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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.3!--Why We Use the King James Version of the Bible!       DO 2688 10/90

       1. Tonight we are going to talk about the seven reasons why we prefer to use the King James version of the Bible in all of our work: In studies, witnessing, etc. It's very important which Bible we choose to quote, memorise & witness with, etc. So have you thought of any reasons? Maybe you could just try to give at least the three major reasons, the most important reasons why we use it.

       2. (David: Well, one of them is, it seems to be the most clear & the most unadulterated version, more pure than the others.) Yes, it's much more pure. And why is that? What were the translators who worked on it for several years? What was different about them, compared to the translators of some of these modern versions? What kind of men were they? (David: They were Fundamentalists.) Right, Fundamentalists. They believed every word of the Bible & it was Holy to them, God's actual Word.

       3. So they did a good job of making it the best translation & true to the Word. They went back to the Greek, & as far back as the Hebrew to make sure they were getting every word right, consulting together with other Hebrew, Greek & Latin scholars to make sure they were getting the translation right. And they were good men, men of God, what we would call today Fundamentalists, men who really believed the Bible & believed in making it as perfect a translation as they possibly could. Of course it is old English & uses old English ways of expression, but nevertheless you can read most of it, & it is pretty simple & understandable. There are very few places where there's any problem with the old English.

       4. And of course, anyone who has been reared in the King James Bible understands the old English pretty well! Don't you? You haven't found any places in the Bible you've had any difficulty with as far as the expression or the language, have you? (Techi: Only a few words.) Yes, some of the old English.

       5. (Techi: It's probably harder for new disciples from countries who don't speak English to understand the King James version.) Yes, with people who don't even understand English, of course, you have a little problem. But nearly all of our material is translated into their language, & they have translated portions of the Scripture & those have been explained to them, etc., so they perhaps understand it even better than some people whose native language is English. (Techi: What I mean is, they know English, but they have a problem with Elizabethan English.) Yes, that's possible. Well, maybe instead of getting your ideas & theories, I could just come right out with it, & you can jot these down because you will be asked about these on your test questions!

       6. All right, why do we love the King James version & why do we prefer it for memory work & witnessing & all of our classes & everything? Why do we study it?

       Number One: Best Translators!

       7. Number one, the men who translated the King James version were the most Godly men.--No unbelievers, no Modernists. The King James had the most Godly translators--that's one way to put it--who really loved the Lord & believed the Bible! Therefore, since they were the best men, they produced the best Bible! They were real believers, Godly men.

       Number Two: Best Translation!

       8. So we not only believe that it had the best translators, but that they produced the best translation! So the number two reason is that it is the best translation.--Despite many criticisms & critics saying, "Well, it's old English" & blah blah blah!

       9. The first "new" translation done by the Modernists & the unbelievers & the critics was called "The Revised Version," done between 1881 & 1884 by a group of English & American scholars. By that time the English church had gone pretty downhill, so they authorised a new translation which was supposed to be better. Then in 1901 an American edition was issued, adding in the text slight changes preferred by the American Revision Committee & called the "The American Standard Version." But it was as Modernistic & as unbelieving as possible! For example, instead of saying Mary was a virgin, they just said she was a young woman.--And a lot of things like that were changed because of their unbelief.

       Number Three: Best English!

       10. So regardless of some critics of the old English language, it was actually the Bible with the most beautiful English, even poetic.--Because it was translated in the beautiful poetic English of the Shakespearean-Elizabethan period, the days of Queen Elizabeth & Shakespeare.

       11. Shakespeare's writings, plays, poems, etc., are still considered the classics of English, & still studied by English students in high schools & colleges all over the World. Many colleges study the King James version just because it's considered classical literature, because it's the beautiful English of that Shakespearean-Elizabethan Period.

       12. English has gone downhill since then, & if you think it's hard to understand Shakespearean English or old English, imagine how hard it would be for those people to understand the slang-filled so-called English of today, especially American! I mean an American has a hard time even going to Britain today & understanding modern English, real English. They have a lot of words that are pronounced differently.

       13. Americans even have a hard time listening to some of those classical English movies, even with actors who speak excellent English, the upper classes. Of course, when you get down to the lower classes like the Limies & the rural English, it's almost impossible! So English has deteriorated even in its own country. Lots of'm, like the Welsh & the Irish & the Scots, are quite difficult to understand.

       14. But the preservation of that Elizabethan-Shakespearean English was at a time when English was at its most classical & its purest & most beautiful. Therefore their works have been handed down all these years, including the Bible, & considered the best English that was ever spoken. So that's your third point, it has the most beautiful English. Number these points so you'll be sure & have them.

       Three Point Review!

       15. All right, what are the first three points? Can you state them briefly? (Techi: Who should say them?) Either one of you, or take turns. (David: The men who translated it were the most Godly & believed.) Right. And second, Techi? (Techi: It was the best translation!) That's right! And third? (David: It was the most beautiful English & it was even poetic.) Yes!

       16. If you want to state it even more simply, just say: Best men! Best Bible! Best English! How's that to make it real simple! (Techi: Should we say anything about the translation, how they translated it from the Greek & Hebrew?) No, no, no, you're not going to have to say anything about that. I won't ask you that question. I won't ask you anything difficult. I will ask you just like this: "What are the reasons we like the King James Bible?" And the answer is: The best translators, the best translation, the best English! Is that simple enough? (Kids: Yes.)

       I'm a Simplifier!

       17. I'm always trying to simplify things. When I was in college I got so fed up with those big long books that made everything so much more confusing & more difficult.--All those guys who use all those wordy big words. So I got up one day in class & I said, "It seems to me that the whole purpose of college is to make learning more difficult!--And the textbooks more confusing, etc., when they could have done it all a lot more simply!"--And they nearly kicked me out of class!

       18. So I am a simplifier! If I've ever done anything, I've tried to make religion simple for all these hippies & teenagers & everything. I put my cookies on a lower shelf, & that's why they like me. By the time the Family got started, they weren't familiar with the Bible & somebody had to explain it to them.

       The Simple Words of Jesus!

       19. So I had to explain it to them! They didn't just automatically believe the Bible, I had to explain it to them & make it clearer for them & put it real simple. You read the Words of Jesus & you'll hardly ever find a three-syllable word. Most of them are only simple little one or two-syllable words. Think of that! You just read some of the Words of Jesus & see!

       20. That's why I love the Book of John as the best of all the Gospels. Do you know why? (David: Because it's mostly the Words of Jesus?) It's got more Words of Jesus in it than any other Book, & it's very simple. You'll hardly ever find anybody complaining about not being able to understand the Book of John, because Jesus spoke so simply, & He told so many stories & allegories* & parables, etc. (*Allegories: Stories used to present ideas or principles)

       21. Of course, His enemies couldn't understand it!--Ha! That's why He spoke in parables, He said, so that His enemies wouldn't understand Him. He said, "It is given unto you to understand the Scriptures, but unto them it is not given."--Luk.8:10. (Techi: "My sheep hear My voice & I know them & they follow Me.") "And a stranger they will not follow."--Jn.10:27,5. Also Paul says you can't understand Scripture unless you have the Spirit. The natural man doesn't understand the Scriptures, he says, but only the Spirit can reveal it to you.--1Cor.2:10,14.

       Three Reason Review!

       22. All right! We've had three reasons.--Can you recite'm quickly? (Techi: They were the best translators, the most Godly translators. And it was the best translation, & it has the most beautiful English!) Remember, you can just say "the best English."

       Numbers Four & Five: Most Popular & Most Recognised!

       23. OK! Here's another reason, & this is very important for our work. It is the most recognised translation. People almost instantly recognise any quote from the King James version. Most people have never even read it, of course, but even more people haven't read some of these idiotic translations by Modernists & unbelievers & "higher" critics.--Higher critics who are going to the lowest Hell! That's a little blunt & forceful language, but that's true! (Techi: Yes!)

       24. So it's the most recognised, & why is that important? (Techi: Because people recognise that it's the Bible.) Right!--They recognise that you're quoting the Bible when you quote it! Whereas I can pick up one of these new translations & I don't even recognise it as the Bible, it's so different!

       25. And the King James is the most popular translation. It is used by more English-speaking people all over the World than any other translation. It's the most recognised because it is the most popular. So that's another one of your points. I should have probably switched them around. I should have said first it's the most popular & therefore it's the most recognised. Get it? Have we got five now? (David: Yes!) (Techi: The most popular & the most recognised!)

       Number Six: Most Widespread!

       26. And number six, it's the most widespread in the English-speaking World! It's used in more countries & amongst more churches, more people, etc. than any other translation. All you need is those two words, "most widespread." And that's six? (Techi: Yes.) (David: Is "widespread" one word or does it have a hyphen between it?) "Widespread" is one word. (David: Oh, thanks!) It's become so common that they finally made it one word; otherwise it would have perhaps been hyphenated.

       Number Seven: It Works!

       27. Last point, number 7! (Techi: God's number!) Yes! It has stood the test of time! You could either say that, or to make it even more simple: It works! How's that? Aren't we all saved by believing it? (Kids: Yes!) Aren't we healed by believing it? (Kids: Yes!) It works! And if we do what it says, doesn't God bless us for it? (Kids: Yes!) Look, we were nothing but a little club of hippies, & now we're a giant Family that has been in over 150 countries all over the World! And I think we're made up of something like 80 different nationalities! Think of it!

       28. There are thousands of us, thousands & thousands all over the World! Isn't that amazing? (David: Yes!)--Because we did what God told us to do. And what was that? (Techi: "Go into all the World & preach the Gospel.") That's exactly right! That was my favourite verse on witnessing & becoming missionaries: "Go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature."--Mk.16:15. (Techi: That's like the greatest commandment besides love the Lord, that's what you're supposed to do.) Yes, after you're saved that's the most important thing to do. Right? (David: Yes!) So it works!

       Review of the Seven Points!

       29. All right now, Techi, you read me your seven points. And say them in the simplest words you can, the fewest words, words you could write down easily as answers to a question. (Techi: All right! The translators were the most Godly men.) Yes! (Techi: It is the best translation. The best English. The most popular. The most recognised. Used by most people. And it works!) Right! You could even shorten "the most Godly men" to say "best translators."

       30. You guys can spell "translators," I suppose. (Techi: Yes, I hope it's right though.) "Trans," "T-r-a-n-s." (Yes!) "L-a-t-o-r-s," not "ers" but "ors." (Techi: Oh, I had "ers.") Well, that's what I'm here to do, is to teach you, & to show you the right from the wrong. Good? (Kids: Yes!)

       31. All right! Do you think you've got those now? Do either one of you want to try to quote them without reading them? (David: Well, OK, I'll try! The best translators. Oh my!) So therefore what did they do? What was their translating called? (David: The best Bible!) Well, you could say the best Bible, that's simple, but maybe it's better to say "best translation." Go ahead.

       32. (David: Best translation. And I don't know if I'm going to get them in order.) You got'm in order! (David: The most widespread, is that next?) (Techi: I'll check & see. OK, there's another one. There was best translators, best translation &...) Best something else. I'll give it to you this way. Something about "beautiful." But you don't have to say that. (David: Oh, the most beautiful English.) (Techi: The best English!) If you get'm that way, it's easier to remember them. (Techi: Best, best, best!) Yes!

       33. Best translators, best translation, best English! (Techi: Good!) And what's next? (David: Was the next one the most widespread?) (Techi: The most popular.) (David: Then the most widespread.) (Techi: The most recognised is next on my notes.) (David: Then most recognised. And then is it most widespread?) (Techi: Yes!) (David: The most widespread. And then the last one, it works!) (Techi: Right, David! That's right!)

       34. Good for you! Now you check her & let her see if she can remember. Close your notebook so you can't see them. (Techi: OK! The best men, best translation, best English, most popular.) (David: Most recognised.) (Techi: Oh, most recognised, most popular, most widespread & it works!) (David: Yes!) Right!

       35. You don't have to necessarily have them in that exact order, but I think you'll find it will help you to memorise them in that order because I worked up from the very beginning: The men to translate, then the translation, then the English. Then its usage--it's the most popular, therefore it's the most recognised & widespread. And finally, it works!

       Ending Prayer

       36. We can quit now & pray, right on the button! OK? Do you want to put your little prayer in there too. Who's going to pray? (David: I prayed to start.) (Techi: OK, I'll pray then.) The kids love to hear your prayers, you know? Didn't you like to read them when you read the little Psalms for Kids? (David: Yes, it was interesting.) (Techi: It was sort of funny!) Yes, it was because you were so much younger there. But I just get a real kick out of them, & the kids that age really get a kick out of hearing you guys pray. OK?

       37. Remember, you're praying now before the whole World & all of our kids all over! Ha! It's a little bit of an enlarged ministry now. So keep them in mind because that's who you're talking to besides the Lord. OK?

       38. (Techi: OK! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Amen, Lord Jesus, thank You for these really fun & inspiring Bible classes with Grandpa! I really pray that You will please help us to be able to learn these things, Jesus, & help it to sink into our hearts. And please bless Grandpa for teaching us these things, Lord.) Amen! (Techi: --And help us with'm. Please bless Your children around the World, Jesus, & everyone reading this, help it to be a blessing to them, in Jesus' name.) Amen!

       39. Now what's the name of our course? (Techi: "Bible Courses with Grandpa.") Well, that's good, but in Bible College it's called "General Bible," "Bible Synopsis," "Bible Analysis" & all that sort of thing. (David: "Bible Knowledge.") Yes, we call it "Bible Knowledge" & that's what they call it in some schools. And in all the Soul Clinic Schools we called it "Bible Knowledge."

       Classes Dad Taught!

       40. (Techi: We just watched the Revolution for Jesus Family video at lunch & it was talking about how you used to give the "General Bible Knowledge" class, & I thought of our classes when he said that.)

       41. Right! I taught that, & guess what else I taught?--These were my two favourite classes to teach because I knew the most about it! (David: History?) (Techi: Bible Prophecy?) Yes, Bible History, which included Bible Prophecy because it was virtually the same. You had to follow Bible History all the way through to these Bible Prophecies.

       42. So those were my favourite subjects & those were the two that I taught. Eve taught the Gospel of John, just to make it simple for people what Jesus taught, knowing the Words of Jesus & all. And then we had a Witnessing Class, & we'd always have our best witnesser teach it. And somebody taught Scripture Memorisation. Well, you didn't really have to teach it, you just monitored the tests. They had to sit before the class & give them the tests & monitor the memory work.

       Memorising the Books of the Bible!

       43. So you'll have a test tomorrow on the seven reasons why we use the KJV! How's that? And also I told you that sooner or later you're going to have to memorise the Books of the Bible, because that's a part of this course. But we'll give you a little time on that. (Techi: I think I know the New Testament, it's just the Old Testament I need to work on.) Yes, well, that was always hard for me too. I could get as far as the Major Prophets, but those Minor Prophets, they really had me stumped! (Techi: Oh, yes, they're really really funny!) I could pretty easily recite the Books of the Bible in the New Testament, although I'd stumble around in the Epistles sometimes.

       44. I'm teaching you the basics that I think you should know in order to be a good Christian & a good witness! (Techi: Amen!) In other words, you need to know your Bible!--Right? (Kids: Yes!) Do you want to call these Bible Classes?--Or we could call it "Bible for You!" How's that? OK! Praise the Lord! GBY!--ILY!

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