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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

JEWELS!--#1       DO 2681       Comp.10/90


       1. Thank You, Lord, for these young, radical, fanatical disciples like Your Own who are willing to break with all the old traditions & System & church & set ways, & create a real genuine religious revolution, Lord!--Back to what You know is right! They've broken with all the past & old yokes to create an entirely New Church, Your new young Bride, so alive & vibrant & bearing!--Radical, fanatical & completely revolutionary, TYJ!--Much more fervently in love with You, Lord, than the old one.--Very radical, fanatical & revolutionary, but fanatically in love with You, Jesus!--All-out for You & ready to live or die for You! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

       2. Thank You Lord that we broke all those old yokes, generation after generation! And when this generation came, we broke some of the last ones, Lord, & we hoped to rescue this generation, those who would respond & come. Many many were called but very very few were chosen, because very few chose to follow this way! Now we read about all the kinds of horrors they're getting into--witchcraft & false cults & weird doctrines & everything else because they've rejected us & the Truth, Lord. Now their parents are getting just what they deserve, they're getting into even worse, much worse, & the whole World is going absolutely berserk & crazy!--Into perverted, diabolical, deviltry, Lord, & they're going to attempt to destroy the Earth!

       3. Thank You, Lord, for delivering us & bringing us out, like the Children of Israel under Moses, Lord! You brought us out in a great Exodus from the System. We haven't reached the Promised Land yet, but we will, & we thank You for it. We're still wandering around a bit in the wilderness of this old World right now waiting for it, but we know it'll come when You come, & we'll have our Promised Land & our promised Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, & all these problems will be over. We'll have plenty more jobs, Lord, to try to straighten out the World & rule it, & we'll have a big job to do, but this part will be behind.

       4. Help us to be faithful, unafraid & totally committed & dedicated to see it through, Lord, as far as we can! Thank You for how You have literally reached the whole World with Thy Gospel through us, & through even the bad publicity--the sensational, sexual publicity through which we have reached a World that we couldn't have reached otherwise, who were very sexy & interested in sex, Lord. We caught their eye, & thereby managed to get them the Gospel, which they'd never have gotten in the church. And they know it's true, Lord, & they know it's real love--supernatural, miraculous love that can love them so much we're willing to go down to the gutter to save them!


       5. Remember when we were having that horrible ordeal of not being able to catch the plane & I lay awake nearly all night long? I was so discouraged & so in agony about the whole thing! I thought, "Lord, what's going on? Am I being punished for something? Am I out of Your Will? Are You trying to stop us?" I was tempted to feel like the Lord didn't love me any more!

       6. Then all of a sudden the Lord inspired me to think of my Mom & Dad, & to ask them for help. I said, "Well, Mom & Dad, You know me & you love me. Why don't you help me?" I prayed directly to them, & everything went smoothly after that! How about that? That's the first time I ever remember praying to my Mother & Father, ha!

       7. We were awake nearly all night & I was so discouraged. I lay awake all night worrying about it. It was the first time I ever felt inspired to do that in my whole life. I looked up & I said, "Well, Mom, you & Dad love me, & I know you're praying for me. Will you please help us?" And everything went just as smooth as could be after that!

       8. So the Saints do have intercessory power, just like the Catholics teach! Praise the Lord! My Mom & Dad must have gone to work on the Lord to remind Him that He should take care of me! Because I was almost beginning to feel like the Lord didn't love me any more after all the agony we went through that day.

       9. I said, "Lord, how come You let us go through all this?" And later He said He did it to test us to see if we were really determined to go, if we were going to go anyhow, or were we going to give up?--Because this wasn't going to be an easy job & if we didn't have real stick-to-itive faith we wouldn't make it!

       10. (Maria: Some time during that night I said, "Are you all right? Are you doing OK?" And you said, "I'm doing great! I'm very happy!") That was right after I prayed to my Mother & Father! I got the greatest assurance & I just went to sleep like a baby!

       11. You know your mother & father love you--at least I sure know mine did--so if it seems sometimes like the Lord isn't answering, you might just try them!--If they're saved & in the right place! Otherwise the Lord has got plenty of other departed Saints to call on if you need them. But I know my Mom & Dad are watching over me. I've had that feeling & assurance several times. So they do have intercessory power!

       12. It's amazing the things you get from the Lord! The minute I said, "Thank you, Mom!" just as clear as anything I saw her smile! You can say that's imagination, well, maybe so, but I saw her!

       13. You'll always find the hardest part of doing a job is to get started. If the Devil can just persuade you not to start, if he can just keep you from beginning it, then you'll never do it! The Lord allows him to test you to see how much determination & faith you've got to do it, & once you get started, it just seems like the Devil gives up!--At least he gives up trying to stop you, because you didn't stop, you just went ahead anyhow! He may try some other tactic later, I'm sure, but he can't stop you then because you've started! PTL!


       (Dad's advice to David after he had to go back & correct some electrical wiring he had worked on:)
       14. That's OK, Honey, we learn by our mistakes! I learned by 50 years of mistakes what was right & what was wrong with the church, so now I'm a success! (Maria: That ought to make you feel better, David.) I finally found the problem!--And a lot of the time the problem was me! It took me 50 years to find out that I was in the wrong outfit. But there wasn't any other, so I found out "if I hadn't of been'r, who'd a been'r"? I was looking for the short-circuit & I found out that the church itself was the short! So the Lord helped me to build another kind of church, thank the Lord, that has really done the job!


       15. The ACs have almost totally destroyed Christian culture. You can't even find stories about it any more! The ACs don't want anybody reading about it! I think they've tried to wipe it all out in their Ministry of Lies! They've rewritten history, they've redrawn art, they've rewritten music, they've rewritten culture--they've rewritten religion! It's the Devil's God-damned System!

       16. Thank You Lord that You have restored true Christianity in our hearts & Homes, a sample of Heaven on Earth! And You will restore it all one of these days & rid this planet of those wicked, evil Christ-haters! They have gotten into every place & every hole that they could find, to influence people & speak their rot & lies! My God! I despise them! In Armageddon I'm going to wipe them out with pleasure! They deserve worse & they're going to get it! They've turned this Heaven on Earth into Hell, & for no good purpose at all, just to destroy God's Creation & His Children & humanity!

       17. I can't understand how people could be so dumb as to not be able to see it! Even World leaders are deaf, dumb & blind & can't see it! A few people see it, mostly us. Those ACs are just devils, demons, evil, wicked, Satanic! The Lord is going to let the AC take over, to show the World how bad they are & that the World needs Jesus' help!

       18. It just makes me furious sometimes that the World has been so dumb as to just let them take over! But, of course, that's because of their sins, too. The verse came to me, "Because they rejected the Truth, God shall send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might be damned, who receive not the love of the Truth."--2Thes.2:10-12.

       19. The World has rejected the Truth, so now God is sending them a lie, & that's why they're dumb enough to believe it. They deserve it, & they deserve all that the ACs give them because they rejected the Lord! And the ACs are going to deserve all that God has to give them, because they have rejected Him the most, & brought the World into this horrible decadent state, this morass of evil iniquity, ugly art, horrendous music, vicious crime & wicked governments! What a polluted Earth! It's all just one great horror!

       20. But Lord, forgive me. Help me to look on the bright side.--Your Coming & the Future & the Heaven on Earth that You give us in our Homes, Lord, where we do acknowledge Thee & love Thee & worship Thee & obey Thee & refuse to worship the Devil!

       21. Some Christians are finally waking up, but too late! A few of them are even beginning to believe the truth about Bible Prophecy & about the ACs.--But too late! Obviously Scofield was sent to deceive the church to make them accept & love the evil wicked ACs & to misinterpret Bible Prophecy. But thank God a few Christians are waking up. Well, it won't be long before they'll all wake up, when they suddenly find themselves in the Antichrist's Kingdom & the Tribulation & the End of the World! Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! PYL!

       22. The World today is really terrifying! Thank God for His Heaven on Earth He gives us in our Homes!--And the Love He gives us for His sheep. PYL! TYL! And for Him most of all! TYJ!

       23. Forgive me, Lord, for getting depressed about the World & the way it is. Thank You Lord that You've kept us from it & isolated us a great deal & preserved us from most of the evil. We have everything to be thankful for in our Homes, Lord!--They're wonderful!--Our wonderful precious loved ones & children & the faith & the Truth that You reveal to us.--And the opportunity You have given us to win others & to give others Thy Love & Salvation. You've given us our every heart's desire, Lord!

       24. But I have to present the dark side of the picture too, Lord, so Thy children will be thankful for our wonderful lives. That's why they stand out so radiant & so bright & so beautiful, because they're against such a dark background, the horrors of this World!

       25. Against the background of the horrors of this World we are shining, shining Angels! Our Homes are alight with Heaven, heavenly light! They're oases of Love & light & comfort & strength & happiness & all that is good & Truth! We have everything our hearts could desire. TYL! We have Heaven in our hearts & Heaven in our Homes! TYJ! PYL! We're each a little bit of Heaven. Our Homes are each a little bit of Heaven, a sample of things to come! TYL!

       26. Amen, Lord, even so, come quickly! Get it over with so You can come & end it all & pour out Thy judgements on this wicked Earth, Thy awful Wrath on these evil anti-Christ people, the God-damned ACs! TYL! TYJ! Amen, Lord!

       27. At Armageddon we'll wipe out our enemies with pleasure! It's called a banquet, a Marriage Supper, so we'll devour our enemies. TYJ! PYL! Amen! Even that will be a pleasure! Their blood will run as deep as the horses' bridles. Hallelujah! And rightfully so, for all the evil they've done. God damn those ACs! Deliver Thy children from them, Lord! Keep us safe from them. Destroy their knavish tricks! Confound their politics!

       28. We know You're going to let us go through some persecution, Lord, to purify us & make us white & purge us & make us pure & fit for Heaven. TYL! TYJ! Amen, Lord. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus! "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved."--Rom.10:13. Amen, thank You Lord! Even a remnant shall be saved.--Rom.9:27. Lord Jesus, bless & help & strengthen us for the Days to Come. Thank You for these Days of Heaven on Earth that You're still allowing us to enjoy. You're so good to us, Lord, You're almost too good to us. You almost spoil us. You're so good to us!--Giving us the desires of our hearts because we delight ourselves in Thee. TYJ! PYL!

       29. Bless & keep us all tonight, Lord, safely in Thy care. Give us a good night's sleep. Bless & keep Thy children. Thank You for supplying all our needs. TYJ! You're so good to us, Lord! Now, give us a good night's sleep, Lord, please, in Jesus' name. We need it, Lord! TYJ!


       30. The Lord says that there shall be great tribulation such as was not since the World began, neither ever shall be!--Mat.24:21. Actually it's going to be quite short, only 3-1/2 years. Perhaps by saying this is the greatest tribulation of all, or the Great Tribulation, He means that it is wider, the first really worldwide tribulation, & in that way it's the greatest. It couldn't be any more severe than all those that have gone before, because what more can you go through but be tortured & lose your life?

       31. God's people have suffered & endured all that for thousands of years, but it's always been scattered here or there. But this one is going to be the greatest because it's worldwide. Could that be what He means? (Maria: Oh, I definitely believe you're right. Because it's true, it can't be any worse!) It can't be any worse than the ones they've had before, but it's just going to be bigger. Most of the countries in the World have had religious persecutions, big big persecutions, very severe persecutions at some point or other in history. So the only way this one could be greater is that it's going to be bigger, worldwide.

       32. Even many of our Family Members have suffered inquisition. All those who go through deprogramming suffer exactly the same thing that the Inquisition was all about, without the actual physical torture.--Although the captivity & the physical strain of those deprogramming sessions are a form of physical torture. It's not as severe as some forms of torture, but it is torture & it is inquisition.--The same kind of deprogramming that the Inquisition perpetrated. (Maria: Some of our people have been put in mental institutions & jail as well.--That's physical torture!)


       33. The Bible says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."--Psa.111:10. So the scientists who don't fear God at all, how can they be wise? "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools!"--Rom.1:22.--Little upstarts claiming they know everything! All the first great scientists were Christians!

       34. They say, "Science sees Man today as a marvellous machine, nothing more!" (Mama: Boy, what a slap in God's face!) I'm going to have great fun in the Millennium making fun of the scientists, showing what fools they were! They say, "Man's destiny is just meaningless, oblivion, a mere hiccup in the course of time, nothing more." I hate to read those things--those guys talking about things they know nothing of! They talk about the Earth being "billions & billions of years" old, isn't that ridiculous? It just makes me furious!


       35. The latest so-called "scientific theory" is that there was no Creation, no Evolution, that it was all chaos!--No rhyme nor reason, nothing, just chaos, we're living in chaos. Isn't that horrible? Isn't that the Devil's own doctrine? Good night! That's worse than Evolution!

       36. They're trying to pretend that the Universe is in chaos & Man is trying to bring order out of it. That must really give God a laugh! One of the Devil's own ideas is that the Universe is in chaos & Man is going to try & put it in order! They also call it the "science of turbulence" & say that you can't understand the Universe unless you understand turbulence & chaos.

       37. Nowadays in the national & state parks in the U.S., the forest rangers lecture about Evolution all day long! The kids get so much Evolution in school all year long, & then go to those parks for their vacation & they keep pouring that into them! The forest rangers have become tools of the Devil!

       38. Isn't it ridiculous to call God's beautiful Creation chaos? There's nothing that is more orderly than God's Creation! Isn't that just like the Devil to call it chaos? It was bad enough to call it Evolution, now they're calling it chaos! There must not be many scientists who are Christians any more. When science fully accepted the Theory of Evolution, that's when they went astray, & they're the ones that have been in chaos ever since! TYL, it won't be long now before the Lord returns, & Truth will prevail!


       39. I've heard some people saying that the Bible contains the most cruel, torturous deaths you could possibly think of, horrible! They say, "The Bible is bloody, bloodthirsty!" It's probably going to be banned one of these days with the excuse that it's too violent. They're already bringing it up, they say the Bible is pornographic, obscene & it should be banned! I read in the paper of a case where some AC brought that up.

       40. They're going to get the Bible banned because it's too violent, bloody, gory, horrible & torturous! What do they call it in the American Constitution?--I think they prohibit cruel & unusual punishment for crime or something like that. Most people nowadays in this civilised generation would consider stoning to death the most horrible, painful, torturous type of death you could possibly think of. Compared to that, hanging, electrocution or shooting is almost nothing, it's instant death. But can you imagine being battered with rocks & stoned to death? It's one of the most painful deaths you could possibly think of. Well, God wanted those criminals & those horrible people to die painfully. They deserved to die painfully! They knew the law & they deliberately, willfully broke it.


       41. In the Millennium, everybody will be vegetarians, because "Nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Mountain!"--Isa.11:9. The animals are going to be your friends, because you're not going to be beatin' up on'm or choppin' up on'm any more, trying to kill'm & shoot'm & slaughter'm & package'm & grind'm up & cook'm! So God will take away the fear of the animals & you can have lions & tigers & elephants for your pets, & even snakes won't bother you. Well, I don't know whether the snakes will be there, but the hole is there. It says, "The child shall play on the hole of the asp" & won't have to worry.--Isa.11:8. I can't quite figure a Paradise with snakes, but at least it sounds like the holes will still be there.

       42. But that's a fact, you won't have to worry about animals in the Millennium because there will be peace on Earth between most of the men & the animals. They'll be friends, willing beasts of burden, willing servants of Man, as God originally made them. Did you know that that was true until the Flood? For the first 1600 years of World history, Man was a vegetarian, or supposed to be a vegetarian, & there was still no enmity between Man & the animals. Man & animals could probably still communicate & talk to each other then as they did in Adam's day. How could Adam call the animals to name them unless he could talk to them? He was able to call them all & name them, not just a few favourite pets like Spot & Rover & whatnot that just happened to know him & would come!

       43. How did Noah get all those animals in the Ark unless he could communicate with them, call them, talk to them & explain what he was doing? Good night, if he'd have had to go out & chase'm & lasso'm & stick'm in cages to force'm into the Ark, he never would have gotten the job done! In those days things were still under the old Adamic Law in which Man was still at peace with the animals & could still communicate with'm, as it will be again in the Millennium! You'll be able to talk to them & communicate with them, either by word of mouth or by mental telepathy with your mind or whatever. They'll all be friends & all pets! We'll have no lack of pets in the Millennium!

       THE MEANING OF JOHN 6:53-58!

       44. What does that verse mean?: "Except ye eat of My flesh & drink of My blood ye have no part in Me." Both Catholics & Protestants do it every time they celebrate Communion, or the Eucharist, as the Catholics call it. At the Last Supper Jesus said, "This is My blood, this is My body."

       45. In taking Communion you're manifesting your faith in Christ's blood for Salvation & in His body for healing. When you drink of the cup you're testifying to the efficacy of His blood, the blood having been shed for your Salvation. You're testifying that you believe that Jesus died for you. And when you eat of the bread, you're testifying that you believe that His body was broken for you & "by His stripes you are healed." It's a confession of faith.

       46. Jesus is literally saying, "Unless you confess your faith in Me, you have no part in Me!" (Maria: So eating of His flesh is like confessing that His body was broken for your healing, & drinking of His blood is confessing that He died & His blood was shed for your Salvation.) You're testifying to your Salvation & healing when you celebrate Communion.

       47. The Catholics believe that even more strongly than the Protestants. They believe that the wine actually turns into His blood, & the bread actually turns into His body, His flesh! (Maria: So when He says, "Except ye eat of My flesh & drink of My blood," it means, "Except ye receive Me for your Salvation & healing you have no part in Me.")


       48. I think being honest & baring your soul to people is one way the Lord has to help keep you humble, & it's one way you have to help keep yourself humble. (Maria: By volunteering your feelings.) I just blurt out everything! It's a lot easier when you have nothing to hide, when you're just open with people & you're just yourself, then you don't have to put up any kind of a big front & pretend to be something you're not. It all has to do with pride & humility. When people are afraid to bare their soul & tell the truth, it's pride!


       49. Jesus said, "I could lift My little finger & the Lord would send Me 12 legions of Angels to help Me!"--Mat.26:53. And boy, those Angels could have wiped out all of those Jews! But He said, "For this cause was I born, & for this cause I came into the World."--Jn.18:37.--To save us, see? So He couldn't destroy all of His enemies, He had to let them kill Him in order to fulfil God's plan & die for our sins & resurrect to Victory! PTL!


       50. I was trying to explain to Techi this morning that real obedience is now, right now! But obedience which puts it off & procrastinates & says "later" & delays, that's not obedience! To be obedient you've got to do it when you're told, right now! How did the little boy answer when they asked him how God's Will is done in Heaven? (Family: Right now!) And how should His Will be done on Earth? We pray for that, don't we? "Thy Will be done on Earth!"--Now! And of course that's praying for the Millennium too. But if you love the Lord & you're one of His, you should be doing His Will right now, you don't wait till the Millennium. Amen?


       51. Thank You Lord for our kitties! Purify them, cleanse them & make them healthy, Lord, so we can enjoy these cute little live toys that You made, & marvel at Thy wonderful creations. Even a little tiny kitten is a marvel of Thy creative power & Thy beautiful creation that You've made for us to enjoy & marvel at Thy wonderful power, & to even amuse us & entertain us, Lord. Help us to take good care of them too, to show our appreciation by showing our responsibility in taking care of them.


       52. I pray for all the poor people in the poor countries, like the poor people in the Philippines. I damn Cory Aquino & all of her wicked people! Lord bless & keep the real Christians, those who really love You, Jesus. And help all the poor people, who don't know You, Jesus. Help them to know You, Jesus. Our Family did its best to try to help those poor people to know You, Jesus. Bless & keep all the poor people in all the poor countries, help them to know You, Jesus! Lord, we did our best, we did the best we could, now You help them, encourage them & help them to know You, in Jesus' name.


       53. I was very motivated in school to get good grades. I didn't do it to beat the other students, but I just did my best, that's all, & I liked to get good grades. (Maria: Then that was just motivation to do your best. You weren't competing with anybody.) I was just doing my part, what I was supposed to do.--Work hard, study well & learn the things I was supposed to learn so that I was able to answer questions on the tests well. I usually got hundreds, or 90's at the lowest. I was always top in the class, always on the Honour Roll.

       54. (Maria: But you didn't like team sports that much, did you?) Oh, no, not with the rough bullies of even my day! It was very rough. I was so skinny & frail, I couldn't have survived the rougher sports like football. Even basketball is pretty rough. (Maria: Even volleyball! We heard that even some of our people in the Family get into playing volley ball in a very competitive, aggressive spirit that's very bad & hurtful to others.) It's fighting. (Maria: Yes, it's fighting, it's sort of violent, & it doesn't seem to bear good fruit.)

       55. (We've tried to keep people from being so competitive in the Family, so recently when you made a statement in a Letter that says, "Apparently the Lord believes in competition. He's got the Devil & a lot of fight & competition," I thought, "Uh-oh, what is the Family going to think about this!") What I mean is that the Lord believes in testing & purging, because if you have something to fight against, it makes you stronger spiritually. (Maria: But that should not apply in the natural realm, in the sports realm.) Right! Our competition is to be pretty much confined to the spiritual realm, with our opponent the Devil!


       56. Music as beautiful as Schubert's "Psalm 23" has got to be God's music, it fits His Creation. This is the kind of music I used to listen to, & the kind of music that made me think of His Creation!

       57. Think of the difference between Godly men who lived not so long ago who wrote beautiful music to the Lord, & the evil men today who write devilish, horrible, fiendish noise to the Devil!

* * * * * * *

       58. Just think, when I was a boy, most people still liked good music, because that's all there was! There was no bad music really. They still had beautiful pictures in museums & art galleries, & beautiful music. Compared to today's trash, it seemed like there wasn't anything ugly in those days!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family