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OUR ENTERPRISE!        DO 2442 4/88

       1. "Star Trek 1--The Movie", is sort of a parable in which the good ship Enterprise & its good Captain Kirk & usual crew go out & find out what this strange alien spaceship is that's approaching Earth, whether it's friendly or hostile & what to do about it. They find out that it's a very big, powerful, complicated spaceship of some kind which was somehow accidentally created by the Voyager 6 space probe which was sent out from Earth to collect information, all it could find out. It looks to me like it apparently collected too much information! (Techi: It collected so much information that it got confused!) Then it became sort of a living thing which was becoming curious as to why it had been created & why it was doing this & what it was & who created it, & it wanted to find its creator. So it was headed back to Earth to find its creator.
       2. It's like saying that the space probe, created by NASA, had gone out into space & learned so much that it was able to create this tremendous spaceship, & now it was headed back to Earth because it wanted to get acquainted with its creator. It wanted to find out why it had been created & get some answers. This is the general gist of the story.
       3. But the implied parabolic meaning to this movie is that Man has been created, placed here on the Earth by his Creator. And he's been created with a natural desire to find & know his Creator & to be joined to Him, which of course we know is God. And this is, of course, true, that's why God made us.
       4. In a sense we're like machines, only we're human, flesh, much more complicated than any machines. We are self-reproducing machines, & we not only have knowledge & logic, which is a mere collection of facts etc., but the Lord has also given us human emotion & feelings, most of all love, which lifts us far above any other type of creation, machine, animal or whatever, although even animals can understand love. It turns out science has found out that even plants can understand love. It seems like everything seems to feel love & human emotion. And of course God has put in Man's heart the eternal desire to find God & know God & love God, his Creator.
       5. So Man is always searching for the Lord, & the Lord is searching for Man. But Man has to find Him God's way or he's not going to find Him! And the way that we find the Lord is through His Spirit, which is in a sense His Communicator. God is available to Man, & God wants Man to find Him & know Him, but he has to be willing to turn on his receiver, & desire God & be hungry for God & be willing to listen to God's communications, most of all God's Word. What is a word? It's a communication, right? So God's Word is Whom? (Maria: Jesus!) Jesus & His Spirit is God's way of communicating with Man through His Word. And His principal Word or His principal Communication to show Man what He's like is Jesus!
       6. So God has made a way for Man to know his Creator, & He has made that the only way--"the Way, the Truth & the Life"--& there's no other mediator or communicator except the Man Christ Jesus.--Jn.14:16; 1Tim.2:5. So God has made it that if you want to know God, you have to go through Jesus, you have to find Christ, you have to listen to Him, you have to listen to His Word. His communication is Jesus, & you have to find God that way. There's no other way to find God because there is no other God & no other representation or Word of God except Jesus, get it?
       7. And sensible, sensitive, emotional, honest men who really want to find the Lord will find Him, God has promised that. Jesus Himself said that He filleth the hungry heart & "if you seek Me you'll find Me"!--Mat.5:6, 7:7; Luk.1:53. If any person really seeks to want to find the Lord & communicate with Him, will the Lord see to it that he finds Him somehow? (Maria: Yes!) And a lot of them have found us first, the Lord led them to us. There are many many testimonies in our Family of people who were out trying to find God & trying to seek a reason for their existence, a meaning to their life, "What's it all about? Who am I? What am I here for?" & all that. So if they seek Him, they'll find Him, right? "That they may know Me, Whom to know is Life Eternal!"--Jn.17:3.--Salvation!
       8. The Lord has said for us to seek Him & we'll find Him, because He wants to be found! He has sent His Word to communicate with us, Jesus, to reveal Himself to us in the form of His Son, to show us what He's like.--Jn.1:14. God is like Jesus, & the only way that you can know what God is like & find Him is through Jesus. That's His Word, His Communication, His Message, His Answer. Man is sending out signals to try to find God, & if he will listen, he'll hear God's answers. The Lord will lead him, the Lord will speak to him, the Lord will lead him to somebody who knows the Word & who knows Jesus & who can tell him about Jesus, & that's us!
       9. So Man, the creation of God, is seeking his Creator. A lot of them don't know it, they don't realise it, they don't know exactly what they're looking for, they don't know what they're seeking, Who they're seeking, but they just want to know who they are, what they're here for, what's their meaning, what's their purpose in life, "Why are we here, why were we created, who created us?" etc.
       10. Well, that's the marvellous, wonderful thing about us, we know! We know the answers, isn't that wonderful? We have the answers to what Man is looking for, the reason for his existence, the meaning to his life, why he's here, why he was created!
       11. The whole story is right in the Bible & if they'd just read the Bible they'd find out! It's all there, just exactly how the World was created & what for & by Whom & how we were put here & for what & the whole thing, leading right up to the story of Jesus, how God's Son finally came to reveal God to us to show us what God is like. So that Jesus, therefore, is His Word, His Communication, His Message. Jesus is saying, "I am!"--Jn.8:58. He's the Great I Am! In other words, "I am God, I'm God's Son, I'm His Communication, I'm here to show you what God is like, I'm His Message!" Isn't that what Jesus is? He's God's Word, God's Message!
       12. We would have never known what God was like, but through God sending Jesus, He made a Picture of Himself, in a sense, to show us what He's like. And He has given us that Story & He's given us that Message to spread throughout the whole World & tell Man Who He is, what He is, what He's like, & that He loves us, & that He does want to be joined to us & with us, & He wants us to join Him!
       13. So this movie is really a rather remarkable message from a sci-fi story. It's kind of paralleling the idea of Man's hunger for God & his Creator etc., but putting it in sci-fi terms & pictures & all that stuff.        14. It's sort of an illustration of Man's heartcry for his Creator, how Man hungers for his Creator, the One Who made him, & to find out why he was made & what he's here for, what's the purpose in his life. Jesus can tell us all of that, & He tells us all of that right in the Bible. Even the Old Testament says, "This is the whole duty of Man, to glorify God & keep His commandments."--Ecc.12:13. In other words, to thank God for creating him & to obey God. And we know that His commandments are all summed up in one commandment--Love!--Mat.22:37-40.
       15. So we have the answers that Man's looking for! True, honest, hungry men who really want to know are looking for the Creator, & if they seek Him, they'll find Him, & we were sent to help them find Him! (Techi: Like the Enterprise!)--Exactly. It was its enterprise, its calling, to go out & lead the creation to its Creator. That was a good point, Techi, that we are sent like messengers, we are messengers, like enterprises, to go out & find these creations that want to find their Creator, & to tell them Who He is & how to know Him & love Him & be joined to Him, like a bride to her husband. Isn't that the way He compares us?
       16. So in the final scene of the movie, this man who wants to become one with this probe, this woman who is a representative of the hungry soul, you might say, he in a sense becomes one with her, he joins her, to show her the way & who her creator is etc. Get it? We have to do that too, we have to go out & find the hungry souls, & in a sense become one with them, to love them, to lead them to the Lord, so that they may become one with Jesus. (Techi: And he loved her all along like we do.) Yes, he had sympathy, compassion for her, & she was like the representative of the creation.
       17. It had a message, & its message is that, just like this creation, this spaceship or whatever it was, Man too is constantly seeking, and that's what they said, seeking to know the reason for his existence, to know why he's here & what's the purpose of his life & why is he created & why is he put here, Who created him & what for. He wants to know his Creator, be joined to Him, that they might become one. And this is exactly what Jesus came for, & what we're here for, to tell them about Jesus! Amen?
       18. That's our mission, that's our Enterprise! (Techi: What's an enterprise?) (Maria: A business?) An enterprise is an effort, it is, like Mama said, a business, in the common sense of the word. For example, my latest project, my latest job, has been my latest enterprise! An enterprise is a job, and that's our job, to get out & lead all these creations to their Creator that they might be joined with Him & know Who He is, what He is & His Love, & be joined with Him so that we can go on together with Him & produce His seed all over the World, reproduce His children!
       19. As we become joined with Him we are fruitful, we're His Bride, & we have His children, souls that we win to the Lord. So we are spreading those souls all over the World in order to prepare citizens for the Kingdom of God, in order that we might join Him in His Great Enterprise of the Future to restore the whole World & Man & set things right, & to make a New World, a Heavenly World the way God intended for it to be! He wants us to help Him. Isn't that wonderful?
       20. He wants us to make babies for Him, spiritual babes all over the World so they'll grow up & become good citizens of the Kingdom of God & help us, in a sense, recreate the Heavenly World that God intended for there to be & to make a New World. (Techi: A new species!) Yes, in a sense, this new spiritual species that will be wonderful, supernatural, almost perfect people, His people, Children of God, to create a new people & a New World wherein dwelleth God's righteousness, & that will be wonderful!--The perfect World, the pure World, the Next World! Amen? Isn't that a good Enterprise?
       21. (Techi: It's better than just exploring.) Yes, it's better than just exploring the material creation. It's exploring God's spiritual creation, His spiritual Family, & recruiting new members to His spiritual Family, producing new children in His spiritual Family. It's our job as His Bride to reproduce Children of God. PTL! And that is the most wonderful thing about our enterprise!
       22. We are on an enterprise, we're on a job to explore the World, the Universe in a sense, to find new worlds--you're a whole world, you're a whole universe, in a sense--that we might win them to the Lord & make a whole New World for God of new people, new children of God & a New Earth where everything will be perfect & everybody happy with wonderful jobs to do!--In the future to maybe even go out & reproduce new universes full of people for God! Amen? PTL!
       23. So that's our job, that's our Enterprise! (Techi: We won't be out of business in Heaven!) Nosiree, never out of a job! (Techi: We have all the thousands of galaxies to win. That's probably why God made Heaven so big!)--Amen.
       24. Well, a good title for this would perhaps be, "Our Enterprise!" We have an enterprise, & we're exploring the World, seeking new worlds to win for the Lord!--And new lives, new people, new children of God, to make a new World of new people for the Lord! Amen? Whose turn is it to pray? Let's let Mama pray this time.
       25. (Maria: Thank You for this wonderful lesson You've given us, Lord, & that You give us good movies that we can sometimes get good lessons out of & parables. Thank You for giving Grandpa the discernment to see them & the wisdom to help us to profit by what we see & to discern the good & the things of good report. Thank You Jesus for this wonderful parable & the blessing that it is, that we can learn from these things, that we can really learn & grow. TYJ!
       26. (Your Word is always new & alive & we're always learning from it. Bless Grandpa & strengthen him now for the evening, the night & tomorrow. Thank You for how You have & how You've answered prayer, Lord. Thank You for how You helped him eat today, Lord, how You blessed him, Lord. Help us all, give us a good night's sleep, & keep us by Thy Angels & guide us how You want us to go. Help us to have a good night & a good day serving You tomorrow, in Jesus' name. TYL!) Amen! PTL! (--Are you on God's Enterprise?)

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