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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.55--More on the Gulf War!       DO 2674RV       Comp.2/91

       1. (24/1/91) The U.S. has less reason for fighting this war than any war they've ever fought! They have a hard time even thinking up excuses for it. Bush just wants to become ruler of the World now that the U.S. is the only real big power left. He figures if he can control the oil he can rule the World, no matter how many lives it costs or lives it upsets. These men just absolutely go crazy, crazy to get into war! I guess he figures, "Well, we've got all these armaments & equipment & everything that we've been developing for 40-50 years, & now we can't really use it on Russia, we've got to use it someplace or it's all wasted."
* * *

       2. (26/1/91) First their excuse for war was, "Defend Saudi Arabia!" then it was, "Free Kuwait!" & now they say they've got to wipe out Iraq & Saddam Hussein. "Saddam must now be brought to justice!"

       3. (26/1/91) The U.S. now expects Operation Desert Storm to cost upwards of 52 billion Dollars for the first three months of 1991! That's about 578 million Dollars a day! Kuwait has pledged 13-1/2 billion Dollars for the first quarter of '91, an amount which is a quarter of the total. Saudi Arabia will pledge a similar share. Including the Emirates, Arab Gulf States have pledged 13% of the total, leaving another quarter for Japan & Germany, & about 12% for the U.S.
       4. (Maria: Isn't it ironic that all these Arabs are pledging all these millions & billions of Dollars to save Israel? That's virtually what they're doing by backing the U.S. in this war. It's really amazing that they don't see that.) The U.S. is fighting Israel's wars for her, just what the ACs want! And as far as the cost of this war, some believe that the U.S. is purposely underestimating it.

       5. (26/1/91) Of course, Cheney & all the Americans completely deny that the U.S. caused this huge oil spill, they say they're sure it was the Iraqis. What a Hell of a mistake that would have been for the American forces to have broken that pipeline that's spilling into the Gulf. Those poor fishermen!--It will probably completely ruin their livelihood. And the poor birds & fish!--It will probably destroy most of them. How sad!
       6. It certainly seems like Iraq wouldn't have scuttled its own tankers just to release that oil. Besides, it seems uncharacteristic of Saddam Hussein if he would have initiated that oil spill not to take credit for it. He does for everything else, so why should he hide this if he's responsible for it? He said the U.S. did it, & they say he did it. How can you know the truth? I'm sure some of those U.S. bombers would have loved to bomb those Iraqi tankers out in the Gulf.

       7. (26/1/91) Thirteen months ago it was George Bush who invaded a small country to his south, Panama, & was censured by the United Nations & it was called a flagrant violation of international law. Imagine if at that point some other big power in the World decided to bomb the United States to punish them for that action. That's another reason why the U.S. is not justified in what they're doing now! They've done the same thing!

       8. (27/1/91) When the Lord said that Bush was going to pay for what he's doing now, maybe He meant that Bush was going to have to be in Hell with all the people he sent to Hell & that he's still sending to Hell! To think what Bush has brought on all those poor people--it's horrible! Everything that was done to Kuwait was not nearly as bad as what he's doing to Iraq now. (Maria: And look at the fear that this war has brought about almost worldwide.)--And the worldwide suffering of all the relatives & friends of the soldiers there. It's pitiful! Pitiful! Bush has no one but himself to blame. He's the one who brought it on, he gave the order to start the war. My God, how horrific!
       9. My God, what horror, what Hell this war has brought on the poor people of the Mideast, all of them! Even Turkey's suffering now. Iraq is suffering the most, of course, & now Saudi Arabia & Kuwait will get it even worse. There won't even be anything left of Kuwait by the time Bush turns it over to the Kuwaitis, which he may never be able to do. Yet he claims he's supposedly saving Kuwait!
       10. Jesus, have mercy on those poor people! Just think, the Americans have even destroyed the oldest Christian church in Iraq. They're fighting to protect an anti-Christ Moslem nation, Saudi Arabia, & to deliver another anti-Christ Moslem nation, Kuwait. The Saudi government doesn't even want the Coalition forces to have Bibles or anything. My God!
       11. May Bush be miserable! May he be miserable from now on! To think of all the deaths he caused & is causing the innocent, sending people to Hell! He brought on the war, not Saddam. Saddam didn't attack, Bush attacked. My God! In Jesus' name, amen. My God, he's brought death & Hell to all those poor people! So may he reap death & Hell himself, in Jesus name!
       12. (Later:) My God, help those poor people in the war zone who can't sleep. Give them sleep, Lord! Have mercy on them! Have mercy on the poor Iraqis, even the Israelis, Lord. And even the Americans, Lord. Oh God, give them sleep, give them rest, give them slumber, give them surcease from the horrible horrors of war. Lord, let me pray for them who can't sleep as I cannot sleep, Lord. And may we have a burden for them that they may sleep, in the Name of Jesus, amen. My God, just thinking about them has made me sleepy.
       13. Lord, judge Bush! May he have no rest, no sleep! He started this big war, help him not to sleep! Deal with his conscience, Lord, & give him no sleep for all the horrible suffering he has brought on so many people, both his own & the Iraqis.
       14. I believe the Lord's going to do it, amen? He's going to get Hell for the Hell he's brought on so many people, not only the Iraqis but the Israelis & Saudi Arabians & the Palestinians & the Jordanians & his own people, so many people! May he feel the suffering of all of them, Lord, of the Americans & the Saudis, the Iraqis, & the Kuwaitis. Maybe, Lord, You'll cause him to feel the Hell that he's causing all of them to suffer. Amen. TYL! In the Name of Jesus, Lord, help us all to feel the Hell they're suffering & to pray for them.

       15. (31/1/91) The ACs are waiting for the Antichrist, whom they will look to as their Saviour, but he will be their curse! The Antichrist will overcome the World. The Antichrist will triumph & be the victor in all these wars. By the power of the Devil, the Antichrist will take over with the help of the ACs.--Until we & the Lord defeat'm all at Armageddon!

       16. (31/1/91) Oh God, in Jesus' name, please have mercy on the poor & the defenseless! Oh God, have mercy on the poor, in Jesus' name! Please have mercy on the poor & the defenseless! Help them to turn & look to Thee & pray to Thee for their succor in Jesus' name, amen.
       17. Oh God, please, please, please! Please please please help them, Lord, in Jesus' name. I cannot help them, Lord, but You can. Deliver them, Lord, guide them. Protect them, Jesus, Thy children, the poor, the innocent, the little ones, Lord.--In Jesus' name, amen.
       18. (Tongues:) "Listen, hear the prayers of thy father. This little one, Lord, who praises Thee in the name of David. Hear his prayers that they might be answered & that Thou shalt have the victory! God's mighty forces shall be vindicated & the wicked shall be punished & the Lord shall have victory!"

       19. (31/1/91) In his recent State of the Union message Bush said, "Among the nations of the World, only the United States of America has both the moral standing & the means to back it up." Think of that!--Saying only the U.S. is moral now! That's a slap at his allies! I don't think they're going to appreciate that.
       20. Here's another quote from Bush: "The U.S. has a new credibility & what we say goes!" --How egotistical can you get?
* * *

       21. (31/1/91) It's amazing what one man can do to the World. Yes, Bush is going to go down in history, he's making his dent & he's affecting the whole World, every person in it.

       22. (31/1/91) All the soldiers from previous wars who have already gone on to Heaven must think that these people in this war are absolutely insane. They've not learned a thing from all the other wars. They should do anything but get into a war!

       23. (31/1/91) In 450 American movies, this researcher we read about couldn't find one sympathetic portrayal of an Arab! Those movies have paved the way for antagonism against the entire Arab World. The only image that the Americans have of Arabs is the Arab terrorist. In Hollywood an "Arab" means the bad guy!

       24. (3/2/91) President Bush was just nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.--How insane the World is!

       25. (3/2/91) The U.S. says that Iraq has not been invaded. If you bomb an entire country, what do you call that?--That's not an invasion? Just because their ground forces are not yet in Iraq, they're trying to claim that the U.S. is not invading Iraq. Goodnight, it's bombed the whole country! What do you call that but an invasion! The U.S. military coalition forces are invading Iraq every day, over a thousand times a day with their air forces.--Having performed already nearly 40,000 sorties into Iraq. What would you call that but an invasion?

       26. (3/2/91) Godahfi says he's against Iraq's invasion of Kuwait & that Saddam must get out of Kuwait. He says if the U.S. continues to make war with Iraq after that, he will then be on the side of Hussein. And he also thinks that once Hussein is out of Kuwait, the U.S. ought to get out of Saudi Arabia.
       27. He considers himself a neutral, & at the present time he's not giving any military support. But he says it's only humanitarian that if the Iraqi civilians need food & supplies & medical help that he would be willing to give it. And he voices fear that this whole war is going to drag in the Russians & all the Arabs & lead to a full-scale Third World War. Godahfi says he doesn't see any reason for this war, he'd like it to stop. He says everybody participating in it is crazy.
       28. Godahfi is another case where U.S. pride caused them to go after one man. Reagan bombed Libya & Godahfi's own home & killed one of his children just out of pride & personal revenge on Godahfi. A more recent example of such revenge is when the U.S. invaded Panama just to capture Noriega.
       29. These U.S. Presidents develop a personal animosity against other World leaders who oppose them & they become determined to get them. (Maria: When Cheney was asked why the U.S. doesn't just go in & assassinate Saddam, he said, "We have a policy of not going after an individual." Apparently President Kennedy issued an executive order that the U.S. should not go after individual persons or leaders.) But that's exactly what Bush did when they targeted Noriega in Panama, & what Reagan did when he targeted Godahfi & U.S. bombers blew up his house!

       30. (3/2/91) "Area Denial Weapons" is the nice new name that the U.S. has devised for their cluster bombs. And they're all up in arms that Iraq now has them too, having gotten the technology from the U.S. They have all kinds of new names for things in this war to make the horrible naked slaughter of war sound "nice" & harmless.
* * *

       31. (3/2/91) In their conversations these military men constantly refer to the war as a "game."

       32. (3/2/91) Lord, You're so good to us. Lord, bless those poor people in battle on both sides, in Jesus' name. And may it end as soon as possible. Help that stubborn Saddam Hussein to give up, to quit while he's ahead. He's not exactly ahead but he's a lot more ahead if he quits now than he will be if he doesn't.
       33. He could save so many more lives if he would quit & give up. Humble his pride, Lord. Help him to humble his pride & be willing to give up to save the suffering of his people & so many others. But You know what's best, Lord, & what they deserve. Thy Will be done. But there are so many innocent poor people who are suffering.
* * *

       34. (3/2/91) Something I was thinking about during one of these times when I had these pains in my head, "The poor people in the war are suffering more pain than this. Maybe, Lord, You want me to pray for them."

       35. (4/2/91) Before, they all said Saddam was, "miscalculating, miscalculating, miscalculating," & now they're saying he's resourceful, ingenious & wily! They kept saying that Saddam had miscalculated & everything was miscalculations on Iraq's part, but now the West sees that they have miscalculated. For example, the technical abilities of the Iraqis have been drastically underestimated. Somebody called it "technological racism." The West has been viewing them as ignoramuses who don't know how to do anything, when in fact, they're very capable. They've taken an old Soviet missile and transformed it into these new super-SCUDs. The original Soviet missiles only had a range of about 300 miles, but they have souped them up to where they can now go 600 to 900 miles.
       36. They're called "inaccurate" by U.S. military men because they can't be aimed specifically at a small target like a radar control tower. But they're accurate enough, however, to hit cities and strike fear into Israel. With a SCUD you can aim at a city & be pretty sure you will hit it.

       37. (4/2/91) The war industries will take up a little of the slack of the recession. That's what saved the U.S. from the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's great war. That's what they almost always do to pull out of a recession, they start a new war. That's one reason for this war you don't see given in the newspapers!
* * *

       38. (4/2/91) Bush spent five months preparing for war & only a few hours negotiating in earnest for peace.

       39. (5/2/91) You just can't imagine people in this supposedly civilised age of intelligent sane people, even many Christians, actually going to war! Their whole culture is to blame!--A culture that says war is all right, that it's legitimate to tear bodies apart & destroy the lives of men, women & children! You just can't imagine civilised people talking calmly about it. War is insanity! They're declaring war in the name of peace.
       40. The government propagandises people in so many ways to try to make their war justified. It's amazing just how easily the sheep are led astray! It's insanity, it's a power lust! They don't care how many lives they throw away just to get their own way.

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