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--More from Grandpa on How to Fight Evil Thoughts!

1. The thing I've learned about fighting evil thoughts or pictures over the years is illustrated by what my Mother used to say: "You don't get rid of the darkness by trying to chase it out the window! You just let the light in & the light will dispel the darkness! Turn on the light!" I used to particularly have battles with the way some worldly songs would kind of wear a groove in my brain & I'd have a hard time getting them out.

2. So I found the best way to get rid of those silly tunes running through your head is to just resist them by singing a hymn, or singing a Christian song. Some of my favourites are, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," "Rock of Ages," "Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me" & "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus."--Some of those old favourites. I would just immediately start singing those, if not out loud, just in my mind, & the light of the Lord's Spirit chased the other away, thank the Lord!

3. (Maria: And now we have as a Word weapon all of our tremendous new Scripture songs!) Word songs & Scriptures, they just let the light in! Get your mind on something else that'll take the place of the evil. You can't sing two songs at once! Just start singing some good hymn about the Lord, praise the Lord, or quote Scriptures to get those things out of your mind. Replace the Devil's lies with the Lord's Truth!

4. (Maria: Like you said about the evil pictures that came to you the other night, "Whenever I see evil faces or evil pictures, I just rebuke the Enemy & then I concentrate on looking at pictures of Jesus in my mind.") Amen! Praise the Lord! Even pictures of the beautiful creations of the Lord! Even looking out my window & viewing the beauties of God's Creation is a great inspiration & comfort--to look at the beauty of His wonderful Creation & the beautiful order it's in, seeing how He controls & takes care of it.--And realising how it's all for our benefit, how He made it all in His loving kindness & care for us so we could enjoy it.


5. To me, looking out on God's Creation is almost like looking on His face, to see how He has so marvellously, wonderfully created all of this for our good & our benefit in His Love. Just like the Scripture says that all of this proves His existence. It says that the unbelievers & rejectors are without excuse, because the things which are seen are proof of God Who is unseen. "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the World are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power & Godhead; so that they are without excuse."--Rom.1:20.--Amen!

6. That Scripture was always a blessing to me because it shows that people can really know God through His Creation, that His Creation proves His existence. That's why the Devil had to cook up Evolution, to try to destroy faith in God! Since the greatest proof of God's existence is His Creation, the Devil, using Darwin, cooked up the scheme that "God didn't create the World.--It just evolved by itself." That is one of the worst diabolical, damnable doctrines of devils ever, because it was really hard for people not to believe in God when they'd consider the evidence of His Creation! But when Darwin came along & explained it all away, that "God didn't create it after all," he gave them the excuse they needed to dismiss Creation, "It just evolved."

7. What a damnable doctrine of devils! And to the poor simple minds of youth, having the supposedly greatest scientist of the World explain it all away in their textbooks, to them it makes sense!--Especially when they have no real faith & weren't brought up in the Bible & don't know God's answers. So to them it sounds like a logical, reasonable answer to the existence of the World & the Universe, "It just happened." Creation just created itself, ha! That's about as ridiculous as you could get! Evolution!--What a diabolical, fiendish fantasy!


8. As I was saying, the best & only way to get rid of lies, deceptions, falsities, evil doctrines, evil thoughts, evil pictures, etc., is to immediately think of something else.--Let the Light in! Rebuke the evil in the Name of Jesus & think of good things. "Whatsoever things are good, think on these things."--Phil.4:8. If you have evil pictures, think of good pictures of Jesus. Evil melodies?--Start singing a good melody about the Lord. Evil thoughts?--Just rebuke them immediately & start quoting Scriptures. Pestered with the Devil's lies?--Replace & drive'm away with the Lord's Truth! Let the Light in, & the Light will chase the darkness away. Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!

9. (Maria: This is a message our people really need to hear! So many are plagued by bad thoughts & pictures & temptations to do bad things.) Just let the Light in! "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, & if there be any praise, think on these things."--Phil.4:8. The old hymn comes to mind, "Holy Ghost with Light divine, shine upon this heart of mine. Chase the shades of night away, turn my darkness into day!" Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Amen! Thank You Jesus!

10. Amen, help them to fill their hearts, Lord, with Thy Love & Thy Spirit & Thy Word & Thy beauty & all the good things that You have put about us, Lord, & the Scriptures & hymns & songs of Thy Spirit, Lord, as well as the Scriptures that they memorise. Help them to think on these things, the things that are good! Help them to not think negative thoughts. And help them to understand that they cannot get rid of negative thoughts just by trying to get rid of them in their own strength; they have to replace them, Lord, with something from You!--Beautiful pictures, beautiful songs & music & Scriptures about You. Thank You Lord!


11. This is the way I've fought it ever since I was a teenager. I can remember as a teenager that when all of those worldly songs that were popular in the movies & on radio would keep trying to run through my head, I'd just start singing some good Gospel songs about the Lord.--Particularly those which are a prayer to Jesus! "'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word. Just to rest upon His Promise, just to know, `thus saith the Lord'. Jesus, Jesus, how I love Thee! How I've proved Thee o'er & o'er. Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! Oh, for faith to trust Thee more!"

12. I love songs with the Name of Jesus! They are really powerful!--Particularly in those cases where you are trying to erase something else! It's just like you're recording on a tape: As you record you can erase something else that you don't want on the tape! That's exactly what they need to do! They just need to start recording something else in their heads instead of the thing that the Devil's put there.--That's how to erase it!

13. (Maria: You just have to keep doing it as often as it comes.) Oh my, so often! The Devil is always trying to insert his evil thoughts & his evil static. You just have to keep on track & in tune & in the groove of the Lord! (Maria: The funny thing is that Techi's had many more battles with evil thoughts since she's made a definite commitment to fight for victories in some of her weak areas. I told her, "Well, that just shows that it's an all-out attack of the Devil because he saw he couldn't get you down any other way, or get you to quit, so he's trying this kind of an attack!" But she's resisting evil thoughts, God bless her!)

14. Well, the only way to do it is with good thoughts. Erase the evil with the good! Record over it & thereby erase it with good songs, good Scriptures, good thoughts, good pictures. Whatever is good, "think on these things" & it'll erase the other.

15. (Maria: She told me, "Mommy, the funniest thing about it was that I started having these evil thoughts when I was praying.--So I was tempted to stop praying." But she said, "I knew that wasn't the answer, so I just kept on praying!") Amen! (Maria: Just imagine!--The Devil was even trying to get her to stop praying! He's really on the warpath!)

16. All kinds of Satanic viciousness seems to be let loose in these Last Days! (Maria: I have a feeling these attacks are being launched on her so that in helping her, we can help others too. A lot of our kids, & even our adults, are probably having similar problems & battles.)

17. You've just got to let in the Light!--And that will chase away the darkness! Amen? Thank You Lord! PTL!


48) When the Enemy is fighting you with the "darkness" of his evil thoughts or pictures, what are some ways that you can "let the Light in" to drive away his darkness? (Please discuss & share testimonies of what works best with you!--Any favourite verses, Psalms, songs or choruses?)
49) Can you get rid of the Devil's negative thoughts & pictures just by trying to get rid of them in your own strength?--Or do you need to replace them, with beautiful pictures, beautiful songs, beautiful truths & Scriptures from the Lord?
50) When something evil is "playing" on the "tape" of your mind, you need to:
a. Keep watching it until the tape is over.--Just let it reach its end.
b. Get all worried & scared that you would even have such thoughts!
c. "Record" something good from the Lord over it!--Erase it & put something from Jesus on top of it!

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