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TEACH, REACH & WIN OUR CHILDREN!        DO2661 Comp.11/90--Confirmatory Quotes from Dad!

       1. Thank God for children, they're the best disciples in the World! We can look to them as the Hope of the Future, that they will become teenagers & on-fire & hot like you were when you were teenagers & first joined!

       2. God told me to preserve the children, that they are the Future! "You must preserve the Future!" So God has given us a tremendous job to do in giving us these children, & we'd better do it right & we'd better do it well & we'd better do it quick because we don't have much time left! They are the Future, the Lord said, & they--along with you--are going to be the Teachers of Tomorrow! (See No.1331) God's getting personnel amassed just as fast as He can right now, trying to get you trained & me trained & them trained in order to take care of the Future.

       3. No matter how faithful you are in every other area & every other job & every other thing, if you have failed with your children you have failed God in the most important job He has given you to do!--And that's to prepare & save the Future, which is your children! And if you don't get it done now you're not going to save this Future, but in a future time you are still going to have to do it, come what may, whether it takes the Millennium & all Eternity, God is going to hold you to it!

       4. Our children are now our greatest task! They are our responsibility, the disciples that God has given you that you have to take care of & you must train, & they had better be taught well & reared well in the nurture & admonition of the Lord! Amen?

       5. So how can we neglect our children & their training, the most potential disciples we can possibly have, just to go out & get more disciples that we don't even have time to take care of? Even any business knows there's a certain saturation point as to how much you can accomplish with so many people. This might be a little shocking to some of us, but we have had so many children now, they've almost become our biggest job!

       6. And to properly take care of them & train them--the best & most potential disciples we could possibly have--is a very important job & ministry! They're born in the Family, reared in the Family & know the situation & our teaching & our doctrine & everything else more than anybody! They should be an improvement on the stock--if we take the time to teach & train them & send them out! They could, in time, win a lot more souls & train a lot more workers than if we just kept on winning disciples!

       7. Preaching the Word, of course, is our job, giving the Gospel to the whole World is our job. But feeding His sheep is also our job, & if we're getting so many sheep that we're not doing a good job of it, we're not feeding them like we should, then we've got to slow down & take better care of them, our own sheep!

       8. Is that losing faith? Losing heart? Losing vision? "Dad, where's your inspiration to get out there & win souls & get more millions to the billions & all that sort of thing?" Well, if we've got more now than we can take care of, then we're biting off more than we can chew! Maybe we need to have a little more faith & foresight & vision for the Future of training leaders who are going to be able to lead the Millennium!--Instead of raking in more raw material all the time & not being able to turn out the finished products!

       9. Our children are going to rule the World! They are going to run cities & counties & provinces & governments & countries! What are we doing with them now to prepare them for that? What are we doing? (Weeps) I don't think we're giving them enough time & attention! I don't think we're paying enough attention to their training & their education to prepare them to rule this World in only a few years from now! Some of them will still be teenagers when the Lord has to turn the World over to them to run it!

       10. We've reached a child crisis! Have we reached the saturation point where we have had so many children that now we're going to have to turn to them & give them more attention & more time & more training? "Feed My Sheep!" My God, if He has any sheep, it's our children, those born in His Family! It looks to me like that's one of our greatest lacks, one of our greatest needs!

       11. Are we ready to sacrifice ourselves, that our children might live? I believe every one of you are!--To do it for the Lord & the Lord's Work's sake & the sake of the Future, to train leaders for the Kingdom of God on Earth, to be able to run this World! We need leadership training for our own children. Are we ready to do it?

       12. We're now having a second & a third generation, & each one should be an improvement on the stock!--But are they? Or are they going to be? That depends on us & our faith & our determination. True, the Lord said, "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!"--Mk.16:15. Okay, let's put it this way, we've just about done that, we've just almost fulfilled that! We've distributed millions of pieces of literature to billions of people! "Okay, Lord, we did it, now what do we do?" "Okay, now go to work on your children, teach & train them & feed them so they can do it for the next World!"--A whole World yet to come, a whole new generation!

       13. "What is that in thy hand?" Here they are! We want disciples, we want leaders, we've got'm! Let's mold'm & make'm into what the Lord wants them to be to do the job!

       14. They're our sheep, His sheep, what are we going to do with them, what are we going to do for them? Are we going to feed them, take care of them, show them we love them, give them the attention that they deserve & need & would appreciate & that will prove that we really love them? PTL! Amen?
       + + +

       15. Forgive us, Lord, for neglecting our children! Forgive us for being so busy with a little here & there till the man is gone!--1Kg.20:40. Lord, it may not be too late, it may not be that we have been busy with a little here & there until our children are gone (Weeps) & been neglected & have not been fed as they should have been, & not been trained, Lord, have not been saved for Thy service! Lord Jesus, help us!

       16. Forgive us for neglecting our children, Lord! Forgive us, Lord, for not really caring for them enough! We care for them, we love them, Lord, we try to do our best for them, but have we done enough, Lord? We don't feel we have. We feel like there's gotta be more, there must be more, this couldn't be all of it, because we know we have not done well enough, we know that they need us more, they need us now more than ever to help teach & train them & make them what You want them to be.

       17. Please help all of our people to do a better job with our children and realise that our children are our biggest job and our children are the Future, and we must preserve them for Thee and Thy use by training them right and teaching them right.--In Jesus' name, amen.--How about you?--And yours? (Who's taking care of your children?--D.)
       (These quotes are from Letters 1609, 1708, 1720 & 2430.)

       (After all of the adults in your Home have read this GN, you may find it very helpful to meet together to discuss & pow-wow specific ideas on how you can have a JETT/Teen Revolution in your Home! GBY!)

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