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PRAYER FOR SADDAM HUSSEIN!       DO 2668RV       11/90

              1. O Lord, please help Saddam! He looks like a very sad man, a concerned, worried man. Lord bless him, help him & encourage Him. Lord, he acknowledges Thy presence, he acknowledges Thee, Lord. He acknowledges his dependence on Thee. Give him strength & wisdom! Lord bless & help him in Jesus' name. Help them to be fair to him, Lord. Help them to interpret him accurately & honestly. The U.S. owes it to Iraq to at least talk to them about it. My God! Give him wisdom.
       2. Jesus, help Saddam! Whatever his motives were, Kuwait deserved what they got, Lord!--Those selfish rich! For sure it was Your judgement on that nation. Jesus, Jesus! Have Thy way, Lord, about the whole thing, You know what's best, Thy Will be done. But we do feel for poor Saddam. We're sure he's made mistakes, Lord, but he's trying to do what he feels is right for his people.
       3. Now maybe You're going to give the Americans what they deserve, & Bush what he deserves, & teach them not to be so gung-ho for making war on others & bringing Hell on Earth! My God, help those poor boys who are there against their own will, who don't want to be there, who don't want to be engaged in Hell! Help them, Lord!--Especially those who know Thee.
       4. You're probably going to give the Saudis what they deserve too, they're so anti-Christ! They won't even let them bring in any Bibles or Christian lit. The U.S. & the Americans who are Christians are going to war to sacrifice their lives for those who are anti-Christ! Think of it! They're not even a democracy. They're not fighting for democracy, they're fighting for nothing but selfish reasons, for oil & to preserve the cheap price of it & "for jobs" & their "way of life." That was the one correct thing that Bush said, that they're there to preserve their way of life. My God, what a price to pay!--Blood!
       5. Lord Jesus, You know what's best! Have Thy way! Give whoever deserves it whatever they deserve, Lord. It's not the poor Iraqis who are to blame, Lord, it's the rich & the powerful. Somebody's going to get it!
       6. Help poor Saddam, Lord. He looks so tired, so sad, so worried. Jesus, help him. Comfort his heart. He's the one leader there, Lord, who's been willing to speak in Thy Name, in the Name of Almighty God the Compassionate. TYL! Honour him for that, Lord. The U.S. leaders have not spoken in Your Name at all! They don't say they're there for Your sake & to honour Thee. But Saddam does, Lord, & we pity him & sympathise with him. He's a desperate man, Lord, with the whole World against him. He's really seeking to try to help his people.
       7. If the Americans start a war, Lord, help him to give them what they deserve, especially the Israelis! "Who is this who cometh with his garments dyed red from Bozrah?"--Isa.63:1. Surely his garments have been dyed red after years of war & so many of his people killed, Lord. They've suffered so much, Lord. The U.S. has not suffered at all.
       8. Just when they were crying, "Peace, peace" in Europe, then came the threat of sudden destruction! "Peace, peace, when there is no peace."--1Thes.5:3; Jer.6:14.
       9. O Jesus, please help poor Saddam! He's allowed Thy religion to have freedom in his country & he's trying to be good to some of these people, even using Christmas, Thy Birthday, as an occasion to celebrate & let the hostages go. When they should be thankful, the wolves, the hawks, like Bush, & Thatcher the Hatchet, are doing nothing but criticising & condemning him & accusing him of false motives.
       10. O God, bless & help & give him wisdom! Give him real cleverness, Lord, as You have. He's had a long line of peaceful emissaries coming to his door knocking & pleading peace & beseeching him for their people. Thank You, Jesus, that there were those brave enough & humble enough to come & ask him for their people. My God, Jesus, Jesus! Have mercy, Lord! You've given him a lot of mercy & they should be thanking him for letting those people go, but they're condemning him instead. TYL!
       11. We're sure You're going to do what You know is best! TYL! But Lord have mercy on poor Saddam. He has given freedom & liberty to Thy people in his country to have their own churches & wear their crosses. He's been very merciful & allowed a great deal of freedom in his country, much more than the Saudis, who will tolerate nothing--no Bibles, no churches, no religious literature. They claim Saddam is a butcher, Lord. But how hypocritical to blame Saddam for his dictatorial rule, when it's been the Saudis who for years have had an even worse reputation of absolute intolerance & extreme harshness in their severe judgements of any who disobey, with even minor misconduct, like public affection or stealing, being punished by the cutting off of a limb or other cruel methods of torture!
       12. He looked so sad, Lord, he looked so tired. He looked so worried, Jesus. Help him & strengthen him & encourage him, Lord. Recompense those who have brought great suffering to the World.--And those American boys, most of whom are very wicked & blasphemous. My God, what foul language they speak! How they constantly blaspheme Thy Name, especially the ACs.
       13. My God, bring the punishment & the suffering on the Israelis that they deserve, & free Thy Palestinians, Lord, so many of whom are Christians. We know You've probably brought suffering on them to humble them & cause them to seek Thy face. But it seems that now it's time to liberate them, Lord, & deliver the World from the Israelis & the Americans! Liberate the people who honour Thee, even the Muslims who pray in Thy Name & give Thee honour, God the Almighty & the Compassionate! They begin & end their letters in Thy name, whereas we hear no word about Thee from the American Christians who claim to know You so much better than these others.
       14. Thank You Lord that Saddam is not ashamed, whereas the Americans are, & they're even willing to stifle their own faith, their own religion & Thy Name in their effort there. They're ashamed of Thee, Lord, ashamed of Thy Name, & at the behest of the Saudis they refuse to use it. Surely Thou art going to honour those who are not ashamed of Thee.
       15. It seems, Lord, that this would be the time for Thy prophesied invasion of Israel & for the defeat of the forces of the West & Chittim & their ships! You prophesied, Lord, an invasion of Israel. [DELETED]. Lord, succour Thy poor Palestinians! Surely this is a time for their deliverance.--Even for the Arabs who still honour Thy Name, whereas the supposed Christians are ashamed of it.
       16. Lord, we feel for poor Saddam! (Tongues & weeping) "Have mercy on this man who has the love & mercy of David!" Show Thy sympathy & Thy compassion, Lord. There are such problems now, Lord, give him wisdom as to what to do. Thank You for how You have, Lord. He's acted so wisely & cleverly. These people come streaming & knocking at his door seeking mercy, & he's giving it to them, Lord.
       17. Lord, rebuke his enemies! Rebuke those who condemn him! They're much more guilty, much worse than he is. They talk about his cruelty, Lord, when they have been cruel to millions & destroyed millions through their wars & their injustice & their deceit! My God!
       18. Lord, You've touched my heart for him! I pray for him, Lord! May he know there are those who love him & pray for him! O God, give him the strength for the task! We know he must have sleepless nights & great worries. Help him to feel Thy comfort, Lord, & Thy justification, that Thou art with him, in Jesus' name! TYL!
       19. I too am a Muslim, Lord. I fulfilled four of the five Pillars of the Faith, all but one, the visitation of Mecca, which is very dangerous right now. [DELETED] Godahfi, Lord, [EDITED: "e"]ven Assad of Syria & Mubarak of Egypt. O God, give each one of them wisdom & Thy blessing according to their just desserts. O Jesus, may they all look to Thee, Lord, in Jesus' name, & may something happen that will even turn them against the Americans.
       20. Afflict them, Lord, that afflict Thy children, & deliver them, Lord, who honour Thee, in the Name of Jesus! Help poor Saddam Hussein to win the victory over the oppressors, in Jesus' name! TYL!
       21. I suffer with him, Lord, as I look at his face--the sadness, the worry, the weariness! Lord, in Jesus' name, give him the solution! You can do it, Lord!--So that if possible there may not be more of a hellish war that would destroy them all! If it be Thy Will, please preserve the peace. May the U.S. be humbled & humiliated, Lord!--If possible without war, lest they destroy each other.--In Jesus' name, amen.
       22. Amen, Lord, I love him! May he feel our love & our prayers. Lord, I always seem to get on the wrong side of what the System says & thinks is right. We've opposed the U.S. for many years, Lord, & all its wickedness.
       23. I'm sure the Lord has heard me as I pray for poor Saddam Hussein & against his enemies. I just would like to let him know that I love him & that I pray for him, that God will deal justly with him, to vindicate & justify him in what he's doing right to help his people. I just had to pray for him because I love him & I'm sorry for him, & I really want him to be vindicated & justified. He even wants to give the Kuwaiti people a democratic government & a vote.--Not the kings & the rich nobles, but the people.
       24. Lord Jesus, have mercy on him, have mercy! Strengthen him, Jesus! Encourage him, Lord! Give him wisdom in what he does, in Jesus' name. O God, I guess I'm a rebel Prophet, Lord, I pray for the underdog. But You love him, Lord, & You put him where he is for a reason. He's Thy man for this hour, Lord, to accomplish Thy purpose. Help him to know it, Lord. He seems to have that conviction that he's doing Thy Will & what is right. Amen, thank You Lord!
       25. (Tongues) May he know that Thou hast loved him with seven kisses, Lord, & art concerned about him & will help him do what is right! TYJ!--In the Name of Jesus, & in the name of Thy Father David. Help him, Lord! In Jesus' name I ask You to help him! Hear my prayer, Lord, Thy humble servant, not even very righteous, Lord, but concerned for Thy servant Saddam Hussein who does Thy Will & accomplishes Thy purpose to afflict & humble & humiliate the powerful & the strong & expose their wickedness, in Jesus' name! TYL! Amen! TYL!
       26. Lord help him, have mercy on him! Help that poor man, Lord! You've even been drying up the Euphrates & Tigris Rivers to make a way for the Kings of the East to war against the wicked West.--Rev.16:12. In Jesus' name, Thy Will be done. Help poor Saddam Hussein. Strengthen him. May he feel Thy Love & Thy strength & Thy wisdom to help solve these problems, in the Name of Jesus! TYL! [DELETED]
       27. Saddam does not have a cruel or a fierce face, he has a sad & a tired face, a worried face, a concerned face. Lord bless him & help him & strengthen him, in Jesus' name, & give him wisdom what to do. Thank You for how You have already, how You've restrained those evil American forces of destruction! Thank You, Lord, for causing the rest of the World to restrain the Americans. Thank You, Lord, for helping Russia to hold back, & nearly everybody--even Thatcher the Butcher!
       28. My God, in Jesus' name, TYL! Thank You Lord for giving some people wisdom to hold back, to try to restrain the American forces. Help the U.N. not to give permission for the attack on Iraq! Thank You Lord for how many World leaders have been against it, against using force, including Helmut Kohl of Germany & Gorbachev of Russia, all telling Bush to wait. TYL!
       29. Thank You Lord for causing some of the American machinery to fail & be unable to create Hell on Earth, which has probably slowed down their plans to attack. They've had a lot of trouble with that so-called "Imminent Thunder" war game, & it petered out to a bare ripple! The assault craft couldn't even make it to the beach & there was such rough, stormy weather it had to be recalled. So the whole thing that was so proudly announced was humiliated & petered down to almost nothing. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! You're having Your way, in Jesus' name, amen.
       30. Lord, help us now to go to sleep. We have prayed for this one & all these things. Now, Lord, in Jesus' name, have Thy way. Thy Will be done, You know what's best. We believe we're going to see the answer, Lord, that You're going to help Saddam. We believe he must be Thy son, Lord, because You have such compassion on him. He may not believe the way we believe, Lord, but we believe he is really trying to please Thee as best he knows how. It's a great burden, Lord. He knows that he has a very great burden, so much depends on him. Give him the strength to bear it, Lord, & the wisdom to make the decisions.
       31. He's Yours, Lord, to do with as You will. He gives You the honour & the glory & humbles himself before Thee, which even the Christian forces & leaders have not done. They have not said a word about You, Lord, but Saddam has continually given You the glory & the honour in all of his speeches & letters & communications. He has honoured You, Lord, & Thy Name!--Whereas these so-called Christian forces have not, & neither have the Saudis.
       32. My God, what atrocities have been perpetrated in Thy Name! One of the leaders of the French Revolution, Madame Roland, said, "Ah Liberty, what crimes are committed in Thy name!" It reminds me of the Americans, what crimes they have committed in the name of freedom! They certainly cannot claim they're fighting this war in the name of freedom, because they are only protecting utterly un-free regimes, undemocratic regimes, selfish, very rich oppressors of the poor! The American leaders are such liars, such hypocrites, self-righteous Pharisees giving all kinds of excuses for this war, which are totally unjustified. They're not protecting democratic regimes, much less Christian regimes; they're only protecting the selfish rich who have long suppressed & oppressed the poor!


              33. Lord, answer my prayers for poor Saddam! You've given me great sympathy & love & compassion for him, & You surely must love him as Thy son that You're using to deal with the World. Give him the strength & the wisdom for it, in Jesus' name, amen.
       34. I'm going to watch now & see how the Lord answers my prayers for him, & if He strengthens him & helps him to feel more encouraged & not so sad & worried.
       35. I always seem to get on the wrong side of these things, sympathising with the underdogs, like Godahfi & the Turks, & my God, how many others? But Lord, we believe You have ordained it, for me to pray for those whom You love & are concerned about. And You have answered prayer, Lord, & helped some of them to win. TYL!--Like "The Sword of the Lord" in Cyprus. (See ML #309A.)
       36. It doesn't seem like He's yet answered my prayer against that wicked ruler in Zaire, Mobutu, but perhaps You are, Lord. And against Mugabe, that wicked ruler in Zimbabwe. It was the Wicked Witch Thatcher who let him in the back door. And we sympathise with South Africa. We seem to be on the side of all those who are against the whole World & whom the whole World is against! "But if God be for us"--& them--"who can be against us?"--Rom.8:31.--In Jesus' name, TYL!
       37. They'd better beware lest they be found fighting against God!--In fighting against these poor underdogs, including Hussein, Godahfi, & Arafat, every one of them! We're always on the side of the underdog, the maligned & the accused & the viciously attacked. Thank You Lord that Arafat is seeking the blessing of Hussein. Thank You Jesus that Saddam has given him refuge & sympathy & compassion for his cause!
       38. Lord, we believe You're going to do it! One of these days things are going to explode & You're going to reverse the entire process & deliver the oppressed & the suppressed & deliver Thy people & Thy children, including us, in Jesus' name, amen!
       39. That's how I feel & that's how I'm led, to pray for Saddam Hussein, a child of God, who honours Thee & Thy Name. My God, how some of these predicators are going to be surprised. Amen, TYL! In Jesus' name. It's not going to turn out the way they thought at all! Thank You Jesus!
       40. "The fervent prayer of a righteous one availeth much!"--Jam.5:16. We believe You're going to turn the tide, Lord, You're going to confuse the wise & infuriate the wicked ones! "Who maketh the diviners mad!"--Isa.44:25. Hallelujah! TYL! All these predicators & prognosticators & self-styled prophets, You're going to make the diviners mad, it's not going to turn out the way they predicted at all! It's going to turn out according to Your Will!
       41. Amen! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Thank You for this time of prayer, to pray for Thy servants! We always seem to be getting on the wrong side as far as the World's concerned, but that's the way I feel. That's the way I feel led, to pray for poor Saddam Hussein. May You use him, Lord, to accomplish Thy Work, & we believe You are, in Jesus' name, amen. TYL! Hallelujah!
       42. It's going to happen! You just wait & see! "This is it!" It must mean something serious or very very significant for the Lord to say "This is it!" I think it's going to be a thrill to see how this turns out, that it's going to be on the Lord's side & His Will is going to be vindicated & His judgements justified. Hallelujah! TYL!
       43. That's enough, I'm sure the Lord has heard me, Honey, & that Saddam is going to be comforted & strengthened & know that You're with him, Lord. TYL! It may not look like it to some, but the purpose of God shall be justified! "Beware lest thou be found to fight against God! For if this thing be of men it shall come to nought, but if it be of God, they cannot stand against it!"--Acts 5:38,39.
       44. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! It's wonderful that we can just lie back & rest & know the Lord's going to work it all out & we don't have to worry about it! But I do have to pray, because the Love of God has to reach out through prayer & help those who need it, like poor Saddam Hussein. My God, the Lord has given me such love & sympathy for him, such compassion for him!
       45. We leave it all in Your hands now, Lord, Thy Will be done! Have Thy Way, You know what's best, in Jesus' name! Amen! We've done what we could, Lord.
       46. My God, we always seem to be on the wrong side, the side of the impossible! But the Lord has always vindicated us & we've been found to be justified. PYL! TYL!--Whether it be for Godahfi or Arafat or Saddam Hussein.
       47. Help King Hussein while You're at it, Lord! He's caught in the middle. Help him, Lord, in Jesus' name. Help his kingdom. He's trying to be a friend of Saddam & trying to be sympathetic & we understand his problems. So help King Hussein of Jordan, Lord, with all of his problems, in Jesus' name. May he be justified & vindicated in the end that he was right. Amen! TYL!
       48. Isn't that amazing how the Lord gives us such burdens for those whom the World hates?--And such anger against the evil ones of this World! (Maria: Yes, & we're classed by the World along with Godahfi & Hussein & Arafat & all the pariahs, all the offscouring of the Earth. They hate us just as much as they hate them.) Yes, but praise God! "If you were of the World, the World would love his own; but because you are not of the World, therefore the World hateth you!"--John 15:19. We are on the side of all these pariahs who are not of the World & who are actually trying to please God. You know how sincere Godahfi was & Arafat & all these different ones that the World hates. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!
       49. Amen, Lord, I love to be hated by the World, because that shows we love You & You love us! "Therefore the World hateth us!" Thank You Lord that we're hated by the World & we sympathise with those who are hated by the World. TYJ!--In Jesus' name. Praise the Lord? (Maria: Amen!) Amen!
* * *

       50. My God, what Saddam must think about Bush!--Bush the Merciless, Bush the Intractable, Bush the Vicious, Bush the Unmerciful! My God, what a terrible testimony of Christians. My Lord, help Saddam to know that You love him, Lord. Help him to know Thy Love, Thy real Love, the love of real Christians who pray for him & love him. Bless him, Lord, & help him!
       51. Lord, I cannot have anything but compassion for him. O Jesus! You have burdened my heart for him, to pray for him, to have compassion on him, Lord. Lord, give him rest & relief from weariness, in Jesus' name! Help him to trust You, Jesus, that You are doing what's right for him, in Jesus' name. Hallelujah! TYL! You're right, You're just, in Jesus' name. Bless & keep me, Lord, in Jesus' name. Help me to do that which is right & just & good, in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family