities [DELETED] & being extremely liberal, not all that religious usually.
       2. And right now the [EDITED: "ACs"] are definitely backing the Democrats, & the [EDITED: "AC"] media are definitely campaigning for Dukakis. Number one, he's a [EDITED: "AC"], number two, he's a Democrat, number three, he's a Liberal, & he's just the kind of man they'd like to see in the Presidency, one who will do what they tell him to do!
       3. Reagan is just the kind of man they hated to see get into the presidency. Number one, their major objection, he is a Christian. Number two, he is a Republican, which they usually don't like. Number three, he is a Conservative, & Conservatives are usually called Rightists, & they're for pretty much keeping things more or less as they are without making any big changes or revolutions, etc.
       4. You'll never find any Communists amongst the Republicans, but you'll find plenty of Communists amongst the Democrats. In fact, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's wife, was virtually a Communist & promoted the Communists, promoted Communist-like Youth Clubs in the United States, went around advocating Communism & made sure that her husband recognised the Communist government of Russia as soon as he got into the presidency, whereas the conservative Republican presidents who were in before him refused to recognise Communist Russia.
       5. So that's another important point, the Republicans are never Communists, they are Conservatives. But the Democrats advocate a very liberal attitude toward the Communists, & are often Communists or pro-Communists. This fits very well into the whole picture of the Antichrist System, because the [EDITED: "ACs"] are certainly promoting Communism & the Antichrist, or will be, in spite of all of their little protests over in Russia & all that blah.
       6. This is just a standard analysis of politics in America. The [EDITED: "ACs"] hate Reagan, first of all, because he's a Christian, second, he's not only a Christian, but he promotes Conservatism & everything that a Christian would promote, he's against abortion & all that sort of thing. He's also Republican, which most of them normally don't like. He has more or less represented the rich, whereas the Democrats usually represent the poor in politics, along with the [EDITED: "poor"], whom the rich [EDITED: "ACs"] simply use as their dupes & puppets, the poor [DELETED], etc., to get them to vote the way they want them to vote.
       7. So although the [EDITED: "ACs"] themselves are very rich & very powerful, in their case they do not follow the Republicans, pretty well known as the party of the rich. Instead, they lead the Democrats. Though the [EDITED: "ACs"] are rich & powerful, they use the Democrats, the poor [DELETED], labour & all that, they lead them & use them to try to lick the Republicans. It's not that the [EDITED: "ACs"] have anything against riches, they're against the Republicans not because the Republicans are rich, but because they are conservative & they are anti-Communist. As I said, you will never find a Communist or a pro-Communist amongst the Republicans or the Conservatives, but you'll find plenty of them amongst the Democrats, the Liberals, advocating Communist Socialist policies, etc.--Leftists!
       8. So you need to get the picture of what's actually going on, & that is that right now during the American Presidential campaign, the [EDITED: "AC"]-controlled media is backing Dukakis. The [EDITED: "ACs"], the powerful rich [EDITED: "ACs"] who are now taking over the World, soon to present the Antichrist, control the media which tries to make people think the way they want them to think, & tries to get them to vote the way they want them to vote.
       9. You will notice all through this campaign the [EDITED: "AC"] media continually slams Reagan & slams & makes fun of Bush, who would be his natural successor, & continually praises Dukakis. Even the Democratic rivals of Dukakis, they began knocking them out one by one to make sure that Dukakis got the lead in the Democratic race for presidency. Dukakis is just the kind of man they want in the presidency, a man who will do what they tell him to do! Because he's [EDITED: "an AC"], he's a Democrat, he's a Liberal & he's just their man & they're promoting him!
       10. Whereas they're doing everything they can to discredit Reagan, for all the reasons I told you already, because he's a Christian, he's a righteous man for the right things mostly, he's a conservative, he's a Republican. He's usually right about most things. Of course, he's been quite wrong about a few things, like I think he's really wrong about getting into trouble down in Central America & Nicaragua & that kind of stuff.
       11. So anybody that's got a lick of sense can see that the [EDITED: "AC"] media is knocking & making fun of Reagan & promoting Dukakis. Now, who are Reagan's friends? Who were the most powerful friends of Reagan?--The so-called Moral Majority, an organisation of Conservative Christians helped to put Reagan in the presidency & voted for him, & they were led by the outstanding television evangelists. Does that begin to make sense?
       12. The Moral Majority was not a political party, but was a religious, conservative organisation backed by nearly all of the top television evangelists, who exerted a lot of pull power to get votes for Reagan & put him in to begin with. Can you begin to see why the anti-Christ [DELETED] media is not only knocking Reagan, & his friends, & his wife, & using any criticism they can possibly get on him? There have been more books written against Reagan, exposing Reagan, making fun of Reagan, as even the commentators say, than any other president! All these books are being written making fun of him & practically accusing him of being a fool!
       13. I'm explaining to you what they're trying to do. The [DELETED] anti-Christ media is now trying to discredit, make fun of & tear down not only Ronald Reagan, but everybody who had anything to do with him!--And that's also why they went after the television preachers, because nearly all of them were for Reagan's election because they knew he was supposedly a Christian & that he was against a lot of sin & iniquities such as abortions & all that sort of thing.
       14. In other words, the Christians of America are really the ones who voted in President Reagan. For the first time that I can remember in history, Christians actually organised politically to back a president & helped to vote Ronald Reagan in, because he was a Christian Conservative. The television preachers, virtually every one of them, cooperated in backing him & pleading with listeners to vote for him.
       15. So now the anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"] are getting their revenge! They're not only getting their revenge on Reagan & all of his people, & all of his backers, but on all of his Christians & all these TV preachers as well! Get it? So in blasting Reagan & trying to get rid of him & vilifying him & his backers--including the TV preachers--& discrediting him, making him look ridiculous & foolish & crazy & astrological & blah blah, they are literally making fun of him, what he stands for, & his Christian backers.
       16. In other words, it's a general campaign, not only politically against Reagan, but against Christians & Christianity! That's what it amounts to. And by attacking Reagan & discrediting the television preachers & Christians & everybody that backed him, etc, & making them all look foolish or funny--even Bush, they call him "the wimp" & they try to make fun of him too--they are doing their best to campaign for Democratic Dukakis. I'm not saying "democratic" in the way of democratic principles, but of Dukakis the Democrat.
       18. So they're doing their best to back the Democrat, Dukakis [DELETED], & to try to destroy Reagan & his backers, the Christians. That's what it's all about. They're very open about some of it, but other times it's very subtle, & unless you really understand & you know what they're thinking & doing & saying, the normal run of society wouldn't catch it at all, the common people wouldn't even notice it. But because we know what's going on & what they're trying to say & what they're trying to do, we can see it & hear it & realise what they're doing. They're doing their best to put a [DELETED] president now into the presidency [DELETED] who will do what the [EDITED: "ACs"] tell him to do. So that's the whole thing.
       19. And by doing this they're accomplishing several purposes. They're discrediting their opposition, President Reagan, the Republicans, the Conservatives & the Christians. In other words, it's a warfare, it's a religious & spiritual warfare, as well as political. It's the Conservative Rightists against the Liberal Leftists. The Republicans are usually known as Conservative Rightists.
       20. It's funny, isn't it, that that term should be used, "Right" & "Left." The Lord used it in the Bible, that He will separate the sheep from the goats & He will put the sheep on His right hand, the goats on His left hand.--Mat.25:33. In other words, the Lord favours the Rightists, the Conservatives, & now the politicians have even gotten to where they use the same terms.
       21. The Rightists are the religionists, the Conservatives, those for retaining moral values, etc. The Democrats are the Leftists, the Liberals, Communists & all for the [EDITED: "ACs"] & [DELETED] & so-called Labour & the poor. They've used all these people as dupes, puppets, because the [EDITED: "ACs"] who control the World are not numerous enough to have enough votes to vote anybody in themselves, they have to persuade millions of other people to vote the way they want them to vote. So that's what campaign is going on right now. That's how it works!
       22. So you could kind of keep those terms sort of lined up & sorted out in your minds: The Republicans are the Rightists. It doesn't mean they're always right, but they are known as the Rightists or Conservatives, & at least with this presidency, they're Christians. Whereas the Democrats are known as the Leftists, the Liberals. It can kind of help you to remember if you can remember that Leftists & Liberals both begin with the same letter, & Rightists & Religionists begins with the same letter, "R," because that's the way it works. The Rightists are usually the religionists, conservatives. You've got three "R's" there, Republican, Rightist, Religious! Whereas the Democrats are Leftist, Liberals. I can't think of another word that begins with "L," but in a sense they've a little too often been the party of Hell!
       23. Another thing is that almost every time the Democrats have been in power they've gotten America into a war, so they have literally been nicknamed the War Party! Whereas almost every time the Republicans have been in power, they have gotten America out of a war. They've tried to bring the wars to an end, bring the U.S. out of a war. And that's true almost all through modern history, that the Democrats have usually gotten the U.S. into war, the War Party, & the Republicans have usually gotten them out, so the Republicans are pretty well known as the Peace Party.
       24. So pray to God the Democrats don't get in! It's not that they're all bad, there have been some good Democrats, but because the [EDITED: "ACs"] will be controlling them & their candidate, it would be better for us & the World that they didn't get in! It would even be better if Bush--though I don't claim him to be a superman or perfect or anything--it would be better for him & the Republican Rightist Religionists to get in, the Conservatives, not the Democratic Leftist Liberals--the 'ell Party!
       25. Nobody's perfect, & it's sometimes kind of a choice between thieves, kind of a choice between the lesser of two evils, especially in Democracy. But actually Reagan has probably been the best president & had the most righteous reign of almost any president in recent history. Therefore that's another reason why the [EDITED: "AC"] Democrats, [DELETED] are trying to discredit him & make fun of his term, because he has really been a good president in most ways.
       26. Oh, guess what the latest news is? The Democrats in Congress & the Senate are doing everything they can to prevent the U.S. from signing the new agreement between Reagan & Gorbachev to destroy the missiles. The Senate has to approve of any kind of treaties or settlements like this, & the Democrats are doing everything they can do to block it, & they're doing it for several reasons.
       27. Of course, in a sense they're the Hell Party, they're doing it because the [EDITED: "ACs"] control them, for one thing, & to cause trouble between Russia & the U.S. so that there won't be peace.--And for another thing, to defeat Reagan. Because he wants this to be one of the crowning events of his presidency, that he brought peace between the U.S. & Russia. So the Democrats are doing everything they can to throw a monkey wrench into the machinery, so that the Senate will literally disapprove of it before he even gets a chance to go over to Russia & sign it.
       28. Presidents have often signed such treaties with the head of another government or superpower like Russia, but then the Congress & the Senate--especially the Senate because they have to approve of the treaty--have failed to recognise or ratify it. In other words, the Senate can reject it, which nullifies the treaty. Even though Gorbachev & Reagan sign the treaty, if the Senate does not approve of it, it's null & void.
       29. So that's what the Democratic Senators in the Senate are doing their best to do now, is to make fun of & criticise this treaty that Reagan & Gorbachev want to sign. It's a Peace Treaty in a way. So speaking of the Democrats being a War Party, they're right now doing their best to destroy the peace & the improvement of relations between the U.S. & Russia. The Republicans are trying to bring peace with Russia, the Democrats now are trying to destroy the peace pact, so to speak.
       30. Reagan hasn't been perfect & he's made a lot of mistakes, but generally his reign has been for the good & the good people & good things. Whereas the Democrats are really a mess! (Techi: I don't like Michael Dukakis.) Well, I don't care for him either. He looks like a hard man to me. But he is the [EDITED: "AC"] candidate, so to speak, to paraphrase the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate." People may not realise it, but he's the candidate of the anti-Christ forces, the anti-Christian forces. (Techi: What's "The Manchurian Candidate"?) It's about this presidential candidate who was backed by the Communists. They called him the Manchurian candidate because Manchuria in those days was Communist.
       31. So if Dukakis gets elected, then time is getting very short. If Bush & the Republicans get in to carry on the Reagan program more or less, I think we may have a little more time. (Techi: On Earth?) Well yes, & for the Lord's Work, because it's more apt to mean peace & it's more apt to literally mean control of the U.S. Government by Christians.

       32. The Democrats have always been known to be the War Party! Did you know that every war the U.S. has gotten into, except for the Civil War, it's the Democrats that got the country into it?--And every peace in the last 40 years, it was the Republicans who got the country out of the war.
       33. [DELETED] The best bet they've got is to take Dukakis for presidential candidate & Jackson for the vice president! I think that would be a pretty unbeatable combination.--Especially since they've smeared poor Reagan so badly in every way, they've just made him to look like a fool. This latest thing about the astrologers, that's almost cooked his goose!
       34. It's a race between the Christian-backed Republican Bush, who already has his party's nomination in his pocket, & the [DELETED] Democratic candidates, Dukakis & probably Jackson.--In other words, the Christians against the Antichrists, that's what it amounts to, & it will probably be the last election! Because if Dukakis & Jackson get in, it means the Radicals & the Leftists & the pro-Communists have gotten in!--The ACs!
       35. I like Jackson, he's all right, he's for a lot of things that I'm for. But he hasn't got the power the [EDITED: "ACs"] have. I mean if Jackson gets in, he'll just be a figurehead. The [EDITED: "ACs"] will run things the way they & Dukakis want to run them in spite of Jackson. So if they get in it's death to America, it's time for the Antichrist! If Bush wins the election, we may have a little more time.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family