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BIBLE FOR YOU!--No.7!--Review of Bible Chronology & Test!--Classtime with Grandpa!        DO 2692 10/90

       1. (David: Thank You for this classtime with Grandpa, Lord, & we pray that we'll keep learning new things. And please help us on our test, Lord, & our review. Help it to be real feeding & a good learning time, Jesus. We also pray for sweet Mommy, Lord. Please help her in her work tonight, Jesus. Give her wisdom from You, Lord, & help her in her talks & discussions. We pray that You'll give her wisdom & strength for her big job, Lord, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!) Amen!

       2. (Maria: And give them a good edifying time, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! Please help Grandpa to feel fresh & inspired.) OK! Praise the Lord! (Techi: I love you, Mommy!) I love you, Honey! (Children: Love you, Mommy!) Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord!

       3. Are you ready for your test?--Or do you want one more review on Bible Chronology? (David: Maybe so.) (Techi: Well, I guess we could. I don't know it so well, I'd probably get it 40% right, ha! I'm really bad on Bible Chronology!) Come on! Come on! You can do it! We can go over it one more time, OK? Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Amen!

Bible Chronology Review!

       4. All right, Bible Chronology, God willing. This is just in round numbers & rounded off to the nearest thousand or nearest hundred, & in some cases to the nearest 500. How's that? (Kids: Good!) Creation? (Techi: 4,000 B.C.) Right, 4,000 B.C.

       5. The next big event was what? (Techi: The Flood.) Right, which is about when? (David: 2,500 B.C.) Right! These are very round numbers. Actually it was about 1600 years after Creation. The next event was about 300 years later, & what was that? (Techi: The Tower of Babel.)

       6. And what happened around 2,000 B.C.? (David: Abraham was born.) Yes.

       7. What happened around 1,500 B.C.? (Techi: Moses!) (David: Yes, Moses.) What happened around 1,000? (Techi: The period of the Kings.) Right! Good! You're doing great!

       8. What happened around 500 B.C.?--Only I want the exact date for it, 586 B.C. (David: Solomon's Temple was destroyed.) Yes, by whom? (David: Nebuchadnezzar.)--Or at least by his armies. And the city of Jerusalem was also destroyed & its walls were torn down.

       9. Approximately how many hundred years B.C. did the Old Testament era end? (Techi: 300.) Yes! And what warrior brothers led the Jews in wars with Syria & Rome during that period? (Kids: Maccabees.) Right!

       10. According to our present calendar, what year was Jesus born? (Techi: 4 B.C.--Four years before Himself! Ha!) And what year was He crucified? (Kids: 30 A.D.) Right, this is just a review! And when was Herod's Temple then destroyed by the Romans, the third Temple? (David: 70 A.D.)

       11. And was the Wailing Wall an actual part of the Temple? (Techi: No!) What was it? (Techi: The retaining wall.) Around the Temple mount, right. That's an important thing to remember, because the Jews are always saying it was part of the Temple to try to belie what Jesus prophesied, that "not one stone would be left standing on another."--Mat.24:2.

       12. Oh! We missed something! (Techi: The Apostle Paul?) Yes, the Apostle Paul, beheaded in Rome by the Romans. It's not important to know the exact date for that, but it was somewhere between 64 & 67 A.D., we don't know for sure. You can just say 60 A.D., rounding it off to the nearest 10.

       13. And who died about 90 A.D.? (David: John the Revelator.) Righto! John the Revelator.

The Roman Empire!

       14. Now that takes us up to a period of a whole series of Roman persecutions, there were about ten of them.--But I'm not going to make you learn those dates because I don't think it's that important. Of course, they were being persecuted all the way from the Time of Christ until the Fall of the Roman Empire. (David: The historians are always arguing about when Rome fell, aren't they?) Yes, well, the greatest historians, like Toynbee, set the date of the Fall of Rome at 444 A.D.; others say Rome fell in 476 A.D.

       15. In fact, Rome's beginning as an empire was about 44 B.C., so it lasted about how long? What do you add, or what do you subtract, or what do you do? (David: Add 44 B.C. to 444, right?) Yes. So the Roman Empire lasted 488 years, nearly 500 years, right? I didn't teach you that last night but I am today. OK? Is it all right if I give you a few more odds & ends? (Kids: Yes!) (Techi: The Roman Empire lasted from 44 B.C. to 444 A.D.?) Yes. (David: It lasted that long?) (Techi: I don't get it!)

       16. The Roman Empire began with the reign of Julius Caesar about 44 B.C. See, only 44 years before Christ. But they had conquered most of the World, at least the European World & the Middle East by that time. And they lasted until the Fall of Rome, the one year most historians pick out as being 444 A.D.

       17. (David: It was probably at one of the biggest battles that they lost?) Yes, the Fall of Rome, the city itself. (Techi: So it lasted from 44 B.C. to 444 A.D.) That's pretty easy to remember, right? And that's how many years? (Techi: 486?) No, 488, isn't it? 44 & 444 is 488, right? You can add things like that, can't you? Four & four is eight. And four & four is eight. So 44 & 44 is 88!--488 years. Or, I can make it even easier for you by putting it in round numbers of hundreds & say the Roman Empire lasted nearly how long? What would you say? (Techi: 500?) Nearly 500 years!

       18. Then it broke up into what? You should know your Prophecy enough to know what it broke up into. The legs of iron of the Image in Daniel 2 were what? (David: Rome.) Yes! And its feet of iron & clay mixed was what? (Techi: Democracy & dictatorships.) (David: Like today's Europe pretty much.) Yes, all of the little countries that are now Europe. (David: First it split into the Western Holy Roman Empire & the Eastern Byzantine Empire.) Yes! You don't have to know that, but that's true. Then it broke up into a lot of little countries who were ruled pretty much by the Catholic Church, the Bishops of Rome & the Popes etc.--Europe.

       19. And according to Daniel's Image, it's that breaking up of the Roman Empire at the Fall of Rome in 444 A.D. into little countries of Europe that has lasted now how long? Until when? Is it still broken up into more or less the same little countries of Europe? (Techi: Yes.) Yes! So the simple answer is, it has lasted until now, & hasn't got many more years to go.

       20. Just getting these periods of history fairly clearly, what would be the next World Empire? (Kids: The Antichrist.) And the next World Empire? (David: Jesus!) Right! The Kingdom of God! So that takes us right up to the end of things, & that will be what? What do we call that period of a thousand years? (Kids: The Millennium.)

       21. And the next will be what? (David: The New Heaven & New Earth.) The New Heaven & New Earth & the complete Kingdom of God. There'll be no more doubters or questioners or sinners or anything left except saved sinners, right? (David: Yes, that's right!) And how long will that last? (Techi: Forever!)

Bible Chronology Test!

       22. All right! Are you ready to take your test? You can use a blank sheet of paper or the back side of the last one, whatever you prefer. Just try to keep them straight & organised. I think this material is going to make about a 25-word test.--I hope! Something around that.

       23. OK! Do you wanna pray again real quick? (Techi: Yes, we'll probably need it!) (David: Amen! Thank You Jesus! Lord Jesus, we pray that You'll help us & that we'll be able to do well on this test. Most of all, Jesus, whether we do well or poorly, we pray that we'll be able to get these important listings & chronology of the Bible down pat so that we'll never forget it & always be able to know it pretty well off the top of our heads. So please help us with this right now, in Jesus' name.) (Techi: Amen!)

       24. All right! Ready? Now put up at the top of your page, "Bible Chronology Test," in big capital letters, if you can. "Bible Chronology Test." (Techi: I already did it.) Good for you! (Techi: Except it's in small letters.) That's all right. Tell me when you're ready for number one. (Kids: Ready!)

       25. No. 1: What was the approximate date of Creation? (Techi: Should we write the question or just the answer?) Just the answer. One-word answers. I don't require you to write full answers. Approximate date to the nearest thousand years.

       26. No. 2: What was the next big event of Bible History? (Techi: The Flood.) And what was its approximate date?--Rounding it off to the nearest hundred or 500. Have you got it? (David: Yes, Sir.) All right, don't answer these out loud now or you'll be telling each other the answers!

       27. No. 3: About how many years after the Flood was the Tower of Babel built?--In round numbers of hundreds. Don't give a date, just write how many years afterwards it happened. (Techi: Oh, I don't quite know how many. I've been doing dates, is that OK?) All right, if you want to put dates, that's okay. And if you know the dates, then you'll have the number of hundreds of years between the dates. Do you know what I mean, Techi? (Techi: Yes!)

       28. No. 4: Around how many thousands of years before Christ was Abraham born? Give it to me in round numbers. Tell me when you're ready. (Kids: Yes, Sir!)
No. 5: Who was born around 1500 B.C.?
No. 6: About how many years before Christ did the period of the Kings begin? Put it to the nearest thousand.

       29. No. 7: What is the exact date of the Fall of Jerusalem & its destruction, along with the destruction of Solomon's Temple?
No. 8: What's the exact date of the return from Captivity?
No. 9: The period of the Prophets coincided or occurred at the same time, generally speaking, with the period of the Kings. True or False?

       30. No. 10: About how many years before Christ did the Old Testament era end? Just think, the Lord quit talking to the people for so many years because they wouldn't listen!
No. 11: The actual date of Christ's birth, according to our present calendar was what year B.C.?
No. 12: What was the date of His death, according to our present calendar?

       31. No. 13: What was the date then when God sent judgement on the Jews & destroyed Jerusalem & its beautiful Temple of Herod? What year was the Temple destroyed?

       32. No. 14: What was the approximate date of Saint Paul's death in Rome, A.D. Have you got it? (Kids: Yes, Sir.)
No. 15: Approximately what year did John the Revelator die? Got it? (Kids: Yes!)

       33. No. 16: About how many major Roman persecutions were there?--Including at the time of John's death & following it. I mentioned it once tonight, & I mentioned it once last night. About how many, not in years, but the number of persecutions, generally speaking, were there? Ready? (Kids: Yes!)

       34. No. 17: What's the approximate date of the beginning of the Roman Empire, B.C.?
No. 18: What date did it finally fall, A.D.?
No. 19: So it lasted nearly how many years? (Techi: In round numbers?) Yes, to the nearest hundred. (Kids: OK!)

       35. No. 20: What happened to the Roman Empire after it fell? It broke up into the countries of what continent? One-word answer.
No. 21: Which have lasted until when? One very short little word.

       36. No. 22: What will be the next worldwide Empire soon?
No. 23: What will be the next worldwide Empire after that one? You can express that in several different ways.
No. 24: How long will it last?
No. 25: What's another name we call that Empire? Another big long word. What do we call it?

       37. All right! Here we go! Exchange papers! You don't have to take it out of your notebook, you can just hand your notebook over.

Test Answers!

       38. No. 1: What was the approximate date of Creation? (David: 4,000 B.C.)
No. 2: And the approximate date of the Flood? (David: 2,500 B.C.) Yes.

       39. No. 3: And how many years after that was the Tower of Babel? (David: 300.) (Techi: Did I put 300?) (David: Well, you put both.) Three hundred is correct. I asked you how many hundred years after the Flood it occurred. But if you put the date, 2,200 B.C., that's OK too.

       40. No. 4: About how many thousand years B.C. was Abraham born? (Kids: 2,000.) Two thousand is correct. See, the Flood was 2,500, & what was 300 years later? (David: The Tower of Babel.) Yes, & then going that same direction we would have gone into what? (David: Abraham.) Yes, & that would be what? (David: 2,000 B.C.)

       41. No. 5: The time of Moses was about what year? (Techi: I think you asked it a little bit differently. I think you said, "Who was born around 1500 B.C.?") Oh, was that it? OK. Who was born around 1500 B.C.? (Techi: David says Moses & I say Abraham.) 1500? (Techi: Yes.) David is right. Moses. I wouldn't have said Abraham twice. (Techi: Oh, well, I sort of got them mixed up.) I'm sorry, Honey. So who was born about 1500? (Techi: Moses.) That's right. Well, you'll never forget the ones you missed, ha! (Techi: Yes!)

       42. No. 6: The next one is, what's the approximate year of the beginning of the period of the Kings? (Kids: 1,000 B.C.!)
No. 7: What's the exact date of the Fall of Jerusalem & the Temple. (Kids: 586 B.C.!) Yes. That's right!
No. 8: What was the date of the return? (Kids: 516 B.C.) Very good! You'll always remember that because Jeremiah prophesied that they'd be there 70 years in exile.

       43. No. 9: The period of the Prophets coincided with the period of the Kings, true or false? (Techi: True!) Yes, true!
No. 10: About what date did the Old Testament end? (Kids: 300 B.C.)

       44. No. 11: What date was Jesus born, according to our present calendar? (Kids: 4 B.C.)
No. 12: And what date did He die? (Techi: 30 A.D.?) You didn't say B.C., did you? (Techi: Oh yes, & I said 34.) (David: You just added it a bit wrong.) (Techi: OK. That's all right.) Too bad, Honey, I'm sorry. See, to get His age, you add the two together, 4 B.C. & 30 A.D. & you get what? (Techi: 34.) But His actual date of death was 30 A.D. So you either got it wrong or you got it right, one or the other. OK? (Techi: OK!) You guys are going to miss a few, but don't worry about it. You've got most of them right!

       45. No. 13: What was the date of the next destruction of the Temple? Herod's Temple? (David: 70 A.D.) It was 70 A.D. (Techi: 70!)
No. 14: What was the approximate date of Paul's beheading in Rome? (David: 60 A.D.) Right!
No. 15: What was the approximate date of John the Revelator's death? (David: 90 A.D.) Right!

       46. No. 16: How many major Roman persecutions, including this one, were there? (David: I said 12, but was it actually 10?) Ten. There were ten major Roman persecutions of Christians.
No. 17: What is the date of the beginning of the Roman Empire? (Kids: 44 B.C.)
No. 18: And when did it fall? (Kids: 444 A.D.!)

       47. No. 19: And to the nearest hundred, how many years, therefore, did the Roman Empire last? (Techi: Exact?) Either one, exact or to the nearest hundred. The answer to that could have been either 500 years or it could have been 488, either one.

       48. No. 20: Then the Roman Empire broke up into a lot of little countries called what continent? (Kids: Europe.) Right!
No. 21: And how long has that period lasted? Until when? (Kids: Now!) Now! Good for you, kids!

       49. No. 22: What's the next World Empire? (Techi: The Antichrist.) Right!
No. 23: And then what's the next World Empire after that? You could have several different names for it. (Techi: David said "The Millennium," & I said, "The Lord & us." Is that OK?) Yes. Or you could have just said "Christ's Kingdom on Earth." (Techi: Did we get it right anyway?) If he said the Millennium, that's right. And if you said something about the Lord's Kingdom, that's right too.
No. 24: And how long does it last? (Techi: A thousand years.) OK!
No. 25: And what's another name for it? I said it was a big long word.--Millennium!

Grading Papers!

       50. All right. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you this, but in grading papers, some teachers have you mark every one that's right with a "C," meaning "correct," & every one that's wrong with an "X." I don't want you to have to worry about putting all of those "C's" on, because most of yours are right. Only mark "X" for the ones you missed. Just put an "X" in front of the number of all those you missed, & that's all you have to do.

       51. Now you have to count out how many "X's" are on the paper you're correcting. (David: I got the last one wrong. I said "thousand-year reign" instead of "Millennium.") Well, that's fine, a thousand-year reign. Give him credit for that. (Techi: OK!)

       52. Count up the "X's." (Techi: One "X" for David.) And multiply by 4. (Techi: So you just go one times four if there's one "X"?) Right, that's just four, & subtract the result from 100. The number of "X's" multiplied by 4, & you subtract that from 100. Now put that figure at the top of the page & give it back to its owner. (Techi: What is that?) Four from 100. I'll tell you that in a minute. (Techi: Or 96%.) Yes. I like percents better, really. But anything from 95-100 is A+. I'm sorry if I confused you or some of my questions were not clear. (Techi: No, no, they were clear. It was us that messed up!) (To encourage & inspire David & Techi to learn all they can in these "Bible for You" classes, Dad chose to use this particular method of rating the kids' grades & test scores. It is not meant to be a new Family grading standard. Please use whatever scoring & grading method works best for you in the teaching & Home Schooling of your children.)

       53. All right, return the papers to the owners with their grade. Any questions? (David: I don't think so.) (Techi: No.) Any objections? (David: Ha, no objections!) In my junior high school classes I used to get a howl when I'd give them back their papers with their grades! I'd say, "Which ones of you think you have not been graded fairly?" (David: And all the hands would shoot up, ha!) So I said, "Stand up!" & I'd go from one to the other & ask them what was their question or objection & we'd work it out. If they had been graded unfairly, well, we found out how. If they hadn't, then they had to take it. And all the kids that made good grades said, "Look what I made!" And all the kids that made bad grades said, "Look what the teacher gave me!" (Kids laughing!)

       54. OK, now, be sure you keep this paper very carefully so at the end of our course we can average up all these grades according to how many tests & how many grades & see just how well you're doing. Praise the Lord! All right?

Books of the Bible Tests Coming Up!

       55. I think by this time we should be getting to where we could have at least a test on all of the Books of the Old Testament. OK? (Techi: Right now?) No, no, not now. We're over-time already! (Techi: I know the New Testament, I don't know the Old Testament.) Well, I'll give you until tomorrow night to be able to write down all of the Books of the Old Testament in order. (Techi: I'm not so sure I know all the Minor Prophets.) That's where I get stuck too.

       56. And for the next night you will write in class all the Books of the New Testament in order. So we've got another day to go on that one. OK? Is that all right? (Kids: Yes, that's good!) Praise the Lord! OK! Whose turn to pray?

       57. (Techi: I'll pray! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for this good Bible class & test that Grandpa gave us. It was really interesting, Lord. And thank You how he's such a sweet teacher, Lord, & makes it so easy for us to be good. Please bless & help us to memorise the Books of the Old Testament, Lord, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord!)


       58. You never did tell me what grades you made! (Techi: Oh, I made 84% & David made 96%. Is eighty-four a B+ or a B-?) 84 is below 85 so it's a B-. (Techi: OK. Praise the Lord!) That's good! (Techi: That's not bad.) Not bad at all! (Techi: Even a C is not that bad. Well, it's not good.) You missed four questions? (Techi: Yes, I did.) I'm sorry. Well, it's all right. Sometimes you just get confused. (Techi: "Pride cometh before a fall." I was sure I had them all right except one, ha!) Well, it's just that sometimes you get confused. Sometimes the questions are confusing, I don't ask them right. (Techi: Grandpa, it's not your fault at all, you did it very plainly!)

       Charts, tables & picture captions:

Pg. 8:
From 4,000 B.C. to 500 A.D.
* About 4,000 B.C. Creation
* About 2,500 B.C. The Flood
* About 2,200 B.C. Tower of Babel
* About 2,000 B.C. Abraham & Patriarchs
* About 1,500 B.C. Moses
* About 1,000 B.C. David & the Kings
* 586 B.C. Fall of Jerusalem
* 516 B.C. Return from captivity
* About 44 B.C. Beginning of the Roman Empire
* 4 B.C. Birth of Jesus
* 30 A.D. Death of Jesus
* About 65 A.D. Death of Paul the Apostle
* 70 A.D. Romans destroy Jerusalem
* 90 A.D. Death of John the Revelator
* 474-476 A.D. Fall of the Roman Empire

Pg. 10: TEST

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