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THE CHALLENGE TO COMMITMENT!--By Maria--Will You Accept It?Maria #144 DO 2679 12/90

1. God bless all you JETTs & Teens! Grandpa & I have been so encouraged to read & hear about you & your spiritual growth & accomplishments for the Lord! PTL! It's so wonderful to see how the Lord is fulfilling His promises that you, our new generation, will take up the torch & become His strong & dedicated on-fire witnesses in these Last Days! You truly are a "chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people!" For you have not chosen Him, but He has chosen you, & ordained you, that you should go & bring forth fruit! (1Pet.2:9; Jn. 15:16)--And surely, you will bear much fruit for His glory as you continue to follow Him & His ways, becoming the strong young men & women of God that He has ordained you to be! PTL!

2. The Lord has recently burdened our hearts for you, & caused us to think & pray a lot about you & for you. One thing that the Lord has impressed us with recently when praying about you & your training, is the training that most of us adults went through as teens when we first joined the Family twenty-some years ago. Remember, this Family started out as "Teens for Christ," & almost all of our early disciples were teenagers who forsook all & dropped out of the System in order to join this Revolution for Jesus.

"Back to the Future!"

3. From all the stories you've heard from the early days, you may say, "It sure sounds like it was a fun & exciting life to be a Family teen back then, but it sure doesn't seem to be very much like that now!--At least in most of the Homes I've been in!--How come it's not the same now, what happened?" Well, believe it or not, one of the biggest things that happened that changed a lot of our early ways of operating & carrying on within our Homes is you!--You & your brothers & sisters happened!--And our formerly-fanatical "Teens for Christ" became Mommies & Daddies for Christ, & we found ourselves blessed with you, our own dear children!

4. And we soon learned that "God's gifts were God's work" & that we simply couldn't operate as foot-loose & fancy-free as we had previously, now that we had to learn to change diapers, wash bottles, keep schedules etc. etc. in order to teach, train, care for & raise you!--And in the process, we have, of course, learned countless lessons & have grown into becoming responsible parents & Shepherds.

5. But now that many of you have grown up & reached the same age that many of us were when we first joined this Family, we've come full circle back to where we were 20 years ago!--"Back to the Future!"--And we again have a whole new generation of Teens--& pre-teens for Christ! Of course, life in the Family for you Teens & JETTs is not exactly like it was for us when we were Teens, because many of you already have important responsibilities in your Homes & Schools, & you're greatly depended upon in your ministries & in the care of your brothers & sisters. Your lives may be a little more restricted because you are so very needed. Your gifts, talents & help are indispensable to the running of our Homes & Schools, which means most of you probably stay pretty close to the home front. For these important reasons, you may not be as foot-loose & fancy-free as we were when we first joined the Family--but that doesn't mean that life in the Family for you Teens & JETTs needs to be any less exciting!

6. The Lord has recently shown us that He wants you to benefit from the same kind of revolutionary discipleship training that we were so blessed with! He wants you to partake of the same kind of thrilling & exciting life for the Lord that we had when we were teens & young new disciples for Jesus! So now is the time for an all-new JETT/Teen Revolution! (Or the "Discipleship Training Revolution," as we now call it)--When we all get "back to the basics" of genuine revolutionary discipleship for Jesus! In fact, we are announcing this new Discipleship Training Revolution to the entire Family, & challenging not only you, our Teens & JETTs, to "deny yourselves & take up your cross daily" & follow Jesus as genuine whole-hearted, red-hot, on-fire, dedicated disciples, but we're also challenging all of the Family adults to get in on the act as well!

7. We're not just talking about having a few new fiery Bible classes & then letting our fire & fervour fizzle out. We're talking about a genuine back-to-the-basics Discipleship Training Revolution taking place in all of our Homes! We're even implementing a set of brand-new Home Requirements so that your whole Home--adults, JETTs & Teens alike--will be striving to uphold the same revolutionary discipleship standard! We're all going to "speak the same thing, & be of one mind & one accord, with gladness & singleness of heart!"--1Cor.1:10; Acts 2:46.

8. Of course, the adults & parents & Shepherds are still your "elders in the Lord," & as such are "worthy of double honour" (1Tim. 5:17), & you JETTs & Teens should continue to honour, respect & obey them. But the adults aren't going to be upholding a different standard than you. We're all going to be striving together, side-by-side, to be the dedicated disciples we know the Lord wants us to be!

9. We hope to launch a personal witnessing revolution as well, where you Teens & JETTs will go out personally witnessing together with the adults who will take you under their wings.--Just as our "older brothers" took us under their wings when we first learned how to personally tend to the spiritual needs of lost & searching souls! Most of you have done a great job of getting out the Posters, Tapes & Videos, but we know you'll be thrilled to discover the joy & satisfaction of also being a soul-winner who can personally save souls & lead the lost sheep into our Great Shepherd's Heavenly Fold!

10. We will be striving to pour into you the same revolutionary training that our disciples in the early days were given, so that you can grow into the dedicated & determined disciples of Jesus that the Lord has ordained you to be! We not only know that you can be the revolutionaries for Jesus that He has ordained you to be, but we are confident that you will be.--If you are willing to take up this challenge & wholeheartedly commit yourselves to the Lord & His Work.

Teens Can Be Dedicated Disciples!

11. We know that Teens can truly commit their hearts & lives to the Lord & become genuinely on-fire disciples. Our early disciples certainly proved that, & many of you are proving it now, God bless you! But what about you JETTs & younger Teens? Can we really expect you to be real revolutionaries for Jesus, dedicated disciples who are sold out for the Lord?

12. We realise, of course, that you'll always have some problems--we all do. But the question is, can you young Teens & JETTs truly be motivated to really live for Jesus? Can that be your aim, your goal: To do everything you do for the Lord & for the glory of God?

13. We realise that it can be very difficult to be really turned on & on-fire & sold out for the Lord on your own. If the majority of the kids that you are with are not committing themselves to the Lord, and are not taking loving the Lord & serving Him seriously, it will be very difficult for you to "buck the tide" & stand up alone against the majority. Negative peer pressure can be very strong, & not many people have the strength to withstand it. Maybe this is one of the reasons that a lot of you have had a rough time in becoming as dedicated & close-to-the-Lord as you'd like to be.

14. When most of your peers & friends are going one way, it's usually very difficult to go the other way. If it's acceptable behaviour within your group of peers to be "cool" or competitive or worldly or critical & murmury or anything else along these lines, then there is a strong negative pull on you that makes it much easier to fall into these things.

15. But if the majority of your friends & peers avoid such negative behaviour because the "popular" or "in" thing to do is to be revolutionary--to dwell in the Word, to witness, to strive to love & please the Lord & continually glorify Him--then it's much easier to do these good things! So if we're really going to have a Discipleship Training Revolution, then it can't be with just a few Teens, JETTs & adults here & there. If it's really going to catch on, it's got to be with the majority of you!--So that the group peer pressure is not negative & downward-pulling, but positive & uplifting!

16. Have we ever overcome such negative group peer pressure before? Definitely! Just look what happened at our different TTCs, YESs & JETT Camps that we've had: Many of you attended these, & you got inspired & serious with the Lord while there. You committed yourselves to serving Him wholeheartedly without reservations. The accepted thing to do was to be sold-out to Jesus, so everyone put their hearts into it & really got down to business with the Lord.

17. Even though most of these Camps only lasted for a few weeks, most of you who attended them had a real change & made genuine commitments in your hearts to the Lord & dedicated yourselves to being 100% disciples, revolutionaries for Jesus, real Endtime soldiers! You prayed & you wept & you spoke in tongues & got prophecies & there was a definite outpouring of the Spirit!

18. Now, do we look back on that & say that it was just a once-in-a-lifetime experience & that it can't be repeated?--Or that it might happen again some time in the future if you go to another TTC? I personally don't think we should look on it that way at all. I think that that kind of experience can be repeated all the time, & not have to wait for another TTC which comes only once in a great while! In fact, I think that kind of commitment can be carried over into your everyday lives, & I think it should be!--Which is why we're now launching this Discipleship Training Revolution!--And we need you to be a part of it!

19. Of course, we can't expect to have the constant high excitement level of a TTC in all of our Homes where everybody's weeping & crying & praying & rah-rahing & shouting all the time. It's not possible nor even desirable to maintain that kind of emotional high. But I believe we can maintain that level of dedication & sincere desire to serve Jesus, where you really want to continually please & obey the Lord & abide in His Word & be willing to work on strengthening your weak areas!

20. Do you see any reason why you can't continue to have that motivation to keep up the fight & continue that level of commitment to the Lord? If many of you 11, 12 & 13-year olds have been capable of that level of commitment at a JETT Camp or TTC, why can't you be capable of that kind of commitment in your own Homes & Schools as well? What's keeping you from it? If you're capable of it for two or three weeks at a TTC, do you see any reason why you can't be capable of it the rest of the time as well? And if you are capable of it, then don't you think that the Lord wants you to do it? I think He is, in fact, requiring it of you! Don't worry!--It's not too hard, it's not more than you can bear. It's actually the road to greatest happiness!

21. In one field, we've had a special JETT & Teen Training program that has gone on for over a year now.--And they've proven that positive peer pressure really works & that you kids & adults can live like genuine dedicated disciples all the time!--That you can keep your hearts & minds on the Lord & His Work, that can be your major interest. Despite the personal problems, weaknesses & NWOs that some in this program have had to battle with, the mood or atmosphere or attitude that prevails has been much more Godly than Worldly.

22. So we know that it can be done! And if we know that you are capable of staying spiritually inspired & close to the Lord, then we can have the faith to know that the Lord wants you to be that way all the time!--And that He will certainly help you & anoint you to be that way!

23. Although we can't constantly have the razzmatazz & all the fun trappings of the TTCs, there should be a real spiritual atmosphere of excitement in our Homes & Schools & Combos!--The real "This is a Revolution & we're something special" spirit that the TTCs have had. If it's just a School that you're in, a nice little group of pre-teens where "here we study the Bible & we keep our nice little schedule & we're trying to be good," that's not enough to really turn you on & set you on fire for the Lord!

24. It needs to be, "We're really striving to live for Jesus!--And to become His special, elite Endtime Soldiers! We feel so privileged to be in His Army that we're willing to do anything it takes to reach the goal through our special training!"--Not just, "We're here in the Family & we're trying to be a good sample & be good kids & learn our memory work & go along with whatever we're supposed to do."--That's good, as far as it goes, but we need a greater vision than that! (Pro.29:18) You'll be a whole lot happier & more inspired & fulfilled & fruitful if you've got a real vision of just who you are & what you can be!--If you'll let the Lord make you what He wants you to be!

25. I'm convinced that our TTC programs should not just be an exceptional one-time temporary experience, but something that can be carried over into your everyday lives! That same kind of commitment, dedication & genuine discipleship needs to be brought over into our Schools & our Homes. It's got to be not the exception, but the rule!

Spiritual Maturity: "Let No Man DespiseThy Youth!"--1Tim.4:12.

26. I'm convinced that you JETTs & Teens can be just as spiritually mature as many of our adults! Your spiritual maturity usually depends on what you've gone through.--And if you're yielding to the Lord through all of the breakings & testings you go through, you'll mature quickly. If you sincerely dedicate & commit yourself to the Lord & really desire to be sold-out to Him, you'll spiritually grow by leaps & bounds!

27. You kids can have just as great an understanding of spiritual principles & concepts as the adults can. The Lord's made most spiritual concepts so that even a young child can understand them. He even said, "Unless you become as little children, you're not going to enter into the Kingdom of God!"--Mat.18:3. Instead of the children becoming like the adults, the Lord said the adults are supposed to become like the children! That shows that the children can grasp it as well, sometimes even better than others!

28. So why should anyone think that you kids can't be truly spiritually mature when the Lord as good as says that you're the ones who can grasp it best? I think the whole Family is going to have to start realising, "Look, these Teens & JETTs can get in on this too! They're not just little kids anymore, they can be just as dedicated & sold-out for the Lord as the rest of us!"

29. Techi's gone through many battles recently, through which she's learned many lessons, & has spiritually matured a lot. She's learning that the Lord is not trying to make her perfect, but a fighter dedicated to His Cause. Her sincere motivation has become, "I really want to please Jesus & I don't want to disappoint Him.--I want to put Jesus first," & she's continually striving to do that. I think that all of you can have that same kind of mature attitude & dedication.

Lasting Commitment & Happiness!

30. As I said earlier, we know that it's possible for all of us to make deep personal commitments to be fulltime disciples & to really have a desire to wholeheartedly serve the Lord. We've definitely seen that at the TTCs & different training programs, & I've personally seen it in Techi. So we know it's possible. And it should be permanent & not just a fly-by-night feeling that you have. That's how the Lord wants us to be all the time!

31. I'm not saying that you need to be constantly jumping up & down & shouting "Hallelujah" & waving your arms in the air. I'm talking about you making a sincere & lasting commitment to Jesus. We've seen with Techi, a JETT who has just as many NWOs as you do, that it is possible to keep that state of desperation & desire to learn & grow, to remain challenged & putting the Lord first. I've seen her making difficult choices in her personal life, choices over her own personal wishes & desires, in order to put the Lord & His Will first.

32. In just a few short months I've seen Techi become able to fight many personal daily battles on her own with the Word & prayer. So if we know it's possible with one pre-teen, & we know it's possible with a whole group of pre-teens & Teens at a TTC, then we know it must be possible with all of you!--For this is God's Will in Christ Jesus concerning you! (1Th.5:18)

33. And we also know it's possible for you to be spiritually vibrant & on-fire in a group! It's definitely possible for you to really get inspired & filled with the Spirit & committed & dedicated to Jesus.--The question is, are you willing to pay the price to stay that way all the time?

34. If you commit yourself to Jesus & "present your body a living sacrifice, which is your reasonable service" (Rom.12:1), the Lord will accept & take your offer, & He will fill you with His Spirit & empower you to be His disciple! And you'll be happier & more fulfilled & inspired than you have ever been in your entire life! And you'll have the power & conviction & anointing to woo & win others to the Lord & to His Revolution too!--Just like we did when we were Teens!

35. You'll never be sorry if you put Jesus first! You'll enter into the "joy of the Lord" both now & in Heaven forever!--Along with all the others whom you will help win to His Eternal Kingdom! So c'mon & get on board this Revolution for the Lord!--And give your all to Jesus now! Amen? GBY! ILY!


"I pledge my love, loyalty & service to my Saviour & Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, & to His Endtime Army, the Revolution for Jesus! By the Grace of God, I am determined to be a faithful soldier, striving always to fight for the right, stand up for the Truth, & to love & win as many souls as I can for His Heavenly Kingdom!"


Who will take the stand & heed
the Call from Heaven Above!
Who will join the band of
David's men, the Army of
David's men, the Army of Love!
Called to live & die for the Kingdom
as we give our all to the Lord!
Lift up your Sword!
Look to Heaven's Reward!
It's the Revolution for Jesus &
David our king!

Loyal & willing, with whole hearts we're
giving our lives for the Kingdom of God!
On every shore, hear the thunderous roar
as the armies of Jesus march on!
Oh! True to our Nation, with deep dedication,
we'll reach all the World with His Love!
Soldiers of the Cross!
We will be faithful to His Cause!

Who will face the foe
& fight to free those caught in his snare!
Who will dare to go, armed with faith
& love & prayer!
We're the Endtime Army that's conquering
hearts & minds & souls for the Lord!
Lift up your Sword!
Look to Heaven's Reward!
We're the Revolution for Jesus
& David our King!

Loyal & willing, with whole hearts we're giving
our lives for the Kingdom of God!
On every shore, hear the thunderous roar
as the armies of Jesus march on!
Oh! True to our Nation, with deep dedication,
we'll reach all the World with His Love!
Soldiers of the Cross!
We will be faithful to His Cause!

The Challenge to Commitment!

1) Why are we having this New Discipleship Training Revolution?
a. Because the Lord wants you to experience the same kind of revolutionary discipleship training that we had as teens.
b. Because we have a whole new generation of teens & pre-teens who are ready for it!
c. To help you grow into the determined & dedicated disciples of Jesus that He wants you to be!
d. All of the above.

2) Are you willing to truly give your "all" in order to be a genuinely sold-out disciple of Jesus? Can you say the "Revolutionary's Pledge" sincerely & mean it with your whole heart?

3) Mama Maria asked, "Can you young Teens & JETTs truly be motivated to really live for Jesus? Can that be your aim, your goal; to really do everything for the Lord & for the glory of God?" What is your honest answer to this question? Can you? Are you?

4) Do you feel that most of your friends are a positive or negative influence on you? In what way?

5) Do you feel that you are usually a positive or negative influence on them? In what way?

6) Have you ever attended a TTC, YES or a special JETT Camp or Training Program? If so, did you experience anything there that helped you to be more serious & dedicated about serving the Lord? When you left, did you maintain that same level of dedication? Perhaps you could discuss the things that hindered or dragged you down from that, & ways to work on overcoming such negative influences.

7) Genuine commitment to Jesus means:
a. You're constantly jumping up & down, waving your arms & shouting "Hallelujah" & "Revolution!"
b. You're continually seeking to please & obey the Lord.
c. You're sincerely striving to abide in the Word, being willing to work on your NWOs, & to be a positive influence on your brothers & sisters.

8) True spiritual maturity depends on:
a. Your age in the flesh.
b. Your ability to memorise at least 1,500 verses.
c. Your yieldedness to Jesus.

9) Mama asked if you were willing to "pay the price" to stay spiritually on-fire & inspired all of the time. What do you think that "price" is for you? Please discuss, or write out your answer & turn it in to your Shepherds.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family