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--Dad's Prayer Against Our Enemies in Spain & for the Deliverance of Our Children!

       1. Curse these enemies, Lord, who are putting our kids through Hell!--And teach the kids the lesson of what a Hell the System is, so that they'll never want to have anything more to do with it, in Jesus' name! Help them to now appreciate what a Heaven their Homes are, & to appreciate their parents, in Jesus' name! TYL!

       2. Lord, bless those precious children, in Jesus' name! We don't know why You're letting them go through that suffering, but we're sure it's going to be good for them, to help them to appreciate the Family more & hate the System.--To show how bad the System is, how bad the Systemites are!

       3. Punish the Catholic Church for it, Lord!--At least the Catholic officials who are pushing this drive against us. Rebuke them in Jesus' name! Lord, damn them, in Jesus' name! Punish our persecutors, Lord!--All those who have anything to do with this persecution! Lord, You said You would "trouble them that tribulate us" (2Th.1:6), so get busy & trouble'm with lots of tribulation, in the Name of Jesus!

       4. Bless & keep our precious children, Lord! Help them not to get contaminated or corrupted or perverted, in Jesus' name. TYL! (Maria: Trouble our enemies' kids, Lord, really give it to them! Make their kids incorrigible, Lord, so they can't do anything with them. Cause them heartache!) Cause them to suffer through their own children!

       5. Lord, we know we're in the Last Days, the way they're diabolically persecuting us like the Inquisition, but You're able to save Thy children! You help & deliver them, in Jesus' name! Please don't leave them in incarceration any longer than necessary. Rebuke those who are behind it, Lord! Help the ones who are taking care of the children to be good to them.

       6. Lord, bless & keep us & deliver us! You told us, "When they persecute you in one city, flee to another!"--Mat.10:23. So help our people to have wisdom, & when they hear that the storm is coming, to get out of the way, in Jesus' name! Lord, You said to flee! You didn't say specifically that we had to go to another country, but at least flee from one city to another.

       7. Give us friends in high places, Lord! You promised You would turn the king's heart with Your hand toward Thy people.--Pro.21:1. Rebuke our enemies, Lord! Damn them! Persecute them, Lord! You promised to tribulate those who trouble us! Do it, Lord! Give those who are troubling us lots of tribulation, Lord, & lots of trouble, in Jesus' name!

       8. They can't win, Lord! You have the power to turn this whichever way You want! You can deliver our little children, Lord, in Jesus' name, before they're too hurt or too troubled or too contaminated or perverted.--In Jesus' name. May this work out to the good of Thy little children! You promised, Lord, that "all things work together for good to them that love Thee!"

       9. Jesus, do it, Lord! Help them! We don't know why You let this happen, but You said it's all for our good, to purge & make us white. You promised that You'd use it to purify & purge & make white. So let the children & their parents be purged & purified & made white.--Dan.11:35.

       10. We know You're going to solve it, Lord, we know You're going to do it somehow, because You certainly love Your little ones. You promised, Lord, that You would care for our little ones, so do it in Jesus' name! Maybe it's to purge the System out of them, Lord, so they'll really appreciate the Family & their parents & You, Jesus! Amen, TYL!

       11. Help Thy servants to be more prayerful & careful after this, Lord, about their security. They should never have let this happen, Lord. I'm sure You knew it was coming & You warned them. So help them! We're sure this is purging the parents also, Lord, & they're going to realise what mistakes they made & not let this sort of thing happen again.--In Jesus' name, amen.

       12. Do it, Lord, do it soon! It's been a long time now, Lord, for those poor little children. Judge those who are behind it, Lord, the Devil's own crowd of evil demons & demoniacs that are leading this persecution of Thy little ones! Judge them, Lord! Give them all kinds of trouble! [EDITED: "Judge"] them, Lord! Get rid of them so our children can be set free!

       13. Lord, You showed us a long time ago that one of the Devil's strategies was going to be to attack us through our children. I warned the Family this was going to happen, that they were going to try to attack our children & attack us through our children. (See "Guard Your Children," ML# 1698.) Lord, our enemies are condemning themselves, & they are going to reap what they sowed!

       14. Lord, You're in control & You can do whatever You want to do, so whatever is the solution is up to You. We can't do it, Lord, so You do it! You can raise up a defender! You promised You'd raise up a defender to defend us. In Jesus' name, raise'm up, Lord, to attack the Enemy & deliver us, in Jesus' name! We put it all in Your hands, Lord, only You can do it! We have prayed & we've asked You. We've appealed to You, Lord, we've begged You, & we ask You to please do something about freeing these kids!

       15. We can't do it, You have to do it, Lord! Raise up defenders for us, Lord! Raise up officials who are willing to help in our behalf! You promised, Lord, that You can turn the heart of the king. So whatever king is doing this, Lord, You can turn his heart, in Jesus' name. There's somebody behind it, Lord, who's apparently a powerful official or king. You take his heart in Your hand & squeeze it & turn it & make it have pain, if he even drops dead, to make him stop persecuting us & our poor little children!

       16. Amen, You know what's best, Lord, You lead & guide the leaders to know what to do, in Jesus' name.

       17. Do it, Lord, do it! Hit the ones that are hitting us! You promised, Lord, that You would tribulate those who trouble us, now do it, Lord, in Jesus' name, till they let us go, just like You did many times in the Bible. You hit the persecutors with lots of trouble so they'd let Thy children go. In Jesus' name, Lord, do it!

       18. Rebuke those adversaries in Barcelona! We ask Thee right now in the Name of Jesus, strike them, Lord! (Shouts angrily:) Strike'm down, in the Name of Jesus! Strike'm down, in Jesus' name! Hit'm, Lord! Strike'm down, in Jesus' name! [DELETED] So they'll let Thy children go! Let my people go, in Jesus' name, amen!

       19. Do it, Lord[DELETED]! Rebuke their power over us & let Thy children go, in Jesus' name! We ask it right now, Lord, in Jesus' name, right now, today, that You will strike down our enemies & deliver Thy children in the Name of Jesus! You promised that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! I'm not very righteous, Lord, but I'm crying unto Thee with my whole heart! You said, "When you cry unto Me with a whole heart, I will answer!"--And You'd show us great & mighty things we know not of, in the Name of Jesus!--Jer.29:13; 33:3.

       20. Do it, in Jesus' name, Lord! I ask You in Your Name, Jesus, to do it! TYL! Hallelujah! [EDITED: "Punish"] our enemies there! Move'm! [DELETED]Whatever You have to do, Lord, & let our children go! And Lord, we hope their parents & the children have learned their lesson, in Jesus' name!

       21. That's enough. I've said it, I've prayed it & that's it! Now do it, Lord, right now! We're sick & tired of this delay, Lord, & these children being held so long! Strike our enemies down, Lord! (Maria: All of them, Lord, that have anything to do with it, in Jesus' name. There've been lots of them, Lord. Curse them all, Lord!) Amen, Lord, You can do it! Curse'm, Lord! [DELETED] Trouble'm, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Deliver Thy children, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       22. Help them never ever to make the mistakes again that they have made there, in Jesus' name. We know You're teaching them a lesson too, Lord, purging & purifying & making them white as You've said in Your Word. But Lord, even though some may fall by the sword, You promised that You're going to deliver, in Jesus' name.--Dan.11:33,34. May Thy enemies fall by the sword, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Rebuke them, Lord! Deliver Thy children!

       23. We want to hear some answers, Lord! We want to hear that You have answered our prayers, Lord, & You have delivered Thy children, & You have been what You said You would be--our Deliverer, our Defence, our Saviour! So Lord, do it, in Jesus' name, & [EDITED: "judge"] these enemies of ours in the Name of Jesus! Now do it, in Jesus' name, Lord! You do it! I demand it in the Name of Jesus Christ that You [EDITED: "punish"] these enemies!--[EDITED: "C"]curse'm, [EDITED: "judge"]'m, [DELETED] in Jesus' name!

       24. Well, if I could, I'd be there & do it myself! But You're there, Lord, now You do it, in Jesus' name! If You don't do it, Lord, if You're not going to protect Thy little ones, then You're not our God, You're not our Saviour. So we know You will, in Jesus' name! TYL! We expect to hear some answers, Lord! What more can I say? What more can we pray than to You we have prayed?--In Jesus' name! "How firm a foundation!" Thank You Jesus!--To You we have fled, Lord!

       "How firm a foundation ye saints of the Lord,
       Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word.
       What more can He say than to you He hath said?
       To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!"

       25. TYL! Hallelujah! Amen, I have prayed it, I have said it, & that's it! Amen? Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! TYL! In the Name of Jesus, do it now, Lord! We have asked You, we have quoted Your Word to You, we have pled with You with a whole heart, now we expect you to do something, Lord! (Shouts:) Do it! Now! We're sick & tired of waiting around! Praise You Lord! TYL! "A mighty fortress is our God!" TYL! Are You our fortress or not, Lord? If You are, then do it! (Sings:)

       "A mighty fortress is our God,
       A bulwark never failing!
       Our Helper He, amid the flood
       Of mortal ills prevailing!
       For still our ancient foe
       Doth seek to work us woe;
       His craft & power are great,
       And armed with cruel hate,
       On Earth is not his equal."

       26. But, Lord, You're able to do it, as You did for Martin Luther! It doesn't seem that even he suffered so much by having his children taken away. Our enemies today are even more powerful & more evil, Lord!--More diabolical! Now show Thyself, Thy mighty arm, to [EDITED: "punish"] them, in the Name of Jesus! TYL! We have prayed, Lord, & we ask You to answer & do it! In the Name of Jesus, You promised, Lord! Now do it! I'm not very righteous, Lord, but You're supposed to answer prayer & do it!

       27. Today, Lord, in the wee hours of the morning, we are praying destruction upon our enemies, defeat upon our enemies, curses upon our enemies, death upon our enemies, Lord! Deliver Thy children today, Lord, if possible, in Jesus' name!--And it is possible with You, Lord!

       28. Do something, Lord! Show Thy power! Demonstrate Thy authority & Thy victory over the demons of Hell! Let this day be Thy day, Lord, of victory over demons & devils & all Hell!--In the Name of Jesus! TYL! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen. You know, I believe He's going to do it! Amen? TYJ! Hallelujah! (Mama sings:)

       "Did we in our own strength confide,
       Our striving would be losing;
       Were not the right Man on our side,
       The Man of God's Own choosing!
       Dost ask who that may be?
       Christ Jesus it is He!
       Lord Sabaoth His name, (Lord of Hosts!)
       From age to age the same.
       And He must win the battle!"

       29. Amen, TYL! Hallelujah! He's always the same! Now do it, Lord! And may it be Thy Hallelujah Victory over the Devil & all his forces! (Maria: Amen, a victory for the Family everywhere!) Amen! God's Hallelujah Victory, in Jesus' name, everywhere, in every way! May You show a great victory over all the forces of the Enemy, all the powers of Satan, all the devils of Hell on this day, in Jesus' name!

       30. Amen, isn't that enough? Don't you think I've prayed enough, agonised enough & cursed enough against our enemies? Lord Jesus, I want to see them [EDITED: "punished"]! I want to see it, Lord, I want to hear it! I want to hear about the destruction & the pain & the tribulation of our enemies, in the Name of Jesus! In the Name of Jesus, we have the victory, Lord!

       31. Lord, we don't have to wait until You return, we don't have to wait until our final victory over our enemies. You can give us victories right now, Lord, over these devils & demons who persecute us & trouble our children, Thy children, Lord! You promised that You would spare our little ones! Lord, they're being persecuted now, so spare them right now, in Jesus' name!--With victory over the Devil & all his demons!--A victory over our enemies, in Jesus' name!

       32. Just when the Devil is trying to take over the World, show Thy mighty power & Thy strength to defeat the Enemy & all his people, Lord! Show Thy mighty power, Lord, show Thy victory! Rebuke Thy enemies, Lord, & deliver Thy children, in Jesus' name!

       33. Amen! The Lord's going to do something! We've prayed, Lord. Cause Thy people to pray, Lord. Make Thy people to pray, Lord, in Jesus' name! I can't do it alone, Lord, I can't do it alone. Cause Thy children to pray, Lord, Thy people, the parents, the children, all of them! Cause them to really seek Thy face, Lord, to appeal to Thee. Cause them to really pray with their whole hearts, in Jesus' name!

       34. "In the day that ye cry unto Me with a whole heart I will answer!" Lord, I've cried to You with a whole heart! How much more heart could I have than I've had this night to pray for Thy children, Lord, & against Thy enemies, in the Name of Jesus! I would use my own bare hands to stop them, Lord, if I could! You can reach them, Lord, & You can do it, in Jesus' name. Those who persecuted & plagued & tribulated our children, give them trouble, give them tribulation, Lord! God damn them, in the Name of Jesus! Lord God, give them something! Death is too good for them! Cause them to suffer, Lord, with their own children, in the Name of Jesus! TYJ! PYL!

       35. Cause our enemies to suffer! Tribulate those who trouble us & cause them to suffer! Give them agony, Lord! Give them trouble with their own children, in Jesus' name, & then [EDITED: "judge"] them, Lord, unless they repent.--In Jesus' name, thank You Lord!

       36. In the Name of Jesus, deliver Thy little children, Lord, & their parents! Help them to get out of there, away from those who persecute them. You promised, Lord! You said, "If they persecute you in one city, flee to another." Help them to flee, in the Name of Jesus.

       37. Do it, Lord! Now do it, in Jesus' name! I'm getting weary with praying, Lord. But I have prayed with my whole heart & I ask You to answer, in Jesus' name, & I believe You will. Lord, now You do it! Give us some kind of an answer to defeat the Devil! TYL!

       38. Oh Jesus, these are prayers from my heart & I want You to answer them! Please answer them, in Jesus' name! I pray with all my heart, Lord, fervent prayer for You to answer, Lord, against our enemies to deliver Thy children in the Name of Jesus! Do it now, Lord! Show us a great victory, Lord, against Satan & against the Enemy!

       39. Show the God-damned Devil that he cannot win over us, Lord! Defeat the Enemy! Defeat Satan! I rebuke you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! You promised, Lord, that he would flee from us! Now make him flee, in Jesus' name, amen!

       40. You're going to answer prayer, Lord, we believe You're going to really answer prayer! Cause Thy children to pray! Cause Thy children to really pray! I have prayed, Lord. You promised that even the effectual fervent prayer of one righteous man availeth much. I'm not very righteous, Lord, but You can cause my prayer that I have prayed with a whole heart to avail much! You promised You would answer, in Jesus' name.

       41. I'd go there myself & I would fight them with my own hands if the Lord would permit me! Do you think I could do any good if I would go there & fight for them with my own voice & my own hands? Oh, I would love to! I would really love to face those God-damned evil representatives of the Devil! I would love to go there & face them personally & shake my fist in their faces & sock it to them if I could, in Jesus' name!

       42. Thy Will be done, Lord! I ask You to do it! We expect to hear that something has happened, that You have done it, in Jesus' name! My God, rebuke our enemies in the Name of Jesus! You promised, Lord! You promised You'd do it in the Name of Jesus. "Rebuke the Devil & he shall flee from thee." You promised! Now rebuke these devils & make them flee from us, Lord!

       43. Do it, Lord! Do it! I want to hear the answer, I want to see the answer, I want to know the answer, that You have answered prayer, that You have rebuked our enemies & delivered our children! Now do it, Lord, in Jesus' name or I'm going to be very disappointed! TYL!

       44. When Moses stood between Thee & Thy children, You answered his prayers, Lord. Even if they deserved it, Lord, You can still have mercy & deliver Thy children like You did the Children of Israel. Moses, Lord, stood between Thee & Thy children & defended them, & You reneged, Lord, & had mercy. (See Exo.32:9-14.)

       45. Do it, Lord, in Jesus' name! Answer our prayers! Deliver Thy children right now, Lord! We ask You, in Jesus' name, to show Thy victory over the Devil & his demons! TYJ! Hallelujah! Do it, Lord, answer prayer! Encourage the faith of Thy children in prayer.--And in our prayers, Lord. Give them faith, Lord, that You still answer our prayers, in Jesus' name, amen!

       46. May this be known as the Day of Deliverance! TYJ! Do it now, Lord, in Jesus' name! Rebuke the devils & our enemies & deliver our children, Lord! You can do it, Lord! You can do it now as a great victory for Thy forces over the forces of the Devil & all his demons. Do it now, Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ!--In Jesus' name! So we pray, Lord, & so You answer, in Jesus' name!

       47. Hallelujah! TYJ! May it be a hallowed victory for the Lord & a hollow victory for our enemies! TYJ! You do it, Lord, in Jesus' name! Let us see a great victory for Thy children, & a great defeat for our enemies! Rebuke the enemies & rebuke the Devil, in Jesus' name! And may this be a victory for Thy children instead of a victory for the Devil! Make it a defeat for the Devil, in Jesus' name, amen! Praise the Lord?

       48. May this be a Hallelujah Victory over the Devil!--When the Lord's forces gained a great victory over the Devil & his evil forces! PTL!


       1) With Romans 8:28 in mind, what valuable lessons might the Family children held by the System be learning? [EDITED: "1,2,9,10b,"]--The parents? [EDITED: "11,22"]
       2) What judgements of God may fall on the people who took our children away? [EDITED: "4,13b, 15,17b,18,22b"]
       3) What does Grandpa say we should do when the Lord warns us that a storm of persecution is coming? [EDITED: "6,11"]

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