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WARNING!--BE PREPARED!        DO 2696 6/91

Astrological Forecast for Russia!

       1. It sounds to me like the Lord is allowing all Hell to break loose now in these Last Days! Did you read those latest astrological predictions we're putting in the WND? Astrologers predicted first of all that on the 12th of June, Yeltsin would win the big election for the President of Russia. They didn't know if it would be by a majority or not, but said that he was definitely the front runner & would win.

       2. Then the forecasts said that on the 16th of June there would come a "Time of Trouble" to Russia that Russia has not known since the days of ancient controversy between the Czars, when even Poland put a Polish czar upon the throne of Russia. There was a great controversy as to whose Czar was to rule Russia, & they said Russia was without a leader, without a Czar, during this terrible "Time of Trouble" that Russia had in the early 1600s.

       3. It sounds very familiar to me, doesn't it to you? They used the words: "Time of Trouble," & they even capitalised them! They said a great Time of Trouble was going to come on Russia now & something about how it could happen on the 16th, according to the stars. Maybe it will start then, even some decision made on the 16th, whether we hear about it or not.

       4. Now this "Time of Trouble" the astrologers refer to is not necessarily what we term as the Great Tribulation, & what we know from the Bible will begin at the middle of the reign of the Antichrist when he starts really getting tough & sets up his idol & institutes the Mark of the Beast & starts killing everybody who won't worship him. That's when the real Big Tribulation, The "Great Tribulation" begins. You're all clear on that, aren't you? (See Dan.9:27, 11:31; Mat.24:15,21; Rev.13:15-18.)

       5. But this prediction of the biggest "Time of Trouble" in Russia's history since the time when there was such great controversy over the Czars & when Russia was actually without a real Czar, without genuine leaders, whether we see it start to be fulfilled on June 16th or not, will probably come very soon.

       6. For example, Yeltsin & the Reformers are all opposed to Communism, & this election could be the turning point which will crystalize Communist opposition & be the catalyst which will cause the Communists to finally rise up & fight against the government.--Led by the military, of course, who are still quite loyal to Communism.

       7. Well, this could be the beginning of the End! All that Russia has to do is go into civil war with leaders fighting leaders, to make a perfect open door for the Antichrist! If Russia goes into such turmoil & civil war that it needs a strong leader to pull it out of chaos, it would be the ideal opportunity for the Antichrist to arise.

       8. So if the astrologers are right & we are going to face the beginning of Russia's trouble soon, then the whole World is headed for trouble! Of course, Russia is already in trouble, but this could be the beginning of real serious governmental trouble & civil war.

       9. Of course, we've warned you time & again that the time would come, not only for Russia, but for the whole World. But it's got to come for Russia first in order for a great leader to arise in Russia & take over, before he can take over the World.--Because he is definitely going to be the King of Russia, the King of the North. (See Eze.38:2; Dan.11:40,44.)

       10. So Russia is falling. Let's face it, the Russian Empire has fallen, it's crumbling. It seems that Gorbachev is so double-minded, he can't quite decide whose side he wants to be on! Of course, I think one reason he has been that way & protests his allegiance to Communism is to keep the military on his side, or he might have had a revolt before this.

       11. But wait until Yeltsin is elected President of Russia, the largest of all the Soviet Republics & the one that heads the Soviet Empire! Then I think we're going to see real trouble coming in Russia!--Maybe the time that the conservative Communists will be ready to even assassinate Gorbachev, maybe Yeltsin too. Maybe the military's going to rise up & try to wipe out the Liberal Revolution! It seems that this would certainly be a portentous time for it to happen if these reformers win the election. (And Yeltsin did win!)

       12. The army could say, "Well, we've now had it up to here, we're not going to let them take over!"--And then you've got a civil war! And of course the army is well-equipped for it, certainly better-equipped than the new reformers! I think they could pretty well win it under the leadership of a very strong leader. As yet they have not produced any such leader, not even in the army, not even the Communists. So far they all seem to be divided & very weak leaders.

       13. But it'd be the ideal opportunity for The Leader to suddenly arise who can lead the military to victory, & then as an absolute dictator of Russia, revert things back to conditions worse than they had under Stalin!--And then finally threaten the whole World & take over!--The AC!

Are You Prepared?

       14. I'm just giving you a variety of scenarios that could happen! So watch for them, be prepared for them! If things go faster than we think, have we got enough food on hand & plenty of water? Have we made all the preparations that I said should be made in case of emergency? Have we got a couple of portable manual typewriters? (Family: Yes, Sir.) What about a hand-operated duplicating machine? I'm talking about a hand-operated mimeo like I used to have in my church where I typed my own little wax stencils & stuck them on there myself & inked it up myself & then shoved the paper in there one piece at a time by myself--all without electricity! But I couldn't have done it without that little Speed-o-Print mimeo & without paper. We used to get all of our Letters out just by hand & mail them out!

       15. Are you ready? I'm not kidding when I say we should be ready, prepared & not left still hanging! I gave you a warning like this over a year & half ago! (See "Back to the Beginning!", ML#2551, GN 397.) If we have to, we should be able to use manual typewriters & mimeos & hope that God will--& I believe He will--hold the mail open so we can continue getting out the Word! Otherwise, if we can't get out the Word, if we can't witness, if we can't operate at all, it's time for Him to take us Home!

       16. I think we may have to operate under difficult conditions with no electricity! I think we should have at least one hand-operated typewriter to type stencils with, & at least one mimeograph machine, a good stock of stencils, & lots of reams of paper! We used to carry all of that with us in the Cruiser because we got out a Prayer Letter every month. I used to type it myself! Then along came Mama, thank the Lord, & she began typing it & I ran the mimeo machine. We had a stock of stencils & a big stock of paper, all stored under the bed so that we would never be without a Voice!

       17. We had lots of envelopes too--legal-size envelopes, not those little bitty letter-size things! With good-sized envelopes you can fold several sheets of paper--if it happens to be a long letter--& it only takes one or two folds. But trying to fold a legal size sheet of paper into a letter-size envelope, you can imagine what a mess that is! You have to fold it in the middle & then you fold it several times in order to get it into a little bitty letter-size envelope!

       18. So we need a typewriter, mimeo, stencils, lots of paper, lots of envelopes, & hopefully we'll still be able to buy stamps! Things would have to get pretty primitive to stop us, to where they even close down the Postal System! I don't think it'll ever come to that because I don't think the Lord ever wants us to be without a Voice--even if we have to type & stencil & mimeo & print our own Letters from wherever we are!

       19. My little Speed-o-Print only had a small drum, yet it could take those long legal-size stencils & sheets of paper. I had a special method to put my little church bulletin out, as well as my monthly prayer letters, what you call "work & turn." You make only one stencil for both sides of the paper, then you cut the paper in two. That's when I had to get a paper cutter, & that might be a good idea, too, of something to have on hand! We even carried one on the road. You could cut about a quarter of an inch of paper at a time.

       20. I'm not averse to having to go back to that if that's the only way we've got to get out the Word! Let me tell you, that'd be a whole lot better than having nothing & no way to get out our Message! We should have hand-operated equipment on hand, & it needs to be small enough that we can travel with it!

       21. God bless Mama, she used to have a very small manual Brother typewriter with a hard plastic cover, & we carried that from the time we bought it in Haifa.--For a lot more than we would have had to pay for it any other place, by the way! But we were in Haifa & we had to have it, so we paid $100 for a second-hand little Brother portable. Any place else we could have probably bought it for $25.

       22. So you don't want to wait until then, until hand-operated equipment is sky-high because of the emergency!--Big long black-outs & problems with electricity. Now we're totally dependent on electricity. I want to get back to where we can do it even if we're without electricity. I used to be able to type my letters & stencils & run them off on my little mimeo in the Cruiser no matter where we were parked, with or without electricity!

       23. Don't you think it's safer to be prepared?--To have it & not need it, rather than to need it & not have it? I just have a feeling that the time is going to come one of these days when we may have to operate without electricity, but God's still going to hold us responsible to get out the Message! Our big 27-foot Cruiser, the Ark, was a Dodge motor home, & it was really terrifically equipped! We could park anywhere, have water, even hot water, & a toilet. We had all the equipment we needed. Mama can remember the days when we used to get our Prayer Letters out right there in the Dodge motor home!

       24. So if I had to once do it by hand myself in my church & in my camper, what makes you think that the time won't come when we may have to do it the same way again? We got along pretty good, we got out one Prayer Letter every month in my church for two or three years. I could put up with it. It was only when my congregation couldn't put up with me that we had to move out. I also did it for that whole year (1969-70) we were on the road in the big caravan going across the country & down to Florida & up to Canada & back to Washington, D.C. & across the country to Chicago, & finally round about & back down to Texas!

       25. I think it wasn't until we got to Texas that we decided it was better to have a few pictures in it & let a local printer do it for us, because by then we had to run off so many copies. So if I had to do it then, we may have to do it again. Thank God at least I know how!--And some of you know how. Maybe we ought to get some practice! That'd really shake up the Family, wouldn't it, if they got a mimeographed Letter?--Ha!

       26. I made a cute little four-page bulletin for my church which had all the latest news & ads & whatever else I needed to have, the same size as our first GNs! During the time of the RNR & NRS, when we had to centralise our printing operation, we put out some Letters, believe it or not, that were sometimes as few as 4 & 8 pages, which dear Inky ran off in his closet printshop in Amsterdam! He had his whole print set-up in his closet, & thank God by that time it was lithograph & he was able to get the Letters out much faster. But I had done it for years with a manual typewriter, manual duplicator & manual paper cutter.

       27. Just think, in those days we didn't even have an electric typewriter! I always typed the stencils myself on a manual typewriter. During our days at the Soul Clinic Schools in Florida, once a month we'd call a day off for "mail day" to do the big job of folding, stuffing, addressing & stamping! That's the biggest operation of all & took the most time--at least one or two days every month. We'd have maybe two or three people on folding & stuffing & more on stamping & addressing.

       28. Then I got a cute little thing which was very helpful in addressing the envelopes, because we had a mailing list of 2,000! I saw this little thing advertised that had little tiny stencils on a tape about 4 inches wide & the roll was about 4 or 5 inches in diameter. You put all these stencils on this tape & it had a little base & sort of an inker. I think they call it a "spirit inker." You just took the envelope & you shoved it in & you pressed the lever, & there was the address of your next correspondent on the envelope, shove another one in & press it down---whssst, whssst, whssst! It sure was a lot faster than typing all of those 2,000 addresses on envelopes! That might be an idea, to get one of those too.--Although I hope we personally don't have to mail to 2,000 people! That might look a little suspicious if we started dropping off that many envelopes at our local post office!

       29. So let's be prepared, shall we? What shall we call this little talk? "Warning!--Be Prepared!" That was the title of our first Warning Tract, only it was just "Warning!" We had that mimeographed in big letters across the top about an inch high! Can you remember some of those? Then all the rest was typed. I typed the stencil myself on our little typewriter.--In fact, the first one was typed on my Dad's old typewriter. It was an old Royal, I bet it'd be 100 years old now.

       30. I don't think we'll have to have an addresser because we don't want a big mailing list of 2,000 envelopes! We'd go back to the old method we had before. From Haifa we just mailed seven copies to our major centers in the U.S., then they duplicated it & mailed them out from there.--And it worked! We started the Family on it, TTL! PTL? Now let's make sure we have that equipment & store it somewhere & have it ready!--And I mean ready! Be sure you test it & make sure it all works! OK? (Family explains we do have equipment & what kind it is.)

       31. If we're only going to make seven duplicates, we may not need a paper cutter. In that case, we may not even need a mimeo!--But what if we did? I think it pays to be prepared!

       32. Well, Son, how about you closing in prayer on this, OK? (Fam: Thank You so much, Jesus! We really do thank You so much for this Message You've given us through Dad. We know that we certainly need to discern the signs of the times & to prepare accordingly. Thank You that You always lead Dad to push us to be ready so that we can be better prepared for whatever may come in the days ahead, in Jesus' name.) Amen!

AC--Takes Time to Get to the Top!

       33. Remember, I think it's going to take the Antichrist a little time to get to the top, especially to where he's powerful enough to be a World leader & conquer the World! So wouldn't he have to begin this early? Wouldn't the Russian situation need to be resolved & him firmly in power there before he can conquer the World? As I said before, it may take a few years, so I don't think he could start any too soon! I think the World's ready for it, & of all places, the Soviet Union is really ready for it!--They are in a mess! I don't think anybody could pull them out of the terrible state they're in now except the Antichrist!--So GHUs!--GBY! WLY! Amen!

       * * *
Quiz Questions
       1) Will Russia's predicted "Time of Trouble" be the beginning of the Great Tribulation? Can you give some signs that the Bible mentions as marking the beginning of the Great Tribulation? (4)

       2) What are some of the things that could happen in Russia during this possible "Time of Trouble"? (6,7,11,12,13)

       3) Is your Home prepared with survival food, water & any other supplies you'd need during an emergency?

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