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       Then Jesus Came!

       One sat alone beside the highway begging,
       His eyes were blind, the light he could not see.
       He clutched his rags & shivered in the shadows,
       Then Jesus came & bade his darkness flee!

       When Jesus comes, the Tempter's power is broken;
       When Jesus comes, tears are wiped away!
       He takes that gloom & fills the heart with glory,
       For all is changed when Jesus comes to stay!

       "Unclean! Unclean!" the leper cried in torment,
       The deaf, the dumb, in helplessness stood near;
       The fever raged, disease had gripped its victim,
       But Jesus came & cast out every fear!

       When Jesus comes, the Tempter's power is broken!
       When Jesus comes, those tears are wiped away.
       He takes our gloom & fills our lives with glory,
       For all is changed when Jesus comes to stay!

       So we today have found our Saviour able,
       We could not conquer passion, pride nor sin!
       Our broken hearts had left us sad & lonely,
       Till Jesus came & dwelt Himself within.

       When Jesus comes, the Tempter's power is broken;
       When Jesus comes, your tears are wiped away!
       He takes your gloom & fills your life with Glory,
       When Jesus comes, He'll fill your life to stay!

       1. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! That was, "When Jesus Comes!" Actually the title of that is an old song by Homer Rodeheaver & my old friend Oswald Smith, the preacher that they used to say I looked like, & who used to stay in our home & we in his. The title is "Then Jesus Came", & if you like that one, maybe you can play it over & learn to sing it! PTL! It was one of my Mother's favourites! We're celebrating my Mother's birthday, this is her birthday time, & I'm singing some of her old favourites tonight, some that she loved so well! Well, she still likes them, I'm sure! I'm sure she's listening tonight, praise the Lord, because it's her birthday & we're honouring her birthday tonight.

       2. God's Word says, "Honour thy father & thy mother that thy days may be long in the land & verily thou shalt be fed!"--Eph.6:2,3. Jesus Himself said that was the first commandment with promise, the first commandment that had a promise attached to it, that if you would obey it, honour your father & mother, that you would live a long time & you'd always be fed. So you dear poor faith missionaries had better remember to honour your fathers & mothers, write to them regularly, encourage them, witness to them, love them, so that "thy days may be long in the land & verily thou shalt be fed!" Otherwise your days may not be very long in the land & they may come all the way to Australia to get you, like they did one of our girls!--Or they may not send you any support to feed you! So you'd better honour your father & mother. We're honouring my Mother tonight because it's her birthday. PTL! And that was one of her favourite songs that she'd often ask me to sing, "Then Jesus Came".

       3. I don't know whether I was a particularly lonely little boy. I was a very lonely young man, often a lonely little boy too because I was a preacher's kid & the rough-toughs at school didn't like preacher's kids, & they often tried to beat me up. I didn't stand much of a chance in a fight 'cause I was small, frail & skinny & not very tough, so I lived by the old saying, "He that fights & runs away, lives to fight another day!" And I was pretty fast on my feet so I could usually outrun'm!

       4. But it was a pretty lonely life because good boys were not very frequent in those days, & bad boys seemed to be the rule. The main thing was to see who could beat up everybody else on the school grounds, & then he'd be the top dog if he fought all the rest of'm & could beat'm all up! So they tried to beat each other up all the time & had fights all the time. America, where I was reared, is a very very violent country, very violent people! Violence, as someone has said, is just as American as apple pie! And that's the terrible country I had to be reared in as a little boy. I'm thankful to God that my children today, my second set of children, don't have to live in that awful land! But it made me a bit lonely sometimes.

       5. Tonight I'm going to try to sing to you a little more & not talk so much! We're pretty tired getting packed, getting ready to be pilgrims & strangers again, to go to a strange land. And after my three-hour visit with you last night & all those songs I was feeling great (See "Songs of Heaven", #1532), until later in the night I didn't feel so good. But praise the Lord, thanks to the dear prayers of our dear loved ones here, I'm feeling much better. I don't know how long my singing's going to last, but maybe if I talk a little less & sing a little more, maybe it'll last a little longer & you'll enjoy it more!

       6. But anyhow, it seemed to me that songs like this one about being lonely & heartbroken & needing comfort etc. were the songs that always appealed to me the most. My brother used to sing a few of them, my Father sang a few of them, but these were the songs that I chose first of all in my singing career to start singing to the churches & the church people & to the World. And I felt they had a message for everyone, because in a way, everyone's a little bit lonely, especially those who don't have the Lord. No matter if you have lots of friends & family & mates & loved ones & lovers, you'll never feel in complete satisfaction of companionship until you find the Lord! So, (Sings:)

All Alone

       Have you ever tried to bear your burdens,
       All alone? All alone?
       Don't you know there's One Who waits to help you,
       Who can make all those burdens His Own?

       When I have burdens to bear which no one can share,
       I take them to Jesus, the Man of Calvary.
       When I have crosses to bear, my Saviour is there,
       He always takes that heavy end,
       And leaves the light to me!

       7. Do you like that little song about "All Alone"? (Sings:)


       When your heart is aching, turn to Jesus,
       He's the dearest Friend that you can know;
       You will find Him standing close beside you,
       Waiting peace & blessing to bestow!

       Heartaches, take them all to Jesus,
       Go to Him today, do it now without delay!
       Heartaches, take them all to Jesus,
       He will take your heartaches all away!

       8. If you want to know the other verses & hear more of these songs, then God willing, maybe MWM can put them on tape for you sometime. I'm just going to sing you a little bit of each one tonight so we'll be sure & sing them all, & we'll have them all on the record for you so that you'll at least have heard them once. That was one of my old favourites! (Sings:)

       He Heals Every Heartache

       For He heals ev'ry heartache, He hears ev'ry sigh,
       This wonderful Saviour of mine!
       He helps me in trouble, He heeds when I cry,
       This wonderful Saviour of mine!

       There's Someone Who helps me when friends pass by,
       And the sun has forgotten to shine;
       There's Someone Whose strong arms are ever nigh,
       'Tis that wonderful Saviour of mine!

       Oh, He heals ev'ry heartache, He hears ev'ry sigh,
       This wonderful Saviour of Mine!
       He helps me in trouble, He heeds when I cry,
       This wonderful Saviour of Mine!

Does Jesus Care?

       Does Jesus care when my heart is pained
       Too deeply for mirth or song,
       As the burdens press, & the cares distress,
       And the way grows weary & long?

       Does Jesus care, oh yes, He cares,
       His heart is filled with my grief.
       When the days are dreary, the long nights weary,
       I know My Saviour cares!

       Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares,
       His heart is filled with my grief;
       Though the days are dreary, the long nights weary,
       I know My Saviour cares!

No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus

       For no one ever cared for me like Jesus,
       There's no other Friend so kind & true,
       No one else could take that sin & sadness from me,
       Oh, how much He cares for you!

       I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus,
       How I found in Him a Friend so strong & true;
       I would tell you how He changed my life completely,
       He did something that no other friend could do.

       No one ever cared for me like Jesus,
       There's no other Friend so kind as He;
       No one else could take that sin & sadness from me,
       Oh, how much He cares for me!

       All my life was full of sin when Jesus found me,
       All my heart was full of misery & woe;
       Jesus placed His strong & loving arms around me,
       And He led me back the way I ought to go.

       No one ever cared for you like Jesus,
       There's no other Friend so kind & true;
       No one else can take that sin & sadness from you,
       Oh, how much He cares for you!

When the World Forgets

       Jesus remembers when the World forgets!
       Other friends may fail you, He is always true;
       He will heal your broken heart, burdened with regrets,
       Jesus still remembers when the World forgets.

       Are the days of long ago far sweeter than today?
       Has the love that once you knew grown cold & passed away?
       You may know the blessing of God's Love Who loves you still,
       Gladness still awaits you for your Saviour loves you still.

       For Jesus remembers when the World forgets,
       Other friends may fail you, He is always true.
       He will heal your broken heart, cumbered with regrets,
       Jesus still remembers when the World forgets!

O Love that Will Not Let Me Go

       O Love that will not let me go,
       I rest my weary soul in Thee;
       I give Thee back the life I owe,
       That in Thine ocean depths its flow
       May richer, fuller be!

       O Light that followest all my way,
       I yield my flick'ring torch to Thee;
       I give Thee back its borrowed ray,
       That in Thy sunshine's blaze its day
       May brighter, fairer be!
       May brighter, fairer be!

       9. "O Love that Will Not Let Me Go!"--I've told you the story of that, haven't I? Didn't I tell the story of how this man, Brother George Matheson, was a young preacher very deeply in love & soon to be married--within six months they were to be married--when suddenly the doctor told him that he was losing his eyesight & that within six months his eyesight would be totally gone, he would be completely blind forever, at least the rest of his life.

       10. He was heartbroken, of course, & he didn't feel it was fair to his loved one, his lover, his sweetheart, not to tell her & warn her & give her the choice of whether she wanted to go ahead with the marriage or not, if she loved him that much. He felt that if she really loved him, even if he went blind she would still love him & want to live with him & care for him.

       11. So he went to her house that night & they sat on the couch holding hands talking about this & that, & finally he said, "Honey, I've come to give you some very very sad news. And I think it's only fair to tell you so that you can make your own decision as to whether you want to go ahead with the marriage or not. I'm going blind & by our wedding date I will be completely blind, according to the doctor."

       12. He suddenly felt her hand loosen its grasp & her fingers slip slowly out of his, completely out of his hand, as she turned away, & with tears, she couldn't contain. She felt very bad, she knew that it was a terrible thing to do, so she just rose & silently, slowly left the room. And he knew what her answer was. So he walked, broken-hearted, back to his own home & went to his own study & sat down there & began to write this song about Jesus. (Sings:)

       O Love that will not let me go,
       I lift my weary heart to Thee;
       That in Thine ocean depths its flow
       May find the love I here do not know,
       And richer, fuller be!
       And richer, fuller be!

       13. And that's how that beautiful beautiful song came to be written. Sometimes I change the words a little bit, I used to do that often when I was singing.--Sometimes because I didn't like the way the words were written or I thought I could add a little something to change it a little bit, sometimes just because I forgot'm! Hallelujah! That's a beautiful song, amen? (Sings:)

       If We Could See Beyond Today

       For if we could see beyond today as God does see,
       If all the clouds would roll away, the shadows flee
       For present griefs we would not fret,
       Each sorrow we would soon forget,
       For many joys are waiting yet, for you & me!

       14. If she could have only seen beyond that day to what joy there could have been in real love, she would have saved herself & him that heartbreak. But at least it brought him back closer to the Lord.

       If we could know beyond today as God doth know,
       Why dearest treasures pass away & tears must flow.
       And why some darkness leads to light,
       Why dreary days will soon grow bright,
       Some day life's wrongs will be made right,
       Faith tells us so!

       If we could see, if we could know, we often say,
       But God in love a veil doth throw across our way.
       We cannot see what lies before,
       And so we cling to Him the more, (Dad weeps)
       He leads us till this life is o'er,
       Just trust & obey!

       15. PTL! Hallelujah! That was one of my Mother's favourite songs & I don't think I've ever been able to sing it without crying, I'm sorry. PTL! (Sings:) But that's why...

       I Have Nothing To Do With Tomorrow

       I have nothing to do with tomorrow,
       Its sunlight I never may see!
       So today with my plow in my furrow,
       In His Vineyard I faithful will be!

       I have nothing to do with tomorrow,
       My Saviour has made this His care.
       Its strength & its griefs I can't borrow,
       So why should I borrow its care?

       Other workers may gather the harvest,
       And reap from the fields I have sown;
       But if still I am faithful in sowing,
       I shall hear from my Master, "Well done!"

       So I've nothing to do with tomorrow,
       My Saviour has made that His care.
       Its grace & its strength I can't borrow,
       So why should I borrow its care?

       Praise God! Hallelujah! TYL! Isn't that a beautiful old song? (Sings:)

I Will Pilot Thee

       Though sometimes when my faith would falter,
       And no sunlight I can see,
       I just lift mine eyes to Jesus,
       And I whisper, "Pilot me."
       "Fear thou not for I am with thee,
       I will still thy Pilot be.
       Never mind these tossing billows,
       Take My hand & follow Me!"

       Often when my soul's so weary
       And the day seems just too long.
       I just look up to my Pilot
       And I hear this blessed song:
       "Fear thou not for I am with thee,
       I will still thy Pilot be!
       Never mind these tossing billows,
       Take My hand & trust in Me!"

       16. Hallelujah! TYJ! That was one of my Mother's favourites! There was hardly a time that I was asked to sing out in public or in a strange place or when maybe she felt a little down, she'd say, "David, please sing `I Will Pilot Thee'." That was one of her favourite songs. (Sings:)

       Some Through the Fire

       Some through the water, some through the flood,
       Some through the fire, but all through the blood!
       Some through great sorrow, but God leads along,
       In the night seasons & all the day long!

       17. Sometimes you're surprised where Jesus pilots you, you didn't expect to have to go through that, but He always takes you through it! When He leads you through the waters, He says they'll not overflow you, when you go through the fire you'll not be burned! So He sometimes leads you in unexpected places, but most of the time: (Sings:)

       In shady green pastures so rich & so sweet,
       God leads us dear children along;
       Where the water's cool flow bathes us weary ones' feet, (--Been out litnessing all day?)
       God leads His dear children along!

       Some through the fire, some through the flood,
       Some through deep waters, but all through the blood!
       Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song,
       In the night seasons & all the day long!

His Eye Is on the Sparrow

       For His eye is on the sparrow, & I know He watches me!
       I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free,
       For His eye is on the sparrow & I know He's watching me!

       So why should I be discouraged?
       Why should the shadows come?
       Why should my heart be weary,
       And long for Heav'n & Home?
       When Jesus is my portion, my constant friend is He:
       His eye is on the sparrow, (That's me!)
       And I know He watches me,
       His eye is on this sparrow, & I know He's watching me!

       Oh, let not your heart be troubled,
       His tender Words do hear.
       Just rest within His goodness,
       And lose your doubts & fears!
       Tho' by rough paths He leadeth,
       And only one step you'll see,
       His eye is on His sparrow, & I know He's watching thee!
       His eye is on the sparrow, & I know He's watching thee!

       18. That's an old-timer, amen? Praise God! Oh my Father, I can hear him sing that to this day! Often when he was a bit discouraged or felt a bit sad or things hadn't gone quite right, he'd just suddenly burst forth with that "Why should I be discouraged?--His eye is on the sparrow & I know He watches me!" He says, "Not one sparrow falleth, but what your Heavenly Father knoweth!"--Mat.10:29.

       19. Did you stumble today? Did you fall today? The Lord saw it, He cares, & He's going to hold you no matter what! Jesus is going to hold you! Even if you stumble & fall, the Lord will lift you up. So don't worry no matter how many times you stumble or how low you may fall, if you have Jesus & you love Jesus, you're His child. Just like one of your own children, you'd never desert them, you'd never cast them out, you'd never drive them away, no matter how many times they stumble or fall or hurt themselves or do the wrong thing or disobey. You're still their parent, you still love them, you'll always forgive & always take them back because they're your child, your own son or daughter, your own little one. They're yours forever, just like you are His forever, so He'll never leave nor forsake you, even unto the end of the World! He'll hold you fast! (Sings:)

       He Will Hold Me Fast!

       He will hold me fast!
       He will hold me fast!
       Though sometimes I fall so low,
       He still holds me fast!

       --Praise God?

My Anchor Holds!

       Tho' the angry surges roll
       O'er your tempest-driven soul,
       You'll be peaceful for you'll know,
       Wildly tho' the winds may blow!
       You've an anchor safe & sure,
       That shall evermore endure!
       Oh, your anchor holds!
       Blow your wildest, then, O gale!
       On our bark so small & frail,
       Praise God, we'll never fail,
       For our anchor holds, our anchor holds!

       --We don't have to hold, Jesus holds us, He's our Anchor! Praise God? (Sings:)

       Mighty tides about me sweep,
       Perils lurk within the deep,
       Angry clouds o'er-shade the sky,
       And the tempest rises high;
       Still I stand the tempest's shock,
       For I'm anchored to the Rock! (--Hallelujah!)

       And it holds, my anchor holds!
       Blow your wildest, then, O gale!
       Though my bark is small & frail,
       Praise God, I shall not fail,
       For my anchor holds, my anchor holds!

Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Tongues:)

       20. "Praise be forever to the One Who loves us so & has cared for their little father!" TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen! TYL! PTL! I started to say excuse me, but why should I say excuse me for the Holy Spirit? --One of God's most holy spirits, praise the Lord, dear Abrahim, my Guardian Angel! Every now & then he bursts out & talks through my mouth in his old Gypsy Romani language & gives me a little message of encouragement from the Lord.

       21. Like I'm your channel & I get messages from the Lord through my spirit helpers & my Guardian Angel, Abrahim is one of my channels & the Lord uses him to speak to me, many things for you that we've gotten. Sometimes the Lord just skips right over him & speaks directly, like through the voice of an Archangel, Michael or Gabriel or somebody, & then it's very very pure, beautiful, usually in direct prophecy, no tongues, just pure, sounds almost like beautiful old Shakespearean, Elisabethan English, the most beautiful English ever written or spoken.

       22. That's why the Lord let the King James Bible be translated into that English, it's the most beautiful English of all!--Knowing it was going to have to last for nearly 400 years. Praise God! Well, it's almost 400 years since 1611, it won't be long! Praise God!--And He knew that it was going to be the Bible of the most missionary-minded nations on the face of the Earth, England & America, who sent out more missionaries throughout the World than any other nations on the face of the Earth. They have been the most evangelical, the most fundamental & the most Spirit-filled & the most missionary-minded of all nations on the face of the Earth, & God has blessed them for it!--Until they forgot God.

       23. But now they have forgotten God, & God's Word says, "Every nation that forgets God shall be turned into Hell" & their Hell is soon to come!--First, no doubt, an atomic hell of Atomic War, Hell on Earth, created by Man himself.--Hell on Earth brought on by Man before God has to step in, finally, & save the World from complete destruction. Well, praise the Lord! Thank God He's still on the throne, amen? (Sings:)

       God Is Still on the Throne

       God is still on the throne, & He will remember His Own!
       Though trials may press us & burdens distress us,
       He never will leave us alone!
       God is still on His throne, He never forsaketh His Own.
       His promise is true, He will not forget you,
       God is still on His throne!

       Have you started for glory & Heaven?
       Have you left this old World far behind?
       In your heart is the Comforter dwelling?
       Can you say, "Praise the Lord, He is mine"?
       Have the ones that once walked with you on the highway,
       Gone back & you feel all alone?
       Keep your eyes on the prize for the Home in the skies,
       God is still on the Throne!

       God is still on the Throne, & He will remember His Own!
       Though trials may press us & burdens distress us,
       He never will leave us alone!
       God is still on His Throne, He never forsaketh His Own.
       His promise is true, He will not forget you!
       God is still on the Throne!

       God's still in command! God still rules the Universe! (Sings:)

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

       He's got the whole World in His hands!
       He's got the whole World in His hands!
       He's got the whole World in His hands!
       He's got the whole World in His hands!

       He's got you & me, brother, in His hands,
       He's got you & me, sister, in His hands,
       He's got you & me, brother, in His hands,
       He's got the whole World in His hands!

       --So what are you worrying about? Praise God! We're all in His hands! PTL? Hallelujah! TYL! So therefore: (Sings:)

I Trust in God

       I trust in God wherever I may be,
       Upon the land or on the rolling sea!
       For come what may, from day to day,
       My Heavenly Father watches over me!

       I trust in God, I know He cares for me,
       On mountain bleak or on that stormy sea!
       Though billows roll, He keeps my soul,
       My Heavenly Father watches over me! (--Hallelujah! TYL!)

       The valley may be dark, the shadows deep,
       But, oh, the Shepherd guards His lonely sheep.
       And through the gloom, He'll lead me Home,
       My Heavenly Father watches over me!

       (--And He watches over you too if you love Jesus!)

       Just trust in God, you'll know He cares for thee,
       On mountain bleak or on the stormy sea.
       Though billows roll, He'll keep your soul,
       Your Heavenly Father watches over thee!

       --Amen? Do you believe that? PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       24. Some of these I can remember my Father & my Mother singing! I'm singing you the old songs my Mother & my Father used to sing. It's her birthday, so I'm celebrating it by singing some of her favourite old songs.--And my Father's too because his birthday followed just a month later. So, praise the Lord! Why should I worry if I trust in God & I know my Heavenly Father's watching over me? I don't have to worry! Because I know if He's my Father...(Sings:)

       A Child of the King

       I'm a child of the King, a child of the King:
       With Jesus my Saviour, I'm a child of the King!

       My Father is rich in houses & lands,
       He holdeth the wealth of the World in His hands!
       Of rubies & diamonds of silver & gold,
       His coffers are full, He has riches untold!

       And I'm a child of that King, a child of this King:
       With Jesus my Saviour I'm a child of the King!

       So, a trailer or a cottage, a tent, why should I care?
       They're building a Mansion for me Over There!
       Of rubies & diamonds, of silver & gold,
       Oh glory to God, I have riches untold!

       For I'm a child of the King, a child of the King:
       With Jesus my Saviour, I'm a child of that King!
       You're a child of the King, a child of the King,
       With Jesus your Saviour, you're a child of the King!

       25. So what are you worried about? Your Father's the richest Person in the whole Universe! He owns it all! He owns those houses & lands that you need for your base or your refuge or your witnessing base or whatever. He owns tents & trailers & cottages, too, if you need one. And He owns the gold & silver too. (Sings:)

       He Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills

       He owns the cattle on a thousand hills,
       The wealth in every mine!
       He owns the water in the rocks & rills,
       The brilliant sun that shines!
       Wonderful riches more than tongue can tell,
       They are my Father's so they're mine as well!
       He owns the cattle on a thousand hills,
       I know He cares for me!

       26. I had to have some help from my dear, loving, sweet, always faithful, never failing Maria on that one! So I hope you didn't mind my getting a little bit of help, a little coaching from the sidelines, a little prompting! Sometimes you have to give your children the same when they're up performing, don't you? Well, I'm like her little boy & I'm just a little child to her sometimes & she has to baby me, & so she had to prompt me that time. I didn't know that song, but I like it & I've heard just enough that I knew those opening phrases, so I figured, "Well, what have I got to lose?"--Nothin' but the parts I don't know!--Ha! And she came right along faithfully as always, always filling in where I fail, always supplying the need where I don't quite make it.

       27. Ah, if you really knew who runs this outfit, if you really knew who has the main managerial responsibility, if you only knew who really carries the biggest burden of all while I have all the fun, she's sitting right over there! I wish you could see her, she's shaking her head & grinning, but it's true & she knows it's true! Of course, it's the Lord Who really runs it & has the burden & makes all the decisions, but she sure has the ear of the Lord & He sure has her ear, & sometimes even when I get off on the wrong track, she steers me back where I belong! If I overdo she scolds me & gets me to repent; if I'm a bit wild sometimes, she tames me down! And if I'm not wild enough, she fires me up! She's just the perfect mate, the perfect balance! She's the one that made me, she's the power behind the throne, besides Abrahim, God bless him, & of course the Lord most of all! But sometimes you need a neck to turn the head, you know?--And a heart to help the hand, & that's what she does for me! Praise God!

       28. Would you like to hear a few more songs? We've got to leave here pretty soon & I may not get time to sing them all unless I sing'm right now! See that poor old ragged bedraggled zipper case portfolio?--They used to call them briefcases, the folder the lawyer would carry his briefs in for his cases! But I've carried my songs & music in this poor old raggedy briefcase or portfolio now for let's see...I've had it since before I got married, & that was 40 years ago, think of that! I've had this old case 40 years! I hang onto it & I won't let Maria or anybody throw it away! It's been my faithful pal & companion & helper for 40 years & I certainly wouldn't want to forsake it now, so I still carry my music in it, all my old sheet music & Love Songs that I used to sing for weddings & just for plain romance! I'll try to find you some new ones here that I haven't sung you before, some of my old favourites I used to sing. Let's see if I can find some more of my Mother's old favourites, the ones that she used to like to sing.


       29. I've sung you quite a few of the songs on Salvation etc., we've sung you songs of Comfort, but it's about time you started comforting other people! I'd like to sing you a few songs on your duties to the Lord, your service for the Lord, your work for the Lord, to kind of remind you that you have certain responsibilities. Once the Lord has been so good to you & saved you & helped you & comforted you & takes care of you like we've been singing, remember, you're supposed to go out & do the same for others!

       30. That's the whole principle of the Law of Love, that's why we don't need any other commandments now! Jesus said, "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart & thy neighbour as thyself, in this is all the law & all the commandments!"--In this one Law of Love, to love God & your neighbours as yourself. So, if you love the Lord, you'll love others, & you'll try to love them like the Lord loved you, & You'll try to help them like Jesus has helped you, & you'll try to save them like Jesus has saved you. Amen?

       31. Oh, this is a beautiful little song, a real treat that I'd like to give you, if Mama would sing it with me! She could just sing it from her chair there, we could sing you a little duet! Did we ever sing "In the Garden" for them? Oh, we have sung it, oh all right. How about "I'd Rather Have Jesus"? Did I sing that, is that on one of the tapes? No? I doubt very much if this is on one of the tapes! How would you like to hear a different "I'd Rather Have Jesus"?--A good ol' Country-Western "I'd Rather Have Jesus"! I'll never forget the pair I heard sing this, they were really Country & really Western, 'way back in Oklahoma or Texas someplace! (Sings:)

I'd Rather Have Jesus!

       Men strive for the wealth of this wide wicked World,
       They seek after honour & fame.
       So lavishly sporting their diamonds & pearls,
       They put our dear Saviour to shame!

       But I'd rather live in Heaven
       Than to have all their silver & gold.
       I'd rather have Jesus,
       Than a palace full of diamonds to hold!
       I'd rather be a beggar,
       Live in a little trailer on the road,
       Than to have all Earth's treasures
       With no title to a Heavenly abode!

       (--Does that ring a chord, strike a bell, a responsive note?--If you folks are out on the road living for Jesus in tents, caravans, maybe just a sleeping bag!) (Sings:)

       They seem not to know that their treasures will rust,
       And thieves often break through & steal.
       Contented with pleasure & follow their lust,
       With sorrow their destinies seal!

       I'd rather live in Heaven,
       Than to have all Earth's silver & gold!
       I'd rather have Jesus
       Than the diamonds of a palace to hold. (I thought it was a palace full of diamonds!)
       I'd rather be a beggar,
       Live in a little tent by the road,
       Than to have all Earth's treasures,
       But no title to a Heavenly abode!

       What profit is found in Earth's silver & gold?
       How sad at the close of life's day,
       If for the exchange you must lose your own soul,
       From Heaven's door be turned away!

       Oh, I'd rather live in Heaven
       Than to have all Earth's silver & gold,
       Oh, I'd rather have Jesus
       Than the title to a palace to hold!
       I'd rather be a beggar,
       Live in a little trailer on the road,
       Than to have all Earth's treasures,
       But no title to a Heavenly abode!

       32. Well, something for everybody!--A little Country-&-Western for you! How about "Have I Done My Best for Jesus?", have we sung that for them? It would be on the top of the list. The others are old hymns that they can find in almost any hymnbook, but these are my specials, my special solos, special numbers we used to call'm, that only the soloists sang & seldom were sung by the audience, therefore you seldom found them in a hymnbook, & therefore they tickled the people's ears by something new! "The people seek a new thing", they like to hear new songs, so I always tried to sing some new songs. Well, these songs are not so new any more, they're pretty much old-timers by now. But if that's not on that list, well, praise the Lord, I'll sing you some which maybe you haven't heard before & are not on our previous tapes, the tapes which we made for you before. This is:

Have You Done Your Best for Jesus?

       I wonder have you given your best for Jesus,
       Who died upon that cruel tree!
       To think of His great sacrifice on Cal'vry,
       I know the Lord expects the best from thee.

       How many are the lost that you have lifted?
       How many are the chained you helped to free?
       I wonder have you done your best for Jesus?
       When He has done so much for thee!

       The hours that we have wasted are so many,
       The hours we've spent for Christ so few.
       Because of all our lack of love for Jesus,
       I wonder if His heart is breaking too?

       How many are the lost that we have lifted?
       How many are the chained we've helped to free?
       I wonder have we done our best for Jesus,
       When He has done so much for me?

       33. PTL! That's one to think over. Amen? Praise God! TYL! Have you done your best for Jesus? You say, "Well, I go to church every Sunday & I put my coin in the offering, I think I've done my little duty for God & He ought to appreciate me & reward me with a Heavenly Mansion since I've professed to be a Christian." Well, Beloved, I think you're going to have to try to do a little more than that if you're expecting to get much of a reward.

       34. You may wind up in that little shack in shantytown that I told the story about last night!--About the old rich lady who hadn't sent Up very much material for her Mansion because she hadn't given much to the Lord or done much for others or served Jesus, & therefore she didn't get much of a reward. She was saved, she was in the Heavenly City, she was in Heaven, but oh, what a little tiny grass shack she got for her reward since she hadn't sent Up very much material to build it! She hadn't given very much to the Lord for His Work or His missionaries. So you'd better do your best for Jesus! PTL? So when you meet Him face-to-face He can say, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" Praise God! (Sings:)

What Shall I Give Thee, Master?

       What shall I give Thee, Master,
       Thou Who didst die for me?
       Shall I give less of what I possess
       When Thou gavest all to me?

       What shall I give Thee, Master?
       Thou hast given all for me!
       Thou didst leave Thy Home Above
       To die on Calvary!

       What shall I give Thee, Master?
       Thou hast given all for me!
       Not just a part, or half of my heart,
       I will give all to Thee!

       (--It's been a long time since I've sung some of these old songs!)

       What shall I give Thee, Master?
       Thou hast redeemed my soul.
       My gift is small but it is my all
       Surrendered to Thy control!

       Jesus my Lord & Saviour,
       Thou hadst given all for me!
       Thou didst leave Thy Home Above
       To die on Calvary!

       What can I give Thee, Master?
       Thou hast given all for me!
       Not just a part, or half of my heart,
       I must give all to Thee!

       35. That's a beautiful old song! I don't know whether I got that just right or not, but maybe our musicians can straighten it out. PTL! (Sings:)

       Will I Empty-Handed Be?

       Or will I empty-handed be, when I stand beside the sea?
       I shall stand before the Everlasting Throne.
       Must I have a heart of shame, when I answer to my name,
       With no works that my Redeemer there can own.

       When the harvest days are past,
       Shall I hear Him say at last,
       "Welcome, toiler, I've prepared for thee a place."
       Shall I bring Home golden sheaves,
       Ripened fruit, not just faded leaves?
       When I see my blessed Saviour face-to-face!

       When those Books are opened wide
       And the deeds of all are tried
       May I have a record whiter than the snow?
       When my race on Earth is run,
       Will I hear Him say, "Well done!
       Take the crown that Love Immortal doth bestow."

       Or will I empty-handed be, when I stand beside that sea?
       I shall stand before His Everlasting Throne.
       Must I have a heart of shame, when I answer to my name,
       With no works that my Redeemer there can own.

       36. --Will you be empty-handed? I hope not. I hope you come home bringing in the sheaves!

       Bringing in the Sheaves!

       Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
       We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves!
       Bringing in the sheaves (Arms loaded!)
       Bringing in the sheaves (With souls!)
       We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves!

       --Hallelujah! TYL! "He that goeth forth with weeping, shall surely come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him!"--Psa.126:6. Praise God! (Sings:)

It Pays to Serve Jesus!

       It pays to serve Jesus, it pays every day,
       It pays every step of this life's weary way.
       Though the pathway to Glory may sometimes be drear,
       You'll be happy each step of the way!

       The service of Jesus true pleasure affords,
       In Him there is joy without an alloy!
       'Tis Heaven to trust Him & rest in His Words,
       It pays to serve Jesus each day!

       It pays to serve Jesus, it pays every day,
       It pays every step, every step of life's way
       Though the pathway to Glory may sometimes seem drear,
       You'll be happy every step of the way!

       It pays to serve Jesus whate'er may betide,
       It pays to be true, whatever you do!
       'Tis riches of mercy in Him to abide,
       It pays to serve Jesus each day!

       It pays to serve Jesus, it pays every day,
       It pays every step, every step of the way!
       Oh, the pathway to glory may sometimes be drear,
       But you'll be happy each step of the way!

       37. Well, I sang it in the basement the first time, & I sang it up in Heaven the second time! Our poor musicians, our poor pure musicians who try to give some musical accompaniment to this, they're gonna have a problem if I don't try to hit the right key for this. I don't have any pitch pipe or any piano, I just have to trust in the pitch the Lord has given & usually I can hit it pretty good. My problem with this song is it used to be a quartet that we used to sing together, & I was used to singing sometimes the tenor or sometimes the alto, the harmony, instead of the melody. So now I'm finding it a little bit difficult to pitch it in the right key. Now you be patient with me, I'll see if I can get it this time. But if I don't, I'm gonna sing it anyway, OK? You like it? I love it, it's one of my favourite old songs! (Sings:)

       Though sometimes the shadows may hang o'er the way
       And sorrows may come & beckon us home.
       Our precious Redeemer our toil will repay,
       It pays to serve Jesus each day!

       It pays to serve Jesus, it pays every day!
       It pays every step, every step of the day.
       Though the pathway to Glory may sometimes seem drear
       You'll be happy each step of the way! (Got it!)

       It pays to serve Jesus, it pays every day!
       (Sing it with me!)
       It pays every step, every step of life's way.
       Though the pathway to Glory may sometimes seem drear,
       You'll be happy if you keep in God's Way!

       38. PTL! Hallelujah! Ah, that's one of my old favourites, I'm glad I finally got it right! I had to do a little praying & ask the Lord for the perfect pitch. TYJ! If you can't make it, don't quit, keep trying! PTL? The mail must go through, the act must go on, the show must go on, they say! Well, just like it is in this life with the Lord in His service, no matter how many mistakes you make, you can't quit! You've gotta keep goin'! If you little kids are up there singing for the Lord, or you're out on the street corner or on the platform singing for Jesus, don't let it worry you just 'cause you make a little mistake or so, look how many mistakes I make in one night! I got off key several times, missed a few notes, forgot the words, made'm up! Well, just keep on pluggin' ahead!

       39. --Like the time I told you about my Father who was on his way to sing his first solo as the special soloist for my Grandfather! He'd just married his daughter, my Mother. So when his wife's father, the great evangelist, heard that her new husband was a singer, he immediately invited him to come sing for his next evangelistic meeting. So he typed out the words of the song very carefully on a little card, he always used a little filing card. He'd type the words on the filing card so he could hold it sort of half-hidden in his hand so it wouldn't be a distraction to the audience, like all these big pieces of music are to you! I'm sorry, but I don't have'm all typed on a card. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't type'm the way my Dad did that time on the train!

       40. He was typing on the train & the track was a little rough. He meant to shift to the next line, & somehow or another the carriage bounced right back to the same line he'd been typing on. He touch-typed so he wasn't watching what he was typing, but he was watching the copy to get the words of the song, & he didn't re-check the song after he'd finished typing.

       41. So when he got up to sing his first solo for his new father-in-law in his first evangelistic meeting, the first night he got up & he began fine, he was just going strong. And all of a sudden he came to two lines which were totally illegible, he'd typed one line on top of the other. So did he stop, did he apologise, did he quit, did he just mumble? Well, he sort of mumble-jumbled, but he just kept on singing, he sort of made up the words as he went along!

       42. My Mother asked him afterwards, she said, "Daddy, I never knew you spoke in tongues!--Or what language was that you were singing in? I couldn't understand some of those words!"--Ha! So if you're in show business like most of our Family, just keep going--& this is show business, Gospel show business for the Lord! We're out to show the folks the Love of God! We're out to show them the Gospel, right? That's our job, show business for the Lord, it's to show people the Love of God! Right? Isn't that what we're supposed to be doing? Well, sure, so it's show business!

       43. So just because you make a few mistakes once in awhile, don't let it bother you, keep on forging ahead, just plunge ahead & maybe sing a little bit in tongues if you forgot the words or make up the words as you go along & just keep singing anyway! Most of your audience probably won't know the difference anyhow, they won't know whether you're on-key or off-key or if those are the right words or what language you're singing in!--If you'll just be confident & keep smiling & just keep going on just like I have here tonight & other nights, even when I forgot the words or got off the key. You didn't even know the difference, did you? That's show biz! You've gotta keep goin'! The show must go on! Praise God!

       44. You've gotta keep on goin' for the Lord in this life too! It doesn't matter how many mistakes you make, how many stumbles & falls & how many times you get off the track, you've just gotta keep trying, you've gotta keep on goin'! Even if you keep on cryin', you've gotta keep on tryin', & try to get back on the track & try to keep on going for God! Keep going for God! Praise God? KGFG, keep going for God! PTL! Hallelujah! Isn't that beautiful? "It Pays To Serve Jesus!" Did you like that one? This is "I Am Happy in Him", did I sing that one yet? Well, that's why: (Sings:)

I Am Happy in Him!

       I am happy in Him! I am happy in Him!
       My soul with delight serves Jesus day & night,
       That's why I'm happy in Him!

       My soul is so happy in Jesus,
       For He is so precious to me.
       His Voice, it is music to hear it,
       His Face, it is Heaven to see!

       I am happy in Him, I am happy in Him!
       My soul with delight serves Jesus day & night,
       That's why I'm happy in Him!

       --You won't find it written exactly that way, because that's the way I like to sing it about serving Jesus! PTL? Amen? (Sings:)

       He sought me so long ere I knew Him,
       When wandering afar from the fold.
       Safe home in His arms He hath brought me,
       To where there are pleasures untold! (See what I mean?)

       I am happy, yes, happy in Him!
       I am happy, I'm happy in Him!
       My soul with delight, He fills day & night,
       For I am happy in Him!

       45. Do you like that old song?--One of my old favourites! Praise God! Ah, here's one the children will love! I know they like this old song because we used to have a real good illustrated skit to this old song. I used to love it when I was a little boy about David's age. Music was my life, music in a way was my first love in the Lord's Work, because I was a singer. Of course, the Lord is my first Love, but I mean in the forms of His service, music was my first love. And then, of all things, I got to preachin' like I do some nights here on the show & almost forget to finish my singin'!

       46. And then I got to where I couldn't even preach any more because I didn't even have any congregations, & I was far far away in a foreign distant land & nobody to preach to but my wife, my dear little Maria! GBH! So I stormed away at her, I paced up & down the floor, gesticulating & yelling & preaching away, while she rattled it out on the typewriter & we sent it to you in a Letter, & that's how those Letters began! Well, after all these years of writing Letters, I surely thought I would never sing again. Oh, I sang you a few little songs a few years ago. Most of you have them, you play'm.--I hope you like'm, I hope you play'm! Even if you don't like my singin', the songs are good & you ought to let your children hear them & learn these dear old precious old songs of the Saints!

       47. You're going to meet some of those Saints one of these days Up There who love the Lord, & a lot of them love the Lord just as much if not more than you do, & serve the Lord just as much if not more than you do! --And they sang these songs certainly more than you do! So they'd be a little disappointed when you're sittin' in the park Up There with them & they lead out in one of these dear old songs & all you ex-hippies & ex-drugsters & everything else are sitting there & you don't know a word, & you make'm sing a solo all by themselves!

       48. We're really going to have fun up in Heaven! I mean to tell you like I told you before, we're going to be sittin' on park benches playing guitars & singing our old songs, or we'll be sittin' out in the park or on the banks of the River & we're going to have lots of music Up There! The same songs you're singing here, you'll be able to sing a lot of them right Up There too! PTL!

       49. This is a cute little song! It really is about living your life for the Lord & serving Jesus! When I was a little boy my Mother used to take my electric train & she set it up on the platform on a big board. She had this train up there & she called it "Life's Railway to Heaven", that's the name of this song too, & she had me sing this song about a railroad when I was about 7 or 8 years of age. And then she would preach about this railroad. She would talk about all the hazards & all the trials & triumphs of the Railroad to Heaven, our road to Heaven in this Life's Railroad to Heaven. --And how the Lord helps us with these things & gives us the victory & removes the obstacles that try to prevent us from getting there, & the Devil's tricks & tracks etc.

       50. And then she would use the railroad to say, "But there's another railroad! Some people are railroading their way straight to Hell! But do you know what God does in that case? You're railroading your way straight to Hell & He puts obstacles on your path to try to stop you: Death in the family, an accident, a loss of a lot of money, sickness."--And she'd put these different boxes & things labeled with the name of these things on the track, all these things God puts on your track to try to stop you from going to Hell.

       51. And she'd take my little train & she'd say, "But you just go ahead & push'm off anyhow!"--And she'd just push the little box off the track, & push the next obstacle off the track, & push the next obstacle off the track, like that! She'd say, "You know what you're doing? You are fighting your way to Hell in spite of everything God can do to stop you!" Is that what you're doing? I hope not! Thank God we Christians are chuggin' our way to Heaven in spite of everything the Devil can do to stop us! PTL! (Sings:)

Life's Railway to Heaven!

       Our life is like a mountain railroad,
       With an engineer that's brave!
       We must make the run successful,
       From the cradle to the grave.
       Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels,
       Never falter, never fail,
       Keep your hand upon the throttle
       And your eye upon the rail!
       Blessed Jesus, Thou wilt guide us
       Till we reach that blissful Shore,
       Where the Angels wait to join us
       In Thy praise forever more!

       Do you like that one? You kids want another verse?

       You will roll up grades of trial,
       You will cross a bridge of strife.
       See that Christ is your Conductor
       On this speeding Train of Life!
       Always mindful of obstructions,
       Do your duty, never fail.
       Keep your hand upon the throttle
       And your eye upon God's Rail!

       (--That's the Word, of course. The throttle, that's the one that gives it the steam, you know? And you've gotta keep your hand on the throttle to make sure you're going right!)

       You will often find obstruction,
       Look for storms of wind & rain
       On a fill or curve or trestle,
       They will almost ditch your train.
       Put your trust alone in Jesus,
       Never falter, never fail.
       Keep your hand upon the throttle
       And your eye upon the rail.
       Precious Saviour, Thou wilt guide us
       Till we reach that blissful Shore
       Where the Angels There will join us,
       In Thy praise forever more!

       52. Hallelujah! TYJ! Well, that's the old "Life's Railroad" & you've kind of gotta really pray the Lord'll help you live the right kind of life to stay on the right track, so you'll make sure you'll get to the right station! Amen? PTL! And we need to pray to do that, don't we? (Sings:)

       "Dear Lord, Forgive!"

       If I have wounded any soul today,
       If I have caused some foot to go astray.
       If I have walked in my own wilful way,
       Dear Lord, forgive.

       If I have uttered idle words & vain,
       If I have turned aside from want or pain.
       Lest I offend some other through the strain,
       Dear Lord, forgive. (--Isn't that a beautiful song?)

       Forgive the sins I have confessed to Thee.
       Forgive the secret sins I may not see.
       Oh, guide me, love me, & my Keeper be,
       Dear Jesus, Amen!

       53. PTL! Isn't that a sweet song? Isn't that a good prayer? Maybe you need to learn it & pray it! Praise God! Amen? (Sings:)

       "Make Me a Blessing!"

       Make me a blessing, make me a blessing,
       Out of my life let Jesus shine!
       Make me a blessing, O Saviour, I pray Thee my Saviour!
       Make me a blessing to someone today!

       Out on the highways & byways of life,
       Many are weary & sad.
       Carry the sunshine where darkness is rife
       Making the sorrowing glad.

       Make me a blessing, O make me a blessing!
       Out of my life let Jesus shine!
       Make me a blessing, O Saviour, I pray Thee my Saviour!
       Make me a blessing to someone today!

       54. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! That was "Make Me a Blessing". Well, praise the Lord! I think I sang this one, "What Shall I Give Thee, Master?" I sang it tonight, didn't I? "What shall I give Thee, Master? Thou hast done all for me!" Well, if you folks out there don't remember these songs any better than my camera crew, God help you!--Ha! God bless'm! Well, I have sung a lot of songs tonight. I don't expect you to remember them all, much less learn them all. But if one of them just happens to strike a responsive chord in your heart, & one just seems to touch your soul & give you peace of mind or comfort your heart in some way, it just seems to kind of get through to you & get under your skin, well, that's the one for you to play over & over & learn it so you can sing it too, & your children too! Amen?

       55. You don't have to like'm all! It's kind of like the guy said about the beauty contest. They're always picking winners, you know. Well, that's my problem, I love'm all! That's my problem in a beauty contest too. I don't see how they can turn down any of those pretty girls, there's hardly ever an ugly one or a homely one or she wouldn't be in the contest. There are some that I think I might like a little less, maybe, than some of the rest, & some that I might like a little more & think they're the best. But I think it's almost inhumane & cruel to have all those poor girls up there on a platform & only pick out one winner & two runners-up. That's sad!

       56. I think they ought to tell'm, "Well, you're all winners or you wouldn't be here!" They are! They've all won contests other places & that's why they're in the Miss World Contest or the Miss Universe or the Miss whatever-it-is. Sometimes they miss it for sure! But like the fella said, "You know why they call you Miss?" She said, "Because I've been missed!" That was the little old maid I'm talking about now! Ahem! Well, anyhow, those girls sure haven't been missed! I like to watch those beauty contests. God bless our TV man who records & sends us those shows. I think they're beautiful, the most beautiful things God ever made! God's crowning creation was a woman, God's Gift of Love to us men. Well, maybe some of you men think you're God's gift to women, but I think you women are God's Gift to us! GBY!

       57. But it's hard for me to pick out a winner, I love'm all! I love all these songs! But maybe one or two of them will just kind of stick in your heart, stick in your mind & your ear & you'll just go around hummin' it all day, it kind of sticks with you! And if you're trying to think of those words, "Now how did that song go?" Well, you can go back to this tape now & hear it over again & learn the words! And maybe some day we'll get out a songbook with the words of all these songs in it that we have on our tapes, praise God! Oh, here's one I love! (Sings:)

"Follow Me!"

       I hear my risen Saviour say,
       Follow Me, follow Me, follow Me!
       His Voice is calling all the day,
       Follow Me, follow Me, follow Me!

       For thee I trod the bitter way,
       For thee I gave My life away,
       And drank the gall thy debt to pay,
       Follow Me, follow Me, follow Me!

       (--He did all that for you, how can you do less than follow Him?)

       Tho' thou hast sinned, I'll pardon thee.
       Follow Me, follow Me, follow Me!
       From ev'ry sin I'll pardon thee,
       Follow Me, follow Me, follow Me!

       In all thy changing life I'll be
       Thy God, thy Guide on land or sea.
       Thy blood thro' all Eternity
       Follow Me, follow Me, follow Me!

       58. Isn't that a beautiful old song? I'll never forget the first time I ever heard that old song, I thought two of the prettiest girls in this whole World, just like two Angels, had come down from God out of Heaven to sing in our church. It wasn't our church, it was the pastor's church, & one of them was his daughter. And I'll tell you, when she got through singing that song, I followed! I was already following Jesus, she's the one I followed out of the church to make her acquaintance, to make sure I met her. And I'll never forget, I almost married that girl, God bless her, a little girl way out in California, whose name was Vera Bean, of all the funny names! And I'll never forget, we lived in the same house with her father, he'd been quite a wild guy in his day & he was quite a wild preacher, he was a character, & his daughter was a bit, ahem, like him too! We had quite a few good times together till we got caught by some of the church members in the park one day, & that put an end to that!

       59. And when I left there I wanted her to follow me, & I said, "Follow me, follow me, follow me!" But her Daddy said, "No!" Like the little Japanese song: (Sings:)

       "My Mama & my Papa say no can do, no can do, no can do!
       My Mama & my Papa say, no can do, no can do, pitch the woo!
       Mama & Papa say, no can do, no can do, pitch the woo!
       Mama & Papa say, no can do!"

       60. Well, that's what her Daddy said to me, "No can do! You guys aren't married yet & you're only 17", & that was considered very young to get married in those days, isn't that terrible? I was dyin' for a woman, for sex, to get married!--Full of love & romance & passion, sang love songs to all the girls one after the other! I was like a sailor with one in every port. As an evangelistic singer we travelled around, we'd spend two, three, four weeks in each new church, new town, & of course I'd promptly fall in love with some girl there in the church & she'd fall in love with me, & we'd go out together & have a good time. Of course, we never went quite as far as some young people do today. I mean, if we just even held hands walking through the park, that was quite something! And if in saying goodnight I'd give her a little kiss on the cheek, ah, my heart would go pitty-pat!

       61. So when I left I wanted her to follow me, but her Daddy said, "No, no, she's too young!" Well, her Daddy would have done better to let her marry me then, because she was a marvellous singer, wonderful pianist, terrific & beautiful, & whew, a hot lover! I think that's the most lovin' I got in I don't know when. We never went all the way, but we sure did some mighty strong kissin' & huggin'! They used to call it "neckin'" or "sparkin'" or "spoonin'"! They had all kinds of words for it when I was young.

       62. {\ul And like I told you, my brother came home from college & he said, `Dave, you know I can prove that Solomon believed in necking, necking is in the Bible!"} I said, "Come on!" He said, "Yes, it says that Solomon invited the Queen of Sheba to come to his palace & he gave her wine & nectar (necked her)!" Some of you folks will get the point of that joke. You'll have to explain it to your little kids, that nectar was a rich sweet wine, kind of a fruit juice. He gave her wine & nectar! Jokes that you have to explain are not so hot, are they?--Ha! But since we don't all speak English, it's a little difficult.

       63. Well anyhow, that was "Follow Me", & I followed, right out of the church into the park, & we had a very wonderful time! PTL! But that poor little girl, she ran off & married a sailor. Nothing wrong with sailors, mind you now! Don't misunderstand me, sailors! I mean, there's nothing wrong with sailors, you sailors ought to know! You're all nice boys, good boys, you only have one girl at home in the home port, or one wife & one family, right?--Or am I wrong? Sailors are pretty notorious about having one in every port, even several wives & families in several different ports, believe it or not! Well, she found her sailor, anyhow, & I don't know whether he was Barnacle Bill or who, but anyhow, she asked him to come up & see her sometime, & he did, & it lasted for a long time. And I wept & it was said that she even wept at her wedding, because by that time I was married!

       64. Well, praise the Lord! Are we about done here or where are we? On which hour? Oh my! I think I'd better quit tonight, I overdid last night. Well, I just want to sing you a beautiful song or two here that I was going to sing you. (Sings:)

       Is Your All on the Altar of Sacrifice Laid?

       Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?
       Your heart does the Spirit control?
       You can only be blessed & have peace & sweet rest,
       As you yield Him your body & soul!

       You have longed for sweet peace & for faith to increase
       And have earnestly, fervently prayed.
       But you cannot have rest, or be perfectly blessed,
       Until your all on His altar is laid!

       (--That means complete yieldedness to the Lord & His Service, His Will for your life.)

       Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?
       In your heart does the Spirit control?
       You have longed for sweet rest
       And for your heart to be blessed,
       (But you'll never have it)
       Till your all on the altar is laid!

       65. And my last one for tonight I'd like to sing you, I hope we have time, is one of my favourite songs, one of the dearest old songs that I often sang, reminding me of my duty to the Lord & to others, & I leave it with you tonight as our last song of this particular series of Songs of Service & Comfort. (Sings:)

       To Love Someone More Dearly Every Day!

       To love someone more dearly every day,
       To help a wandering soul to find his way,
       To ponder o'er His Holy Word & pray,
       And pray when evening comes,
       And smile when evening comes: This is my task.

       To follow Truth as blind men long for light,
       To do my best from dawn of day till night,
       To keep my heart fit for His Holy sight
       And answer when He calls
       And answer when He calls: This is my task.

       And then my Saviour by & by I'll see,
       When faith hath made our task on Earth complete,
       And lay my homage at my Master's feet,
       Within those jasper walls,
       Within those jasper walls: This crowns my task!

       66. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!--In Jesus' name, amen. TYL! God bless you and make you a blessing! May that be your task.--In Jesus' name. Amen! X! Good night! I'll see you Over There, PTL!--Or maybe on the next video. Come back again, God willing! I love you! Good night! Thanks for listening!
       --GBAKY!--Whatever you do, KGFG!--JESUS NEVER FAILS!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family