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FINAL WARNING TO JAPAN!        4/88        DO 2438

       1. The Japanese claim to be good, they claim to be righteous, they say, "How can we be sinners when we're so good?" They are good people, but to God, self-righteousness is the worst & ugliest, filthiest sin of all!--To pretend to be something you're not! To pretend to be good & claim you're good when you're a vile, filthy sinner, unconcerned about the plight of the poor in your own country, paying some of the lowest wages!
       2. Not all is beautiful about the Japanese! While the rich are making themselves richer just like the rich in every other country, they are making the poor poorer, & the recent raises they've given them don't begin to cover the expenses that the poor have because of the hardness of the Japanese government about importing cheap food. They could buy rice for one-sixth the price that they have to pay for it! They could buy beef or oranges for one-ninth the price! What are those Japanese tariffs doing? Protecting the Japanese?--No!--Protecting only the Japanese rich & making the poor poorer, the poor hardworking labourer & clerical people!
       3. The poor people there have to pay those high, inflated, horrible prices, the worst prices on Earth according to actual statistics! Tokyo is the most expensive city in the World with the highest prices in the World!--Not only for our Family, but for their own poor, their own labourers! They're not paying them enough! If they'd just take away those tariffs, the World could sell their cheap food to Japan, & it would be like doubling the wages of the poor there!
       4. Japan has a lot of guilt to answer for! God has given them a second chance, but I don't believe they're going to get a third one! He said He let them be humbled, He let them lose the war, He humbled them that He might make them great! But if in their greatness they are selfish, not only with the rest of the World but with their own poor, & they refuse to share & refuse to be fair, God is going to take it away from them, mark my word & God's Word, & we're going to see it happen! They are putting money into bags that have holes in them!--Hag.1:6.
       5. I was just reading a commentary by an economist, an expert on the subject who visited Japan not long ago. He said the so-called Japanese wealth & economic power is built on a house of cards! It is not built on anything really solid & secure, most of it is built on paper, on securities, on the stock market, on inflated land prices, & all the little trinkets they sell to the rest of the World which pretty soon the rest of the World won't be able to afford to buy! He said the slightest little thing could upset the whole collusion between government & business there, where they're one & the same & a tight-knit closed economy, a closed society, not willing to let the rest of the World in. They're not willing to really share their prosperity that God has given them with the rest of the World!
       6. God is going to take a collection!--Of what they have refused to offer. God has asked Japan for an offering, a mere share of their affluence & their riches, if they would just be willing to buy the cheap goods produced by some of their needy neighbours!--If they would just give the poor a mere pittance, buy their stuff at cheap prices which will even help their own poor! But they won't do it, because the rich are so greedy, they never get enough, & they never like to lose a penny or a cent or a Yen!
       7. In the ultimate long run, the rich are rich because they're selfish & they refuse to share with the poor, & God will not stand for that! He made Japan lose the war & He humbled them that He might make them great, & now He has made them great. But they should use that greatness to help lead the World & set an example to the World of what a nation should be like & how they should help the poor, help the Third World nations, help their own poor for God's sake, give them enough to live on & pay those hell of a prices there!--Otherwise, the Lord said, "I did blow upon it & it came to nought!"--Isa.40:24; Hag.1:9.--It can be gone overnight!
       8. The stock market could collapse over night & all their riches be gone! Their investments could collapse overnight because their debtors can't pay. They're investing too much money in the U.S.A. which is going down the drain, & they're not going to be able to collect, & God's going to blow on it & it's going to be gone!--If they don't wake up & repent! And that's one reason our Family is there, to try to give that message to Japan, to warn them that they had better praise God for their wealth & thank Him & be willing to share it with others, even their own poor! Think of it!
       9. The Family there has witnessed to many Japanese & almost begged for help. They've talked to scores of very wealthy, influential Japanese & pled, "Here are these children & they need you & they need your help, they need your millions or they need at least some of it!"--But hardly any from the rich! The only people who've helped the Family there have been the little people, the poor people!--And God is going to bless them!
       10. (Tongues:) Hallelujah! TYJ! "These little ones that I love, I have blessed because they have blessed Me & have given because they have given to Me. But these rich & these evil ones who withhold from My poor & withhold & grind the faces of the poor upon their grinding wheels, them I will wipe away with My judgements & My wrath!"--And there's something in there about, "Even though your father has warned them."
       11. I think we've almost warned enough Japanese already that He could start His judgements on'm! I'm expecting to see what God is going to do to Japan if they don't repent, if they don't not only just get saved, but at least help their own poor, for God's sake, & the poor of the World! If they don't, God's going to take it away from them & they won't have anything, not even to help themselves!--Like He did last time! But if we don't warn the wicked of his wicked way, God will judge the wicked, but He will hold it against us & the guilt of their blood will be on our hands!--Eze.3:17-19.--We must warn them!

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