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THE BEGINNING OF THE END!       12/88       DO 2490
--It's Now Begun!
--The Meaning of Current Mideast Developments!

       1. It's just absolutely infuriating for the U.S. to prohibit Arafat from making his speech to the U.N. in New York! It's so obvious why the U.S. has rejected him. It doesn't have anything to do with terrorism, except that the U.S. is terrorised by the Jews! They're not nearly as afraid of Arafat as they are of the Jews!--That's who they're afraid of, & that's why they won't even give him a visa, because of the uproar the Jews will make!

       2. But the funny thing is now that the Palestinian government is becoming legitimate, I believe a lot of the progressive modern secular Jews are going to raise an uproar because the U.S. wouldn't allow Arafat in. The rest of the World is going to be infuriated, too. The U.S. is being totally repressive, oppressive, biased, unfair, aggressive, everything.--All the bad words you can think of in preventing the poor little Palestinians from having their own state.--All because of the Jews!

       3. [DELETED] It makes me furious at the unfairness of the American government [DELETED] making the excuse that it's because Arafat is connected with terrorism!

       4. Good night, the last two Prime Ministers of Israel have been terrorists, horrible terrorists! They personally wiped out & massacred whole villages of innocent Arab men, women & children!

       5. And they're making the excuse that because the Palestinian State was unilaterally declared, it's invalid. What the Hell do they think the American Declaration of Independence was?--It was unilateral! King George of Britain didn't join together with the Colonial Congress & cheerfully declare independence for the U.S.! The U.S. declared it! The American colonies declared that Declaration of Independence totally independently of Britain, or it never would have been declared!

       6. If they hadn't declared it before they were a country, against the wishes of the occupying force of Britain, it never would have been declared & they never would have won it either! So as far as I'm concerned, that is one more nail in both Israel's & the U.S.' coffin! Because the World is going to demand justice for the Palestinians & I don't think it is going to be very far away. TYL! In Jesus' name!

       7. That entire fracas with the U.S. refusing Arafat entry wouldn't have happened if they had built the U.N. in Europe. That's the big mistake they made. The U.S. can control the U.N. Most of the nations didn't want to build it in New York. They thought it would be better to have it in some more neutral place, & they were right!


       8. Lord bless & keep Arafat & keep him alive so he can make that speech. Keep him from his enemies, Lord. There're plenty of people who would love to kill him, especially people from Israel because they know his speech is going to make people sympathise with the Palestinians.
+ + +


       (Several days later, after the whole Staff prayed together for the victory of Arafat & the PLO:)
       9. Things are really moving! The Palestinians had to say it three or four times to make the U.S. believe it.--That they recognise Israel's right to exist & that they renounce all terrorism. It's wonderful news, thank the Lord, we're getting closer to the End!

       10. Watch the Israelis do something themselves now & blame it on the PLO.--"A proven act of PLO terrorism!" They'll probably try to implicate the PLO in some proven act of terrorism. (Maria: I wouldn't put that past them at all.)

       11. World opinion & probably a lot of undercover, under-the-table pressure is responsible for the U.S. changing their mind & recognising the PLO, since everyone else in the World voted for it.

       12. If the Palestinians hadn't waged that warfare, the warfare of youth & children in the streets over the past year, they wouldn't have won this victory. If they hadn't sacrificed their lives & their liberty to fight for their freedom, they wouldn't have reached this goal.

       13. The whole rest of the World has now voted that the Palestinians should have a State of their own. I think the U.S. finally came to the conclusion that they had to go along with the PLO because the whole World was turning against them. That last vote in the U.N. to move to Geneva to hear Arafat's speech turned everybody against the U.S. & Israel. I think that finally pounded some sense into them.

       14. There is only one way this could possibly go. And it's the way it's going, thanks to World pressure. I think that was a real shock to the U.S. that everybody in the U.N., the entire vote was to hear Arafat fairly. When the U.S. wouldn't even let him in, they were all willing to move the entire U.N. meeting to Geneva to hear him! I think that nearly stunned the United States.

       15. Israel is so stubborn, there's nothing that gets through their thick skin! They're so totally unreasonable & unfair. They expect the World to be against them. They don't give a damn whether it's against them or not! They're going to go on their own God-damned way no matter if the whole World is against them!--Including the U.S.A.! Watch'm, they're going to do it now!

       16. Then from there, there's only one way it can go, & that is that the U.N. is going to have to abide by its own division of Palestine, which was made clear back in 1949, a year after Israel announced its independence as a nation. At that time the maps were clearly marked, the U.N. voted on the exact boundaries, the exact places that the boundaries should go & the map came out in all of the papers everywhere: "This is what the United Nations decided & this is where the boundaries are to go." And you could clearly see the two states of Israel & Palestine bordering each other.

       17. The U.N. said that that's the way it should be done. Now they're going to have to live up to their own plan, their own pattern; otherwise they're denying their own solution. They've got to live up to it. The U.N. voted for it in 1949 & it was an outstanding vote.--The U.N.'s vote to divide Palestine into an Israeli State & a Palestinian State.

       18. Most of them have already stated that that is the solution. Now Palestine has finally agreed to it. They never would agree to it before, but now they've agreed to that original division, that the decision made by the U.N. 40 years ago is the way to solve the problem.

       19. That's when Israel started its wars against the Arabs. It absolutely rebelled against the U.N. decision & it fought against it & it went to war with the Palestinians & the Arabs & it eventually, of course, with all of its heavy armaments furnished by the U.S., defeated & drove out most of the Arabs.

       20. So the U.N. is going to have to live up to its original plan, with perhaps some minor modifications or compromises of this, that or the other. But they are going to have to decide & decree that Israel is going to have to back out of the so-called occupied territories.

       21. How is Israel going to take that? Well, they're not going to take it! Stubborn Jews like Shamir & Menachim Begin are going to absolutely rebel, & all the Rabbis & all of those Orthodox hardliners, they are going to flatly reject such a decision & flatly refuse to budge & say they will not do it! They have particularly said, "We will never give up Jerusalem!"--Which they captured & took away from the Palestinians in the '67 war. I'm referring to Old Jerusalem. They have their New Jerusalem, a big modern city that they've had ever since they declared themselves a state in 1948.

       22. But in the '67 war, they grabbed Old Jerusalem, which is what all the Palestinians are demanding be returned to them.--The old city within the old walls of Old Jerusalem. The Jews grabbed it in 1967 & said, "We will never let it go!" And they've made that statement ever since, the hardliners.--"We will never give up Jerusalem!" (Maria: Because it was the site of the old Temple. But it's occupied mostly by Arabs, isn't it?)

       23. For years it was only Palestinians. But in recent years the Jews began colonising it & putting in as many Jews as they could.--Squeezing'm in here, condemning this property there & grabbing that property there & filling old Arab Jerusalem with Jews. And they've said they will never give it up. "Whatever we give up, we'll never give up Jerusalem!"

       24. So that's what they'll stick to! They will never voluntarily yield! I've said that time & time again. The only way they are ever going to give up one inch of the Israeli-occupied Arab territories is just exactly as Shamir said, "Over our dead bodies!"--He said, "We will not give up one inch, not one square inch!"--Of what they call Israel. "Never!"


       25. The U.N. will vote that Israel should return the occupied territories, & demand, "You've got to give back Old Jerusalem!" But Israel will flatly refuse. Then--probably with the Antichrist's help--the U.N. will say, "Well, we'll make a compromise. We will internationalise the city & make it accessible to all races, all peoples, all religions."--Because it's already got three religions there & three of the most holy places of those religions--"We will internationalise it & make it accessible, available, open to all." In other words, make it U.N. territory, U.N.-governed & guarded territory to ensure its accessibility to all.

       26. And they will say to Israel, "You've still got to give up these occupied territories to make a Palestinian State. We're willing to internationalise Jerusalem, but you've got to get out of the rest of the Palestinian State!" Of course, the Israelis will refuse to do either one, flatly refuse. And that's just about time for the Antichrist to come along & become the World dictator, the guy with enough force & power & guts to tell the Jews off! He'll probably be the Head of the U.N. by that time & they'll have U.N. forces combined with his own forces. Of course, it's got something to do with Russia as well.

       27. He'll tell Israel, "You either get out or we're going to put you out! This is a fair decision. The whole World has voted for it. I am for it & I am going to enforce it with our new U.N. worldwide army! You've got to follow the will of the people of the World, they all want you to get out! The Palestinians have the right to their own State. And either you, Israel, get out willingly, voluntarily, or we're coming in to throw you out!"

       28. It's right in the Bible, there's nothing new about that! It's all right in the Bible. That's when the big invasion of Israel comes, when the forces of the North come down & invade Israel & enforce the decisions of the United Nations & kick the Jews out of the part of Israel which the U.N. decided must be returned to the Palestinians. And that's when some of those big battles come &, according to the Bible, the United Nations wins, led by this nation of the North & its superman, the Antichrist! (See Eze.38 & Dan.11!)

       29. So there is victory coming for the Palestinians! And of course, it's obvious that this great Northern power who backs the decisions of the U.N. to return half of Israel to the Palestinians is Russia. And it's obvious that the U.S. is going to resist it & side with Israel. Although they have now agreed to recognise the PLO, when they come to the crunch, the Jews of America will get the United States into war. [DELETED]

       30. So, it's all going to come out just like the Bible predicts, because those were God's Prophets who spoke God's Words. They predicted God's Future, & the Jews have got to take their punishment. He let'm come back & got'm all together.--How else can He better punish'm unless He gets'm together--especially the most stubborn & unreasonable, unfair, cruel ones, those who are running Israel right now. How could He better punish'm than to put them into the hand, the grip of the Antichrist?--And have the Antichrist forces of the World invade Israel to punish them & let the Palestinians have their land!

       31. Because the Palestinians are partly Muslims, the Muslim World of Arabs is going to side with them too. Undoubtedly they will gladly volunteer to be a part of this invasion force that is going to force the Jews out of Palestine, the Palestinian section, at least. The AC may get so mad at the Jews, he may even want to drive them all out into the sea as the Palestinians have threatened in the past!

       32. So, that's the way it's going to come out because that's what God has said through His Prophets right in the Bible. You can read it for yourself right in Daniel 11. It's all right there! (Also Ezekiel 38 & 39.) And it's going to come & it looks to me like it's getting started right now. Things are going to move fast!

       33. The AC forces are getting everything their way, except this one they're not going to get their way. This is one thing that the AC forces which help to put the Antichrist in power are going to fall out with him over. But by that time he is so powerful, he is going to be able to insist on his will & enforce his will & force it on the Jews despite their objections. And they will fight, they'll fight! They're willing to die rather than give up a square inch, so they'll die!--And he'll come & he'll force'm. That's the only way it could possibly happen. It has to happen that way because that's the way God says it's going to happen.

       34. What it means to us today is that the ball has finally started to roll! The U.S. itself has literally been defeated in its stand against the PLO, defeated in its stubborn stand siding only with the Jews. I'm sure it's been the absolutely united, tremendous, overwhelming, virtually universal, united World opinion against Israel & the U.S. that has literally forced the United States to try to save face now.--To try to preserve their self-righteous, hypocritical front that they're supposed to be a fair nation, supposed to be for the oppressed & supposed to be for what's just & what's right. They're now being forced by World opinion to take that stand. But they're going to have to be pushed to it all the way along.

       35. But it means that the process has begun to force the Jews out of the Palestinian part of Israel.--Which means that things are moving & that the World is getting it together. Now all we need is the leader to appear, at first probably due to the economic crisis & all, which is probably coming to a head next year. (1989!) They have chosen the man themselves & they are doing it themselves & I'm sure they have already designed how to wreck the World economy so that they can bring everybody to their knees begging for a solution & a leader!

       36. Then they will present him as the answer because they'll be prepared all over the World in every nation to persuade the World that this man has the answer, he's got the power.--That he's got the personality, the charisma, the solutions, the wisdom, & that he is the only answer, the only solution.--Literally the False Messiah that is going to save the World.--"The only one that can save the World if you just unite behind him!"

       37. In so doing, they are going to pronounce their own death sentence, in a sense. Right now they are signing their own death warrants by backing him because when he finally gets into power & unites the World & has the power & the leadership & a grip on the whole World, including the Jews, he is going to turn against them. (Maria: But right now they think they're so strong that could never happen.)

       38. Yes, since they are so strong & they are putting him in power, they don't think he could ever possibly turn against them. They think that they're ensuring his loyalty to them by their loyalty to him, which they think is going to ensure that he does things the way they want'm done. But they're going to be due for a big surprise when he finally turns against them! In the long run, they finally buck him & defy him & his edicts about Jerusalem & Palestine, & he cannot stand for that at all because he can't stand for anybody to defy him as the absolute World leader.

       39. So he finally even declares himself God & abolishes all religion, including the Jews & theirs, & therefore he can then do as he pleases. He says, "Well, worship me & I will sit in Jerusalem! I'll take it over & I'll be your god!"--And that will be the end of the power of the [EDITED: "ACs"]. (Maria: And it will soon be the end of him, too!) Yes!

       40. (Maria: World leaders like that all seem to get too cocky, & then pride goeth before a fall.--Pro.16:18.) Yes, such dictators & tyrants always get too cocky & think they're God in the long run. Like when Napoleon was threatening to invade Russia, he had gotten so proud & cocky, having conquered all of Europe by that time. He declared to the Russian ambassador, "I am he that doth both propose & dispose!" In other words, he was acting like God. But the Russian Ambassador warned him, "Man proposes but God disposes!" And Napoleon soon began his demise, his defeat, a very humiliating defeat resulting in him being run clear out of Europe & exiled on a little tiny Mediterranean island.


       41. So, PTL, the End is near, thank the Lord! The stone is beginning to roll, & as it rolls it's going to roll faster & faster & get bigger & bigger. And right now the [EDITED: "ACs"] themselves are preparing their own gallows, so to speak, because the very one that they're hinging all of their hope on to rule the World, is going to be their defeat because that's the way the Lord has ordained it & predicted it in the Bible! It's right there. Anybody can read it.

       42. Of course, when the Antichrist gets to that point where he declares himself to be God, then he's gone a little too far. He will have done some good & just things, like saving the World economy by making them share more & getting rid of all of these trade wars. He'll probably insist on free trade, which will help the poor countries, & he'll abolish all those debts which they'll never pay anyway. He'll do everything he can to solve the World economic crisis & to salvage the World, save the World from its own stupidity & selfishness. Then he will have the World's gratitude & thanks & loyalty, & they'll be willing to follow him.

       43. Then when he finally gets it all together & feels himself to be so powerful that it goes to his head, he literally becomes Satan-possessed & declares himself to be God!--2Thess.2:3,4. Then there is real trouble. Of course, in the long run, in the End, God destroys him!--Rev.19:19,20. The destruction will begin with the Rapture when all of God's forces are taken out of this World & all of the wicked are left behind.--The wicked & the uncommitted, you might say, the in-betweens.

       44. The whole World will just fall apart because God is no longer going to help him. And he will have war after war with enemies who refuse to worship him. And the horrible Wrath of God will be poured out on his kingdom & his forces, the climax of which is Armageddon where all of us return & fight the battle & completely destroy him & all of his forces & establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, Hallelujah! TYL! That's the final End & the solution. PTL! (See Rev.15,16,19.)

       45. Then there's the period of mercy, a thousand-year Millennium in which God gives everybody a chance to receive Him by the visible personal presence of His Own Son Jesus, ruling the Earth with a benign, divine & righteous rule, an absolutely righteous benign Dictator & King, Jesus Christ! Everybody will be given a chance to see the goodness & Love of God, a final chance. Then the rebels will revolt under Satan after he's released, & therefore all of the enemies of God will be revealed & defeated in the final battle of Gog & Magog.--Rev.20.

       46. Then we'll have God's complete renovation of the Earth & the descent of His Heavenly City to Earth to rule over a New Earth in which dwelleth righteousness forever, Heaven on Earth, TYL! It's just that simple, & it's just as clear-cut as it can be in the Bible. And that's the way it's going to turn out. PTL! (See Rev.21.)

       47. But the thrilling thing about it is we can see it now beginning!--In the whole World uniting together in one mighty decision to insist on justice for the Palestinians! The Jews are going to fight it. They're even going to think they finally won by still refusing to get out, but then that's going to finally just make the Antichrist absolutely furious, even though they put him in power to protect their own interests, so they could rule over the whole World through him. But he is going to turn on them then & that'll be the end of them! So PTL!

       48. And it just may be the end of Israel at that time, too. He'll probably get so furious with them he'll turn & give all of Israel back to the Palestinians! Then when he declares himself God, there's war after war with his religious enemies. The happy ending will be the final establishment of the Kingdom of Christ on Earth, TYJ! Amen!

       49. Well, you've heard this time & again. We went over it time & again, Bible prophecy over & over again, but this is sort of a summation to show you that things are going just the way God ordained them to go, & the Palestinians are finally going to get some kind of recognition & justice & fairness, whether the Jews like it or not! And it's even their own man, the Antichrist they created so they could rule the World through him, he's going to be the one that is going to be the tool that will be used to judge them.

       50. So things are really moving fast! The ball has begun to roll. Well, of course, it's been rolling all through time, moving towards God's final ending, thank the Lord!


       51. (Maria: What do you think the big changes that are happening in Russia right now have to do with all of this? Like Gorbachev says, a revolution is going on in Russia.) Yes, I think it is going to help to pull the World together under the Antichrist.

       52. I think Gorbachev is a part of the plan. He is getting the ball rolling in Russia, but the Russians are always slow to change. One of the biggest changes they ever had was the Communist revolution but they can all see now that Communism failed, didn't do it & they're ready for something new. But, as all the news media is asking right now, "What?" What kind of a Russia does he want?

       53. Well, the Antichrist is going to rise & solve that problem & show them the kind of Russia that he wants them to have. And since there is no other solution, they're going to go for it. (Maria: Gorbachev can't give all of his people what they need. He's just starting with changes at the top, but he can't do much right now to bring about the big changes that the common people need.)

       54. Yes, he is beginning the process. He is a part of the process to bring Russia in with the rest of the World, as they say, to bring Russia into the World community. They've got to have a World community before it can have a World dictator. So he is a part of the process to bring Russia & the rest of the World together until the World is ready for the Antichrist.

       55. I think the soon-coming great economic Crash is probably going to bring it all about. Russia is crashing economically. The rest of the World is crashing economically. Even Japan will crash because the World cannot keep on going the way it is. The Crash of the United States' economy is going to help bring Japan down because they're investing too much in the U.S.

       56. So Gorbachev is a part of the process of getting Russia to become a part of this World community. And then when they all crash, they're going to need a saviour, somebody to bring them all together & save them economically.--And that will undoubtedly be the Antichrist. They're already hollering for help, & many World leaders have said, like the former head of NATO, "Give us a man who can solve our economic & political problems, be he God or Devil, & we will follow him!"--And that's the attitude of a lot of World leaders. They're not all willing to give their souls to the Devil, but they're desperate to find a man, a superman that can solve their problems & lead them & get them to all cooperate & get together!

       57. It's going to take a powerful man with the wisdom of Satan, & he is going to do it! And even the Jews are going to have to obey! [DELETED] And, of course, they won't even willingly obey him, they're going to be forced to or he is going to throw them out.--Which he does. He invades them, at least, & enforces his rule on them. The Muslim nations, the Arabs & all, would never follow him unless he is fair to the Palestinians, so he will eventually take their side.--Perhaps even in order to get their cooperation. I think if he would take their side & create justice for the Palestinians & agree to help in their cause, the Muslims & Arabs would all back him.--Especially against the Jews!

       58. Well, that's what I see! This is really the beginning of it & I think things are really moving now! The U.S. siding with Israel against the whole rest of the World really was a stubborn snag that was a blockade holding up the process. But now they've been forced to negotiate by World opinion, & I think even embarrassed, afraid they were going to lose face. They were certainly going to lose the respect of the rest of the World as any kind of a peacemaker or any kind of a negotiator if they didn't recognise the PLO.

       59. I think this whole thing taught them that they were wrong & that the whole World was against them, except for the Jews. But now they've had to yield & have been forced by the U.N. & World opinion to yield. And therefore that blockade has been removed, & the process of real peace negotiations for the Mideast is about to begin.

       60. Of course, in the long run the [ACs[ will still stubbornly refuse to yield & it will take the Antichrist to make'm. That's where he turns on them. The very man they put into World power is going to turn on them & he is going to be the World power, not them, not the [EDITED: "ACs"]. He is going to take over against them.

       61. It's all in the Bible, PTL! Thank God we know what's going to happen because God has told us right in the Bible, TYJ! But the significant thing about it is it has now begun! The process of the very Endtime has now begun & the door is now open for it to go that way!--By the U.S. being forced to agree to begin the process.


       62. I think this recent earthquake disaster in Armenia was a part of the process God is using to bring the World together to create great sympathy for Russia. Armenia is now part of Russia. It's working on the sympathies of the World & it's bringing the World together. Many top media people are saying that this disaster there has moved even the people who couldn't believe Gorbachev. It has moved people to sympathise, & it has aroused World sympathy for Russia & will make them even more cooperative & sympathetic to Gorbachev, who is trying to effect this revolution at the same time as he had this great tragedy.

       63. So I believe it's a part of the process of arousing World sympathy for Russia so that Russia can be drawn into the World community. (Maria: And maybe it's not God's plan for all of those little regions & countries to rebel against Russia.) Exactly, I think that's part of it, too. (Maria: However, it doesn't look like this disaster has stopped them, they're still going ahead with their rebellion.)

       64. I think the Lord was displeased with them rebelling against His plan! Gorbachev is doing all he can to try to pull Russia out of its rut of the past, & what they were doing was standing in the way. So God certainly shook'm up! (Maria: They might find they're in a worse state if they get out of Russia's control.)

       65. God obviously really shook'm up & stopped'm for rebelling against Gorbachev's plans! He gave them something worse to cry about! (Maria: But they're still doing it anyway.) Well, not on the scale that it was before, not on a scale that's threatening Russia.

       66. The Armenians are Christians, so I'm sure God is going to be merciful to them. In a sense, He's made the whole World now sympathise with them. And the whole World is going to sympathise with them, not only in their tragic disaster but now even in their political aspirations for freedom, at least greater freedom. But I'm sure God doesn't want them to stop or interfere with the process of the End.

       67. (Maria: Well, like you've said, the Lord usually chastens His Own children worse than the others.) Yes, I thought of that too. Here are the Christians really getting it, to bring them humility & repentance. You know good & well that they weren't in the right state of mind or heart fighting like that & rebelling--rioting & violent & all of that. The Lord says to obey the power!--Rom.13.

       68. And Russia is the power there. I'm sure the Lord created Gorbachev & He's engineering this revolution in Russia to bring Russia together with the rest of the World. How else is He going to get the rest of the World to follow Russia in the long run? Because Russia is going to be the leader, let's face it.--Not the decaying, corrupt & decadent U.S.A.! Look at the mess they're in with all their horror music & horror drugs, sexual perversion & decadent youth & corrupt politicians!--America is really corrupt!

       69. At least the Russians have suffered enough poverty & suffered enough that they have remained purer than the United States, let's face it. And all of the persecution that their church & Christians have received has kept them purer & made them fight even more for their faith, & has actually strengthened their faith. Whereas the Americans have had it too soft & too easy, & so their faith is dwindling.

       70. (Maria: The Lord could probably say the same about Russia in contrast to the U.S. as He once said about Africa in contrast to the U.S.--"The land that you call dark, I call light. And the land that you call light I call dark!")

       71. Yes, the Americans think that they're all right, that they're the best nation on the face of the Earth.--And the most righteous & the most Christian & the most wonderful. You'd think it was the ideal! Well, Russia is certainly no ideal, but they have suffered enough now to know that they were wrong & they know they need help & they know they need to be better. Whereas the Americans are so self-satisfied & self-righteous & hypocritical, they can't even recognise that they're lost & going down! They won't even believe it.

       72. Until you recognise that you're a sinner you can't be saved. I think Russia is beginning to recognise that they've been sinners & that they need Salvation. Of course, they're going to turn to the wrong man to save them, & that's the Antichrist. But in a way he is going to save them. He is going to save them as a nation, as a World power & economically. And I think he is even going to get the U.S.A. to help him.

       73. They're getting so much sympathy now, you can see how even certain World leaders are insisting that they help Russia to make it economically; whereas some of the old guard, hard-nosed anti-Russians are standing back almost in scorn, "Well, let'm crash! Let'm save themselves!" Whereas the sensible people are saying, "We'd better help save the Russians. We'd better send them money before they start sending us bullets, bombs & missiles!"

       74. So, praise the Lord! Amen?--The process of the End! This is one of the great milestones of history, the U.S. finally agreeing to consider the Palestinian cause!--Because the rest of the World is in sympathy with the Palestinians, the rest of the World almost to a man, except, of course, for the Jews.

       75. The [EDITED: "Israelis"], in their violence & in their terrorism in their own country against the Palestinians, are showing themselves to be just as bad, if not worse than the Nazis! They are trying to annihilate a nation! Some of them want to kill them all off or send them all out or whatever, just as bad as the Nazis ever did.

       76. The present Palestinian fight for freedom has exposed the cruelty of the [EDITED: "Israelis"] [DELETED]! They have turned the whole World against themselves, as manifested by that United Nations vote to move the whole session to Geneva in order to hear Arafat! It's all a part of the process of the End! I would call it "The Beginning of the End!", "The Process of the End!"

       77. Amen! Thank You Lord! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You for the victory! Thank You for answering prayer & for helping Arafat make such a fervent appeal to the World in both his official session before the U.N., & in his press conference the next day, so that he had so persuaded the hearts of the World that even the U.S. finally had to yield & agree. TYL!

       78. Now that that obstacle is removed, the World can proceed from here to fulfil God's Will. And that will be it!--As outlined in the Bible! TYJ! PTL! It's the beginning of the End! Amen! In Jesus' name, amen! TYL!
+ + +


       79. I think Arafat stood a much better chance on European ground than trying to make that speech in the U.S. I think anybody stands a better chance working on European ground with Europeans than in the U.S. with Americans!

       80. Many Israelis have proposed, & it's even in the hymn of the ultra-conservative Party, the Likud, that they're going to restore Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. That would take in half of Egypt, all of Jordan, all of Lebanon, all of Syria & half of Iraq, & even some of the Gulf countries & a good deal of Arabia as well!--Ha!

       81. So when they challenged Arafat at his news conference, asking if he intended to abrogate the old PLO Charter which says that the Palestinians are going to take the land that belongs to them away from Israel, he answered, "The Israelis have to abrogate their literature & their hymn, as they say they're going to take over all of these Arab countries!"

       82. All the World's media is commending Arafat's cleverness of speech & answers, & they just praise him no end for how clever he is & how agile he is in his words & his speeches, dodging questions & evading answers, etc. Apparently that's what he is, very clever [DELETED]! He was a wealthy man in Kuwait before he took on this crusade for the Palestinians. However, I think he was actually born in Jerusalem.

       83. The U.N. has now voted that U.N. forces should take jurisdiction over those Palestinian areas & occupy them, supervise them, & they should be placed under U.N. control until the situation is settled. Now that is really something! The Jewish commentators almost pooh-poohed the idea & Israel called it absolutely ridiculous & said they would never consent to such a thing!

       84. I don't think people realise the significance of this. The U.N. just voted that U.N. forces should take over the occupied portions of Israel which were originally given to the Palestinians & where the Palestinians still are, but are forcibly occupied by Israeli military units.

       85. The vote was unanimous except for, guess who?--The U.S. & Israel! No one voted against it except Israel & the U.S. The entire World is for taking that land away from the Jews right now & giving it back to the Palestinians; at least putting it under U.N control as it once was, until the matter is finally settled, exact boundaries, etc.

       86. That was an amazing vote!--Absolutely the entire World is voting against the U.S. & Israel! It sure won't take much to get them under the authority of the Antichrist once he's in power & fed up with the U.S. & Israel. The entire World is virtually unanimously against what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians & their occupancy of Palestinian land.

       87. On worldwide international news they show the soldiers beating Palestinian women, really beating them with big long rods. So the Jews have complained vociferously about how the World's news media networks were showing all of these bad scenes that were bad for Israel, bad scenes that prejudice people against the Israelis because of the ferocity of the beatings & the killings & their atrocities against the Arabs, etc. They have been complaining about that almost more than anything else because it has been absolutely turning the whole World against Israel, showing before their very eyes how cruel the Israelis are treating the poor Palestinians.

       88. So the World is fed up! And they have voted unanimously against further occupancy of the Palestinian lands by Israel, but that instead they should be turned over to the control of the United Nations forces, like a lot of other places have been.

       89. It shows what the World is thinking about the situation. They're furious about the way the Israelis are treating the Palestinians. They want them to get out now & give way to the U.N. forces! And they voted unanimously! The whole vote was for the occupation of the Palestinian areas by U.N. forces now. And everybody voted for it except for Israel & the U.S., of course.

       90. So that shows you that the World is really getting fed up. Thank God the Israelis have finally sloughed off their hypocritical self-righteousness & showed their real teeth & their real colour & their real character.--As vicious & totally untrustworthy, unprincipled & uncivilised & just as cruel, if not worse than the Nazis!

       91. They complain so loudly about the way they've been treated! Yet they're treating the Palestinians much worse! So the World is beginning to get wise to Israel & its hypocrisy & its cruelty & its self-righteousness! They're just like the Scribes & the Pharisees that crucified Jesus! They're crucifying the Palestinians. The only difference is the Palestinians are now fighting back.

       92. But Jesus is going to fight back soon too! Thank the Lord! And I don't think it's going to be long now, the way things are going! Thank the Lord!

       93. Oh boy! I agree with Arafat [DELETED] & quite a few others--that the biggest terrorists are the state terrorists such as the U.S.A. & Israel! But the ball has now started rolling, thank the Lord! And God bless Arafat, he started it. The Swedes encouraged it & heads of large liberal civilised American Jewish organisations helped it & participated in it, encouraging Arafat to make these changes in his stance & to do the things that the U.S. had asked him to do in order to be invited to talks & negotiations.

       94. So the whole World is showing its sympathy for the Palestinians & its anger with the Israelis, in all three of these recent decisions. They've been overwhelmingly in favour of the Palestinians each time & against the U.S. First, in inviting Arafat to speak before the U.N.

       95. Next, they condemned the U.S. for banning Arafat from the U.S. & thus not permitting him to give his speech at the U.N. in New York. This refusal was in defiance of the agreement the U.S. originally made in having the U.N. in New York.--That they would never ban anyone who was a U.N.-invited personality. It's in the charter of the United Nations. The U.S. was rightly accused of totally defying the rules of the U.N. to which they had agreed!--Just because they claimed, "He's a terrorist." So they voted unanimously to move the session to Geneva so he could speak. Think of that!

       96. And now on this last vote, they have voted that the U.N. should immediately take over the occupied territories. Those were three phenomenal decisions in a row!--By the U.N.!--All three of them absolutely, totally against the U.S. & Israel!

       97. So, things are really moving! Things are happening! And just as we have explained before from Bible prophecies, the whole World is going to turn against Israel & the U.S. & they've already done it!--It won't be long now!--Are you ready?!

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