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WORLD CURRENTS!--No. 52       DO 2654       Comp.4-5/90


       1. These people that are so wishfully thinking that the Li Peng dictatorial government is bound to fall remind me of the period after the Russian Revolution when they said, "Oh, the Russian people will never stand for this! The Russian people are too good, they'll rise up & fight against the Bolsheviks! The Bolsheviks are bound to fall!" (--Yes--70 years later!)

       2. But do you know what happened? Stalin arose & ruthlessly massacred millions!--Not mere thousands, but millions, & imprisoned millions more in horrible conditions, to completely subdue the people & prevent them from rising up. He used every trick of the trade, including massacres, torture, torment & repression, everything a dictator can do who has absolute power. He was totally ruthless & without scruples, & he maintained absolute power for about 30 years, think of it!

       3. But these dissident Chinese are saying, "Well, this kind of hard-line government is bound to fall!" Let me tell you, that kind of ruthless, cruel, dictatorial government is not bound to fall! It's even more likely to survive by the horrible, cruel, ruthless measures that it uses. Right now they're executing many, arresting thousands, & oppressing millions!

       4. No, I can't agree with them! A ruthless, cruel, dictatorship is more likely to survive for quite a long time, because it has absolute power & can totally repress & squelch any type of uprising!


       5. The Philippines is a basket case economically & politically! The U.S. could have made it into a paradise like California--all developed & civilised with terrific highways, hotels, everything & at least kept the peace. But do you know why it didn't happen?--Because the greedy, covetous, avaricious, gluttonous, rich Filipinos wanted the country! They wanted to be the ones to make all the money, not the U.S. businessmen, so they just shut them out!

       6. They didn't give U.S. businessmen as much freedom in the Philippines by law as they supposedly now have in China! I think the legal limit in China is something like 70% controlling interest. In the Philippines it's 49%, to make sure that foreigners can't control things, & to make sure they're not the bosses & tell the Filipinos what to do.

       7. So the Philippines just dribbled away & practically lost everything! Some of the richer ones think they have something because they've got a few big houses & hotels, but they don't even know how to take care of those! And the country is so lawless & unsafe that the tourists don't even want to go there, even though they've got some of the cheapest prices on Earth! To go out even in the daytime, you're literally risking your life!

       8. That silly woman, Cory Aquino, is nothing but a figurehead for the Catholic Church & her own family & personal business interests! My goodness, that country is a basket case! It's just horrible!

       9. That hypocritical, self-righteous opposition of Cory & her church against Marcos, the only good leader they ever had, was disgusting! Well, poor old fellow, he should be thankful to be out of all that! He's gone to his Reward. I'm sure the Lord will reward him. Not that he didn't make any mistakes. Imelda was kind of a bad influence on him, but I believe he was saved. I think he had real faith & I believe the Lord will save him. He gave him "length of days," a long full life!--Pro.3:2.

       10. He was the only man who was ever able to control the Philippines & the Filipinos! If he did a little promoting of himself financially on the side as he's accused of, well, "the labourer is worthy of his hire."--Luk.10:17. He didn't rob the poor, he just robbed the rich, & that's where he made his big mistake. If he'd have robbed the poor, the rich wouldn't have held it so much against him, but he robbed the rich who were robbing the poor!

       11. And that slimy, snake-in-the-grass, Cardinal Sin--who's actually proud of his name--is as wicked & sinful as they come! I'll never forget that newsclip we saw of him once. Obviously he didn't know he was being filmed, it looked like it was through some kind of fencing or something. It showed him, this huge corpulent fat pig, coming up out of the swimming pool. You couldn't even tell if he had a swimming suit on! He had all these ladies-in-waiting draping him in his robe--every one of them women!--Without nun caps, beautiful women. What a hypocrite!--He sure is going to get his!

       12. I don't see how they're ever going to pull out of it before the Lord comes! It's constantly getting worse all the time!


       13. The Lord sure is tribulating those who tribulated our Family in Japan!--2Th.1:6. In the recent elections, the government party (LDP) was virtually defeated because of their greed & politics of corruption & dirty money.

       14. God damn those in control & in power in Japan! God damn those ACs, in Jesus' name, Lord! You confuse their politics & confound their knavish tricks, Lord, & You take care of Your children, in Jesus' name!--Either that or destroy their persecutors.--In Jesus' name, amen! Lord, Thy Will be done, have Thy way!

       15. Judge those in power in Japan today that are fighting & persecuting us! God damn them! Thank You that You've already thrown out some of their government that was bothering us! Judge them more, in Jesus' name! Tribulate those who trouble us, in the Name of Jesus! TYL!

       16. Bless those who bless us, Lord, & curse those who curse us!--Gen.12:3. In the Name of Jesus! TYL! Curse those who curse us & bless those who bless us, in Jesus' name! We know You will take care of Your children.

       17. It's such a miracle, Lord, how You've kept us & all Thy children everywhere! Continue, Lord, to use Your children around the World on the mission fields. Bless & keep them & continue to make them a blessing, Lord. And those You have allowed to go to their home fields, Lord, bless them & make them a blessing, in Jesus' name. We know You'll take care of Your Own wherever they are, Lord. Wherever You want them, You'll put them.

       18. Have mercy on the Japanese people, Lord. Destroy any government that is against us, Lord! Rebuke them in the Name of Jesus! Deliver Thy children, Lord, & curse their anti-Christ persecutors! God damn them! Destroy them! Drive them from power, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord! You can do it, Lord. It's up to You, Jesus! Thy Will be done! Have Thy way, in Jesus' name.

       19. I just gave seven kisses to the Government of David, which is the Government of Jesus & our power on Earth above our enemies, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord! It's all in Your hands, Lord. You're more than able to keep & protect us, & destroy the power of our enemies. Thank You Jesus!--In Jesus' name.

       20. Bless & keep us & all Thy Family around the World! Only You can take care of them, Lord. We can advise & counsel, but only You can take care of them. Bless & keep them & help them to be a blessing. Thank You for how they have. Amen!


       21. I think disgrace or scandal is one of the greatest fears the Japanese have. They have a real fear of Man & the opinions of Men, & scandal is about the worst thing that can happen to them. Harikari still happens in Japan. I'll never forget the book I once read on harikari. I asked Peter if he knew what harikari is, & he replied, "Oh yes, the guy commits suicide by knifing himself in the stomach."

       22. I said, "Knifing himself would be nice & clean!--When they commit harikari, they start down at the bottom of one side of their stomach, then they go up, & then they go across & down to the bottom of the other side, so that the whole front of their stomach falls open & all their bowels gush out on the floor! That's the most messy kind of a suicide you can possibly imagine, & yet they feel virtually obligated or required to do it if they have been seriously disgraced. In the past, it was traditionally practised by the Japanese Samurai, or warriors, to escape capture by the enemy, or to avoid dishonourable execution. Nowadays the poor Japanese are committing suicide through different means every day because of stress & jobs, & the kids because of school! It's pitiful!


       23. The U.S. & Japan became enemies many years ago because Japan needed more land. Japan had already invaded part of China at one time, & it won the Sino-Japanese War in 1895. Your great grandfather, Techi, was expecting the Chinese to win because they had so many people, so he bought Chinese Yen, & he lost.

       24. The Japanese originally came from the same people & culture & had the same language as the Chinese. For some reason or other, the Chinese finally drove the Japanese out of China. But often, after people have been apart for centuries they end up speaking different languages! They say that if you give the U.S. & Britain another 100 years, they won't even be able to understand each other! Even now, the Americans & the British pronounce some words so completely differently that they don't understand each other.

       25. Well, the Japanese decided again that they just had to have more land. I can remember coming home from school one day in 1931 & there was the newspaper on the front porch with the big headline: "Japan Invades Manchuria!" Manchuria had been a part of Northern China. The poor Japanese were just trying to get some more territory to grow more food for their people. So they became quite militaristic & built a huge army & air force & navy & everything. Their vision was to conquer all of East Asia, & they just about did!

       26. Now what was the relationship of the U.S. with Japan? They were competitors when it came to manufacturing. Everything that the United States was manufacturing, Japan was too! I particularly remember the Japanese toys. When I was young, all these cheap Japanese toys began to flood the United States. They weren't better than American toys, but they always were cheaper! (Techi: But nowadays they're better & cheaper.) Yes. Well, the Americans began to buy them anyhow, because it was a time of depression & they were poor & the Japanese products were the cheapest. It was mainly cameras & toys, as there was no such thing as electronics yet.

       27. Anyhow, I came home from school one day in 1931 & read that Japan had invaded Manchuria. Well, the U.S. protested, the League of Nations also protested, everybody protested! (Techi: Why?) Just because they didn't like Japan! Japan was a commercial competitor with the U.S. So the U.S. was really just looking for an excuse to make trouble with Japan. They were actually already preparing for war with Japan, & Japan was preparing for war with the U.S., because the U.S. was determined to stop what they called "Japanese expansion."

       28. The U.S. did not want the Japanese to expand in East Asia because some of their best friends were already there. The French, British & Dutch already dominated Southeast Asia. The French controlled Indochina, which includes present-day Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam. The British controlled present-day Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, as well as Burma, & Holland controlled Indonesia. So those were all America's friends; the French, British & Dutch ruled almost all of Southeast Asia.

       29. So the expansion of Japan, starting in Manchuria & going southward along the coast of China into Southeast Asia was considered by the U.S. to be a threat to its friends. And it was a threat, of course. The Japanese called it the "East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" & really expected to conquer those countries & rule over them, but at the same time bring them prosperity. The Japanese figured that with their cleverness, coupled with all that cheap labour in East Asia, they could sell their products so cheaply that the rest of the World wouldn't be able to compete.

       30. So as the Japanese began to take over Manchuria & other parts of China, the U.S. began objecting, because she didn't want Japan to steal all this territory & become an even bigger competitor to them!--Which Japan finally did anyway in spite of the war. And, once WW2 started in 1939, the U.S. was also trying to think up some way to get into the war to save the Jews of Europe.

       31. Roosevelt & the American Jews wanted to save the Jews of Europe. But at the same time the U.S. wanted to stop Japan because it was afraid it was going to undersell it all over the World & give it too much competition. So Roosevelt was stirring up the Americans & trying to get them mad enough that they would go to war in Europe against Germany, but he wasn't succeeding. Most of the Americans were fed-up after World War 1 & they did not want to go to war in Europe again.

       32. So FDR was just waiting for some excuse, something that would make the Americans so mad they would be willing to go to war with Germany. So in late 1941, when he heard that this big armada of Japanese warships--the Japanese by that time had become very strong--was on its way to attack the American Naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, he didn't do a thing! He didn't warn the people, the navy or anybody. He just let the Japanese attack & it was his fault that so many ships were sunk & so many men killed. 2000 sailors died on the battleship "U.S.S. Arizona" alone! Apparently they'd done something naughty & the captain was mad at them & wouldn't let them go ashore that Sunday, so when it was attacked & sunk, almost the entire crew was killed.

       33. Of course, Roosevelt came out in a fiery speech, "Look what they've done to us now! They've attacked the United States & we must stop them & we must also go to war with Germany, their ally!" Get it? (Techi: Very smart!) (David: He killed two birds with the same stone.) Yes, exactly! He knew that if they went to war with Japan, of course Germany would soon declare war on the United States, because Germany & Japan were allies! So that's why & how the U.S. got into WW2!

       34. The U.S. & Japan really became enemies over trade, over products, & that's usually why countries go to war. It usually has nothing to do with anything else but money, territory & pride! The Japanese were getting really good at producing manufactured products & were underselling the United States all over the World. First the Germans had done it, so the U.S. went to war with Germany to stop them from doing it. But it didn't stop them, they're still smarter & they still make better products than the U.S.! Then the Japanese did it. But finally after the U.S. won WW2 & killed millions of people so that they could dominate the World economically, instead of Germany & Japan, what happened? The Americans still couldn't outsell the Germans or the Japanese because the Germans & Japanese were smarter!

       35. And so, as they say, the U.S. won the war but the Germans & the Japanese won the peace. So now do you understand the background, the true history? (Techi: Yes! Thank you for teaching it to us!)


       36. The debate over the price of oil in Japan is a prime example of the difference between the big business industrialists & the poor there. Recently, when the price of Japanese coal, because of its scarcity & the difficulty of mining it, got to be three times that of imported coal from Australia, U.S. & Canada, the big Japanese industrial users refused to buy the domestic coal & insisted on buying the imported coal to save money. The big shots, the big powerful Japanese industries, just flatly refused to pay the inflated price for Japanese coal & insisted on importing coal at one-third the price.

       37. But the poor people, the working man in Japan, has to keep on buying food from Japan that costs 6-9 times as much as imported food, because he doesn't organise enough & put up enough protest to just refuse to buy the Japanese food. Therefore, the big businesses of Japan insist on cramming Japanese food down his throat at 6-9 times the price of imported food!

       38. That's the difference between the rich & the poor! The rich just flatly refuse to pay such prices, whereas the poor have to. The rich cram it down their throats!


       39. The coming generation in Japan are downright dangerous! They've been pampered & spoiled & they're brilliant & rich! I believe that they are going to eventually explode, especially this younger generation. The high school students & college students are already exploding! There's a dramatic rise in troubles & crimes, especially the junior high age. 90-some-percent of the violence in the schools is in junior high schools, & about two-thirds of the crime!

       40. Well, that's true of any culture for that matter, even the United States. California used to pay the highest wages to teachers who taught junior high. It's the toughest job, they need the most discipline & cause the most trouble, crime & violence.

       41. It's a part of our duty to remind the self-righteous Japanese that they're not as good as they claim to be! They are a wonderful people, & compared to other countries like the U.S. there is a low crime rate. It's safer to walk the streets, it's clean, it has a stable government & all these things, but they're not as perfect & pure as they'd like to make you think, & their kids are getting worse!


       42. Another bad sign in Japan is that they're drinking more & more! The women's drinking has doubled in just the past few years, & there are more & more alcoholics. They're turning to drink, because they don't have the Lord to turn to. They just can't stand the pressure!

       43. They're going the same route of all flesh, like the U.S., only they're doing it faster! They've gotten rich quicker & bigger, but they're also being corrupted faster by the U.S.' poisons--its music, drink & drugs & all the rest. So the end is going to come quickly!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family