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D.O. IS FOR DOers OF THE WORD! (James 1:22)        DO 2531        Comp.7/89
--Requirements for Receiving DO Mailings!


       100% Dedication!

       Belonging to this Family is a privilege & a blessing & an honour!--And anybody who dishonours this Family doesn't deserve to be a Member! You think about having a permanent place in the Family as your right in the Family. But in a Revolution or Army you've got to do your job or else out you go!
       A Revolution & an Army take real work, real struggle! You've got to keep your place, you've got to be a real soldier if you're going to be able to stay in the Army. We started out as a Revolution & we've never changed from being a Revolution & an Army. That's even more important than being a Family, to keep in mind what our job is & what we're here for & what we're supposed to be doing. The Family is more our sample to the World. The Revolutionary Army is our vocation & job for the Lord!
       We only want people in this Army who are true-hearted, whole-hearted, absolutely 100% dedicated & who want to serve the Lord & this Family more than anything else in the World! (1512:10, 2072:108,109, Maria 52:31)

       Who Deserves DO Mailings?

       No one deserves DO lit unless they're solid, qualified, bona fide Family Members, wholehearted, trustworthy, reliable, justifiable. I don't want any other kind of Family Members! I don't want to send anybody our lit except for good people, who really love the Lord & are really obedient & obeying God & me & the Family & the Family rules & are doing the job. They deserve it, the others don't!
       I don't want to send one scrap, one page, one word to people who don't deserve it! I cannot force you to obey, but I hold a few trump cards--& those are the Lord's Letters, which we shall withhold from those who refuse to cooperate & from which we shall excommunicate you if you don't obey & follow Jesus. The choice is yours. (1730:82,34, 657:1)

       Tight Restrictions Necessary!

       We're tightening the whole Family! We are going to tighten the restrictions on who gets what lit no matter how much money they give!
       Money is not our object!--Trustworthy disciples, obedient soldiers, genuine missionaries is our object, not money! We're not just selling lit! (1730:51,68)


       1. Be Saved & Filled with the Holy Spirit

       Membership requirements aren't any different than they have been for many years: Saved & Filled, Number One. (1730:20)

       2. Witness or Litness

       Number Two: You must witness or litness. Unless you witness I don't believe you love your fellowman! If you don't love your fellowman, I don't believe you love God. Every new Christian I ever heard of got on fire for God and wanted to tell everybody! (1730:20, RD 873:32)

       3. Tithing

       Remember, tithers, your TRF & your tithe is why you receive all of our publications, including DO materials, such as Stats, the World News, special confidential DO FSMs, DO Letters & other inside DO info etc.!
       No one in the whole World has any excuse whatsoever for not being able to tithe & give at least 1/10th of your total income to the Lord! (810:4; 1068:19)

       4. Completing a TRF in Full

       To be a TRFer & receive the whole counsel of God in the DO lit, you must fill in your TRF report in full. Your TRF is just as important as your tithe! (888:3,4)
       No blank TRFs!--Period! No blanks anywhere on the TRF! If they have no stats to report & nothing to say, then they don't belong in the Family. I don't care how much money they send, we'll throw it back in their faces & cut them off, excommunicate them! (888:3,4; 1730:22)

       5. Full Tithe & Complete TRF in on Time!

       DO mailings only go to faithful, on-time, full TRFers. If your TRF is late or does not contain your full tithe or has too many blanks, your mailings will be stopped & will not be resumed until we receive it. Mailings missed because of late reports cannot be replaced. (1051)

       6. Full Family Members for at Least One Year

       No one gets DO lit, no matter how much money they give, until they have been on the mailing list for at least one year.--Filling out good TRFs & showing that they are really disciples & really fellowshipping & fulfilling all membership requirements, every membership requirement, for one year before they get a single piece of DO lit.
       Only after one year on trial will we start sending them DO lit, providing they have proven themselves as genuine disciples known to other people, who can send references, at least two Officers & other reliable Family Members in the area who have met them face to face, who have visited their Home, fellowshipped with them & know they are genuine. They can tell by the Spirit if they are genuine, honest-to-goodness, honest-to-God disciples who can be trusted with DO lit! (For further clarification, see LNF 112, GN 344)
       Please note that any other special concessions made to help encourage those rejoining during the Searchers trip, as outlined in LNF 86, have been terminated. (1730:48,49; LNF 112:12a)

       As of the September 1st 1989 TRFs, the following new requirements will also be in effect in North America & Europe, & will be required by all Homes worldwide as of your November 1st TRFs:

       7. Minimum Tithes

       All Homes in the U.S., Canada, Europe (except E.Bloc), Australia, New Zealand & Japan must give a minimum tithe of at least $100 to qualify for receiving DO literature. Homes on other fields must give a minimum of at least $30 to qualify for DO literature.
       I don't trust missionaries who can't raise any more than that. They're not obeying, they're ineffective and inefficient and untrustworthy, & a poor security risk! (LNF 112:12b; 1730:61,69)

       8. Minimum Home Size of Twelve

       All Homes must now be a minimum of 12 Live-in Members (total adults & children) to be eligible for DO lit. The 12 minimum could include two or more mobile teams, or a mobile unit parked by a house constituting a cooperative Home, or likewise two or more apartments in the same building, etc.--provided you live & work together communally in your witnessing, schooling, meals etc., all contributing to the same TRF.

       9. Fellowship for Homes with Only Five Adults or Less

       Even though all Homes must consist of at least 12 Live-in Members, any Home with only five adults/teens or less is now required to fellowship with another Home at least once a month in order to be eligible for DO lit. I don't care how far they have to go to fellowship, even if they can only go to fellowship by car, bus or train 600 miles once a month! (1730:20,66,67) (See "Forsake Not the Assembling of Yourselves Together!" on Pg.14.)


       1. Bootlegging DO Lit

       We're not to communicate with people who are joined to the forces of the Enemy & who are not willing to conform to the laws & Family rules of God's children & His Family & His Work. They are too much of a hazard & a danger, & I wouldn't even want them to have the GN!
       We warn you bootleggers that if we catch you, or we hear that you are duplicating or photocopying the Word & passing it on to Homes which are not giving or reporting as Family Members should, we are going to excommunicate you! You are virtually betrayers of the Family, traitors to the cause, spies in the camp, Judases & not disciples. May God damn you for it! (856:117; 889:2,7,8)
       (Editor's note: It is now forbidden to duplicate GNs, FSMs or Area Newsletters for any reason whatsoever. Other DO lit can be duplicated for fulltime DO Members who are part of your Home.)

       2. Unbelief in the Letters

       People who are ashamed of what we believe & ashamed of what I write ought not to be in this Army, they ought not to be with us!
       If you want to be part of this man's Army, you had better believe what I have to say & what I have said, & what God has given me & shown me!--Or for God's sake, get out! (1718:40; 776:33)

       3. Critical of Dad, Family or the Letters

       I don't even want to send a LIN to people who are skeptically critical. Why should we send them anything? I don't give a damn how much money they send! Such people are not Family!
       We don't believe in supporting people who don't support us & our Work & our ways. I don't think we should have people like that around. They either get straightened out or we get rid of them! (1730:14; 1879:11,17)

       4. Murmurers, Troublemakers & Bad Apples

       When they become a real drag on others, unhappy, murmuring, criticising & complaining, doing more harm than good, like a gangrened limb, you just have to cut them off before they destroy more of the Body!
       Murmuring is a very infectious disease, diabolical, & it poisons the whole lump! One bad apple can do it so fast!
       In this Family & in God's society, murmuring & complaining is not only a sin, it's a crime! You'll not only be punished for it, but if you don't stop it, you'll get thrown out!
       We are no longer going to have any patience with bad apples or people who have a record & a reputation for troublemaking! Out they go! Excommunicate them! (945-1:3; 1879:12,44; 1880:30,23)

       5. Weak Sisters & Brothers

       Regarding weak sisters or brothers who are a constant drag & who poison the minds & hearts & spirits of others, & these potential backsliders who are always trying to drag others down with them: We can only put up with them for so long a time, & have patience with them for a certain period of grace before we must get rid of them & cut them off & get them out of the community!--Lest they drag others down with them & rot others along with them.
       They're just a constant drain & drag & are separatists, critics, doubters & real traitors to the Army & a real treasonable situation...I think it's better to get rid of'm, & if you can't get rid of'm, if you can't persuade them to leave, then you're going to have to leave them. Simply excommunicate'm! (1113:29; 1056:44)

       6. Failure to Obey Family Rules

       We do not accept people who don't abide by the rules. They're going to be reported by the Officers & their name is going to be struck off the DO mailing list. It doesn't matter how much tithe they send in if they don't obey.
       People who don't obey, people who ignore the Letters, who ignore all my extensive counsel & advice on security, they don't even belong in the Family! Give me obedience & absolute adherence to the rules of the Family or get them out!--Period! (1202:27; 1880:15,33)

       7. Failure to Obey Leadership

       Insubordination & rebellion against leadership cannot be countenanced in any man's army. Regardless of who the leaders are & what the problem is, or what mistakes your leadership have made & how many bawlings-out they have received for them, if they continue to be left in charge by their overseers, then you continue to owe them your allegiance, respect & obedience.
       People who think they don't have to take orders from anybody but God don't belong in this Family! If people don't obey & don't do what they're told to do & don't follow the Letters, & disregard leadership & disrespect all the laws & the rules, they're not one of us! We can't have disobedient, rebellious, wilful, stubborn soldiers who can't take orders & even follow suggestions, not in this man's Army! (1781:17,25; 1880:32)

       8. Drug Abuse & Smoking

       Drug abuse is against the law! Smoking & drugs in the Family are against our laws & our rules & always have been. Therefore, anyone who breaks these rules can't be allowed to stay in the Family because he becomes an actual threat to the Home.
       Anyone who is not willing to refrain from the use of illegal drugs, after sufficient warning, they should be excommunicated! (856:92,93, 95,98)

       9. Excessive Drinking

       Anybody who is not willing to obey & be cautious & conservative in their use of wine (or other alcoholic beverages), after sufficient warning, you'll have to ask them to leave.
       It's extremely bad & dangerous & against the Lord & the Family to be found so guilty, & if they continue, they should be excommunicated! (856:93,95,98)

       10. Slovenly Appearance or Home Standard

       We are going to have to insist on enforcement of dress rules & hair rules. They're gonna get one warning from their local Official to get dressed & cut their hair & trim that beard & look decent, or out they go!--We're gonna excommunicate'm.
       We've got to clamp down on some of these people who claim to be Family Members & are very poor examples, both their appearance & their Homes & their litnessing manners & a lot of other things! We're going to have to start excommunicating people who don't set a good example & are not good samples of our Family lest the community think that that's us! I don't give a damn how much they contribute or how faithfully they tithe! (1202:25; 1200:97,99)

       11. Violent Behaviour

       I have said very clearly, any husband who uses violence on his wife or mate, a poor weak woman, should be put out of the Home immediately if he has been warned even once! Anyone who beats his children or beats his wife, throw'm out at once! Excommunicate them immediately! Get rid of them! (856:101; 1889:56)

       12. Sex with Babes

       Sex with Babes (new disciples in the Family less than 6 months) is now an excommunicable offense. No-sex-with-Babes means just that--no sex! Not even mutual masturbation, oral sex or whatever, & not with condoms either! (GN 286, pg.13)

       13. Sex with Outsiders

       All sex with outsiders is now banned! (Unless they're long-term close & well-known friends!)...--Which means ESing & FFing with sex is now out! (GN286, pg.13)

       14. Sex with Minors

       We do not advocate nor practice sex between adults & minors (someone who is under-age)...Any such practice is strictly forbidden within our group & anyone found guilty of such will be automatically & immediately excommunicated--totally severed from receiving any literature or from having any contact with the Family whatsoever. (Right!--D.) (LNF 121:10)

       15. Sodomy

       We don't have very many no-no's--my God, we should be able to keep the few we have, & (sodomy) is...one we have. We cannot tolerate such sin in our Camp! (1323:5; 1110:13 & PS) (--It is wickedness! God will not tolerate!--D.)

       16. Indulging in Sexual Perversions & Watching Porno Movies

       God deliver us from those vicious sexual vices! You shouldn't tolerate them from your fish or your friends either, & certainly not in the Family! It's of the Devil, & if you like it, you're of the Devil! (935:27,33,35)

       17. Excessive Reading of Worldly Books, Magazines etc.

       Anybody in our Family worldwide who reads that kind of spiritual junk food does not belong in the Family! As far as I'm concerned, reading that kind of trash is disloyalty to God!--Disloyalty to the Truth & to me! (776:24,34)

       18. Listening to System Rock Music

       You cannot listen to that kind of devilish music & Devil's music without being influenced by the Devil! Feeding your soul on junk like that is just as bad, if not worse than "You Are What You Read." (Worldly books.) That jungle music just lets the Devil in! If someone refuses to part with it, even after being told not to listen to it, it shows that's what they worship!--And you'd better get out of the Devil's reach! (954-4:41; 2461:11, intro) (--Or get out!)

       19. Delinquent Parents & Children

       Kids who can't behave & parents who can't control their children don't belong in God's Family.
       Incorrigible teens will be sent home to relatives or depart with their parents & remain excommunicated until certified as permanently cured!
       Parents who fail to discipline their children are a constant hazard, because if they have let the Devil get in like that through their disobedience & their neglect & their downright rebelliousness against us & our Family laws & the laws of God & His Word, they are untrustworthy, they cannot be relied upon. They're a hole in the wall, they're a chink in the armour through which the Devil can get in & cause no end of trouble. (1512:55; 1708:60; 1512:78)

       20. Nonpayment of Bills

       Nonpayment of bills merits an immediate, complete excommunication until those involved can prove to their overseers that they have paid their bills, or are trying to. Any Home that refuses to pay its bills ought to be reported & excommunicated! (683:54,34)

       21. Stealing & Other Offenses that Jeopardise the Family

       People who commit really serious crimes & offenses that could jeopardise our Work should definitely be excommunicated! When they are rebellious & reprobate & obviously are not even trying to yield & get the victory, they aren't trying to do their best, then the sooner we get rid of them the better!
       In a serious case where their heart definitely is not in the right place, when they've stolen things & they've seriously endangered the Work in any way, such serious cases need to be dealt with & quickly! When someone is really out of control & causing serious problems that could harm the Work, we need to be able to tell the System authorities, "Look, this guy is out of fellowship with us. We do not agree with his behaviour & actions.--He's not one of us, we've excommunicated him." (2340:34,35)

       22. Failing to Report Serious Crimes

       What's our common rule?--Failure to report a crime is a crime! Failure to report somebody breaking the rules is breaking the rules, & you're just as guilty as they are!
       Those who tolerate traitors, betrayers & rebels are just as guilty! (1591:16; 1880:46)

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