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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.54--The Gulf War!       Comp.2/91       DO 2673RV

              (Editor: Even though war has broken out since the first of these Currents were given, the following comments, views & prayers provide invaluable insight & background to the Gulf crisis. We have arranged them in chronological order.)

       1. (28/9/90) Now is an ideal time for the Antichrist to arise. Russia is desperate. All those East European nations are desperate. They can't even get enough food. The whole World is desperate about Gulf oil now. The World would love to find a superman who could solve some of their major crises. They would definitely gladly follow him & worship him if he offered to solve all these problems, including this Crash that's going on right now, the new Great Depression. This is the ideal time for him to rise, when virtually all the governments of the World are united behind one common cause.--The war against Saddam Hussein.

       2. (8/10/90) All those poor boys & girls at the front. Lord, help them to seek You, help them to think about You, help it to bring them to You, Jesus, in Jesus' name. Help the soldiers, Lord, who think of You to really turn to You. Help them, Lord, to seek Thy face & the Truth, in Jesus' name. Please help Thy children, Lord, & those that look to Thee, be they Christian or Muslim, help them to seek Thy face & do what's right, in Jesus' name. Bless those who believe in You, Lord. Give them strength & give them wisdom.
       3. O Jesus, You're able to stop this war, Lord, in Jesus' name. O God, You could do it! Stop the war in the Name of Jesus, lest many be killed, Lord, lest many die in horror. In the Name of Jesus, Lord, You could do it. You could stop it, Lord, find some solution before there's horrible carnage. Please, Jesus, You know what's best, Thy Will be done. If they deserve it, sock it to them, but if You will have mercy, Lord, & deliver, You can yet stop it.

       4. The Lord is avenging the poor against the rich, that's what's happening. The U.S. doesn't give a damn about the poor of those countries, it just wants the oil. How is the Lord going to punish the rich?--By bringing their sons there to burn them with fire. My God, what a holocaust! O God, deliver us! Deliver Thy children, in Jesus' name. The Americans don't know how wicked their country is, they don't know how violent they are, they don't know how cruel they are & how they've oppressed the poor. Now they're going to know, they're going to learn from the poor of these Eastern nations.

       5. Bush is such a liar & such a hypocrite & he flip-flops with things so often. One day he says the war is to "preserve the American way of life," the next he says it's to "stop naked aggression." Then he comes out & says it's for oil & for jobs! You wonder if he's really all there. He's a wild-eyed madman! You talk about Hussein being a madman, it's the U.S. that's threatening the peace of the World! Hussein even looks like a calm, deliberate, very concerned head of state. Whereas Bush seems to run around wild everywhere. I really think he's crazy.
       6. I once thought he was a pretty smart man, but more & more I think he's about the biggest fool who's ever had the presidency. He's really a foolish man. He doesn't even do things that are good for himself & the votes. He's made everybody mad about his decision to raise taxes, he's made everybody mad about the deficit & the budget. He's signed a number of very wrong bills that were very bad for politics. He just doesn't have any sense, he doesn't even know what's good for himself politically.
       7. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he'd try to plunge into war, because according to U.S. history no President who ever was leading a war has ever been voted out during the war. People are always saying, "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream," & all that kind of stuff. Every President who's gotten the country into war has practically guaranteed his re-election. Think of that!
       8. I really think he's insane, possibly even demon-possessed, doing all these crazy things. Well, at least voices of opposition are now being raised against the war & against some of his crazy decisions, & people are really beginning to get scared of what he's doing all over the World. The U.S. is always gung-ho for war in the first days of the "rally 'round the flag" patriotism.

       9. (23/10/90) Sometimes I think something's really wrong with Bush, that he's deranged. I think some of the World leaders get demon-possessed! One thing about him is he's really shallow, saying, "Read my hips" & silly things like that! He's been criticised several times about that now. He gets so fed-up with reporters, he gets cynical & sarcastic about it. One reason politicians don't like reporters is that they keep exposing the truth about them & criticising them.

       10. (31/10/90) Someone said the World would be better off if they would just let Saddam have Kuwait! If they go to war they're going to destroy all those oil installations there. That will do more to cut off the World's oil than just letting him have Kuwait! I can't believe they're still talking about war!--So calmly saying they're sending in a hundred thousand more troops! They're insane!

       11. (31/10/90) I think Bush is looking forward to having a war so he can get re-elected.--And to try to get the U.S. out of the current recession.

       12. (2/11/90) Bush is a smart aleck, an absolute smart aleck. They have wars practically every 25 years. You know why? Because the former generation has forgotten about it & the present generation's too young to know how horrible it is! The U.S. wants a war because they're so sure they're going to win. They've apparently forgotten how they lost the last two! They're gamblers, they always figure, "Just give me one more chance & I'll win next time!"
       13. The attitude of the U.S. is, "Don't sacrifice the oil, sacrifice our boys! Don't sacrifice the oil, sacrifice our blood!"
       14. Who would look the most foolish to come to the point in the Gulf crisis where they back down & pull out their forces: Saddam Hussein or the U.S.? (Maria: The U.S.) Yes. Having moved all those men down there, wouldn't they look silly pulling them all out again? Even if Saddam pulled out, as soon as all the American forces were out, the Iraqis could move right back in again. (Maria: So they're stuck.) Yes. So for Bush to keep his popularity & save face & his pride & everything, he has committed so much to that operation that he would hardly dare not to go to war!
       15. The Lord said, "This is it!" (See ML #2634.) So Bush is not going to pull out, that's for sure.--Not until he can have a victory march into Baghdad with the destruction of Saddam's government, which will only come about by almost total destruction of all those oil fields, & Kuwait & Iraq & possibly Saudi Arabia as well.

       16. (13/11/90) I think Saddam Hussein is bathing in his glory right now in having all these elder statesmen coming to pay homage to him. He never got so much publicity before! All of them are reaping whole harvests of hostages. (Family: They must be getting along, they must be very nice to him in order to do that.) Yes, they're mostly elder statesmen who are tolerant & they realise that war is a terrible thing & they're trying to help their people get out.
       17. I think it's a very charitable thing, really, missions of mercy. But Bush & Thatcher are just blowing their tops about it, saying, "He's dividing the allies," & blah blah blah. They don't want Hussein shown as being someone who's merciful & forgiving & letting their people go.

              18. You've got to give Austria's President Waldheim credit for leading the way. He was the first despite loud protests from the U.S. & Thatcher. Waldheim led the way & went in there & reaped nearly 100 Austrian hostages. Almost all of these other statesmen have gone privately. None of their countries would back them up as being official representatives, but they're ex-prime ministers & ex this & ex that, so they're quite well known & quite prominent & very important men. And Saddam has given a whole bunch of hostages to every single one that came. So thank God. They're ministers of peace, messengers of peace. They're finally getting some peaceful solutions to this thing.

       19. (14/11/90) The soldiers are like sheep going to the slaughter and opening not their mouth. (Isa.53:7) The nice thing about this war, if there's anything nice, is that all the American boys that are going now are volunteers who joined the military of their own accord & were not forced in or drafted. So they have nobody to blame but themselves for getting into the military.

       20. (14/11/90) The U.S. is obviously there for the oil. Bush himself said it was, "To protect our way of life." Is that oil worth American blood & tens of thousands of American boys? I think he should put the question right direct to the people: "Do you think that Kuwaiti oil is really worth American blood?"
       21. This hypocritical lie & self-righteous egotistical idea of, "We're there to save Kuwait" is just ridiculous! Let me tell you, that little country doesn't deserve saving! It's an absolute monarchy & is literally crushing the poor. They're worth billions in oil, & they abuse their poor all the time.
       22. The question they need to put to the American public is: "Is that oil really worth American blood & the lives of your boys? Is it worth fighting & dying just to keep the price of gasoline down so you can go for more joy rides?--Is it worth your boys?" Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's not worth it! Americans need the price of their oil to go up so they won't waste so much in useless car driving! Most of the cars in the U.S. go into the big cities in the morning & come home at night with only one person in each one of them. The U.S. is used to just absolutely revelling in luxury, especially the luxury of individual transportation, & low prices on gasoline.
       23. I was shocked when we first arrived in Europe & found out the price of gasoline was two or three Dollars a gallon!--While Americans were still paying 29 cents a gallon! Now they're screaming & squealing because it's gone up above just one Dollar a gallon. So they're willing to go to war, absolutely upsetting the lives of half-a-million U.S. boys & their families & one million Iraqi soldiers & their families!--And perhaps the lives of all of the civilians in both countries eventually when they have to ration gasoline & food & everything else!

       24. (14/11/90) I remember reading something once upon a time by a great columnist that my father used to like. He said if they'd put the presidents & kings & the politicians into the battlefield, you'd never have any more wars!--Because it's not the people who make the wars who have to fight them. If the people who actually made the wars & got the World into wars had to themselves personally fight them, there'd never be another war! But they don't mind causing their children to pass through the fire!--Something which was & is abhorrent to the Lord! (See Lev.18:21; Deut.12:31; Psa.106:36-40, etc.)

       25. (14/11/90) The governments want to conceal the horrors of war from the public & they want to conceal the war facts from their enemy, so that means that the media is very strictly controlled. They usually only tell you about events if they're successful & a victory of some kind.

       26. (2/12/90) It was rather sad news today that they passed that resolution in the U.N. to use force against Iraq. I'm sure that the U.S. will take advantage of that & do its damnedest. But you know, I think maybe the Lord let that go through the U.N. so the whole World will be to blame, all the leading nations will be to blame for what's going to happen. (Family: Only Cuba & Yemen voted against it.) A lot of good that did, but maybe the Lord will bless them for it. (Family: The Cuban Foreign Minister gave quite a moving speech. He realised that the U.N. resolution was going to go through but he said, "You will watch & see what a mistake you've made.") They'll be sorry, that's for sure.
       27. One military analyst commented, "Save Kuwait?--If they go in there militarily, both sides are going to wipe Kuwait out! There's not going to be anything left!" They'll have nothing left but the bare land, they'll destroy all the oil works & all the wells & probably flatten all the buildings & everything else! I think Saddam is going to be sorry if he doesn't pull out because they're determined to get him now. About the only way he can preserve himself & his rule would be to pull out, because once the war starts they're not going to be satisfied with just pushing him out of Kuwait, they're going to want to push him clear out of Iraq!

       28. (5/12/90) I think Bush is a weak character who's trying to prove he is not a wimp. After all, how could a wimp start a great big war? But if someone assassinated Bush, I think Quayle would be even worse! I think he's fanatical, sort of an Evangelical Christian & a real Communism-Russian-hater.

       29. (11/12/90) Please stop it, Lord! Please stop it, in Jesus' name! Please stop this horrible war! Please stop it. Keep Bush from sending all those poor boys to their deaths. (Dad weeps:) Please, Lord, have mercy, stop the war, Lord! Stop the war in Jesus' name! (Tongues) Oh God, please show the mercy of David & stop those evil ones! Stop the war! Stop the war, if it be Thy Will, Lord. Unless You want to chasten the Americans. Oh God, please have mercy, stop the war, in the Name of Jesus!
       30. Please, Lord, have mercy. Oh God, have mercy in the Name of Jesus! Please, Lord, stop the war. Please, please, please! It's so horrible, so terrible! Such a crime! Such an awful awful crime! Oh God, please stop it! Please, Lord. Please don't send Thy sons, Thy children to the fire unless that's what You want, Lord, to punish the U.S. War is horrible, it's so hellish! My God, oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, please have mercy! Please, oh God, have mercy unless they deserve it. Oh God, please have mercy in the Name of Jesus!
       31. Stop that madman, Lord, that absolute madman, Bush! He thinks it'll make him great, he thinks it'll get him re-elected. Help these wise men who are against war to deter him from such a foolish goal. Lord, in Jesus' name, stop him! Stop that madman, that insane man, that clown, from pushing all those boys into the fire! Stop that man who's trying to glorify himself with this big war. Rebuke him, Lord! We command Thee to stop him & stop his insanity of sending all these hundreds of thousands of boys through the fire, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord for the few wise men who are counselling him not to do it.
       32. Help Saddam Hussein, Lord, to accept the conditions of surrender. Help Bush to have a little reason, O God. Nothing is worth the lives & blood of all those boys. In the Name of Jesus. Thank You Lord. You can do it, Lord. You can stop that God-damned Bush & You can stop Hussein, in Jesus' name. Let the wise men stop them with wisdom. You can stop them all, Lord, so we don't have a horrible war with tens of thousands of boys killed.--In Jesus' name.

       33. (11/12/90) I can't understand how any man, much less the President of the United States, could think about sending half-a-million men into war as long as there's even one in a million or one in a billion chance to not have to! He just wants to prove that he was right in the first place. But war is hell, hell on Earth! They're sending their children into the fire! God is absolutely against it! (See Lev.18:21.)

       34. (31/12/90) Bush is always saying something aggravating or irritating or very annoying, at least to me! I think his attitude towards this war with Iraq is that he's just dying to start a war! I think he figures he'd make himself a famous President that way, that all famous Presidents started some kind of a war. That's about all you remember them for now, the war they started. So I think he thinks that he can make himself permanently famous by starting this war. Well, if he does, he's biting off more than he'll ever be able to chew!
       35. But he is just gung-ho! He acts like, looks like & talks like he would just love to get into that war as soon as possible & "punish that awful Saddam for this terrible thing he's done!" He never worried about how those rich Saudis & Kuwaitis were robbing the poor.--Or how the Saudis refused to allow Christianity in, refusing to even let the Christians wear crosses while they're in their country, refusing to let them have Bibles or any kind of religious literature. Whatever Bibles the soldiers have or whatever little quiet meetings they're having, they're really risking the displeasure of their hosts. So they are compromising & they're soft-pedalling, in fact trying to be completely quiet about anything religious.
       36. Here is a country that the U.S. is supposedly defending which is totally against Christ or Christianity or any Gospel literature or Bibles! Imagine!--And preparing to fight against a country which is much more liberal & democratic & allows religious freedom for its approximately one million Christians! In Iraq they wear their crosses openly & display their Bibles & whatnot! Saddam has religious freedom in his country, much more than the Kuwaitis or the Saudis have had for centuries, who do everything they can to suppress it!
       37. The U.S. is there defending an anti-Christ nation against a partially Christian nation, believe it or not! It's appalling when you think about it! How did the U.S. ever get itself into such a mess? Why?--Because they're more concerned about oil than they are Christ! They're more concerned about oil than they are democracy! They're more concerned about oil & their high-handed way of living!
* * *

       38. If they go to war, the oil fields won't be worth anything! They're the easiest things to bomb & destroy!--Virtually unprotected, open pipes & oil wells all over the place. If there's a war they'll be wiped out & it'll take them years to rebuild those fields! So contrary to all Bush has said, it's not going to save the oil fields!
* * *

       39. Look how Bush has upset lives, thousands and thousands of lives! Not only all the boys & girls that he's sent into the desert, but for every man & woman there, nearly every one represents a family, mothers & fathers, wives & children. So he's not only upsetting the lives of half-a-million soldiers, he's upsetting the lives of all those they left behind as well.--Not to speak of businesses & everything else you can possibly imagine. This is one Hell of an affair even if they never fire a shot! It's already cost billions!
       40. Lord help them!--Little children with no father! Little children with no mother! Little children now even without father or mother who are both in the service & going to Hell! Think of what Bush has done to the people & to the country just by sending all those boys & girls there!--Not only just the volunteers, but the Reserves who were older men & women with established jobs & professions!--Dentists, doctors, lawyers & whatnot with wives & husbands & children, homes & families just completely disrupted!
       41. No matter how small a war is, it's still horrible & there are still many many sufferers. --Not only the dead, the dead have gone to their reward. I'm somewhat in agreement with that wounded soldier returning from WW2 who'd had his legs blown off. He said, "Why worry about the dead? They're the lucky ones! We're the living dead!"--Who have to live the rest of their lives in pain, wounded, blind, parts of their faces torn off, etc.!
       42. I'm just trying to make you think about how awful war is! I agree with a journalist who said, "Bush is downright ridiculous, he is just plain silly!" That's exactly the way I feel about him! He goes dancing around, prancing, with a big silly grin on his face. Even when the soldiers were on their way to the battlefront, he insisted on taking his vacation & was out there fishing, playing golf & horseshoes, of all things!
       43. I think he's trying to convince everybody that he's not a wimp after all! That's what they used to call him. He was so quiet and retiring, a seemingly sensible Vice President more or less in the shadow of one who greatly upstaged him. But now he feels he's got to prove himself and show how great he is and how courageous he is and how macho he is!--That he's no wimp! "I can send the whole World to Hell now with my big war!"--That's just about his attitude! Well, he's going to make himself famous by what may turn out to be the worst war of all! The Lord said, "This is it!" so it must be pretty serious!

       U.S. HYPOCRISY!
       44. (3/1/91) The U.S. is so hypocritical and self-righteous, saying they have to punish Saddam because they don't want to "reward aggression." The U.S. has been the aggressor time and time again!--From when they invaded Cuba and Mexico, to their more recent invasions of Grenada & Panama.

       45. (3/1/91) Lord, I presume some of the soldiers need the punishment of this war, some of them deserve it, but not all of them. Help those who are Thy children to survive or be protected or delivered.--Or killed, which is really a more merciful fate, Lord, rather than to survive with blown-off limbs or horribly maimed bodies. In the horrors of war, it's often the dead ones, Lord, who are the blessed ones.
       46. But Lord, in Jesus' name, we ask You to give Baker & Bush, these two horrible perpetrators who are going into this thing like it's some kind of a game, give them the kind of Hell they're going to put these boys through! My God, in Jesus' name deliver us from these men of horror & men of Hell! My God, they're trying to turn the whole World into a holocaust!
       47. Bless & help those who are trying to make peace, Lord. Deliver Thy Christian Palestinians, those who love Thee.--Those Christians & Muslims who look to Thee & love Thee & worship Thee. Deliver them, Lord, from the evil evil wickedness of the God-damned ACs who are persecuting them!
       48. Thy Will be done, Lord, have Thy way! You know what's best & we're waiting to see what You're going to do. You said, "This is it!" (see ML #2634), so it must be very important. This is it! We don't know exactly what is it, & we're waiting to see, in Jesus' name, amen. From what You have said, it seems like it's something that will be really crucial. This war could be the war of all wars that will give rise to the Antichrist.

       MOTHERS & WAR
       49. (3/1/91) Mothers hate war. They know how long it takes to make a man.

       50. (3/1/91) It's no wonder that Saddam invaded Kuwait, he had every indication from the U.S. that they'd let him get away with it! Before his invasion of Kuwait he sounded out the U.S. ambassador, some woman by the name of Glaspie, on his long-running border dispute with the Kuwaitis. She said, "We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts." (See WND 354.)
       51. Then six days later when Saddam's troops massed on the Kuwaiti border, ready to invade, some State Department official (John Kelly) stated that the U.S. had no obligation to defend Kuwait. He said, "We have historically avoided taking a position on border disputes." So if Saddam was looking for a go-ahead signal from the U.S., he got one!
       52. This State Department official said later, "At the crucial moment we took the position, 'Well, we don't have a position on a border dispute.'--And he (Saddam) obviously interpreted that in the way that would fit his calculations, which is that we wouldn't react."

       53. (3/1/91) Stop the war, Lord, in Jesus' name! Help all those poor boys there, Lord. We know that some of them may deserve destruction, but, Lord, we also believe You're probably drawing many of them to You through this trial. So help it to be a blessing to them, Lord, if possible, & not a curse. TYL!--In Jesus' name, amen. Lord, You can do it, You know what's best. Thy Will be done. Have Thy way whether it is war or peace. You know what's best for us & Thy Kingdom & the World. If they need this war, all right, Lord. But if You can let this cup pass from us, Lord, have Thy way, in Jesus' name. Amen.
       54. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In the Name of Jesus, Lord, You do it! Have Thy way, You know what's best. Thy Will be done. Lord God, have Thy way. In Jesus' name, stop the war if it be Thy Will. Facilitate the war if it be Thy Will, You know what's best, Lord, in the Name of Jesus. In Jesus' name. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!
       55. God is predicting the victory of His forces above all those that oppose us. (Shouts:) Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen. (Tongues:) "Thou shalt conquer & thou shalt win above all the adversaries of thy Enemy, & thou shalt come into great great power above all of those that oppose thee!" Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! What beautiful promises for His children!

       56. (9/1/91) U.S. forces are now going to have to stay in the Gulf permanently. Of course, if Saddam is left in power, they're going to have to stay there to protect Saudi Arabia & Kuwait & Israel. So there's really no end to this crisis until the Battle of Armageddon! That will really be "the war to end all wars," with our victory over all the forces of the Antichrist!
       57. For right now it looks like the only solution to Russia's problems & the Gulf problems is the Antichrist. We could almost be thankful for him for awhile. "All the World will wonder after the Beast & say, 'Who is able to make war with him? He performs many mighty signs & miracles.'"--Rev.13:3b,4. The Antichrist will appear to be the only solution to things for awhile.

       58. (9/1/91) Stop this war, Lord, in Jesus' name, & save Thy people! Save those poor Arabs who at least give You the credit & at least glorify Thee, Lord, while Bush says nothing about You. Lord, save the American soldiers that know You, in the Name of Jesus. Help those poor poor Americans, many of whom are saved & love You. But also show them, Lord, how wrong they are, & how wrong their President is to put them there in such jeopardy. And Lord, if it still be possible, please keep them from outright war.
       59. We may wake up to war but it won't be because God hasn't warned them. The Lord has tried His best to lead them back & away from war, but Bush is determined, Cheney's determined, Baker's determined & Sununu's determined to have war!

       60. (9/1/91) Right now they say the forces in the Gulf are costing 45 million Dollars a day, & if they go to full-fledged war then it'll cost them over 450 million Dollars a day! What the U.S. has lost in the way of oil that they used to get from Iraq & Kuwait was about 750,000 barrels a day. But the experts say they could have easily made up for that loss by just being more conservative in their use of oil. In other words, America could have saved that much oil simply by being more conservative in their consumption rather than having to go to war to try to get back that 750,000 barrels a day! But they'd rather go to war & lose tens of thousands of lives, & all the billions of dollars a war will cost, & God only knows what else!
       61. Imagine how much this war is costing them! If they would double the price of gasoline for years & years, that still will only be a minute drop in the bucket to what this war is costing them!
* * *

       62. Lord, whatever happens in this war it's going to be Thy Will. You're going to decide what happens, not all these proud boasters like Bush, the worst of all.
* * *

       63. Some people believe that one of the reasons this war was orchestrated was to justify the Pentagon's budget.

       64. (1/91) Bush wants war! I believe with all my heart he wants war. He wants a great glorious victory that he can brag about! A lot of people would love to have war! Many Americans would love to have war, & the ACs would love to have war if it would destroy the enemies of Israel!
       65. There's nothing the Devil wants more than war! He loves war & destruction of life! It's his favourite weapon to destroy Man, to destroy peace.

       66. (1/91) The Pentagon obviously expects high casualties because they've already sent 45,000 body bags to the forces in Saudi Arabia! (Maria: They didn't intend for that stat to slip out, did they?) I'm sure they didn't! But somebody found it out!--Probably some little guy in the shipping department or somewhere leaked it out. Mostly they've been saying, "Oh, maybe there'll be 2,000 U.S. casualties, or maybe up to 3,500." Some of them I think went as far as 10,000.
       67. War is Hell! How can sane, civilised people even talk about it as though it was some alternative?--It's Hell!--45,000 body bags!
       68. Six of the last seven American Secretaries of Defense have said, "Don't start a war!" I think the cost of this war is going to turn out to be much greater than the cost of letting Saddam keep Kuwait.
       69. Politicians always deceive the people by telling them it's going to be a short war. A politician in the War of 1812 sadly regretted that the war would take six weeks, & it took almost that many years! When WW1 started, many predicted it would be over in two weeks, instead it took four years.

       70. (1/91) One reason I think the Lord has let the Americans go through this war experience in full knowledge of everything about it & what it's like, is so that they will be absolutely without excuse! They know how horrible it is, & they know they haven't got much reason for being there. Yet they've sent their boys there, & let a President send their boys there, & girls.--450,000 of them! Think of it!--Knowing how bad war is & how horrible it will be!
       71. The horrors & the grotesqueness & the Hell of war is just almost impossible for most people to conceive unless they have been in it!--Experts are predicting, based on past wars, that for every soldier killed, you can expect four wounded physically & two more wounded psychologically, shell-shocked--in other words, driven insane.
       72. (Maria: The amazing thing is that many men who have actually been in war & experienced it for themselves, still want to send their boys into war.) The Lord said it's an abomination, they send their children through the fire!--Even though they've been through it once themselves! Think of it! (Deut.12:31; 2Ki.16:3; Jer.32:35.) It's horrible! And there isn't even that much provocation or that much justification.
       73. This is probably the least justified war that they ever fought!--Just to make their gasoline cost less so they can drive their cars around more! (Maria: And help out Israel.) Oh yes, of course. But they're not bringing that out very clearly. They're not telling the public that, of all things! (Maria: There might even be quite a few Christians who think it's their duty to God to try to save Jerusalem for the Jews.)
       74. (UPDATE: Of course, what the Israelis have been looking for all the time was an excuse to get the U.S. into the Middle East to fight their battles for them & to wipe out their enemies. All these other reasons the President gave to the people for fighting this war were too weak to really get them all united behind the effort. But when Israel was hit by Iraqi SCUD missiles, the people found a cause they felt was worth fighting for: The Jews to save their homeland & their people; the Christians to save the Jews & the "Promised Land.")

       75. (13/1/91) I read an interesting article commenting on Saddam's background & his beliefs, etc. It said, "Don't kid yourself, he's a very very clever, intelligent, well-educated man. He knows what he's doing, he knows the whole setup." (See "A Pro-Saddam Hussein Vision," WND 353, pg.4.)
       76. This writer put a new wrinkle on this crisis & expressed a very interesting interpretation. He said the Americans engineered the whole thing because they wanted to grab the oil! This is why the American ambassador told Saddam when he asked her about the situation, "The U.S. has no interest in the area & has no policies on border conflicts between Arab nations." You can see how quickly they change their mind! Well, they didn't really change their mind, they engineered it. This article claims they deliberately engineered the whole thing, that they have been waiting for an excuse for a long time to take over the oil in the Gulf. So they just let Iraq move in on Kuwait so they would have that excuse.
       77. You can see how that must have been the way it was. Look how fast Bush got that huge force in there, a force far more than what would have been necessary just to protect Saudi Arabia! This professor said Iraq had no intention at all of invading Saudi Arabia. Saddam knew that the Saudis had too good connections & were too well-armed & would have brought the U.S. in there for sure!
       78. But the U.S. finally got its excuse to literally invade the Gulf, under the pretense of "protecting" Saudi Arabia. They have now practically taken over Saudi Arabia, let's face it.--All under the excuse of their lofty plan to "liberate Kuwait."
       79. This professor said the whole thing is a setup to give the U.S. a chance to grab the oil wells. He says the U.S. designed it & deliberately let Iraq grab Kuwait so the U.S. would have their excuse to go in there & grab the oil!--Something they've wanted to do for a long time. They've been making plans to do something like that for a long time, & they saw that the altercation between Iraq & Kuwait would create just the excuse they needed to go in there.
       80. Meanwhile they're churning out all this propaganda about what a horrible monster Saddam is, how he's a Hitler & all this stuff. This professor says he is nothing like that at all, he is extremely intelligent, very clever & knows what he's doing.
       81. The U.S. also seized their opportunity to grab the oil while Russia was engaged with her problems at home & was at her weakest. Russia was the other player who was trying to get power in the Gulf. That's why she was arming Iraq & was allied to her. So now you see why the U.S. is really in it. You'll find this article fascinating. Don't fail to read it in the WND!
       82. I think Bush is going to find out he's bitten off more than he can chew. Because when the war is over, those oil fields won't be any good for anybody! Saddam said that he's going to turn them into fields of fire, in which the American soldiers can be tormented.--Like Hell!
       83. Last night I got that there is going to be war. I don't know how soon, but anyhow, there's going to be war, & any war there is, is going to be Hell on Earth!

       84. (13/1/91) The Americans are so cocky, they always think they're the big guys & they can do anything! They couldn't even beat a little country like Vietnam. They fought the Vietnamese for years & couldn't beat them. They almost destroyed the land, but they couldn't subdue the people.

       85. (13/1/91) I sort of agree with one analyst who said that Saddam figures it this way: If he can't win the war, he can at least hurt the U.S. so much & unite the Arab World by striking Israel, that he's going to create an unresolvable problem for the U.S., even if it's a suicide attack. So even if the U.S. wins & destroys Saddam's war machine, there are plenty of other hungry wolves & alligators waiting in the wings to gobble up whatever's left, including Iran, Syria & even Israel. You're not going to get rid of all the "monsters" just by destroying one of them. Bush has bitten off more than he can chew. That area has been a problem for hundreds of years!
       86. The U.S. wanted an excuse to grab the oil fields & now they've got it! I'm sure the Saudis are beginning to wonder right now how they're ever going to get rid of them! I think they would have found it easier to deal with Iraq, one of their neighbours, than the U.S.! America has such a huge force over there because they're not there just for a quick war, they have come there to stay & control the oil fields!

       87. (13/1/91) The Lord has shown us that there definitely will be a war. It's what the U.S. wants. It's especially what Bush wants, he's been pushing it like mad. The only reason he's gone along with all of his so-called diplomacy is to satisfy the rest of the World that he's doing all he can to prevent the war, blah blah. He sent Baker to Geneva to do nothing but tell Iraq off, not to make peace!--But to make sure that he was going to be able to appear justified in making war.
       88. The Americans are so smart-alecky about it, they think they can beat anybody! They haven't learned their lesson yet! Look, they couldn't even grab Cuba, 90 miles off their coast, in 1961! They tried to, but they couldn't. They didn't grab Vietnam either. Believe it or not, they've been defeated quite a few times! Well, I believe God's going to really embarrass & humiliate Bush, one way or the other.
       89. Well, praise the Lord, we have the Lord & nothing can stop His reign & His Word! We're going to keep on working no matter what happens, amen? Just pray for any of the poor boys there who are real Christians. I'm sure some of them are getting prayed up to date! They probably haven't prayed for years. There's nothing like affliction & trouble to drive you to the Lord. The threat of war & trouble & affliction is a great force to drive people to the Lord.
       90. So I just thought I'd tell you that it looks like there's going to be a war, because that's what the U.S. wants, &, of course, that's what the ACs want. They want Saddam & the Iraqis knocked out of the game. Israel has pretty much got enough might to handle the other Arab nations, Saddam was their biggest threat.

       91. (15/1/91) I bet you could ask almost any American today why the U.S. was fighting in Vietnam & they couldn't give you a good reason. You know the reasons that Johnson & Kennedy gave?--"We're fighting for freedom for the Vietnamese. We're fighting to protect free South Vietnam." (Maria: They didn't even want to be free, did they?) Well, whether they wanted to be or not they wound up not being free, the U.S. lost the war & North Vietnam took over!
       92. Really now, how many Americans really cared about the Vietnamese being free or not? How many American boys would have been happy to go over there & give their lives to free the Vietnamese? How many had such idealistic ideals? (Maria: It's not normal for Americans to have such unselfishness or a World-consciousness to give their lives for others, much less for strange Oriental foreigners they know nothing about & don't understand.) It was ridiculous! Just ridiculous!
       93. They don't know what they fought the Korean war for either, which they lost. They also don't know why they fought the Grenadian war or why they fought the Panamanian war. They don't know what they fought these wars for.--And they know just as little about why they're now going to be made to fight & die for Saudi Arabia & Kuwait! I don't even think most of them would be willing to go there & die for the oil.

       94. (1/91) I think Saddam's the kind of man who would be willing to be a martyr & die for his cause! I believe Bush is determined to protect Israel more than anything else, & Saddam knows it. If shots are ever going to be fired, it's going to be a duel to the death!
       95. I was really praying about it & I really got anointed praying in tongues, & I got a little message, "O Lord, kiss the Words of their father." So I felt like it was a confirmation from the Lord that that's it.--Saddam Hussein would rather die than surrender to the U.S.! He'd rather die than surrender even to the whole World! He'd rather die to unite the Arab World, if it takes his death.
       96. They don't even understand a guy like that! They always think he just wants power, he wants this, he wants that, blah blah blah! I don't think he really gives a damn that much about Kuwait! He would like to have Kuwait, but I think he's much more interested in uniting the Arabs & destroying Israel, & he sees now he's going to have a chance, even if he dies trying!
       97. I believe he is going to show that he is a real crusader, a real leader, a real martyr willing to die to try to unite his people & destroy their bitter enemies! It sounds like Isaiah 63:1 may be describing Hussein when it says: "Who is this that cometh with garments died red from Bozrah?" (Basra)
       98. I don't think hardly any of those American boys there would be willing to give their life to restore the power of the Emir of Kuwait to his throne, a totally despotic, undemocratic kingdom! I don't think hardly any of them give a damn about saving Kuwait! And I don't think there are many of them who are willing to give their own life, to shed their blood, to save the oil! I don't think there are many of them who are willing to give their lives to save a single damn Saudi Arabian or their oil fields! I doubt if there are many of them there that are even willing to give their lives for--as Bush said one time--"Our way of life." Almost any soldier there would rather have his life than "our way of life"!
       99. I don't think many of them have enough conviction or desire to die for what they're there for! I think they're just there because they've been told to go there. They're just there to obey their President. This is what they teach you in the military, if they don't teach you anything else: Instant obedience without even thinking, that you're to obey no matter what! That's what close-order drill is all about. For hours & hours & hours, you instantly obey until it becomes automatic. You don't even think about what you're doing, you just do it, because you're commanded to do it! I don't think hardly any of them there have any high ideals & ideas of "glory for our country" blah!

       100. (1/91) Gorby or someone is taking advantage of the situation in the Gulf to attack & crack down on Lithuania. That's just how the Soviets invaded Hungary in 1956 & Czechoslovakia in 1968 when they tried to break away.
       101. The U.S. is so interested in liberating little Kuwait--an anti-Christian, autocratic, dictatorial monarchy, a Muslim kingdom--whereas these great big countries of the Baltics on the border of the Soviet Union were grabbed by the Soviet Union a long time ago & the U.S. did nothing about it!--Christian countries that are friendly to the U.S., etc. They're not willing to go with a big army to fight & liberate these Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia! I can remember when the Soviets grabbed those, it was terrible! But the U.S. did nothing about it, & has done nothing about it since. And now that the Soviet Union is grabbing them again to prevent their freedom, the U.S. is not doing anything about it now!
       102. It would be very embarrassing right now for both Bush & Gorbachev if the U.S. were to recognise the Lithuanian government. It would be almost like a slap in the face to Gorbachev in taking it over by force. Bush doesn't want to risk losing Gorby's backing in the Gulf, so he's not doing a damn thing about it. He didn't do anything about it the last time the Soviets cracked down, & he's not doing anything about it this time. (Maria: What an exposé to any thinking person, to see what's happening to those countries, who, like you say, are Christian. The U.S. is just letting it happen.--Whereas they're going to bat for a dictatorship & a non-Christian country.) Yes! The only trouble is, Lithuania doesn't have any oil, & that anti-Christ Arab country does! So it shows you what the U.S. puts first. It's pitiful!

       103. (1/91) I think the Lord is allowing this Gulf crisis to really put the World on the spot!--That in spite of all their so-called desires for peace, the first war that came along they all jumped in whole-heartedly, which shows that they really didn't believe in peace! The Lord said, "When they shall cry 'Peace, peace', then cometh sudden destruction!"--1Th.5:3. And there's never been so much talk & hope for peace as there was this past year with the collapse of the Communist Empire. Everybody's been talking peace! Now here comes the "sudden destruction"!

       104. (15/1/91) I'm almost positive that the only solution to Russia's problems is the Antichrist. What if Russia would suddenly decide to come into the war on the side of Iraq? They could be America's nemesis there. They say that before the current crisis, the Soviets had from three to ten thousand experts there helping Iraq operate its war machine. Also, Russia would love to control the oil center of the World. Russia's being on the side of the American coalition could just be a pretense. They haven't put any forces into the Gulf on the side of the U.N. & the U.S. They're uncommitted except by word of mouth, so there is a possibility that they could eventually turn against the U.S.

       105. (15/1/91) I really feel sorry for all those poor boys. Maybe I shouldn't feel sorry for all of them because, I'll tell you, the Army was the most wicked place I ever was. I never heard such foul language. I really felt like I was "dwelling in the tents of wickedness." Of course, the government doesn't tell you that side, but I sure remember it! I was never so glad to get out of anything as the U.S. Army. Of course it was kind of nice to get all your clothes & meals & everything for free.--It only costs you your life!

       U.S.' GUILT
       106. (20/1/91) The majority of people are behind this war, so they are also to blame for it. The Americans say they're trying to do all they can during this war to avoid hurting innocent civilians, but they are hurting civilians! They're not only killing many of them, they're also destroying their leadership, destroying their food, destroying their homes, destroying their bridges, destroying their roads, destroying their army & destroying their sons!

       BUSH'S FOLLY!
       107. (20/1/91) Bush is doing now just like he did in Panama. Just to get one man, he made thousands suffer. He's going to suffer one of these days. He's going to have to be humbled. It takes a fool like him to start wars!

       108. (20/1/91) Oh my God!--Those poor Iraqis! Jesus, please help them, Lord! All those poor innocent people, the poor who are suffering from all of this horrible war induced by that horrible man, George Bush!--That monster, Lord! He's such a monster! In Jesus' name, O Jesus, please spare Thy Christians especially, Lord, who are suffering. Help it to drive them closer to You, Jesus, in Jesus' name.--And to drive God-damn Bush closer to Hell!
       109. My God, Bush is so sanctimonious, so self-righteous! So horrible! (Maria: Bush says, "We have nothing against the Iraqi people," but if they really believe that, & it's not the innocent Iraqi people that they're blaming, then why are they making them suffer like that? Why are they killing them & why are they completely devastating them?--Leaving them without sewage & without food & water, without anything?) Without electricity as well.
       110. (Maria: They've even bombed some Christian churches!) Judge Bush, Lord! Judge the Americans, in Jesus' name! May they suffer, Lord, as they have caused these other poor people to suffer! May the Americans suffer as they've caused others to suffer! Help those poor people, Jesus. And help the Israelis to suffer as they have made the Palestinians to suffer, in Jesus' name. Help the Saudi Arabians to suffer as they have made the poor to suffer.
       111. Use this war, Lord, to cause suffering & persecution to Thy enemies, the rich, the powerful. May they suffer, Lord, who have brought all this suffering onto the World. The God-damn Kuwaitis, the God-damn anti-Christ Saudi Arabians, may they suffer as they have caused their poor to suffer, in Jesus' name. Amen. And the rich of Iraq, Lord, as they have caused their poor to suffer, so let them suffer. And the rich of Israel who have caused their poor Arabs to suffer, Lord, let them reap what they have sown, in Jesus' name. May the rich suffer & the poor be delivered, Lord, in Jesus' name! And may George Bush especially be caused to suffer because he's the one who started this war. Lord Jesus, have Thy way in this war! Kill whom You will & save whom You will.
       112. Bless & keep Thy poor Christians, deliver them, Lord, or take them to Heaven.--In Jesus' name, amen. And may the persecutors suffer, Lord, especially George Bush & James Baker! He's probably almost as responsible as George Bush, he's been Bush's friend for years & they've been in cahoots on all their dirty dealings.--George Bush, James Baker & Dick Cheney, & all the dogs of war who love war & want to wage war & kill the poor & innocent.
       113. My God, we ask Thee especially to cause George Bush, Dick Cheney & James Baker to suffer for all the suffering they've brought on the World & to the poor of both Iraq & Jordan & even Turkey. (Maria: And Israel, because the war's been an excuse for the Jews to clamp down even more harshly & terribly on the Palestinians there.)
       114. Deliver the poor boys who were brought into it innocently & ignorantly. Oh God, help Thy children, Lord, especially those who love Thee & know Thee & know now they shouldn't be there, like I did when I was in the army, when I knew I was in the wrong place.
       115. Lord help those who don't know You to turn to You too, as many of the soldiers are doing now. Lord, help them to get desperate with You. Help them to turn to You in the face of death.--In Jesus' name, amen.

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