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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.1!--Bible Classtime with Grandpa!--Introduction!       DO 2686 10/90


       1. I've been thinking & praying about this, & I said, "Lord, I need to really have something to do to inspire me a little more!" I've been wanting to teach you kids for a long time--remember how I used to teach you Bible classes & things like that? In fact, we got out a whole series of "Psalms for Kids," & a series on "Vespers" & different classes like that! So I kept praying, "Well, Lord, what am I going to do?" And just as clear as anything the Lord said: "Why don't you teach the kids?" (Techi: Wow! That sounds really fun!) So I want to ask you children if you would be willing to give some time to the Lord & your education every week night? (Techi: Yes, we'd love to! That's great!)--Including the Bible! (David: Yes!) Okay? (David: That sounds good!)

       2. I'd like to get down to real serious business with you. I know all these things! My head is stuffed, crammed like a computer with all this knowledge & things you need to know, but it always seemed like we've been so busy that we haven't had time to do it. Then the Lord reminded me, "What about the evening? Ask them if they'd be willing to give part of their free time to education!" (Techi: That's just wonderful, Grandpa!) Are you sure? (Kids: Yes!) Agreed? (Kids: Yes!) All right, one of you pray about this now.

       3. (David: Thank You Jesus for this new & interesting idea that You inspired Grandpa with! We thank You, Lord, for how You've taught Grandpa all those things & how He's learned so much over the years. Thank You for how he wants to teach it to us now, Lord. We do pray for this vision, Lord, that You'll help us to really be good students & help us to learn these things. We pray that You'll put Your blessing on these times that we'll have, Lord willing, from now on, Jesus. We pray that You'll really make them profitable & a real learning experience for us, Jesus. Bless Grandpa as he teaches us; strengthen & anoint him, in Jesus' name.)

       First: A Review of Bible Knowledge!

       4. What do you think is going to be our most important subject? (Techi: The Bible!) Yes, of course. (David: The Endtime.) Well, everything about the Bible. You all passed tests about Bible Prophecy with flying colours, but I'm wondering how much you know about the Bible as a whole. So I'm going to do some reviewing & ask you questions & maybe even give you some little tests to find out how much you remember.--Because there's no use teaching you over again some of the things you already know.

       5. This is going to be a college level class! You're old enough now & smart enough to pass a college level Bible class, & the first one they give you in Bible college is called either "General Bible," "Basic Bible" or "Bible Synopsis." It's just general knowledge about your Bible: Why we study the King James version & use it in our witnessing; the Books of the Bible & how they're arranged; Bible Chronology, to know a few dates & the order of events & things like that. You don't really start digging into the Bible itself yet, but these are facts that you need to know about the Bible.

       6. So if you have any study time tomorrow you can kind of brush up on those things, okay?--The divisions of the Books of the Bible--the Major Prophets, the Minor Prophets; which Books are called the Torah or the Books of Moses; which are the Poetry books, which are more History books, which are the Prophetic books, etc. Then going into the New Testament, which are the History books of the New Testament? They have something there that they don't have in the Old Testament, they have a whole bunch of letters--what do they call them? (Techi: Epistles!) There are no Poetic books in the New Testament, although a lot of it is poetical. Then the last book of the Bible is what? (David: Revelation!) And that's Bible Prophecy. There's only one Bible Prophecy book in the New Testament, & that's Revelation, but there are a lot of Bible Prophecy passages, like Matthew 24, etc.

       7. So brush up on all that!--And see if you can figure out which are the Books of Moses. There are three names for the first five books of the Bible. Some people call them the Pentateuch or the Books of Moses, & the Jews call them the Torah, which means the Law. So you can use either one of those names for them.

       8. One of the major things you need to know about the Bible is where all the books are! And do you know how you find that out? How do you really learn to know where the books are? (Techi: By looking in the Bible!) That's the easy way! But what if you're out witnessing & you need to turn quickly to a certain book, how are you going to find it? (Techi: By memorising it.)--Memorising the books of the Bible! So that's one of the main parts of the course.

       9. I'll just let you figure out your own time, but before this course is over you've got to have memorised the books of the Bible in order. Don't you think you should? (Kids: Yes!) I'll give you some free time on it too. You don't have to wait till the end of the course, but whenever you think you know them, I'll let you take what they call an "honour test" on it & write them on your own without looking in your Bible. Whenever you think you know'm, you can just sit down & write them with your Bible shut, out of the way, in your drawer. So that's a little preview of what you're going to learn in this first course! GBY!

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