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WHEN ISRAEL STRIKES BACK!       DO 2676       1/91
--What Could be the End of the Gulf War!--The Way I See It!

              1. This current stage of the Gulf War is the first time the Israelis have ever allowed any kind of attacks on Israel without instantly retaliating on a massive scale. They're now being regularly bombed with SCUD missiles & they're not retaliating, which could mean that they are just waiting for the excuse to justify a massive retaliation, maybe even with something like atom bombs! They're just letting it build up & they're letting enough damage be done & people be killed & wounded & so on by Saddam's SCUD missiles. They're probably waiting until they have World opinion so much on their side that people will say, "Well, they're justified in hitting Saddam with atom bombs, the Iraqis are doing too much damage to the Jews!"
       2. The Israelis are not going to just let all those missile attacks go by without some kind of retaliation sooner or later! The only reason I can see for them waiting so long & letting themselves be hit so many times--besides the increased billions in foreign aid that they're demanding now from the U.S.--is so they can say, "Well see, U.S., you couldn't keep them from attacking us, so we finally had to shoot our bomb & really put them out of business!" Then they would also get the credit for winning the war!--Getting rid of Saddam. There isn't hardly anybody in the U.S.--or in the World for that matter--who wouldn't be very happy (except for some Arabs) if Israel would shoot off an atom bomb & hit Baghdad or wipe out Saddam's troops on the border.
       3. Just a few Israeli atom bombs would settle it, it would end the war. Nobody would be any happier than the U.S.-led Coalition troops that are over there, & the people in the U.S., right? (Maria: The U.S. has no justification to use nuclear weapons, they have to do everything conventionally. But after all these SCUD missile attacks on Israel, the Israelis could go in with atom bombs. But as far as them using just conventional weapons, why should they do anything when the U.S. is doing just as much as they could do, & more, because the U.S. has more pilots & more planes.)
       4. I wouldn't doubt that the Israelis are secretly telling a lot of their people, "Just wait, we're going to do it!" The only thing they could do more than what the U.S. is already doing is atomic bombing. And by the time they do that, they will have been hit enough, have enough people hurt & killed, enough Jews mad enough, that they'd agree it's time to strike back.--Even the rest of the World might believe it was justified by then. If Israel does that, they could then take the credit for stopping & winning the war.
       5. (Maria: If they do that, how are the Arabs ever going to get any kind of a fair shake at all?) When the Antichrist arises, that's when. (Maria: Yes, but for awhile he's going to be the Jews' hero.) Yes, their "Supreme Lord." (Maria: But then he turns on them, right?) Yes, exactly. When they don't keep their agreement, the Covenant, he then decides against the Jews & he comes in & crushes them. It looks like he will have already had a war with them according to Daniel 11, which was settled by this agreement, the Covenant. But eventually they break it, so he then comes down & invades them & crushes them. That's when he even establishes his palace in Jerusalem.
       6. From Jerusalem he can control the whole World--Christians, Arabs & Jews--because they all have their holy places there. At the very first, he will probably allow their traditional religious worship to continue in order to get their agreement, to get them to allow him to be their ruler. He is only going to set himself up as God in the Temple and set his idol on the Temple grounds, in the last worst days, when the real persecution begins. That's supposed to be right in the middle of his reign, when the Tribulation starts. The Tribulation begins at the middle of his reign, remember? (Maria: Yes.) He reigns for 7 years, but the Tribulation happens "in the midst of the week" for 3-1/2 years. (Dan.9:27.)
       7. It's all right there in Daniel 11. He has this war which gives rise to the agreement, the Covenant, which is apparently with the Jews, because when they break it he gets furious & comes back & invades Israel. At that time, he'll be on the side of the Palestinians & all the Arabs. Then he goes back to his country & the Jews apparently revolt again. He then comes down & completely crushes them & sets up his Headquarters right in Jerusalem. He will have already reigned for 3-1/2 years before the Tribulation begins, before he declares himself to be God & sets up his idol & starts the Mark of the Beast & starts the severe persecution, trying to kill everybody who won't worship him.
       8. (Maria: So it sounds like the Arabs are in for a pretty long period of mistreatment & being completely oppressed & crushed.) Well, it's possible that it might not take too long. This current war is so clever of the ACs to trick the U.S. into launching this whole thing so they'll get the blame, but the ACs will probably wind up taking the credit for the victory! That would be the perfect scenario for them. (Maria: What kind of blame will the U.S. get?) The blame for starting the war!


              9. After all the sacrifices the U.S.-led Coalition has made, the ACs are waiting to play their trump card to get credit for ending the war. Doesn't that sound just like something they would do? (Maria: Like you said, they tricked the U.S. into this war. I bet they masterminded the whole thing, playing on the U.S. greed for oil, but actually knowing all along that they just wanted to get them into the war for Israel's sake. Right?) Yes, exactly. They've literally tricked the U.S. into getting into this war, getting its foot in it.
       10. I wouldn't be surprised that there's been an AC council that sat down & reasoned with the U.S., saying, "Now listen, you've got to come over here & take care of Saddam.--And if you take control over the oil & this part of the World, we'll help you do it!" The whole thing is masterminded, a plot to give the West & the ACs control of the oil, by which they can virtually control the World! (Maria: They probably just sat the U.S. officials down & told them, "Look, you'll miss your oil if you don't come over here!") Yes, "Besides, you've got to defend & protect Israel!"
       11. No doubt, it's a masterminded plot to help put the ACs even more into power.--So they can reveal their Superman when the time comes, when it's auspicious & they can make their deal with him, the Covenant. Apparently he then goes home after the war in which he has conquered everything there, & they make a deal with him to preserve Jerusalem & the holy sites, etc. But then they break the deal.
       12. (Maria: Now is this quite a ways off in the future?--After Israel's won the war, if that's what happens?) Yes, if Israel enters & wins this war, it would be the ideal time for the Antichrist to appear with his Covenant. I think the only way they could possibly persuade their people to just wait & be patient, is that they're planning on using their big guns--their nukes--to settle the whole thing. And the U.S. would be thanking them with open arms for blasting Iraq with atom bombs! I wouldn't doubt that the U.S. has even given them the atom bomb. (Maria: Yes, nuking Iraq is something the U.S. couldn't get away with, but Israel could.) Exactly.
       13. Most of the World, probably the vast majority of the World, would praise them for it, thank them for it, be glad that they ended the war, & in a sense, helped the U.S. to win it.--Except, of course, the Arabs would not like it. And Israel would have gotten rid of their primary enemy--Saddam Hussein, the strongest Arab power in the Mideast, the only one that was really threatening them. Syria threatened them, but neither Syria nor Egypt have what it takes. They've already been beaten by Israel 2 or 3 times. But Saddam Hussein was the biggest power in the Mideast & the one that was the most threatening to Israel. For one thing, Israel didn't want him to finish his work on his own atom bombs.
       14. I think it could be like a plot between the ACs & the U.S. to get so much American power there & so many forces, that they're first going to beat poor Saddam to a pulp, & then for a heroic finale, Israel enters in & puts an end to the war with their atom bombs! (Maria: But do you think the U.S. realises Israel's intentions? Could they have tricked Bush & his forces into it through the bait of the oil?) Well, that's possible.


              15. When the ground troops begin fighting, I think the U.S. is going to be more than thankful for Israel's intervention, & would certainly feel Israel was justified in using atom bombs to stop the war. Of course, the Arabs are going to be very disappointed, except for those who are fighting on the side of the U.S.-Coalition, such as Egypt, Syria & Saudi Arabia etc. (Maria: The people of the World who are against the war in the first place, the peace protestors, will be even more shocked if nuclear bombs are used.) Yes, but at least it will stop the war.
       16. There are bound to be some people who are going to protest the use of atomic bombs, but the fact that it made the peace will pretty well subdue most objections. Then the U.S. & Israel will be in control of the oil.--Israel through the U.S., having a say at the peace table because they had a hand in the war. They'll all have to decide what to do about the oil & the whole area & its policing. It's going to have to have permanent forces there to keep the peace, to keep Iran or Syria or somebody else from grabbing the oil.
       17. There's definitely some reason why Israel is not striking back yet. The war hasn't gotten quite to the pitch yet that they think would justify the use of the bomb. But when thousands of boys start getting killed in trying to invade Kuwait over those dug-in Iraqi tanks & guns, certainly the World will be more thankful if Israel stops the war by nuking Iraq. When thousands of U.S. & Coalition boys start getting bloodied & killed, that would be the ideal time for Israel to act. The U.S. would be so desperate to stop the war. They're going to find it so hard & difficult to invade Kuwait & Iraq, they'll be thankful that Israel steps in. They don't want to get blamed, & they'll figure Israel was justified. Maybe the SCUDs will be killing hundreds of Israeli civilians & injuring thousands by that time.
       18. The ACs will have to get things sufficiently propagandised & prepared by then. They are the smartest propagandists in the World! They have to make sure things get so bad & so far gone that they will feel justified using the bomb & the whole World will excuse them for it. They want the World to say, "Good riddance of bad rubbish!", that using the bomb & getting it over with quick was the lesser of the two evils, rather than letting the war drag on.
       19. They'll probably wait until sentiment is so strongly against the war in the U.S. because of the thousands of boys being killed & maimed & so on, that the U.S. will be thankful, the troops will be thankful, the whole World will be thankful if they use the bomb. "Well, thousands of civilians were killed by the bomb, but at least we stopped Saddam & stopped the war, stopped the Iraqis!" They'll do just like they did in WWI & WWII, all the wars. The U.S. would say, "Well, we're sorry about all the civilians killed, but they deserve it, they were cooperating with the regime, & we had to do it in order to stop the killing."
       20. That's exactly how the U.S. rationalised & justified their atomic bomb attacks on Japan! They killed a few hundred thousand civilians but said, "We saved the lives of thousands of our boys, & even other Japanese by ending the war." That's exactly what their attitude was about the use of the atom bomb against Japan by the U.S. in WWII!--"We know it was a terrible thing to do, killing all those civilians & old people & babies & children & whatnot, but at least it stopped the war. Therefore, it saved a lot of other lives. So although it took many lives, it stopped the killing." And most of the World was thankful & felt that the U.S. was justified. There weren't too many people protesting against war or atom bombs in those days.
       21. So the World will probably excuse it, they will stand for it. (Maria: They don't like the Arabs much anyway.) No, & they will feel that Israel was justified. The U.S. will certainly be thankful that Israel ended the war. I think the Jews are going to wait until their people have suffered enough that the World will excuse them for doing it, knowing it's the only way they could stop it. And they'll wait until the U.S. will have suffered enough from the killing of thousands of its boys in the upcoming ground assault that they're so worried about now. They're hoping that World sentiment will have built up so much that they will all be to the point that they will be thankful when Israel drops the bombs.
       22. What else could Israel do? They can't do any more than what the U.S. is already doing as far as conventional weapons & traditional explosives. They've got to wait until the World & the U.S. & all the Coalition sees that they cannot lick Saddam alone, they can't stop him conventionally. The Israeli cowboy will then appear justified in pulling out his gun & shooting the villain dead. The whole World will rejoice, especially the Americans, & particularly the ACs who want to sit at the peace table. You see, they've got to have some part in the war or they're not going to be justified to sit at the peace table & have a say in how to divvy up the spoils, mostly the oil.


              23. That's the scenario I can see, which would be just clever enough to be an AC plot! Then if they've made peace in the Mideast, & if there's still peace between the big Powers, it would almost be the ideal time to introduce their "Supreme Lord," their Superman, the Antichrist! That would certainly look like the ideal scenario to help put the ACs in control & introduce the man who's going to be the Antichrist. It won't matter to them if he's a Communist who rose to power in Russia. Wherever he is, he's already in existence somewhere now.
       24. They will all sit down together & they will all be speaking lies at one table & they'll make this agreement. (Maria: They?--You mean the big Powers?) And the ACs.--Everybody who had anything to do with this war. Even Germany & Japan & all the others who helped support it are going to want to have a say in how the spoils of war are distributed to everybody who helped or sent ships or troops or whatever. They can divvy it up. They had conferences just like that after WWII at Yalta & Potsdam in which the winners literally divided up the World, particularly Europe. That's when it was agreed to divide Europe into East & West, that's what Stalin demanded.
       25. What if the Antichrist arises that soon?--At the end of this war at the peace table, to show his great wisdom & his power. He could take over World leadership as soon as that, as soon as this war is over, while they're all arguing over the peace table. According to Ezekiel 38 & Daniel 11, it sounds like he's going to come from Russia. So maybe Russia's going to step into this war, or at least into some kind of peace process. The ACs will probably introduce him, he could be a Jew from Russia. Perhaps he'll rise to fill the present vacuum in Russian leadership. Poor Gorbachev has failed & he's getting in deeper & deeper trouble all the time, worse & worse. Everything he's doing now is turning the people against him.
       26. So what if the ACs find that the end of this war is the ideal auspicious moment in which to introduce the Antichrist, to settle all the arguments & offer his economic program for a cashless society, the electronic economy? I'm sure they have all kinds of clever ideas to solve the World's problems, to get everybody together in not just a United States of Europe but a United States of the World!


              27. So what I'm trying to say is that this war could lead right into that! The Lord said, "This is it!" So what is "it"? I think it's the beginning of the End, & that this war could very well lead into putting the Antichrist into power. If & when the ACs help the U.S. end this war, the U.S. is going to be very grateful, especially that they didn't have to nuke Iraq.
       28. I'm just giving you a scenario that is possible & could happen. That would be one of the cleverest things the ACs ever did! Right now the U.S. is trying to persuade Israel not to get into it because they're afraid the whole Arab World will then turn on them. But even some of the Arab nations will be thankful when Saddam Hussein is eliminated, especially Syria & Egypt. So that's the way it could go. I'm just suggesting that this is a possibility of the way it could go
       29. Then the U.S. & the ACs & all the participating countries, everyone who even sent a boat or anything over there, are all going to demand a say at the peace table. So it's going to virtually be a World conference. And the U.N. who voted the whole war in, they're going to have a say too. They're probably going to have the peace conference to settle the war at the U.N. Where else?--With all the nations there who participated & voted for it & so on, including the little nation that ended it, Israel. I can see that as a very possible scenario.
       30. A scenario is a movie plan, "How are we going to make this movie?" Well, that's the scenario I'm suggesting. It's quite possible & makes more sense than anything else I can think of! I don't say necessarily that God gave that to me, but maybe He put it in our minds.
       31. When the body bags start rolling in, let me tell you, the U.S. & all of the Coalition forces will be more than happy that somebody ended the war, & the quicker the better! I don't think hardly anything else could have persuaded Israel not to retaliate already. The only thing they can do now to retaliate that could have any more effect than what the U.S. is already doing is to atom bomb the Iraqis. And the U.S. knows it. Maybe they've discussed it together: "Wait & see if we can do it just with our traditional, conventional weapons. Then if we can't knock him out & stop the SCUDs, OK, you go ahead!--Hit him with the atoms!" That would bring the whole World to the peace table at the U.N. to deal out the spoils, & I think they'll all be happy about it. They will have all won & the Arabs will have lost. Even some of the anti-Saddam Arabs will have won.
       32. That would be an almost ideal time for the Antichrist to rise! Where else could they trot him out that he would appear so brilliant & so wise & come up with such terrific plans & so on but at the U.N. peace table? They've got a lot of those big circular peace tables for various conferences there.
       33. This is the first sense that I've been able to make out of the fact that the Israelis have not yet retaliated. They're waiting for the ideal moment, the ideal time when it's obvious that the U.S. has failed to get the job done & the body counts are rising & destruction in Israel from SCUDs is rising, & the fury of the people there is rising, to the point where both the U.S. & Israel would be willing to let Israel bomb in revenge. That will then bring the whole World to the peace table. They'll all have to decide on who's going to control the oil. Of course, the U.S., having made the biggest sacrifices & lost the most men & fought most of the war, will insist on the biggest share.
       34. Perhaps the Antichrist will arise at that time to begin to persuade the World to follow his plan, the only plan that will pull the World out of the horror of this war & the great Depression with his new economic system. So he could rise very soon. This war could be over in a day, if Israel starts using its atom bomb & destroys Baghdad & Saddam & all the rest.
       35. Then would definitely come the arguments at the peace table.--Which could go on for months, maybe even years. It's taken that long before at other peace conferences. It's taken years to settle some problems, & some of them aren't settled yet! There are even vestiges of these past World wars that are still not settled. It could also happen in a few days, but I think the arguments at the peace table at the U.N. are going to take a little while.
       36. Of course, if the Antichrist arises during these arguments & gives his ingenious, inspired solution, who of those worldly politicians wouldn't accept it?--Especially if they then make peace between them all & the Arabs finally get a square deal. A lot of people are now insisting that after this war there's got to be a conference to settle the Mideast problems. The Arabs are especially insisting on that.
       37. So such a World peace conference in the U.N. would be to settle all the problems in the Mideast--not just divvying up the oil & land & so on. Maybe that's when the Covenant comes, a treaty which the Arabs would accept, that meets their requirements for peace. (Maria: I wonder how he can make the Arabs happy & the Jews too, if he's the Jews' man, their "Supreme Lord"?) By forcing Israel, through this contract or this Covenant, to give the Palestinians back their part of Israel that the Israelis now occupy. (Maria: But that doesn't seem like something that would make the Jews very happy.) No, & that's why in the end they will reject it & break the Covenant.
       38. He could have such power & backing by that time he could force a little place like Israel to accept it: "This is the only way we're going to end this conflict between you Jews & Arabs, you've now got to accept this Peace Plan that divides Israel!" Actually, this whole thing was announced & it was settled & voted on by the U.N. decades ago, to partition Israel & make sure that the Jews & Arabs each had their own fair share. It was already voted on, it was already passed, the U.N. decided that years ago!--But Israel rejected it! So maybe the Antichrist will arise & force the Jews to finally abide by the U.N. decision. Well, they'll never like it & eventually will break it.


              39. (Maria: I thought the Antichrist was supposed to be the Jews' messiah & they were going to love him.) I'm sure they won't love him quite so much when he forces them into this Covenant. But they'll probably herald & love him as he's settling the World economy & he's solving all kinds of other World problems. Finally he just tells them, "We're never going to solve this Mideast problem until you Jews knuckle under & give the Arabs what they want!"
       40. In a covenant, in a peace treaty, nobody gets everything they want. In any kind of contract or compromise that ever settled anything, nobody got all they wanted!--Especially when it's between two disagreeing parties. Everybody in such a compromise is given something they want. And if the Palestinians were given their share of Israel, they'd be happy. Of course, they wouldn't be completely happy, because they'd love to kick the Jews out completely.
       41. The Jews would get peace at least, the Arabs would not be arming to attack them any more & they could at least live in peace. The "Peace Now" Movement in Israel is begging the government to settle & give the Palestinians their share of the land as the U.N. partitioned it years ago. So even a great number of Jews today want peace rather than land. That's one of their slogans, "Peace Now." I've read that those "Peace Now" people are willing to give up land for peace.
       42. There may be enough Jews by that time who will be willing to compromise. Or the Antichrist or the U.N. could just force them: "You don't want another war, do you? If you don't want to see all of these countries coming up against you Jews in Israel, then you better butt out & give the Palestinians back what is theirs!" They're not going to give them all they want, because they want it all. And Israel wants it all too. So there's got to be a compromise.
       43. The most logical thing I can see to bring about that compromise is the Covenant. But then as soon as the Antichrist goes back to his country & turns his back, guess who breaks the Covenant? (Maria: The Jews.) Not the Arabs, because they're so thankful that they got anything, their few crumbs, especially the poor Palestinians. But who's got the nerve & the gall & the guts & even the backing to break the Covenant?--The Jews! So the AC has to come back, & that's when he invades Israel & crushes their power then & there.


              44. Now that's the way I see it. At least that's the way I see it right now, & that seems to me a perfectly logical, possible scenario of the turn of events from this point on. That would settle the war in the Mideast & the U.S. would get what it wants, the lion's share of the oil. They'll all be scrapping over who gets what & how much of the oil & so on, all the nations that need it, & that debate will probably go on for quite some time. They'll also have to decide who's going to stay there & enforce the peace. That could take quite a few weeks, months, maybe even 2 or 3 years to sort all that out, during which the Antichrist could be building up his image & his power for the first 3-1/2 years.
       45. That, to me, is the most logical solution to what's going on right now. The only reason Israel is holding back & not retaliating against Iraq right now is probably because the U.S. has persuaded them, "Let's see what we can do first.--And if it turns out that we can't do it, if we can't stop'm, OK then, go ahead & use your bomb!" Get it? And for them to be allowed to use the bomb also gives them a much bigger say in the division of the spoils, the spoils of oils!
       46. (Prays:) Amen, Lord, thank You for that idea. Lord, I never really thought of that before, so maybe You gave it. It certainly seems like a logical conclusion to this whole Mideast problem that could easily give rise to the Antichrist. So have Thy way, Lord, You know what's best, Thy Will be done. We will just look & wait & watch to see what happens. You told us to "watch & pray."--Mat.26:41. In the meantime, we're not only watching & praying, Lord, we're doing all we can to save the people of this World, as many as we can, especially Thy children, from the awful horrors of the real holocaust to come! Amen, TYL!--In Jesus' name, amen.

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