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THE WAY OF PIONEERS!        DO 2448 4/88

       1. I'm a pioneer, Honey, & I love to pioneer! Hallelujah! TYL! Some people think I'm crazy when I start to pioneer something, but it always works, because it's the Lord!
       2. Ours is a new religion, the real religion, the true religion, the alive religion, faith you can live by & live life to the full & die happy & go to Heaven instead of Hell! This is what the people need & are waiting for & will receive with rejoicing if we can just give it to them, in spite of all their dead traditions & religions of death & dying faith! Poor people, how they need us! God help us to reach them & not to fail, in Jesus' name, amen. PTL! TYJ!
       3. God help us to reach them, to pioneer some of the places that are going to be some of the most terrificly developing, exploding areas of the Millennium! PTL! TYJ! God help us to get started now so there'll be some seed left on good ground. When all the rubbish of the Antichrist is swept away it will be a New Dawn, like Springtime after a horrible Winter, & these areas will spring to life!
       4. Pioneer areas are always hard at first, but they're the ones with the greatest potential, the greatest possibilities of reaping & development. Look at California!--A hundred years ago it was nothing--rugged, rough, desolate, Gold Rush territory, Western pioneer, cowboy country. Today it's the biggest, richest, most powerful, wealthiest State in the U.S.A. & still exploding, thanks to the brave, courageous, powerful pioneers who had faith in the future.
       5. Look at Florida!--It was a jungle when I was a boy, full of Indians & mosquitoes. But a few brave pioneers saw the future & dared to be bold to try to develop it & run railroads down there & drain swamps & build cities. Now it's one of the richest, most powerful & populated States of the U.S.A. & still exploding!
       6. It takes the visionaries, the men of wild faith & vision & boundless energy to go into a jungle or a desert & make it explode, the ones who can see the possibilities & potential & believe in it & do it & try it to see what it could be. Even though some of them never lived to see it fulfilled, at least they got it started, at least they lit the torch & found others to carry it on.
       7. There's just something about it! I don't exactly know how to describe it, you just see it & you get it & it's like a spark that lights your fuse & makes you just want to explode, you just feel, BOOM!, like that, this is it! You just feel that it's gotta work, it will work! It's God's Will! He's going to do it!
       8. I didn't really fully realise the possibilities & potential of the Family, but God knew, & He just lit my fuse & I exploded, & others caught fire & it swept the World! And now we're the most on-fire, explosive religion in the World today, the most alive, the most burning, the most brilliant! And we haven't reached our potential or limits yet, we're still exploding!
       9. God wants us to ignite the areas where the people are hungry, they're ready & ripe for reaping, & we'd better get in & reach them before it's too late! At least we can leave the seeds on good ground that can later bring good fruit in the harvest of the Millennium. Praise God! TYJ! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen.
       10. When you pioneer some place, you have to get there to feel it, to see if it's really true. It's like you see the vision, you just know it's gotta be, you just know it's true, but you've gotta taste it & really feel it, you've gotta be there to know it! Then you get there & you feel it & you know it & you know that's it, it's true! I don't know what you'd call it, maybe it's discernment.
       11. When I get to such a place, I just feel like I want to explode! The Devil tries to do everything he can to defeat me, to keep me from pioneering, keeping me absorbed in other things & embroiled in a little here & there, but I've got to go where God wants me to move & to push & to pull & to explode! Hallelujah! TYL!
       12. Then once the explosion's begun, others have to keep it burning & keep adding fuel to the fire, then it will become a raging furnace for the Lord to set multitudes on fire for God! TYJ! PYL! You can't stop the Lord!
       13. If He wants something done, He'll do it, whoever He takes to push it! Nothing will stop Him, just like nothing will stop me once He gets me rolling on pioneering a new project! God bless all those who have the faith & the vision & the confidence & the courage to go ahead & pioneer in spite of the danger & the opposition & all that the Devil can throw at them to try to stop them! We just shake it off like water off a duck's back & we just go right ahead & we do it, then it's done, thank the Lord. Then others have to carry it on.
       14. But that's the way of pioneers, they have to go ahead & be obedient to the Heavenly Vision no matter what anybody says or tries to do to stop them! They have to do it anyway in spite of all opposition & tradition & customs & doubts of the Devil! They've just got to do it, they've got to do what God showed them to do, & go ahead in spite of anything & everybody until it's done & rolling, & then everybody can see it, & then everybody can believe it. That's the way it is with pioneering.
       15. You've got to see what nobody else can see, & have the faith that nobody else can believe, & the initiative to go ahead and try something nobody else has been willing to try, & the courage & guts to push it through like a bulldozer!--In spite of everything & everybody, because you know you've got God on your side & God wants it done & that's it, so you do it!
       16. Then once it's started almost anybody can carry it on & be swept along with the tide. PTL! TYL! But somebody's gotta start it, somebody's gotta see it & believe it & try it & do it in spite of everything, until finally everybody sees it & begins to believe it & carries on & finishes it. That's pioneering!
       17. So Hallelujah! I just have to believe it & obey it, push it, & put my shoulder against the rock until it starts rolling, & from there on it's all downhill, & it gains momentum until it crushes everything in its path! But I have to have the guts to put my shoulder to the rock, to the boulder, the seemingly immovable, until it moves, God moves it, & it starts rolling! Then it becomes unstoppable, irresistible! And what was the seemingly immovable object becomes the irresistible force! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen! So let's get with it & do it, amen?
       18. I know the Lord must have waked me up for something, amen? That's just the way it is. You have to feel it.--Just like I felt it the time I had to go to the East, just like the time I had to go to Europe, just like the time I had to go to the Light Club. I just had to go, I just felt that irresistible drive, the indomitable force, the power of God that pushes me & draws me & I just have to go! I have to obey it even when nobody else can see it, & even when everybody else resists it. Hallelujah!
       19. And the Lord never fails! If I obey, He does it! TYL! I was not disobedient to the Heavenly Vision in any of those cases. I just obeyed & I went & He did it. In Jesus' name. TYL! Amen, You're going to do it again, Lord! TYJ!
       20. Thank you, Honey, for sticking with me, I know it hasn't been easy. But you followed anyway, even though you couldn't see it. You don't have to see it, I'm the eyes. You just have to follow. PTL? You just have to obey, & I know it's not always easy, it's pretty hard sometimes. But it always works! (Maria: Yes, Sir!) It's never failed, has it? (Maria: No, Sir!) The vision has always been true, it's always worked.
       21. Lord, show us what You want us to do. Lead & guide us, in Jesus' name. We're ready to do Your Will, ready to pioneer, ready to encourage all the pioneers, in Jesus' name. Help us, Lord, to encourage them & make it possible, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYJ!
       22. Amen, Honey, we just have to follow the Lord & see. Where He guides, He provides & He guides & He makes a way, even when there is no way. Now it's time to rest & sleep to be ready for tomorrow's battles. Thank you, Honey. Thank you for being willing to fight the battle with me, & suffer, that we might win, in Jesus' name. We've never lost yet, Honey, so have faith! Believe it! And I know you do or you wouldn't be here with me, PTL? (Maria: Amen, TYJ!)
       23. Amen, Lord, You do it all. I just follow. But I have to see it, I have to see it & believe it & obey it before it happens.--One man's obedience. TYL! "By one man's obedience many were made righteous."--Rom.5:19. TYJ! All I have to do is just obey, & Lord, You know that's the easiest part. As long as I see it & believe it, it's really easy to obey, because I know it's true. TYL! I know it's hard sometimes for others to see it, but if you follow you will, amen? (Maria: Amen.)
       24. Bless your heart, Honey, you're terrific! You've really got the guts & the faith & the perseverance. No matter what happens you'll follow through. Amen, Sweetheart, that's what it takes. You're a real pioneer & we couldn't have gotten anywhere without you. Sometimes, Honey, we have to get these things in the middle of the night because that's the only time we have. Aren't you glad you did? Isn't it worth it? (Maria: Yes, Sir!)
       25. Wait till you see what the Lord will do, Honey, then you'll know it will be worth it! It's a funny thing, people always envision prophets as the guys who see the future, when they're really just the guys who obey the present, day to day.--That's why the Lord leads them, because they do what they're supposed to do today, & let God take care of the future! Because today is the golden tomorrow that we dreamed of yesterday, & today is the day we have to live & do His Will! PTL!--TYJ!--Amen?

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