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--A Good Lesson on What Not to Watch!

       1. Recently we saw a video on roller derby & it was mayhem!--Absolute violence from one end to the other!--Girls fighting & knocking each other down! That's what the public goes for now. That's why they go to those auto races, to see somebody get killed. Isn't that horrible? You talk about the cruelty of the Roman games, it's the same thing today!--Or boxing, they go to see somebody get battered up. Wrestling is not a sport, it's entertainment. It's all staged & a big joke. Those professional wrestlers have got it all figured out how to throw each other around & not get hurt too bad. It's horrible!
       2. Have you ever noticed how audiences these days laugh the most when the entertainers make unkind cuts & digs at each other & make fun of each other? It seems like that's the greatest joke of all, when they are mean to each other & say unkind things to each other & make cutting digs at each other & try to embarrass each other. That's supposed to be funny. Isn't that something? Well, to me it's just offensive. It's impolite & discourteous. When I was a kid, audiences would be almost stunned & offended at that stuff, now they just roar & they think it's funny to see people hurting each other.
       3. And you hardly ever see a movie of a family with children but what the kids are fussing & fighting like mad!--Like that's the normal thing for brothers & sisters to rare & tear each other's hair out, & fight & scream & holler at each other! I guess that's the normal American home. Isn't that horrible?--And yet the audience laughs & thinks it's funny. I suppose they used to laugh at the Roman games too. It's a form of cruelty, terrible!--Just to make a stupid slapstick comedy.

       4. The old cartoons used to be full of violence, hitting each other & blowing each other up & all kinds of stuff, even mild Disney stuff was filled with violence. But you ought to take a look at some of the latest cartoons!--It's all Witchcraft & weirdos & demons & devils & witches & hobgoblins & wizards & all kinds of horrible stuff, it's terrible!--Curses & enchantments & everything supernatural.
       5. They're really getting them into the supernatural, all ready for the Devil & the Antichrist! There's hardly a cartoon like the old-fashioned ones now, like Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck. Apparently those would be way too tame for kids nowadays, they've got to have Witchcraft & wizardry & supernatural & monsters.--They're just full of horrible monsters! They've got a few heroes & normal-looking people, but they change into other things, a lizard or a snake or whatever. They're full of metamorphoses & all kinds of horrible stuff!
       6. It's like going back into the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages again with all that Witchcraft!--And it's for the kids while their mother's cooking dinner & Dad's reading the paper & whatnot, something to keep them out from under their feet in the early evening. There are a few little Bible stories too, but some of them are so far off it's pitiful! They tell'm like fairy tales or like Santa Claus so that the kids could hardly tell the difference between one cartoon or another or Santa Claus or a Bible Story! It's horrible! When I was a kid, even if it was a cartoon Bible story they looked like Bible characters & they acted like they would in the Bible & they were made in a respectful way, an almost reverent way. The cartoon was true to the Bible stories, beautiful, but now they try to make a flippant comic out of them, a real comic of the Bible stories.
       7. Even the stuff made by various Christian outfits that's supposed to be for the kids has gotta be high sci-fi & scientific with robots & all that kind of crazy junk in a Bible story! I'd say it's almost making fun of the Bible stories presenting them that way, like they're science fiction or some kind of a comedy. I guess they figure the kids won't even watch'm if they're not sci-fi or comedy or something, nothing really serious. They really caricature the Bible, cartoon it.--Not like we do. Some of our cartoons are funny, but we try to make it serious & a serious lesson. We don't try to make fun of Bible characters & stuff like that.

       8. We try to stay away from the negative, because kids just have a penchant for copying the negative.--Like one of those drama tapes we made that had two kids calling each other names & fussing at each other, we heard from everywhere in the Family that the kids would copy that & were doing that. Well, it was out on tape, but it wasn't supposed to be good, it was supposed to be bad, showing how bad they were. But see, if you hand it to kids, that's what they'll eat, good or bad!
       9. Then in one of these recent Grandpa stories my brother & sister were fussing with each other & fussing at me in the story, badmouthing & everything, & the first thing we heard was the kids were copying it, imitating it. They just naturally imitate everything they see & hear, & they can't always seem to tell the difference between good or bad.
       10. I'll tell you, I don't believe in advertising the Devil's business if we can help it! We have to be aware of it sometimes & not ignorant of his devices, but you don't just have to deliberately advertise all that junk & dwell on the negative & dwell on the ugly & the bad & the evil! So I hate to even mention that kind of stuff, especially in our komix & pubs for kids.

       11. It's a sad day, it can't go on much longer! So-called modern music has absolutely gone wild & demonic, & that Michael Jackson is one of the worst! He puts on the most horror with ghouls & monsters & demons & devils in his music videos. That's the latest thing that's so popular. It's not music, it's horror! It's noise!--Demons & devils & monsters & ghouls & Witchcraft! It's just demonic, nearly all of them!
       12. Even if they've got a nice song they've got to corrupt it. It seems like the pictures now seem to be more important than the music, or the noise. And of course the noise is always more important than the words, you can hardly ever understand the words, at least that's the way they present it. Now the pictures are coming along with it, & half the time the picture doesn't seem to have a thing in the World to do with the song, if you can call it a song, or the words, or anything. The picture is more like the noise, horrible!
       13. But in these cartoons for little kids they're now introducing them to all kinds of witchcraft & evil supernatural stuff. I love the supernatural, the good, but they're introducing them to the Devil's whole shebang, the whole works, the whole array of Satan's goods! It is unbelievable what they're introducing little kids to, all that kind of occult stuff & monsters!
       14. We heard how nowadays in the U.S. it's not enough to just have a Halloween mask, you have to put on a whole new head, the head of a monster of some kind, & they're all ugly & bad & evil! They even asked the guy who made'm, "Why do they always have to look so bad & so ugly & so horrible?" All these monsters & demons, they're just horrible! Ugh! I can't use bad enough words for them.--Monstrous! The guy said, "Well, there just seems to be something in all of us like that that needs to come out!" Yeah! I'll bet!--The demon that's possessing them!
       15. Look how these heathen & savages have wound up by wearing those devil masks & everything! They get demon-possessed! They dance around with that mask on & it's enough to scare anybody half to death! So they're getting back to savagery!--Getting back to demon-possession, like going back to the jungle! Man, this makes the jungle look civilised!--Ha! Whew! Horrible! And most of it is coming from the U.S. & England.
       16. Of course, England's been into witchcraft for centuries, but it's been especially rife within the last generation, horrible! They've got hundreds & hundreds of covens all over England. Witchcraft is one of the predominant religions there, probably a lot more active than the Church of England. In fact, they're closing up churches 'cause they can't get enough people to come! The Catholics can't even get enough priests, so they're closing down churches, even closing down some of their schools because they can't get enough recruits & candidates for students for the priesthood.
       17. But boy, Witchcraft & the Occult is absolutely moving! The Devil's just taking over! Like the Lord said, "He who now letteth (restrains) will let until he be taken out of the way."--2Th.2:7. He's hindered & kind of held things back for a long time, but now it looks like the Lord has just let open the floodgates, & the Devil is flooding the World with his propaganda & his fiends & his devils!--And the worst thing about it is it's attacking the youth!
       18. That horrible noise they call music is attacking the older youth, & now they've got these demonic monstrous witchcraft cartoons for the little kids! And of course they can do anything in those cartoons. Through TV they can perform all kinds of miracles with optical illusions, people floatin' & flyin' & all kinds of stuff, & the kids probably believe it, that it really can happen. We've heard of a lot of kids that jumped out of windows thinking they could fly. It's pitiful! It's so deceiving. It's bad enough deceiving the adults, then they got to the youth & now they're working on the children!

       19. They say they're even aiming the comicbooks more & more to younger kids, & that they're just full of that kind of stuff, & have been for several years! I haven't hardly seen a comicbook since I was a kid. At that time they were the same as the funny papers, "Katzenjammer Kids"--that was bad enough, these little kids that were always doing mischief--"Mutt 'n Jeff," actually funny, "Popeye" & all kinds of silly stuff. But it was supposed to be funny & it was nothing real openly evil or anything. I wouldn't say it was harmless, though, because it was just useless & silly & trash. I don't care to eat garbage or have my kids eat garbage! Just the fact that it didn't glorify the Lord & it was silly & foolish frivolity is bad enough!
       20. Funny papers were the rage when I was a kid, & then as I began to be a teenager, over 50 years ago, they just began having comic books. I was beginning to be too serious-minded to even read that kind of junk & trash. I'd just gotten out of reading all the various great classics, books, real classical historical fiction & stuff like that, & if I'd wanted to read any more at all, I'd have gone back to that kind of stuff, really serious history & historical fiction & the great classics, Sir Walter Scott, Jules Verne, etc.
       21. About the closest I came to sci-fi was H.G. Wells or Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan & junk like that were the junkiest books I read, because some woman in the church started giving them to me. Can you imagine? She'd bring me a new one every Sunday, providing I'd read the other one. I think she was used of the Devil! It was her car that my Mother & I had that terrible accident in, no brakes!--Birdie Mills.
       22. Well anyhow, when I was young, up to about 14 & 15, the schoolwork got so heavy that I didn't really have time to read any more. So I never got into comic books. They were just beginning to have them, but as I said, they were the funny papers stuff. They didn't start having sci-fi or anything like that until sometime later, like "Buck Rogers" & "Moon Maid" & stuff that I happened to see in the paper once in awhile, you'd see comic books on the rack.--And it looked like trash & it was trash! By that time I was 19 & full of the Spirit & serious-minded, all I wanted to do was serve the Lord & read the Bible, & that's about all I did! So I escaped most of that silly stuff, particularly comic books.
       23. They didn't really start going weird till about the '40s & '50s with those monsters & sci-fi & witchcraft & whatnot, so I well escaped that stuff because I was married & had a family by that time. But I sure pity the kids of that generation. I wouldn't let my children touch that junk! They were forbidden to read that kind of trash, & they didn't. All they read were either good books, classics, or the Bible. And there was plenty to keep'm busy just reading the Bible.
       24. Of course, I tried to make it interesting to them with those {\ul \i Bible in Pictures} stories & stuff like that. But comic books, no. There was only one kind of comic book I allowed them to read, the historical classics. They were called Classics comic books & they were pretty good. Some of them were history & some were historical fiction, the famous great classics put into comic form, & there were a few Bible story comics too & we'd let them read those.
       25. They say nearly all the cartoons that are on TV now came straight out of those weirdo comic books! I got beyond that stage even before the comics started having "Buck Rogers" & "Superman." I suppose those are ancient history for you. "Buck Rogers" was a sci-fi of this guy flying around outside of his spaceship. That's why they call these space-walk kits with the two tanks on the back "Buck Rogers Kits," because that's what Buck Rogers had in the comic books. Well, that was downright prophetic, no doubt by the Devil, to make them want that junk, & now they've got those toys to play with at the cost of billions of dollars, most of it taken out of the hides of the poor of the World. The riches the U.S. has are because they've robbed the poor!

       26. But anyhow, the junk they're feeding the kids today is just almost unbelievable! The so-called "music" is just noise & it's demonic!--And the devils that play it are absolutely demon-possessed, take drugs & everything else. The music is demonic, & now the music videos are the worst! You can not only hear the demons screamin' now, but you can see'm! Imagine the effect of all that stuff! The whole idea seems to be to literally drive kids out of their minds!
       27. Even in the days of our first family at the Light Club in Huntington Beach when our folks were teenagers, the music was getting pretty bad. Hard rock was coming in, & I went into a few of those clubs where they would play the music so loud I'd be half-deaf for a day or so afterwards!--Hard of hearing from that deafening music! Can you imagine what it does & what it's done to this generation who listen to it all the time? Most of you guys are half-deaf permanently!
       28. Doctors warned that it was going to cause loss of hearing of that generation, but they don't pay any attention, & now it's even worse. We saw a club recently where they had speakers completely surrounding the dance floor! They just immerse themselves in that loud noise, enough to drive you out of your cotton-pickin' mind! It's just horrible! The World has absolutely gone mad, & if they already hadn't gone mad, they're going mad!
       29. But the Devil is especially after the young people, to drive them crazy with that noise & these demonic videos & movies!--And now they're after the little kids with those demonic cartoons full of witchcraft & occultism & spells & demons & witches & all kinds of horrible stuff! About the only difference is now they make the witches real pretty girls in those cartoons. There are hardly any more ugly witches. You've got to be pretty bad to be ugly. Witches are young & beautiful nowadays in the cartoons. Well, it may sound like I've watched a lot of them but I really haven't. But I've seen enough of them & about all I want to see!
       30. Adult entertainment is bad enough! I'll tell you, if American life & families are anything at all like some of the movies we've seen, even those depicting what are supposed to be the best families, the rich, they are in a mess! They virtually never mention God or anything spiritual at all unless it's demonic or Satanic or occult! When I was a kid, the movies often had people mentioning God or praying or would have priests or nuns or preachers in there somewhere to bring out some kind of a moral or spiritual lesson, even the so-called "naughty" ones, kind of sexy ones. They'd usually wind up reforming & learning their lesson & have happy endings with morals & lessons being taught.
       31. --Not now! Everything's just absolute chaos, bedlam, Babylon, & hardly anything turns out the way you feel like it ought to! You're waiting to see how this scene or that story is going to turn out & you just have a feeling inside how it ought to turn it out, the way you want it to turn out, but it doesn't! It usually turns out some perverted, opposite way & everything goes bad, everything goes wrong. So if that's any sample of American life & so-called civilised culture of the Western World today, it's really a mess!
       32. And some of the movies they're making in the East aren't much better!--In fact, some are worse! They're just filled with crime & violence from one end to the other, just horrible! Even in the family movies of husbands & wives & romances, they're sockin' each other & beatin' each other up & he's knockin' her down. I never saw such violence used on women, & they think nothing of it! Apparently that's the custom, for husbands to beat their wives & knock'm down. So the World is in one horrible mess & the Lord's got to stop it pretty soon or there won't be anything left!
       33. So many of the ads with the supernatural in them are aimed at kids & children. They see all that going on & they think that it can be done, when it's all trick photography with cameras & lenses & stuff. Imagine the little kids, they think it must be true, it must be so. In order to sell their products they deliberately pull the wool over the kids' eyes & almost seduce them into buying these things. How are they going to know what's true when they tell'm so many lies?
       34. At least we've got our kids geared to where they'll hardly believe it unless you tell'm it's so! They figure they're all lies, & that's about true, most of them are! Techi saw a commercial that was on one of our videos recently & said, "I'll bet it won't do that! That's a big lie!" Our kids are insulated!--Ha! Thank God! Our kids are insulated & prepared against it, & they can always pick out the flaws & just laugh at the stuff that is so ridiculous & silly. Techi will say, "Isn't that silly, Daddy? That's ridiculous!"--Ha!--Things that I guess other little kids just eat up at her age. She won't believe it & she just thinks it's all silly.
       35. But she sure takes our {\ul \i Kidz Komix} seriously, because she knows they're true stories! She asked me the other day, "Is that true, Daddy?" I said, "Of course that's true! We wouldn't put it in our Komix if it wasn't true! They're all true stories, that's why we call'm {\ul \i True} Komix! I don't believe in publishing things that aren't true! All the Grandpa Stories are actual experiences, the Kidz Komix are actual things that either happened or we had dreams or visions of, & the new Kidz MOP cartoons are all good & real & true." We're giving the kids true stuff, real stuff!

       36. There are so few movies or videos that are really down to small kids' level where they can understand it, it's pitiful! Even these good stories about the supernatural, about angels & all, most of them are over little kids' heads. This last one we saw, "Angel on My Shoulder," the guy talked so much Gangland slang that was popular when I was a kid, that I had to stop after almost every word & explain what he meant until we almost lost the story! Every other word was a slang word or some gangster-type word, so it's very hard for little children to understand those things.--Even though it's a good movie, in a way & had kind of a good moral.
       37. I was so glad it had a good ending, that's just the way I wanted it to end! That's the way I had a feeling it was going to end, although nobody told me. After all, he did his penance in Purgatory for 30 years & now he was being a good boy & learning his lessons & doing all the right things, so according to good Catholic philosophy, why shouldn't he deserve to go to Heaven this time? There wasn't anything in there about Christ or Salvation, but according to Catholic doctrine of being bad & deserving Hell & being good & deserving Heaven, he got what he deserved! And it showed the conflict between the Angel & the Devil, & that was good, how the good won out & the bad lost, victory of good over evil.
       38. But what I really hate are those stories where the evil wins out in the end. They've got a lot of them now!--Where the movie ends just the way you think it shouldn't have ended, the wrong way, where the bad guys win & the good guys lose. In the old European opera & Shakespeare, etc., there were lots of tragedies, lots of bad things happening, but the good side always won or there was always a lesson learned or a moral brought out. It taught you something. But this junk today gives you a feeling of the hopelessness of the World: "There's no use, give up! Nothing right ever happens, everything goes wrong! It's all injustice & all bad & the World's a terrible place & God must be a monster to have created such a thing" & all that sort of thing, blaming it all on God!
       39. Even if they don't mention God, that's what they mean: "Why me? This is unfair! Why does this have to happen to me?" They're always saying that in these movies: "Here I'm so righteous & trying to do right, & God lets all this happen to me!" It sounds just like the [EDITED: "ACs"] that make'm! That's their typical sing-song tune that they're always playing: "Why me? God's unfair! Why did He let this happen? I didn't do anything to deserve this! I'm righteous, I'm good, I don't deserve this kind of tragedy & this kind of grief & trouble!"--Typical [DELETED] anti-Christ attitude, blaming it all on God, blaming everything evil on God!
       40. What a mess the entertainment world is in, it's just horrible, when it could be such a good tool, as it once was! Even Shakespeare's plays taught lots of good lessons. Although there was a lot of romance & violence & even crime, there was always a lesson to be learned, even from the operas & the tragedies.
       41. The Greeks believed that a play should be tragic so you'd learn lessons from the grief & the sadness, that those emotions were purgative, they were purifying. Sorrow was an emotion that taught you something. Like my Mother's little poem:
       "I walked a mile with laughter & she chatted all the way,
       But never a thing I learned from her for all she had to say.
       But I walked a mile with sorrow & never a word said she,
       But oh the things I learned that day that sorrow walked with me!"

       42. So the Greek plays were nearly all tragedies. They believed in bringing out the sorrows of the World to teach you lessons, that they were sort of purifying.--Which sorrow is to some extent. You're supposed to learn lessons from it, & that's why the Lord allows it, they got that point at least. Even Shakespeare's comedies usually taught lessons & had a moral to them. Every Aesop's Fable had a moral at the end.
       43. But most of today's so-called music, entertainment, plays, dramas, movies, television, videos & what have you have no rhyme nor reason nor purpose nor anything sensible to teach, no lesson to learn! Their whole message is hopelessness, it's all for no reason, no purpose, no rhyme nor reason to life! They're saying, "Everything's a mess! Why not just get out of here, shoot yourself! So what? Let the atomic war come & blow us all up, the sooner the better!" A lot of people really feel like that! Well, if things keep on going like they are now, it would be better! And one of these days He is going to destroy it all, but they've got a few lessons to learn first.
       44. At least God's tragedies & His sorrows & His illustrations & demonstrations in this life have lessons & morals & teach us something, or are supposed to if people will learn!--But not the kind of junk the Devil's dishing out today! It's horrible! It teaches uselessness & purposelessness: "There's no reason for anything! There's no God, no purpose to life, no reason behind it all, it's all crazy & idiotic & madness & insanity!" Well, of course the way they live it & the kind of stuff they feed on, it is madness & insanity, so of course they might as well blow themselves up! The Universe would be better off. Well, the Lord's not going to let them do that, at least not very much, until He's taught'm a few lessons & finally really straightened things out. PTL!
       45. So we really have to be careful with our children & make sure they feed on the right things. Even if they watch some movies, you've really got to explain it to them, & you shouldn't let them watch anything that would be bad for them or a bad influence on them. When David saw "Angel on My Shoulder" I was sitting there explaining every word to him all the way through & all the things that were right & wrong with it, how this really isn't just exactly the way Hell is, etc. I don't think the younger ones should see that first part at all about Hell & the fires & the devils & all that stuff, or the execution. Why burden them or pollute their minds with something that could cause them to question or worry or fear? Amen? PTL!

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