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WORLD CURRENTS!--No. 53       DO 2667RV       Comp.11/90


       TIME FOR THE A.C.!
       1. It looks like it's almost time for the Antichrist in the U.S. too, it's in such a mess! There's no way out for the whole World except for the A.C. Of course, that won't bring the final solution either, only the Lord will!

       2. Former Secretary of State Shultz said: "What the emphasis should be now is not on all this talk of war in the Gulf, but on the New World Order!"

       CNN & THE AC!
       3. It looks like CNN might be a good beginning for the Antichrist, as it's becoming more worldwide & catering to Europeans, Latins & Asians as well now.

       4. I was noticing when we were studying the Book of Genesis that one thing that grieved the Lord was so much violence & corruption & evil, wickedness, like it is today. "As it was in the days of Noah."--Mat.24:37. It's another proof that we're near the End. People have to have violence. They enjoy watching violence, think of that! Love is out of style, except for sex.


       ACs' HATRED!
       5. Think of it, the ACs' existence depends wholly on their hatred of Jesus!

       6. Look how quickly the Devil gives help to his own!--These anti-cult organisations, which are non-profit, tax-exempt, simply educational organisations. If they're tax exempt, it means they are supported by the government. So the government is behind the anti-cult activities!

       7. The Fundamentalists are reluctant to get too involved right now in an organised way in fighting the cults, because they've got problems of their own now!--They're being included in with some of the cults. So at least that's working to our advantage. In the media, "Fundamentalist" is beginning to be a dirty word!
       8. The people who are against the cults, their minds are already made up, they don't want to be confused with the facts. However, there are a few people who are trying to be fair enough to insist on facts.

       9. There's an anti-anti-cult movement now: "A support work of professionals, an articulate network of sociologists & psychologists who do not see the cults as such a great danger & believe the confrontational approach is wrong." The enemy is split, thank God!
       10. In the U.S. there are also anti-anti-cults, but they're rarely heard. Anyone in the least way sympathetic or neutral about the cults, their statements are not news, because they're not bad enough. The media loves the horrible & the ridiculous & sex & all that sort of thing. So the guys who are in sympathy with the cults are never heard from.
       11. These anti-anti-cult people accuse the anti-cult movement of having good, but misguided intentions, terrifying parents unnecessarily with scare stories--which is, of course, what the parents want to hear. One educator who was once in an anti-cult group says, "I accuse them now of profound intellectual dishonesty. They are re-living misery, whipping up fear, encouraging parents to feed on their own unhappiness. They're guilty now of vengeance & not positive thinking. As a teacher, I see too many people unwilling to let their children grow up. The art of a parent is like that of a potter. Take your hands away at the right time & you have a pot. Leave them there too long & you achieve nothing. The anti-cult movement is not at all interested in the undoubted good that is done by some cults."
       12. K.C. McCann, a former member of F.A.I.R., an anti-cult group in England, says: "I don't see any harm in cults presenting a financially healthy front. Jesus would today need to be a mega-millionaire to get His Message across! The anti-cult movement is like a cult itself, practicing the same techniques of coercion & terror that they accuse the cults of! No scholarly written material presenting the anti-cult case, & none of the academics supporting it, has actually spent time with any of these major new religious movements that they attack. The anti-cult people have become a cult in themselves, breathing out all kinds of hysterical opinions on the cults."


       13. It's amazing how quickly an enemy can turn into a friend.--Like Iran & Iraq! DeGaulle once said, "Countries don't have friends, they only have interests," & when it suits their interest they can quickly get together! Iran has now promised to buy Iraqi oil & supply Iraq with food.
* * *

       14. The Iraqi military is not a third World army, it's a second or first World army, because of its experience & modern armaments & equipment, not to speak of its fanaticism, religious fervour & discipline.
* * *

       15. Britain was the one that formulated those small Arab states in the first place & put certain families in power. This article in the WND shows how Saddam has justification for reuniting at least part of Kuwait with Iraq. (See WND 339, pg.3.)
* * *

       16. I think God is allowing this Persian Gulf crisis as a judgement!--A judgement on the U.S.A. for their sins! My God, Bush is a fool, he's an absolute fool! He's a clown! I really think he's possessed! Have Thy way, Lord, You know what's best, Thy Will be done!
       17. How hypocritical of all these military forces to point their finger self-righteously at Saddam!--When all they're doing is trying to possess the oil! As Bush even said in one of his first speeches about this crisis, "To preserve our way of life." That's all America's concerned about! I saw a picture of some anti-war protestors' signs which read, "No blood for oil!" God bless'm! They're as courageous as the Hippies were during the Vietnam war. But it seems, as Toynbee said, that "The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history!"
       18. My God, Lord Jesus, help spare & deliver the Family!--At least so it doesn't get too hard for them to operate worldwide!

       19. God bless Benazir Bhutto! Protect her & keep her, in Jesus' name! She's trying to help the poor & the oppressed. She was only 35 years of age when she was first elected, the first woman president of a Muslim country. They were furious that a woman held any kind of office in Pakistan, an Islamic nation. It was nothing but a God-damned plot against her by her enemies to accuse her of corruption. God bless her & help in Jesus' name. I think she's willing to die because she's been willing to take chances. She could just go back to London & live in luxury, but she wants to get in there & fight!

       20. The situation in Lebanon is what happens when criminal gangs get ahold of big weapons.


       21. The Soviets have one of the largest oil reserves in the World, but they can't even provide enough oil for themselves. The people have gotten so lazy under Communism, they just don't want to work. Their equipment is getting so old they can't produce it, neither can they even get the transportation to haul it.--Just like is happening with other things there, including their food. They've got the most abundant crop that they've ever had, God's been good to them, but their food is rotting in the fields because they can't find enough people to dig up the potatoes, & they can't even find enough transportation to even get it to market before it rots!
       22. It's all a great big labour problem, because the people have no incentive to work. Everybody's paid the same, everybody gets the same kind of apartment, & nobody is expected to do any more work than they want to. The system doesn't work--for the same reason that Eleanor Roosevelt's little social experiment out in the desert called Valley Farms, where I built my church, didn't work! The people who didn't have to work & weren't made to work just loafed around, while the hard workers did all the work. --And they finally got tired of that & said they were going to quit! So she just finally sold the whole thing to whoever would buy it.
       23. As I've said before, Communism encourages laziness, loafing & non-productiveness! The only way you can make the people of this World work, is to give them some kind of an incentive to make them work hard, such as the private property profit incentive. Then they'll work when they know they're working just for themselves.--Not for the government!
       24. They're not willing to work for the government, even if it's an idealistic socialist government, blah blah! And they're not willing to work for each other!--Not even for the betterment of the good people of Russia! The only ones they're willing to work for are for themselves. If they can get by with working less & least & hardly any & still get the same rewards, why should they work hard? Why should they go out & dig potatoes? Why should they be in a hurry to get to Moscow with the truckloads of food that rot on the way because they go so slow & they stop for too many cups of coffee! They don't care if their load rots, they don't lose anything!
       25. (Maria: Don't they want to work to survive?--If it's a question of their running out of food?) The truckers figure the people who are doing the work out in the fields have got theirs, even if it never gets to Moscow! They've got plenty. The government's even accused them of holding back the harvest, because the ones that are harvesting it think, "Why should we work so hard to send it to Moscow? Let's eat it ourselves!"
       26. And the guys who drive the trucks probably already went around & dumped a year's load of food at their own house, & then drove lazily up to Moscow.--And the rest of it rotted before they got there. But nobody blamed them! Nobody blames anything on anybody in the "Socialist Heaven," because they're all equal & they're all sharing equally, blah blah! So it's just a defunct system, it doesn't work in this selfish World. The only people in this World who believe in sharing really & honestly are Christians--us, for example.--Not even too many church Christians!

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