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AUTOMOBILES & SPEED DEMONS!        8/89        DO 2541--Compiled from Unpublished RDs

       1. The Lord said, "Straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to Life Eternal, and few there be that find it. But wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth unto destruction, and many there be which go in thereat!"--At full speed!--150 kilometers-an-hour or more!--Mat.7:13,14.
       2. I think people today have an actual fascination for death! Why else would they drive motorcycles down the center line of a highway, full speed, 120-150 kilometers an hour, weaving in and out between the lanes of traffic, two on a bike! One little mismove and they've had it! I think the Devil gives them that fascination for death! The Bible speaks of "them that love death."--Pro.8:36. There are some people who actually love death and have a fascination to want to die! I think they're hoping that they'll get killed, so they're going as fast as they can!
       3. That's their form of excitement, that's how they get their kicks--challenging danger and death and the Devil!--And he's just apt to give'm exactly what they want! I wonder how many of'm go to be with him every day?
       4. They're possessed!--Speed demons! I remember reading an article once about how some perfectly normal, sane, placid, fairly calm types of citizens can get behind the wheel of a car or the handlebars of a motorbike and they almost seem to get absolutely demon-possessed the way they drive! They drive like they're mad, absolutely insane! I think some of them literally have a speed demon, a little demon inside that makes them drive so fast!
       5. I am convinced that speed and fast transportation is an invention of the Devil! And I know we're not going to have it in the Millennium! We'll have it, but we'll have it by different means, thank the Lord, and it won't hurt anybody. I know this type of fast mechanical transportation could not possibly exist in the coming Kingdom of God because He said, "Nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain"!--Isa.11:9, 65:25. And speed kills more people than were killed in both World Wars! It's horrible!
       6. We live in a very unusual day, with a lot of amazing things, but a lot of sad things too. The faster the World goes, the faster it's Hell-bent for destruction! Just think, in 100 years the World has learned how to destroy itself! So frankly, I would say most of the inventions of modern rapid transportation aren't good for the World. There are some advantages, but I think the disadvantages--the danger, the pollution etc.--outweigh the advantages!
       7. Though you may have to "use it," for God's sake, don't abuse it or let it abuse you! Amen? GBY! ILY!

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