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WORLD CURRENTS!--No. 36       Compiled 7/88       DO 2441

       1. At least you had some feeling that dear Jesse Jackson would have been led of the Lord because he's a Christian. But not Dukakis! This guy Dukakis, this little man, put him beside Gorbachev, he's a little upstart nobody that nobody ever even heard of before until he started running for President! He's had no experience in Congress nor national leadership whatsoever!--Just ran & got elected Governor by the [EDITED: "AC"] New Yorkers, which Massachusetts is just full of.
       2. Imagine, he's an immigrant's son who just came over in the last generation & they're going to make him President of the United States! It's almost absurdly ridiculous! I'd sooner see Jesse Jackson run the country any day! My God, he's going to be the death of America for sure! He doesn't even know how to run his own state.
       3. He's a nobody, unheard of, son of immigrants!--Nothing but promoted by the [EDITED: "ACs"] as a [EDITED: "AC"] tool. And boy, was he promoted by the [EDITED: "AC"] media! Now they're trying to get Jesse Jackson to promote him. Jesse nearly beat him. If they hadn't been promoting him, I believe Jesse Jackson would have won! But the [EDITED: "AC"] media just pushed Dukakis like mad & they ran down Jesse all the time. But he won a very large minority in spite of them!
       4. Imagine that little nincompoop running the United States! (Maria: Well, you know he won't really run it!) He probably spoke Greek at home! Can you imagine? (Maria: The [EDITED: "ACs"] don't mind because they know that behind the scenes they're going to run it!)
       5. Nobody but a fool would vote for Dukakis, but at those conventions they all act like fools, just like everybody's having a big party & they're all drunk.--Just a bunch of drunks!
       6. I've never heard Dukakis say a thing worth remembering yet except attacks on his opponents! Heredity is so important. Here's this little immigrant kid who probably didn't even know English. I'm sure if his parents were immigrants & Greek they probably spoke Greek in the home. That's the way they usually did. The kids learned English in the school. The [EDITED: "ACs"] are masters of deceit.
       7. That Dukakis, I feel worse than I did when Kennedy got elected! At least Kennedy was a clever smart man who had been in government for years & his father & grandfather before him & all of his brothers & family, so he had real experience. At least one thing about it, Gorbachev can probably run circles around him.
       8. People get tired of the same thing & always want change, they hardly ever go on for a third term with the same Party.--Only with a demon-possessed genius of a dictator like Roosevelt, & if he'd lived long enough he would have gone on to become an absolute dictator! He would have been if the Lord hadn't killed him.
       9. If the [EDITED: "AC"] media hadn't boosted Dukakis & gone against Jackson it could have been a different story. Jackson didn't concede until the vote-counting was over, God bless him! He held out till the last.
       10. What do you know about Dukakis' life?--Nothing! All you've ever heard is just that he was Governor of Massachusetts & you wonder how he got to be that! Maybe the [EDITED: "ACs"] put him in & were watching to see if he'd do their will, if he would be nice & docile. I think they deliberately picked an unknown, they've done that before, they call them "dark horses," somebody that nobody knows, therefore his opponents haven't got anything on him, they don't know anything about him. He hasn't done anything, therefore they can't get anything on him.
       11. Boy oh boy, they're really going for the immigrant vote, isn't that a scream? They said, "He can speak to more Americans in their native tongue than any other man our party has ever nominated!--In his native Greek, as well as French, Italian & Spanish! It will take a leader like Dukakis to prepare the U.S. for competition with other countries!"--Isn't that a scream?
       12. I don't think any Party has elected anybody so unknown for years, & I'm sure this came out of the [EDITED: "ACs'"] bag, one of their big tricks! I think they're playing up this immigrant business because they want to beat people to the punch where they're going to play it down, like it's something to be proud of instead of ashamed of. Imagine, the son of immigrants who didn't even speak English is now going to be the President of the United States!

       13. Dukakis made a big mistake! I'll bet you anything the Republicans were praying he wouldn't pick Jackson!--And he didn't!--Which means they might get the Black vote now. The smartest thing they could do now would be to pick a Black for their Vice President. They would get the Black vote then, I'll tell you! Oh boy, that was a real bad mistake by Dukakis & the Democrats. But they've got the [EDITED: "AC"] media on their side so they may yet overcome it.

       15. I think Dukakis was afraid to announce his running mate. He knew if he didn't choose Jackson there would be an explosion, & there was!--And he's lost a lot of the Black vote as a result.
       16. That was a real controversy, Dukakis selecting Bentsen, that's going to mitigate against him. He's going to lose the Black vote. The smartest thing in the World he could have done was to choose a Black Vice President. But he didn't, & it's going to embitter the Blacks all the more.
       17. Bentsen has been quite prominent in the Senate & he's a very nice guy. I like Bentsen. He's been a fair fellow & amongst all the White possibilities, he could hardly have chosen a better man. He's not a bitter man like Dole & some of those other guys, Gore & some of the others that are real characters. But Bentsen is one of the nice guys & he apparently figures he is going to get over the problem of Jackson. Boy, oh boy! It's raising a furor!

       18. Bentsen is the same type as George Bush, tall, aristocratic, conventional, conservative, & if anything, maybe even a little wiser than George Bush. They're both Texans. I don't know, I thought that either one of them would make a good president, but I don't care at all for Dukakis, not at all! He's a typical [EDITED: "AC"] front man & he'll do whatever the [EDITED: "ACs"] tell him to do, because they are the ones trying to put him in power.
       19. They're comparing the Dukakis/Bentsen ticket to the Kennedy/Johnson ticket of 1960, which ousted Eisenhower's Republican administration. They're comparing the whole situation to that & said after 8 years of a Republican rock-along administration, this is going to bring new vitality to Washington, blah blah blah.
       20. Although I like Bentsen, I hope Dukakis' selection of him in turning down Jackson loses him the election. I hope so for several reasons--because he turned down Jackson, didn't give him a fair deal, & because he's backed by the [EDITED: "ACs"]. He's as backed by the [EDITED: "ACs"] as Kennedy was backed by the Catholics & the Mafia!
       21. Jesse Jackson certainly would have done more for Dukakis to get the Black vote than Bentsen ever could! Jackson really deserves a spot. He ran second in the nomination race, which shows he had the votes. Blacks account for about 20% of the Democratic vote, & let me tell you, that could swing it one way or the other. It will be hard for Dukakis to win without their enthusiastic support.
       22. They say that Dukakis is going to have a hard time carrying the South where he is seen as a Northern liberal, overwhelmingly rejected by the region, & it's going to be difficult if not very doubtful if Bentsen can help him carry it. Hallelujah! TYL!
       23. Maybe Dukakis now stands a real chance of losing because he rejected Jackson. I almost feel like he rejected the Lord because Jackson is an open, professing Christian! He talks about the Lord all the time. So in rejecting him, they in a sense rejected the Lord. At least he's as much of a Christian as any Baptist. I don't know how well he knows the Lord but I must admit he sure sounds like it!

       24. Dukakis never even notified Jackson until it was publicly announced that he'd chosen somebody else for Vice President. Boy, that was just plain discourteous! It certainly was not teamwork. I think he wanted to announce it publicly to make sure it was done, there was no way to finagle out of it. He was afraid Jackson would try to argue out of it. (Maria: So he apologised to him later then?) Well, no, his campaign manager apologised, who realised how important it was to try to hold things together. After all, they're supposed to work together to get him elected!

       25. Every message they put out, they're subtly influencing the voters all the time, "It's changing times now, things are changing." Of course people see that things are bad & they want change. But the media never says a word about the candidates or politics or anything, they just subtly play up that theme, "Well, things are not as good as they ought to be & we've got to do some changing now." What they're really doing is talking politics. Oh, the media is so subtle. Those [EDITED: "ACs"] are so clever!

       26. I prayed that the Lord would let Khomeini see defeat before he dies! Khomeini seeing defeat before he dies also helps a lot of the radicals to lose faith in him & to realise that he's not invincible or infallible. In other words, he's just a man, not a prophet. In fact, he prophesied victory, so he's a false prophet! The World needed to see that before he died. TYL for answering prayer to help him see defeat & that he's only a man before he dies in humiliation & disgrace!
       27. He even admitted publicly that for the Iranians to accept a truce with Iraq, the move makes him feel ashamed.--Exactly what I prayed for, that he'd be humiliated before he died! He said, "The acceptance of this is more deadly to me than poison, but I am happy to submit to God's Will & drink this cup for His satisfaction!" What better statements can you have to admit exactly what I prayed for! Wow!
       28. He said he acted on the recommendation of military & political leaders.--It sounds to me like he's admitting he acted on the recommendation of God! He said, "The war has been good for the people who were martyred & good for those whose children were martyred." Well, I'd be inclined to agree with him on that, just what they deserve for following such a false prophet! They say at least one million people were killed.
       29. He repeated several times he did not want to accept the resolution & he felt ashamed "in front of so great a nation."--Great! Ha!--Almost the greatest terrorists on Earth, to blame for most of the terrorism & kidnappings & all the rest!
       30. He says Iran has yet to settle accounts with the U.S., which he calls the Great Satan, & with Saudi Arabia & Kuwait as well. In other words, he wants to stop fighting Iraq so he can start fighting the U.S., Saudi Arabia & Kuwait!
       31. Isn't that something for the Lord to have it come right out in the paper exactly what I prayed for, to humiliate him & make him ashamed! He said it was like drinking a cup of poison but it was God's Will. Well, he got the message anyhow! The Lord made him admit it just to show complete fulfillment & the answer to prayer.
       32. The Lord must have made Khomeini be honest & made him stop the war too, since he hasn't been inclined to do either--either be honest or stop the war.

       33. It would be so easy for Iran to have faked the whole thing! They could have loaded the thing down with dead soldiers, which they have plenty of! It was supposedly 290 people but they said they still didn't have a list of casualties 12 hours after the incident, which is kind of strange. Of course, it would be a little difficult to just list a whole bunch of dead soldiers, that would really look suspicious. Iran's been losing the war so it may have staged just such an incident to try to get some kind of benefit out of it.

       34. Gorbachev always beats Reagan to the punch on appeals for peace & disarmament, etc. And immediately he is portrayed as the peacemaker, & Washington as the ones who don't want it.
       35. Listen to this, "The State Department flatly rejected a proposal by Gorbachev for a meeting of European leaders to achieve movement on reducing conventional arms." Now for years they have wanted Russia to reduce conventional arms. So Gorbachev takes the ball, makes the switch & he proposes a reduction of conventional arms in Europe, & they flatly turned him down! Isn't that ridiculous?
       36. Here they've been begging Russia to do this for years, & now Gorbachev offers to do it & the U.S. flatly turns him down & says it's not their business, it's NATO that should handle it!

       37. War always seems to bring more prosperity. Prospective peace in the Gulf War has caused both the Tokyo & New York stock markets to fall, with Tokyo's biggest fall of the year. The warmongers are not going to make so much money now. War, boom, bust!

       38. Maybe that's another reason why this program in the States is coming out against us, because they know we wield quite a bit of influence & they know we're probably going to lobby for the Conservative Rightist Religionists. Most of all, they know that we get our lit out to millions of people, & could influence people how to vote. So they're trying to discredit us along with the TV preachers!

       39. Thirty of them took power in Burma with the help of the Japanese during World War 2. They were known as the "30 comrades," & they received Japanese military training in Taiwan, which at that time was held by the Japanese. Later on during the war they turned on the Japanese & helped Britain recapture the nation.
       40. After the British granted them independence in '48, Ne Win was made a general in supreme command of the Burmese army in '49. In '62 he led a bloodless military coup, toppling the parliamentary democracy of Burma's first independent prime minister. He must have learned it from the Japanese. They say he was tough & ruthless. He escaped a number of assassination attempts & his word was law, but his laws didn't work very well, he absolutely ruined Burma's economy & has now resigned!

       41. It would be like the Russians coming to America at the invitation of the U.S. government, & then having an open outright meeting with the American government's bitterest internal enemies! That would certainly be considered discourteous, if not an absolute insult! And Reagan does it just when he's trying to get some other things out of them which are far more important to the World & global politics!
       42. Well, I think a lot of people are going to have the same reaction as we. They're going to be disgusted with Reagan for going out of his way to insult the Russian government & Gorbachev! (Maria: You don't blame the fighters there & the people that have been persecuted, but it's certainly not Reagan's place to do what he did.)
       43. Gorbachev gave a rostrum to Reagan to talk to these dissidents. So what does Reagan do? He turns around & gives them the rostrum that the government gave him to talk to them, & he let them get up & publicly insult the government! He certainly doesn't sound like a peacemaker, that's for sure, & certainly doesn't sound like he's trying to make friends!
       44. It's a good way to make enemies, to entertain the enemies of the State! (Maria: He's supposed to be there to talk about arms reduction.) What do you want to bet it was the [EDITED: "ACs"] that made sure that happened, who stirred that up. You can bet your boots it was the [EDITED: "ACs"] that made sure he got up there & batted for the [EDITED: "ACs"], mostly the [EDITED: "ACs"], with a thin little veneer of speaking for the Christians as well. Boy oh boy!
       45. Here he had a chance to make peace, & he did everything he could to be offensive! He did everything he could to insult them & offend them when he was there as a guest, at their invitation! That's the [EDITED: "ACs"] for you! Lord help us! With a president like that, my God, who needs enemies?

       46. That's what this whole thing is all about: The Jews came over there & stole the Arabs' land. They stole the land of the Arabs which was given to them by the United Nations. The U.N. had decided there was only one way to settle things, & that was to peacefully divide the land. It was even predicted in the Bible about it, that "they would divide My land," the Lord said.
       47. So the United Nations decided on what they thought was a fairly peaceful, fair settlement, & they gave some areas to the Jews & some areas to the Arabs. So what did the Jews do, did they abide by the settlement?--No, they fought a war to grab all that was left of the Arab land, they wanted it all.--Not just their share, but they wanted the Arabs' share too! So they stole the whole country & all the Arabs' land & all their homes & everything.
       48. So that's why these young kids are out there fighting with slingshots & stones against these bad Jews who are shooting them & killing them. You know what they do?--If they suspect one little Arab of being one of the troublemakers, they go with a bulldozer & bulldoze down his house where his father & mother & his grandmother & brothers & sisters live, just bulldoze it to the ground!--That's what the Israelis do!
       49. The poor people stand out on the street while their house is bulldozed to the ground with all of their furniture & their possessions & everything in it, & they're left with nothing!--As though these Jews were not bad enough already in stealing their country, their land & homes, but they want to destroy them, it's horrible! They're going to pay for it some day!
       50. (Techi: How do they expect to save themselves with stones?) That's all they've got. But look at what they're getting on television! They're getting publicity for the wrongs the Jews have committed against them. They're getting World sympathy. The World is now even saying that the Jews have turned out to be the evil Goliath, & the Arabs are the little David with his slingshot! They are hoping to save themselves by getting World sympathy behind them & getting the World to do something about those [DELETED] Jews! (Techi: Well, I sure hope they do soon.)
       51. Well, Honey, the Lord is going to do it, probably even sooner than the World will, & we're going to help Him! [EDITED: "After the Resurrection, when we return to Earth with Jesus, we're"] going to come down & slaughter people like that in the Battle of Armageddon! (Techi: Well, I hope we do!) We will! Don't worry! The Lord has got it all figured out, & it's all in the Bible, you should know all about it! [DELETED]

       52. In order to prevent the World & prevent the United Nations from giving this land back to the Arabs, the Jews are moving in there & building homes & settlements so that they can call it "Jewish Land" because Jews occupy it. In other words, they're not only stealing it, but occupying it so that the Arabs will have to move out!
       53. In other words, they're forcing the Arabs out! It's bad enough for them to take over the Arab lands & rule over them & use them as slaves, but now they're trying to force them out completely. That's why the Arabs are fighting with rocks & stones & anything they can find, because they're very angry. They're being forced not only out of their land but out of their very homes & everything!

       54. The Pentagon isn't pushing the invasion of Panama, the Military isn't pushing the invasion, it's the State Department! The State Department is very much in a huff & offended because Noriega doesn't just step down under their pressure.
       55. Frankly, I almost admire him. He's got the guts to defy the giants, even if he is a criminal. The funny part about it is they knew he was involved in drugs for a long time, but it wasn't till he began to be a little bit too independent that they used that as an excuse to crack down on him.
       56. This is exactly what has been happening in Nicaragua & is now happening down in Panama. So the U.S. government really has its hands full with all of these former places that were once great friends of the U.S.!
       57. I'll tell you, Reagan is absolutely determined to have some sort of a war before he has to quit! He's just determined, that's about the only thing that U.S. presidents are noted for, their wars! None of them are really noted for their peace.

       58. MacFarlane has confessed that he tried to deceive Congress & he lied to Congress & he did all these crazy things. He confessed that he did conspire with Col. North to secretly send arms to Iran, to the country of the False Prophet, to help Iran continue its war.
       59. He's confessing all of his crimes & deceit & lies &, of course, he's supposed to be a good Christian, the one who took a birthday cake & a Bible to Khomeini! North is also supposed to be a Christian. He's the one who was a part of all these shady deals under MacFarlane, secretly shipping arms to Iran to get tens of millions of Dollars to give to the Contras to fight the Nicaraguans, & he is hoping the law will vindicate him. MacFarlane has confessed his sins & has tried to make things right, admitting that he lied to the government, lied to the people, lied to Congress & everything.
       60. But North is taking a tough, fighting attitude. He said, "I will never plead guilty! I will fight this thing to the end!" He's a Marine, & they're notorious for being hard men. But they've got him coming & going with all of MacFarlane's confession.
       61. MacFarlane & North are all part of the Republican government. But the Democrats are putting the pressure on. The more they can embarrass the present government, to show how many liars & crooks they've got in the government, the better chance they have of winning the election.
       62. (David: Grandpa, is Bob Dole a Democrat?) No, he's a Republican, but he was fighting Bush, see?
       63. To begin the contest, or the campaign, there were about 5 Republicans racing for the Republican presidential nomination, & there were at least 5 Democrats racing for the Democratic nomination. The 5 Republicans all wanted to become the Republican man that runs against the Democratic man.
       64. It was a process of elimination. (Maria: And it brings so much disunity & dissension.) Yes, it really does! Here are all these men in the same party who were fighting each other & fooling each other. (Maria: What a system!) Oh, it's crazy! I'll tell you, democracy is absolutely Hell on Earth! It's the most horrible system there is! It's just total confusion, the so-called democracy that America always brags about.
       65. The only thing that is going to settle this World's problems is a total dictatorship of the King of kings, Jesus! Amen? PTL!

       SWAGGART'S GUILT!--Explaining news to Techi
       66. He was guilty of the same things he condemned poor Jim Bakker for! (Techi: I feel sorry for the other guy.) I feel sorry for both of them, I'll tell you.
       67. The [EDITED: "ACs"] are laughing their way all the way to the synagogues over all these Christian preachers! See, this whole thing has been about Christians who have lied, who have cheated, who have deceived, who have been hypocritical, who have been adulterers & all kinds of things. Through this whole thing the [EDITED: "ACs"] are smearing all of the Christians!
       68. The [EDITED: "ACs"] are the ones who run the television shows. This [EDITED: "national news anchorman is an AC"]; that guy, Swaggart, is a Christian. [EDITED: "This anchorman"] is the mouthpiece of the anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"], those who run the news. They run the TV news, the newspaper news, the radio news, they run all the news, they tell people what they want them to think! So now they are smearing all these Christians because these Christians got caught in their sins, get it? (Techi: Well, it's not really a sin, not for the Christians.) (Maria: But they think it's a sin.)
       69. Well, in MacFarlane & Col. North's case, those were certainly sins, & in Bakker's & Swaggart's cases, the World thinks that making love to other women besides their wives is a sin as well. (Maria: Even the Christians think that too. They themselves think it's sin.) So the whole thing boils down simply to the anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"] smearing the Christians!
       70. That's what they get for building those huge temples, huge churches for mobs of Christians instead of going out to the mission field & trying to get the heathen saved! Those huge temples hold thousands of people so they can keep them at home supporting them with their millions of Dollars instead of being real Christians, missionaries!

       71. The trouble with reading the {\ul \i Herald Tribune} is it's [EDITED: "an AC"] paper, [EDITED: "AC"] press, American, & has all the opinions of Americans. Japan tries to be more neutral, to take a more in-between position, even between the U.S. & Russia. For example, Japan has been the one friend that Noriega has had, has stood by him & helped him to survive.--And has also not liked the U.S. involvement in Nicaragua.
       72. Japan has even been trying to take a neutral stand on the Iran-Iraq war, because it has a lot of investment in Iran, when under the Shah they helped Iran modernise. In fact, they're still building facilities & factories in Iran. And they've got a lot of investment there they're trying to protect by trying to be neutral. That's why they haven't taken a position in the Gulf War.
       73. So Japan has taken a more neutral, fair stand in almost all these situations, definitely more than America & its International Herald Tribune! The International Herald Tribune at least is international & not strictly American like Time Magazine & Newsweek Magazine. They're just absolutely all American & very little international, & all the international news they have is strictly from the American [EDITED: "AC"] standpoint.
       74. That's one thing about Japan right now, it's trying to strike a balance between all these opposing powers & forces, etc., & trying to strike a kind of middle-of-the-road stance & be fair on both sides, even fair to those whom the U.S. considers their worst enemies. Japan is coming out & taking the lead in taking a fair stand on all international issues except trade.--That's the one thing they won't let go of! And that's the one thing on which the U.S. is right!
       75. The U.S. is bickering & bickering & plugging & plugging for fair & open trade. But even Europe is against the U.S. on that. In the GATT & EEC & all those international trade bodies, Europe is also taking a stand against the U.S. on completely open trade & cutting off all government subsidies.
       76. That's one thing the U.S. is right about & they keep hammering away on it, that Japan has got to open their markets to free trade. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey'll never give in until they have to! Their leader is now admitting that it looks like they're going to have to give in. They did on a few little products, processed products, apparently which they figured are more along the manufactured line, not direct farmers' products.
       77. But now it looks like the U.S. & Europe are really going to force them to give in on beef & oranges. Japan now sees that it's got to open its market to beef & oranges because GATT--the body of nations that are part of the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade--is about to judge their case. Japan realises they're going to be taken before the whole World of nations, & they realise they're going to lose on the vote.
       78. If GATT decides that Japan is not fair in their trade, which, of course, it isn't, then they have the machinery in this agency to raise all kinds of trade barriers, & impose a system of sanctions, punishment, if Japan refuses to yield. The final punishment being that if Japan refuses to yield at all, they get thrown out of the GATT, as a sort of an anathema to the whole World.
       79. This is one thing Japan fears. The Japanese like to follow the whole, everybody works together, everybody follows the consensus, nobody likes to step out of line. So they really fear that they might get thrown out & isolated & be in trouble with the whole World, thus they wind up alone & exiled, whereas everybody else is in.
       80. The Japanese don't want to be out of step. They look down on anybody that steps out of line, out of step, & they don't want to be considered out of step with the rest of the World. But they're fighting it like everything, & they're trying to persuade the rest of the World to let'm keep their unfair trade barriers & all that.
       81. But they are seeing the handwriting on the wall, & their leaders are telling them, "Well, we're going to have to yield on some of these things!" The most vulnerable products right now are beef & oranges. Even though the World price of rice is one-sixth of what the poor Japanese people have to pay for it in Japan, it looks like they're determined to hang on to that till the day they die! But they're about to give in on beef & oranges.
       82. The U.S. has complained to this World trade body, GATT, & has threatened to take them before GATT to have them penalised, & if all else fails, thrown out. So Japan has been fighting that to their best ability to try to keep from being forced to yield regarding those products, & most of all, to try to keep from getting thrown out. Although they tried & tried to keep the U.S. from filing a complaint, after trying & trying to get Japan to do something, the U.S. finally went ahead & filed!
       83. There's nothing the Japanese hate like some kind of a scandal or being complained about before the whole World, being exposed before the World for what amounts to their sins. They fought & fought to try to keep the U.S. from doing that, but finally the U.S. gave up on them & filed a complaint. Oh, that humiliated Japan, they just thought that was almost the end of the World that they should be anathematised right before the whole World by the U.S. filing a complaint against them!--Especially a complaint that they knew was true!--And that if they didn't yield, eventually they were really going to be isolated!
       84. They finally couldn't keep the U.S. from filing a complaint, so now what Japan is doing is begging the U.S., "Well, let's talk together, let's talk it over, let's settle it bilaterally, let's just you & us settle it & not have to really go through this terribly embarrassing procedure of having this World trade body, GATT, penalise us for our refusing to yield!"
       85. Well, it's gotten to the point where that's what's going to happen, & the Japanese see it & they're doing everything they can to try to prevent it, to the point of even finally yielding on a couple of these products like beef & oranges rather than have the U.S. go through with their complaint & have the whole affair turned over to the special committee that handles penalties & sanctions & isolation etc. They're trying to keep it out of that committee. But the U.S. has already gone through the process of bringing it to that committee, & that committee is going to take it & is going to act on it if the Japanese don't yield!
       86. So they've had guys running back & forth, back & forth, back & forth, Americans going to Japan & Japanese going to America, begging them not to do it, please don't do it! They don't want to be embarrassed before the whole World by not yielding on that! It's so obvious & such a scandalous violation of the rules of GATT, the way Japan has the highest & strictest trade barriers of any nation in the World! Of course, Europe has'm too, & the U.S. has'm too, but nothing like Japan.
       87. The last time there was any dickering on it, the American negotiators were walking out of the negotiations, saying, "The Japanese stand is impossible! They're going to have to come up with something else or we can't even talk any more!" Well, that's what you have to do with the Japanese. You've got to show them that you're going to do something, take action, or they won't do anything! They're as stubborn as the Jews!
       88. It reminds me of when I was a kid about 13, I went into this pawn shop on Miami Avenue. [DELETED] There was this jack knife I wanted in there, secondhand, & it was cheap. I think he was asking for $2, & I was offering $1. You had to definitely dicker. [DELETED] And I said, "No, no, one Dollar, & that's it!" I was as Jewish as he was.
       89. So I walked out of the store. And I hadn't gotten any further than the first red light, standing there waiting for the light to change, & here came this storekeeper racing after me with the knife!--Not chasing me to knife me, but with the knife in his hand, "Okay, okay, one Dollar!"
       90. He had to see that I was really walking out & I was going to go away & leave it & he'd lose any money before he'd finally yield on the price. So I handed him the Dollar & he handed me the knife & that was it! He chased me half-a-block down the street to the light! I had to walk out of the store!
       91. That's exactly what the Americans are doing right now! They're fed up with the Japanese resistance of refusing to budge at all, & they're walking out of the Japanese store saying, "We're walkin' out! That's it! Either you do something or we walk out! We're going to take it before GATT, & you're going to be penalised before the whole World!" And oh, the Japanese are horrified at the idea that they are going to be considered sinners, they are going to be considered unrighteous, unfair, wrong, bad, by the whole World! That's the thing they want to try to prevent at all costs if they can.
       92. So now the U.S. has walked out of the store & the only thing the Japanese can do to stop them is chase them down to the corner! That's where it stands right now! And it looks like they're about to. They see they've done everything they can to prevent it & they're either going to lose the sale or sell. So that's where it's at!
       93. Did I make that simple enough that the kids can understand? In other words, the Japanese will not yield on any of these things if it means letting go of a penny of their money or their industries or their agriculture or anything.--Unless they see that the whole World has turned against them & they're going to be actually penalised for being bad!--They just cannot stand that & they're going to yield.
       94. The Japanese are finally becoming internationalised in that respect, & this is what the whole thing is about, that they're actually now beginning to feel & fear World opinion. For hundreds of years they just shut themselves up in their own little country, bottled themselves up & would have nothing to do with the rest of the World, they didn't give a damn what they thought. They were closed.
       95. They finally found out there is the rest of the World & it does matter what they think of them, & they've begun to be concerned about it. When Admiral Perry moved in there over a hundred years ago, they were just a hopeless case. They were totally isolated & nothing mattered about what the rest of the World did or thought, & they were just Japanese period, & that's all, all ports closed, all gates closed, Japan was a totally closed society!
       96. But now they've finally been forced into the World community.--Not just by Admiral Perry, but by past World events & several major wars they got into with other countries, including Russia & China & then the U.S. They've had wars over not being conscious enough of the rest of the World! So at last they're reaching the point where they realise they need to be so-called "internationalised", they need to take part in the World community.
       97. They were virtually forced to join the United Nations after WW2, & take part in that great deliberating political body. That war was actually fought over trade, the same thing that's the trouble now, & that is the thing those Jews are now facing, to have to give up some of their money. They got defeated in the war & they survived that, & now that they're the richest country on Earth, they still don't want to have to give up any of their money!

       98. A new organisation called PECC, the Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference, has just had a conference in Japan.--And the big traders like the U.S., Canada & Australia, etc., are saying if these little countries have now gotten so productive & affluent & are booming & having a tremendous trade balance, etc., like Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, etc., they're now going to have to give up some of their special privileges that they've had of no tariffs or low tariffs on their products.
       99. It's a special classification that the U.S. & Canada & some of these big countries give to other nations, "Most Favoured Nation Status," which means they don't level any high tariffs against their imports, they let their products come in cheap in order to help them develop & recover from World War 2, etc. Well, WW2 was 45 years ago, & some of these little countries are now booming & they're giving too much competition to the big traders, so that the big traders are now telling them, "The days of fun & games are over, your special privileges need to be cancelled now because you're giving us too much competition! To make the competition fair, we've got to cancel your special rights, your special privileges of low tariffs & unlimited quotas & all that sort of thing!"
       100. So these little "tigers" of the East, as they're called, are saying, "Well, give us time, we need more time now, give us 2 or 3 years to give us a chance to be able to handle it." Japan is saying the same thing. It's a big tiger & it's booming & has become the richest nation on the face of the Earth, but they're still not willing to give up their special tariffs, etc., that they charge the big traders for their much cheaper products that are as much as one-sixth the price of their local farmer's products!
       101. These little tigers are all making the same complaint & the same plea, "Well, we'll do it & we should & we will, but give us time, give us 2 or 3 years!" Japan's even been arguing for 4 or 5 years, but the U.S. has beat'm down to 3 years now & says it's still too much. The U.S. says they ought to start doing it next month when their trade agreements with Japan expire!

       102. Gandhi determined to besiege the Temple at Amritsar, the unholy temple of the Sikhs [DELETED]! Since the Sikhs couldn't dissuade him from doing that, they just went out in another village & mowed down 30 innocent Hindus in revenge! But I've gotta congratulate Gandhi for having the guts to not be afraid of all their threats just because they assassinated his mother. Maybe he's getting a little revenge on them now. (Maria: I hope the Family's having a good influence on him.) I'm sure we must be, thank the Lord!
       103. He had about 3,000 police & soldiers all together besieging the Temple. The Sikhs had so many secret exits & entrances & everything, they kept bringing in more weapons & people & everything else. The government now says that they're going to seal it up, & it can only be used for worship, no carrying in of weapons & using it as a fort. God bless Gandhi!
       104. Some people accuse him of not being a very strong leader, but he had a lot of guts to do that, considering all their threats that they were going to kill him like they did his mother. (Maria: The way those Sikhs held out there, it almost sounds like the Jews' Masada, doesn't it?) Oh, it does! [DELETED]
       105. [DELETED] [EDITED: "W"]hat other sect would have been strong enough to hold out amongst those millions of Hindus & insist on being a form of Muslims & Jews combined? That's what I'm convinced of, that they were sort of an odd combination of Jews & Muslims that got together to try to survive amongst those millions of Hindus, which is all well & good. But, when they start mowing down innocent civilians & shooting anybody & everybody just as a demonstration & protest, & trying to get their own independent state, that's a different story!--And apparently Mrs. Gandhi & her son Rajiv Gandhi thought so too.
       106. The Indians are apparently determined not to let them declare an independent state. The Sikhs were always tough to handle, but they made such good soldiers & fighters, they were considered the best & most vicious fighters that India had. Even in the days of the British, they were considered the crack troops of the entire army! They were the smartest, most intelligent & most driving. [DELETED] So they were the Royal Guard & crack troops all the time. You always remember seeing pictures of them, big husky bearded fellows with those big turbans on.
       107. And it's the richest part of India, & the most industrious. It's where most of the industry & factories are located.--And they're the most intelligent, the most highly-educated, the most industrious, the richest & the most vicious fighters! And now they want to break away from India, they don't want to have the rest of poor India dragging them down, for which in some ways you can't blame them. India needs them, needs their talents & their education & training & even their wealth. (Maria: Like the Basques in Spain.)--Exactly [DELETED]!
       108. So the Indians are determined not to let them break away. But they're going to have a tough time putting down those [DELETED] Sikhs. [DELETED] I don't think they're going to be able to contain them, they're too determined. They're just a constant sore. And they keep mowing down innocent civilians all the time.
       109. They say they've slaughtered at least a thousand so far just this year, just mowing down innocent civilians.--Just firing into a crowd in a shopping center, anything that is entirely Hindu, stopping a bus & just mowing down all the passengers, that sort of thing!--Horror! The whole idea is to try to discourage the Hindus from living in that province, in the Punjab.
       110. Gandhi was more successful in weeding them out this time than his mother was. His mother used thousands of soldiers but got'm weeded out at the cost of over a thousand lives, including a lot of the police. Gandhi did it with less--they learned how to do it this time apparently--they moved a little more slowly & took it little by little without the loss of a single soldier or policeman, but the loss of something like 100 Sikhs' lives.
       111. So I think he's a very wise man & he shows definite Christian leanings. He respects Christianity if nothing else, thank the Lord. The Lord certainly has answered our prayers & kept him, in spite of all that tremendous horrible opposition, even from other Hindus, opposition parties & everything else, he's held on! Thank God the Lord gave him a Christian wife. And I'm sure our prayers & the Lord have kept him. Otherwise India would just fall apart. The Sikhs would have gone their way & had their own country. The Hindus are split several thousand different ways, they've got 14,000 different gods!
       112. But in spite of all that, India's making progress & improving all the time & is becoming a fairly strong independent state that is taking care of itself & has had very little help from any outside sources. And of course, the reason the Americans can't say one good word about India is that it accepts help from the Russians. Well, the Russians are their next-door neighbour, right there on their border, so why shouldn't they! And the Russians are big & powerful & strong!
       113. Of course, this is what the U.S. was aiming at, & Russia as well, to make Britain give up her empire & all of her colonies so they could grab them! They both hoped to grab India. Well, it turns out India has pretty well grabbed itself & managed to fight them both off. But because Russia's closer & therefore a lot more logical as a friend & neighbour, India's leaning more towards Russia, & the U.S. just absolutely cannot stand this! It can't say one good word about India or Gandhi!

       114. I wonder if that's some kind of propaganda against the Jehovah's Witnesses, that people accuse him of being a Jehovah's Witness? He certainly couldn't be a very good Jehovah's Witness if he's so demon-possessed by a female spirit & he keeps making those horror musicals!
       115. He got famous with that horror musical, & now his latest hit is something about "From Bad to Worse," & apparently that's the way he's going! His latest tour is called "The Bad Tour"!
       116. (Reading from WND about Michael Jackson's recent multi-million dollar purchases:) I'll tell you, it pays to do business with the Devil, he really pays off!--Of course, the final pay is Hell! But he really pays his dupes & his people who cooperate with him, like the [EDITED: "ACs"], the richest people on Earth, the most powerful who are now running the World! Just like Satan said to Jesus, "Fall down & worship me & I will give you the World!"--Lk.4:5-7. Well, that's what the [EDITED: "ACs"] have done, they've fallen down & worshipped Satan & he's given them the World, & he does the same for these damned demonic entertainers!
       117. They're great recruiters, & they recruit people by the millions for the Devil, Devil's people for the Devil's Kingdom!

       118. Austria is a Christian country, a Catholic country, & its head is now Waldheim, who for 10 years was the Head of the United Nations, greatly respected over the whole World by almost everybody. But now because the Jews don't like him & because they claim he had something to do with the Nazi Occupation, etc., they're trying to drive him out of power & smear him.
       119. So now the media is smearing Austria, saying, "Well, it was said that Austria was the victim, but actually, it was guilty because they accepted Hitler!" Hitler simply moved into Austria & conquered them without a shot because the people hailed him & accepted him. Well, they couldn't very well resist him, he had a huge army & they had hardly any army. And he was, as far as they were concerned, the saviour of Europe. He was saving Europe from Communism.
       120. Hitler literally saved Europe from Communism. But then the [DELETED] president of the U.S., Franklin Roosevelt, went to war with Hitler to try to save Europe for Communism, & [DELETED] to try to save the Jews. So the U.S. & Britain ganged up against Hitler, as did Communist Russia, & defeated him.--And now the World is going Communist as a result!

       MADE IN THE U.S.!
       121. An American commentator recently said, "Made in the U.S. probably means it's not a well-made product!"


       123. The Communists are really going after Japan because of their relationship with South Africa. They've sent whole teams there & are going at Japan hammer & tong to reduce its trade with South Africa. That's one area where I think they're going to have a little problem, because I think Japan prizes trade before politics.--Unless the politics hurts the trade, but so far it hasn't.

       124. Did you ever notice a jewel in the light? It doesn't shine all the time. If it shined all the time you wouldn't appreciate it. It scintillates, you know? The lights go off & on & it flashes. If a lighthouse didn't flash you probably wouldn't even notice it. If it was just shining all the time, it would just be another light. But because it gives brilliant flashes in the dark, it attracts your attention. You give me brilliant flashes, even in the light! You attract my attention!
       125. We have to have a little lull in the flashes once in awhile, then the flashes stand out all the more! So love is like a scintillating jewel that keeps flashing. If it was just all aglow all the time, it would probably get so common you wouldn't appreciate it. But because it flashes & explodes & dies down & then glows & flashes again, like we've been doing, that's the way a beautiful jewel is, our love. It goes from flash to flash. Only it doesn't flash all the time, because we wouldn't appreciate it if we just did this all the time, would we? PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       126. Don't be anxious, just be eager! The Bible says "be anxious for nothing"!--Phil.4:4.

       127. Everybody admires a handicapped person who is brave & wins the victory in the face of seeming defeat! And did you know that's what your Grandpa was? I was handicapped in the army with heart trouble, & weak & dying & I just told the Lord if He'd save me & heal me I'd fight for Him! So He turned seeming defeat into victory, & I went ahead & won the game & put the whole Family on the road! PTL! I refused to quit! I kept fighting & we won, amen?
       128. We've got thousands of missionaries & we've won millions of souls & we're going to have millions of people in Heaven that wouldn't have been There if we hadn't kept fighting & refused to quit! So don't let a few little defeats stop you! Keep on fighting! I've had a lot of defeats, but I'm still fighting, & thank the Lord, we've mostly won victories. PTL! I can say that for all of you, Mama too, she keeps on fighting despite defeats sometimes, David's done the same & Techi's done the same. PTL! TYL!

       NICE DOGS!
       129. When you pet nice dogs you should say, "Jesus loves you & I love you," because they can understand even if they can't speak!

       130. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord put a little handle on the top of the banana so you can break it open & peel it?--Just like a pop-top can!--The Lord's fast food, His Own pop-top bananas! The Lord knew I was going to say that some day about His smart bananas, but I wonder how many thousand years He had to wait before somebody said it! Maybe Adam said it when he opened the first banana!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family